Monday, September 20, 2010

A newspaper with balls/Awang Selamat's last article?

Updated belatedly on 21/9, 8 pm.
Nazri writes "open letter" to Utusan Malaysia's Awang Selamat in the Malaysian Insider, which I have retitled Nazri: I, Me, Mine. It's all about Nazri by Nazri. My favourite is the part where he claims credit for Pakatan Rakyat's loss of 5 MPs:

"Awang will never understand this because he is not an elected MP, put in the House by the voice of the people. Anyway did Awang ever think of how five PKR MPs could cross and be independents, if not for the civility shown by me to them as parliamentary affairs minister?"

Loose talk among bloggers is that the Minister in the PM's Department has acquired some shares in the pro-Opposition Insider but one thing I know for sure is this won't be the last Utusan Malaysia-Malaysian Insider encounter. There's bad blood there ...

Original Article, Mon 20/9/2010

"A school kid knows that, Nazri". The mainstream media are supposed to kowtow to the Est, right? They are supposed to criticize only the Opposition and those who are anti-Est? Well, here's one reason why so many hate Utusan Malaysia. It's MSM as MSM gets, and it has enough editorial guts to take on the Est. They once took on Dr Mahathir and they even took on the entire Umno machinery (the outcome was bloody and did not favour Utusan, of course), so who is Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, and Niz Aziz? And if you are a newspaper who dares to take on these Big 3 on a daily basis, wtf is Nazri Aziz?

Here's the Utusan's response to Nazri in its Sunday edition yesterday. In this article, Awang Selamat asks Nazri who his boss is: Najib, Anwar or Kit Siang?

Anyone needs a translation?

Alahai Nazri...

UTUSAN pernah dikritik oleh Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Nazri Aziz sebelum ini. Awang melihatnya sebagai perkara biasa. Perbezaan pendapat bukan suatu masalah lalu Awang memilih untuk berdiam.
Namun Awang terpanggil menjawab tindakan terbaru Nazri yang lantang mempersoalkan Utusan berhubung isu Perkasa.
Seperti biasa, melalui portal berita pro-pembangkang, Malaysian Insider, Nazri sampai ke tahap menuduh Utusan mempunyai agenda untuk membawa balik Dr. Mahathir Mohamad sebagai Perdana Menteri.
‘‘Saya tidak boleh faham Utusan. Siapa ketua mereka - Najib atau Dr. Mahathir?,’’ kata beliau dalam laporan bertajuk Nazri persoal agenda Utusan perlekeh dasar Najib.
Awang hanya senyum sambil geleng kepala. Tafsiran Nazri begitu liar dan hairan mengapa seorang menteri boleh berfikir sebegitu.
Untuk pengetahuan Nazri, ingin ditegaskan bahawa Awang dan Utusan adalah penyokong Perdana Menteri. Jika hilang jawatan di Utusan sekalipun, Awang tetap akan menyokong Najib. Tiada keraguan.
Maka tidak timbul sama sekali kononnya ada agenda untuk menjadikan Dr. Mahathir sebagai Perdana Menteri. Budak sekolah pun tahu hakikat itu.
Awang boleh faham mengapa Nazri melemparkan tuduhan itu kerana beliau sememangnya anti -Dr. Mahathir. Itulah yang menjadikan beliau tidak objektif. Awang bukan seperti Nazri yang sanggup biadap dengan negarawan yang banyak berjasa. Sebab itu, Awang tidak hairan mengapa akhbar Cina ghairah memperlekehkan Dr. Mahathir. Ini kerana ada pemimpin Melayu sendiri yang membuka laluan.
Kalau suatu hari nanti, Nazri bersara, insya Allah, Awang akan menghormati beliau sebagai seorang veteran dan tokoh berjasa, walaupun jasanya tidak sebesar negarawan-negarawan kita.
Nazri juga menghentam Presiden Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali seolah-olah Ibrahim musuh UMNO. Nazri lupa, ketika UMNO diserang bertubi-tubi terutama selepas PRU12 dan pemimpin UMNO difitnah habis-habisan, siapakah pemimpin NGO yang lantang mempertahankan UMNO jika bukan Ibrahim.
Beliau berada di banyak pelosok tanah air berceramah melawan kerakusan pembangkang bagi membela UMNO dan BN. Awang tidak ingat apa yang Nazri lakukan? Apakah beliau seberani Ibrahim dalam menghadapi pembangkang?
Dengar cerita daripada beberapa pemimpin UMNO, Nazri sudah banyak berlembut dengan pembangkang yang motifnya, mungkin beliau tidak mahu dijadikan sasaran kritikan atau mahu ambil jalan selamat. Menurut cerita lagi, kerana strateginya itu, kini Nazri disenangi oleh ramai pemimpin pembangkang. Kalau benar andaian itu, Awang juga boleh bertanya siapa sebenarnya ketua Nazri. Najib atau Anwar Ibrahim atau mungkin Kit Siang?
Mengenai Perkasa, Nazri harus menerima hakikat Perkasa hanyalah sebuah NGO. Orang Melayu tahu membezakan antara parti politik dan NGO.
Awang sesungguhnya tidak berminat berhujah panjang dengan Nazri. Beliau berjawatan menteri, lagi pandai dan bijaksana. Biarlah orang ramai dan pembaca yang menilai. Awang takut menjadi orang yang riak. Jika Awang dilihat silap perhitungan dan terlanjur kata, Awang sedia menerima apa sahaja hukuman. Tiada penyesalan.


  1. Anonymous12:37 pm


  2. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Alamak, Rocky, you and your spin again....who doesn't know about the ultimate ownership of Utusan ? The editors are there courtesy of the UMNO president. You should know better.

    Taking on the establishment ? What a joke. Awang Selamat is proxy for some hardliners in UMNO and there is nothing that your boss Najib will do to upset the apple cart. Does the UMNO president have balls ?


  3. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Dear Rocky, can you please let us know what is the meaning of WTF??? It doesnt mean that now Ramadhan has past, we can CURSE!!!!!

  4. Yea, who is Nazri's boss - Najib or Anwar Ibrahim or maybe Lim Kit Siang?

  5. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Nazri is a disgrace..

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  6. Nazri mengaku Najib pernah memintanya supaya tidak membuat serangan ke atas Mahathir, nampaknya anjing garang terlupa pesanan Tuan, bila terlalu kerap mencium tahi, buntutnya sendiri.

    Apapun kita patut mengucap terima kasih kepada Nazri kerana kebodohannya itu menunjukkan Utusan masih relevan terhadap pembelaan dan perjuangan orang Melayu yang sudah gagal dimain peranan oleh UMNO.

    UMNO masih dibuai syok sendiri dan lupa 'realiti' sebenar emosi orang Melayu diperingkat bawahan terhadap gelagat bodoh sombong mereka.

    Bila bila masa, jumpa dan tanyalah 10 orang Melayu, apa pandangan mereka terhadap UMNO? Nazri?

    PERKASA dan Dr Mahathir dapat 'score' percuma.

  7. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Rocky, nak kasi tau Nazri ni sebenar nya dah biul. Ini berlaku selepas beliautelibat ngan satu kemalangan dan kepala nya terhantuk kuat.Dia sepatut nya dah dipencenkan cakap nya dak tak bolih pakai.

  8. Anonymous3:02 pm

    way to go Ututsan...!!!!!

  9. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I have given up on Nazri long ago. He could even take care of the leaking Parliament building.

    The best part is without consulting his boss he announced that a new Parliament will be built to replace the existing one. Then a prompt denial from Najib. Nazri must be thinking that he is the boss.

  10. Anonymous3:28 pm

    cayalah Utusan!!

    Please do not be a ball carrier for government!

  11. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Utusan has earned my respect.

  12. Anonymous3:37 pm

    A disadvantage to Malays, Umno and Malaysia's peace loving citizens, behold their stupidity - Nazri 'See, i'm on your side' Aziz, Hisham the lembik, Khairy Kitol, Adnan, Zahid 'tokkok' and... feel free to add...

