Sunday, October 17, 2010

LMAO! Conspiracy to bring down Rais?

DAFTEST THEORY. The Penerangan people have been sending overtures through blogger Bujai. The problem is, there is a police report against me and the Investigation by the MCMC is underway, so if I were to meet any emissary from the Minister or the ministry, I may be jeopardizing the process.

But now they are telling Bujai that I am part of a conspiracy to bring Rais down. Read his latest posting here.


There is no need for a conspiracy. Rais Yatim is doing fine without my help. Some of his advisers seem very keen to dig a hole to bury their boss. I don't have anything to do with that, and I don't wish to be part of it.

One only need to go to the archives of this blog to know that I was not interested in Rais Yatim's welfare, if he remained in the Cabinet or if he aspired to become the Prime Minister. I hardly blogged about him or his Ministry. He was, basically, off my radar.

He was also off the radars of the bloggers I'm close to. (But now) Some of these bloggers are arranging for a meeting in KL this week to discuss the minister's police report against bloggers and the ministry's blatant use of the MCMC to intimidate us. It's not a conspiracy, I can assure you. Bloggers don't hide behind conspiracies. What you read is what you get.

P.S. was reading Zorro's latest posting here and realise that our blogging brothers on the side of Pakatan Rakyat are actually more prepared against threats against bloggers. Compare RPK's bailout fund with the desperate case of Hassan Skodeng, who had to rely on my own limited finances to bail him out! In the case of legal suits, RPK's army of bloggers can rely on a long list of lawyers who'd come to their aid pro bono. Who can Syed Akbar Ali, A Voice, Tony Yew and Parpukari depend on? If they charge Big Dog in court for his posting on Rais Yatim, i wont be able to raise bail. I have my court case against Kalimullah-Brenden-Hishamudin-Syed Faisal at the end of the month to worry about.


  1. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Mr.Rocky " Compare RPK's bailout fund with the desperate case of Hassan Skodeng, who had to rely on my own limited finances to bail him out! In the case of legal suits, RPK's army of bloggers can rely on a long list of lawyers who'd come to their aid pro bono. "

    What a stupid question. Those bloggers has the support of the general public, who believe in the rule of law. Those bloggers stood for justice,rule of law, against abuse of power, corruption etc.Thats why they COMMAND RESPECT and their readers are generous for a just CAUSE period.


  2. Anonymous5:13 pm

    People who are oppressed are usually more prepared to help each other. Not so for people who sided with the oppressors esp. who at one time pretended to be on the victim side only to bite them back when his objective was achieved. We reap what we sow...

  3. 1. I won't believe for a second that you are involved in bringing down Rais, politics is a really crazy business to be in.

    2. Somebody's got bigger ambition than it was thought previously agaknya Bro. Seeing the not so convincing UMNO vice president namely Zahid or Hisham in action as VP and Cabinet Ministers maybe somebody think he got a shot for VP next round of UMNO elections so the need to keep up the "good" momentum.

    3. Kalau kita ikhlas dan tidak berniat untuk buat jahat terhadap orang lain, macam mana susah pun kita, mesti ada orang yang akan tolong, InsyaALLAH.

  4. Anonymous6:06 pm

    wow, the plot thickens; not only is it sad to hear of cabinet ministers clamping down on pro-gov bloggers n papers, it's even more intriguing that the MSM n blogs are used to accomplish their enemies' agenda.

  5. Dear Simple,

    You must also understand, a lot of rpk's troubles took place
    When Tun Dol was PM and we were united by the common goal of bringing him down. And so, quite a bit of the efforts to get the RPK fund moving was the effort of bolggers who later drifted apart from rpk and friends.

    Just to cite a simple example, both rpk and syed akbar ali were charged for sedition on the same day, one at the pj court and the other in kl.

    Rpk aside, bloggers who are so-called pro-BN seemed more exposed to actions by the authorities. And less protected, too.

