Monday, September 13, 2010

The irrational fear of Perkasa

CNBC: Why is former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and now Perkasa, why are they so upset though?

NAJIB: (Dr Mahathir and Perkasa) are not against us. They are talking more about bumiputra rights. But actually we are not taking anything away from the bumiputra, but we are saying that let us do it differently. Let us get better results. Let us achieve a more equitable society. But at the same time, being fair to the non-bumiputras as well. Because we want to build a One Malaysia.

Why KJ & Co should engage Perkasa. This is as good as Umno's official stand on Perkasa as you can get, for now. And said at a time when several Umno leaders (actually just a handful of them, namely Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri Aziz, Ku Nan and Khalid Nordin) are starting to attack Perkasa the way the DAP has been attacking this NGO, I say it's a timely statement from the Umno president to let his little mavericks know where the line should be drawn and avoid a "power struggle" wished for by Sin Chew, the newspaper that has lately been critical of anything too pro-Malay.

Actually, if you ask me, Umno does not need to make a stand on Perkasa. It does not need to openly declare support for Perkasa and Perkasa is also not asking for Umno's support. However, as a political party that represents the interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras it is incumbent for Umno to engage all Malay, Bumiputera and pro-Malay/Bumi NGOs and bodies.

I asked @daxmuhamad on twitter this morning: "... ever wondered why people who are so supportive of the racist (anti-Malay) Hindraf are so against Perkasa? Eg Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim"? [Remember, a Hindraf leader even stood for elections in March 2008 under the DAP's banner, which means he had the support of the Pakatan Rakyat!]
The fear of Perkasa, which has posed no real or serious threat to the Malaysian status quo, is irrational and starting to really irritate more and more people who know that this fear is being inflicted by some politicians for their own political expediency. It's just a matter of time before everyone realizes it.


  1. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Why do you use the word "fear" ? It is not fear we are talking about. Perkasa is distasteful, uncouth, uncivilised and irrational in a multi-racial country.

    It does not deserve any air time. Ibrahim Katak only wants to blackmail UMNO into giving him a seat to contest cos he isn't getting one from PAS. And he knows as an independent, he will lose his deposit.


  2. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I agree with you bro. Let Perkasa be a malay NGO that will stand the Malay/ Bumiputra rights similar to Hindraf and whatever out there. If thats the nation want .... let be it. I as a malay feek safe with Perkasa around. UMNO and PAS are nowadays too indulge in their political ambitions.

  3. Hindraf are fools to think "standing up for the Indians" is going to get them anything. Similarly, Perkasa is doing the Malays a great disservice and continuing the disservice that UMNO has rendered to the Malay race for all these years as well. Now go figure that one!!

  4. Dulu tak perlu Perkasa pun. Tun Dr Mahathir boleh cakap openly on social contract and his stands on it. Tapi tak la Tun ketepikan non-malay. In fact, they benefited from economic progress during Tun era.
    It seems like now UMNO nak kena justify pulak benda-benda yang our forefathers had agreed earlier on. Nasib baik tak minta maaf, dan jangan ada yng mengada-ngada nak minta maaf.
    Let PERKASA makes the stand now. Will the non bumi lose any economic advantage?
    As govt relax and allow more higher education institution to operate in Malaysia, more non-bumi now have access to tertiary education. Tak payah la discuss the quality, lagipun the private sectors controlled by the non-bumi will hire them anyway.
    Maybe UMNO tak peka pada perasaan orang-orang melayu kebanyakan ini. Tapi yang banyak ini lah yang akan menilai dan menentukan kesinambungan UMNO sebagai satu parti yang relevan. Mungkin dari segi keanggotaan, PERKASA masih tidak mempunyai ahli yang ramai. Tetapi tiada yang tahu bilangan silent supporters yang sedang berkira-kira menunggu dan melihat langkah gerak UMNO dan PERKASA seterusnya.
    Mungkin 1Malaysia baik untuk negara ini dari segi ekonomi. Tapi persoalannya, adakan ia menjamin orang-orang melayu tidak dihimpit dan diketepikan. Apakah kalangan Melayu yang miskin akan terus bertambah? Apa akan terjadi kepada beribu-ribu kontraktor Bumiputra?
    Jangan sebut tentang open tender. tak perlu kata kontraktor Bumiputra mempunyai peluang samarata. Open tender selalunya dilakukan untuk kontrak kerajaan.

    Kontrak-kontrak sektor swasta selalunya melalui proses "selective tender". mana ada peluang untuk kontraktor bumiputra..
    Adakah 1Malaysia akan memberi peluang samarata kepada semua rakyat Malaysia? Kalau betul begitu, will the non-malay reciprocate?

  5. Anonymous6:49 pm

    the anti-perkasa UMNO members are worried their links to pot of gold thru collaboration will dissipate ...

    these are the "cancer cells" that need to be chemo-terminated SOON

    they are fast exposing themselves - Najib should start the the extermination process

    obese and overpaid leg-shaking deadwood

  6. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Our YAB PM should be given the change to work things out for the best of Malaysians. I'm not even disturb by Perkasa formation and demand/stand.
    I strongly believed that every race have the right to defend and demand their rights. Maybe Dato Ibrahim styles and way of delivering his view deem as offensive by some. I wished that other BN component parties don't 'melatah' for such a small demand by Perkasa.
    Dato', you're absolutely right when you mentioned about HINDRAF got the support from PR. Does that means that the PR Bumiputra members from PKR and PAS are open minded and prepare to have a fair and equals ground with the non-Malays? if yes then it will make PM jobs much easier. But again what have the PR government at the 5 controlled state that they governed to improve the Malays sosioecomic aspect? Will the PR inforce the open and fair for all policy when they win Putrajaya? I don't think so.
    Why? Things change once they are in power. Malaysian voters is an emotional voters who just votes based on current political issues. They never demand that PR government election manifestos to be honoured so far.

    Gagak semua hitam, cuma mana satu lebih kotor said ....

  7. Old Fart,

    And you continue to place your hope on the people and parties who support Hindraf. That one about you I can't figure out.

    As for Perkasa, it's not half as extreme as Hindraf. Not anywhere near Suqiu, Al-Maunah or even the PAS that told Tunku Abdul Rahman to confiscate assets that belonged to the Chinese back then.

    Perkasa is moderate and non-violent.

