Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The letter the Sultan was not told about

Dear DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ibni almarhum Sultan Iskandar .... The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has in its
possession this letter from Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary to the Sultan of Johor. The letter was found on the 54-year emissary who was detained at the Istana Tanjong in Muar for allegedly trying to bribe the Sultan.

In the letter, which the emissary could not pass to the Tuanku  on the night of his arrest because he was not allowed an audience with the Sultan by the advisers, Syed Mokhtar states his intention to set up a Foundation in the name and memory of the Sultan's late father.

Syed Mokhtar, a great philanthropist, commits in the letter a contribution of RM5 million a year for five years to the Foundation.

The MACC found RM1.01 million on the emissary on the night of his arrest. The emissary was met at the Istana by two of the Sultan's aides and a businessman from Kota Tinggi. I'm not sure if the three knew about the letter, or if they failed to inform the Sultan of it, for some reasons only known to them.


  1. The whole thing sounds fishy.
    Whatever it is no one should be carrying that amount of cash to the Sultan anyway without having a proper discussion with the Sultan officially anyway.

    And Syed Mokhtar should not be using emissary out of respect to the Sultan. He should have sought an official audience with the Sultan personally to explain what he wanted to do. That would have been the respectful and 'proper' thing to do.

    Anyone claiming to be an emissary and carrying a million in cash in a bag is bound to be suspicious and could have been a trap for the Sultan to use against him.

    The Sultan did the right thing and showed that if you want to do anything with him - you better do it in the right way or you are going to suffer the consequences.

  2. Yang Benak dari Benoi1:52 pm


    Bismen from Kota Tinggi tu mesti si Daeng Malek, betul tak?

    Bukankah dia digantung keahlian Umnonya 2 tahun lepas. Didapati bersalah menggunakan politik wang dalam kempen pilihanraya parti.

    Politik wang tu rasuah lah kan?

    Yang Benak dari Benoi.

  3. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Who gave you this letter, Rocky? The MACC, the Palace or Syed Mokthar?
    Whoever gave you the letter, we the readers must question, WHY? What is the MOTIVE behind, for giving you this letter?
    You have a lot of explaining to do, sir.

  4. Anonymous2:03 pm

    I have the utmost respect for the Sultan of Johor. His majesty, is truly a class above the rest.

  5. Budak Segamat2:04 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya rasa ada dalang yang pasang perangkap untuk Tan Sri dan Sultan. Cerita Istana Melayu sebegini banyak dalam sejarah. Hingga Hang Tuah pun pernah difitnah.

    DYMM Sultan kena gunakan kebijaksanaan. Kami rakyat Johor percaya pada budibicara Tuanku.


  6. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Kekayaan Sultan Johor tidak ternilai. Pastinya ada agenda untuk menjatuhkan baginda.

  7. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Tan Sri should sue Rocky for defamation. Civil. Criminal intent. Seditious. macam mana ni EIC buat rookie mistake? all about trying to spin too much

    Jawa Parit Raja

  8. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Yang patut di tangkap ialah orang2 IRDA dan IIB yang secara terang2 memakan duit rasuah dari projek2 rmk9 yang di subcon kepada kontraktor2 yang kebanyakannya syarikat alibaba milik kaum kerabat mereka. MACC sepatutnya lebih peka kepada isu-isu yang sebegini daripada mencari pasal dengan pihak istana. Orang yang patut di soaljawab oleh pihak MACC ialah Zainol Rashid aka Badak (IRDA), hphone no 019 315 2636 dan juga Pn Arlida dan suami(CEO IIB), dan ramai lagi penyamun2 MCOBA yang bermaharajalela di Johor Bahru.

  9. I agreed with Nik that SM should have sought an official audience to meet the Sultan personally and express his intent. The businessman from KT must be daing malik long-time friend of the sultan and his late father. He could be the culprit in orchestrating this whole episode simply because he doesn't want to lose grip with the istana and if SM's idea is being accepted by the sultan daing will eventually lose his present istana "privileges". What should matter most to the sultan rite now is money.

