Sunday, September 12, 2010

The difference between intelligent and wise

"He may be an intelligent young man but he is not necessarily wise." - Foreign Minister Anifah Aman on Khairy Jamaluddin's suggestion that Malaysia recalls its ambassador in Jakarta
Read Bujai's KJ needs a diplomatic lesson. Seems like he got a good one from Anifah Aman. Yes, same Anifah who engaged the demonstrators in London recently. Told you this man ain't bad at all..


  1. Anonymous6:10 am

    Latuk, take this one to refer to Tun Dr M -

    "He may be an rambling old man but he is not necessarily wise."

  2. Anonymous9:40 am

    Salam Raya Datuk,

    FM hit the nail on the head.

    The Devil

  3. Your Face Again11:18 am

    KJ needs a good telling off. Here it is!

  4. Anonymous11:47 am

    this kj fler's actions were never good for Malaysia

    in a documentary telecast on singapore tv channel, tony tan complimented kj as a promising young politician

    huh? tony should just bid for kj to cross over since tony wished that singapore has more of such talent


  5. Anonymous1:10 pm

    How true!
    These young ones, coming from Oxford, think they have the intelligence to run everything...but what they lack is experience.
    There is, after all, a big chasm between knowledge and wisdom.
    This country would be progressing faster if only the younger ones, including those in Khazanah, appoint the retired as advisers to prevent them from making the same mistakes!
    As for KJ, he will become old someday, if his health permits, and he will be on the receiving end then.


  6. Arnifah is certainly not intelligent, but he knows where his bread comes from.He is , therefore, "wise". Most of the time, however, you can only be wise if you are intelligent.But, one does not need to be intelligent to be given the post of a minister !In Malaysia any person , whether intelligent or not, can be a minister provided he is "wise" ! Remember his antics before he was given his present position !

  7. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Not only not wise but truly a show of conflict of interest. Never trust the Monkey a.k.a Beruk. He never put Malaysian interest first. Bravo Dato Anifah.

    He is not intelligence also but just an opportunist and schrewd person.

  8. Serindit Desa5:47 pm

    Anon 6.10 am ; for sure he is WISER than you in all aspects ! Period .

    The fact that you can come out with a very childish, absurd and stupid comment absolutely showcase your level of intellect. You must be a moron or perhaps a bad judge of character or deeply embedded in revenge, prejudice and evil thoughts or you are so blindly supportive politically that whoever is not in your team must be regarded as unwise ! It's really sickening to realise there are still a few like you running around in the country spreading callous and uncalled for jibberish and unintelligent statements which if left unchecked will spur retaliation from the opposite quarters.

    By the way, why don't you stick to the article and offer sensible comments ? Or perhaps you don't care for substance ?

  9. Anonymous6:40 pm

    kena sebijik dari FM Datuk Anifah Aman...


  10. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Results will prove you are intelligent and wise. Both can go together.. tunjuk results baru bole!

    Penang CAT, setakat mieouw mieouw kucing lagi intelligent, lagi wise..


    SELAMAT HARI RAYA DATO ROCKY, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN, selalu terkasar bahasa..


  11. Must congratulate CIMB for advertising on Orang Dalam Malaysia (MI)

  12. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Serindit Desa,

    Do you know why I can Tun Dr M not necessarily wise?

    He spend 22 years as PM and he can't improve the life of the Malays. If a PM cannot do any improvement than who do you think is in a better position to help the Malays? Now he is not the PM and he think by rambling what the Malays are lacking and that will improve the Malays? so you judge if he is wise or not?

    So who is childish, absurd, stupid and a moron?

    I enjoy my last laugh! Hahaha!

    Anon 6:10

  13. Anonymous12:31 am

    Khairy Jamaluddin
    PPE Oxford
    Bachelor of Arts
    Second Class Honours,Lower Division

    Now tell me, what is so intelligent about that? Forget about being wise.

  14. The Malays have the saying that "orang cerdik tak semestinya pandai". An intelligent person is necessarily a clever person.

    That's why in the Malay language we separate cerdik from pandai.

    You can be born cerdik, but if you are not taught well, you will not be pandai (clever/wise).

    My favourite old Malay pantun:

    Pergi memburi di padang datar
    Dapat rusa belang kali
    Kalau berguru kepalang ajar
    Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi.

    In short, if you want to learn something, you have to learn it well otherwise it'll come to nothing.

    So we have orang cerdik who is not pandai. The best is of course orang cerdek pandai.

    Thank you.

  15. Anonymous1:11 pm


    Dato' Kadir has touched this subject before in his blog. Should make reference to this.... Anak muda hingusan....tak pernah build anything from scratch...semuanya handed on silver platter. That is the problem with the current leadership which includes PM & his cousin at KDN. Kelas elit mana ada aspirasi rakyat... This boils down the class struggle...between the haves and the have nots.