    KICKDEMOUT Please!

  13. cmeen4:06 pm

    I don't like both Awang Selamat and Nazri, much the same way I despise Dong Jiong, Su Qiu, and Hindraf.

    But I definitely like Nazri's reply to Awang Selamat in Malaysian Insider today.

    Sometimes, no matter how you hate somebody's gut, you have to admit that certain somebody has got he's own charisma and ways to deal with things.

    I doubt Najib will drop Nazri out in the next reshuffle. After all, the portfolio he is holding now is not as important as other ministry, and he is actually good at what he is doing - to defend his political master.

    Does anybody disagree with me? Or as Nazri puts it, "Does any bigot have a problem with that?"

  14. Skilgannon10664:33 pm

    Who is "Awang Selamat"?

    If he is so brave as wanting to take on KJ (not that it would require extraordinary feats of valour to do so), why doesn't he take on, say, Guntor Sadali (who doesn't masquerade under a pseudonym) of the Singapore Berita Harian when Pak Guntor made a stinging rebuttal of Tun Dr Mahathir's views on Singapore Malays?

    Nope, "Awang Selamat" has been noticeably circumspect in this regard. It will be an unpardonable loss of face for him (and his masters in Utusan) and their backers if Pak Guntor and the Singapore Malay community issue another rebuttal couched in even stronger and more trenchant language.

    Which leads me to believe that "Awang Selamat", like all bullies, prefers to hit the "soft targets" who cannot, or will not, fight back. And who disguises his "crusades" under the guise of the Constitution and Malay Rights.

    As if "Awang Selamat" and his ilk can come up with the money to fund the 131 projects worth some US$444 billion to help Malaysia achieve developed-nation status by 2020.

    Or, as Ibrahim Jala put it: "Quite clearly, business as usual is not enough...Malaysia needs a complete economic transformation. We are at risk of being stuck in a middle-income trap and have not been able to move up the value chain to compete with high-income nations" (from a Bloomberg report).

    But the economy is a hard target for "Awang Selamat" to go after, seeing as how the forces of competitiveness and globalisation are not swayed by the rantings of wanna-be racist nationalists such as himself. Which must be extremely galling to his ego.

    So, go after the soft targets, lah. That's what Idi Amin did, or Slobodan Milosevic - and see what happened to those jokers!

  15. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I don't know if you've read Nazri's latest salvo against Utusan which, of course, the Malaysian Insider dutifully put up as its headline. In it he has the cheek to say "Anyway did Awang ever think of how five PKR MPs could cross and be independents, if not for the civility shown by me to them as parliamentary affairs minister?"

    Really, Nazri? Zul Noordin, Zahrain and gang left PKR because you were nice to them? Let me have some of whatever dope it is that you're smoking. Must be some seriously good shit.


  16. Skilgannon10665:28 pm

    If "Awang Selamat" is clueless about what Guntor Sadali said in rebutting Tun Dr Mahathir's views on Singapore Malays, go Google "guntor sadali speech" to read the text of the speech by Singapore Berita Harian editor Guntor Sadali at the Berita Harian Achiever of the Year Awards ceremony on July 28, 2010.

    Let "Awang Selamat", if he has the intellectual nous (or the testicular fortitude), rebut Guntor point by point.

    I note that TDM has chosen not to do so. Maybe he is dumbfounded by the chutzpah of a Singapore Malay daring to contradict him!

  17. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Nazri has replied and sock it to Awang Selamat. Sock it damn good too, IMO.


  18. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Saya menjadi ahli Umno selama 30 tahun. Kini menjadi AJK Bhg dan K. Cwg. Saya juga sudah menjadi ahli PERKASA semenjak penubuhannya kerana mendapati ia menyambung perjuangan Umno dahulu. PERKASA PERJUANG ATAS ISU, ATAS PERKARA YG MELIBAT KEPENTINGAN AGAMA ISLAM DAN BANGSA MELAYU. Dalam mesy Umno Bhg yg sya hadiri dam majlis2 Umno, sy dapati apa yg diutama oleh mereka adalah isu bagaimana hendak menang dlm G7, siapa terpilih jadi ahli majlis, projek apa yg boleh mereka dapati, VIP mana yg akan hadir, menu apa? ada elaun. Seolah mereka berada dalam dunia khayalan, terpisah dari realiti. Bila berhadapan isu berat, mereka tengok reaksi K Bhg atau YB. Kalau boss kata, merah, merahlah, kalau hijau, hijaulah.

    Baginilah keadaan Umno yg Nazri inginkan, ahli Umno yg tidak berfikir. Kalau Boss kata 1M baik, baiklah tanpa mahu menolong boss menghalusi implikasinya. Menghalusi bermakna berfikir, berat kerjanya bagi orang yg tak mahu berfikir sprt Nazri dll. Sebab itu, big boss adakan Ujian 1M kerana ramai anak murid yg menjawat jwtn menteri masih di peringkat budak2 sekolah dari segi pemikiran. budak sekolah mesti ada ujian, baru lulus. Dulu sibok dgn KPI. Tapi sekarang senyap sepi seribu bahasa. Itulah dia kepimpinan umno sekarang. Bosan dan membosankan. Sesat dan menyesatkan.

  19. Anonymous7:46 pm

    right on ....utusan

  20. takde masalah untuk our statesman....

    tapi pru 12 dulu pr pasang video mahathir masa kempen praya...dan kesannya....

    nazri....satu lagi contoh kerajaan angkuh warisan pak lah....kj kata beruk, pak lah kata dia pm menang paling byk.....terus2an angkuh.....

    undi melayu melayang ke PAS...

  21. no ano.....even after ramadhan we cannot curse...but ALLAH mencarut according to NIK AZIZ...we are just hamba ALLAH...

  22. ye ano...we all do spin....but spin a bit is good for your health...spin too much mabuk u langgar tiang letrik.....utusan kow tow to umno president...maybe u shud read harakah...they kow tow to najid too eh...

  23. btw y ano so dare and jantan but yet use name indian boy who hit sosilawati to death...kill so many people, shoot, burn and so on and so fore...

    but baru kena sergah by police all father grandmother story come out.....thats p ramlee call samseng taik kucing...u r like them my dear fellow anonymous...

  24. Anonymous8:15 pm

    And Nazri's latest rebuttal:

    Gotta put it to this Nazri fella... takes the bullet for Najib

    What Nazri speaks is what Najib thinks. Don't break out the victory dance

    - Jay

  25. Sharif9:08 pm


    I think Nurul Izaah's response was the best....
    Maybe you should publish hers....

  26. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Who is your master? The establishment ? right?Aiya!!!!please stop spinning the wrong way or else you will only have your blog left once out of your MM.
    You could lose your job with a blink of an eye if Najib says so!

  27. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Awang Selamat is the most stupid person I ever come across, he still believe Malaysian need to be 3rd class forever until kingdom comes.

    Nazri is a visionary.

  28. Melayu asli9:54 pm

    Apasal you all syok sendiri mengutuk Utusan atau Nazri.

    Tak ada apa-apa punya. Cayalah.

    Mereka semua orang Melayu dan pendokong UMNO.

    Nazri kenalah nampak setia kepada Najib yang memperjuangkan 1Malaysia.

    Nampak ke anda semua beliau seorang sahaja yang menjajakan falsafah politik boss dan rakan lamanya?

    Yang lain senyap je, diam seribu bahasa.

    Carek-carek bulu ayam, lama-lama bercantum juga.

  29. Skilgannon1066,

    Is it true that the minimum entry requirement for a Malay man to become a pilot of SMRT train is, 5 A's in 0' Level?

    In Malaysia with 5 A's in O' Level, the Malay man can be admitted to do Pre law at UiTM Faculty of Law.

  30. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Nasri seems to be walking against the popular current but he knows there is a higher cause.
    The force will be with hiMlike it or not while everyone else gets their knickers tied in a knot.


