Friday, October 29, 2010

Political chess game in Galas, someone's moving the King!

ROYAL INTERVENTION. In Galas, a place we hardly hear of till this coming by-election, things are about to get complicated. There's talk that the new Sultan is going to officiate a state government's function where land titles will be awarded to some Orang Asli voters in the constituency. This move could be vital for PAS, which has come under intense pressure from the BN for allegedly isolating these indigenous people from its development policies all these years.It could also be suicidal. For its own good, the Istana has always stayed away from political campaigns such as this one, so any precedence set would be a dangerous one.

Why the Raja-Raja Melayu should not be part of their game, please read H E R E.


  1. Don't you know...few Royalties are political minded....don't you know that...Rocky?
    Why write of one that make moves which may favour PAS.
    How about the famous move in Perak that split the people in favour of UMNO B.

  2. Anonymous9:45 am

    U r talking cock for once we have a monarch with balls of steel.

  3. Anonymous9:59 am

    Daulat Tuanku. Please stay away from politics

  4. musang berjanggut10:06 am

    A desperate move by PR. hu hu

    semalam berapa kerat yang attend syarahan Nik Aziz, Anwar and LGE. Tak sampai 100 orang ( included PAS election ajk) all the superstar speaker but yet nobody bother to attend.

    Malas dah.

  5. ORANG ORI10:12 am

    Finally good news for the orang asli and the locals to get the instant grant they have long waiting for.

    Otherwise the chinese towkays from outside Gua Musang ( incl spork ) can happily clear the land as they like with the consent of PAS.

    Geran tetap ambil tapi undi adalah rahsia.

  6. Anonymous10:57 am

    Is your source reliable? if not you gonna be zapped by lightning twice!

  7. Please la!!! BN uses the Kings and what have you too! What are you talking about la! Remember PERAK? Please la!!

    Why is it OK for BN to use the merry Kings and sultans and sultanas but it is not OK for PAS or opposition parties to use these merrymen?

    If BN can use the King or sultan or sultanas to serve their own motives, greedy or otherwise, than it should also be ok for PAS/DAP/PR to do the same.

    You cannot have such double standard rules la.

  8. Rocky is prone to lightings.
    He has built a device that lightings cannot strike him dead.
    Fire water can...and he knows it.
    Smart ass...he is....hahahahahahaha

  9. Rocky,

    Continue to speak without fear or favour!

    Lightning will strike when there is a very strong smell of sulfur in the air.

    May the Lord Guide you rightly in your affairs.

    May the Lord of Daybreak protect you:

    From the evils among His Creations.

    From the evils of darkness as it falls.

    From the evils of the troublemakers.

    And from the envious who envies.

    May the Lord of the People, the King of the People, the God of the People protect you from the evils of the sneaky whisperer.

    Continue to be the Voice of the People Bru!

    With Best Regards

    Ayam Human

  10. Hey ! If I remembered correctly, YAM the Sultan of Perak was also doing his "job" then ,just like YAM the Sultan of Kelantan is doing his job now ! What is wrong with that ? Naughty Rocky !

  11. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Sudah la lu...cerita ke apa. Kalau nak duduk kat tengah duduk je lah. Kamu ni macm kuman diseberang laut nampak tetapi gajah tepi mata tak nampak.
    So don't talk cock!

  12. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Salake rocky, sultan begi tanah kat org asli depan Nik Aziz? Nik Azizkan mentegi besau Kelate!!!.. Kalu depaan si Najis tu bole iye!!!!

  13. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Ah, but you forgot the public housing scheme announcement made by the BN in Galas, just about the time when this by-election was announced.

    On 26 Oct 2010, the NST reported "Muhyiddin denied that the project was an election gimmick, saying the proposal had been in place since 2008."

    Why then did the BN government wait till Galas by-elections to make it known to the rakyat? The BN folks were waiting for the death of the Galas ADUN from PAS?

    You said "the new Sultan is going to officiate a state government's function where land titles will be awarded to some Orang Asli voters in the constituency".

    Very clear - state government function which the state head can attend. And there is no one stopping BN and PR folks from attending such events.

    If it was a PAS function the state head will definitely not attend. But no one will stop BN folks who attend PAS functions, right?

    Compare that to how BN used government machinery in a DUN by-election in Kedah last year. RTM's Tamil section was there to put up a musical event and the MIC folks were in full attendance.