  8. Dear Bro Rocky,

    I am surprise that you have lost your ability to dissect issues and stay conscious. I have always had the greatest respect for your opinion; observing your thoughts through your postings, I now have doubt. Sorry Brother ...

  9. Why must be afraid of PERKASA? if am a Malay and supporter of PERKASA, Why am being label as racist? while those Hindraf and Chinese Ngos blasting their "brilliant" ideas were justified as freedom of speech? why cant the Malay in Malaysia (Malay right is written in the constitution please read it!) voicing out their dissatisfaction? why non-bumis were allowed to speak the untruth and no action being taken by the Authority? this is truly not fair for us the majority! majority rule not the minority!

  10. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Salam to all,
    Inilah nasib ngo yg memperjuangkan hak hak bumiputera seperti termaktub dlm perlembaggan. Manakala ultra rasis ngo lain dibelai.
    Shouldnt MIC, MCA, DAP, PKR and PAS also distance themselves from Dong Zhong, Hindraf etc?? or this just applicable to malay. Hampehhh...

  11. Anonymous10:13 pm

    they afraid of perkasa. PERIOD!

    i'm an umno member and i am also perkasa supporter.

    Pas member will not support UMNO, but they eventually will support perkasa as well.

    So with perkasa, both pas and umno members can be united.

    this is what DAP afraid of.

  12. Why the Chinaman in Dap, Mca, Gerakan, Supp seem to FEAR Perkasa and are going all out to alienate this particular NGO but not the militant Hindraf?
    Perkasa has been voicing out the grievance of the BUMIPUTERA without fear or favour, as it is conveyed from the grassroot. Is that wrong? What happened to the so-called freedom of speech then?
    It would not only be naive but simply stupid to think that the Bumiputera are happy with the parties representing them in BN.
    Not only UMNO, but the rest are also seen to be too condescending to the demands of the Chinese in particular.
    DAP and the ultra-chauvinist Chinese NGOs are giving MCA, Gerakan and SUPP a run for their money, but how does BN handle the problem?
    The problem is not with Perkasa, its very much with the way BN handles the issues at hand.
    The Chinese dominated parties within BN cannot continue to blame others but shud instead look at their weaknesses.
    Would the Chinese run in the thousands into your party if Perkasa is disbanded tomorrow?
    Stop looking for a bogeyman!
    Unless and until the BN chairman takes control of the coalition, including reprimanding a few desperate politicians from within his fold, the BN would remain rudder-less and could become irrelevant soon, very soon.

    p/s We have had enough of ONE 'I don't know" BN chairman who ruined almost everything in this blessed nation of ours. I hope the current chairman doesn't repeat the previous Lame Duck BN chairman's mistakes and slide into oblivion.

  13. vinnan10:34 pm

    No fear of Perkosa. I and many
    hundreds of thousands spit on that racist Ibrahim Ali and his ultimate racist mamak master.

    Ahirudin bin Attan,

    Waving a keris is not violent? No surprise here, after all UMNO have a bad habit of waving weapons like Syed Jaafar Albar did in Johor Baru when relations soured between the PAP and UMNO. The most recent was Hishamuddin waving one on national television. Today, Perkosa is doing the same thing which UMNO did. Suqiu or Hindraf have never waved or ever intend to wave a weapon in your face like what UMNO did to the non-Malays. Moreover, how dare UMNO claim the Keris waving is part of Malay culture.When the King raise the Keris he does so in his capacity as a Sovereign and head of the Armed Forces. This act of a Malay King have nothing to do with UMNO's keris waving which UMNO claims to be a part of Malay culture.

  14. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I guess Nazri & KJ need to be told what is the meaning of "Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran"!


  15. shamshul anuar11:37 pm

    Dear ahiruddin,

    Funny is it not? The very people who claimed Hindraf is the manifastation of Indians unhappiness are the one most vocal againsts PERKASA.

    Wise men say "what is good for goose must be good for gander". If Hindraf is deemed as voicing Indians view, what is wrong with PERKASA expressing Malays point of view.

    Why? Why PERKASA is deemed Too "racial" when everybody knows how extreme Hindarf is by labellling UMNO as conducting etnic genocide.

    UMNO makes a blunder by "waging war" againsts PERKASA. UMNO can differ with PERKASA. that is natural. But totally rejecting PERKASA that tries to safeguard Malay legitimate interest may cost Malay votes.

    Instead UMNO should engage PERKASA the way MCA courts Suqiu.

  16. Anonymous12:02 am

    Rocky says "Perkasa is moderate and non-violent."

    Hmmm then why the fear and anxiety?? Some poeple realised their incessant demands are backfiring on them.

    Potential loss of citizenship perhaps??

  17. "The Malay, has the resilience and in-built mechanism to withstand any onslaught on his culture and come out unscathed and successful. We are confident he will pass the test with flying colours" Preface in "Flying Colours of Tanjung"

  18. Anonymous12:20 am

    Baguslah kalau Gerakan/MIC/MCA/DAP tak suka Perkasa. Dalam PRU13 ni bolehlah Perkasa pasang calon disemua kawasan majoriti Melayu yang diberi kepada komponen BN di atas.

    Kita akan kempen habis-habisan utk tak sokong calon BN(yang bukan UMNO) disemua kawasan ini. Baru padan muka kamu orang.

    Cina sokong DAP, Melayu sokong Perkasa. Habis cerita. Lantaklah kau labu.

  19. Bro, rata-rata cerita Hari Raya among sanak saudara dan kawan-kawan di JB ini lebih menyokong kepada PERKASA menjadi pressure group for Malay rights as set in the Perlembagaan.

    Many think that PERKASA does not need UMNO's support but definitely this UMNO sure as hell need PERKASA's support.

    UMNO should engage with PERKASA and Najib should lead the way. The ball is in UMNO's court, Malay support of PERKASA is real.

  20. Anonymous12:31 am

    Dato' Rocky,

    The three UMNO's dickheads viz, Ku Nan, Nazeri Aziz and KJ should leave UMNO... their view on PERKASA showed that they do not subscribe to 1Malaysia ideal. PERKASA is just one of those natural diversifications, that are requires to do the check and balance on the ideal of 1Malaysia...Just as the Chinese and Indian political parties could tolerate the existance of their right wing NGO. Looks like Ku Nan and Nazeri Aziz picked PERKASA as their bogeyman, to vent their frustration..since ASCOT and Chairman of Land Transport Authority failed to materialize respectively for their pension scheme.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  21. Bru, inilah masaalah nya bila Najib so indecisive and not affirmative at all, play safe macam tak de prinsip dan pegangan langsung.