  31. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Skilgannon, TDM meant "not giving away one's political hold", NOT "not working hard like the Singapore Malays". That Guntor (and you, for that matter) is so riled up with his statement is not his, or Awang Selamat's problem. And Nazri Aziz a soft target? Well maybe more defections are on the way.


  32. Awang is an idiot.... all parliamentarians must abide by code of conduct ie being civil to one another, regardless of which party they are from. So, what if Nazri stands up for the wrong doings of his party members or issues?

    What is wrong with being civil????? Jangan jadi bodohla Awang, just because you got a job in the newspaper does not mean you can write trash.... by the way, there's nothing wrong with Malaysian Insider - you and your trash newspaper??? Well, we all know, don't we???

    Btw, i don't work for the newspapers, just in case Awang the Idiot think i do ka ka ka

  33. Awang Selamat ini memang Awang Bahaya.
    Utusan now,however,cannot be compared to Utusan during the time of Said Zahari.Then, it was a newspaper with "balls".Now,it is carrying out the secret agendas of someone .Remember, Utusan under Said Zahari was against the newspaper being owned by a political party.Awang could be carrying someone's balls.Infighting in Umno certainly cannot be discounted!

  34. If anyone think Rocky is a spinner ka ka ka, spinning requires tremendous amount of knowledge in various fields, i'm afraid he is just a journalist, the report wt he said, she said, they said, analytical skills, most malaysians jurnos.....take tabu piker ke ke ke jangan marah rocky

  35. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Orang dah meluat muka macam Nazri, KJ, Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal (& ambulance chasing family) and other opportunistic politicians. For some its all about political power (& all that it entails), for others its strictly dollars and sens. Where the latter is concerned, logically dedicated politicians shld hv little time to amass riches. Kalau the old fashion way of hardwork then nothing to fear investigations into its source. Unsubstantiated incomes shld go into a pool for community development.
    The sooner electorates get rid of these 'in it for themselves and/or their own community' politicians be it in UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP, PKR, PAS or whatever - the sooner Malaysia will be on surer footing toward nationbuilding, Insyallah. That's your challenge too, DS Najib. Get rid of said culprits in Barisan Nasional before the next election. Do this and everything else will fall into place.
    - Anak Malaysia

  36. Anonymous11:30 pm

    skillganon : Are instigatin war of wrods between two Malay publications? I do think you are trying to 'melaga-lagakan Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian Spore. You quiet but dirty agenda is not without noticing by some part of the Malaysian society.

    Chinese proverb : Say your piece and watch your back.


  37. Oik

    Ya lah, aku dan "rakyat Malaysia" pun nak sikit.

    Manalah tahun, bila kena benda tu, cakap "rakyat Malaysia" baru diambil kira oleh PM kita!

    I wonder is he fit to be our PM??

  38. Siapa it AWANG SELAMAT ??????

    Adakah dia PONDAN, ya.....
    Pengecut ini tak berani dedahkan muka dan Identiti, sembunyi dibelakang Utusan ... kalau sesetengah bloggers buat begitu, kita faham ler, pasal dia takut Polis atau orang2 tertentu akan melakukan sesuatu terhadapnya....

    tapi kerja kat UTUSAN pun awang selamat bersikap PONDAN..

    Adakah Awang selamat PONDAN macam Yasmin Ahmad yang sebenarnya AkuA bernama Zulkifli Ahmad..... Aku betul2 heran.... walaupun dia dah xde, tapi kita kena tengok cara Undang Undang Rimba UMNO dilaksanakan...

    macam mana penerbit filem mcm dia ni dapat tukar nama, IC, jantina, dan kahwin pulak lelaki cina ....

    UMNO dan AG tak tangkap pun Yasmin Ahmad pasal tukar jantina dan melakukan hubungan lelaki dengan lelaki... Kalau anwar dan saiful diheret, buat sekali ler dengan pondan2 di malaysia... Pergi lah spy apa Azwan Ali buat malam2 buta..... Boleh dapat tengok drama Sodomi Baru....

    Bodoh punya AG Khalwat....

  39. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Awang oh Awang

    Awak ketinggalan zaman bro!

    Apa dah jadi?

    Tak mau maju ke?

    Baca lah jawapan Nazri di Malaysian Insider dan apa kah pendapat anda?

    Nampak nya awak 'Tak Selamat' lagi!!!


  40. UtusanSupporter11:55 pm

    Salam Hormat,

    Utusan bukan media penerbitan biasa, ia adalah institusi keramat yang begitu banyak berjasa kepada bangsa, agama dan negara. Ahli politik akan datang dan pergi, pemimpin pula silih berganti. Nasib Editor pula lebih malang lagi, kiranya tidak diperlukan akan ditunjukkan jalan keluarnya. Namun, institusi keramat bernama Utusan akan kekal relevan sebagai suara nurani rakyat.

  41. Utusan relevant ?

    Don't think so 'cos according to ABofC tally, the readership is in decline and much the same with BHarian - both suffering news fatigue - much like NST and when all put together, a very worrisome situation for ruling coalition 'cos those numbers don't lie and if it reflects public apathy, we can expect major changes ahead next mandate.

    I have this sinking feeling a ship is about to go down.

  42. Anonymous1:37 am

    Skilgannon 1066-you are sadly mistaken

    This Guntur Sadali from Singapore's Berita Harian is another Kuan Yew lap dog, to be petted when compliant, and kicked when not, just like all Singapore's press and media are. He is "brave" because Mahathir is not his master, unlike Kuan Yew who throws him crumbs and bones when he (Kuan Yew) has the time. He doesn't dare cross Kuan Yew. So, if you think that this Guntur is brave, you better check your marbles.
    And don't mistake Nazri's outburst as bravery. His reaction and outburst is like a women having her PMS.

    sri hartamas

  43. Salam Datuk,

    Re: Guntor Sadali

    Mr Mohd Guntor Sadali
    Editor, Berita Harian & Berita Minggu, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

    Mr Mohd Guntor Sadali was appointed as a member of the HDB Board in October 2009. He is the Editor of Berita Harian and Berita Minggu of Singapore Press Holdings. He is a Board Member of the Malay Heritage Foundation and a council member of the National Council for Problem Gambling.

    I wonder what is his view on the Govt casino policy and the following opinions

    Racist HDB Quota Policy begins to show its Effect

    Racial Quota for HDB is for PAP to stay in power – and it is racially discriminatory

    Thank you

  44. Anonymous2:22 am


    Alahai Apek, duk nganga kat Malaysia, menunggu dengan penuh debaran to ensure theres business for you here in Malaysia, see where you can kelentong your share..

    tercunggap2 tau nak melahap ajer..

    No Bumis kasi sama lu bisnes...
    lu olang sudah lama ANGKAT bungkus lor. Singapore sana luluk pun lu tiakut maiyak competition, takleh kelentong sama kaum kelentong!!



  45. Rocky RM30k Datuk.3:31 am

    u call that balls a rocky?

    kutuk nazri but repeatedly mention what a big Najib fan he is..

    itu balls ka? wakakkkakakaka

    kalau macam tu, i think im filled with balls the size of watermelons from head to toe... wakakakakka

    by the way, why are MSM's shying away from the news of the new revolutionary drug that has proven to cure HIV and AIDS?
    Maybe because it was israeli scientists that discovered the cure? U press people wanna call for more boycotts of evil joooz products again?


  46. Anonymous8:14 am

    Nazri aziz ni kebal bro. PM pun tak boleh buat apa dengan dia.

    NKRA meeting chaired by Najib satu pun dia tak attend.

    Apa PM buat? Nothing. PM Tak berani bro.

    Nazri kebal.

  47. Anonymous8:15 am

    pls go to my blog to read about the media


  48. Anonymous10:12 am

    Utusan... amende tu? Anime baru ke?

