Friday, September 17, 2010

Ah, the irony, Gopal Sri Ram!

(Another) Too late the hero. What is it about people like former judge Gopal Sri Ram, who suddenly found the voice of righteousness to criticize their own profession only after they have safely retired from whatever it was they were happily doing? By all means, talk on as talk is cheap. People like Gopal Sri Ram should have rebelled against the system, they should have gotten out or die trying like a few actually did.
Yesterday, this former judge took a bitter (angry?) swipe at the Judiciary, which he served (and which, I'm sure, served him very well). Read H E R E. He condemned the Judiciary for being "too executive-minded". In one instance, he vilified his former brother Judges for  "reversing decisions through the Federal Court to accommodate the wishes of the federal government".*

If the system was as rotten as he claimed, why did he suffer it and stayed on? To try and change things from the inside? 

Some will be hoping that Gopal Sri Ram will speak up more against the Judiciary. Well, good luck. I think the only one that will be exposed is Gopal Sri Ram himself. You see, he was not just part of the system, he was in a position to influence the system and change it if it was as bad as he'd painted it to be. Or maybe he did and if so, I stand corrected.

Judges are people of honor, wise men and women whose actions and words are supposed to lead the rest of us ordinary folk. Their judgment can send you to the gallows or render the ruling party illegal. If the Judiciary is not what it should be, they should do something and not go through the motions like normal people do. Say your piece now or forever hold your peace.

* Gopal Sri Ram, I think, is also referring to the Federal Court's decision to reverse the Court of Appeal's decision on UEM vs Genisys. Vested interest? The said Court of Appeal was chaired by Gopal Sri Ram. I happened to have written about the case on my blog and the business papers covered the case closely, too. Yes, it was thought to be a bizarre decision. No, not the Federal Court's judgment BUT the RM87 million decision by the Court of Appeal. In fact, the Federal Court found some aspects of Gopal Sri Ram's judgment "disturbing". Read my most recent posting on that case H E R E.


  1. Anonymous4:58 pm

    If you look back on some of the issues this Gopal Sri Ram has over the last 10 years, I believe this guy is just of of those ungrateful, think they are better than anyone type of person who belongs in either Hindraf, DAP or PKR.


  2. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Irony? Irony? Now where did I hear THAT before. Perhaps along the following lines ...?

    (i) Malay student whose papa goes to toreh getah at 5am everyday gets scholarship to study overseas, graduates, becomes a top-notch guy wearing Cavazini suits, now takes the podium and says that the DEB has been wrongly used, is unfair, and that the malays must not be dependent on tongkat mentality.

    (ii) Chinese grandpapa aged 94 years old still remembers the day he and few others were roughly manhandled by the tochangs as he got off from the boat years ago and be forced to mine for tin. But anything would be better than to go BACK to mainland where gangsterism, famine and opium were strife. Years later, he was ohhh sooo thankful when the malays were ever so kind to give him citizenship and he didnt have to go back again. Fast forward to present day, he watches silently as his grandson types on his blog, expounding the unfairness and racism of the malays, and how oppressed he is as he only could afford to buy ONE BMW and he graduated from Oxford from his dad's hard-earned money and not from the government. Dementia has not set in yet, but Grandpapa is so damn sure that there is something wrong somewhere here.

    (iii) Professor Shahrir Md Zin, educated in English, speaks English, was sent to English speaking University, now comes back and says to the younger generations, "You all should learn mathematics and Science in Bahasa, not English".

    (iv) Sharifah Amani: swears in malay, farts in malay, and do everything else in malay because, well, to tell you the truth, because her English leaves much to be desired, with wrong grammar and limited vocab and all. But yet, during award giving ceremony, asks to speak in English because, well, "I sound stupid speaking in malay".

    (v) Hishamuddin Rais and Namewee who pleaded and shed crocodile tears saying never to do those stupid things again, and please don't buang daerah us. Thereafter, sudah free kalu, do those stupid things again, because of (ii) above.

    (vi) Marking Bagpie, just because he simply is. :-)

    Marking Bagpie

  3. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Thank you so much Dato Rocky for this very nice article. Disgusting, Nasi dah Hangit, hope this old man just shut his mouth, forgo his pension if he opens it!!

    Who are watching these people and who are monitoring their "SO CALLED PROFESSIONAL CONDUCTS?" (This Q also include Mahkamah Syariah)

    A note, on the suspect of the recent murders/burning, how was it this man, being a member of their Council, posing around as a Dato', went undetected by them?

    I was "almost" conned of thousands too by one of their kind.. S&P too, I am sure many more victims out there are suffering in silence?