    I read somewhere - What is good for the Goose is also good for the Gander.

    But some get worked up if PR uses same tactics like BN. If that was indeed the concern, sue saja lah the PR folks for infringement of the BN copyright!


  14. vinnan1:15 pm

    Name me one royal house which is not intimately tied to either BN or PR. You UMNO clowns have conveniently forgotten Pangkor II which was an outright abuse of the Royal insitution in the name of Bangsa, Ugama dan Negara. What a pile of Muhshit you article is.

  15. Orhe Sg Tereh1:35 pm

    They already did on Oct 22

    Read RBF here.

  16. Anonymous1:36 pm

    The new Sultan Kelanmtan beging vengeful against Tengku Razaleigh?

  17. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Remember Perak, Stupid!

  18. Anonymous3:26 pm

    13 millions plus... of shits.

  19. Anonymous3:36 pm

    his father was dethrone with the help of Najis n gang now time for repayment

  20. Datuk,

    HRH giving support to a Government is different from a HRH been used as a campaigning tool, during a by elections campaign.

    What if BN via UMNO present who are very 'friendly' to UMNO (mostly, by a tradition of association) in the campaign?

    Example: A 'Hockey Clinic' organised in Gua Musang and we hv HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak officiating on Sunday or Ex Commandoes Association do a 'Gala Dinner' tomorrow night somewhere near Gua Susang and the guest of honour is HRH Sultan of Johor.

    Then there is a 'Soccer Clinic' in a nearby school and HRH Sultan of Pahang goes 'door-to-door' asking the kids to come out and play soccer.

    How about Vintage Cars Association organise a 'Treasure Hunt' all over Gua Musang and the partcipant is none other than HRH Sultan of Selangor?

    do we demean the position of HRH in the perspective of a campaign, by political parties?

    PR supporters can never accept that HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak acted within the provisions of the Perak Constitution. They exhaustively lost the entire process via legal means to over turn that. This is a landmark case.

    There is a clear difference between a HRH being 'Constitutional' and 'Political'. If PR supporters failed to differentiate, its simply their short comings.

  21. Anonymous5:24 pm

    It is good to have elections. The constituents usually benefit from big or small elections.

    Roads get tarred. Jetties get repaired. Schools get grants. The market gets spruced up. The babies get kissed and so on.

    It only happens during elections. So lets have elections every month. It will be good for the constituents.


  22. Anonymous5:31 pm

    sorry yer..saya kena cakap melayu sebab nak tulis english tak pandai..roki beru ni bebal juga...patut la kena main dngan rais anak yatim yg lagi bebal tu..sudah sudah la sokong UMNO...join la PAS roki beru woiii

  23. chemat5:32 pm

    dear bro, kalau sebagai pemberita yg dikatakan berkaliber pun tak dapat melihat kebenaran susah lah nak percaya manusia jenis ni. menjadi pengetahuan umum tiada raja raja yg benar benar bebas dari pengaruh kerajaan. Ucapan mereka pun di tulis olih parti pemerintah yang kadang kadang kita sebagai rakyat pedih mendengar. sedar lah, jangan merendahkan maruah anda sendiri. kami tak akan tertipu.....

  24. WOW Big Dog giving lecture on the different Royal Highness...talking cock as usual...and why he is paid to talk cock by the government.
    Everyone knows Perak problem and why...except Big Dog?
    MONEY and winning TENDERS...and don't mix sports into politics.
    And what money or tenders is the Kelantan Royalty getting from PAS. He loves his subjects and even Tunku Razaleigh dare not say what Big Dog is saying.?
    We are smarter than you think...doggy.

  25. Anonymous6:25 pm

    cakap ayanm jantan !!!!!

  26. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Perhaps you should start increase your malt and barley consumption. Your memory and analysis of issues is starting to appear hazy.This king is doing exactly what most other kings are doing, including the infamous Perak King, the silver-haired one. I don't recall you calling that move as a dangerous one. Wake up la Rocky.

    sri hartamas

  27. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Bagi sekeping tanah ajer?

    Mana ler orang2 miskin ni nak cari wang untuk buat rumah!

    Non Bumis duk atas tanah haram pun, to ask them to leave, they compensate with bangalows..

    Murah sangat ker cara nak layan Kaum Bumiputra?



