Monday, August 23, 2010

Sin Chew and Nut Graph

"... the Malays can still get plugged to the world so long as they are willing to deliver themselves out of the "kampung mentality" cocoon." - Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew journalist and author
Read the editorial by the Sin Chew's No 2 editorial boss h e r e.
Isn't this as racist as some politicians calling other races "pendatangs" and recalling that some of them had come here as prostitutes and beggars?
And you still think Utusan Malaysia is the racist paper?

There is a reason why we journalists take extra care when we discuss matters such as race. Excerpts from a fellow journo on my earlier posting here:

3. Let me remind Tay just in case he has forgotten or does not know that it was the kampung people who rose to support Malay nationalism that freed this land from the shackle of colonialism and, gave Tay's forefathers the MALAYAN CITIZENSHIP!

4. That was at the time when Tay's forefathers were either fighting for the Kuomintang or the Chinese Communist Party.

5. Tay's "kampung mentality" sounded familiar. The Chinese and Indian rioters in Kuala Lumpur on May 13, 1969 shouted to the Malays to "balik kampung."

In Slanted and Misleading reporting par excellence, the Nutty View, Shamsul Yunos is also on attack mode against fellow journalists at Nut Graph for resorting to "lowdown reporting" to get funding.


  1. nstman3:09 pm

    Let me remind Kadir Jasin that he always talks drivel. And nobody listens to a guy who destroyed press freedom.

  2. Anonymous3:18 pm

    ROcky is sounding like Utusan.

  3. skilgannon10663:26 pm

    50+ years after Merdeka and the country is still exporting unskilled and semi-skilled labour to work overseas?

    Ask Taib Mahmud, for instance, why his fellow-Malaysian Sarawakians are working in Singapore as cleaners, gardeners and unskilled labour in the construction industry?

    Oh, btw - I thought that Utusan M has the inside track on "racist" reports and commentaries?

    And I note that the supposedly knowledgeable commentators and journalists at Utusan have not seen fit to comment on where Malaysia is going to get funding of over RM2.2 trillion (US$ 696 billion) that the PM says is required for the duration of the Economic Transformation Programme (2010-2019).

    Maybe they are too busy chalking up points on the "Nut Graph" to bother about economic fundamentals, eh?

  4. Anonymous3:27 pm

    "3. Let me remind Tay just in case he has forgotten or does not know that it was the kampung people who rose to support Malay nationalism that freed this land from the shackle of colonialism and, gave Tay's forefathers the MALAYAN CITIZENSHIP!"

    thought that was one of the conditions before the british grant the nation its independent.

    so, where does this marderfarker got the idea that it was kampung people who gave us the MALAYAN CITIZENSHIP?

  5. Anonymous3:32 pm


    I truly hope the govt is doing something about this or else everybody in this country will suffer when things get out of hand.


  6. Biasalah Dato Rocky, mereka boleh racist, kita tak boleh langsung cakap apa2 untuk membela bangsa kita

    Itu lah situasi sekarang, sungguh layu Melayu sekarang ni akibat pertelingkahan sesama sendiri

    Memang Melayu takkan hilang di dunia, tapi kita akan dihina di bumi sendiri

  7. not representing gen-y3:36 pm

    Dear Datuk,

    with all due respect, this has to stop.

    i am reading this with all the anger and rage feeling.
    (not good for us tho.. rasa benci membuak2..)

    your recent posts suggest hatred.

    i dont know wht outcome do you wish to see from your readers by reading your posts.

    would rather you come out with suggestions/solutions rather than fuelling the issue.

    hoping to see us back in muhibbah mode.


  8. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Goes to show...

    All journalists in Malaysia are real sick arseholes!