  4. Anonymous7:02 pm

    The difference between a wise man and a fool. The wise man does at the beginning what the fool does at the end.

  5. Anonymous7:16 pm

    You are a hero if you talk against the Judiciary. And you are a super hero if you are a former retiree from the judiciary. Fast learner.

  6. s.s.seelan8:12 pm

    I hope you were equally incisive against the IGP's outburst upon hearing, allegedly from the Press, that his contract has not been renewed. I do not always follow your blog and hence, if you did, then I stand corrected.
    If my memory serves me right, one brave High Court Judge from East Malaysia named Ian Chin J, whilst still serving on the Bench, did say in no uncertain terms that Judges who were deemed problematic ( to be read as not toeing the Executive's stance ) should or were sent to a Boot Camp on the orders of Dr M.
    Well he learned a painful lesson about wanting to uphold the independance of the Judiciary and had to retire early.
    In Gopal Sri Ram's case, its not the irony Rocky, its just being smart in Malaysia.

  7. Hypocrites of the worst kind are like that.

    They will praise their boss when they are in power, but when they retire they will show their true colours.

    Criminals, homosexuals and gangsters will defend their own.

  8. Gopal Sri Ram, like N.H.Chan, was one of a handful of credible judges
    in Malaysia.Unlike the likes of Paul and Arrifin?!, these judges are highly respected!I hope Gopal Sri Ram, like N.H. Chan, will continue to speak up for us ordinary Malaysians.

  9. Hi Rocky, by the way, did you know that three judges preside over the Court of Appeal?

    In the case referred by you, I dont remember the other two judges dissenting.

    Its not bizarre Rocky..its called unanimous!!

  10. Anti Position Abuser11:48 pm

    Isn't this the same guy who took liberty to berate a third party in one of his judgements?

  11. Anonymous12:47 am

    Well, the former IGP too spoke out on 'executive' interference.

    What was that all about?

    You have any idea?

    Suddenly you can see Gopal but not the former IGP!!!!

    Check eyesight.... something not right.


  12. CommonerNinetyNine3:44 am

    "...judges are people of honor, wise men and women whose actions and words are supposed to lead the rest of us ordinary folk..."? they are not human? no favouritism? no greed? no opinion ... etc human stuff?

    it is not about the system, the topic of so called judiciary independence, it is its executors that are raising doubts.

    to me, total judiciary independence is a flaw. what if its executors play evil? who is doing the check and balance on them then? when is someone above the law?

    if those entrusted clerics or "saint" type quality people can keep disappoint people like that, what makes you think these big mouths are better?

    using their big mouth barking in public accusing other people looks honor and wise to you, sir?

    give me a break!

  13. Anonymous4:50 am

    I do not know why you even give him a sapce in your blog

  14. I think he should be more concerned about the rights of minority groups like failed judges, given his undistinguished career.

    The effects of injustice to the minority is for the people's conscience and vote to determine, not the exclusive preserve of the self-appointed guardians.

  15. Anonymous8:00 am

    After what they did to the four poor people in the sosilawati murder case, and now this, I think bangsa paria ni memang tak boleh dipercayai lagi.

  16. Anonymous8:48 am

    Haha, Rocky, You do not remember? ..Last time you were good friends with haris Ibrahim, Zorro, Niamah and the rest - today they r yr enemies...

  17. Rocky,

    awak ni memang datuk bodoh.
    tak sedar ker bila kes VK lingham keluar... awak tidur kat mana masa Ketua Hakim negara dipecat oleh Mahathir mamak???

    Walau apa pun, aku bangga UMNO melayu diperintah mamak keling india macam mahathir, azeez, daim dan shahrizat...

  18. Anonymous12:10 pm

    its like u lah...makan gaji and sometimes kutuk government. maybe he stayed on to try to make changes within

  19. ss seelan wrote:
    Hi Rocky, by the way, did you know that three judges preside over the Court of Appeal?

    In the case referred by you, I dont remember the other two judges dissenting.

    Its not bizarre Rocky..its called unanimous!!


    I stand corrected. It's three times the bizarre then.

    And in Ian Chin's case, SS Seelan, where's the honor of a judge when you lashed out at a former prime minister, so many years after that prime minister has retired?

    Why did he suffer the BTN back then?

    If a learned judge couldn't speak up against what he perceived as wrong back then, I wonder what else he'd been screwing up since then.

    And that's your hero?

  20. somebody says here sri ram not grateful.....

    grateful to what ???????
    what kind of a stupid ass we have here ???

    Judges suppose to upheld Justice....not grateful to UMNO, anwar, DAP or who ever...

    why people in this country so stupid....????