    In conclusion, Najib has lost control of his lieutenants, macam PL masa hari hari terakhirnya. Sekurang kurang nya TSMY rightly said that anybody can form any racebased organisation and Malaysia is a free country. Silap silap nanti semua Persatuan anak anak Bugis, Jawa, Banjar dll pun kena banned.

  22. Anonymous1:09 am

    Perkasa is Malay/Melayu and Melayu is Perkasa. PERIOD. Umno is a political body whch now sucking the Chinese/Indian balls.

  23. Bro Maverick SM,

    When Hindraf marched back in Nov 07, I blogged back then that I wasn't going to be part of it. Pls read this

    Hindraf was making wild accusations, spreading lies, and promoting violence (did you read Uthayakumar's interview with a Singapore newspaper back then?).

    I could see it through Hindraf. (But) A lot of people who did not agree with Hindraf still walked with them because they were expected to.

    As far as I'm concerned, I've been consistent my friend. I had no doubts about Hindraf and this kind of things back then and I don't have any now.

    I'm sorry if you are a big supporter of Hindraf. Pr maybe you are a DAP member and you are not happy with how I've painted Kit Siang vis-a-vis Hindraf and Perkasa. Maybe you are not a DAP member or a member of any political partyh (it's never been an issue with me).

    I don't know what it is you don't agree with me about, but let's agree to disagree, at least.

    Cheers mate.

  24. Panji Hitam,

    In a way, it's good that Najib allows his lieutenants the freedom to speak up. That way, he'll know which of the lieutenants can make it Captain, Colonel and General.

    The worst thing he could do is impose a gag order like Karpal did on DAP leaders to avoid dissent at all cost. That's just not cool.

  25. Dear Vinnan,

    You must be a foreigner or a you've just been granted citizenship, which is why you obviously don't understand the significance of the keris in Malay customs and the Malaysian culture.

    Waving the keris, Mr Vinnan, is not a racist gesture. Many Malay bridegrooms still wear the keris on their wedding day. In Silat, the Malay martial arts, the keris plays a big role in the rituals. Keris and lime.

    Violence and murderous is if (not when) one stabs another person with a keris. I say "if" because these days, Mr Vinnan, the killers don't use the keris at all. They use the knife, the parang, the gun and in the case of the killing of Datuk Soosilawati, they burn their victims.

  26. Disgusted3:01 am

    Can someone post a link to any reportings that showed perkasa making any racist remarks? Or any actions or gesture implying that they are of such nature

    I am honestly curious on why people perceive them as a racist group.


  27. Anonymous3:02 am

    those who have something against perkasa are just blind to the fact that whatever projects and business contract or services awarded to the the malays, will somehow end up with the chinese contractors, suppliers or service providers....who will do the actual work.

    the chinese monopoly of ACTUAL business and their guarded network will ensure that all the NEP policies will always benefit them.

    so there is no fear, just making sure their foothold is ever stronger.

    melayu liberal memang PELUPA.

  28. Anon C3:22 am

    Have u ever heard kit siang condemning a Chinese as racists?

    Have u ever heard kit siang condemning the cause of NEP (which is the racists business practices of Chinese clans/groups) as racists? He surely condemns NEP as racists.

    Have you ever heard kit siang condemning the Chinese cultural and educationists group as racists whenever they fought for their rights? He surely condemns Malay fighting for their constitutional rights as racists.

    Have you ever heard kit siang condemning Chinese vernacular schools as a racists institution? No right. But these schools further deepen racism and separate our races. If our children can’t even meet talk or laugh together when they were young, do you suddenly expect them to be ‘Malaysian first’? Surely not. Kit siang condemned DPM for not being Malaysian first but support our kids to develop race first rather than Malaysian first.

    And you know why kit siang does this? He’s protecting his electorates: the Chinese. In this manner he is No different from Ibrahim ali.

  29. Anonymous3:36 am

    For someone like me in business, I would really like Perkasa to "ACT and PERFORM" more like "THE CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE"

    So PERKASA... Bila nak tubuh cawangan the PERKASA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE? We have facilities for networking...

    Apakata Rocky, from our Alumni UiTM ajer(Tompet Ibrahim Ali masa muda dulu)can generate 300,000 members, tu tak termasuk ibubapa, toknek, anak, isteri, cucu dan rakan2..

    Hah, apahal nak sibuk2 sangat dengan mereka-mereka yang sekadar sejak dulu kemaghuk business dari kita kita?



  30. Anonymous3:52 am

    remember those days...

  31. Anonymous6:11 am

    vinnan said on waving of the kris...

    Common le bruder, go to Thaipusam and see for yourself, in a trance lagi, waving parangs.. piercing the bodies with sharp objects in plain view of millions of nonHindus...

    And the Chinese, with the Lions and Dragons going all over the place,gaping their mouth..of cos telan AngPow, dulu2 telan kepala orang. All these practices are as frightening and threatening to others who have no inkling what these are meant for..

    When some dignitaries dies, they even fire cannon/rifle shots into the a gesture, not BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SHOOT YOU ONE..

    Guna OTAK ler Vinnan, or is your thing hanging from your mouth when you talk? You don't know sejarah Melayu, you don't Talk C@#K ONE OK?



  32. Anonymous6:19 am

    rocky.. pada masa ini sapa yang perjuang cegah bebudak melayu hisap dadah, takda kerja, tak berpendidikan, terlibat jenayah, berpenyakit sosial, .. I hope PERKASA won't lose sights of those ills while fighting for our Malay rights...


  33. UMNO sepatutnya bersifat neutral dalam hal ini, selagi PERKASA wujud atas landasan undang-undang dan tidak mengucar-kacirkan Negara. Jangan kerana hendakkan undi orang Cina, orang Melayu pula diletak dibelakang seolah-olah kera dihutan disusukan anak di rumah mati kelaparan. Jangan sampai yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendung pula yang keciciran.

  34. vinnan8:36 am

    Ahirudin bin Attan

    'Waving the keris, Mr Vinnan, is not a racist gesture. Many Malay bridegrooms still wear the keris on their wedding day. In Silat, the Malay martial arts, the keris plays a big role in the rituals. Keris and lime.'