  10. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Tak masuk akal langsung, takkan Syed Mokhtar main hantar surat pakai posmen to Sultan Johor? Kalau betul nak set up foundation, kenapa kena bawak RM1.01 juta in cash? For what? As if the Sultan is well-aware about Syed Mokhtar's proposal and agreed to accept RM1.01 juta as "advance" for the yearly RM5 juta donation. Obviously, surat ini nak cover up ler tuh. Syed Mokhtar, kau dah banyak dapat tanah free kat Johor (courtesy of Muhyiddin) apa lagi kau nak? Kau nak cuba bribed Sultan Johor pulak?

  11. Agree with Nik. Why, cash and in such huge amount? Hope that there are no power plays and/or political chess game behind these shenanigans. There are too many political persons (both ruling and opposition) who have felt the brunt of the Sultan for not doing their jobs properly or taking responsibility to the rakyat.

    The Sultan did the correct thing by not granting an audience to the emissary. I find it hard to believe that Syed Mokhtar undertook whatever that is mentioned as his philanthropic activities are quite transparent and above board. Maybe we are not getting the whole story of what actually transpired.


  12. Anonymous3:33 pm

    nak buat yayasan utk bantu org susah pun dah jadik susah, payah la macam nih???
    kemana hala tuju org Malaysia nak pi??? ke kiri bukan ke kanan pun bukan, tengah2 dah kena blok pulak, ada aku migrate blah dari tanah tumpah kau sendiri nnt...
    ada pemimpin tapi cabuk dan penakut, malu nak mengaku org Malaysia sekarang...


  13. Anonymous3:42 pm

    sultan di kianat...

    majoriti melayu di pinggir...

    cina di halau...

    kaum india di gelar anjing...

    "Last Thursday, at the launch of the Merdeka celebrations of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kulai, the school principal Hajah Siti Inshah binti Mansor said: “Pelajar-pelajar Cina tidak diperlukan dan boleh balik ke China ataupun Sekolah Foon Yew. Bagi pelajar India, tali sembahyang yang diikat di pergelangan tangan dan leher pelajar nampak seakan anjing dan hanya anjing akan mengikat seperti itu.”


  14. Anonymous4:42 pm

    If Syed Mokthar is sincere,why carry the cash around. I thought he had the best accountants and the service of the banks at his will.
    Does he know how to use a cheque?
    Sounds fishy to me.
    The letter could be a last minute thing.
    I trust the DYMM Sultan Johor more in this matter.

  15. Anonymous4:44 pm

    By the way, does the following quote still stand, in th elight of this new info 'unearthed' in this latest article?

    "What's clear in this case is that the new Sultan of Johor is establishing himself as an absolute no-nonsense when it comes to situations which may raise suspicions about his and the palace's integrity. That is awesome.

    It also means that if any businessman is approached by anyone claiming to represent the Istana and demanding favors on behalf of the DYMM Sultan, call in the MACC. Because Sultan Ibrahim is not that kind of Sultan."

    And is not this tycoon the one who is also making a bid to take over all the highways' operations where at least one third of the NS highway runs in the state of Johor?

    There was this other opinion too. "Should not be using emissary out of respect to the Sultan. He should have sought an official audience with the Sultan personally to explain what he wanted to do. That would have been the respectful and 'proper' thing to do."

    Very mild comment indeed, compared to the wild, racist and sexist outbursts by many when a female MP was invited into a prayer hall by the committee managing the place of worship.


  16. Anonymous5:06 pm

    WAH, before you wrote Halim Saad and Syed Mokthar in clash of the tycoons, and now suddenly Syed Mokthar is in trouble with the law. NST ran that stupid interview with Halim Saad, which seems like a prepared TEXT, and it took two editors to write the story. Rashid, the Daim crony and Mustapha, Kalimoola's sickly bitch.
    Enough of that, the question here is why did NST play up the Syed Mokthar story? Do they have an agenda against Syed Mokthar?

  17. Anonymous5:13 pm

    How u kno Sultan duno bout the letter? Tell us lah, if u really really 100 per cent kno tat statement to be true or it is a calculated guess???
    Did the Sultan tell u, he was not told of the letter?

  18. Anonymous5:50 pm


    In response to Nik, you are right in your comments, though I would like to add, at what point does a gift from a subject to his Ruler constitute bribery or corruption, especially when the Ruler is not in a position to approve or grant contracts or business licences.