  21. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Anon 8.00 AM,

    Just because in this case the murder was commited by one ethnic group you call them paria and cannot be trusted......if you can recall in Grik when Mohd Amin shot dead an indian police detective and a commando from kept your now who is the paria and cannot be trusted....hey pls grow up really shows how shallow and low you can be...god help you !

  22. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Just like that mamak kutty, after safely retired with billions, keep blaming everyone except themselves...

    These retirees, what a bunch of pathetic assholes!

  23. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Agree with you Datuk.
    Kalau tak setuju, fight la masa ada kuasa, bukan wat bising time da retired.
    Kalau still tk setuju dgn keadaan, resign jer..
    ni wat bising bila da tader kepentingan, tader kredibiliti langsung.

  24. Anonymous6:27 pm


    My hero is Mamakthir, for emptying the highest court in the land for non-complying judges.

    Wait for Gopal Sri Ram's memoirs. I'm sure he will say something about the Mamakthir cronies like Arifin Jaka and Augustine Paul, such wonderful lapdogs.


  25. Typist9:03 pm

    Patutnya dia lepaskan jawatan hakim Mahkamah Rayuan dulu lagi kalau rasa tak dapat laksanakan tugas seperti yg diamanahkan dan bukanya buat muka kesian bila tak dinaikkan pangkat sebagai hakim mahkamah Persekutuan.He should return to Govt all the salary he received as a judge because he too failed to discharge his duty as a judge to defend the minority. He should give such comment while serving as a judge to proof his dignity. Dignity of a judge are valued while serving as a judge and not after retired. If he choose to proof his dignity after retired it is only a disgraceful act.

  26. Anonymous6:14 am

    Sri Ram is just a fraud. By the way he was handpicked by the late Tun Hamid Omar and he bypassed many judges of much more senior than him. Normally judges go through rank and file. Before one is appointed court of appeal judge one had to be a high court judge.

    Sri Ram was appointed from private practice to court of appeal.

    He had a dispute with his former law firm partners under the name of Sri Ram & co. The dispute went to the high court and Hamider Singh, the high court judge found against Sri Ram. He was also found to have given false testimony in this high court case.

    the police should charge him for perjury.

  27. Anonymous10:43 am


    Typical black (Indian) characters being termed by British that they are "Bad masters , good servants".

  28. Ini semua PETUALANG & manusia yang bongok...poket kembung & ada power mulut senyap...poket dah koyak & tak ada power - baru melalak macam gila talak...

  29. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Malaysia will be free from racists if it's not a multi racial country...


  30. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I will always remember one of them who put a pistol in his mouth and blew his brain out.

    The pressure of having done something not right, I guess must have driven him to such act.

    Of 'cos as Muslim, that is not acceptable, taking ones own life.

    Tapi yang MELUAT, buat muka bodo bulan2 kutip gaji and fat allowances and the "APA BOLE BUAT MAU CARI MAKAN" attitide.

    Allah saja yang tahu how many innocent people suffered in making sure you have food on your own table.

    Aney, before you die, go look for those innocent people you did them wrong once, make sure you give them back what they truthfully deserve, then baru la cun kalau nak melalak sedunia pun.

    Otherwise, go play jauh jauh with your cucu... like Monsterball lau ren..


  31. anon 1043 says...Typical black (Indian) characters being termed by British that they are "Bad masters , good servants".

    those british and david cameron now lining up to India for contracts so that british people can maintain jobs in defence contract, BAE, service sector etc.... david cameron visited India for jobs. Obama going in November...they dont come to malaysia.... Obama is going to Indonesia instead, because even he knows malaysia is hopeless compared to Indonesia.

    The richest britain is Indian and tnd the richest Asian is Indian.... so mind your word for the blacks.

    Even in malaysia, you were led by an Indian keling named mahathir Iskandar kuuty with shahrizat jalil and azeez... so much for your malay leadership.... you people are afraid of choosing KuLi instead of a mamak...what a disgrace...

  32. Typist,

    If he comment when he was a Judge, can you guarantee that he wont be sacked ??? You people sacked the Ketua hakim in 1988... malaysia cant even follow democracy well, why dont you change it back to before the British came....

    just Use Absolute Monarchy system....

    no need for parliament, judges and Prime minister....all these Adun and MP makan gaji Buta anyway.... We better off having the Sultans rule direct...I will support...

  33. A Judge's work is difficult enough without a fellow brother "retired" Judge making generalised statements about the Judiciary that he once served for more than 15 years.

