Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where will the Umno wolves, tail between their legs, run to now?

Updated, Sunday 8.30pm

Perkasaphobia, the latest posting by Demi Negara, is tailored for anti-Malays, anti-unity and anti-Article 153. But even if you aren't any of the above, read it to be reminded that Perkasa's raison d'ĂȘtre was simply to uphold constitutional provisions impinging on the rights and special position of the Malays and other Bumiputras.

Original Article:-

UMNO elak konflik dengan NGO

KUALA LUMPUR 17 Sept. - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, UMNO akan sentiasa mengelak daripada mewujudkan sebarang konflik dengan mana-mana pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO).
Perdana Menteri berkata, UMNO akan sentiasa mengambil pendirian itu termasuk dengan Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) walaupun ada NGO tertentu yang mengemukakan pandangan tidak dipersetujui oleh parti itu.
"Kita tidak mahu ada konflik dengan mana-mana NGO dan bagi UMNO, Perkasa seperti NGO lain.
"Kita mempunyai banyak NGO dan kadang-kala kita bersetuju dan ada masa kita tidak bersetuju. Lebih mustahak UMNO merupakan sebahagian daripada kerajaan dan apa yang diperkatakan oleh parti ini adalah lebih penting," katanya. - Utusan Malaysia, 17/9/2010 (Klik sini utk berita penuh)

The Umno president has said it again [he's said it here in April - Perkasa bukan pelampau ekstrim, as reported by Malaysiakini, and also here that Perkasa and Dr Mahathir are not against Umno, in an interview with CNBC Asia.

I was reading about WOLVES IN UMNO over at a promising new blog the other day, just before Najib made his statement. Looks like the ball is in the wolves" court now. Will they dare speak up against the BOSS or admit that they made a mistake and scoot off to a dark, quiet corner with tails between their legs?

After Najib's interview with CNBC, I said my piece in The Irrational Fear of Perkasa. Lawyer Art Harun, who is opposed to Perkasa, has attempted to respond to this with DO WE FEAR PERKASA?
"To many, Perkasa is not feared. Let alone irrationally feared.
What is feared is what Perkasa and its ilk represent.
And I don't think there is any need for me to spell out what they represent."
But if, after having read Art Harun's well-written article, you are still wondering what it is that Perkasa and its ilk represent that is feared, I think the answer lies in these paragraphs:
"And of course we have Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is dead against the Prime Minister's well intent moves. And Perkasa - like Dr Mahathir - is also dead against it. in fact, personally, it is my perception that Perkasa is just echoing Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
"No, not echoing. But parroting him. Yes, that's more apt."
The fear of an 85-year old man. At least that explains why Nazri Aziz and KJ are dead against this NGO. We know how they feel about Dr Mahathir, and why. And most Malaysians don't share their feelings.


  1. Bro, what I can see is that these two jokers will have to say goodbye to their seats for 13th GE. They are the remnant from the past, or a pain in the scrotum for Datuk Seri Najib. huhuh..

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    It's simple maths really ...

    nazri and kj are merely LOUD, what have they done for Malaysia really?

    Tun Dr M has put Malaysia on the map. People all over the world knows who he is. Do they know who Abdullah is?

    For that matter, does anyone know who art harun is. Is he a Malay Muslim with a name like "art".

    We trust Tun Dr M anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

    He is a world class STATEMAN.

  3. Anonymous5:13 pm

    wah Rocky.. tak abis-abis jadi 'promoter' perkasa !!

    kan perkasa tu madey , madey tu perkasa !!

    habis berkecai Najib punya 1Malaysia, kalau Muyhiddin naik, bolehlah 1Perkasa !!

  4. Mahathir is senile.He is not immortal.Sooner or later, most probably sooner, he has to go and meet his maker.After his forced retirement from the government, he has been spewing venoms, mostly racial venoms, and he will not stop until he is no more.Pak Lak is simple;but Najib is smart and cunning to boot.He is definitely not afraid of Apanama!Time is on his side.Time is fast running out for Mahathir.This is the main reason for the creation of the racist organization, Perkasa, to continue to put pressure on the government.Najib's main preoccupation is to prevent the viable opposition coalition to win the next General Election.If he succeeeded that will be the end of Mahathir, that is if he is still around !

  5. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Nazri, KJ and a few other 'chicken leaders' in UMNO..: It's about time for you all to go!