    If a Ruler refuses to accept gifts in whatever form from his subject, cannot a simple rejection suffice, rather than to accuse the subject of corruption or attempting to corrupt.

    In this case, my only regret is that the palace chose to accuse the single Malay Muslim billionaire in the country who is well known for his benevolence without giving him a chance to explain himself.

    Tuanku has a right to be "murka" all he wants. That is his right as a ruler, but please judge your subjects, especially the Melayu, for the Tuanku is a Malay Sultan i.e. Raja Melayu, fairly.

    Tidak akan ada Raja Melayu, jika tidak ada orang Melayu dan orang Melayu akan tetap mendokong dan mempertahankan Rajanya. Hanya yang dipinta oleh rakyat Melayu kepada Rajanya ialah untuk berlaku adil,

    Raja Adil, Raja di Sembah...

    Thanks for the space Bru!

  19. Anonymous5:55 pm

    1. Macam mana Datuk boleh dapat surat yang sepatutnya didalam simpanan MACC, perkara masih dalam siasatan dan tidak seharus dipamerkan, malah surat tersebut bukanlah dokumen awam.

    2. Mungkin Tan Sri itu berniat 'baik' tetapi caranya adalah tidak tertib, dan memalukan pihak Tuanku Sultan secara peribadi. Beliau tidak sepatutnya menghantar wakil untuk pergi mengadap Tuanku Sultan, seolah-olah taraf Tan Sri
    ini lebih tinggi dari Tuanku Sultan. Ini juga menunjukkan
    sikap angkuh Tan Sri itu.

    3. Mungkin Tan Sri itu berpendapat hubungan baiknya
    dengan TDM,PM,TPM, akan menghalalkan apa juga

    4. Sepatutnya Tan Sri itu lebih berdiplomasi,
    memandangkan agenda Tan Sri di Johor kesemua masih
    belum selesai seperti kes tanah tebus guna, dan tanah2
    yang diberi kepada beliau oleh kerajaan Johor.

    5. Walaupun salah dari segi protokol dan adab, Tan Sri
    patutnya menghantar anak Johor sebagai wakil, bukannya
    seorang bekas Peguam yang nampaknya tidak tahu
    adat resam negeri Johor, ini boleh menjejas kredibiliti
    bekas peguam tersebut yang juga adalah seorang
    Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan Syarikat yang disenaraikan.

    Adalah diharapkan duit RM 5 Juta yang dijanjikan tersebut
    adalah duit ikhlas dari Tan Sri bukannya diambil dari
    Syarikat2 Tan Sri yang tersenarai seperti yang dilakukan
    untuk Universiti Tan Sri di Kedah.

    6. Walaupun blogger yang sehaluan dengan TDM cuba
    menyelamatkan keadaan, namun pada hakikatnya, episod
    ini menjadi semakin buruk dan akan menjejaskan lagi
    krebiliti Tan Sri di mata Rakyat Johor.

    7. Tan Sri itu sepatutnya telahpun pergi mengadap Tuanku
    Sultan sendiri untuk memohon maaf.

    8. Ini sepatutnya menjadi pengajaran dan tauladan kepada Tan Sri itu agar lebih berhati2 didalam memilih penasihat-
    penasihat beliau.

    9. Kawan ingin menasihatkan Tan Sri itu agar jangan bersikap biadap kepada Tuanku Sultan memandang Kerajaan Johor telah banyak memberi beliau peluang perniagaan, tanah2 pada harga yang murah dari dahulu sehingga kini.

  20. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. This should be a lesson to all of us. There's a saying that the road to hell is littered with good intentions;

    2. There's a limit to being kind, generous and trusting. Syed Mokhtar should have not used emissary or if there's a need to do so, the person entrusted must be of the highest calibre and integrity;

    3. Not all people have good intentions and money to donate like Syed Mokhtar. There are those who take pleasure in inflicting hardhip on others. Manusia dengki dan khianat.

    4. We should not do things that gives these bad people the opportunity to trap us and to smear our good name;

    5. It is very interesting that so many "outsiders" were said to be at the Istana to await the emissary's arrival and to pounce on him;

    6. Whatever is the outcome of this case, I hope it teaches Syed Mokhtar and other Muslim dermawan to be extra careful about whom they deal with;

    7. As the Malay saying goes, "rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain.

    Thank you.