  9. Anonymous3:52 pm

    ....if the Malay politicians (from just any political beliefs) can not handle the situation to protect the rights and little privileges accorded to the Malays and natives by the Federal Constitution, i am afraid one fine day, the Army will have to deal with the situation, yet in 1969. And by the grace of Allah, I will be more than happy to don my Royal Malay Regiment uniform which i have hung some 2 decades ago ! and i promise the nation, first to go will be the sekolah rendah jenis kebangsaan cina and india, which are the cause of contempt and which breeds racist thinking among those isolated chinese and indian boys at their tender ages !!! Now let sin chew kick up the dust of racist remarks about the Malays, and see the outcomes ... Major RamBO

  10. jamal4:03 pm


    if we want to go back to 7th century in bringing who gave what then things are not moving forward for malaysia. the way is see it as what walter lippman said almost centuries ago, this racist statement and political remarks are merely an effort circumvents the primary defect of democracy, the impossible ideal of the "omnicompetent citizen".

    things are not moving forward for malaysia if ppls start to bringing stupidity in the form of recist remarks to matter who are they UMNO, MCA, DAP or PKR.

    and those that reacts to those racist remarks are double fool.

  11. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Honestly, after reading the full article, I dont think Tay is a racist. Lets let our head do the judgement and not just point out the defects...Lately there are so many issues on racism that I think we are heading towards dangerous waters. Lets us just all cool down...

    Proud to be Bumiputera

  12. Rocky,
    By having our own kampong means is proof enough tha we are the indigenous and original people long before Sin Chew's number two man's ancestors came to Malaysia.
    You are right his ancestors were probably donning the Kuomintang Bintang Tiga uniform when these Chinese stragglers massacre thousands of Malays including my uncle.
    Well at least I know I am not from a Chinese New Village, the onus is on the word New BTW!
    I for one know that I have a kampong in my country originally called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, the onus is on the word Tanah Melayu BTW!
    We are so good as to make others feel confortable we even changed the name of thge country to Malaysia, and now they want more they want to be ASgong and Sultan mana boleh, babi bodoh!

    The bottom line is, if these Chinese descendant of the coolies want to be racist I, we, can be equally or even a badder racist REMEMBER! Always remember anyone can be a better racist than anyone else!

    My take is this is a great country let us live together but if anyone wants to play hard ball we are ready, listen up moron do not play with fire! And always remember Malaysians are peace loving people until provoked, let me rephrase: Malays are peace loving people until unnecessarily provoked!

  13. Anonymous4:33 pm

    get lost u fake datuk!

  14. why not you define your understanding of 'Kampung Mentality'?

    when i read your prev blog post reporting the same comment, my assumption of the writer's reference to 'Kampung Mentality' was refering to Malays who like to stay in peaceful kampung life style, kais pagi makan pagi, someone who dispise the city busy routine, and not into competing mode as int he city.
    Although i understand the word 'Kampung' but this is the first time comign across 'Kampung mentality'

    Your definition of 'Kampung Mentality' has got to be seriously critical to compare it against the 'prostitutes' remark!!

    and btw... 'pendatang' itself is nothing but it's what coming after that
    'therefore don't push us, don't demand too much, don't pressure us, don't question, don't this don't that....'

  15. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Balik tongkang la lu olang pendatang!!

    Hidup Melayu Kampung
    Bakar China Tongkang

  16. I am a Malay but I can empathize with Tay Tian Ya's drift with the "kampong mentality".

    He is lamenting about the "kampong mentality" of the low-culture, haprak Malays who currently control the government(the political leadership and its appratchik). Malays who use "brute strength" to plunder this nation. Malays who refuse to adopt the noble values of justice, "fair-play", compassion, etc.. Malays who cannot transcend beyond base instincts.

    When a non-Malay is critical of the so-called "kampong mentality", it is not being anti-Malay per se. It is an expression of disgust at the low-culture, haprak Malays who are misgoverning this country. Bear in mind, the non-Malay has a stake in this country too.

  17. Anonymous5:29 pm

    ahhh come on , this apek just talking shit . This apek want telling Malay about deliver themself out of "Kampung Mentality" ?? stupid racist!!! this kind of people can talk about Malay anything and its call freedom of speech!! but when malay talk about them .. this monkey will lompat-lompat macam tak cukup tanah and will bark like a dog and start calling racist.

  18. ex-teacher5:37 pm

    Malaysiakini melaporkan (23/3/08)
    Jawatankuasa pengurusan Persatuan Sekolah-sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Sabah hari ini menafikan dakwaan kononnya ia enggan menerima guru-guru dari kalangan bumiputera yang boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Cina untuk mengajar di sekolah-sekolah Cina di Sabah.