    UMNO is supposed to champion the rights & privileges of Malays in Malaysia... (that's almost the only reason Malays support you!) However, UMNO & Pak Lah failed badly.., and it took an Ibrahim Ali (a political outcast) and a few of his friends to start PERKASA, fighting and defending the rights & privileges of 'orang Melayu'. The number of PERKASA followers have grown tremendously.

    PERKASA mahu bantu memperkukuhkan UMNO sebagaimana NGO2 cina yang lain membantu MCA & DAP...

    Unfortunately, there are some jokers out there in UMNO who are jealous with the popularity of PERKASA..! Nazri, KJ, Tg Adnan..., you all better balik kampong...!!

  6. attila5:41 pm

    I'm bemused why some Malays seem to be so very ashamed or apologetic about Perkasa. I think it has every right to articulate and push its own agenda and Malay rights. The Chinese and Indian groups do, so why can't Perkasa? One may not agree with Perkasa's views but it has every right to say what it wants, instead of being labelled racist, extremist etc.

    My mum is Chinese, father Indian, my husband is Malay and I was a former Christian-Zionist, now a Muslim. Being Chindian, I look Malay, Eurasian whatever, and let me tell all these Nazri, Khairys etc. What sweet nothings most Chinese and Indians say to you, isn't what they privately speak among "our own people." Not all, of course. I have never heard my parents denigrate any one race (except for my ex-civil servant father who said all DAP members were "Communist buggers'").

    But by and large, what you hear in public ain't what is whispered in private. Some of my Chinese relatives
    (the Chinese-school ones) are forever bemoaning hpw unfair the Malay govt is, how corrupt the police is etc. But these are the same ones who tipu their taxes, refuse to pay traffic summons (and then bribe cops to escape and then turn around and talk of corruption.) They can barely speak Malay or English and work selling handphones or in Chinese shops.

    The Indian ones will rub their skins and say "colour, colour" when commenting on a Malay's promotion but they are the first to minutely delve into what caste, family background, or whether Tamil, Malayalee, Punjabi etc. Still remember one little girl yelling in outrage "we're not Tamils!" when an equally unenlightened Chinese boy waggled his head
    at her and said "aneyneynney."

    Have to go out now. will continue later

  7. This retired old man is still feared by people. Bravo.

    Najib should follow suit so that he can become a great leader like Tun.

  8. Well done, Najib and Perkasa.

    Yes, Perkasa is not against Chinese, Indian etc, we are just anti Liberal Malays.

    Najib must now fix the 10 top problems in this country to remain relevant.

    1. Get rid of the Liberal Malays
    2. Fix the problematic GLCs
    3. Pls continue


  9. Salam Bro.,
    To me its the likes of Art Haroon and the so-called liberal Malays who are parroting the mother of all liberal Malays, KJ&Co... these kacang lupakan kulit felt that they've achieved their socio-economic status out of sheer hard work and meritocracy... pity... how disillusioned could any Malay be?

  10. I am sure around 1933 Germany's Nazi movement was something not to be feared as well. Can't recall when exactly Joseph Goebbels and company got their act together. And of course the Nazi Youth movement would have sounded a little like UMNO Youth of old. Well, that was in 1933!! There would have been a lot of proud mothers and fathers who would have sanctioned the Nazi movement, as some of us are now being asked not to fear Perkasa. In other words you want us to embrace Perkasa. Think again la bro.

  11. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Elak conflik ? More like running away from proper reasoning....since UMNO are so full of dumbos.


  12. Salaam Datok,

    Why is everybody so paranoid of Perkasa... for God’s sake, Perkasa is only a pressure group. The only logical reason they fear Perkasa because of their insecurity… believe me, I have won many battle against these insecure people including Pak Lah during, pre, and post BERSIH days.

    Btw, I was there when Tok Him WHACKED Najib senseless during the MPM closing and soon ,we shall know whether Najib is insecure, inconsistent or incompetent.

    Let it be known, Perkasa is not anti Chinese or anti Indian but we are definitely anti Liberal Malays.

    P.S: Panjihitam is not anti Govt , just anti Incompetent Govt.

