Thursday, October 28, 2010

My latest Bru in The Malay Mail

Rocky's Bru: Dizzy heights of Malaysia
Thursday, October 28th, 2010 12:45:00

King Nimrod was a cruel ruler and probably would go to hell, but he wanted to go to heaven. So he said to build a tall tower with a diving board on one side to jump onto heaven when it floated by on it's cloud! If the people of Babylon didn't build the tower, they were threatened with death! — from, Why did the people of Babel build a tower?

I WAS asked by a new acquaintance over lunch that ended with the biggest headache in my life what my stand was on Permodalan Nasional Berhad's (PNB) proposed Warisan Merdeka tower, a structure 100 storeys tall, one of the tallest in this world.

This was, more or less, the conversation that took place. I'm usually the listener but this guy was all ears, so I ordered my second cup of coffee, which probably triggered the headache.

So, are you for or against the Tower?

"Well, you must understand that I am not an economist and all I know is that the proposed headquarters of the PNB has been categorised by its opponents as a mega project, which is loosely defined as an infrastructure project that would cost over a billion dollars/ringgit to build but which is not worth that billion spent.

"And you must understand that my views are that of a layman's, and one who has never been against the so-called mega projects. For example, while Lim Kit Siang (the Opposition leader then and now) was opposing the North-South Highway, which was probably the first billion-ringgit project planned by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister from 1981-2003, I was waiting for its completion rather impatiently. You see, I was traveling quite regularly between Singapore and Melaka back in the 70s and 80s, and anyone who's driven or ridden on the old Federal roads can tell you what killers they were. And they still are today, especially during the festive seasons!

"Neither was I opposed to the construction of the Penang bridge, the KL International Airport, the new administration centre Putrajaya or the KLCC (once the tallest towers in the world) — all multi-billion ringgit projects under Dr Mahathir's grand plans.

"In my opinion, these projects have transformed our country. We were once the backwater of Southeast Asia but we now have some of the best infrastructure in the world, too good that we sometimes chide ourselves for having first-world facility but third-world mentality, which is quite true sometimes. But opposing the construction of those facilities, in the first place, was a backward stance, too. But this is my personal opinion, of course.

"Now, as for the proposed 100-storey building, as far as I am concerned the fault lies only on one factor — that the Prime Minister announced it in his 2011 Budget. So a lot of people think that Datuk Seri Najib Razak was going to start taxing people more in order to build this magnificent structure. Which isn't the case. The PNB has come out, belatedly, to explain that Warisan Merdeka is their project using their money, et cetera, but by that time the proposed tower has become a victim of Malaysian politics.

"Najib was not announcing a new project. The PNB had made statements in the Press about the 100-storey tower late last year. No hoo-ha then. But when the PM included it in his Budget, wham bang! I was going to say, perhaps, he should not have included it in his budget, but then that would be strange — the tower is supposed to be one of his "high-impact" projects.

"Obviously, the Najib administration is banking big time on construction and property development to get the economy going for the next few years and Warisan Merdeka is one of them. The others are the RM15 billion Matrade project (several tall towers will be built by Naza-TTDI), the redevelopment of the Pudu jail by the Urban Development Authority (around RM10 billion), and sprawling Sungai Besi development, the RM40 billion Rapid Transit Project the KL-JB fast train project, and the massive Iskandar Development (10 times the size of Subang Jaya).

"Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Tokyo all have very tall towers. In recent years, Shanghai and Dubai have been building them. South Korea is also building a 100-storey tower and some of the tallest buildings in the world are in China.Why can't we have another one? Why can't PNB? If Public Bank wants to build a hundred-storey building, do we stop Public Bank from doing so?"

My new acquaintance looked rather worried by this time, probably saw I was getting worked up. It had been stressful the last couple of weeks, especially with the police report lodged against my blog by the Information, Communications and Culture Minister.

(And talking about the ministry, its unprecedented netbook scheme may be classified as a mega project, too: its infra structure costs RM1 billion and its usefulness is being seriously questioned. So far, over 100,000 netbooks worth RM1,000 each has been distributed in rural areas as part of the ministry's plan to reduce the Digital Divide. Phase Two, which will involve 500,000 units of these netbook computers, will commence soon).

My lunch guest slipped another question: Isn't the protest against the PNB tower not against the tower itself but due to the fact that taxpayers' money is involved?

"Everything involves public fund, so I don't buy that argument. Haven't you read Syed Akbar Ali's blog? The government does not own any money. This is Rule No 1. There is no such thing as government's own money. All government money is taxpayer's funds. Even for countries which do no have income taxes, it is still public funds. The people's money.

"To me, the objection is purely political. North-South Highway back then, Warisan Merdeka now. The difference is, we didn't have blogs, we had no access to Facebook, we did not even have computers in our homes back then. And talk about the Internet, what about the government/TM's massive RM10-over billion broadband project? We are all enjoying the infra, and we are certainly benefiting from Dr Mahathir's promise for openness and non-intervention policy.

"And we should view the protests positively, too. I mean, the government should. What does this group of people want to see? Many said we need more hospitals and doctors, schools and teachers. Look into those. At least the people are talking and giving feedback.

"Remember when the government decided not to build the "crooked bridge" that would have replaced the archaic Causeway? The PM then said the reason for not building it was because the people of Johor did not want it. Hogwash! The people said nothing.

"Now the people are telling you something. Be thankful.

"But there's the silent majority, too. There's always the silent majority. These people also put you there to govern as best as you can. If the government installs all the necessary elements of good governance and is transparent, the people would feel re-assured. Show us how the 100-storey, Matrade, Sg Besi, the KL Financial District, Iskandar, the Greater KL, the rail transit project are going to improve the people's quality of life."

So you think the government should go ahead with the 100-storey project?

"They should continue developing this country. And the people should continue to protest and let the government hear them. But at the end of the day, we have to decide what we want to be. If Dr Mahathir had given in to his political opponents, Lim Guan Eng would be traveling from Penang island to the mainland on the ferry and the rest of us would still have Third World facilities, bro. And the Third World mentality, too."

