Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bursa Malaysia closes above 1500 points

GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES. This week Malaysians were in a frenzy that they will have THREE 100-storey towers. Then, ending the week, Bursa Malaysia closed above 1,500 points for the first time since late 2008. giving Malaysia a trinity of good economic news - strong market, strong ringgit and an even stronger GDP. Time to rejoice [but not so for those who remember - ONCE we were TIGERS. Yup, Tigers in the whole of Asia alongside Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Where are they now, does anyone know?].


  1. Khushairi1:52 am

    It's a late night work. Well, that's a good news! Strong ringgit :) hopefully the economy will be better soon and many investors will invest inside Malaysia instead.

  2. We have seen this kind of so call good news many times.
    UMNO B is famous to boost up stocks and shares and after a come tumbling down...who suffers?
    One in a thousand benefited from investing....but those UMNO B rouges ...know when to invest and when to pull out..and never looses..because they hold all the strings...and have money to make it high or low.
    Some MCA members must carry UMNO B balls harder.. to get tips and be millionaires too.
    We are now a paper Tiger country.

  3. Anonymous5:02 am

    I kno. Singapore, S Korea and Taiwan, managed to step up to the next level. As a result, their citizens enjoy a very high per capita income. You r spot on to say once we were tigers. Today we r a third world nation

  4. Anonymous6:57 am

    now we are also TIGER. but TIGER BALM.
    Asyik kene sapu je ngan org.

  5. Anonymous7:57 am

    ... tok, isn't it already known that "hot money" is actually back in Asia? Is it really based on good fundamental as a whole? Why do we need tons of mega project then if the world is really in a good shape? Is Malaysia Ringgit that strong or just US currency coming down? Is currency war really going on between China, US and the world, and will Asia be a victim between this fight? Is cap kapak back here again, eh? ... Business Frustrated Malaysian ... ha ha ha ... :D ... ha ha ha ...

  6. Anonymous8:01 am

    Bursa Mursa. Here's something every Malaysian should read, some hidden facts which relatively no one knows.

  7. Iskandar8:13 am

    Hopefully when Petronas Chemicals is listed this coming few months, KLSE will nudge further.

  8. Anonymous9:21 am

    eh! Those tigers had gone up the mountain. Malaysia is still in the swamp.Looks like we will still be in the swamp by 2020.

  9. Anonymous10:27 am

    We now are so far behind Spore, Taiwan and South Korea. This is coz our economy is badly managed. Very sad, disqusting - ONCE we were TIGERS.

  10. UMNO B crooks dare not compare us with S'pore..Taiwan...and South Korea.
    It is always compared to Zimbabwai...Agentina...and few South Africa lowly educated and corrupted countries.
    That's how they think they can keep fooling half past great or luck...we are.

  11. nstman12:50 pm

    We are now PAPER TIGERS.

  12. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Tok, kite maseh lagi Tiger melalui rancangan hub hiboran dlm pelan ETP. Melalui pelan hub hiboran, kita kelak dikenali sebgi Thai Girl, krn di KL bakal ade byk TIGER Show, spt yg dikehandaki Idris Jala dan Najib

  13. Anonymous3:15 pm

    policts n policts but reality is bread n butter. do awake n notice ppl cannot afford basic needs n what are we doing but politics n policts. polictics is serve the master right or wrong. pls help the rakyat n turun padang to see what happens daily on the ground n reality is many are suferring to sustain life.
    MUALLAF who cares, recently lem zakat selangor stopped payment for 10,000 ppl on month of july-aug 2010 reason update file n later no payment n who cares n where do we seek justice n wrote to all DYMM SULTAN SELANGOR, JAKIM, HOD MAIS,HOD LZS, but non concern, this is not about money but how His servant is treated by authority responsible for HIS servants. sad indeed mionth of Rammadhan, Most Holy Month filled with His Grace n LZS comes with funny procedure when its duty is to help but who really cares NON but i know my Creator cares n in Him i trust. what happens to all the money n who audits these lem zakat. where/who do we seek justice n HEAD OF ISLAM,THE SULTAN is not easy to reach as we are poor.
    jabatan-majlis-pejabat AGAMA/LEM ZAKAT i have dealt n far from love,carer,understanding, WHY
    all these ppl in this dpt serve n uphold His concern but no hope here.
    can anyone advise me how i can walk out of this religion with my family n back to who i was,i wud be glad for advise from any concern.


  14. We are the 43rd most prosperous nation on earth Bro, slowly inching up the ladder, there are many reasons to be happy like you say and my mutual fund is going up steadily with the local index, so I am doubly happy.