    Pengerusinya Datuk Wong Yit Ming berkata:
    "Kami tidak pernah menolak mereka, itu tidak benar, apa yang kami mahu adalah guru-guru yang sekurang-kurangnya boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Mandarin atau Cina.

    "Kami percaya proses pembelajaran lebih mudah sekiranya guru-guru bumiputera ini boleh berbahasa Cina, terutama di sekolah-sekolah rendah," katanya kepada pemberita hari ini."

    Kenapa di Malaysia, Sekolah Cina boleh membuat tuntutan sedemikian. Bukankah semua rakyat Malaysia mesti tahu Bahasa Malaysia? Tak timbul syarat Bahasa Cina/Mandarin. Kenapa Kementerian Pelajaran membenarkan amalan subversif ini berlaku di dalam negara. Inilah punca segala perasaan rasis. Kita perlu desak kerajaan untuk memberhentikan amalan rasis sedemikian di sekolah cina. Sokong kempen hapuskan sekolah cina.

  19. Anonymous5:54 pm

    this really prove that KEmenterian Dalam Negeri KPI is Negative. All major media must be scrutinised to protect national harmony. Why must we have the label on others. I myself is a kampung boy and proud to be one of them. Even we Chinese also came from kampung. In my case a Malays kampung, Tay might be from kampung baru.
    The Chinese must learn and take care of other races feeling and sensivities also

  20. Seolferwulf6:11 pm

    Apocryphal memo from the CEO of a certain MNC to his Board: "Why the $&@! should we invest in what is quaintly referred to as a 'kampong'? Let's put 11 billion US dollars into Singapore. That's a ?$&@!?$ global city!"

    And so it came to pass...

  21. Rocky Oh Rocky,

    Please spin it right....the Sinchew-i fellow just mentioned about "Kampung mentality" ....he never even mentioned about one word of "Balik Kampung" are the one who highlighted it....

    We always heard about Jaguh Kampung especially in sport commentary,what's wrong with that?

    Why after 53 years of merdeka, people like you still finding scape goat like Sinchew editor whereas we never heard you condemed ever once the fellows asking fellow Malaysian to go back to India and China?

    Tepuk dada tanya selera...enough is enough

  22. Anonymous8:18 pm

    rocky - can you be the voice of reason and berate the utusan and the sin chew for all that they have been saying.....

    lets see if you can make a stand.


  23. Anonymous9:13 pm


    There were also Chinese patriots and Malay communists. Read history lah. Most of the CPM members on the east coast in Pahang etc were malays. Most of the Chinese were living in new villages. They were in a dilemma. If you did not support the communists, their family members were tortured and killed. THey were communist sympathizers because they had too. But then there were also Chinese serving the British army hunting down the communists although not many.

  24. amor patriae9:23 pm

    This is uncalled statement from the Sin Chew's journalist and truly reflects his racist underpinnings. He also sounds as opportunist trying to appease the racist among his superiors. We must unreservedly condemn such journalist who is a poison and liability for the nation’s progress. This again asserts the fact that some journalist in our country is a far cry from standard journalistic practices. Often this type rises to their position by feeding hatred to win the appraisal of some their [equally racist] superiors. They are no different from some of their counterpart in Utusan, who spew poisons ceaselessly. We should condemn both unreservedly.

    The challenge for us, however, will be whether we can remain consistent with the principle of not condoning racism, irrespective of whoever propagates it. In Malaysia, we have people from both side of the political divide that is racist, as much as those who are genuinely anti-racist.

    We should also remember, to argue a tic for tac, may be an easier task in a sense of exposing the hidden hatred of some but the dangerous part of this approach is it often end in justifying the horrible act of racism itself.

  25. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Tay Tian Yan,

    Kalau rencana anda mengungkit 'kampung mentality' bertujuan untuk menghina orang Melayu, tujuan itu telah jauh menyempang daripada mengenai sasaran.