And then the headache came. My new acquaintance ordered warm water with lemon. My trusted Minyak Cap Kapak, the same ointment my grandma used in the days before there was even proper roads between towns, was missing. I wanted to tell my acquaintance about some people's attempt to equate the Warisan Merdeka to the Tower of Babel, how some of us are still stuck in the Dark Ages, but I was feeling to dizzy.

Wonder if that's the feeling if you look down from the 100th floor ...

AHIRUDIN ATTAN is group editorial adviser for The Malay Mail, Bernama TV and The Malaysian Reserve. Heblogs at


  1. Anonymous4:24 pm

    ... really enjoy the read but I can't say I agree with you though. Cap minyak kapak, eh? Wei,itu bagus loh. Saya guna itu untuk kepala pusing-pusing until minum untuk batuk-batuk. Somemore, it works oso loh ... ha ha ha ... :D ... ha ha ha ...

  2. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Correction.. 100,000 notebooks @
    RM1000 would be RM 100 mil. So 1 billion should be? 1,000,000?

  3. azane4:57 pm

    well said :D

  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    tongue in cheek piece or back tracking like a good supporter of the pm?

  5. It was Najib's mistake, although PNB is government linked, it's a private sector investment, so is the Karambunai eco-resort, both should not have been included in the budget.They got nothing to do with government expenditure.

    Najib should sack his economic advisers and the second minister of finance.Wonder which school of economics they go to.

  6. Smart ass..this Rocky is...drinking coffee instead of beer to keep him awake and give such a brilliant answer.
    He forgot...DAP was concern and always will be...the welfare of the poor.the needy.. and the billions for the bridges could uplift their lifestyle to have opportunities to be richer and climb to be less poorer and some reach middle class statues...and that's how Malaysia should move forward with proper education too.
    Yes those billions could move Malaysians forward.
    Do Malaysians moved forward with those bridges now?
    Rocky is thinking of his conveniences and his success is due to his experiences and qualifications. He cannot use those bridges to show where he is now...and I am pretty sure...he knows his future is shaky too.
    New tower?...who benefits from it?
    You see Najib have learn the art to spend billions like Mahathir did to make sure the 10% commission is huge for personal and party.
    Off the topic..once police will take RM10 bribes more.
    Now RM50 or RM10 or RM50...if caught taking bribes will have same punishment.
    Now you know...why Mahathir stole more than RM100 billion..and not RM100 million...and UMNO B belongs to him. All are fed well...and corrupted to the core. All are bought up.

  7. Pee and Bee5:31 pm

    There's nothing wrong if PNB wants to build 100-storey and 1000-storey tower or rumah urut 6-star, provided there's a strong demand for it. Otherwise, KL is going to be just like Dubai.

  8. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Rocky, early Oct u came out with this article on property bubble in KL. And now, PNB announced going to build Warisan Merdeka tower. There are 25% of NEW property unsolds in KL. Good luck to you PNB unit trust holders!

    In KL, a property bubble's waiting to burst - by Rocky Bru.

    Bubble and Bubbles. Here is a picture of Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee BUBBLES, a word synonymous with our property market, with residential loans now accounting for 27 per cent of all loans for banks.

    BUBBLES has a new home at a Florida primate sanctuary. Malaysians, though, are finding it hard to buy a home.

    The Malay Mail's Marhalim Abbas writes there is an artificial property bubble in the making, with bankers and developers working hand in glove . Rear his piece H E R E.

    The government's own National Property Information Center (NAPCI)'s data show average prices for homes rose 19 per cent in the first half of this year from a year ago while in Kuala Lumpur prices have soared by more than 35 per cent. The NAPCI's Property Overhang reports disturbingly show unsold properties rose to 22.6 per cent of new launches in the second quarter of this year.

    Unsold homes, and rising prices!!!

    Are banks and developers making BUBBLES out of us?

    Who is going to bear the brunt of the burn when the music stops playing at the property party?

  9. Anonymous5:50 pm


    May I suggest Minyak Kwan Loong which used to be advertised with a picture of an old man writhing with back pain?

    It's quite difficult to get hold of today but it's still available at the sinseh shop at Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

    Viva Boon Lay!!! and the Tower!!

    Blackbird singing in the dead of night...Take your broken wings and learn to fly....

    Jurong Mafia Godmother

  10. Seloro6:05 pm

    Suddenly Dr. M's name crop up to support the 100-floor-tower.

    Before bad guy now good guy eh.

    Anyway ... PNB should payout higher dividens to crop up the economy. Remember Dr. M's gift of 70% ASB dividens last time. it was heaven and everybody was happy before the election.

  11. AA!

    Minyak Kapak Ahoy!

    Very Very stated & put, squire!

    Awaiting BFM application etc!


  12. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Now we know that the Malaysian Government has in all these 47 years, concentrating on the developement of WEST MALAYSIA and NEVER even thought of SABAH or SARAWAK. That Tun M was only interested in the MALAY land - building North-South Highway, Penang Bridge, KLIA, KLCC and so many others. I believed most of the "buidling fund" was from the OIL, Timber and Tax Payer money from SABAH. What have Sabah got TODAY after 47 years? Not even a highway to major towns ! What a shame!!! The present PM is doing exactly the same things - Mega projects are only for WEST MALAYSIA. Malaysia Boleh ! Sabah Tidak-Boleh lah!

  13. Bro,

    This is classic Bru. Syabas. I just heard something else. All the REITs that are listed (Real Estate Investment Trusts) have taken a beating in their values. Cos with all these towers coming up in Kuala Lumpur, the rentals are going to go downward, hence affecting the economic values of all buildings in Kuala Lumpur (new, old, yet to be built etc).

    We stand where we sit. Or where we sit is where we shall stand too.

    Syed Akbar Ali

  14. al-Deen amin6:48 pm

    It seems we are in a hurry to do super-mega projects - 100 storey WaM, UDA, Matrade, MCMC .... So what's the hurry? The cake is a mammoth one to be shared by not so many.

    Maklumlah masing2 ada adik, anak, isteri, saudara-mara, kuncu2 nak masuk dalam super-duper high income economy bracket. Kalau gelojoh dan tak boleh telan nanti tercekik!