    A judge has to make a decision based on the evidence and the law before him, if he makes a decision based on law favouring the Government of the day that makes him pro Government? This labelling of decisions by judges being pro or anti Government just have to stop because it is nonsensical, let the Judiciary as an independent arm of the Government find their own way to uphold justice according to the law and the Perlembagaan.

    All those active times, Gopal like the retired Chan had the power and influence to voice out a wrong in private among judges and in public in his written or oral judgement. That they finally found the voice of their conscience so to speak after they retired is too much to bear. I think it is wrong and sets a bad example for the young.

    A judge should serve without fear or favour without which he is just an empty shell. If there is outside official interference they should voice it out there and then and the consequence be damned and if no action taken they should take the honourable road to retire early and make a police report about it.

  34. tebing tinggi12:06 am

    I dot know Gopal seri ram, I only know Samy veloo but I beive both are the same kinds.

  35. Anonymous9:45 am

    Hi Latuk,
    Just waiting for your version of retirement speech.

  36. Anonymous10:50 am

    GSR is the complete 'arse kissing'

    nothing more.

    when in gomen , he was a true badua-
    bark n bite when the master asked him

    now he wants to be patriot

    go fuck off

    khong khek khuat

  37. Anonymous7:05 pm


    You should send Obama a "THAN YOU VERY MUCH" note for doing Malaysia and the world a service.

    Help create jobs there so no more of the Indians and Indons sneaking in roaming around the world looking for "GREENER PASTURES".

    And I pray that all will flock home and be with their kind, once and for all..

    Phew... about time about time.


  38. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Aney oh aney.

    A snake is a snake is a snake.

  39. Perwira,

    soon people like you will line up to work in Indonesia.... when Indons prosper and malaysia shit on itself...

  40. Anonymous8:27 am

    Only in Bolehland can a mamak become PM and be treated like a God. Only in Bolehland can the real natives of the land succumb to the leadership of pendatangs like Azeez Rahman, Sharizat Jalil and Nor Mohd Yakcop.

    And they tell the rest of the pendatangs to go home.


  41. Rocky,

    Maybe you and the others are right in that they should have spoken up while they are in office rather than after retirement.

    But, before we accused them of cowardice, how do we know they have not spoken up? As we all know, everything from the media to the civil service is so controlled. OSA, ISA etc. Can't do this, can't do that sort of thing. What more a judge?

    Maybe also their conscience told them they have to stay on and suffer the indignity of being bad mouthed because if they have chosen to leave, they would have left the system in disarray.

    So, though some of you may think they are not worth their "salt" because they spoke up after they left, I feel they have done right by doing so albeit a bit late. We should not take the view that past leaders who may have made wrong/bad judgment calls be immune from critism just because they are not in the seat of power.

  42. Anonymous9:49 am

    Only in Malaysia, the pendatang who refused to assimilate with the national language, national constitution and national culture feel so annoyed whenever people called them pendatang, thought they themselves behaving like aliens..everything preserved, time still, just like the day their forefathers came trailing their white masters ass in tongkangs to this land..

    The mamak, bangla, nepalis, pakistanis or any pendatang race coming later in the 20th century can assimilate the majority culture & speak the majority language fluently in just a few months compared to these 53yrs home breed aliens species. This later pendatang can anytime make a better citizen compared to this fermented foul smell alien disease.

    The home breed aliens always have the mentality that they are the Gods of this land..

    That explained their holier-than thou superior feeling attitude & the thinking of deserving more than any bumiputeras..

    so next time before cursing any mamak, bangla, pakis or nepal, please see your very own ugly face first you aliens..and don't get so annoyed whenever WE ask you to GO BACK to India or China..its a fact, why deny? preserving it make you pendatang deserved it more..and one more thing pendatang , don't think all the malays originated from Indon..
    Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Patani, Ayuthya civilization exist almost a thousand years earlier than whatever 1511 Tom Pires' history crap called 'Melaka'..also, the Malay of the Brunei & Sulu Sultanate build civilization in Borneo & Philipines, subjugated by all the pribumis there who already assimilated to malay civilization centuries ago & having no problem with that unlike you ..jgn perasan mereka mcm korang lah pendatang are all alone looser..hahaha..

    Hey chingkies..your own emperors are aliens..they are Manchu, Mongol, Tartar & Jurchen..none of your fucking bastard here carry the feature genes of what your rulers look like..what a bunch of bragging fucking losers you are..pathetic!

    that's why your forefathers became pendatang bangsat in the first place..bunch of rejected succumb pariahs in own homeland, soul searching for traces of dignity at the mercy of white asses in far away land..


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. Anonymous10:21 pm


    Kami bukan dari keturunan jenis menghele' dan mengayap!

    Why wait, you should go there and start flying kites already.. hehehe