  49. Anonymous10:40 am


    Just look again at all those so called 'anti-Malay' sentiments.
    It is only questioning why what was guaranteed in the constitution is not being implemented by the very government that 'edicted' it.

    Perikatan, BN and UMNO claim to have played a major role in these aspects, but when it comes to implementation - the buggers forget that there are Malaysians apart from Malays in this country.

    Sharing proportionately does not mean pocketing by BN and UMNO for personal gains but they do it so blatantly.

    The Bumis in East Malaysia are also fed up with this stupid 'pocket for myself' attitude.

    Ah... If Ibrahim Ali can only voice out that the government should treat every citizen equally and make sure the economic pie is shared proportionately among all Malaysians!!!

    But that bugger has a rather narrow agenda, so much so that he is even ignoring the Bumis of East Malaysia.

    He is only bothered about one ethnic group in Peninsular Malaysia.

    What should other Malaysians do when we have such narrow minded Malay who does not even acknowledge that the Bumis are made up of East Malaysians who are not just Muslims but also Christians?

    This fellow should change his narrow outlook and embrace the East Malaysians also in the course of championing for the Bumis.

    But thats not where his voter base lies. So he chooses the narrow approach and Utusan, also championing for Malays, is in the same league. Not bothered about the Bumis of East Malaysia.

    Are you in the same league?

    Tell us something better lah.


  50. "Kalau suatu hari nanti, Nazri bersara, insya Allah, Awang akan menghormati beliau sebagai seorang veteran dan tokoh berjasa, walaupun jasanya tidak sebesar negarawan-negarawan kita."

    Ouch..that must have hurt someone's ego so bad.

  51. Anonymous10:50 am

    Utusan / Awang / Locky - the scums in Bumi earth

  52. latefff11:11 am

    Nice spin bro!!

  53. Salam Bro

    Lawak betul menteri2 najib dan pembesarnya..

    tang mana Perkasa berlawanan dgn 1M?.
    Cuba sesapa terangkan..

    perkasa pertahankan perlembagaan yg sedia ada manakal 1m mesti mengikut apa masalahnya?

  54. Anonymous12:24 pm

    anon 6.39pm
    then apasal masih lagi dengan umno,keluarla.

    kami dah lama sedar

  55. Anonymous12:28 pm

    saya satu melayu dulu dan kini sentiasa sokong utusan melayu hidup UTUSAN MELAYU

  56. Anonymous12:40 pm

    politcks politics...

    I hope he can become a monk one day

    and follow the footstep ofb

  57. Failasuf12:40 pm

    If Utusan's got balls, what has Najib got?

  58. hye there!Im a graduated student and am doing a research on ethical dilemma faced by bloggers. would any of the bloggers (or maybe from rocky bru himself) be kind enough to share

    1)one scenario where you had to deal with an ethical violation or faced with ethical dilemma in your profession?

    2)how did you deal with it?

    I would be very grateful if any of you would answer the questions.
    thank you :)

  59. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Nazri Aziz lupa..(mungkin Melayu mudah lupa)..dia lupa yang dia menjadi menteri atas tiket UMNO..

    Mungkin dia lupa iaitu UMNO adalah United Malays National Organisation atau bahasa Melayu nya..Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu..

    Kita bukannya anti bangsa lain, kita bukannya racist, kita juga mahu bersahabat, berjiran dengan bangsa lain, tapi apa yang kita hendak adalah untuk memperkasakan bangsa, kita hendak sama-sama menikmati kesejahteraan negara. Kita juga hendakkan keadilan, kalau kita lemah, bukan sahaja keadilan ekonomi kita melepas, keadilan politik pun kita tak dapat.

    Kalau kita orang Melayu tidak menolong bangsa kita, ada bangsa lain hendak menolong bangsa kita?

    Apa yang Nazri Aziz telah buat untuk orang Melayu semenjak menjadi Menteri..cuma menjerit.."bloody racist' dalam parlimen..itu pun kepada YABhg. TUN M..

  60. Anonymous1:52 pm

    semua sekala sendiwara....

    to the est, to utusan... krrrggg ptui!!!

  61. Anonymous2:14 pm

    aiyah latuk !

    this lover quarrels oso u make it a national issue !

    can update on the rm15billion 1Malaysia Development Fund Bhd,

    the rm8 billion screw-up in mas,

    the rm1billion CREC double-tracking railway project,

    and what happen to the rm12.5 billion pkfz fuck-up? why nfa on tun ling ? too many tun involved ke?

  62. Anonymous2:18 pm





  63. Skilgannon10662:41 pm

    Let's see Utusan's interpretation of the latest agreement between Malaysia and Singapore over KTM land in the city-state.

    Or are their histrionics directed against those least likely to respond aka "the pendatangs"?

  64. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Si nazri bebal ni patut kena tembak pelali over dose macam anjing suspek kes bunuh datuk sosilawati tu. Sebabnya, dia ni dah mula membahayakan nyawa dan keselamatan rakyat malaysia.

  65. Rakyat de boss la....See the BN lunacy and maybe some MSMs and writers they go berserk when the rakyat decided to do the twist at GE2008? It was a lunatic question for a supposedly seasoned MSM to ask. Joseph would have been disappointed. Spins too are supposed to sound clever.

  66. Anonymous6:07 pm

    mR Rocky,

    Minister Nazri does make sense.
    While he occasionally stumbles, he picks himself up and possibly learns well..unlike many who are not forward enough for the country's sake and future.

    Now his performance as a minister has improved and earns respect from the silent majority of...yes,YOU GUESSED RIGHT..... ALL MALAYSIANS.


  67. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Tidak salah untuk berkata benar.

    Demi agama, bangsa dan negara.

    Ketiga-tiga asasi Melayu di atas telah pun dicemarkan DAN TIADA SESIAPA YANG MEMBELA KECUALI PERKASA.

    Kalau masih tak insaf lagi maknanya anda masih dibuai mimpi dek kerana madat (dadah) yang dipanggil politik. Sedangkan Mandat (kuasa) sebenarnya di beri oleh majoriti yang memanggil diri mereka Melayu.

    Orang muda khayal kerana najis dadah.

    Orang Besar khayal dengan dadah kuasa.

    Maka anak kecil terus menangis bermain api kerana segalanya yang "Melayu" telah tergadai termasuklah pemimpin mereka sendiri.

  68. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Skilganon, the speech is nothing to shout about. It's just rhetoric to pacify his masters. There are much more venomous speech done in Malaysia and I dont think anyone would comment on the speech points. The fact is that you can't see a single Malay owned outlet in orchard road or any notable building in spore.


  69. Anonymous7:28 pm

    I am trying to think hard of what nazri has done to Malay as a whole.. nothing.
    what has nazri helped or contributed to Malaysia...

    and awang selamat, a piece of writing, much like my comments, and the great nazri (yeah.. right!) replied? HELLOOOO... anything inside this nazri head..
    i thought almighty nazri afraid of a piece of column in UTUSAN?

  70. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Well well well

    the scum has floated to the surface, kudos to Najib's discrete style

    so much so that the below average members were caught hook line and sinker

    Najib will just have to skimmed the scum surface, get rid of it

    and hey the precious water is pristine again

  71. Anonymous9:54 pm


    first their hero was anwar sodomee
    then sleepy fil
    then kj sil
    then zaid liberal
    then vengeful nik aziz
    now nazri loudmouth

    all rendered has-beens and rejects

  72. Anonymous10:00 pm


    why did the pap govt spent huge funds to promote mandarin when the national language is Bahasa Melayu??

    and lky has reiterated that the Malays were given special status in the constitution

    was implementation running off track??

  73. tebing tinggi11:53 pm

    Nazri adalah antara contoh-contoh sikap dan lagak yang ada pada pemimpin-pemimpin dan pimpinan UMNO sekarang !.
    Tidak hairanlah kenapa semakin ramai Melayu memandang jijik kapada UMNO sekarang ini.