    Which part of Syed Jaafar Albar's parang waving and Hishamudins keris waving have to do with Malay marriages. The Keris is sheathed and never drawn by a Malay bridegroom. Wearing the keris is also a symbol of royalty as the groom is supposed to be 'Raja Sehari'. Moreover, when did Hishamuddin become a Silat expert? When this racist and KJ were waving the Keris do they magically become Silat exponents.

    Don't try to bullshit me about Malay culture when you do not know what I do for a living. You are the 'foreigner' in this case.

  35. i'm beginning to like perkasa (a bit)..but the thing is i don't trust anything to do with that clown ibrahim ali...sack this bastard from perkasa and get someone more civilized to lead it...then perhaps....

  36. Anonymous10:37 am

    Rocky, you are just doing your spin subtlely for your Boss, if thats what you predict then you are very wrong.


  37. Anonymous10:50 am

    Lets be very frank here! We could'nt care a dammed if you guys form any NGOs fighting for your rights or what not. The trouble is that we still see malays being made fools to listen to TDM and worst still a tainted no good jumping frogs who has no human dignity or values to lead this Perkosa band of idiots .This are the ungrateful greedy lot who feels wanting more and more is a never ending affair.
    Nasri was right all those sour pussies are political has beens including TDM .The sooner this old kutty disappears from the scene the better for peace in malaysia.
    Nobody at present fears this idiots but let them clown themselves with their ketuanan antics.
    Better for Najib to stop pussyfooting and act tough like LKW of tiny dot country.Then everything will fall in line.

  38. Mazlan11:00 am

    In a democracy - we should have these parties/NGOs espousing whatever views they have.
    Let them debate - and we the Rakyat will make a decision at the ballot box.
    Perkasa is just one of many NGOs promoting a specific cause. It just so happens that they have had more publicity because of Tun M's participation and the fact that Ibrahim Ali is a larger than life character.
    2 years ago it was Hindraf. Few years previous to that was the Chinese Educationist. I am sure next year some other NGO will steal the limelight.

    The problem with UMNO is that they are a party used to setting the agenda and being in total control.
    Ibrahim Ali has shown that he is his own man (for better or for worse) and UMNO 'fear' him because they can't control him.

    As far as Pakatan are concerned - they are quite happy for Perkasa to carry on - as it draws its support from the conservative elements in UMNO and thus splitting the base.

    So lets not get too worked up about Perkasa. They are just one of many pressure groups in this country whose 15 mins of fame will be replaced by another.

    Thats democracy folks - lets live with it and lets debate it. When an election comes - make sure you vote!

    And just to add Rocky - one of my pet hates is people who complain one way or another but yet don't bother to register to vote and even worse don't bother to excercise their right to vote when the time comes.

    If you want change - make sure you excercise that right!!!!

  39. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Waving a keris is not violent, but slaughtering human being and burning them is

  40. Bebal betul vinnan ni. Dah lah tak nak mengaku tak tahu adat melayu, pura-pura pandai lagi dari kita orang melayu pulak! Apa? Kau pasang khemah ke untuk majlis kahwin orang melayu so itulah yang ingat pandai sangat pasal adat melayu? Piidah!

    So typical of an ultra anti Malay.
    Condescending bast***s all of them.

    Anti racist people like vinnan

  41. Rocky dear...

    Well, just because some people I'd rather be with engage HINDRAF, does not have to mean that I support or concur with HINDRAF. Even when they marched in 2007, I was supportive of "about time someone did"! But not for whatever it was that was their supposed objective. I liked the idea that Indians were made to see that MIC was a lost cause. Hopefully, MIC is still hurting from it.

    As for Perkasa, I actually would prefer that UMNO engages them as they voice what UMNO says to its members while at the same time telling others something else. Perkasa basically makes it difficult for UMNO to remain deceitful to its partners in BN. I reckon UMNO would rather retain its ability to be deceitful.

    And as for Malay rights, do you honestly believe it has achieved for the Malay his dignified dues? I don't think so!! I can see that the Singapore Malay is able to stand taller than his Malaysian brethren.

  42. Salam.
    Setuju dgn bro. DAP, MCA atau gerakan tak pernah buat stand pun tentang NGO exstreamis mereka. Malah mereka perjuangkan apa yg NGO mereka minta.

    Yg kelakarnya umno pula takut nak backup Perkasa?. Kalau ini kenyataan bukan arahan Najib, saya rasa pembesar2 umno ini dah cross line kuasa mereka. Jika ini arahan Najib, saya rasa tak payahlah jadi pemimpin parti umno yg memperjuangkan bangsa melayu. Nak kuasa pandai pula guna umno tetapi bila nak pertahankan hak melayu penakut pula.

    Perkasa hanya mempertahankan perlembagaan dan tak buat lebih dari itu...jadi salah ke?

  43. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Non Malay Malaysian here.

    I don't fear Perkasa, I am just disgusted by Ibrahim Ali's logic.

    Similarly, I don't agree with Hindraf's 1 race stand. And I also don't agree with MCA's "we fight for chinese" stand.

    In fact, I cannot stand the BS of our politicians, no matter which side they are on, all claim to be "fighting for their community without infringing the rights of other communities"... now if that is true, why the need to fight in the first place?

    So next GE, I'll probably abstain from voting :)

  44. najib manaukau6:17 pm

    What Perkasa are advocating are sheer non sense ! Ibrahim always claims they are the sons of the soil when the real original people of Malaysia are the Orang Asli (as their name suggest) and the Head Hunters and not the pirates who gave themselves the name of Malay.
    It may be true that the Malay claims to have been in Malaysia years before the non Malays and despite this head start what has happened ? Was it because Malaya before the 'immigrants' came the pirates had nothing to demand.
    Need a further few hundred years' more advantages and for what ? So that Ibrahim and his supporters can continue to corrupt and to enrich themselves just like the shenanigan Mahathir and his children.
    Not withstanding this why has happened to the Original People and the Head Hunters to day ?

  45. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Anon @ 10:50 AM


    don't try to brainwash the Malays who still respect and love Tun Dr Mahathir

    you could do better telling chua soiled leg to stay faithful to wife and family

    lim kit malam to speak the national language PROPERLY and not to install the lim dynasty

    or the kapal sink to go down to the grassroots to offer assistance to the ordinary folks like Tun Dr M, and also not to install the sink dynasty

  46. Anonymous6:51 pm

    vinnan should start educating the world about the discrimination of the caste system

    where one caste cannot hope to achieve high status no matter how hard they work and how clever they are

    also educate the world that widows need NOT end their lives by getting burnt alive

    and that the dowry system abuses the brides and families

  47. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Wooii anon @ 10:50 AM

    you should read this

  48. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Perkasa is the answer for UMNO yang sedang "kecut teloq"...