  6. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Ape yg dituhlis ole blogger Bujai, amat memeranjatkan. Beliau mengaitkan PM Najib, sebgi ketua konspirasi menjatuhkan Rais Yatim. Bujai jugak menulih jabatan AG digunakan mencari bukti menjatohkan Rais. Besar sgtkah, Rais ni, sehingga PM Najib, terpakas menggunakan kuasa AG tumpaskan Rais? Siape yg untung pabila konspirasi gulingkan Rais timbol? KJ? Blogger BUJAI? NAJIB? ROCKY? atau RAIS? PM kite dah diaibkan sbgi manusia yg gemar tikam dari belakang dan Rocky -kerisnya. Siape yg untung dgn jalan cerita ni? NAJIB dan ROCKY atau BUJAI dan RAIS ? ? ? D j Remy

  7. Anonymous7:41 pm

    OMG rocky, I think you got too personal on this matter. You don't worry cause it will be over soon as you and rais are from BN party. Unless you are a true reporter which produce none bias report!


  8. Don't worry Rocky, unlike any other blogger, you have me as a friend!

  9. Rais may have been off your radar, but I've been complaining about him in my blog for some time now. The current kerfuffle just shows once again that I was right to question his competence.

  10. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Simple is too simple minded. No worries.

    But this also shows that most lawyers are anti gov since they support those that are against gov, even rpm. Any sane person reading rpk's site wd know that he is a schizo or a senile man. Even crazy. His story is so far fetch that ppl are reading it for the thrill.

    Coming to lawyers, why are all this lawyers that is quick to defend anybody against the gov are mostly from particular race? Why do Malay lawyers have no balls to do the same? Why every non-Malay lawyers that I met who talked about the lawyer friends would include that the Malay lawyers are not clever but sent by gov. And the non-Malay lawyers hv to assist them to get thru the exams. It really shows the contempt of these lawyers against the Malay lawyers, from univ days till now.

    Will the Malay lawyers stand up and show your balls? You don't have to side the gov but pick a side dammit...


  11. If they charge you some of us will be there to finance your bail. Don't worry, I think they are bluffing given you were merely reporting what was posted originally elsewhere.

    If I recall, RPK/Zorro bailed out Syed.

    "Pete also wrote:

    . (RM5,000 was also used to pay the bail for one Umno Blogger who is very close to Rocky and Big Dog).

    Of course I remembered RM5000 was to pay bail for Syed Akbar Ali who autographed his Malaysia and the Club of Doom. The Collapse Of The Islamic Countries, on 20.11.07 when we had Mee Rebus in Maria’s home. Botak Hamid charged him over the said book."


    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  12. Anonymous10:41 pm

    @ Simple or is it a Deluded Simpleton?

    Just for the record...

    I contributed to RPK's funds, something I would not have done if I had know then what type of person he is.

    I was also very enthusiastic about lawyer Haris Ibrahim's "People's Parliament" Drive and supported every PP's early initiative towards achieving a viable alternative to a BN government, until the drive was hijacked by the likes of Anwar Ibrahim and his mindless cohorts.

    I was a paid subscriber of Malaysiakini, believing it to be a non-partisan e-paper. That assumption too was proven wrong, so I terminated my subscription.

    I'm sure there are many others in the general public who, like me, actually lost our respect for both RPK and those PR-purported bloggers and media.


    P.S. I also contributed to the collection for Rocky when he was sued by NST. For the record, he never cashed it. So Simple, TAKE THAT INTO YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!

    Simply Scornful of Bloody Simpletons!

  13. Anonymous12:51 am

    Rocky, what this stupid rais fella did is the last straw for me. With most of the good pro-BN bloggers demoralized, the cyberspace battle is already lost. How can Najib be so stupid as to choose that moronic monkey as his no 1 person in charge of media. Pray tell me what had ppl like rais and the others put in charge of the media by Najib had done the past two years except strutting around like a peacock? They r even losing the fight in the MSM which was all these while been labeled as BN dogs. Have u read Star lately? It is blatantly pro-opposition now. NST is not exactly outdone. Just read the political commentaries carefully n u will realise some of the writers r actually subtly promoting pakatan. Even the way stories r written n edited indicate the same thing. Just check out who sits at the newsdesk and u will know why. Now, even as the next general election draws near, these so called media bosses seems to care only about their self interest. Utusan n BH, the two serious malay papers r dying as their readers switch to the semi-porno trash masquerading as a newspaper that is Harian Metro. What have ppl like rais done? Don't they have any shame? If Najib don't wake up n do something, I think the future is indeed very bleak. Big Cat

  14. Anonymous3:38 am

    Ngapa Bujai, sanggop ngatakan mungkin Najib cuba gulingkan Rais. Ape Najib, manusia yg begitu keji, hingga sangop buat gitu, sedangkan beliau adelah bos Rais dan bole memecat Rais bila2 mase je. Bujai memang rapat dgn KJ. KJ dan Rais, dua2 dari N9.