  74. Disgusted11:55 pm

    wah, nazri's reply is so self absorbed

    amidst the throngs of praises he bestowed upon himself, he forgot the real topic of this debacle.

    which is about PERKASA. who gives a shit about who he is!

    Nope, wouldn't want him in my debate team...

  75. Anonymous12:19 am

    awang selamat is the Malay real deal. nazri Aziz, talibarut/balaci who during Nurul Izzah's wedding reception was accorded VVIP status beseated next to Nik Aziz. Hardly surprising then that Mr Balaci is parroting BABI;s agenda. he should have been kicked out of Umno long ago together with the Rembau Anak Omak Pondan ( another balaci), KuNang2 who flickers on and off like a village idiot.

    Beware, BABI's balaci are everywhere having been infiltrated into key govt apparatus. Most morphed from anwaristas to pseudo-mahathirites after BABI lost everything due to his own ambitious nature and stupidity. Now those anwaristas are baring their fangs after having lain low. MSM like Star also infiltrated as can be seen from editorial slant and articles like yesterday;s christian resurgence.

    Someone in the Know

  76. Anonymous12:32 am

    There were so many pertinent points raised in Nazri's reply and yet you chose to focus on that little juicy bit? :D


  77. Anonymous12:46 am

    Malays of malaysia should understand that Guntor Sadali is a LKY barua. He parrots the offical line and whitewashes the harsh reality that plagues Singapore Malays.

    For truth seeking Malays, the following would be useful primers :

    1. Lily Zubaidah Rahim : the Singapore dilemma

    2. a 101 from here :

    while the discrimination that goes on is well explored here:

    The economic marginality of ethnic minorities: an analysis of ethnic income inequality in Singapore
    William Keng Mun Lee
    Asian Ethnicity, 1469-2953, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2004, Pages 27 – 41

    where it concludes: Much of the income difference is due to discrimination. The source of this discrimination lies in the segregation of ethnic minorities in lower-paying jobs and occupations across all industries, reflecting Chinese domination in the economic and political spheres.

    If a kaffir (chinese) or his barua (guntor et,al) brings you a goodie, check the veracity first for verily the kaffir, the munafik and the fasik are liars (paraphrased from the Quran). So muslims the call is yours, trust in Allah or the Chinese kaffir devil or munafiks like the Guntors, the Nazris or the Nik azizes of this world. "Tepok dada tanya iman" or if you are unthinking suckers of the chinese devil or baruas like guntors might as well cast aside all pretenses by renouncing your faith like Lina Joy and her ilk.

  78. Anonymous12:52 am

    Ini perbezaan kehidupan diantara kaum melayu/bumiputera dengan Dato Najib.

    Di zaman persekolahan

    Kami berjalan kaki ke sekolah dan mengikuti alur jalan keretapi pergi dan balik manakala dato najib mungkin mempunyai driver menghantar nya ke sekolah

    Kami memakai kasut plastik sama seperti penoreh getah yang menghasilkan haba panas apabila memakainya terlalu lama manakala dato najib mungkin mempunyai kasut sekolah yang ditukar setiap bulan.

    Kebiasaan nya Kami makan singkong manakala mungkin dato najib mungkin mempunyai pembantu rumah dengan sudu garpu berkilat dan nasi yang panas yang telah terhidang dengan lauk yang enak dan berzat untuk nya.

    Demi Agama dan Bangsa nya Ayahku dengan setia berbasikal 5 batu stiap kali pilihanraya dan undi nya tetap kepada UMNO, perikatan dan kemudian nya BN kerana kawasan kami merupakan kubu kuat puak kominis DAP.

    Mungkin Dato Najib tidak kenal pun apa penting nya pergi mengundi pada zaman kecil nya

    Mungkin Dato Najib tidak kenal erti budi bahasa dan budaya kaum cina ini

    Apabila tun Mahathir memerintah maka ekonomi keluarga kami berkembang sedikit kerana abang dan kakak sudah bekerja membantu keluarga, maka ayah dapat membeli motorsikal terpakai dan dia terus dengan kesetiaan nya memangkah UMNO.

    Apabila berada di sekolah atau di universiti puak kaum yang sama tidak ingin berkongsi ilmu dan tidak ikhlas apabila melakukan group study tetapi mungkin dato najib tidak mempunyai masalah ini kerana dia adalah anak kepada perdana menteri dan tidak heran kalau mereka memberi tutor percuma kepada dato najib sekali pun kerana ini memang sifat bermuka-muka puak kominis yang dato najib mungkin tidak kenal.

    Jika diberi pilihan antara perkasa dan umno maka perkasa adalah pilihan kami.

    Jika diberi pilihan antara dato Ibrahim yang suka melompat parti dan nazri aziz (malah lebih separuh pemimpin umno) yang ada didalam pentadbiran dato najib sekalipun maka kami memilih dato Ibrahim kerana perjuangan nya jelas kerana demi agama dan bangsa melayu , bumiputra .

    Mungkin masalah utama dato najib ini adalah dia tidak dapat membuat keputusan yang cepat dan tepat serta mengharap penasihat2nya, lebih suka dengan analisis nya, juga dia tidak tahu susah atau senang hidup orang melayu dan bumiputra.

    Pemimpin umno seperti nazri, k j dan yang lain2 yang ada sekarang ini berjuang hanya untuk menjaga kedudukan dan kepentingan mereka sahaja dan ini amat mengecewakan kami.

  79. Anonymous1:16 am

    Utusan kena PWNED by studen from UniTek Petronas. Kakakaka!

    "Dari apa yang gua dapat korek dari junior UTP, bebudak ni saje je main hantar gambar. Tak sangka boleh publish! HAHAHAH. Salam perantauanlah sangat. I salute you my juniors! Utusan Malaysia sudah kena PWND"

  80. Anonymous1:17 am

    If everything is rosey and happy dopey for Singapore Malays and other minorities, I wonder why news items like the one below keep appearing in the MSM there. Maybe Guntor Sadalis of this world are reporting on Singapore while living in Seattle.

    Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
    Mar 2, 2010
    Don't create underclass: MP

    THE Government must provide opportunities for the Malay community so that it can be part of the economic transformation or it may risk creating an underclass that will be 'tough to manage', an MP warned on Tuesday.

    MP for Hong Kah GRC Zaqy Mohamad said as Singapore transforms to tap on the growth of a rising Asia, the Government must ensure that no one is left behind.

    Speaking during the debate on the 2010 Budget Statement in Parliament, Mr Zaqy said agencies which engage the multinationals, national enterprises and local SMEs, stand to strike quick wins and produce results.

    'It is certainly a harder job, with potentially less short-term gains, to focus on the low-skilled, low-educated minorities. But this is important to prevent the development of an economic underclass of minorities who feel disengaged, disenfranchised with not being able to reap economic benefits or not seeing their role as part of this transformation,' he said.

    Many Malays also feel left out because 'they do not have the language ability, and sometimes, the qualifications to find jobs with international firms that are focused on Asia's growth engines', he added.