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  49. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Perkasa is distasteful, uncouth, uncivilised and irrational in a multi-racial country.

    = By contrast, Suqiu and Hindraf are "delicious", polite, civilsed and rational barbarians in an originally one-race country (later to be soiled by unwanted and unwelcomed pendatang).

    And mind you, Godfather is the head honcho of some identity confused, personality garbled, cross worshipping Trinity think thank that specialises in delivering intellectually pithy 2 paragraph frissons that succintly explains all the causes for Malaysia's socio-economic-political trauma. No wonder, the world is in a mess, right now!

    2. Vinnan is probably a frustrated Keris afficiando who wiggles, toggles and shakes his personal keris in gay abandon to no avail and whose intense narcissicm is convulsed in paroxysms of fear, envy and shame whenever he sees some cheapskate Hang Tuah wannabe wave the Keris in public. The erectile dysfunctional self recoiling in horror at the public put down of its private inadequacies.
    And since he is the "local" in a parallel inverted universe, I guess the barbarian's untutored yet twisted mind cannot conjecture the metaphysical symbolisms behind "mnjunjung" "menjulang" "menghunus", "mengucup" etc probably because he is more schooled in the "milupa" technique of slash and burn perfected in the studios of Kollywood.

    3. Mazlan, Umno setting the agenda lately? Never heard of that over the last 7 years since a certain Statesman left the scene and in whose time all the petty gutter slime hogging the limelight now would have shut their gobs, hunkered down and be working to push the GDP up.Sleepy set them free and they have been forever shackled to a timewarp in the portals of Dreamland yaddaing about the NEP, the Social Contract, Islam and what have you while twisting all historical facts to suit their limited smartypants- truth and integrity be damned and junked in the equation.

    So there you have it! 3 little pipsqueaks squealing their inanities and we have to suffer these fools in the name of ' freedom of expression". I am afraid such mental constipation requires a dose of intellectual enema.

    Me - I will vote Perkasa anytime if it morphs into a politcal party and puts up a slate of credible, intelligent candidates and so would the majority of Malays out there on a ratio of 7 to 3 for every 10. Simply put, we, the marhaen, are all tired of seeing male wannabe pansy wallflowers toadying up to ingrate pendatangs and seek REAL men to steer this country away from the sewage failing which public matters, by default, will be for us to put right by private means.

  50. Roxie-Foxie10:29 pm


    Did you see the Malays condemning the Indians for killing Sosilawati and gang.
    We are not like the other races who start accusing Malays like in the case of Teoh Beng Hock or the Kugan guy.
    We are rationale people. We know crime knows no race nor religion nor sin color.
    So stop brandishing your spit about the keris.
    The keris have not killed anyone since the Malacca Sultanate.

  51. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Bebal betul la si rocky ni, perkasa memperjuang hak yg memang dah sedia ada, tak ada org kacau pun. hindraf pula memperjuangkan benda yg belum ada.

  52. Dax Muhamad12:02 am

    Salam Abang Rocky,

    Honestly, PERKASA could've been a real good thing for Malays. for starters, Ibrahim Ali was never suitable leader for the NGO for many reasons i have mentioned in the past. We all know Ib Ali did stand against UMNO several times and this casts a doubt over his sincerity. Not many in Kelantan like him in his own home state and i have not heard any of the Royals or head of state grant him any form of endorsement (HM Sultan of Selangor didnt even want to attend the Perkasa assembly).

    Personally, I feel Perkasa shld behave more like an NGO and not a political party and focus more on welfare issues & focussing more on awareness activities that are non-political, such as partnerships with the corporate sector to enrich malays via action driven programs such as religious activities or education. It should fill the gaps at the micro level, where its most needed.

    Instead it has tried to upstage and undermine the role of UMNO who is trying to progress under the new leadership by introducing a Malay leadership approach to replace the defunct supremacist stance.

    I think Perkasa & UMNO can co-exist as long as Ibrahim Ali can hold his tongue and stop talking as though his voice represents all Malays or he has a monopoly on Malay identity. Malays are complex and some are easily swayed more than others. Only time will tell how long a novelty Perkasa will be for Malays.

    Dax Muhamad

  53. Anonymous3:06 am

    Wei Vinnan the Non-Malaysian but Instigating Malaysians to be anti Malay and support merger with Singapore :

    I can wave my Malay dick as much as I like if I find it liberating to me but of course I won't as it would create penis envy to you. Waving the keris is much simpler dude.. the only connotation it has is a cultural one.. Vinnan... I know what you did last summer...

    watch your back, cause shadows move when you move.


  54. Skilgannon10664:44 pm

    Part A

    Pak Rocky - you are either blissfully naive or wilfully ignorant about what is happening out there in the real world.

    Witness Tun Dr Mahathir's tepid and tired response to Lee Kuan Yew's comments on Malaysia in the New York Times interview. TDM's responses was from the same old script that he has been replaying ad nauseam.

    Well, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?

    And I would have thought that the latest Global Competitiveness rankings by the World Economic Forum should have been conclusive - where Malaysia slipped two places to 26th spot out of 139 countries, while Indonesia surged 10 places to 44th spot. The quality of Malaysia's institutions, ranked 17th by the WEF five years ago, has plunged to 42nd place in the latest rankings. If that's not regression, then I don't know what is.

    Of course, no one sees fit to comment on why Singapore can hold on to 3rd spot (after Switzerland and Sweden) in the latest WEF competitiveness rankings, unless, of course, you count Khairy J's masterful analysis on Twitter that Singapore is a mere city state (this in response to the LKY interview in the New York Times).

  55. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Specially to people like Vinnan, Sillygannon and Gang,

    You scums worship LKY right? Here's something on e-platter for you all to consume. Have fun.

    (Courtesy of true blue Singaporeans.)


    "It is criminal that MM LKY will spout his own lies to a foreign audience that is ignorant of his political style and hang-ups, and when the foreign audience has no knowledge of the local history and political events.