    I just Pity those die hard pessimists Malaysians which sees nothing good in Malaysia. Ya, the grass in Singapore, Taiwan and now South Korea is always greener for these people.

  15. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Ngapa Msia x mampu jadi negara maju spt Korea Selatan, Taiwan dan Singapura? Tauke Cina kite x erti niaga kot? Ngapa Msia bole suatu tike dulu disegani sebgi harimao asia, kalu memang betol org Melayu lembik? Memang org Mlayu tak lembik dan tauke cina x hilang gahnya. Cuma ahli politik kito yg berubah dari mendahului rakyat ke mendahului machai dan kaum keluarga. Pasai tu le, kite masih jaao bila dibandingkan dgn spura, korea dan taiwan. DJ ReMy

  16. Anonymous6:17 pm


    I got three grads joined my company this month as unemployed grad trainees. One is an engineering degree, one is an engineering diploma and one is a science degree. They get RM800 allowance a month for unemployed grad training. Melayu lah. Chinese bro, with biology degree can get job with starting salary $2800 a month. After one year RM3200, working for Chinese company doing sub contracting work for Melayu sleeping partner.

    Our Bursa going up for one reason only bro. US Dollar going down.

    Its like this. When USD so cheap, the FD return on USD is low. So the Wall Street Jews invest in our Bursa. They send the Bursa 10% enuf already.

    Then because our Ringgit also go up, it means when they take out the USD, they get more USD lah.

    Then if our listed companies declare dividend, say 5%, this also they get.

    So bro, Ringgit appreciate 5% plus Bursa go up 10% plus dividend 5% = 20% they can get.

    Simply because US Gomen print money, worthless toilet paper. They buy our shares so easy one.

    Not because our labour force is "high income already".

    Kunyit Hangit bro.

    Hj Hoegarten.

  17. Anonymous6:23 pm

    I fear in time, Msia will one day end up as a failed state like Myanmar and Phillipines. Both this countries were prosperous up to the 1960s, then selfish politicians brought them down. You are absolutely correct Rocky - once we were tigers, indeed !. Those days are gone, long gone, banished to the history books.

  18. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Msia bukan lagi Tiger tapi digolong sebagai negara PAMZ - Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia dan Zimbabwe. Taniah Najib atas PAMZ.

  19. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Rocky kao daa ketingalan zaman. Tiger daa lupos. Ini zaman satuu Msia -Rakyat didahulukan. Rakyat yg dimaksodkan ialah member istegi, adek, anak dan bapak. Rakyat pulak ialah Syed Mokthar, Vincent Tan, Jho Low, Mohan Swami, Keneth Iswaren, Mumtaz Jaffar, Desmond Lim. Mrk majoo ape. Memang harimaau yg saban hari bersantap rakyat marhain.

  20. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Iye lah, bursa naeik, rm kuat, gdp gagah. Tapi rakyat hidop merana. Yg kaya tambah kaya. Miskin kian papa. Harga barang naik, nilai nyawa manusia pulak turon. Jenayah meluasa, bilangan ahli kabinet bertambah. Kalah pilihanraya dan yg tak tanding pun bole jadi menteri.

  21. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Dulu kita tiger. Skg kita papa kedana. Dulu Siti Hasmah, skg pulak Rosmah. H i dOp Tun Mahatir. H i d0p Tok Puan Siti.

  22. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Once a TIGER, now is only a pussy cat...meow...meow...meow

  23. Anonymous12:51 am

    Spore - no water. South Korea - in state of war wit N korea. Taiwan - conflict with China. Yet they kick our arse. Najib u hve been in cab 4 2 decades. Its your fault. U suck boldy

  24. Eddy..We are not saying the grass are greener in S'pore..Tawan or South Korea.
    We are saying those countries have advanced and are richer than Malaysia where they have no powerful natural resources like oil....yet the countries are more advanced that ours. S'pore has nothing but human power.
    We are saying our government is so corrupted and greedy....for what we are...behind those countries.

  25. Anonymous4:24 am

    Ini semua sala Pak Lah. Malang sungguh, Najibpun terikut ikut dgn cara mantan pm tu.

  26. najib manaukau7:44 am

    A question has to be remembered and asked is where is all the money coming from ? Just remember borrowed like Malaysia has been doing for so many years as recently as when they build the second Penang bridge with money borrowed from China !

  27. Anonymous9:16 am

    Ini smua salah Najib.