  21. Dayang Malik7:48 pm

    Bisnesman dari Kota Tinggi misti Daeng Malik, siapa lagi?

  22. Anonymous8:07 pm

    1. If I had wanted to set up a fund of 25 million, I would make an official appointment, which would be easy if I was as well known as the said bloke.
    2 . I would not be carrying cash to the tune of one mil.
    3. This letter is so fishy, any kindergarten student could smell stale fish in it.
    4. Nice try to cover-up, but amateurish, maybe he got advise from the AG-chambers. A letter like Teo Boon Hock's is now a standard issue.

    By Al-SemuaTau.

  23. Busineesman can do business. Palace is above all this. Then problems of this nature will not happen

  24. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Daeng Malik is involved with the bunker island project using influence to take it away from Syed Mokhtar.

  25. Anonymous10:06 pm

    I think TSSMBukhary has his own ways to bersedekah.

    My son's fees/books/tiusyen fees/exam fees, to my surprise was being catered for. No letter not even a note to inform me of this facilities.

    Strange, so I asked him to really check the source! Finally discovered (unofficially from the school),all Muslims from his class were given same, as sedekah, from Yayasan AlBukhary. I think he extended same sedekah to many schools even overseas students from Muslim countries, by the millions every year.

    Tak perlu isi borang permohonan, kaya miskin tak pun tanya, infact tak tau sebenda pun, tak perlu naik pentas tepuk2, bergambar tersengeh2 macam kerang busuk(macam Amoy masuk masjid hulur AngPow sepeket isi RM20).

    SMAlbukhary went about in the quiet, the Muslim way. I wish others will follow his ways.

    Ni yang bawa pi shopping beli baju raya kat anak yatim, selori pemberita ikut ambil gambar,(Rocky crew pun mesti ikut jugak kut?)

    Ceh, bukan duit dari poket mereka sendiri pulak tu tapi berkokok sekampung!



  26. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Kudos to the Sultan, these are the new generations of royalties that command respect from his subjects.

    Of course, the sultan felt insulted. Send messenger with envelope? If no respect, please do it out of courtesy ler.

  27. Anonymous12:32 am

    Datuk,rasa dukacita krn Sultan yg disayangi rakyat tidak diberi nasihat yg betul dan ikhlas oleh 3 org yg sepatutnya mempastikan bhw nama baik Sultan tidak tercemar atau tercalar akibat dari pandangan dan nasihat mereka .3 org adalah Setiausaha Jemaah Diraja Dato Rahim, Ahli perniagaan dari Kota Tinggi yg juga merupakan Ahli Jemaah(D Malik) dan Setiausaha Sulit (Jaba) yg cuba tonjolkan dirinya berfungsi.

    Sememangnya dgn maklumat asal yg disampaikan kepada Sultan,Sultan telah bertindak dgn cara yg sesuai dgn nasihat yg telah diberikan NAMUN maklumat yg terperinci dan cara penyampaian kpd Sultan Sultan telah memungkinkan Sultan tidak mendapat maklumat yang jelas dan penuh tentang niat, tujuan dan fakta sebenar. Dan arahan Sultan supaya membuat laporan ke MACC mungkin tidak akan dikeluarkan jika Sultan mendapat nasihat dari org yg lebih sesuai dan bebas di dalam isu ini terutamanya yg ada asas perundangan spt peguam atau penasihat undang undang negeri.

    Perkara ini terlalu kecil dan sepatutnya tidak perlu diperbesarkan terutama di hari yg baik dan Malam Raya sepatutnya ianya ditangani dengan penuh semangat persahabatan dan maaf bermaafan. Jika pun berlaku salah protokol atau adap untuk mengadap Sultan, apakah adil wakil yg membawa wang tersebut beserta surat terpaksa bermalam dalam tahanan di Malam Raya?... kesian dia dan keluarganya.

    Dari cerita yg didengar, wakil tsbt telah membawa satu sampul kecil dan wang tunai RM 1 J. Dia telah menelefon Setiausaha Sulit lebih awal pada tengahari dan dibenarkan datang ke Istana pada jam 10 malam olehnya. Apabila wakil tsbt serahkan sampul kecil dan duit, Setiausaha Sulit dan seorg ahli Jemaah telah terus mengadap Sultan tanpa menyelidik kandungan sampul kecil tsbt. Wakil tsbt juga tidak dibenar dan dibawa mengadap Sultan.