  15. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Who drinks warm water with lemön? Whatever happened 2 good ole limao ais? Your new friend needs a slap on his or her arse cheek. KArPaL.

  16. KIng Nimrod7:37 pm

    And where would PNB get their money from to finance the project?

  17. Anonymous8:00 pm

    This is the same chicken and egg story.

    But if the Mahathir administration had listened to the sob stories of the opposition and did not build the 'mega' projects such as launching Proton on the Penang Bridge without road tax or was it the other way round, the very same critters will sing a different tune.

    It boils down to sour grapes, not getting part of the project.

    Why are the very same jokers requesting for another bridge at Penang instead of tearing it down? They could all buy a boat and ply the Penang Straits.

    Okay, here's another headache. Instead of one 100 tower building, why not three? This would make it cheaper to build now than later, besides, no other competitor will come close for a hundred years!

    Frankly, the opposition are a bunch of empty vessels or dogs barking at the mountains waiting to hear their own echo.

    The answer is yes, go ahead and build. But not in Kuala Lumpur. Take it to Putrajaya or Mentakab or else where.

    The KL folks are already spending more than 50 percent of their life on clogged roads and it is not a joke anymore.

    In the meantime, improve the Federal Highway. Turn it into one way streets or build an elevated highway over it for an express journey to Klang. That's what the Lim clan should shout about, and the KL folks will give their 100 percent for it.


  18. Anonymous8:01 pm

    we can built even higher than the 160 strey building built in Dubai, we can built 200 storey building using syed mokhtar,taib mahmud,sunway,genting,seehoychan,lion,ananda krishnan etc money,we can put all the ministries into one building including all the bank's headoffice and the stockexchange hq,bank negara inside the building,sure it must be a grand idea,wee need not afraid that there will be low occupancy rate like the one in Dubai

    Akbar Nong Chick(desa sri hartamas)

  19. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Akbar Nong Chick,

    Yes, that is a brilliant idea, we can build tower higher than the Burq Khalifa in Dubai. To ensure 100% occupancy rate, we squeeze all those fuckers from Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, PetalingJaya, PNB, GLC, Bank Negara, Security Commission, Bursa Malaysia, MIDA, MITI, Khazanah, etc to in that Warisan Merdeka Tower. Very simple indeed sir.

    But now there will be a problem. er..sir... who will occupy their existing buildings? Can we expect the existing Bank Negara building to be converted into 6-star rumah urut, or Bursa Msia building into some gay heaven?

    p/s Now i really need the minyak cap kapak. Shit!

  20. It's PNB's money. NOT Government money. Most of PNB's people funds is ASB, right? ASN is very small, correct? I don't have any facts to back me up here.

    So people who do not agree to PNB doing this, should take their money from ASB or ASN or anything they have in PNB.

    I'm taking out my RM200 simply because with two stadiums and one 100-storey building in the middle, it looks like a giant dick.

    I'm protesting aesthetically. But my RM200, or be it RM200,000 is insignificant.

  21. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Why take coffee! Special Bru or whiskey on the rock will clear off your headache and you can give a better answer rather than berbelit belit. lu.

  22. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Agaknya kalau saya business goreng keropok lekor, nak sewa ruang kat situ nanti ada chance tak?

    Will I be given the opportunity, sebagai rakyat biasa dan juga pemegang Saham PNB? Mudah2an OK?

    Kat Petronas Twin Tower jenuh jugak, satu keping kalo charge RM3 pun tak balik modal!



  23. Salam Bro.,
    Hope your headache would be history by now inshaAllah. Now this question about MEGA projects... as long as the mega projects have mega benefits, that's fine with most of us I think... N-S highway, KLIA, KLCC... all have mega benefits to a lot of people... but PNB's 100-storey building? Who's going to benefit? Maybe the Chairman & board of director of PNB la... who else? We should learn from Dubai's property bubble... > 80% of Burj Khalifa's 800+ super-expensive apts. are hardly tenanted/occupied... it'll take another 5 years for the dust to settle... KL is experiencing a mild commercial property glut too... so why 100 story building and not, say, "invest" that amount to bring in Harvard, MIT and Oxbridge to KL/Msia? Iskandar habuk pun tarak... 3rd class university je pegi sana?

  24. Anonymous 8.00pm...If opposition is a bunch of empty vessels dog barking...then PAS muslims are dogs barking too?
    Be a die hard supporter of UMNO B...if you must...but think before you write and make sure you know all facts and not be a racist puppet.
    More than half of Malaysian populations support oppositions.
    If we are dogs...then what is you?

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. I see few keep saying how great Mahathir was with his mega projects and seem to say we are moving forward because of those multi billion projects.
    First and foremost ..vast majority Malaysians and the whole world know....who Mahathir is...except blinded half past sixes racists working for the government doing nothing.
    If Mahathir was so great with his 22 years leadership...UMNO B would not have lost 4 States plus one at the 12th GE.
    And so the loosers are blamed onto Opposition spreading lies?
    What do you take Malaysians voting against UMNO B for...the half past sixes and idiots?
    Look into the mirror and see who you are.

  27. Anonymous 8.00pm...If opposition is a bunch of empty vessels dog barking...then PAS muslims are dogs barking too?
    Be a die hard supporter of UMNO B...if you must...but think before you write and make sure you know all facts and not be a racist puppet.
    More than half of Malaysian populations support oppositions.
    If we are dogs...then what is you?

  28. Salam Bro,I still think that its a bad idea, but lets relocate this sure to be built PNB Tower Warisan Merdeka to Iskandar Malaysia, its far too crowded in Kuala Lumpur anyway.

    This will more than compensate for the iconic Scenic Bridge cancelled by Abdullah Badawi and soothe the hearts of many broken hearted down South.

  29. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Hi Rocky

    Three main reasons why citizens are protesting.

    1. Today the world and Malaysian economic climate are not as great as it was under Mahathir's era. There is an air of gloom. This is why people are pessimistic of grandiose projects.

    2. Also today folks are more aware of corruption and massive wastage of funds by government and cronies, unlike before.

    3. There is also overall feeling that country can be better of if it spends that amount of money on social welfare and bring up society. There are major sections of society that have been neglected and fallen behind. So there needs to be a balance.


