Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kalimullah & Three vs Rocky Bru, 27 Oct 2010

Venue: Jalan Duta courthouse
Date: 27/10/10

This particular date has been bugging me greatly the last couple of weeks, more so than Rais Yatim's irritating police report and losing my lap-top to the, ehem, Minister's Communication and Multimedia Commission, or MCMC.
Why? Because until earlier yesterday there was a chance that, for the first time since the four former bosses of NSTP took out the lawsuit against me in Jan 2007, I could be going to court with no counsel/lawyer to represent me. 

The thought brought sleepless nights, I wouldn't mind admitting.

Then yesterday afternoon, on my way back from Sepang, I received the sms from the lawyer: "OK, we'll cover your butt on 27/10."

Now I can sleep easier.

Maybe even dream of Santa ....


  1. AA!
    Why No Representation!
    Well! Act in person - BERTINDAK SENDIRI!


  2. glassman1:13 am

    jingle bells jingle bells...... ring your bell lol... how the bells toll

  3. You're untouchable ... so sleep well ... HE HE HE

  4. At the end of the day,I guess we all will have to account for our own action...

  5. Charles Moreira6:18 am


    Glad these lawyers came at the last minute.

    I didn't realise that this case of you versus Kalimullah, Brendan, et al has been going on this long.

    Anyway, all the best.

  6. Anonymous6:21 am


    Itu 4 Mangkuk tingkat 4 ada lagi ka ?

    Gua ingat depa sekarang jual paper lama.

  7. Anonymous8:14 am

    Alhamdulillah, semoga Allah berada di pihak yang benar.

  8. sympathiser8:35 am

    apesal dia orang nak lari?... u dah switch camp kot! hehe

  9. Anonymous9:26 am

    Datuk Rocky,
    while I sympathize with you over all these unnecessary events, but your friends like Haris, Zooro, Jeff Ooi are no longer there for you. Maybe you can ask your friend Wee if he will help u.

  10. aiyah Rocky..don't be too dramatic la.
    Last time...different from now.
    Since the day you became CEO of M.Mail...doing a fantasticjob to get it go bankrupt faster for crooks in UMNO B to apply bail by the hundreds of millions...to move stolen money round and round.
    You have done great services for UMNO B crooks.
    No sweat...lawyers are ready to give you peace in mind...commanded by Mahathir.

  11. Pantat Ang12:58 pm

    Eh, Kali still around ka? I remember he filed a suit against you 50 years ago. Suit not settled ka? In the meantime, your former buddies like Zorro and Jeff can no long walk with you because they have leg problems. But have no fear, because you will have your Umno brudders walking with you. He he ha.

  12. 786.


    Can you give a write up of what happen? Who knows any moral support that you get may help you substantially.

    Never mind that you are the ceo of malay mail. It is the intend that matters. If I was not mistaken it was rumoured that brendan pereira, kalimullah hassan were singaporean agents. It this is true then you deserve my/true malay support.

    Maybe aab is still working behind the scenes to `kill’ you.

    Orang bebas

  13. Charles F Moreira4:40 pm

    Checked out www.jeffooi.com and the last articles there is dated 12 November, 2009 - nearly one year ago.

    I wonder what the hell happened

  14. I am surprised this is still going on.

    Problem dealing with nameless institutions which don't have a conscience.

    I would have thought Ahmad Thalib's appointment as advisor would have signalled a shift in policies, and drop of all suits.

    Who is in charge at the NSTP?


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