Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did the Cabinet decide on undergrad politics?

UPDATED, 5.45pm 12/8
Aah, the Cabinet did discuss undergrads' involvement in politics yesterday, and it was very clear that while undergrads may take active part in politics (which is already provided for under the Act), they should not hold any position in a political party.

Original article:-
NOTE TO EDITORS: AUGUST 11, 2010 [received 6:54:20pm yesterday]
The Office of the Higher Education Minister has requested the media not to publish the news about Cabinet prohibiting undergraduates from involvement in politics.
The news that Bernama sent out earlier yesterday:-
Putrajaya, Aug 11 (Bernama) - The Cabinet today decided not to allow undergraduates to be involved in political parties, said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.
However, he said the decision did not prevent the undergraduates from keeping abreast with political developments in the country.
"This is because Section 15 of the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971 is sufficient where an undergraduate can be involved in political activities after obtaining permission from the Vice-Chancellor," he said in a statement to Bernama, here today.
Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government would uphold the restriction on students of public institutions of higher learning to be involved in politics despite the call to allow university students to be involved actively in political parties.
Muhyiddin said the amendments to the UUCA earlier were sufficient as it gave more freedom to undergraduates to voice their opinions in campus.

So what's the story, Khalid? Did the Cabinet make that decision, or not? If it did, why was the media not allowed to carry the news? And did you know that Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth chief, had already shot his response to the Cabinet decision to Malaysiakini, which reads like this:
11/8: Khairy Jamaludddin describes the cabinet decision not to allow student involvement in party politics as 'gutless' and 'outdated'./MKINI


  1. Anonymous1:54 pm

    How I know lah Rocky if cabinet decided or not? I am not a cabinet minister. By the way, you wrote that KJ said it was gutless. F Khairy Jamaluddin lah. Why is he not saying that the UMNO disciplinary boards decision NOT to suspend him for money politics is GUTLESS, or for MACC not to probe him for accepting MONEY from Kalimullah to buy ECM shares is GUTLESS?

    Kairee Jameludin.

  2. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Khir toyo being charged at 4.30 pm in putrajaya.

  3. I kind of agree with KJ but not his language ...

    It is high time the Government change it's attitude on politics and student activism.

    The young brings the idealism and innocence of youth to the world.

    What is wrong in having the injection of a new spirit of politics from our youth?

    If youth are ever relied on to bring about change, why not let them start early?

    What is important for the young is in their quest to be feisty but yet polite, agressive but yet proper, and persistent but yet with decorum.

    Hold on to value and culture. Be respectful and mind your language when talking to the elders.

  4. Dato',

    Last para of your blog today, statement from a pot calling the kettle black .. (btw KJ pun memang hitam pun).... please Dato' don't quote anymore of son-out-law statements, habis pahala puasa kita hari ni. (gelak terlampau kuat)

  5. Anonymous2:52 pm

    It is time to let the students to be active into politics. The restrictions to the students are like "feeding them but do not allow them to pass motion" will rot from inside...

  6. Anonymous3:22 pm

    I don't agree with KJ language though I felt that students (local grads) should get the chance to participate in politics.

    Then why create Kelab UMNO Luar Negara? Owh, I know DOUBLE STANDARD.

  7. student_once3:32 pm

    all student just finish studying and later join politics, want to join associations, ok, don't waste your parents or publics money, if not, become full-time politics, then nobody want to stop you

    too much talking and nobody's working

  8. Rocky

    You are an editor. You should know whether there is news embargo or not.

  9. kuli Bernama4:04 pm

    It's another blunder by Bernama, I suppose

  10. pada pendapat saya, pelajar ni biar dia tumpukan kpd pelajaran dulu.
    sedangkan suruh belajar pun dia masuk politik. tak payah diajar.

    takut pula jika tidak dilarang masuk politik maka parti2 politik akan berkempen di kampus, yg tercicir pelajar melayu dan muslim juga. sebab bangsa lain lebih bijak fokuskan kpd pelajaran kot.
    parti politik tak akan kisah jika pelajar tercicir dan ibubapa di kampung hampa anak tak dapat degree, asalkan mereka dapat pekerja baru yg kerja kuat dgn free tak payah bayar gaji.

    yg diperlukan negara msia kini ialah pelajar cemerlang agar menjadi engineer dan akauntan cemerlang yg dapat naikkan nama negara.
    sedangkan orang politik ni macam sampah (maaf kata) - kat mana2 dah ada, dah banyak.
    tapi nak cari pekerja profesional yg bijak dan pandai, naikkan martabat bangsa, agama dan negara, agak payah.

  11. skilgannon10665:34 pm

    Undergraduate days are about parties, booze and broads.