    Maka timbullah salah sangka dan salah faham. Mungkin semua pihak patut tahu cara yg betul dan beradat utk mengadap seorang Sultan Dan bagi yg telah diberi amanah secara rasmi atau tidak di dalam menasihatkan Sultan perlu selidik secara terperinci segala maklumat sebelum sampaikannya kepada Sultan. Tugas penasihat hendaklah MEMPASTIKAN Sultan dapat nasihat yg tepat dan betul serta memberi pandangan tentang kesan yg mungkin terjadi akibat sesuatu tindakan oleh Sultan. Jangan campurkan masalah peribadi atau perniagaan di dalam memberi pandangan kpd Sultan.

    Kepada Tuanku, kami rakyat sayangkan Sultan kami dan tak mahu ada apa apa mencemari nama baik Sultan, dapatkan nasihat daripada yg bebas dan professional demi menjaga kedaulatan Raja Raja Melayu. Daulat Tuanku, kepada sesiapa yg cuba mengkhianati Sultan hentikanlah, dan kepada para mengampu cukup cukup lah, Sultan Johor mahkota rakyat namanya harum dan terbilang terutamanya selepas mula turun padang di dalam program Kembara Mahkota Johor pada tahun 2000.Program yg amat berjaya dan telah mengubah pandangan rakyat kpd keluarga diraja Johor dan telah menjadikan keluarga Sultan di sayangi dan di sanjung semua rakyat berbilang bangsa. Tahniah Tuanku teruskan kami rakyat sentiasa menyokong Tuanku.ALLAH perliharakan Sultan.

  28. Syed Ali Muar12:59 am

    Dear Rocky.

    I am totally with Nik comment.The new Sultan is not stupid and Tan Sri Mokhtar make the biggest mistake in his life.he can buy the minister and menteri besar with money but no with the rich Sultan of johore.

    salute to you Tuanku.

    If you want to set up a faundation for the late Sultan,fine but why bring one million ringgit for Tuanku.

    Why dont you go personally to see Tuanku and explain to him you intention.

    Good luck to you Tan Sri Mokhtar.

  29. Saya rakyat Johor percaya DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor bila mana mendapat tahu mengenai maklumat terbaru ini akan memggunakan kebijaksanaan nya untuk menyelesaikan perkara ini.

    TSM on the other hand should seek an audience immediately with DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor to explain and seek forgiveness for the misunderstanding.

    Nik is right, tidak perlulah ada orang tengah untuk mewakili beliau berjumpa dengan DYMM Sultan Johor.

  30. Anonymous7:39 am

    Kalau Sultan Johor dapat duit Raya 1 juta, Sultan2 lain dapat berapa?

    Tak kan lah Sultan Johor aja yang dapat, Kecik hati lagi lah Sultan Kedah.

    Anak Kedah

  31. Anonymous8:53 am

    but cash?? letter cud be backdated and faked so easily

  32. Anonymous9:52 am

    I am still unable to reconcile the letter with the RM1mil in cash. The letter states only the intention or suggestion to set up a foundation in the name of the Late Sultan.

    1st question: why would Syed Mokhtar send an emissary to the Palace with RM1Mil in cash when the foundation had not even been set up?

    2nd question: assuming the intended foundation had been set up or at least had been approved by the Sultan,why the need to send cash? Payments of this nature are almost always done by way of cheque payable to the trustees of the foundation.

    Frankly Rocky this letter only raises more questions. It does not provide any answers, as you seem to suggest.

    In any event, His Royal Highness was correct in reporting this to the MACC. Likewise his advisors were spot on with their actions.

  33. Anonymous10:12 am

    Rocky, the whole thing was a set-up from the start. The sultan is surrounded by bad ppl who try to manipulate him for their vested interests. The ppl met by syed mokhtar's emissary r the worst among these ppl. They see syed mokhtar as a threat to their positioning of business interests via their association with the sultan. When they called in the MACC about the case, they also informed the Press. The editors in kl were alerted even before their ppl in JB to ensure coverage. Whether it was indeed a bribe money or just a gift of commitment for the proposed foundation is now irrelevant as the public perception has now been established about syed mokhtar as being a corrupt businessmen. Do check out which newspapers actually broke the story and if u r really smart link it to the fact that syed mokhtar is close to dr mahathir n is the most successful malay businessman around.