    'To help the community understand the changes and directions of the Budget, the Government must ensure there is clear direction and messaging to the community, including opportunities that can benefit Malays,' said Mr Zaqy, noting that smaller Malay firms and less-skilled workers may find it harder to gain access to assistance. 'Otherwise, we may risk creating an underclass that will be tough to manage, if left unchecked,' he cautioned

  81. Anonymous2:03 am

    Maybe Guntor may have been sleeping in Pak Lah's house when this report was released by the UN :

    "Politics and ethnicity: framing racial discrimination in Singapore"

    Choice cuts regarding the endangered Singapore Malay species:

    1.The SDP choose to highlight the discrimination faced by minority communities in Singapore. In
    particular, the SDP emphasised the marginalisation and discrimination faced by the Malay
    Muslim community in Singapore (Shamin, 2010).(page 5)

    2. But referring to the free national
    education programme for Malay students he noted that presently the system does not take into
    account the disadvantage caused by the historical inequalities of the Malay community. Turning
    to the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools, Mr Muigai pointed out that in practice they favour
    Chinese culture and Mandarin language and adds to the marginalisation of the minorities (UN
    Press Release: 28 April 2010). (page 7)

    3.Under policies related to local employment, the Rapporteur pointed towards language discrimination against Indian and Malay communities in the employment sector, he added that Malay community is under represented at the senior positions in the critical institutions which in
    no way represents the diversity of Singapore as a country.(page 7)

    And I just like William Keng's paper which was attacked (to which William replied with panache ), the touchmenots in the great society also attacked the UN findings:

    4. But based on the response of the PAP government to the UN Special Rapporteur’s initial
    findings, observers can accurately predict how Singapore government officials will respond to
    the Rapporteur’s final report. The PAP government is likely to maintain that they are the best
    judge to maintain the balance between the freedom of expression and racial harmony. If the initial governmental response is anything to go by, it is likely to reject the bulk of the suggestions
    on the basis that they are not feasible in Singapore. It is apparent from the government’s
    response to Mr Muigai’s suggestions, the government holds a strong ideological position about
    the value of meritocracy and is in no way prepared to acknowledge the existence of policy blind
    spots or agree to policy revisions. (page 10)

    people, you can read the paper here:

    also featured here, surprisingly in a liberal malay website that is pro-BABI, Haris Ibrahim Malik Imtiaz et al.,:

    Makes you gape in wonder, doesnt it? Me just an enlightened dude who rather die than get conned by the chinese devil and his spawn.

    Goodnight MALAYsia wherever you are....

    Midnight Caller

  82. Anonymous6:36 am


    Kawan, itu Mas Selamat Kastari (not Awang Selamat OK) macam mana boleh escape lockup Singapore? How come like that wan?

    You should know all the details, share share lor..


  83. Anonymous11:30 am

    Macam nilah. Nazri tu kalau dia bertanding kat Hulu Selangor lawan batu pun, batu akan menang. Sebab? Dia tu lorat. Dia lupa gaji dia dibayaq oleh kita. Bukan Najib yang bayaq. Sesiapa hina Dr M akan terima balasan dihina lebih teruk lagi. Saya Melayu Muslim dan saya bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia. Koh Tsu Koon susah sangat ke nak mengaku jadi Cina? Cakap banyak-banyak ni pun tak guna. Saya Melayu Muslim. Faham? Malaysia negara saya. Indon tak faham? Balik! Speaking of which...Datuk Ibrahim, sila buat iklan borang jadi ahli Perkasa....kita ramai-ramai masuk Perkasa.....Budak jahat

  84. Veteran KTMB12:14 pm

    Bro Rocky....sila ulas akn hasrat S'pore utk mengambil tanah KTM di sana dengan memberi ganti tanah yangmana pemilikan adalah 60% Kazanah dan 40% Temasek Hldg.Mmg S'pore ini ada niat terselindung dlm pemberian ganti tersebut.Jika dilihat tanah KTM yg 100% milik Malaysia pun dia nak rampas apatah lagi jika mereka ada hak atas tanah yag ditawarkan. Diharap pihak kerajaan tidak mudah dan bodoh utk menerima cadangan itu.Jika ianya diterima juga maka mmg terserlahlah akan kebodohan pemerintah Malaysia. Kita sepatutnya memperjuangkan hak kita tak kira di mana jua. Tanah KTM itu adalah hak Malaysia sejak dari sebelum merdeka dan juga sebelum S'pore lari dr Malaysia.Jadi apa kejadahnya mereka memaksa Malaysia menyerahkan tanah2 itu. Apa cerita dengan caruman pekerja yg bekerja di S'pore yangmana tidak dibenarkan dikeluarkan walaupun sudah tidak bekerja di sana lagi.Apa alasan S'pore berbuat sedemikian?Yangmana akn menguntungkan mereka akn mereka tuntut...mmg kiasu sungguh S'pore ini.Elok lh Nazri ulas isu ini dr cuba mencari populariti dlm negeri.Isu negara adalah menunjukkan semangat patriotisme...pihak pembangkang patut juga cuba menabur janji utk mempertahankan tanah2 KTM ini..mana tahu jk mereka boleh guna utk menambat hati rakyat Malaysia untuk menang PRU13 nti.

  85. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Nazri.. Nazri.. Nazri...! Bila rasa terlalu cerdik, ini lah jadinyer. UMNO adalah parti yang terbaik untuk orang2 Melayu berlindung.., tapi sayangnya terdapat segelintir (yang tak kurang besarnya) dari pemimpin2nya yang tiada kebijaksanaan.

    Nazri is among UMNO's famous TOP FIVE leaders in UMNO who are really GOOD FOR NOTHING... Walaubagaimana pun, biarkan dia lebih banyak bercakap..; akan makin terserlahlah apa yang ada dalam tengkorak kepala dia..

    Dia akan terjun dengan labu-labunya.... (Biarkan?..Biarkan?)

  86. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Looking at the article by Awang, is also he uses the opportunity to inject some racial slant to it. Saying the chinese newspaper condemn and belittling Dr. Mahathir . From what I read, seldom see where is the condemn and belittling coming from. There are pro Mahathir chinese supporters and newspapers as well. Who you think are some of Mahathir best friends??

  87. Skilgannon10663:51 pm

    AntiVinnan 11:30 PM

    I believe that the Singapore Berita Harian (SBH) is perfectly capable of standing up for itself. Further, I believe that the reporters and journalists at the SBH are just as, if not better, qualified (academically and professionally) than their counterparts at UM!

    salleh telegu 10:06 PM

    I fail to see the point of your post.

    But I do know that there are several Singaporean Malay students studying for their A Levels at junior colleges in Singapore. As have Singaporean Malays who have qualified, on merit, for admission to the Law and Medicine Faculties at the National University of Singapore (incidentally, NUS is ranked #34 in the latest Times HES university rankings. What is UiTM's ranking, eh?)

    sri hartamas 1:37 AM

    Guntor Sadali is Lee Kuan Yew's lapdog? Why not make the accusation in a letter to the Singapore BH and see where it gets you?

    I would hesitate to call "Awang Selamat" a lapdog of you-know-who because it would be insulting to lapdogs who at least have some sense of selfworth (Psychology 101).

    Ross 6:58 PM

    Again, your point being what? Is it a sign of selfworth or manhood that you have to own your own business or your own building in Singapore's Orchard Road?

    Tell that to the Singaporean Malay professionals and businesspeople who work hard and don't rely on handouts or "special rights"!

    Perwira 2:22 PM

    That's awfully brave, but, sadly and ultimately, futile.

    Because you can spit in the face of the world and shout with shrill bravado that "entitlements" and "special rights" are the order of the day and totally sacrosanct, but the world out there has an equal right to tell you to go fly a kite when you go out looking for US$444 billion in investments over 5the next 10 years to kickstart Malaysia into developed-country status.

    Jeez - you have to wonder what the country has been doing for the last 50+ years!

    And why Malaysian Malays (and native Sabahans and Sarawakians too) come to Singapore to "cari makan"? Is selfworth, dignity and pride secondary to putting food on the table and giving your kids a decent education?

  88. Anonymous3:59 pm

    So now even the NUJ is against Awang Selamat.What have you got to say or spin rather Rocky? Or you are not a member of NUJ?...James

  89. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Nice whack , bro.
    but dont waste to much time on these Liberals.

    Najib weakness is his weakness. Berapa kali mau hentam all these liberals daa. Najib has lost one battle against Perkasa and he cannot afford another. My NKRA for najib is how fast he can get rid of these Liberals before the people get rid of him.


  90. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Ibrahim Ali juga anak jantan, sambil orang UMNO sembunyi bawah tilam bila kena salvo dari kiri kanan, terutamanya dari anti-malay, Ibrahim Ali bangun dan cakap "don't talk SHIT!!!" Kan dah kena tahi.