    Oh, sorry - I had non-Malaysian universities in mind. Silly me!

    Unless, of course, you are scholars from Singapore. In which case you are out to sapu all the First Class Honours in sight, and maybe wrap up a few Masters' degrees too.

    See, every time I bring in the Singapore angle, Warrior xxx, Perwira, Killer etc go into paroxysms of impotent wrath. It's just too easy to get a rise out of these individuals and is kinda fun to read (I was about to use another word instead of "individuals", but then Pak Rocky would have to bring out his editorial scissors).

  12. Anonymous5:38 pm

    cabinet? make it sound as if mca & mic are allowed to get involve in this decision.

    if its umno decision, say so la!

  13. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Teruklah ini macam. Kelam kabut, lintang pukang lagi. Macam flip-flopping Tun Dol situation again. Only this time it does not appear to be auto-piloting.

    What the hell is happening, Rocky. I know you have asked Khalid. But should't we ask Najib also?

    All this revise ISA, warning here, warning there, but let the blokes talk about sensitive subjects, the Sedition Act hardly used, almost everybody is free to talk about almost anything, Tony Pua willy nally proposing the Bumi housing discount be scrapped, apa ini semua?

    Maybe Najib is finding it difficult to get everybody agree with him. Because many of what he does or doesn't do is not agreeable. Leaning more on the Chinese votes than the majority Malays. Perkasa, Gertak, Melayu Bangkit and the over 100 Malay NGOs had to speak up. Najib appearing not protecting and promoting Malay rights and interests. NEM and all. Now is Khalid told to shut up after announcing the Cabinet decision? Bernama reported it, mind you.

    Very sad. Najib should review his policies and leanings now over a year at the helm. Many have expressed the old proverb yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong keciciran.

  14. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Khaled 'AC DC' Nordin besau sgt kah? Pi lah, srupa kambeng jg sireh. Wooi, betui kah ado msyurat kabinet? Avoice kato, Muhyidin yg pengerusikan msyuarat, tapi Nazri pulak kate PM ade, sambel puji puji Muhyidin. Nazri koa ni dok tibai kah, Avoice kenn ching?

  15. Anonymous6:10 pm

    The skilganon fellow again. He can bring the Singapore angle. But not when intended to glorify the city state at the expense of Malaysia.

    He should actually be writing in the Singapore media. Maybe he does not dare do so because Big Brother is always on the wall. He can't sing anything out of tune there.

    If he persists in glorifying Singapore and demeaning Malaysia, I will urge Warrior 231 and Killer to hit back at him. I'm not good in doing so and am quite prepared to just chorus.

  16. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Azeem Ibrahim
    Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School’s International Security Program...

    "Rebuttal to Josh TreviƱo on Anwar Ibrahim's Trial"

    Oi latuk! apo macam, looks like JT is paid by your master to spin shit, no?

  17. Bro remgold punya cakap makes a lot of sense. I for one do not see why undergraduates should be in to politics.

    Universities are the best years of a person's life where you have fun and be merry in between the studying to get that scroll. Why do you want to spoil the fun by indulging in politics?

    After graduating with a good degree CGPA above 3.1 at least than you people can indulge and immersed yourself in politics to your hearts content. But get a good job first lah otherwise you will be the bunch of jobless politicians who scrounge around for commissions on projects and make other people's life miserable.

  18. Seolferwulf7:40 pm

    Anon 6:10 PM

    Why so shy, ah? No confidence in yr linguistic and expository skills, izzit? Otherwise, why hide behind the warrior's apron?

  19. Anonymous10:07 pm

    skewedmoron is back craving for limelight

    always fantasising he is an intellectual

    kee kee kee

  20. Anonymous10:53 pm

    It is Khaled not Khalid.

  21. Anonymous4:10 am

    Students should concentrate on just 'studying' - not how to get into politics but the things their lecturers go on and on about in their classes. Stop wasting parents' money, taxpayers' money and other people's time. Enjoy your time in university, do crazy things in the dorm rooms, apartments and other crazy stuff students do. Graduate, get good jobs and be good people. Wanna get into politics? Finish paying up the student loans first. Then, nobody can say anything.

    - Lan.

  22. Bolehan9:42 am

    Teachers are civil servants and easily kept in check. But varsity students... they may just give the ruling party much more headaches than they're having now, so... ban! Unless if they're pro-gov, then ok. Lu tolong gua tolong lu, ingat tak?

  23. Anonymous9:46 am

    i totally agree with Khairy on this one..

    -go kj-

  24. najib manaukau9:49 am

    Everything right , excluding visits to the toilets and the loan sharks, are decided by the Cabinet, excluding the wrong decisions ! History will show this is true.