    Johor cat.

  34. Anonymous10:22 am

    What moron thinks by turning up with a bag of cash and letter is not going to cause the Sultan to be annoyed.
    If you want to set up a Charity there are lots of better more legal ways to do it.
    And Syed Mokhtar should have shown more respect to the Sultan by seeing him personally!
    Orang kaya ni has more money than brains...


  35. Anonymous11:23 am

    Burn that letter and charge the "datuk", whoever he is. Make him an example.

  36. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Do you want to know who the murdering lawyers of Datuk Sosilwati + 3 others + 5 more are ?

    1. Pathmanabhan a/l Nalliannen
    2. Surendren a/l Nalliannen

    Check it out at the Bar Council website under Disciplnary Orders for Nov 2009

    Justice 4 Victims of the Murdering Lawyers

  37. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Lets assume I wanted to bribe you with Rm one million, just so you can write a disparaging article against my allege enemy. With one million cash in bag, I went to your office. Being a smart alec,and we know bribery is a crime, I write a letter, and have it ready in my pocket, just in case.
    It just states, that I am hereby donating 1 million in cash to blah blah fund that your organisation may have, and you are the receiver on its behalf.
    If caught, no one is the wiser, you are safe so am I.If not, the letter disappears.
    In fact, if I am serious about a donation, why not I use a cheque rather than good old cash?
    I think you are smarter than the article you wrote Rocky.

  38. Anonymous2:43 pm


    Kalau Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar nak berbaik-baik dengan DYMM, patek rasa adil benarlah tu.

    Kami ni rakyat Tuanku. Raja adil disanjung ...

  39. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Bulan lepas, Ramadan adik I bawa beras, gula, tepung, minyak, bilis, susu, sardine, (hulur senyap2, neighbours pun tak tau) beri kat satu keluarga (husband melarat lumpuh, anak 5orang kecik2) yang serba tak mampu.

    Tinggal juga sesampul suraat (nipis ajer) cash untuk basahan sebanyak RM100.00 dalam kotak tadi.

    Harga tak sampai RM1juta, sekadar RM200 ajer...

    Phew! Selamat dia!!!
    Mujur dia tak kena tangkap rasuah.



  40. Anonymous5:51 pm


    something is not rite....Feels like entrapment.... Someone who is high profile (locally & internationally) will not allow himself to trip over RM1 million which seriously is peanuts as far as his biz empire goes....

    Keturunan Jebat

  41. Some jealous business rival must have laid this trap for Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar.

    Tan Sri is a kind man, a philantrophist.

  42. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Saya harap Tuanku tidak lagi membenarkan Tan Sri menjejak kaki ke Johor. Biadap punya melayu.

  43. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Tuanku Sultan Johor juga patut perihatin tentang gejala rasuah di dalam Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB). Amalan rasuah yang dilakukan oleh CEO IIB (Arlida dan Suami) berserta dengan kuncu-kuncu mereka seperti Rostam, Sam, Abu Hanafiah (Ben) akan menjatuhkan dan mencemarkan nama Iskandar Malaysia.

    Sebagai mana Tuanku Sultan murka dengan Syed Mokhtar, Tuanku patut juga jauh lebih murka dengan perbuatan rasuah mereka.

  44. Anonymous11:56 pm

    It could be too small for Kamal or Khairuddin..

  45. Anonymous2:02 am

    Is it the same photostat machine than those who printed Teoh's suicide letter???
    Come on guys , you are perverted until the bones and we all know it ... But you may sell one or two Maseratis to bribe the Macc ...Sure it will work ...


  46. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Anon 7:59pm,
    gejala rasuah di Iskandar Investment dan seangkatannya, terutamanya IRDA, memang telah lama di ketahui umum. Akan tetapi CEO Khazanah dan kuncu2nya diam membisu dan tidak mengambil apa2 tindakan. Adakah Azman Mokhtar terlibat dalam skandal rasuah Arlida Ariff dan suaminya dan kroni2 seperti Ben, Sam, Rostam dan Adlan? Bagaimana pula projek2 RMK9 yang diuruskan oleh IRDA, berapa banyak juta lagi yang perlu disuap kepada Zainol Rashid dan rakan2 MCOBA?
    Kami harap mereka segera di tangkap dan di bawa ke muka keadilan. Najib atau Muhyiddin perlu bertindak segera sebelum terlambat.