  13. Anonymous10:16 pm

    dear rocky, tinggalan TL kena di clearkan dari umno, kalau umno benar benar nak improve.

    nazri, kj, and yg lain lain tu, are mere opportunists, far from loyal to perjuangan melayu.

    perjuangan melayu sgt penting utk semua kaum, sebab melayu tunggak negara. rosak melayu, kacau bilau lah negara. ini common sense. no need to split hairs on obvious facts like this.

    orang orang bekas TL yang masih dalam UMNO, sama brand dgn zaid ibrahim, except zaid considered more honourable than them, sanggup keluar parti. yg lain ni semua bertopeng saja. duri dalam daging. semua ni proxy rich non-malays, and proxy foreigners, anyway.

    for that matter, semua tinggalan TDM pun elok di clearkan juga.

    dua dua depa ni, TL & TDM, terlalu banyak liabilities and bagages. common objectives, (self enrichment),different styles. personal & family businesses melebihi keperluan masyarakat.

    malaysia inc., semua di niaga kan, semua boleh di jual beli, a matter of price only.

    precedent ni semua set by TDM, further "bastardized" by TL. melayu memang mudah lupa.

    umno & DSN kena start fresh, clean and clear.

    Arwah TR punya template masih boleh pakai, just do it honestly, without cronyism. Buku hijau sampai sekarang nikmat nya dapat di rasai rakyat.

    TDM, TL, TLing, DSSamy, DSBrother-ABI, N.AJIS, LKS; semua plus minus lebih kurang je. Severe Cronyism, Nepotism, Family Empayarism; reflecting their true intentions and aspirations. Maha Guru nya LKY seberang sana.

    Ikhlas penting. I believe UMNO ada orang orang baik, yg ikhlas. help them come forward.

    -pak sakko-

  14. Anonymous11:17 pm


    1. Ku Nan banyak hutang budi dengan Vincent Tan. Dia akan minta jadi chairman berjaya

    2. Nazri ada 2 bini dan ramai anak nak di beri makan. Dia akan cari balik permit teksi.

    3. KJ dah tak releven dalam Umno. So dia akan lari cari omak nya

    4. Khaled Nordin ingat Pak Lah masih lagi boss dia. Masih berangan nak jadi MB johor ?

  15. Anonymous11:53 pm

    So is crystal clear the the wolves are sleeping with the wolves, Ibrahim Ali is a happy man after all.

  16. UMNO was right putting PERKASA whr they belong. UMNO is trying to modernise and politics of hatred that Ibrahim Ali and his whipping boy Armand Azha propogate is defunct. I dunno what is ur obsession with Perkasa Rocky.

  17. Anonymous1:43 am

    What Malaysians think about Tun M is open to conjecture.
    There is a new generation of young Malaysians who have moved on - no longer interested in racial poleomics and arguments over the past.
    To them Tun M represents the past. They are looking for a new generation of leaders with principals who are withing their age group and willing to speka to them at their level.
    UMNO and Perkasa are the past - and I have to say KJ is also part of that past.
    Where are the new breed of young BN leaders who can speak to the new generation of voters. Ibrahim Ali - he's an old fart who has switched more camps than a frog. He has nothing new to say - so there is nothing to fear, just indifference.
    So far, unfortunately for our democracy, the Pakatan lot have more new young faces that appeal to the youth vote and willing to debate issues that affect teh future.


  18. I find it ironic - that it is certain elements of UMNO that 'fear' Perkasa.
    The PK people are quite happy to see Perkasa work itself up - as most Perkasa members seem to be drawn from UMNO.
    The reason why the top brass now 'fear' it - is that they can't control Perkasa as Ibrahim Ali is a loose cannon and can't be tamed. as for Tun M - who has ever been able to keep him in 'line'? He will be his own man for better or for worse - so live with it.

  19. Anonymous8:50 am

    "And most Malaysians don't share their feelings."

    Based on what facts you claim that?

  20. Anonymous8:54 am

    Entertain PERKASA, is likened to you allowing a man puffing his cigarettes next to you rubber plantation during the fall. You don't know when he is going to throw the cigarette butts on the dried leaves and started a consuming FIRE!!! Don't play-play.

  21. Anonymous9:33 am


    Tunggu masa saja and this two NA and KJ will know their fate. Tak laku macam anjing kurap tepi jalan. Mereka lah pengkhianat bangsa seperti Slumberjack.