  30. Anonymous10:32 pm


    Idris Jalla said Malaysia would go bankrupt by 2019 should the Government continued to subsidize the rakyat. Now PM Najib announced that the Government planned to spent billions of ringgit in 2011 alone. That means the Government has a lot of money to spend and how comes Malaysia can go bankrupt then.

    I think Idris Jalla owes an explanation to the rakyat on this.

  31. Anonymous10:42 pm

    How many of the people opposing the tower really do pay taxes? And how many of them will infest the tower once it's completed? Put another shopping complex there, you'll see the very people opposing the idea sitting there.

    Back in 99 Lim Kit Siang strolled down my kampung for a political campaign. I saw the "No Toll" sticker on his car. I remember my friends saying, "Pakai Mercedes tapi tak nak bayar tol."

    Some things we need, some things we don't need. Only time will tell.

  32. well said bru!

  33. Charles F Moreira11:53 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    While I agree with you that people should not oppose every mega project, especially not infrastructure and services projects which provide benefit, convenience and economic opportunity for the people, I believe this 100-storey Wawasan Merdeka tower is an extravagance we don't need during these trying economic times, and especially not on a location which is associated with sports, education and recreation.

    Admittedly, building the tower will have some collateral benefits to suppliers for a while and after it's built will provide some opportunities for shopkeepers on the mall and it will be a lepaking place for residents and workers in the surrounding vicinity who don't have a hangout like Pavilion or Suria KLCC in their vicinity.

    However, the RM5 billion could be spent on better spent building a more extensible and efficient public transit so fewer people need to drive to work.

    Some of it could be spent on building a public swimming pool on the site of Wawasan Merdeka instead or a sports complex with a swimming pool and other sports facilities inside.

  34. Wilson12:07 am


    To summarize your arguments. You are absolutely OK with this tower because it does not involve public money. The mistake here is that the PM announces it during the Budget speech.

    First of all, whether it involves public money or not is still unclear at this stage. Building such a tower would definitely requires lots of efforts (maybe years) just to plan. In order to convince us, perhaps the Gov. should disclose all documents/minutes pertaining to the initial planning/studies of this tower and most importantly who is financing this.

    The second thing is that the PM sits on the Board of Directors of PNB. I think he's the chair. How are you going to convince us that the Gov is NOT involved at all?

    Thirdly, for such a tower, there must hv been a feasibility study. I suppose PNB as a body that protects the interest of the Malays, would hv concluded that the tower would definitely benefit the Malays in general, such as affordable rental, etc. Do you think this is the case? ;)

  35. Rocky....please do the needful and delete..10.07pm of my double entry.

  36. Anonymous1:03 am

    Monsterball is a dog, thats why he cant stop barking repetitiously..

  37. Tabik springgggggggggg Boss!

  38. Anonymous2:26 am

    The diff between mahatir and najib is sith hasmah. The diff between mahatir and najib is rosmah. Mahatir brot development 2 msia, though i doubt najib will be able to. This is due 2 the difference.

  39. Anonymous3:11 am

    Well said ;)

  40. Bunnies6:43 am

    Perhaps you are right about mega towers and projects. Perhaps again, you are right about the timing of this announcement. Perhaps you are also damn right about the fact that PNB is building the 100 storey to heaven and it has nothing to do with the government and our money. BUT..

    We all, including the rest of the world know how our dearie Malaysian government works especially when it is all about their link companies. Would you dare say that our government is not going to spend a cent of taxpayers' money on this project? What if this project gets all tangled up at some stage and PNB need government bail out? We have seen such things happening over and over and over and over again!

    Finally, do we need such thing? What does a 100 storey building serves beside more office space, which by the way, we have plenty. If this 100 storey building is to be the pride of the nation just like petronas twin tower, than it is simply ridiculous! We dont need such big, sky reaching towers to say we are a nation of today's standard. WE NEED A PRUDENT AND EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT TO SAY THAT!!But than again, you were saying this is a PNB project and not the government's.

    We have been here long enough to know what is going on.. so, putar belit, belok sini, gostan sana.. it wont change the fact that the people are not stupid and will not agree to such project. So, if I am running the show at Barisan National, I WILL LISTEN!! I will listen for the sake of my own survival!

    So, rocky, run along now and go tell that not very bright PM that he better do what needs to be done as the next election is coming up.

  41. Anonymous8:04 am

    Dear Monsterball,

    Please show me where in my comments relate to racism.

    Perhaps you should use your own adage of thinking before writing before simply barking like a mad dog, instead.

    Thank you.


  42. Isnt it just so complaint...and nowadays whine and gripe on the blogs?

    What Malay Male said is right.

    If you protest the PNB tower, go withdraw your money from ASN/ASB.

    To the rest who have zilch to do with PNB, shut the fuck up.

    Did you think the Americans whined about The World Trade centre when they already had The Empire State?

    Didnt the Port Authority vacate a building to move in to the towers along with some big financial bigwigs?

    Isnt America the biggest debtor of World Bank?

    Yes, don't compare Malaysia with US, etc, and if we are to continue to be the second nation behind Singapore in this region, we must plan for the future, and not look at what is existing.

    If you wankers who whine and gripe can make that little change to do your part to improve this nation, we wouldt be wasting our time with this banter on the blogs!


  43. najib manaukau9:11 am


    I know you are out there. What have you got to say about the recent admission of the Umno leaders that they are either Indonesians or half breeds ? And what about those so called Malays who admitted that they were also immigrants of second or third generation ?
    Now you know why even your Ketunana Melayu hero Warrior 231 has not the courage to accept the numerous challenges I offered to him just a DNA test to proof that he is a true Malay.
    As I said many times before the truth always hurts and hurts a lot. If you are a true Melayu accept that you are of indonesian origin or even half breed just like all you leaders. Or even worst like shenanigan Mahathir he or his descendants cannot even claim that their ancestor came from any part of Indonesia. The shenanigan grand father came from Kerala in India and is therefore not even an Indonesian.
    May be that was why the shenanigan Mahathir proclaimed that the so called Malays or half breeds, just like the Brits who came to Australia and made it their penal colony or better still their prisons for their hard core prisoners and called Australia their own. And the Malays did almost the same to the original people of Malaya the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters. This is a fact and stop giving them all sort of Malay names just to justify all the atrocities done to them.
    Again please don't deviate from what I have to say and if you have any argument come to the point and stop deviating from what I have to say. If you have nothing to say again you all can turn to calling other names or even threatening to kill them. That is what you guys are good at !