    Those politicians that have crossed swords with MM LKY was correct in their publicly expressed views:-

    British Commissioner to Singapore – Lord Selkirk wrote of his conversation with LKY on 25 July 1961:

    “Lee was in a very overwrought state. I do not know what a psychologist would make of him, but he seemed to be a bully who was frightened and still wanted to pretend he could bully other people” (CO 1030/1149) [*1]
    “Lee is probably very much attracted to the idea of destroying his political opponents. It should be remembered that there is behind all this a very personal aspect…he claims he wishes to put back in detention the very people who were released at his insistence – people who are intimate acquaintances, who have served in his government, and with whom there is a strong sense of political rivalry which transcends ideological differences.” [*2]
    British Minister Duncan Sandys in his report to British PM Harold MacMillan said: “….The concessions which I hope to persuade the Malayan Government to make may induce Lee to go into Malaysia quietly. But unless I mistake his character, he will bluff, bully and blackmail up to the eleventh hour.” This report has been reproduced at length by Lee Kuan Yew in his memoirs, ‘The Singapore Story’, op.cit., p.502. [*3]
    Malaysia’s Finance Minister, Tan Siew Sin described Lee Kuan Yew as ‘the greatest disruptive force in the entire history of Malaysia and Malaya’ (Straits Times, 2 June 1965) – in reflection of LKY’s frustration with the politics after merger with Malaysia as expressed in more and more of LKY’s anti-Malay speeches. [*4]
    Malaysia’s DPM Tun Abdul Razak made the following points:

    “Out of chaos and trouble, Lee hoped to emerge as the leader who could save the country.

    He was a great expert in creating situations which did not exist.
    Mr Lee twisted facts and cast doubts in the minds of people.” [*4]
    The natural ‘racist’ character in LKY is cleverly manipulated at various times to suit his own political agenda as seen in the various period of Singapore’s political history.

    (Part 1)

  56. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Part 2

    "In his memoirs, LKY had written of his surprise when he stepped out of the plane with Tunku Abdul Rahman – after returning from the successful Malaysia Merger discussion in UK – and heard Tunku utter the first words to a welcoming crowd, and pronounced “Satu Negara, Satu Bangsa, Satu Bahasa”.

    LKY expressed shock that as he interpreted the words to be “One Nation, One RACE, One Language” – as his understanding of the Malay language had not allowed him to accept the words “Satu BANGSA” as “ONE PEOPLE”.

    Perhaps this was the early setting of a politician with limited knowledge of the Malay language and culture, mixed with a toxic cocktail of a superiority complex – believing in his own stupendous educational qualification over that of his rival boss in Tunku Abdul Rahman who was less academically accomplished – that led to the constant acrimony which LKY caused to push for a Malaysia for Malaysians.

    The lingering effects of his failed dream of leading a larger territory which he had pushed so hard for has made for a bitter man.

    Singapore’s current existence is from a result of his bitter energy poured onto a helpless people, which continue to be deliberate held ransom to his LIE that Singapore was NOT EXPELLED, but that our INDEPENDENCE was NEGOTIATED.

    This lie had to be maintained over the last 45 years, as it would otherwise have exposed the correctness of the 1963 protests from all those who were locked up by LKY deceitful strategy to protect his own ambitions.
    [*1] – ‘The Fajar Generation’, Pg 192, Para 5

    [*2] – ‘Lim Chin Siong vs Lee Kuan Yew : the true and shocking story’

    [*3] – ‘Malaysia: The Making of a Nation’ Pg 118

    ** Note: On 31 August 1963, LKY had actually unilaterally declared independence before the onset of merger with Malaysia, and the British and Malayan Governments immediately rejected this as illegal. LKY attempted again to declare indepenence on 12 September 1963 with the purpose to “fast track” the process for Singapore to be merged into Malaysia.

    [*4] ‘The Fajar Generation’ – Pg 212, Para 2" - "

    Quoted from


    Oh, one other thing, do study the Malay language, customs, culture etc before commenting anything.

    It did not help LKY not to understand what the Tunku meant when he said 'SATU BANGSA' when he actually meant ONE PEOPLE.....same connotation like 1MALAYSIA now.

    It shows something about the man and his racist mind, forever undermining the Malays. He is a true blue Malay hater and you scums just took it off where he left off...So pathetic!

    - Supporter of SSS (Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua - One School For All!)

  57. Skilgannon10664:59 pm

    Part B

    The "champions" of Perkasa, and those with a similar mindset, should read the Singapore Straits Times report "Attracting ethnic Malay talent to S'pore" (Sept 14, 2010).

    It quoted Pahang-born Mohd Fairus Abdul Manaf who is a Spore PR married to a Singaporean and who works in Spore: "There are more jobs here, health care is good, and I like the challenging education system for my children...Everyone is equal here; there is no first class or second class. My kids are Singaporean, we live here, and I am glad I'm here."

    Spore Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zainul Abidin Rasheed suggested that the Spore govt could revive the task force to attract Malay talent , last active in the 1990s. And Spore MP Zaqy Mohamad said one way to attract Malay talent was to offer scholarships to more ethnic Malays; when they come to Spore for school and to work, they may end up staying.

    Ethnic Malay PRs make up 3 per cent of all Spore PRs. There are now 16,110 of them, a 37 per cent increase from 10 years ago.

    Consider the points raised by Mr Mohd Fairus about Spore:

    - more jobs
    - good health care
    - challenging education system
    - everyone is equal, no first class or second class
    - kids are Singaporean
    - he's glad he's in Spore

    Not to mention a stronger Singapore dollar which gives better buying power than a salary in Malaysian ringgit.

    In sum, Perkasa's worst nightmare!

  58. Anonymous10:08 am

    Vinnan Racist, truly racist,
    Waving keris didn't kill people unlike hindraf demanding unreasonable claims, accusing ethnic, defamation. Didn't that racist. Have heard any similar negative things from PERKASA (PERKOSA - your words). Thinks to be good citizen else go some else.

  59. Skilgannon10665:02 pm

    anti-Vinnan 3:06 AM

    Well, bro - the dick must have shrunk considerably after Malaysia was demoted to 26th spot in the latest WEF global competitiveness rankings.

    There are plenty of other big dicks in the region. Let's see now - Indonesia, India and China for starters. Awfully big dicks, all of them!