  22. Anonymous10:07 am

    I am surprised, nay aghast, that the Artful Dodger is being widely quoted as representing the viewpoints of rational, sane Malays. The truth is this artful dodger is a "liberal extremist" (in actuality a subscriber to the chinese supremacist myth) whose ramblings are nothing more than cogitations of a fevered imagination.

    To argue that the purveyor of 'bastardisation' (yeah, he was the guy NOT Nazir, who popularised the term in local socio-political discourse) is a proponent of reasoned, rational polemics is to aver that Jean Le Pen was a rational advocate of French multiculturalism or V. Prahbakaran was was a reasonable and non-violent advocate of SL Tamil nationalism.

    Selective amnesia is the hallmark of many of the artful dodger's rants, none more so in "The Bastardisation of the Social Contract" where he disingeniously argued that Ketuanan Melayu was a phenomenon of recent vintage, arising from Dollah Ahmad's infamous 1986 Singaporean speech. Nothing could be further from the truth as Malayan history will attest. Similar superflous fluff was also in evidence during the Perak Crisis.

    The problem with "organisms" like Art is their inability to detach themselves from their virulent personal ideologies and analyse socio-political/economic issues dispassionately. The net result is a proliferation of harmful arse bacteria fouling the waters of public discourse with their toxic effusions. It would do this particular bacterium a world of good if it could reconfigure and reinfect its own conscience with regard to the veracity and validity of its half-baked puerile assertions.

    Although, introducing, quoting or linking other (even opposing) viewpoints remains your sole prerogative. one would suppose that the gutter garbage, masquerading as intellectual/pseudo-intellectual analysis/comments, would be denied space in your posts to maintain its credibility.

  23. Anonymous10:10 am

    Just when we thought we were about to warm-up to KJ, his despise of TunM pushed us away.

    TunM is like a Godfather to many of us Malaysians. Showing your contempt to him are driving away many votes for BN.

    Syed Abu Bakar

  24. Anonymous10:14 am

    Let us face facts! The PM has no balls!He is the one with its tail between the legs! As for Nasri and KJ why be afraid of an old man? The trouble with malays is that they feel in awe of this crappy old man like they did when the British Raj rule here.
    Nobody is afraid but your spinning does make it so.Perkasa is shit to annoy the PM.Like they say all those "has beens" in umno are stretshing their Luck in Perkasa.
    Dont you worry ! we can expect THE BRAVE ONES like Nasri to reply with Gun blazing !
    It looks like we have an Utusan clone here in you! It sucks!

  25. Anonymous10:55 am

    And the previous PM was shown the door out...

  26. Anonymous11:25 am

    That Art Harun is a parrot himself. The best part is..he's unaware that he's indeed a parrot!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  27. vinnan12:23 pm

    'We know how they feel about Dr Mahathir, and why. And most Malaysians don't share their feelings.'

    Wrong! For UMNO members, you may find a majority who supports Mahathir but I can assure you that in many areas of the country many more dislike or hate Mahathir. My question to you is what happens after Mahathir kicks out Najib? Will the Malays go through some miraculous transformation and adandon PAS, PKR and DAP for UMNO? We all know this magical transformation is just wishful thinking. However, Mahathir through Perkasa wants to con the Malays and UMNO members in particular that he has a 'Ketuanan' silver bullet for all of UMNO's ills. Therein lies the danger to all Malaysians. The Badawi people have been around for eight years and they have amassed a massive arsenal of financial resources and they will not go down quietly. Kick out Najib and a civil war WILL ensue in UMNO. Without Najib as their shield, the Badawi people will be killed off by Mahathir. However, KJ is young and wealthy and he can always cut a deal with multi-racial PKR to transform the Malay in UMNO into the Malaysian. This is Mahathir's greatest fear.

  28. Anonymous12:46 pm

    You give Najib too much credit.
    He used Ku Nan and the others to make their cooments to see what the reaction was.
    Once he saw how Tun M reacted then he came out with his statement.
    He is hedging his bets without taking a solid position.
    No way is he going to disciplie Ku Nan and Nazri Aziz as I'm sure they would never have said what they did without clearance from PMs office.
    Whatever it is all I see is that the people who are getting worked about Perkasa are UMNO themselves. No one else really gives a damn.

  29. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Yes Yg Bhg Dato',
    let's seriously and transparently engage the NGO's.

    The Chinese are actually united under Hua Zong, Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia under which all associations including ACCCIM and Dong Zong/ Suqiu reside. We can learn from them.