  47. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Anonymous 7:34 PM said...

    Saya harap Tuanku tidak lagi membenarkan Tan Sri menjejak kaki ke Johor.

    Kalau sejak 50tahun dulu BUAT MACAM YOU SURUH, guarantee Negeri Johor will have only Bumiputras living in the state,

    or for that matter, SATU Malaysia. Ngaku jangan tak ngaku.



  48. Anonymous8:13 am

    Anon 6.48 dan 7.59,

    Harapan patik anak Johor hanyalah pada ketegasan and keperihatinan Tuanku Sultan Johor.

    Pada pendapat patik, YAB Dato' MB dan Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar tidak akan mengambil tindakan kerana mereka mempunyai kepentingan didalam Iskandar Malaysia baik didalam IRDA mahupun didalam IIB.

    Harapan patik berserta seluruh rakyat Iskandar Malaysia agar Tuanku Sultan tidak hanya mengambil berat terhadap cubaan untuk merasuah baginda, tetapi juga kepada orang-orang yang menerima rasuah kerana merekalah yang akan menggagalkan usaha-usaha untuk benar-benar memajukan Iskandar Malaysia.

  49. Anonymous7:59 pm

    What Iskandar Malaysia are you talking about? It's Johor Bahru you fool. Iskandar Malaysia is nothing but a rebrading conjob by Khazanah, leveraging on the existing products/infra of Johor Bahru to promote its landbank in Johor esp Nusajaya. Those monkeys in IIB and IRDA are busy achieving nothing. Najib should just scrap this idiotic Pak Lah's already-failed idea (thanks to KJ and his level 4 buddies). forget MB Johor or TS Azman, MACC needs to act fast, too many leakages here and there but nobody's is doing anything. Perhaps rocky could assist.

  50. Anonymous10:46 am

    Anon 7:59

    As for ‘Iskandar Malaysia’ or as you said..Johor Bahru..apart from UEM and Khazanah, Syed Mokhtar also got 1,000 acres of land at Nusajaya, thanks to his connection with the previous MB, and latest rumours in JB is that he is selling it with a big profit.

    BTW, as you mentioned about ‘failed Iskandar Malaysia’..a ‘brilliant idea’ (or they said) coined by the 4th Floor boys of the previous PM..If you ask the CEOs of IIB and IRDA, or the MB even the PM, they will say they managed to secure more than 60 billion Ringgit of investment. So it is ‘actually’ a ‘huge success story’, I don’t know what TDM will say though?

    As for the ‘rasuah’ issue in IIB or IRDA…as usual, it is the typical lackadaisical or wait and see attitude of enforcement officers in our country. Think MACC will only come after they get an invitation card and red carpet or maybe when something really bad has happened or somebody gets murdered…only then they will spring into action and claim that they managed to solve the case quickly and get a good shoulder pat from the PM.

    FYI, how can MACC take action against IIB’s CEO and her cohorts like Sam, Ben, Rostam and Adlan when even the local ADUN got a contract with IIB to manage the workers’ quarters.

    You should also ask TS Azman Mokhtar, what happened to the ‘so-called’ audit investigation done by one of the biggest audit firm in the country... bet you, it will be also swept under the carpet because most of the management staff is either from you know which school or company, or somebody’s friend or family member.

    As to ask Datuk Rocky to help, this issue is too small for him and his political agenda..he will probably tell you to make a report with MACC..so it is up to you my dear ‘Iskandarian’ friend..as for me, I just want to enjoy my teh tarik at Singgahselalu..watching them and Dato’ Lim destroy once pristine Pantai Lido, and watching all those Singapore registered cars pass by.

  51. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Anon 10:46am, those rm60bn worth of investments are nothing but on paper, it is not a secret. Tell me, how many actual investments that those foreign investors have actually invested? i'm talking about real money here (minus Government's portion). What about Node 1, any investment so far since the Government announced the additional incentives back in 2007? JB is still the same old JB. So kelam kabut. Those Spore cars passing by to Melaka or KL, why do they want to stop in JB? So u still think Iskandar Malaysia is a success story? That is a joke of the year. You should ask Hilmi, COO of IRDA, to wake up and punch you in the face.