    That is how the british left us...even after 53 years...and we consider ourselves as merdeka? B***S**t lah Bro, sebab kita bagi yang naik jadi menteri, kepala otak keldai. Ivy League University
    tak guarantee you pandai terutama sekali kalau you pergi pakai duit sendiri...It is all about connection.... That is how the Mat Salleh still control us...

    Kalau ikut style Majlis Syurah, orang bodoh tak boleh jadi Khalifah (ketua) walaupun anak sultan sekali pun.

    Keturunan Jebat

  16. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Anon 11.04,

    I guess you would blame Tun M also if you are ugly and stupid.

    First of all, what Tun M has got to do with this article?

    Secondly, you said The Malays do not improve during Tun M's PM'ship. You were saying the Malays are at the same level compared to 30 years ago?

    Enjoy your last laugh. Its good to laugh at your own stupidity.

  17. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Anonymous 3:09 PM,

    Obviously the Malays are not so smart. With so much money being thrown at them, they cant even achieve 30% of the target.

    "Only the rambling old man (if by heredity, he is an Indian) is smart but he is still not necessarily wise"

  18. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Anon 11.04,

    If you say that Malays still don't improve after 30 years (with or without DM as the PM), then I suggest that Malays should have 70 percent of the pie in whatever sector instead of just a mere 30 percent!

    Hear me, hear me, the power that be!

    - Titoff

  19. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Is Tun who say the Malays did not improve and he also shear tears when he speak of it in the UMNO meeting. If the Malays improve during his 22 years as PM than he should be singing high tune but the way he is rambling say it all.

    So you are stupid and you didn't know, that is what a true moron is.

    Tun is smart only because he is a mamak cheating the Malays, his son is the richest "Malay" now. Ooops but still his son is a mamak.

  20. Anonymous6:15 pm

    It all boils down to CASH IS KING..

    Kalau ada tu, tak kira mai kut celah mana, intelligent and wise semua disappear..

    Tak caya, peghati perangai mak mertua kamu..



  21. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Anons 6:10 AM and 11:04 PM

    Then why oh why do you fear and criticise Tun Dr M eh??

    Deep in your heart, you know Tun Dr M still has widespread appeal and influence especially among the Malays.

    If you think he is no longer influential, why so much hatred and anguish over PERKASA?

    With Tun Dr M's backing and obvious support, PERKASA is giving nightmares or sleepness nights to the nons especially the chinese.

    If you care to remember, UMNO members wanted to rid the sleepy PM and they succeeded after TDM's campaigning.

    In fact the opposition won by default thru the anger with sleepyhead's leadership of UMNO rather than love for PR.

    The one who laughs LAST laughs the LOUDEST ...


  22. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Perkasa is only a club for reject or have-been, now Ibrahim Ali want to count on the non-Malay but I can tell you the Dayaks and Kandazan looks down on the Malays in Perkasa especially Ibrahim Ali.

    Latuk Rocky should get someone smarter to manage his blog, if I am Latuk Rocky I would show you the door.

  23. he got intelligence to give that statement.

  24. Anonymous3:45 am

    OK, Hari Raya dah peghati perangai Mak Mertua?

    Tak kisah dari Oxford/Cambridge ker, Phd/Masters/apa pun, your words tak laku, duk senyap2 kat tepi, because menantu SPM dari keluarga CASH IS KING baru sampai!.

    Bole bungkus ler semua intelligent and wise jadi ketupat!



  25. Mazlan11:08 am

    This thread was meant to be about KJ and Anifah - and yet there are some who go completely off track! Thus wise and intelligent may not apply to some here!

    Anyhow - sticking to the point - KJ has a tendency to open his mouth without engaging his brain! He is in a rather precarious position - on one hand trying to maintain his base in UMNO Youth and at same time trying to curry favour of the PM to get a Ministerial post. Without such a post he has no goodies to spread to his troops.
    Maybe by whacking Anifah he was trying to position hiself to take over Wisma Putra. Unfortunately for KJ as Anifah is from Sabah - PM needs the Sabah vote more than he needs the Rembau vote and we know Anifah has some big guns on his side.
    Yet KJ is caught between trying to be an Ultra and a Liberal at the same time.
    KJ - your father in law is not around - so maybe its time you stuck to one position and principal and be consistent.
    All you are doing is causing people to distrust you - as nobody likes a lalang politician!

  26. Anonymous10:52 am

    This is what you get when you accumulate wealth without working for it.

  27. Tun Dr M.

    I would like to thank you for your contributions to our country.

    The infrastructure that we have today, may it be economic, transportation etc are all thanks to your brilliant vision when you were leading Malaysians.

    You've made us competitive on the international scene too.

    Your team and you led to the birth of many Malaysian professionals today.

    Some of them however only know how to complain and are just plain ingrates.

    We are all human, no human is perfect.

    Tun, I take my hat off to you.