    Please read this 'letter to the editor' on Hua Zong below:

    Belajarlah cara Hua Zong
    (letter to the editor, excerpts)

    Di negeri Melaka sendiri ada lebih daripada 200 pertubuhan yang bernaung di bawah Dewan Perhimpunan Cina, Hua Zong. Ini amat mengagumkan kerana tiada pertubuhan dikecualikan untuk menyertainya, sama ada di kalangan parti politik, pertubuhan yang mewakili sektor ekonomi seperti Gabungan Dewan Perniagaan dan Perindustrian Cina Malaysia (ACCCIM) dan juga pejuang pendidikan Cina, Dong Jiao Zong.

    Semua aspek kepentingan orang Cina termasuk politik, ekonomi, sosial dan budaya dapat diketengahkan dan ditangani secara strategik dan saling menyokong.

    Paling mengagumkan ialah apabila penulis diperkenalkan kepada pengerusi Hua Zong, seorang wanita berumur dan lemah lembut yang juga mantan pengetua Sekolah Menengah Perempuan Cina Notre Dame, Melaka.

    Mungkinkah oleh kerana terlalu banyak perbezaan pendapat dalam Hua Zong, perlu ada pengerusi yang tidak berimej autokratik untuk menghasilkan permuafakatan terbaik?

    Ini amat berbeza dengan imej pemimpin Melayu yang berlumba-lumba menonjolkan dirinyalah yang paling bijak dan berpengaruh.

    Mengambil contoh Hua Zong bagaimanapun, mungkinkah lebih berkesan diwujudkan perhimpunan antara semua pertubuhan orang Melayu di mana falsafah politik tidak menjadi isu utama perbincangan?

    Apabila semua pemimpin Melayu menghormati satu sama lain tanpa memandang kedudukan dan bersikap inklusif, insya-Allah ia lebih berkesan menjaga kepentingan orang Melayu, umat Islam dan negara Malaysia amnya.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah

  30. Anonymous6:31 pm


    I suggest this Art fella should visit this website, read all instalments on the issue:

    and start re-learning his English. And while at it, quit his frenzied rants about there Malay rights being non-existent in the Constitution.

    That last bit (no malay rights) dovetails with his crap about 'ketuanan Melayu' being a 1980s phenom. But then again, I doubt whether some people have a functioning mind of their own other than licking Malik's arse, suckling on Haris' John and being butt.......hahahaha.

    Sometimes I aint surprised why we have the 'datuk' lawyer types around given the low quality of our law grads, their abysmal knowledge of english, their poor understanding of law let alone constituional law and of course their penchant for public display of childish histrionics while quietly fleecing their hapless clients of their hard-earned moolah. Might as well shutter the Bar before we have more Rams, Sarwars and Haruns in our midst, not to mention turbanless singhs, idiotic Ibrahim offsprings and pyromaniac legal wallahs. Allah save Malaysia!

  31. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Yang NGO Apek2 semua berjela panjang associations, tiam2 racist, monopoly puluhan tahun duk godek sama harga play play with prices, sampai semput2 kaum Bumi,

    yang ini patut wolves ni semua pi gigit!!

    Kecuali wolves dapat kemudahan "unspoken discounts APEK", atau tong tong tok ali si baba, share buka BUKIT peranginan, casino, perumahan, balak, timah, pasir bla bla..

    mungkin wolves2 macam ni ler yang tak syiok sangat dengan PERKASA.

    Apek2, boleh I jadi Ahli Persatuan commerce you tak? Kasi borang permohonan please! Ramai nak masuk ni..Hoi.. takut share itu cake ker?

    Mampuih depa tak bagi..Hah kalo pasai Perkasa, hingak tak henti!



  32. Pekerja Ofis10:10 pm


    I suggest this Art fella should visit this website, read all instalments on the issue:

    ...yada yada yada..."


    kah kah kah... ini kita memang tahu siapa...

    kah kah kah... dia selalu berkomen guna nick Waria Duak Tigak Satuk

    kah kah kah... guna Inglis bombastik, semo oreng suda tahu style dia

    kah kah kah... tapi semua hujahnya gila takda logik...

    kah kah kah... mcm omputeh cakap... a pig with lipstick is still a pig

  33. Anonymous10:14 pm

    want to support perkasa agenda, do it openly!

    why want to give the fuck what the chinapek & indian buggers think...