  60. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Times are a changing! It is now considered taboo or unfashionable for malays to talk about malay rights.
    We malays need to learn from the jewish spin doctors,that even a mere remarks made about them is considered ANTI SEMETIC!
    Maybe we should label people who are against Malays speaking for their malay rights ANTI BUMI.and spin the media that these group/individual are pro neo imperialis or western agents or even a commi.
    It sure is working for them jewish folks.

  61. Anonymous4:07 am

    There are plenty of other big dicks in the region. Let's see now - Indonesia, India and China for starters. Awfully big dicks, all of them!

    Looks like someone is having his very own "coming out of his closet" moment ala Liberace, george Michael, de Generes et al. Poor long suffering soul. Must have been pretty traumatic being a closet faggot salivating surreptitiously while all those big dicks hang temptingly out there probably awaiting someone's eager mouth and willing butt.Holy shit!

    2. Talk of WEF smells pretty hypocritical, for the same person is averse to talking about 2 things:

    a. While Malaysia dropped 2 notches in the WEF, it improved its score marginally from 4.87(2009) to 4.88(2010). In contrast, the City State of Singapore was leapfrogged by Sweden and saw its score decline from 5.55 (2009) to 5.48(2010).
    b. And of course, not much is bragged about NUS' slide from no 18 or so in 2006 to the current 31 in the global university rankings. Selective amnesia at its grandiose best.

    3. The Singaporean Malay population's growth rate has plumetted from 1.71% in 1990 to 1.05% by 2009, the largest drop amongst the 3 major races. Speaks volumes about the Singapore Malay's confidence about his future prospects.
    Back in 2004, this paper was written by of all people, a Chinese!!!!. How dare he!!! ;)

    The economic marginality of ethnic minorities: an analysis of ethnic income inequality in Singapore
    William Keng Mun Lee
    Asian Ethnicity, 1469-2953, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2004, Pages 27 – 41 ( sorry available via subscription only). The abstract reads:

    "This paper examines ethnic income inequality in Singapore from the perspectives of labour-market segmentation and human capital. The findings of this study show that neither perspective is useful in explaining ethnic income inequality in Singapore. Further, the analysis shows that educational differences among the Chinese, Indians and Malays account for very little of the income gap. Much of the income difference is due to discrimination. The source of this discrimination lies in the segregation of ethnic minorities in lower-paying jobs and occupations across all industries, reflecting Chinese domination in the economic and political spheres."(

    Dont believe, make a beeline to the link provided and stare wideeyed at what is in store for the "endangered" Malaysian Malay species, once Nazri, Nazir, Nurul I, Anwar, Zaid, Nikki + all those progressive minds jettison the NEP and leave the Malay native raving stark naked at der schweinhounds (look up 'der hintersinn' here : I kinda like no:5, tho'2 & 7 are virtual deadheats in running it close ( bedeutungsvoll!! Careful anon, you are treading a bog lest they come acalling again in the dead of the night when the cock had crowed his throat dry and the hen had crossed her legs for the night under the milkwood.

    Sounds depressingly familiar, doesnt it and the warning lights of Perkasa must be sufficient indicators for all UMNO, PAS and PKR Malays in Malaysia, especially that which pertains the last sentence in that abstract. Make you own conclusions, folks.By the way, luring ethnicities from elsewhere is indicative of :

    a. diminishing Singapore born and bred talent pool of that ethnicity (Malays) who are running away in droves.

    b. admission of failed education policy so much so they have to fish for talent elsewhere.

    Seriously, I doubt any Malay from Malaysia or elsewhere would be keen to be enslaved downstairs of Johore but then again, with the pansy Malays we have in our midst, we will never ever know for sure! Dont you agree my dear sir master statesman par excellence, Tun M?

  62. Anonymous4:47 am

    Supporter SSS,

    Good job, man! but rest assured that you can foam at the mouth with truth dripping in rivulets of saliva alas to no avail. After all, closed, obdurate, petty and ultimately vacous minds simply cannot comprehend reality as they contemplate their dirty navels while furtively reminiscing the thrust of big juicy dicks even as their own lie flaccid and lifeless. and why should they, pitiful souls of lost sweinhounds entrapped in human bodies. For wouldnt that reality destroy the last cobwebs of illusion within their tuberculosised and penis chancred selves. Think about the sudden loss of imagined superiority and the burden of that loss on an inferiority ridddled self.

    Descended from filthy whores and money grubbing and dirt scavenging scavenging ruffians, what noble aspirations can these mind warped and emotion dry beasts conjecture other than petty illusions emanating from the opium pipe, the dregs of cheap moonshine and the angstridden yelps of their part-wife/part-whore/part-mother (to their children) in throes of sexual frenzy.
    So leave them be for what is naturally embededded is God ordained to be genetically bequethed for generations to come until it shall come to pass by His Will that that tree of racial arrogance will see its leaves shrivel,its trunk warped, its twigs snap, its branches fall, its blossoms droop, its fruits rot and its roots dry and a whole species wither away into oblivion. Rest easy that that time is well nigh as surely as the sands of time ebb and bell tolls its moment of destiny....

    Simple Q to be asked: for all that arrogance, that disgusting superiority complex, has the "great" race stretching" from the walls of the motherland to the illegal diasporas within our midst ever been able to conjure a Sony, a Toyota, a Toshiba nay even a Samsung or a Hyundai....Nyet but counterfeits aplenty. But as my Japanese and Korean friends will tell, they (that shameless horde) will appropriate the Japanese and Koreans as their own when these things are raised!!! Surely they jest in spite!!!

  63. Anonymous5:37 am

    People, did you know that one of those big dicks some faggot is hankering for is not sanitary for big mouths and small shitholes (ptui...dont cuss, anon...sorry choice) like him as it is not circumcised (Warning:plenty of smegma under that prepuce)...errr investment grade. It is hoping to get there but there is still someway to go. My hunch is, all that hot money, seeing that they will exposed stark naked if something goes wrong, will make a hasty u-turn if IG is not attained with serious repurcussions for ordinary Indons including my lovely wet dream, Sriyanti from Gadjah Mada who just tipped me on this (thanks Yanti):

    How IG is determined is elaborated here (warning: Not for thick-headed numbskulls masquerading as smart alecks):

    As for the "great" Red Dot of mother Earth (Jupiter has its Red Spot, mind you), here are some stuff for laughs:

  64. Anonymous5:46 am


    British Commissioner to Singapore – Lord Selkirk wrote of his conversation with LKY on 25 July 1961:

    “Lee was in a very overwrought state. I do not know what a psychologist would make of him, but he seemed to be a BULLY who was frightened and still wanted to pretend he could bully other people” (CO 1030/1149) [*1]

    that is skewedmoron's "hero"


  65. Anonymous5:49 am

    Hey skewedmoron, this one's for you, history has it all ...