  44. Mustapha Ong9:21 am

    Dear Bru,

    Congrats and we have to march on even if we see heaps of obstacles along the way. These are only fanatic illusions in life. They are better things that you and I should be worried about at this moment of our life long journey.

    God said: "if you mix with positive people and visionary figures, you will remain positive. However, if you mix around with the dreamers of capturing Putrajaya, then you will be negative in your thinking and approach".

    Kalam kabut tanpa halatju macam tin milo kosong tetapi bunyi kuat nya macam AZAN!

    Friday is our day to spare our precious moments to enlighten our soul and mind to our Creator, who had been the only true Witness in the path in our destination ahead of us. Let us all in our heart of hearts be sober, insyaAllah there will be better days ahead.

    Just look what is now happening around the region, including our so called serumpun orang sabelah, kesianlah mereka and I sincerely think they deserve our help more than the mercenaries in the Arabic world. You know everyone of us want to express our sympathies for the Palestianians, blah blah.

    Don't interfere too much in that divine area, which even until now God has yet to resolve theirs human problems on earth.This is insincere and seeking cheap personal glory and international publicity. Don't make God angry or THE GODS ARE ANGRY LIKE THAT MOVIE LOL!

    Let me digress a bit and see whether some of our leaders, supporters and those kakiampu fellows, whether they have sympathies but certainly NO EMPATHY IN THEIR MIND AND SOUL.

    THOSE ARE THE GREAT PRETENDERS WHO FEAR OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS RATHER THAN GOD ALMIGHTY, MASYAALLAH......Hi the bosses don't pay them their salaries, but you,rakyat,I and families contributed in millions our hard earned monies through direct and indirect taxes.

    Lol the new 100 level super tower is now a hot debate, including all kinds of protests and demos. To me, it's only the beginning of Najib's super mega projects and it's more than economic senses than cosmetic changes in the KL landscape into the future towards 2020.

    I support though I am not in the business of economies, as apart of giving Malaysia another universal glory under Najib's administration, we are
    all laymen who know that these projects will generate productions and services in the related economy sectors.More work projects translate into more monies in our people's pocket so that life will be more than comfortable.


    KESIMPULAN NYA EVERYBODY WANT TO BE MR PRIME MINISTER OR FINANCE MINISTER. (Nanti Tun Tan Siew Sin bangkit dan mengamuk baru tahu!!!)




  45. Adam Othman9:39 am

    think your arguments are full of holes and in some cases with the benefit of hindsight. Just to dispute you on one only, ie. LKS did not oppose the NS highway per se, in fact any Malaysian will be stupid to oppose it.. Its the way its being farmed out to UEM and making it tolled. If the government had built it with yes our taxpayers money then, we will not be paying toll now and no need to buy out so and so now.Thats hindsight for you!

  46. Anonymous 8.04am..go read your comment again.
    You can oppose but not call others dogs.
    Is that not clear racist talk?
    I repeat...if all oppositions against UMNO B which includes Muslims in keDAILan..are dogs..who are you?
    You are worst than a are arrogant and insult Malaysians with limited understanding of the country's situation.

  47. Anonymous10:07 am

    Dear bro To Rockybru,

    It's about the guest that had been talking to you, he is not MCMC's minister is he?. Cos he too is having a big headache like you. I have a friend who got "exotic" solution to problems_sakit kepala_potong kepala, sakit tangan_potong tangan, sakit kote_potong kote...etc etc.

    Anyway back to the issue here, its okay with me if that 100 storey building is built with corporation or government money. Bottomline, make it affordable for all 1Malaysians to do business there especially the rental rate or sale price.

    The not so have needed this kind of platform to participate in the economy atmosphere its suppose to generate.

    Why commercial attraction need always be developed within the so called golden triangle only?. We need to break the monopoly so the masses can be heighten to higher income bracket.


  48. Who built the World Trade Centre in America...Democrats or Republican? US have two clear parties taking over the government.
    It shows how smart Americans are with their precious votes.
    And now...they voted away racists sentiments.
    If you been to the Sear Tower/Twin I will find almost 100% space rented out...and the Empire State Building is very old...more a tourist landmark...the famous steel tower in Paris.
    How much have Petronas tower space rented out?
    Me...a dog barking?
    OK la..dogs can see...smell or hear a rat coming.
    Dogs are helping Malaysia to smell drug traffickers and guard household owners...with non stop loyalties.
    Dogs are men's best friend.
    Dogs are even best friend to some Muslim here and openly in other countries. Here we have o many taboos...just to play dirty politics by UMNO B. 5 generations minds are poisoned. Sad to those half past sixes and fanatics.