    Mungkin pada tahun 1969, istilah tersebut membangkitkan kemarahan orang Melayu, tetapi tidak lagi sekarang! Saya tidak merasa tersinggung dengan 'penghinaan tersebut' Begitu juga Ibrahim Ali dan ramai lagi orang Melayu yang lain! Malah kami merasa bangga.

    Realitinya, orang seperti Tay Tian Yan lah yang buta dengan keadaan sebenar sekarang. Pergilah ke ceruk-ceruk kampung, anda akan dapati telah makin ramai anak-anak kampung itu telah berjaya belajar di menara-menara gading dalam pelbagai bidang!

    Kalau Tay Tian Yan rajinlah, kajilah personaliti-personaliti Melayu yang memagang jawatan-jawatan penting dalam sektor kerajaan, swasta dan di institusi pengajian tinggi, maka ramai di antara mereka adalah terdiri daripada anak-anak yang mempunyai ibu bapa 'kampung menatlity'. Contoh yang paling dikenal Razali Ismail yang pernah menjadi wakil tetap Malaysia di Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu.

    Amat benar sekali pendapat Yang Berbahagia Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad bahawa dalam bidang pendidikan, DEB amat berjaya sekali! Hanya dalam bidang ekonomi belum menampakkan hasil yang membanggakan.

    So, Tay Tian Yan, mengapa kami orang Melayu mesti malu dan marah dengan istilah "kampung menatlity? "Kampung mentality" melambangkan manusia yang hidup secara aman damai, amanah, jujur, hormat menghormati, tahu adab sopan, tidak tamak dan tidak mempertikaikan hak orang lain! Paling penting mereka juga tidak mahu hak mereka dipertikaikan oleh orang lain! Mereka juga telah maju dalam bidang pendidikan.

    Saya menyokong 100%pendapat 'fellow journo' dan saya yakin ramai lagi turut sependapat. Jadi jangan marah kalau persepsi orang Melayu terhadap 'the non Malay' senagai tamak, tidak tahu bersyukur dan tidak tahu berterima kasih!

    Warga Setia

  26. Anonymous10:00 pm

    cheap skate Nutgraph.. they are going around selling their soul to feed themselves

  27. Hey bro, you should see the documentary about the Malayan Emergency on History Channel. Its a little more believable that some stuff you have written here. The citizenship granted to the non-Malays had apparently little to do with Malay nationalism as you have quoted. It was a strategy to gain support of the non-Malays so that they will support the colonial government instead of the communists. It would seem like it was the Brits who, convinced/forced/argued/ suggested/ pushed for/ the sultans to grant citizenship papers to non-Malays way back in 1951 or 52. My late dad too got one of those papers then.

  28. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Nice one Rocky;

    Hit any Chinese in the 50s, most likely you will hit a communist.

    Thanks to the British, the Malays, the Orang Asli, the Sikh and the few Chinese, Malaysia did not become a communist country.

    I fear the worst if the communist rule the country.I lost my uncle during the Bintang 3 era.

  29. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I happen to think that there are a lot of Malays out there still with 'Kampung Mentality' and do not hesitate to verbally express it in public. In fact, many Malays use that term liberally as well (and not just liberal Malays). The term 'Jaguh Kampung' is universally used to refer to an individual who only excels in mediocrity, both in everyday conversation and the mainstream media. To be fair, 'Kampung Mentality' is not limited to just Malays but can also refer Malaysian and non-Malaysian Chinese, Indians and American red-necks too.

    On the other hand, likening a particular race to dogs by inference to their religious apparel has never been an accepted idiom. In any civil society. Whatsoever.

    Please realise this difference.

    Kamali Ibrahim.

  30. Dear Old Fart,

    You watched it too? It's a good documentary. Glad you pointed out about the citizenship granted to the non-Malays. That's part of our history. The majority of the Malays then did not support the Commies; the non-citizen non-Malays did.

    And you may be right, the Brits puished the Sultans to grant the citizenship to the non-Malays. The Brits and Tunku. But the point is, it couldn't have happened without the consent of the Raja-Raja Melayu. At least we're agreed on that.