    British Minister Duncan Sandys in his report to British PM Harold MacMillan said: “….The concessions which I hope to persuade the Malayan Government to make may induce Lee to go into Malaysia quietly. But unless I mistake his character, he will BLUFF, BULLY and BLACKMAIL up to the eleventh hour.” This report has been reproduced at length by Lee Kuan Yew in his memoirs, ‘The Singapore Story’, op.cit., p.502. [*3]


  66. Anonymous10:34 am

    Supporter of SSS,

    Is your name SSS not an indication you are in the same league with the LKY worship gang or to put it correctly, you idolize LKY more than everyone here?

    I believe LCS is a Chinese educated tragic politician that uphold diversity and has the utmost respect towards Malay language and culture (ask RB friend Nuraida), but suffered the worst treatment from your hero LKY, the pioneer and champion of SSS. No?


  67. Dear Rocky,
    You downward spiral in your objectivity and rationality is stupefying Spin is such a second nature of you now that you begin to believe in your own hogwash. That is simply tragic.

  68. Anonymous4:05 am

    Anon 4.47 AM, you're right bro.

    I am with you 1000 percent. These filthy scums in our beloved Tanah Melayu do nothing but ever trying so hard to 'divide and conquer'. I know their tactics. At the moment they are spreading malicious lies, rumours and whatnots to undermine the Malays and acting like the 'eternal victims'. Go to that website I mentioned in my posting, you'll see their venoms. But, the problem is the 'true blue singaporeans', all races included despise them so much...hahahaha ..padan muka. It is what we call 'hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong sorong'...

    And that stupid and lost ranter woke up at the wrong side of the bed, that is why he talked shit....I will heed your advice, bro. I won't take his bait, wasting time only! I think that ranter rants and fulminates about something that is nonsensical, after all, a ranter is someone who speaks or writes in a bombastic manner or raves a lot (just to get attention). Let's not give him the benefit of the doubt...we'll just leave him alone with his non-intelligible rantings!

    PS ....btw I know that his IQ is zilch because he does not know about inverted commas, references and a quote.......he mixes them agree with me that he's damn stupid like that sus barbatus that he likes to consume....same DNA..not surprising, right?

    SSS Supporter
    (Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua/One School For All)

  69. Anonymous12:48 am

    Perkasa better form its own political party soon, coz even people in UMNO are gonna flush it down the toilet where it belong. Tok Him career 'sudah kiok'.

    Najib now know he cannot keep Malaysian government without support of other races.

    -Anon E

  70. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Okay la, I rephrase my question into a more simple form, to cater for the slow uptake type. In the context of SSS, is your hero LKY did better or worse than, let say Mahathir? No need to divert it through the usual verbose, verbiage and another V which I forget (did 3V wallior ring a bell, is that victim mentality? Hahahaha)

    Don’t paste here again the same Chinese need to be controlled, benevolent leadership and bla bla bla, boling la.


  71. Anonymous4:52 am

    What? You mean YOUR HERO, LKY?

    Alright let me say this, your reverse psychology does not work Mister.

    Excuse me, are you a Malaysian at all? If you are so hard up to be a Singaporean, by all means go there and worship the 'God-man'.

    I guess being prejudiced towards anything Malay is part of your DNA too. Pathetic!

    The SSS >was initiated by a group of bloggers. Btw, your kind refused even to have a Sekolah Wawasan as proposed by Dr.M. They prefer to self-alienate instead of integrating with other Malaysians especially the majority. Pathetic again!

    I rest my case.

    SSS Supporter

  72. Anonymous5:30 am

    Ok la, I make my comment simple for sloth mind ranting rubbish

    Dont talk cock when you dont understand issues or other people's comments.Period.

    Satisfied, stupid rantboy?

  73. Skilgannon10664:47 pm

    Warrior xxx is waving his pitiful racist agenda around, hoping for takers. Must be hard, brudder, when your compatriots in the Cabinet are beating the bushes (pun intended) to find US$444 billion in investments over the next 10 years to fund the 131 projects under the ETP.

    But, then, that's typical for people with your mindset - to talk big and wave implements around, but go quiet when investments are sought (incidentally, why should Iskandar Malaysia bother looking for Singaporean investments when there are so many other eager beavers out there who are panting to sink their funds into little ole Malaysia, eh?)

    And for all your comments about Singaporean Malays, there are plenty of them (some of whom I know personally) who are academically well-qualified and who are very comfortably off in Singapore. And who are perfectly comfortable in having their kids educated in English and mixing with non-Malay classmates (including talent from China, India and Indonesia). No inferiority complexes there.

    And even if certain British politicians have mouthed off about LKY (even though he has been welcomed as an honoured guest by almost every British PM from Maggie Thatcher onwards), the hard and undeniable facts are that Singapore is Britain's largest trading partner in Asean, there is more British investments and companies in Singapore than in the rest of Asean put together and that there is a bigger Brit community in Singapore than in any other Asean country. Kinda hard to square that off against your postings, but then, you are well known for ignoring the wheat for the chaff!

    And I will say this one more time: Perkasa is a bunch of ignoramuses who have little or no idea (deliberately or otherwise) of the hard realities of global competition for investments and talent! Because, in their picayune minds, the world owes Malaysia a living, no matter how profligate the latter is.

  74. Anonymous5:35 pm

    specially for Rhan@12:35 PM

    yeah the chinese need to be controlled, their universities are thinking of offering courses on tackling graft


  75. Anonymous5:41 pm

    skewedmoron 4:47 PM says, "And I will say this one more time: Perkasa is a bunch of ignoramuses who have little or no idea (deliberately or otherwise) of the hard realities of global competition for investments and talent! Because, in their picayune minds, the world owes Malaysia a living, no matter how profligate the latter is."

    then why oh why are you and your ilks ssoooo hot and bothered eh??

    i think you and sekutu NEVER expect the formation of PERKASA as a reaction and RESPONSE to hindraf, suqiu and dong zong

    so skewedmoron, it matters LITTLE what your inconsequential and unsolicited opinion is

    Coz PERKASA is alive and well and here to stay

    eat your heart out, heh heh