  15. Anonymous4:02 am

    I was about to send you a cheque to cover your legal bills but had a change of mind when I saw that barking mad bird Pasquale is your friend.

  16. Anonymous4:07 am

    To Anon 10.41 p.m.

    Pot kettle black? Who the hell anointed you to speak on our behalf? I supported RPK and I have no issue. Never lost respect for the guy.

  17. Anonymous6:09 am

    Bujai has sold out Rocky. Bujai claims he is not an ordinary blogger. Bujai memang suka jual nama. Rockylah, Bigdoglah, Dato Tigerlah, ahli parlimenlah. Mungkin ada yg x tau. Bisnes Bujai betambah maju semenjak menjadi blogger. Bankpun meminjam berjuta juta ringgit. Tu lah, muka Bujai yg sebenar, kalu ada yg nak ambek tau.

  18. Anonymous9:43 am

    Hi Simple Scornful,
    What took you so long to realise your mistake on RPK, Malaysiakini, and oppostion parties?
    Were they actually wrong on their side?Is TRUTH
    wrong?Truth is like Night and Day.We respect your views if you were taken for a ride by them but have you noticed that the wrongs on the Government is not right?
    Have you noticed that turncoats are'nt welcome in blogsphere let let alone those frogs in Parliament.Do you want to know why?

  19. Jacqueline Foong10:23 am

    hello MR Ahirudin,

    My name is Jacqueline and i am from UCSI University. Our latest school assignment is to interview a Malaysian blogger and my lecturer listed your blog as 1 of them. Me and my group members pick you for our assignment. Do you mind letting us interview you? Your consideration is very much appreciated.You can contact me at

    Thank you.

  20. Anonymous10:56 am

    NOW you are getting it, bro. Why some bloggers get big support funds. And you don't. See the Light or get your kick in the ass.

  21. Anonymous11:02 am

    Rocky not paid not paid by anyone? Where have you been all these while?

  22. Anonymous11:23 am

    Rais Yatim had been shooting his toes all these time. Hmm. Wonder if he has any toe left. Maybe he has to shoot his bola next time.

  23. Anonymous11:44 am

    datuk rocky, hang memang rock! apa pun jadi saya seronok membaca.... terima kasih, mudah-mudahan semua selamat dunia akhirat..

  24. Anonymous12:17 pm

    memang mamat 'lemau' pun ... istilah 'penerangan' pun dah tak sesuai untuk zaman media interaktif.

  25. Bismillahirahmanirahim.

    Bro rocky,

    The thrust of the keris had already started. This will be a pencak in slow motion. We will not know how it will end.

    The intent was to muffle freedom of expressing opinion, to make a showcase out of you. To let others fear and cower in submission.

    If you fail, others will also fail.

    Let it be known that you are not alone.


  26. Monkey catcher3:55 pm

    Rocky: Never ever trust Negeri Sembilan anthropoids. Remember, the monkey who threw the baby from the rooftop was from Negeri Sembilan. There's another ambitious Kera Jantan who's been running helter-skelter in UMNO. Maybe there's more than one now in UMNO, Rocky. So be careful, be very very careful!

  27. Yo Datuk Bru,

    Who's the dumbest guy who took the trouble in bringing down Santa Rais? What..PM? Don't you know that he's so safe becoz of wife to wife policy. The only Santa Rais 's problem is his own attitudes. Old school, headmaster's type, making inconsistent decisions, over react, easy to believe in rumours, trust more on wrong advises especially from his only press sect with SPM qualification but being paid with higher grade salary. Santa Rais also not in the good book of all his top brass in the ministry just becoz he is a real perfectionist and hard for everybody to interpret what he wants. How could this happened to someone who is so obsess in language and yet incomprehensible. It seems that now everbody wants to execute euthanasia on him..he..he..he..NO MERCY!!.