  52. Bukit Cina2:25 pm

    Anon 10:46am,

    Your RM60bn investments are not actual numbers, it is merely on paper, and of course after adding those infra jobs by the Government as well. So, it is not really real. Has the number of employment in JB increased tremendously, in line with the RM60bn number as you claimed? c'mon ler berader, JB is still the old JB, sporean just passing by or fill in their patrol and by a can of coca cola. Better stay/go to Melaka, more happening, cleaner, and better security. JB sucks man!

  53. Anonymous4:52 am

    dear rocky,please lah give a better spin than that.if you were to tell us that the r1.01m is just play money n was supposed to bring it by himself as our beloved Sultan was waiting to start the monopoly game with him got angry with him after waiting for umpteen hours bcos of this disrespect told his aides to report to the police wud be a better spin n i might believe u .Funny your spin n the macc n teoh beng hock case sound almost alike mmmmmmmhh good precedent hahaha

  54. Anonymous6:33 pm

    I am surprised that you have unashamedly swallowed Syed Mokhtar's spin on this hook, line and sinker. If charity was his aim, why cash? Everyone knows that SM's strategy is simple: give me a project on negotiated terms and then I will allocate some of my obscene profits for charity to hoodwink all the Malays into thinking I am a super good Muslim.
    Good muslims keep their word and dont cheat people. I suspect this has to do with a mega project in Johore- bunkering, expansion of Tanjong Bin, the double tracking or purchase of PLUS. What he wants is to get pally with DYMM and then tell Putrajaya that Tuanku wants the project. Quite common for Arab oops Bumiputera tycoons without integrity.

  55. Anonymous9:01 am







  56. Anonymous9:09 am

    Anon 6:33

    good judgement " bumiputera tycoon without intergrity"

    Does the non bumiputera tycoons full of integrity??

    Do you have any integrity at all ???? Do you hate arabs aka Melayu?

    Come on lah !! yang buruk semua melayu, yang baik walaupun busuk semua bukan Melayu...

    Aku rasa kebaikan TSSMB mengatasi keburukan beliau ..

    Aku bangga Melayu (Islam) kaya walaupun darah arab

  57. Anonymous4:56 am

    Ini mungkin adalah kes ainaya org yg rapat dgn sultan atas arahan Pengamal Rasuah Politik dari KT, mrk nak si Sultan tu jgn rapat dengan TSM, dengarnya mrk cuba pressure agar si Aziz dan TSM didakwa....walau pun bukti kukuh tiada cuba guna kuasa dan pengaruh agar niat jahat malukan TSM dapat dilaksana. Gunakanlah kuasa di dunia, jgn lupa bila mati kelak dalam kubur tiada seorg pun dapat bantu. pd yg cuba dipengaruh jalankanlah tugas dan amanah rakyat dengan jujur jgn berharap buat sesuatu hanya krn nak dapat gelaran......

  58. Anonymous3:39 pm


  59. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Ini lah masalahnya kalau Sultan dan pemimpin2 politik diberi peluang yang besar didalam urusan bisnes negara terutama melibatkan urusniaga yg melibatkan ratusan malahan ribuan juta RM....

    Sudah tentu yang kaya / berkuasa bertambah kaya, rakyat yang miskin papa-kedana, air liur meleleh melihatkan mereka2 ini mengaut duit keuntungan saban hari dan menutup peluang bisnes kepada org2 awam yang cuba meningkatkan diri..

  60. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Kasihan lah sedikit kepada Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari yang banyak berjasa kepada negara dan UMNO itu.

    Mungkin ini agenda pihak2 tertentu berjiwa Yahudi yang dengki dan busuk hati dengan kejayaan Tan Sri dalam bidang bisnes....Maklumlah Melayu terkenal dengan sikap dengki nya!
    Ini samalah seperti Datuk Nizar yang mencetuskan kemarahan Sultan Johor baru2 ini. Semua ini adalah bunga2 politik yang bertujuan menjatuhkan sesama bangsa Melayu!