  28. Amir S.7:51 pm

    Rocky please check on your sources before commenting. I use to think your blog was an enjoyable, thought provoking read. However now it seems you have meandered off course in to someone else's agenda. Maybe you should stop hanging out at BV and BSC and actually get down to some real investigative journalism.

  29. PAS is PIS and PUSS8:27 pm

    Read palace denial here on Malaysiakini.

    Eat your heart out, PAS. We've preempted you!

  30. Anonymous8:28 pm

    macam mana dengan sepanduk 'natang' kat terengganu dulu? siapa ye yang demo bawak sepanduk panggil DYMM Sultan 'natang'?

    p/s : jgn jadi hipokrit.

    -kaum muda-

  31. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Saya pun sayang UMNO, suka BN. PM cakap masa himpunan UMNO, pilihan calun sangat penting untuk menang pilihanraya. Tapi calun di Batu Sapi Sabah tak pandai berBahasa Malaysia, macamana ni terlepas panding ke baru PM cakap belum sampai seminggu. pelik tapi benar.

  32. Vinnan is a f**kin pundek10:29 pm

    Vinnan bodoh tuli

    Perjanjian Pangkor II was coined and initiated by PAS blogger, Penarik Beca.

    Always get your facts screwed up.

    You are another nic to a commentator cum blogger. Who dont know that!

  33. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Pedulik apa. Besok Kelantan kalah lagi.

    Hoben Jang Hoben!

  34. Firstly - the story is completely untrue. So please get your facts straight.
    Those who received the land titles a few weeks back were those who had applied directly to the Sultan when he was Tengku Mahkota. No politician was present when he awarded the titles.
    Second the palace has stressed the Sultan was not going to visit Galas during the campaigning period.
    Lastly - its funny but isn't the person heading the BN campaign in Galas a senior member of the Royal family?

  35. thinking citizen2:14 am

    To Monsterball.. If you don't have sufficient intellectual capacity to digest and understand the highly precise and factual constitutional and political points that BigDog is try to make.. you might as well SHUT UP.. you're making a FOOL of yourself...

    To BigDog.. that was well said and truly shows that you really understand the subject matter at hand..

  36. Anonymous7:09 am

    rocky, rocky, kenapa begini perangai tuan

  37. Anonymous9:18 am

    Biasanya intelectual juga tulisan roki ini tapi kali ini rookies sikit

  38. Anonymous9:46 am

    monsterball monsterball

    your nic shows you have BIG dreams but it remains a dream coz your IQ is miniscule wee bit

    BigDog is patriotic unlike some freeloaders and constipatedly frustrated frozen thwarted stymied vinnan

  39. Soooooo Royal Highness not attending or taking sides....what is the big deal?
    Rocky loves to instigate and tell half truths.
    Fortunately....he has a balanced mind and ca be quite fair nowadays.
    We only need to watch out unfair and half truth news supporting his time coming nearer to 13th GE.
    Right now...UMNO b toads are hoping mad.
    Sensitive buggers with no reasons...except don't like PAS doing great.
    So great PR is doing...Najib talking cock about PutraJaya too.

  40. Yes yes yes...Anon 9.46 am..Big Dog is a patriot and so is Mahathir and Najib and all UMNO B racists.. good for nothing lazy bum.
    Guys like me are traitors...useless..stupid...childish...and you can name all are right.
    PS: How old are you? Do you know why Big Dog was so quite for years?
    Because he was proven to be a big liar and wellknown Mahathir's balls carrier.
    So Najib do sometimes carry mamak's balls..and here comes Big Dog with his usual confidence to fool Malaysians.
    That is his job...working for Najib.

  41. hi Anon IQ is legendary.
    How's yours?

  42. "thinking citizen" asked me to SHUT UP.
    That's good far as I am concern.
    Can he really think with a balanced mind?
    I like thinking people...but I have known few who thinks and plan how to get a job without working.

  43. No wonder so many half past sixes in University.
    Student can tell lecturer SHUT UP...what do you expect?
    But U will not they will keep paying U expensive fees to keep studying...and so U keep making profits from these idiots.
    However..if it is a Malaysian U and these idiots are chosen by UMNO B for parents are die hard loyal starts from the top brainwashing students to be puppets on the string to UMNO B.
    What idiots we have....falling into such out-dated traps.
    And wise men said..those are feeling insecured ...because they are made to depend on UMNO their God or Savior.
    Let it be known...their Savior is feeling the heat now.
    The heat is on..the heat is on...hahahahahahaha

  44. Lets see....if I say how great Mahathir and Najib are and what fantastic leaders....immediately my IQ shoot up sky high and praised by those goboloks and racists.