  91. Anonymous12:02 am

    UM is a newspaper with sotong balls because it make the Malays looks stupid.

    Everyone is moving up but UM is moving down.

  92. Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Wak mengucapkan syabas pada Dato Seri Nazri kerana kritikan tajam beliau terhadap sindiran Awang Selamat di Utusan.

    Wak tabik keberanian Dato Nazri yang betul anak jantan dan berani untuk menunjukkan pendirian beliau secara terbuka.

    Alahai Awang Selamat, anda diberi KPI untuk menukar 'Utusan Meloya'kepada status satu surat khabar yang disegani. Tak payah jadi budak suruhan si katak.

  93. Anonymous5:50 pm

    I think it's very clear. In Nazri's calculation (right or not, who knows), Pakatan going to win next election. So he better jaga his backside in case he has a new boss. Very 'political' of him, but then again what else do you expect from Nazri. Principles?

  94. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Rocky = Spin King of Boleh Land.
    Rocky master is Tun Dr M & son

  95. Anonymous11:40 am

    Utusan likes to play up sensitive issues and comment on what other paper writes. But they never check on the autheticity of their reports and pictures.
    Good eg how some junior students of UTP Tronoh took some pics of themselves and post it to Utusan and says that they are of University Of Toronto. And Utusan believe it without checking and publish it.

    Kah Kah kah.

  96. ting tong guy12:07 pm

    Memang betul apa yang Nazri cakap, mungkin sebab dia manusia hebatlah, 5 orang wakil rakyat PKR lompat kem. Hebat manusia Nazri ni! Oh boy!

    Tapi Nazri ni cerita tak habis, sebab pemimpin hebat dalam UMNO macam dialah jugak BN tertonggeng dengan jayanya di 5 negeri yang dikuasai mereka semasa pilihanraya lepas.

    Ini pun Datuk Nazri kena 'claim' jugaklah!, barulah cerita kehebatan pemimpin tersohor UMNO ini yang kata dirinya 'Malaysian first, Malay second' ni seimbang dan ada kredibiliti. Tahniahlah Dato' Seri......otak Dato' Seri letak kat mana? macam kat punggung je....orang sekarang tak bodoh lah.......

  97. Anonymous8:12 pm

    anon 1:16 AM,

    apa guna menjadi pelajar universiti tapi akal taruk lutut? boleh berbangga menipu orang? kalau baru belajar di u dah jadi penipu begini, tak heranlah kalau kuar nanti jadi lebih teruk!!! mana pergi ilmu & amal? dapat masuk u tapi tak bersyukur!!!!

  98. Anonymous1:18 am

    Anonymous @ 11:54 PM said...
    Rocky = Spin King of Boleh Land.
    Rocky master is Tun Dr M & son


    See guys, this is the clear sample of the opposition's IQ level.

    When they are lost for an intellectual debate, they resort to allegations and character assasination.

    Syabas PERKASA - the rise of claims to proper ownership.

  99. Anonymous1:36 am


    Berita Harian survives on recycled articles from straits times. If you care to read, articles that appeared in ST will be translated in Malay and published in BH 3 or 4 days later.

    So what does that say of guntor sadali - a recycled expert??

    Most educated Malays are found employed in govt sectors. Most Malay talent especially the 3 Singapore Idols are not getting enough exposure.

    The runners-up are featured on more programmes than the winners.

    If you notice, the FI is copied as a night race based on Malaysia's success.

    The sentosa IR is copied based on Genting's success. This was at first greatly opposed for fear of social breakdown of families. But financial concerns brushed aside all these objections.

    With an annual sinking of the island by 2 inches, what can you say about the red dot's future huh??

    That is why quiet talks of merger with the hinterland is no longer arrogantly ridiculed and totally brushed aside.

    You could do well to swallow that misplaced pride and defence of the red dot, coz in the long run, you would need Malaysia as an anchor.

    As it is, singaporeans are releasing tension and stress by crossing over to wide spaces available in Malaysia, to escape the pressure cooker atmosphere in the red dot.

    And they are getting more vocal against the ministers' excesses such as the huge budget spent on YOG just to make it a "success" - which is 3 times the original amount.

    Your efforts to prop up the red dot is not appreciated.

  100. Anonymous1:39 am

    @Anon 3.51 am

    "And why Malaysian Malays (and native Sabahans and Sarawakians too) come to Singapore to "cari makan"? "

    Well... not as many as Chinese M'sian. In fact many of them change citizenship to Singaporean (not that we sad about it). There is nothing to be ashamed about working in S'pore, anyway many chinese small/big business depended on Malay customers, in a way, a form of dependence.

  101. Anonymous1:49 am

    Nazri cakap "I'm Malaysian first..."

    bukan aku nak kutuk atau merendahkan lah, tapi realiti orang Melayu seperti berikut:-

    i. Islam first (dunia ini sementara je!, akhirat kekal abadi)

    ii. Malay second (nampak Cina/Melayu susah, mana nak tolong dulu?)

    iii. Malaysian third (bila indon kutuk M'sia atau Nam Wee kutuk lagu negaraku kita akan marah, bila komunis mengamuk kita masuk tentera).

    Tak payah nak kajian scientific, tiga diatas adalah realiti psyko Melayu.

  102. WhackdeBugger10:34 am

    Perkasa was merely defending the Federal Constitution which among other things provided for the special privilege of the Bumiputeras under Article 153 and Awang Selamat was merely highlighting that fact. WHAT IS SO WRONG ABOUT THAT? IS NAZRI AND HIS ILKS ARE AGAINST THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION?

  103. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Mr Rocky, being somebody who is not in politic, I think you should do some soul searching, people like you and your cybertroopers and also the culprit behind Utusan who are actually the reasons why Nazri had to say what he said to Malaysian Insider.
    You guys are so oblivious of what is actually happening on the ground because you and your geng know shit!!!, You think that because of your so called "vast experience" in politic, you are entitled to determine who or what type of leaders should be elected or not, by doing this type of stupid "spinning". Lastly, if you have doubts as to the actual reasons why independet MPs did the crossover, you may call and interview them yourself,I bet you would definitely get the right info and not the other way round..Ada berani ka?

  104. Anonymous10:23 am

    Who is Awang Selamat? If he has balls, he should come out into the open.


  105. Anonymous11:54 am

    The Malays need Perkasa to uphold the constitution? UMNO tak boleh ke ? Polis tak boleh ke ? AG's Chambers tak boleh ke ?

    No wonder they say that UMNO got no balls.....


  106. Skilgannon10665:21 pm

    Anon 1:36 AM

    Stupidity is as stupidity does.

    Can you point out to me specific instances where the Singapore Berita Harian has "recycled" material from its Straits Times stablemate?

    The Singapore Straits Times has "recycled" editorials (translated) from the Malaysian Malay and Chinese newspapers - such as it did recently over the KTM land swop deal, with full accreditation being given. No plagiarism here!

    And didn't Bernie Ecclestone call the Singapore F1 GP the "crown jewel" in the F1 calendar and express the wish that Singapore would continue hosting the night race for the next 20 years? Which is way more praise than he ever gave for the Malaysian F1 GP and the Sepang circuit.

    As Thai national Sue Rattanaruangchote was quoted in the Singapore TODAY paper: "I've been here three years in a row, and I really like it here as it's very well organised. Singapore is getting more interesting every year - the shows and entertainment are A-plus. We went to Malaysia this year and there's nothing there. There's more buzz and more crowds in Singapore this year."

    Pity, bro - that you didn't get to see The Chippendales in action in Singapore! Not to worry, there's the Victoria's Secret fashion show coming to the citystate next year! Not in Malaysia, though - haram!!

