Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TBH: Dr Pornthip testifies tomorrow

The long-overdue return of Dr Death. The inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock has been delayed for several months because of the Selangor government's expert witness, Dr Pornthip. She had claimed that there was a threat on her life and at one point wanted to testify using teleconferencing. I hope she shows up tomorrow.  (updates: Pornthip arrives, originally supposed to testify late last year, h e r e).

But will she stick to her controversial "80% homicide" theory that had caused the 2nd autopsy to be conducted? Well, for the sake of her credibility she will have to.

According to the Unspinners, however the report she had done based on the 2nd autopsy made no mention at all about her 80% theory. The Unspinners claim to have the report - they even published some pictures that look like a report - but at this point of time we can't treat this claim seriously. Or can we? Check for yourselves here. WARNING: The posting may contain pictures not suitable for all audiences.


  1. Anonymous7:26 pm

    jahatlah you Rocky !! inquest pon boleh habis dah mula spin cerita !!!

  2. ...

    Miss Pornthip---she’s the one with the spiky ‘do
    Came all the way from the Redlight City
    From a mere look at a photo or two
    “Foulplay!” she concludes conclusively


    Please go to leman Pulut's page here to read about the rest of the poem "A Trail of Two Trials".



  3. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Regardless of what the Police found two months later in TBH bag is going to change the fact that everyone believes the MACC murdered TBH. The number of death that occured while in Police custody just goes to show that PDRM are murderers. No amount of fabrication by the Police is going to change the testimony of Dr. Porntip who is a world renowned Pathologist. Of course the government will bring in half pass six Malaysian doctors to refute her finding, just as the half pass six doctor who examined Saiful's asshole.
    Screw PDRM

  4. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Gua tengok DAP dan PKR punye blogs and twitters semua mintak orangramai datang buat demo kat makhamah esok demi sokong Teoh Beng Hock dan si Pornthip.

    Betoi tak dak keja lain depa ni.

  5. Pornthip is a Chinese descendant meaning they like to cheat, cheat and cheat. my brethren brother and sister, dont be surprise when this porn star testify, produce a manipulative statement because it’s all boil down to her ancestor blood, which the real cause of a denial syndrome.

  6. it is impossible for TBH to commit suicide because the great Lim Kit Siang says so!

    So if LKS, Gobind Singh says that, me, as an activist who must be superior to others because supposedly I know of human rights and democracy though my associations with NGO, would naturally agree

    And remember, I light candles at vigils, so I am way more sophiscated than most of u

    And also remember, all policemen and MACC personnel are evil, believe it or not, all 100% of them

    And if u dont agree with me, u r a racist malay or UMNO dog .. . again, I am superior to u because I love to say the word democracy, freedom of speech and human rights


  7. 1. Just can't wait to hear what Dr Porntip has to say Bro, the first time she only got bits and pieces of pictures and reports. In the 2nd Autopsy which she witnessed with the British Professor, she would have gotten the WHOLE picture and the FULL autopsy report.

    I think she would be hard put to defend the 80% murder theory this time so I would not be surprised if she did not mentioned it unless asked by DAP Gobind Singh or the Selangor Pakatan Lawyer Imtiaz. The pictures in the Unspinner Blogs are macabre but very revealing to say the least, wonder where they got it from.

    2. Anon 11:05pm.. I think your brain got totally mixed up with TBH's death which thus far is pointing towards suicide, death in Police Custody and death after MACC interrogation.You just can't tell the difference can you. I think you are suffering from post Ceramahs and indoctrination stress brought about by too much exposure from listening to cock talk by Kit Siang, Guan Eng and DAP speakers.

    Our Pathologists are world class lah and so are the Indian Doctor and the British Professor who gave their testimony previously, all agreed that TBH in all likelihood committed suicide, why? That is something that is subject to speculation. Of course no point arguing with you as your screwed up brain had been hard wired to consider any different opinion not of same wavelength as half past six.

    By the way not everyone believed that TBH was "murdered" OK, so please don't generalize.

  8. Anonymous12:45 am

    huh at last , dr porn who paid by Kerajaan DAP selangor is come here . Maybe the kerajaan DAP pay her more after her postmortem is plain stupid compared to others expert than her (or its just her tactic to get more money using duit rakyat selangor from DAP ).

    But DAP seriuosly politicize this issue , so pity to TBH family who really want a truth but get play by DAP people .

  9. Anonymous3:15 am

    ALERT, Semua yang nak masuk Mahkamah, mandi bunga siap2 dulu..

    Oghang Siam kuat main Bomoh!


  10. Anonymous1:23 pm

    What can you expect from Siam / Thailand ...?

    Fake products .. including this porn queen ..

    the Selangor govt is lowering the standard of proof and expertise that actually reflects their own standard ..

    1.they have adun who can't converse in bahasa melayu ..

    2.they have adun who champions the cause for massage parlour, , prostitution, gangsterism and alcoholism..

    3. they have a no brainer as MB

    4. they have adun who showed her cunt for public viewing

    5. they have PAS adun that have no balls



  11. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I should think, you being a seasoned journalist, would have more sense than to divert your followers on the blog to view the autopsy photos. Those photos are (and were) never meant for public viewing. It is certainly in bad taste. And you..... did it not occur to you that if the position was reversed, it could be you or a loved one??? No....

  12. Anonymous12:00 pm

    En. Ahirudin Attan,

    I started reading your blog posts since year 2007, and have since been a follower. It was almost always refreshing to read your views on current happenings, although I do not always agree with your views on certain issues. After all, everyone is entitled to their own views.

    As a reader of your blog since year 2007, I must be in a denial if I say I have not noticed a shift in your views and thoughts since you clocked-in as The Editor of The Malay Mail a year ago. It certainly did not happen in a day, but it has slowly transgressed to what you are writing today. I accept one is free to realign their views, thoughts and political inclination as and when they choose to. I am not here to speculate what caused the shift, and what drove you to write the way you do today.

    But this post has irked me enough to post my first comment in your blog.

    In year 2007, we lost Nurin tragically. Then when I read your post “Beasts among us” (http://rockybru.com.my/2007/10/beasts-among-us.html), I wholeheartedly share the same sentiments. The dead deserves respect too. Three years ago, you have defended Nurin’s right for respect. Today, you put a link in your blog which divert your readers to Mr. Teoh Beng Hock’s post-mortem report. This does not make you lesser of the ‘other beast’. What more, this is coming from a journalist of your stature and experience.

    Imagine how the family of the deceased would feel, with such pictures in public domain. Nurin and Beng Hock are both dead, tragically too. Please, do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Accord the dead the respect they deserve.

    Adeline Cheah

  13. I share the views of Adeline Cheah and like her I too have been following your blogs since 2007, Mr Ahiruddin and I have immense respect toward you. Your political views are not my concern (although I cannot help but wonder why) but as a fellow human being I must say that I was horrified and disappointed by the post mortem report which you have included in your post. I speak as a fellow human being and it is my view that the dead deserve our respects.

    Lalitha Thiagarajah