  28. Anonymous11:57 am

    Yes it is absolutely true the US is printing worthless dollars. How abt Malaysia though. Is the Ringgit backed one 4 one with gold? Or are we also printing worthless Ringgit. I dont know the anwser. Can anyone enlighten me?

  29. Anonymous1:38 am

    That fooking monsterball always blame everything on UMNO. He should be thankful that because of UMNO he is around till to this day. It's UMNO policies that granted his fooking ancestors citizenship of Malaysia.

    Big balls but tiny brain.

    Stupid bastard that line of thinking same as other bloody racists that served Malaysian nothing. Typical bloody racist - Fuck off from this forum.

    - serveNOballs!.

  30. Anonymous2:06 am

    Get A Copy, "Is Greed Good?" - Best selling: Gekko from the Wall Street 2.


  31. Anonymous5:20 am

    Yes, I too would like to know if our RM is backed 1 4 1 with gold or are we too printing worthless paper. Can rocky or outsyedthebox or sakmongkol clarify.

  32. najib manaukau9:59 am

    Anon 1.38 a.m.

    Sorry Umno did not grant the non Malay the citizenship ! I got my citizenship from the Brits before 1957 from them and not from Umno.
    Please go and do some more research before you make further comments in this forum like all the Ketunan Melayu. Ever heard of this little knowledge is very dangerous. Umno or you cannot give away things Umno or you don't have in the first place. This right belongs to the original people and the Head Hunters.
    You are all descendants of Indonesians pirates at best or Half Breeds, to begin with this country belongs to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters, got it and be real !
    Learn how to accept criticisms and learn from them and stop showing the genes of a pirate like your ancestors. Will pirates ever be satisfied with 30% of the loots ? All of the non Malays to day have parents or grand parents or even great grand parents born in Malaysia and not father born in Bugis and mother in Java like the DPM and so many Umno members. The non Malays ancestors not only contributed taxes and assist in the development of the nation long before the Indonesian DPM and many Umno members do, if any. Who is the real pendatang ? You may have robbed the right of the original people of Malaysia so stop claiming rights that don't belong to you in the first place. I hate to say this the only right that you have now has at present is the political right !

  33. There you go...Anonymous 1.38am thinks UMNO B owns the country and he is a chosen landlord and I am second class citizen.
    Poor fella have been living on false dreams...refusing to wake up.
    This lost soul is the successful product of UMNO B's race and religion politics.
    Go on ...dream on and while you maybe living in Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh....go read who built the two cities.
    WOW!! UMNO B uses money to buy votes and country. Malaysian Chinese are out to conquer and capture. No wonder Russian submarines and plenty of missiles and Najib defending PutraJaya with his life.
    Anon should join in.
    Ghost and goblins are coming. All cannot die..what are you going to do?

  34. Very well said... "najib manauku said" writer.
    Hope you can wake him up to facts and truths..but there are plenty like this sad case produced by UMNO B.

  35. Seolferwulf7:27 pm

    Spore Exchange SGX makes a S$10.7 billion (RM25 billion) takeover offer for the Australian Stock Exchange ASX.

    Total market cap of listed companies on SGX at end-Sept 2010 is S$828.3 billion. That's about RM1946 billion.

    See how the balance of power has shifted when the CEO of Bursa Malaysia has no choice but to put on a brave face!

  36. Anonymous7:46 pm

    najib manaukau said...

    ...Sorry Umno did not grant the non Malay the citizenship ! I got my citizenship from the Brits...

    A speech of Mao's in Peking in February 1957, is:

    "Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land."

    It is sometimes suggested that the initiative was a deliberate attempt to flush out dissidents by encouraging them to show themselves as critical of the regime. Whether or not it was a deliberate trap isn't clear but it is the case that many of those who put forward views that were unwelcome to Mao were executed.

    OOOOOO sini rupanya awak lari menyorok in 1957?



  37. Anonymous2:29 pm

    As at 2009, Malaysia's gold reserve was US$379 million. And as at 2008, Malaysia had US$ 92 billion as foreign exchange reserve. The figures may have changed. It is this sum that is used to peg the real value of the ringgit. From my estimate, after minusing the debt, the real value in terms of asset backing is about 95 per cent less than the market value. We are not toilet paper YET!!!

    Dj Remy

  38. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Truth? really?

    Quote of statement by Tan Siew Sin, MCA President and Finance Minister in a local daily titled, "Tun Tan Answers Critics on Special Previleges" dated April 30, 1969:-

    "The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent of the non-Malays became citizens. This was different to the situation before Merdeka whereas 90 percent of the non-Malays were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession. the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.