  49. American is light years ahead of Malaysia.
    Do not compare tiny Malaysia with what American government is doing.
    First and foremost Americans voters are fiercely independent.
    American politicians are just as bad and cunning.the the government of the day is evil and greedy for creating wars .killing millions for oil.
    American government was all evil...but they changed for the better right now....and all due to American voters.
    One need to have a balanced mind..enough practical knowledge and know how to talk about American. Reading books...not enough.
    American government is now struggling to be pally with China...whom once they call them bastards and devils.
    Now we know who the real devil is.
    George Bush is trully evil..and can bluff a bird to believe in him.
    See how fast Americans learn the truths and change?
    Here..we have quite alot UMNO B members who think like racists and hero worship the devils..with no guilty conscience and responsibilities to others whatsoever ..except their families.
    They know they belong to the majority race and have the power to decide the future of all Malaysians.
    What they do not know..that power and one feeling great of his own race is gone..because that one great race..have mostly changed for the be open minded and accept all as equal and as Malaysians.
    You can say Lee Kuan Yew was 45 years ahead of time..with his Malaysian Malaysia concept...but he was right with that formula for greatness..through total unity.
    Unfortunately...after 45 years...UMNO B still want to make sure Muslims depend on handouts and help...thus depending solely on UMNO B crooks.
    No need to go into pages of details..on the race and religion dirty politics ..Mahathir performed for 22 years..which Najib must continue to massive corruptions creep in...and all took money and Mahathir declared hero for his devilish party..a party that steal from Malaysians...with no guilty conscience.
    Are those supporting UMNO B so blind?
    No Sir...they are afraid of changes because UMNOI B make sure they do not have backbones to earn a decent living.
    Americans have backbones....behave like developed humans...and so developed are they...their country is more evil than Malaysia.
    That's their actions and reactions of 200 years success and failures.
    Alot of Malaysians have no backbones....must always behave like beggars and slaves to UMNO B,
    Mahathir made sure it is so....and Najib is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    He is so confused..that he declared he will defend PutraJaya with his if PutraJaya belongs to UMNO B party and not Malaysians.
    And you can see..some have the same brain and mentalities as Najib..calling others as traitors and dogs...that want change of government.
    To Najib...or UMNO B is all powerful..and not People's Power.
    I proudly accept to be known as a faithful dog...and not like a piece of wood..a puppet with no brain...just a tape recorder producing if they are talking.
    These Malaysians have lost or sold their souls to the devils.
    WOOOOF WOOOOF WOOOOF....hahahahahahaha

  50. Anonymous11:47 am

    this monsterball sure lack of loves during his childhood, poor bastard.

  51. My girlfriend left me...

    Whose fault is it? UMNO!

    I can't afford to pay my ASTRO bills every month...

    Whose fault is it? UMNO lah!

    My children are not doing well in school...

    Whose fault is it? Tak Guna Punya UMNO!

    I can't pay the monthly installments for my car loan...

    Salah siapa? MIC lah! Useless, corrupt!

    There is no moon tonight...

    Salah siapa hah? MCA lah, not doing anything for us!

    Malaysia is not moving as fast as Singapore and Hong Kong!

    You know why ah? No new initiatives la by the BN Government...

    Barisan lah! Bring BN down!

    DAP is a rebel without a sincere cause.
    PKR is a rebel without a pause.
    PAS is all about their brand of Islam and everything else have flaws...

    Pakatan Rakyat's plan for Malaysia:

    Complain And Criticise!

    It's okay if they have nothing concrete... It's okay if they have nothing to show... It's okay if they don't come up with their plan that can better the BN's plan

    Just Complain and Criticise!

    I was born...

    Whose fault is it?

    I am all for the Warisan Merdeka Tower to be built.

    However, I opine as well that it should be build outside of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, in my view, like the Menara Telekom in Pantai.

    Decentralise la. KL and its roads, is already like a heart and its arteries, choked with bad cholesterol. Facing the danger of an impending heart attack.

    The spending for its construction itself will have an enormous multiplier effect on our economy.

    The future economic spin offs from the Tower will benefit its surrounding communities tremendously.

    We will all only know for sure whether the office space can be filled up in future, after the Tower has been built.

    Build it.

    DAP / PKR / PAS hard core supporters:

    Don't use the KLIA / PLUS Highway / Penang Bridge la.

    Don't buy Proton cars la.

    Don't just complain and criticise la.

    With Best Regards

    Ayam Human

  52. i'm one of those who have no opinion on the subject of the 100-storey tower.

    i know one thing, though that when you build a structure, it's gonna be there "forever". not just in our lifetime but for the next and the next and the next generation. the project good or bad, in that context? benefits to the people? and the biggest loser?

    there are valid argument against the project but the arguments for the project are equally sound.

    so..let's hope for transparency in all this!


  53. Just to correct some misunderstandings, the funding for the tower will NOT involve money from unit holders of PNB's various funds nor is the government financially involved in any way.


    The PM sits on the board of the Bumiputera Investment Foundation, not on the BoD of PNB.

    @Tony Yew

    With respect to the World Bank, it's the other way around - the US is the biggest creditor for both the World Bank and the IMF.

  54. 1Malaysia-sia12:12 pm

    1. Will the tower be built w/o open tender, at highly inflated costs, benefiting only cronies?

    2. Has there been studies on the future demand for the retail & office space provided?

    We aren't against the North-South Highway or the Penang Bridge, but dead against the unreasonable cost at which they're built, with "gerenti untung" concessions awarded to cronies at the expense of the rakyat. 1Malaysia - rakyat dikorbankan dahulu?

  55. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Tony Yew, who the HELL told you that Malaysia is the SECOND nation behind Singapore in this REGION?

    We are not. For a Chinaman you are pritty STUPID, so DONT tell us, Malays what to do with our money in PNB.

    Cina tolong jangan campor, kamee take mao taikor, mahupun Taikun!!! Paham paham lah, koa CINA.

    !!! Benci BABI!!!!

  56. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Yes, the NS Highway was given on a plate by Mamakthir to Daim and Halim, and look what happened ? There was a ridership guarantee that went on forever, and every year, the tolls went up, even though the highway was built so long ago, and the debt would have been repaid by now.

    Renong and UEM had to be nationalised, so LKS was right to object to the project being given to UEM without a proper tender.

    Will the 100 storey tower be the subject of a transparent tender ? I don't think so lah. Another scheme to defraud the rakyat. Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional.


  57. Bro,

    When we go to home page of Malay Mail online, featured columns on right side don't give any clues as to topics of latest posts!

    I for instance only look at the first page and click only if topics interesting or relavant to my needs.

  58. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Ahh... same tape repeating itself. Why don't they think it through BEFORE making announcements.

    No matter what the explanation is, opinions are formed and decisions by voters are almost sealed ... my 21 year old son's comments below best describe the sentiments on the ground... 'for the first time, my friends who have never been interested in any news item said "that's it, I was not voting before but now I must vote, I must help change the people in the Government".' My son shook his head and made a funny face before adding '... after all this years ... unlike Indonesia who has sorted themselves out, we are still caught in this confidence complex, we still need to tell the whole world we are big, we are great.'