  45. Anonymous10:50 pm


    Sometimes I think you are just testing the waters for your ardent followers who don't like you.
    What an irony or what idiots they are...
    Kelakar jugak gua tengok dierang ni....`benci tapi rindu..'... sakit hati ku...kau buat begitu...

  46. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Why did not ask anything when UMNO guys were calling the Sultan of Trengganu and the current King "natang"?? ..

    Why Bru, you kept silent when Sultan of Perak openly disobeyed the Rakyat's wishes by changing the Perak Government?

    Why Bru, suddenly you now is very concerned abt the Sultan of Kelantan who decided to go out and meet his Rakyat regardless of their status as orang asli??

    Why Bru??...because you n the BIG Dog are the top UMNO blogger??? How much have you n the BIG Dog been paid?? You got the Top Job in MM...You got your Dato it has to be the money isn't it???

    I wonder when will the BIG Dog get his Dato'ship...wont be long, I guess, yeah

  47. You know what "BRU" means?
    It was producers of coffee coming out with coffee-bru. Go drink many mixtures..including ginger.
    You can presume Rocky knows what he is doing and usually guys like him...get faarked up...just like me......hahahahahahaha
    I also F him up...when he thinks all are sleeping and seek in a post carrying UMNO B balls.
    Now is limbo rock..for and against...balanced up...OK la.

  48. As long as Rocky hates CORRUPTIONS and expose them...he is a true responsible Malaysian.
    He has to carry Najib's balls for a living but that does not mean Najib owns his some idiots here.
    One should remember...a greedy compulsive thief will steal from anybody.
    Somehow...certain racists feel OK as stolen are given back to blood brothers?
    What bunkum nonsense is that. Any stolen money given to your PAS brothers and sisters?
    And..are they fairly distributed?
    If so...why are Muslims rejecting UMNO B by the millions?
    You see...they hate thieves and labels. All wishes to be known as Malaysians proudly...and that bothers Najib very much nowadays..talking cock to defend PutraJaya with his life.
    What he is really showing is.....UMNO B is a sore looser and these little dictators are trained to be like so by the devil reincarnated....Mahathir.
    Let any possible future lives dead due to dirty politics be in the hands of Najib.
    Malaysians are fearless...but will not fall into Najib's low class tricks and treats.
    He is a gone case.

  49. Anonymous1:10 am

    Monsterball don't be so emo lah...

  50. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Allo babi tua.. what IQ..

    Just admit that you are one stupid can only shit hogwash..not even a slightest intellectual substance & fact..not to mention no link at all to info sources to hold water for his opiumized fantasy arguments..

    pigi mampos lah babi tua bodoh..menyemak malaysia saja..tak boleh senang tidur petang & malam ka..? prostat bengkak..? gatal lancau or gatal tangan..?
    mau hantam lubang cibai ahsoh lancau sudah 30thn mati lembik siau..makan viagra pun kiok jugak..overdose nanti terus jalan..

    jadi mesti mau hentam keyboard sajalah kasi air keluar kepala..lain kerja mana ada..kalau tidak mampos lagi cepat..mau tunggu sponsor atas bukit di Nirvana..? kah..kah..kah!

    pity this lost soul senile-o-pork.. lonely old hog, desperately need attention to feel his worthiness..
    sekali-sekala kita layanlah dia..kesian kan?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  51. Nice to read idiots getting angry at me for nothing.
    Wise people told me not to get easily provoked.
    I only write truths about UMNO B and corruptions and the insults I get?...boy oh boy....these racists never change.
    Fire goboloks.

  52. thinking citizen4:36 pm


    are you sure you are malaysian.. if you are.. you shouldn't be.. about time you surrender your ic and berambus to be citizen of any other nation that you think befits your "high standards".. kalau dah benci sangat kerajaan umno ni.. berambus la.. walk the "big" talk la beb..

    after reading your comments.. i'm deeply convinced that you are just a pile of SHIT.. ZERO substance..

  53. "thinking citizen"...try harder to make me run away.
    Your shit is second class after eating mine.
    Rocky's shit and mine are originals.....hahahahahahaha