  34. Anonymous10:26 pm olang talak pandei cakap Melayu macam gua apasat mau komplen-komplen ha! Luluk senyap-senyap lagi baik..Poorah!

    Olang Malaysia

  35. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Anti-Malays? This is stupid!
    The only anti-Malays that I can see is people like Tun Dr M and Ibrahim Ali. Those who still support the Malays to walk with tongkat are surely anti-Malays. Only the fool can't see and understand the real fact. The Europeans, the Japanese, the Chinese have all improved through education and hard work, the Indians are fast moving up but Tun Dr M and Ibrahim Ali are sending the Malays down the pit.

  36. First and foremost, Mahathir is a leader that is so good that one he is gone, problems starts to appear

    Mahathirs's crowning achievement? Defeating the international jews and their agent Anwar Ibrahim

    And for that, inshaAllah, he will go to heaven, even if Nik Aziz wants to deny TDM his spot, for Allah SWT is greater than a billion Nik Aziz, nah, greater than an infinite Nik Aziz

    ALLAHUAKBAR! Mahathir is a real muslim, could PAS have defeated the jews? doubtful! then again, UMNO really looks poor after TDM left UMNO

  37. Years after years.. we still can't find a baseline for our multiracial nation. I'm just afraid it's going to be tensed from day-to-day. Leaders should find a way to curb all these restless fight from each NGOs. Could we really respect and look each other without hatred and bad prasangka???

  38. Najib & the 7 Wariors

    Nazri, NorYakcub, KJ, Khaled Nordin, Ku Nan, Ahmad Maslan and Tsu Koon!

  39. Run where Bro? I think back to their master the UMNO President lah, and ask the master "what do you want us to do next and please throw us a stick while you think of your next move".

  40. Anonymous3:14 am

    of course Perkasa is bigger than UMNO. Ibrahim Ali is more powerful than our PM. With so much apple polishing from Locky the f*ck , Ibrahim Ali should be appointed as PM based on Perkasa constitution.

    Malaysia boleh la.

  41. Anonymous6:43 am


  42. Anonymous6:56 am

    anon 6.31pm

    Visited the dodger's blogpage. The masthead comment says it all. Dont expect an arse affociando like him and malik to think straight, let alone talk straight even with simple words staring straight at them in the eye.

    You see, most lawyers are, by nature, queer NOT straight. Real men talk straight, act straight and deal straight. Queers dont, it is in their genes.Hence their equivocations, solipisms, twisted logic and word sophistry making rational engagement with such perverts a futile exercise. All of which jives in with their sexual preferences for arses.And we know such individuals are "closet effeminates" who dont deserve any fear much less our attention.

  43. Anonymous7:29 am

    Why PERKASA? You guys all have very short memories. Do you remember The Late Slobodan Milosovic the President Of Yugoslavia. He was the one to came out with the battle cry "Sebia for the Serbs" With that all hell broke lose. Yugoslavia, that was ruled by a Serb dominated adminstration, Serb dominated army, Serb dominated police, Serb dominate secret police, and Serb dominated Pra -Military force that was larger than all the uniformed services put together,like our RELA, turned into the Balkan equivalent of morden day killing fields expounded by our Asian Brother in Cambodia.

    If we want to survive as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi -religious nation those who make all form of extreme statements must be taken to task and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.Otherwise these little drops of water is going to make an ocean that will obliterate Malaysia as we know it today and send send us back to the days when the Euroean Colonialist foud us. Kelantan and Trengganu under Siam, Penang & PW and Melacca as Straits Settlements joing modern Singapore with may be Southern Johore. With that the UN will have the largest military Peace Keeping Force in its history on our soil.

    Why do you think that countries such as Canada have outlawed discriminations based on race and racist remarks? The wise man does at the beginning what the fool does unsuccessfully in the end.

    I hope that the wise people of Malaysia will stand up and do the right thing now and not wait for the end to show their foolishness.

  44. Anonymous8:02 am


    While it is fine if Perkasa is still being hailed by some/many??

    why not let PM Najib be fully supported in his 1Malaysia and focus more about that instead!!

    From a global perspective we should by now be past any chavunistic perceived bodies including political parties of very racial nature..even if only in perception.