    Below are points for DS Najib and his Cabinet to ponder:

    1 Does it make sense to cramp in 100 storey building in that little space? How will the traffic situation be?

    2 Who will occupy the office building? Thousands of whitecolar workers streaming in from Damansara, Shah Alam, Seremban, Puchong... of course.

    And thousands of support workers and foreign labours coming from Meru, PutraJaya, Sentul, Selayang.

    3 Does KL has the emergency response capacity to support another huge capacity tall tover? I am not convinced Bomba, Civil Defence and Police can manage a national disaster in the city if there are more than the existic office towers and condominiums.

    4 Look at Mont Kiara -- it is crowded, it is ugly --- and it is a potential TRAP!

    5 Why not the government look at ways to build the same number of floor space -- but not to fill with office workers, rather to be modern city housing for loweer to middle income workers. That way the city will be more balanced and alive.

    City Hall should challenge private developers to build moden citi homes along the LRT routes with complete public facilities so that young graduates and lower income groups can rent or buy homes within the city. These are people who can live and work in the city, keep the inner city alive.

    6 The 5Bil ringgit that PNB wants to invest in the economy? Distribute RM3bil to unitholders, the same way Tun M did 20 years ago. The money in the people's hands will definitely spur the economy!

    7 Balance 2Bil (still pretty big!)? -- PNB can use to build lower storey affordable citihomes in Warisan and other locations eithin the city. Open to Amanah Wawasan unitholders?

    The Penjara land? Build a World Class People's park so KLites have another place to Chill Out! And still fullfill the need to be World!!

  59. Skilgannon10663:43 pm

    Well, Pak Rocky - wouldn't you say that the RM5 billion or whatever would be better spent on, say

    - increasing the salaries of teachers and police personnel and recruiting better qualified people to fill their ranks?
    - hiring the best academicians and administrators to run and staff our public universities?
    - increasing the funds spent on R&D activities that could benefit the country moving up the value-added chain?
    - improving KL's public transport infrastructure?

    You seem to labour under the "build it and they will come" syndrome.

    Why would MNCs and the big foreign banks, hedge funds and financial institutions, for example, want to relocate their regional HQs from Singapore or Hong Kong and site themselves in KL, be it in Warisan Merdeka or the proposed KL International Financial District? When Hong Kong's and Singapore's corporate tax rates are 15 per cent and 17 per cent respectively?

    I suggest that you check out the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Asia Square projects in Singapore and take a look at their committed tenants list. That will give you a reality check!

    There is a phrase for this - "delusions of grandeur"!

  60. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Oh oh monsterball 10.07am seems to be glorifying his pettiness by making senseless accusations.

    Wonder what he will say if he was given a piece of the cake.

    My friend, sulking like a boy who's lost his toy is no way to propel a nation ahead. Betcha a dime, you will also call this reply a racist remark.


  61. Anonymous5:15 pm

    for anon 1:24pm cina jangan masuk campur tapi british,amerika ,yahudi semua boleh masuk campurkan????for a malay,u must be very stupid proud like the late datuk zakaria trying to built palace using his filthy money on kampung land ,heheheheh try using a white architect to design ur building like petronas twin tower,look from far it looks like two big corn,lokka at burj khalifa the arabs arent that stupid and they friend with chinese koreans contractors too ,where got say like u malay bastard so rude asking cina jangan masuk camapur like ini semua bapak lu sorang punya kah???? maybe ur lubang kubur then u dont masuk campur

    cina tak takut melayu barua

  62. I no lack of love. I have so much..non stop... right now ...that one anon call me poor bastard is the one that is lack of love and brain power...talking like a monkey...and monkey are crazy for nuts...and "nuts" have few interpretations that put sodomy into shame.
    Next.he will say I talk nonsense and crave attentions.
    Lecturing I am. Listen or shut up.
    WOOF!!! WOOF!!! WOOF!!!

  63. Once you prick those racists hard and exposed their weaknesses.. ..their reactions have always been the insult me.
    I come back to this blog...because I love all of you as Malaysians...and F those that are one track minded...for fear to change for the better...or a child born from two close relatives....sure gone case otak...poor fella.

  64. No Anon do not sound like a racist...but sound like one that can easily be bribed and talk and act like a faithful receipiant..thinking.. I ..monsterball..can be bribed with a piece of cake?
    How foolish you are.

  65. hi Anon 5.14pm...Is Rocky working for UMNO B?...Yes
    Is he a racist...No.
    Are you a racist?...God only knows faceless and nameless fellas.

  66. wei, nice article Dato! Explains perfectly why it is PNB's business to build the tower! Believe me, the demand is lower now because of the recession, but it will rise in the next few years, and that is when the tower is completed. We cant plan infrastructure when we need it, we plan AHEAD! if not, we will be like India!

  67. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Ask yourself:

    What has Najib done to justify his "rakyat di dahulukan" slogan ?


  68. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Bila nak siap nih?
    Tak sabar nak tunggu!

    Top most floor, buat Mesjid, so Fridays will be a place where Muslims from all walks of life can go there to pray, then lunch together, family get together and business networking..

    100 floors?

    Each floor cater for each 13states. Each state govt buy one floor, to promote their products etc there.

    Nak udang salai, jeruk terubuk tak payah ke Kucing, semua bole dapat kat Wawasan Tower.And nak pekasam, cincalok, budu, semua bole ada including Keropok lekor panas, 3 for RM1.. hehehe.

    Few floors convert with modern affordable facilities for Bumiputra students' accomodation, bilik kat PJ so small already costing RM750.00 pm..small old and dirty some more.. Then many colleges/Uni branches will occupy the building.

    Yang tak setuju tu semua dah duk ketaq lutut..kancing gigi..

    Looking forward. Go PNB..


  69. Anonymous Skilgannon1066 said...

    a lot of things, but may have missed the entire message completely.

    Please read. Please listen.

    First of all, it's not Government money. It's PNB money.

    The question could be - should PNB spend RM5 billion on the 100-storey building, or should they pay their stakeholders more money, as was suggested by one dude here.

    And there is a shorter way of saying 'delusions of grandeur'. In fact, there is a word for it. Megalomania.