  107. Anonymous8:58 pm

    the opposition is gunning for family dynasties to rule

    karpal & son gobind

    lim kit siang and son lim guan eng

    anwar & wife zizah & daughter nurul

    way to go - nepotism for opposition

  108. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Anon 1.36am

    Even better, Guntor Pukimak is actually just another shitfly in the pigsty called Singapore Press Holdings :

    And try as Skewedmoron might, he cannot erase the stench of his lie-infested shit. For you see, Guntor is just another arselicking poodle of LKY who chooses to ignore this: carried by his own pigsty for he is too busy with something else. Pray what is that?Well, the last they checked he was licking fresh and old blood stained shit clean off Kuan Yew's piles suffocated arsehole while Skewedmoron was busy suckling harry's cock dry for some last drops of diseased semen.

    Reliable Eyewitness

  109. Anonymous11:47 pm

    And now i invite Guntor Sadali, the 'Heroic Protector of the Chinese Arsepit" to show his balls and debunk this:


    and this


    A: a neutral international NGO whose views are affirmed by (b)the Un special Rappoteur.

    And I challenge him to do so here in RB. Other arselickers and dickmunching pansieboys like Skewedmoron, shut the fuckup while we all await the great hero's response.And if Guntor cannot debunk them, he should just crawl up Kuan Yew's shithole and hide in there with skewedmoron and ilk for company.

    Come on Guntor, lai, lai pukimakchouchibai, lets see you have the lanchiau for this, kaniniamah chibai

    Reliable Eyewitness of Truth

  110. hello Rocky, u should commend Utusan for having bigger balls today for publishing this news full of facts:

    Iklim pelaburan: Richard Branson selar sikap Anwar

    Oleh WAN NAJIB WAN DAUD (Utusan Malaysia)

    KUALA LUMPUR 27 Sept. – Bilionair dan usahawan terkenal dunia, Sir Richard Branson menyelar sikap bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai perosak kepada imej dan iklim pelaburan negara.

    Beliau yang juga pengasas Kumpulan Virgin berkata, iklim pelaburan Malaysia di peringkat antarabangsa amat menggalakkan tetapi beberapa isu perlu ditangani agar tidak menjejaskan reputasi negara di kalangan pelabur asing. – Utusan

  111. Skilgannon10664:42 pm

    RWOT 11:28 PM and 11:47 PM

    Sadly, no much how much you may wish to "debunk" Guntor Sadali and SPH, the fact of the matter is that the SPH newspapers are trusted by Singaporeans and the foreign community living and working in Singapore. Fact of life.

    And no one in the Malaysian MSM has rebutted any one of Guntor's points in his rebuttal of Tun Dr Mahathir's comments on Malays in Singapore.

    Instead, it's anonymous and faceless posters in blogs like this who have the spurious "courage" to issue challenges to Guntor without calling him out face-to-face. Wassamatter, bro - have you been neutered by the Spore libel laws? Or by their skills in policing the Net?

    And no matter how much TDM may rant and rave, Singapore will continue to stick in his craw as the "one that got away". And rubbished most of his policies while so doing!

    Proof of the pudding, bro - go to the JB end of the Causeway any day of the week and see how many Malaysians (note that I have not specified ethnicity) brave pollution and mind-numbing queues to get to work in Singapore.

    Not exactly the stuff of dreams 50+ years post-Merdeka, is it?

    Oh, btw - the CEO of Iskandar Malaysia is one of the speakers at an international conference in Singapore. Why should he bother with a pipsqueak citystate? Or is he out beating the bushes for sorely-needed FDI?

    Reality, bro, is when the big boys come out to play. And when the little guys retire to the sidelines before they get their posteriors kicked!

    Big, swinging dicks, anyone?

  112. Anonymous2:57 am


    So much in love with LKY ...aah? Here's what true blue Singaporeans feel. Don't forget your kleenex, hurry!....huhuhu....I am crying so loud...!! :)

    SSS Supporter

  113. Anonymous3:08 am

    So much for LKY being the 'founder' of modern Singapore. Here's what a true blue Singaporean says. Eat your hearts out Sillygannon, stupid Ranter et al.


    Quote "Dear Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

    I refer to the 24 Sept 2010 Straits Times report of the statements made by Mr Alexander Gorin during the visit of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to Ukraine.

    Mr Gorin reportedly said that MM Lee is a thinker, philosopher and practitioner who created a state and guided it from Third World to First. There are many misconceptions in his statement that needs clarification. Mr Gorin needs to understand that:

    1. Singapore wasn’t created by MM Lee in 1965. It was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. It was Raffles who saw the potential of our strategic maritime location. Raffles proved to be correct and Singapore quickly became an important international port of call which led to a thriving entrepot trade.

    2. Singapore has been thriving for nearly 150 years before MM Lee took over in 1959. Even at independence in 1965, our per capita GDP was already the fourth highest in Asia behind Japan, Hong Kong and Brunei.

    3. Singapore joined Malaysia in 1963 and was booted out in 1965. If there was anyone who created the state of Singapore, it was Malaysia’s prime minister Tungku Abdul Rahman since he was the one who booted Singapore out and thereby ‘created’ the state of Singapore.

    4. The supposed Singapore success formula of foreign investment led export industrialisation wasn’t the brainchild of MM Lee. It was the brainchild of Dr Albert Winsemius, a Dutch economist sent by the United Nations to Singapore in 1960 to help Singapore industrialise. Singapore went from Third World to First following Dr Winsemius’ plan rather than MM Lee’s.

    5. Between 1961 and 1965, Singapore did not pursue export industrialisation but pursued import substitution instead. Only with our separation from Malaysia in 1965 which rendered import substitution untenable did Singapore finally embark on Dr Winsemius’ formula. Thus, MM Lee didn’t act on Dr Winsemius’ recommendations immediately and only adopted it when faced with no other choice. It seems therefore that our split from Malaysia in 1965 was the key factor that led Singapore to adopt export industrialisation rather than some conscious decision by MM Lee.

    6. Singapore is not the only success story but is just one of four East Asian economic miracles alongside Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. You will not find a similar statesman extraordinaire responsible for the other three economic miracles. This shows that you don’t need a statesman extraordinaire for a country to succeed. If we were to ask ourselves what is so special about these four economies, there is only one obvious answer, they are all East Asian societies. Not only that, China too has been rising rapidly over the last twenty years. The Singapore success is very much an East Asian success rather than the success of any one man.

    Thank you

    Ng Kok Lim" Unquote


    So, what's your take now? Cry loudly lah, bapoks!

    SSS Supporter

  114. Anonymous5:36 pm

    To the Guntor Sadalis of this world. This is what LKY thinks of the Malays in Singapore. They are the endangered species. LKY does not think of them as significant at all. Wake up lah, all of you Malay apologists for LKY! The man is blardy racist, Father of all racists. He hates the Malays.

    Sillygannon, don't give us shit here ok!

    SSS Supporter

  115. Anonymous9:50 pm

    skewedmoron, get your brains checked out first for health and fitness

    the red dot serves as a reminder and a warning to Malaysia of what a chinese-ruled nation can become

    Malaysia actually benefits from giving away the red dot - it galvanises and motivates the rakyat to come together and compete against this tiny neighbour

    you know, in a sprint, the one who dashes ahead wins the 100m race but in a marathon, the winner is someone steady and consistent not hasty

    the TOO fast one in the early stages will lose steam and stamina for the long haul

    and guess what - life is more like the marathon than the sprint

    skewedmoron, you get my drift or is it too "chim" for you?

  116. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Kalau nak lihat dalaman seseorang, bolih juga tengok perangai anak dan isteri dia. Rupa2 nya ayah saja public figure pandai sendiwara.

  117. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Thanks for the link SSS supporter. The singapore malays should print that article, laminate and frame it up - to remind them DAILY that lky has no space for the malays in singapore.

    As he is getting old and perhaps senile, his camouflaging (spin) ability is deteriorating therefore the TRUTH is out for all to witness.

    So singapore malays wake up and Malaysian Malays be forewarned if the chinese ever form the govt!!

    Skewedmoron, care to comment ala the intellectual, which in your case is just copy paste facts and figures elsewhere to be credited as your brain power. So sad, educated but not intellectual