  31. Anonymous12:02 am

    Really, could someone tell this anal chink name Tay Tian Yan that chinese kampung folks rearing pigs & sow, shit/urinate in their vegetable garden for fertilizer should be his real concern for their " Kg China " cocoon. My ex Cina Makwe brought me to her hometown,so witness this first hand
    (Dumped her stinky ass after that!!).


  32. Anonymous12:04 am

    Really, could someone tell this anal chink name Tay Tian Yan that chinese kampung folks rearing pigs & sow, shit/urinate in their vegetable garden for fertilizer should be his real concern for their " Kg China " cocoon. My ex Cina Makwe brought me to her hometown,so witness this first hand
    (Dumped her stinky ass after that!!).


  33. Anonymous1:11 am

    All the way bang Rocky, we need a brave malay jounalist that counter the anti-malay racist. may Allah be with you bro.

  34. Anonymous1:24 am

    I suppose come this Raya, the term "balik kampung" should be banned.
    Now , that would be term a racist remark and an insult to those going home to celebrate Raya with their loved ones?
    I suppose, Malays, Indians, Chinese, etc would all be "balik kampung" too, don't you think so?

  35. Anonymous1:36 am

    Tay is the typical slit eyed kiasu Chink who only worships money

  36. Anonymous2:24 am

    Kenyataan Tay ini hanya membuktikan sifat perkauman dan memandang rendah kepada orang lain sangat berleluasa . Tay adalah salah seorang daripadanya, yang kononnya bagus tapi hanay seperti masuk bakul angkat sendiri . ooohhhh rupanya untuk menjadi bangsa Malaysia semakin jauh dengan orang macam Tay yg umpama parasit masih cergas dengan pemikiran perkauman .

    Kampong Boy?? I like See Kampong Boy kartun ... and person who make it already succeed . hahahahaarkk tuih Tay

  37. Anonymous3:13 am

    Hello Latuk,

    Kampung mentality includes Pas, PKR, UMNO, Indians in estates and Apek in Kampung Baru Cina as well. If people of kampung mentality type go on strike it is people like Tay who will eat sticks and rocks.

    Padlock Home

  38. Anonymous3:34 am

    There are millions of pendatang who make a living here and some of them we call PATI. Meaning this land is already proven to be the heavens for pendatang. If this land just like Zimbabwe, those with kampung mentality will never share this land with pendatang.

  39. Anonymous3:35 am

    Hoy Tay Sin Chew,

    What about "kampung mentality" are you mummbling here?

    50yrs ago my granpa, a kampung man, was managing his own rice mill catering to hectares of his and the kampung padi supplies..

    His small rubber plantation, he managed himself even operated rubber scrap shop in town.

    And his fruit orchads, FOC for anyone to drop by anytime to enjoy the fruits, his way of "sedekah in kind".

    At night both my grandparents in the "KAMPUNG" gave free Quran Reading lessons to all the kids of his Kampung.

    Kurang ajar kamu? Lu mayak cilaka punya mulut! So what's wrong with our Melayu "Kampung Mentality"?

    Lu olang yang kasi korup otak orang kampung, tau tak?


  40. Anonymous4:04 am

    I like what Major Rambo says above.

    If the situation continues to worsen by the day, if no action is taken on those raising sensitive issues that are protected under the Sedition Act, if the Sedition Act is not applied but mere warnings that are disregarded and even laughed at, if wayward fellows become emboldened to the extent of making nasty proposal on the Bumi housing discount, if even a BN component party congress publicly calls for the abolishment of the 30% Bumi equity, yes, the Army has a role to play.

    Temporarily though, not for any significant length of time. Like during Tun Razak's time.

    Let's hear more of Major Rambo and his friends.

  41. Anonymous4:16 am

    The skilganon fellow again.

    This is the mischievous Lee Kuan Yew arse licker who each time he opens his mouth glorifies Singapore and puts down Malaysia. Nasty bloke.

    There are many Sarawakians also working in Peninsular Malaysia. Of course when they go out of the state to look for employment, they go to Singapore, which is nearer to them. The city state has been taking foreign labour like Malaysia does.

    But noooo, he will not say it out that Malaysia takes many more foreign labourerers, skilled and unskilled, than Singapore does.