  70. Anonymous1:27 am

    i was never against the other big megaprojects like penang bridge, klcc tower etc....
    klcc tower is enough to put us on the map. we don't need anymore skyscrapers.
    more highrise equal more traffic, , congestion, property overhang, etc... my opposition of this project is for practical reasons, not political reasons


  71. Anonymous1:28 am

    oh yes...for headaches, i swear by the Tiger Balm Plus. Try it Bru!


  72. Anonymous10:34 am

    Do not think 2 much lah Datuk. U shud have a mentality as a civil engineer/builder. Like this, I ask u 1 question?Do u build road first(infrastructure) or build shopping mall first or the customer wil come first when there are no roads or buildings?Long time ago, the Americans built their railway lines first across the country in a new frontier by land grabbing all the native lands. They knew without the railway lines, businesses can't thrive. Goods can't be transported thus there wil b no buildings be built and there wil be no economic activities. In the process, they killed people and people got killed and murdered. They imported hard labor from China and used Black slaves. Corruption was rampant. Now back in Malaysia, we shud not stop progress. Anything done must be well justified and ensure building cost is not inflated. When you want to do, build or sell something, you need to ask 3 questions? Pertama, apa barang yg kita nak buat atau jual ni?Kedua, Utk sape barang kia buat ni? Ketiga, mcm mana nak buat atau jual barang ni supaya berjaya? Sebenarnya, yg paling qualified & experience dlm hal pembinaan ialah JKR. Masalahnya, engineer2, surveyor atau arkitek JKR menerima banyak gangguan dari pihak lain, atasan dan yg bekerpentingan menyebabakan harga atau kos projek melambung.Satu lagi mega projek mcm ni akan membekalkan banyak peluang pekerjaan professional kpd kaum melayu & bumiputera yg baru graduate. Nak harapkan projek private bukan melayu, hampas. At same time, Najib perlu memperkasakan kaum melayu/bumi, build more schools, hospitals and universities & continue providing overseas and local scholarships to bumi/melayu as stated in the constitution. Provide employment. And stay the course with Dr M's last agenda. And work with Perkasa. UMNO agenda nak menaik taraf kaum melayu/bumi saja, tapi Perkasa mau memperkasakan kaum ini. That is deep. It is not too late for UMNO to memperkasakan or empower the Malays and bumi. UMNO, do not b arrogant, u nid all the helps. Last time, with LelahWi and his arrogance in silence, you suffered greatly.

  73. Mustapha Ong10:34 am

    Dear Bro,

    You have enticed healthy debates on the 100 storey PNB Warisan Merdeka Tower. Some of the comments were just very shallow and full of craps and contaminated with shit, etc.

    In a netshell, the righteous group of Malaysians will continue to support Najib's inspired mega projects under his reign. Why not and nothing wrong if everything is transparent and above board!... As for open or closed tenders, leave to the experts and they will justify the proceedures as explained by PM at his media conference after the successful ETP Launch recently.

    Some say, why build the icon between the two heritaged stadiums. Simple, though some of the not too sensitive buildings will have to be heavily compensated and moved out to alternative sites.

    There will be hitech evaluation of the contours of the area as part of the measure to deploy better movement of traffic within the area. Hope the expert City Planner will do a good job and counter all those who are negative about the idolised project by PNB. Who knows, the hitech building of 100 storey may even have a mini monorail within the complex.

    I also understand that plans are to provide a mosque, a church, a temple (Bhuddhist n Hindu) in the complex to reflex Najib's religious theme of 1Malaysia with multifaced religions.

    MalaysiaBoleh and don't worry about PNB's vision. However, I cannot say what will be uinstalled for us at the old pudu prison site under UDA. Personally speaking, the whole pudu jail should be turned into a public park and museum, similarly in some of the areas in Shanghai within the city center.

    No more hotels and shopping malls based on profitability. Think of the poor urban rakyat as they need space for healthy living conditions. I hope Raja Nong Chik and Jazlan, UDA Chairman will think more on CSR rather than enriching all those political and corporate koons involved in another mega project. These UMNO warlords should not be another liability to sabotage Najib's leadership and administration.

    The cleanup of the federal and state divisions in UMNO should be extended to all BN component parties, if Najib is serious about his political transformation to win back the people's confidence in BN. Thus, the coming BN Convention this coming November should be a serious party consolidation affairs, rather that empty talks and promises.

  74. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Rocky, do check your Blood Pressure... hope it is in the range of 110/70, otherwise get it sorted out.

  75. Anonymous7:59 am

    How can PNB claim that they are using their money. It is not a private company. It is govt. owned hence the money belongs to the rakyat. If they have so much excess funds, pls distribute more dividends to the unit holders of their various unit trust.

    Yes we had mega projects in the past that transformed the country but this country also lacks some basic infrastructure. We cannot be a developed counttry if KL is super deve;loped but the rest of the country is not. It is now time to spread the spending in the more rural areas than bulding office blocs in the heart ok KL. In addition if we want to preserv Stadium Merdaka nd Negara as historical buldiungs (whic we should), money should be spent on maintaining these buildings as opposed to buiding a 100 storey tower in that

  76. @anon 7.59

    "How can PNB claim that they are using their money. It is not a private company. It is govt. owned hence the money belongs to the rakyat."

    They can claim it is is private money because:

    1. PNB is not government owned, and neither is its parent, Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputera.
    2. Hence, it is a private company and private money.

  77. So was that man who bought up MAS privately and he confessed Mahathir instructed him to do it.
    Now...all forgotten. No action by MACC for billions lost. No need to put out the details. All know...and forgotten?
    No many corrupted acts..we need to keep updating and not let crooks fool us.
    UMNO B is so can never know truthfully which is true private enterprise or a consortium controlled by UMNO B indirectly.
    Can you ever trust a crook who can steal and murder and have others to take the blame?

  78. Anonymous3:55 am


  79. Anonymous11:38 pm


  80. Anonymous3:35 pm

    If we followed what Lim Kit Siang said last time, they'll be no Petronas Towers, nothing to show off to tourist, no highways. We'll be stuck in the traffic jam because there was no Putrajaya. All I have to say is Najib go for it. Ignore these voices. The silent majority is behind you!