Thursday, August 12, 2010

When politics and law collide

My latest column in The Malay Mail, Doing the right thing for TBH, touches briefly on the conflict of interest between politics and the legal profession. I will hope to revisit this matter in the future as I believe there is a case for a separation of lawyers and politics. 
Check out what happened to Abdul Malek Hussin earlier today, here.


  1. Anonymous8:41 pm

    fully agreed when it involved politician lawyers case. There is definately have great impact and conflict of interest. These politician lawyer should be barred from practice as long as they are a MP.
    Eg. A MP accused an Ex-DPM of sodomised in parliment and demand of a motion to debate but when the same fella is in the same political platform. The very same MP went all out to defend the Ex-DPM. I really blurred and need someone out there to enlighten me about this issue?

    Now there is lot of HuHa because of a suicide note in an inquest. If we want to know the truth, at anytime or anywhere also we must prepare to accept reality. Get experts to examine the handwriting. If the deceased indeed wrote the note then all doubts is cleared. So why become so emotional and outburst.
    Relaxs la brothers.

    Every person has a price. But make sure other buy your reason. A Twitter today twisting the whole story to avoid being disciplined by his Taiko by giving SILLY excuses.

    Do you believe? I don't

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm

    “I thought all belongings of his were kept by the department the moment he was called in. His hand-phone was with the department and was not returned to him, so did the department keep his bag too? In that case, how could he write something and put it inside the bag if the bag was already in the custody of the department?”


    Wat la! Ramadhan month oso want to lied...?

  3. OMG! Real culprit is freed" tweet was actually a reference to a character in a Chinese movie 14 Blades (Jin Yi Wei)

    Its only a movie, and the trial also a movie,

    Bravo DAPig!

  4. Salam Dato'

    Kamera dalam bilik Khalid Gagap - kerja UMNO

    Hantar peluru kepada Tony Phua - kerja UMNO

    Cetak sepandok Jui Meng, Sultan Johor - kerja UMNO

    Cuaca panas kebelakangan ni - kerja UMNO

    Salji runtuh di kutub utara - kerja UMNO

    pendekata semua kerja UMNO la...... wakakaka!

  5. Hi Rocky, I was a practising barrister and although I agree with you that in the TBH case the lawyer/politicians role is blurred, I think the real objection is his conflict of interest . Gobind cannot act as an officer of the court if he is a member of the political party that is suing the MACC . In the UK, barristers are allowed to be elected as MPs and in fact if he is appointed a minister will be made a QC! That of course does not make it right for our country but it would be a shame wouldnt it ,that we could not use a lawyer in a case that is unrelated to his political

  6. Anonymous1:51 am

    Bro, I think its not fair to limit anyone from being anything. As despicable as lawyers are they have the right to be legislators as well. However I feel that in this country the Bar Council is too influential for its size. They are definitely not representative of anything. I suggest we have more than one Bar Council recognised by Law. Meaning you can be a member of other Bar associations and still be able to practise Law in Malaysia. Why not separate State Bar associations as well? We should break the monopoly of the Bar Council over lawyers. It is a silly left over from the Brits.

    Hj Hoe.

  7. Anonymous7:39 am

    When politics and law collide than it would be corrat, corrat, corrat, looks like me but is not me.

  8. How come lawyers talking to the press? It used to be that all matters before the court and waiting decisions are subjudice and the press reported only what transpired in court.The lawyers have adequate forums in court and in parliament where the Speaker is competent enough to decide what can be brought up.

    Are we not enforcing the law on subjudice?

    Do we such things in the UK legal system? Are we just accepting all these subjudicial activity simply becasue we see it in Amercian TV or because the Americans do it, I mean lawyers talking to public to update instead of reporters reporting from the court?

  9. Anonymous12:08 am


    jahat giler PAS... menyirap darah aku dengar...

    - tharieq -