    This skilganon fellow really needs to be screwed by Anwar Ibrahim from his arse to his mouth. Of course he'll love it, because he's been getting that frequently from LKY. Only that he does't say it. Instead he tries to put the shit that comes out from his arse as a result of LKY's screw into Malaysia.

    Damn the skilganon bloke.

  42. Anonymous6:39 am

    Salam to all.
    Whats wrong with kampung mentality? They are many positives traits there...respect other is one of it. One thing I realise, all those grew up in kapung together have more understanding of others sensitivity rather than those in town. We as a nation is drifting due to our young not growing up together ...too much defending one cultural right rather than nation right. Lets be a malaysian first. Committed to one school for all.
    Apek kampong...mana lu pegi/ lama tak nampak?

  43. Bolehan8:29 am

    If u wanna talk about pendatang, aren't Malays simply pendatang awal, while the Chinese & Indian, pendatang lewat? Then we should all go back and pass the country back to the actual indigenous people?

  44. Mazlan9:18 am

    If we truly believe in 1Malaysia - then any form of race based organisation should be cast to history.
    As much as I think Perkasa is a racist organisation - so are all these vernacular/'mother tongue' organisations and race based Chambers of Conferenc.
    I find it ironic that the Chinese Chamber of Conference complains aboout the NEP and race based policies - when they themselves are race based.
    So stop the hypocrisy and get real...

  45. Anonymous9:39 am

    If many of us deem the label of “kampung mentality” is an insult, then I think those that use it shall apologise and refrain from using the same term in future.

    However, to relate this to balik kampong, citizenship and 513 is very unsound, it shown the very wicked motive of some writer. Hope RB not to mimic this kind of selfish, shallow and narrow minded, and takes the lead to caution both side.


  46. Anonymous9:44 am

    What is there to talk about? UMNO is exchanging youth leaders with CCP. Isn.t communism coming into UMNO via backboor.

  47. Anonymous11:00 am

    Screw Locky for being dirty ugly war-mongers. His brain is made up of cowdung for all you know

  48. Anonymous11:12 am

    i think the soldier, under the direct command from the general is preparing to take over this country when the fire broke...

  49. Yessss. Yesssss. We need murder on the streets.

    I need a big screen TV. Go on. Stoke the fires of racism. Continue...

    I already bought a machete. Haven't had a chance to use it.

    And I do have a list of people to be killed first. Don't worry, it's a multi-racist list.

  50. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Bolehan said...

    If u wanna talk about pendatang, aren't Malays simply pendatang awal, while the Chinese & Indian, pendatang lewat? Then we should all go back and pass the country back to the actual indigenous people?

    8:29 AM

    Bolehan! Pasal lu pendatang lewat lah lu tak ada hak mau panggil orang lain pendatang! Bangang nya! Muaahahaha!

  51. Anonymous2:59 pm

    in may 13 incident,it is the malay who called chinese to"pulang tongsan" (go back to China) and the chinese returned back with "balik kampung" to the takes two to is the chinese who created the towns in malaysia hundred years ago.(see the design of the shop lot,does it look malay?) malay hitler is like a monkey who want to act like a king kong! i hope there will be a civil war in malaysia like yugoslavia and UN will intervene i.e sabah and sarawak will become independent nation like bosnia and croatia! i hate the way UMNO runs the country,very very double standard.major rambo anytime if u want to rambo, i aint scare shit!

    yellow dragon commmando

  52. I think it is cruel to take what Tay wrote out of context to prove a point.

    If you have inserted the full sentence "His progressive psyche testifies that the Malays can still get plugged to the world so long as they are willing to deliver themselves out of the "kampung mentality" cocoon" for the benefit of your readers, it actually turn what you are trying to put as an "insult" to a "tabet" (salute)(compliment)(encouragement) on what can be achieve if one puts one's mind to improving one's station in life.

    That is not positive?

  53. Anonymous7:16 pm

    you look good, smell good, sound good but really your recent writing is different from previous endeavors. from where i am, it represents a waste of good talent.

    do you really believe in what you are writing about?

    why don't you write things that are more enriching for our country?