    (Source: Tan Sri Khalid Awang Osman, Malaysia - An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, pp.38-39)

    Look, whose talking chingkiepigshit truth here when all his bullshit is actually a result of his own swine-momma cumlicking fetish fantasy inbreeded in his pendatang genes..this babi were not even born on that time to receive its citizenship claim to be from the Brits..mana kepala butuh babi ni dpt cerita ni?

    If Tunku Abdul Rahman were still alive today, i wonder what would he feel towards this kind of ungrateful chingkie bastard who inherit FOC citizenship when the people in the old days have to EARN for the independence.. that include this one senile-o-rotten waste of sperm dying-pork in here..

    Dato' Harun probably have all the reasons for a total wipe off if he were to hear this from this bacul piggies kind today..wonder why he did not finish his job eradicating all these vermin chinpengpiggy root that would definitely bring a better good for the whole nation socio-economy and the forging of a bangsa Malaysia today.

    these are should not left even a little, coz they will reproduce and replicate at a higher rate to bring another infection of dangerous society disease..who else gonna stand for the nation today like TAR, Dato'Harun et. al..definitely not those lost soul sons of the ex-PMs.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  39. Anonymous4:21 pm

    pa menda kitak madah tok? chali paloi ka? lawa paloi, pebulak indah, kedak asuk lah kitak..

    WTF this pigbrain hogwash about? his own opiumized cock wanking fantasized history?

    Yes,in the old days there is no today Malaysia, Melayu, Indonesia, Brunei, Philipines or Thailand...not even India or China.

    Even China name also do not exist in the old days..its the European that gave such name for porcelain here wtf bullshit babi..? it was actually a Zhongguo a.k.a "middle kingdom".

    Hey fuckhead..even with that you can't twist the fact that the original people that built civilization & live on those land are not for real even if they behave like pirate..what do you called the Kublai Khan emperor descendant then?

    To say all the local malays originated from today indonesia is a total insult for all the today 13mil people that their ancestors had built civilizations since 2nd century in today southern thailand
    from pattani
    to chumpon, kemboja champakasari, kedah, perlis, perak, kelantan & terengganu..

    the orang asli & head hunter do not built any civilization chingkie do not owe them for your existence today..otherwise wtf races from around the world came here for if not for businesses in the old days as a result of an economy management by some civilization?

    Guess who were the head hunters and orang asli of China when the Emperors or Mongolian, Tartar & Manchu races invaded and enslaves those submissive pariahs over there??? Its you southern chingks apes pariah lah..
    Some of the pariah even runaway to hide from the Manchus after failed to topple them in the Taiping rebellion with the help of their ass-worshipped white surprise lah if you see this kind of chingkiepigg openly praising the Brits and owe them big time..bunch of pelarian and pendatang pariah. Learn to live like the Baba Nyonya who assimilated lah you pendatang & let live.

    The truth is you people are the genes of stop syok sendiri lah bodoh.. i told you before here pariah definitely cannot handle this fact for sure.. pity these lowlife lost soul..still don't know their place on earth.


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  40. Skilgannon10664:53 pm

    Anti whatever,

    Actually, I am not sure if the Indons want to be associated with certain parties, seeing as they are perfectly happy with being a republic (did Bung Sukarno get that right or what?) and a democracy. Even HRH Hamengku Buwono X has to get out of his Kraton and court the votes of his fellow citizens!

    And whatever China was, be it the Middle Kingdom, Zhongguo or the Jade Empire, the fact of the matter is that now it is too big to dismiss.

    It is risible that with all the talk of dignity etc, the market cap of listed companies on Bursa Malaysia is considerably less than the market caps of companies on SGX or the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. That's a true balance of power, not posturings that deceive no one, let alone the Microsofts, Googles and Ciscos of this world!


  41. Skilgannon10664:51 pm

    Singapore is set to overtake Malaysia as Asean's 3rd largest economy this year, according to a report in The Malaysian Insider.

    Why should we be surprised at the chutzpah of a city-state with a population of 5 million?

    Meanwhile, our renowned and respected Utusan Malaysia calls for May 13, 1969 to be enshrined as a "sacred" day in the annals of the country.

    And you wonder why foreign investors make a beeline for Singapore and ignore the manifold attractions of a much larger market north of the Causeway!

    No worries, though. There will always be "suckers" out there willing to pony up US$444 billion in investments in Malaysia over the next 10 years or so (it's not as if every other country in the region is not avidly eyeing the same "suckers").

    Time for you to take a stand, Pak Rocky. Do you, or do you not, support the sentiments and tenor of that Utusan Malaysia editorial? Can't have it both ways, bro!