  25. oranglama10:05 am

    remgold said...
    ...yg diperlukan negara msia kini ialah pelajar cemerlang agar menjadi engineer dan akauntan cemerlang yg dapat naikkan nama negara.
    sedangkan orang politik ni macam sampah (maaf kata) - kat mana2 dah ada, dah banyak.
    tapi nak cari pekerja profesional yg bijak dan pandai, naikkan martabat bangsa, agama dan negara, agak payah.

    5:04 PM

    bro, sampah-sampah ni laa jugak yang pastikan bayaran cukai pendapatan kau yang tak seberapa tuu dapat pulangan berkali-ganda - dengan keselamatannya, free kesihatan dan pelajaran, dengan baiki jalan dan lampu jalan yang kau lalu hari-hari tu.

    sampah-sampah ni jugak laa yang tolong anak-anak orang susah dapat masuk universiti, result teruk pun, kurang-kurang masuk politeknik atau kolej komuniti-menasihat anak-anak ni supaya belajar rajin-rajin dan tak digelar sampah macam mereka

    sampah-sampah ni laa jugak yang tolong atuk-nenek yang ada masalah jantung, tapi nak beli ubat sakit jantung tak mampu kerana harga sebotol pil 400 ringgit

    sampah-sampah ni jugak laa yang selesaikan masalah suami tinggalkan isteri dan anak-anak tak bagi nafkah

    sampah-sampah nilaa jugak pi jamin anak-anak masuk lokap polis kerana curi motosikal

    sampah-sampah ni laa jugak yang tolong generasi sekarang mengecapi kemerdekaan supaya mereka tak jadi drebar, orang gaji, dan penoreh getah

    jadi bro, bukan semua orang politik tuu sampah belaka, jangan laa buat generalized comment,kalau nak menulis tuu, fikir-fikir laa dulu, mungkin darah muda kot,fikir tak panjang

  26. Inilah yang membuat rakyat keliru. UMNO menubuhkan kelab-kelabnya diluar negara yang ahli-ahlinya ada mahasiswa universiti. dalam negara pula UMNO sibuk menubuhkan putera dan puteri umno dan kelihatan ia juga dipromosikan kepada mahasiswa-mahasiswa universiti. Apakah ini tidak bermaksud membawa mereka menceburkan diri ke dalam bidang politik.
    Nampaknya bila ada kepentingan dan peranan mereka boleh mendatangkan keuntungan mereka dibenarkan berpolitik walaupun ini sebenar satu tindakan yang menyalahi undang-undang.
    Bila pula keadaan sebaliknya berlaku apabila penglibatan mereka dalam politik mengancam kepentingan UMNO umpamanya mereka menyertai parti pembangkang maka mereka tidak dibenarkan berpolitik. Ini adalah satu tindakan yang double standard.
    Jadi bagaimana kedudukannya ?

  27. Anonymous5:02 pm

    mahasiswa dalam negeri mesti ada sedikit sekatan untuk berpolitik.ini dapat meningkat kualiti graduan tempatan yang sekarang dikatakan kurang berkualiti. nak dapat kerja pun susah.Bilangan mahasiswa tempatan besar berbanding mahasiswa luar negeri.Terlebih main politik tapi graduat dgn kelas ketiga tak menguntungkan sesiapa.Duit rakyat yg rugi.selepas graduat dgn kelas pertama dia orang boleh berpolitik sampai ke mati.

  28. "an undergraduate can be involved in political activities after obtaining permission from the Vice-Chancellor,"

    means the undergrads can only involve in UMNO/BN politics only when we looks at the behavior of our VC... most of them kaki bodek... but somehow Ibrahim Abu Shah, ex VC UiTM kena kau kau with MOHE deputy minister... hahahahah

  29. sebagai bekas student universiti... apa yang saya tengok di sana....

    yg banyak kena dissmiss dan result teruk dan yg buat anak haram then buang merata tu pun bukan sebab terlibat dalam politik... yg berminat dengan politik dalam 10% je paling tinggi kat universiti... dan result diaorg score aje... kecuali si saiful yg mengaku kena liwat tu je result teruk... (yg 90% lagi tak berminat dengan politik dan kebanyakannya taksub dengan hiburan.... )

    yg banyak kena dissmiss kerana abaikan pelajaran sebab suka berseronok... pi kelab malam, disko, sure heboh, seri pentas 2 shah alam, hiburan jadi santapan mereka... dan terlibat gejala sosial.. berzina sana sini.. mengandung dan buang anak merata... mengalahkan kucing..... some of them kerana culture shock bila bebas dari pemantauan ibu bapa....