  28. Sdr Rockybru,
    I second DPP aka ES Shankar's views, viz:

    "If they charge you some of us will be there to finance your bail..." etc, that follows.

    However, I hope yet-2B=registered AllBlogs members and wellwishers will stand together in solidarity with all bloggers' victimised by the powers-that=be, across political affiliations. Cheers, YL, Desi

  29. Yeah Rocky. It ain't different from those days. Everybody shares when a fellow blogger gets whacked.

    Don't agree with u many times, but if they come after you for criticising big govt, then why should we not help? At some point, distrust, inclinations and political divide aside, we all could agree on.

    Rais is overreacting...that's true. I'd like him to see his face though, if there are indeed some improprieties as rumoured.

    Good luck with your fight.

  30. Bro,

    The same folks who supplied the rifle for the Kennedy assasination in 1963 are behind this.

    Someone should have Rais X rayed. Because he may have been abducted by aliens who may have put him into an "altered state" (maybe they brainwashed him to become a secret member of the "zip kat belakang seluar" party !)

    Bro, dont take my jokes lightly. Rais has already confessed openly to being an arsonist - he said that he has burnt some bridges bro. I am sure you remember that confession by Rais.

    I am just wondering which bridge he burnt cos bridges are usually made of steel, not wood or paper.

    Here is a joke bro : what happens if you put an arsonist inside a wooden Cabinet ? Answer : the Government can burn down.

  31. Anonymous7:32 pm

    >>>>>>>>>Anonymous said...
    People who are oppressed are usually more prepared to help each other. Not so for people who sided with the oppressors esp. who at one time pretended to be on the victim side only to bite them back when his objective was achieved. We reap what we sow...>>>>>>>>>>>

    Ya, I was one of those Rocky's supporters who let down when he showed his true colors.

    Now I hardly visit his blog. He was part of mainstream and now knows first hand what it is like to be if you fall foul of the powers that be.

  32. Political bloggers cannot be trusted.
    They are like prostitutes.
    Sheih of kickdefella is swinging like Tarzan to be noticed.
    Right now...pally with Big Dog...biggest liar whom he despised previously. Now pally.
    Yes Siree.....political bloggers are strange creatures of the night.

  33. Whatever it maybe..I do respect Rocky for having a blog that approve all comments.
    His sense of freedom of speeches and rights are much to be admired.
    Kickdefella...Susan and even Lim Kit Siang moderate and delete comments...based on their so call rights..whims and fancies.
    To me...once you set up a should respect and approve all comments...unless it is harming Malaysia or Malaysians by ways of government warnings...which we know what kind of government we are having.

  34. glassman11:22 pm

    was reading thru the comments,, from some who stop visiting your blog? hahaha and they can still comment without visiting? hahahaahaa!!!..
    My take on all this is, bloggers are human, people, and where they are, the will be no peace, there will be sides to stand on... and of coures politics. Hey ! you guys never heard of office politics? even at home, politics between mom and dad, and the kids, thats another story. so ,, people, If you can't whack them, join them or just growl under your breath, and if possible come and comment here.. duhhhhhhhhh

  35. Anonymous5:41 am


    Yes. I agree and commend Rocky for that. He is also a nice guy, to boot.

    But at the end of the day still part of the Umno establishement. Here lies the problem.

  36. Commentators may come and go....but their brains are very steady.
    They do not swing like a yoyo.
    Take nstman as an example....steady as mountain..and we must not forget Pasquale...who is a steadily carrying mamaks balls for the love of one....he can never have. Just dream and shake it of nightly.
    Yes...commentators stick to their ideals and firm decisions and right matter how much double talks..twisting and turnings...UMNO B balls carriers futures are limited to become Anwar balls carriers after 13th GE.
    Yes..political bloggers and workers for political parties...are the swingers and must play politics in companies or in parties for their selfish benefits to survive...because they fear simple and straight forward managements for fast progresses which they cannot keep up with and loose to others who are hungry for success in the right ways.
    One above is trying to be too smart to company's politics.
    He cannot be a boss of his own business.Such is a man destined to work for others and hope balls carrying methods will bring him success in his working life.
    Such will be men with short working life.