    Now is the time for all true blue Malaysians to support PM's 1Malaysia concept that will eventually take Malaysia to greater heights because of Malaysia's very unique diversity of its people.
    While Nasri and KJ are not far from the truth in their views, our much more than necessary "attachment with the past", may Finally "short circuit" the greater path for Malaysia towards actual victory in wholesome development via 1Malaysia.

    Going forward and predictfully, any "less" support by the people for the 1Malaysia concept will find the nation well behind many developing nations who are actually and currently still behind us in development today.


  45. Mazlan9:59 am


    I think Perkasa needs to actually have website that actually states what it stands for - rather than what it stands against...
    Actually state what sort of policies need to be put in place for Malaysia to move forward.
    All I see is Ibrahim Ali being negative without providing some positive ideas.

  46. Anonymous1:41 pm

    kah..kah..kah ngigau macam pelesit sambil dok isap batang cina chowkit

    belajaq sekadaq buku lali
    dok kena tibai cam pungguk babi

    siang malam gigit kuku
    takut bayang2 wira tigak duak satu

    kahkahkah perangai macam pondan
    dok sorok dalam jamban.

    Hei mister madarse pondan kahkahkah ( got a chingkie cock stuck in there?). I dont have to mask my nick as some anon. Its Warrior 231, rain or shine. You can check the IP addy here if you dare or got the balls.

    What say you if I say Revert is "flesh and blood", writing styles can be similar for after all Marlowe was once thought to be Shakespeare.

    Come to think of it, those were by experts and you little piggy uncouth bastard aint got the brains or language to decipher any style save your daddy's doggistyle on ur momma's butt.

    Point is, kahkahkah,I have quit commenting here as of hari raya. I am entitled to a break as anyone else. so shove your taunts up your arse...for now action speaks louder than words and i am pissed off by scum pansie Malay boys like you whose manhood has long been chopped off and sold to the Chingkie medicine man.

    Bide your time and watch your back cos Anwar aljuburi might be lurking near.

    Warrior 231

  47. -I agree with Demi Negara's solid, spirited defense of Perkasa.

    - Najib right when he says Perkasa not extremist and Dr Mahathir not against Umno.

    -Nazir hasn't done what he was supposed to accomplish with his Ministership - to counter and render ineffective the antics of Anwar.

    -Nor have Hishammuddin and Rais reconceptualised the basis of the ISA and sedition laws to take the sting away from superficial racist attacks by Anwar and the PR.

    -Additionally media headlines now dominated by PR's racist rhetoric, with civil servants instead of BN responding to PR's campaign, and unwittingly tensions continue to build.

    -When Art Harun says Perkasa shouts and doesn't reason, he doesn't appreciate that is what precisely Perkasa is designed to do because racists don't reason and only shout. So, what logic does one expect from Perkasa? Let Art Harun be enthused with the reasoning of Najib because it won't be effective against racists, as shown by increasing tensions. Dr Mahathir used ridicules against the Opposition with great effect and Perkasa will do well to follow suit.

    -Art Harun doesn't seem to have any sense of history. What endeared Dr Mahathir to two or perhaps three generations of Malaysians was his piety, folksy wit, and performance to back it up - not lofty logic or concepts.

    - I am surprised that Art Harun who so valiantly came to the defense of Hassan Skodeng's parody doesn't appreciate the same in Dr Mahathir.

  48. Nzain6:28 pm

    Who's afraid of the big bad wolves?
    Not I, says me and my pro Perkasa Malay brothers.
    Not us...puhleez!, says Perkasa and some Umno members.
    Certainly not ME, says Tun M while seriously ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

    Now, who's afraid of Perkasa and Tun M?
    Yes. Them wolves.
    All bad but not necessarily big. Nor wise

  49. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Siapa boleh download borang permohonan Hua Zong, Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia, ACCCIM and Dong Zong/ Suqiu kat sini.

    Can read, write in Mandarin and speak many Chinese dialects one o. Only problem here is I am a pure Malay, can accept wan or not?.

    Hindraf, aku taknak, satni hilang jadi ABU.


  50. salam tok..

    dah nampak beberpa golongan dah kena bahang Perkasa.

    Dulu bila ada yg pertikaikan hak melayu...mereka seronok sakan sebab umno (pas lagilah) susah nak balas.

    Sekarang dah ada Perkasa..barulah adil...sanggah menyanggah dalam kebebsan yg sama. tak gitu tok?