  54. Anonymous9:15 pm

    "in may 13 incident,it is the malay who called chinese to"pulang tongsan" (go back to China) and the chinese returned back with "balik kampung" to the takes two to tango."

    This racist chinese want to change history laa haiyoo sooo stupid want to defend his racist kind of people , dont this stupid read history ... chinese DAP and Gerakan come to malay area with lorry and shout about Malay balik kampung after winning an election for more than a 3 DAYS !!! At MALAY AREA !!!

    but what the hell ?? they got kicking ass ! Learn history you stupid and take it as a leason stupid monkey racist pig !!!

  55. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Tuan Pemblog,

    Sejak pra merdeka, prasarana fizikal antara bandar dan desa adalah tersedia tidak sama. Maka apabila kampung-kampung menikmati kemerdekaan, ketika itu, ia terlalu mundur kalau dibandingkan dengan bandar-bandar.

    Ini bermakna, untuk memajukan diri dalam aspek kehidupan (pendidikan, sosial, kerjaya dan ekonomi), warga bandar adalah dengan itu memiliki kemudahan yang jauh lebih baik berbanding warga kampung.

    Dalam kata lain, dari segi persaingan antara bandar dan kampung, kalau diperhati menerusi kaca mata metafor, padang permainan di bandar adalah jauh lebih rata berbanding padang yang ada di kampung-kampung. Ini bermakna peluang untuk seseorang itu akan berjaya adalah lebih besar kalau dia menetap di bandar.

    Justeru, dalam tempoh yang singkat (kurang lebih 50 tahun selepas merdeka), tidak mungkin warga kampung yang bermain atas padang yang berlekuk-lekuk, berlumpur dan becak dapat menyaingi tahap permainan anak bandar yang mempunyai padang permainan yang jauh lebih lebat rumputnya, lebih kering dan amat rata.

    Jadinya kalau ada istilah "Kampung Mentality" ia tidak ada kaitan dengan sifat semula jadi tetapi mentaliti yang timbul adalah disebabkan oleh kerendahan kuantiti dan kualiti prasarana pendidikan, sukan, sosial dan ekonomi yang tersedia di kampung-kampung itu sendiri.

    Justeru kalau ada pihak yang sengaja mencipta istilah "Kampung Mentality" dan mengaitkan warga kampung dengan mentaliti itu dan dengan mentaliti itu mereka (warga kampung) tidak pantas maju ke depan maka tanggapan itu adalah sama sekali tidak benar.

    Sebaiknya, tidak ada pihak yang harus memandang rendah pada orang lain kerana sikap ini juga adalah dikira sebagai sikap negatif. Ketuk dulang paku serpih, kata orang dia yang lebih.

    justeru, mana-mana pihak yang berasakan diri mereka lebih baik dari warga kampung, harus mencabar diri sendiri atau menghantar anak mereka untuk tinggal dalam suasana kampung dan lihat sendiri apa yang mereka mampu capai.


  56. Anonymous11:21 pm

    I think people like this tay fler has his instructions given via remote control

    forgot he's in a land with Malays as majority

    Now if the kampung mentality is the root cause, guess what?

    eradicate these kampungslah what else - so that they can build more taman china

    and more apeks will OWN the freehold land ma!

  57. Anonymous12:42 am

    Ah..the kniving Apeks are at it again, not only are they trying to change history but also membatu apikan puak2 lain!
    As if they really care about others. Tried to fool us back then but we know you better now. God save us from being ruled by this obnoxious race!

    Anon 2.59 pm you sound more like a yellow-vermine-cowardo mah. Peeing in my pants already bcos he is thinks oldman UN is going to come to his rescue.

    CLOSE DOWN all these vernacular BS NOW - from newspapers, TV channels, schools, political party, under the charge of propagating and promoting segragationist views!

    Been enjoying my peaceful, green kampung life till you guys turned it into a slum!

  58. Anonymous4:31 am

    Hang ni keno rasa dulu baru nok tau no. Aku tengok doh tokdo selera lagi kalo sepet,lepeh abih, putih semacam, takut sangat dgn matahari.
    Hai, kalo masih tok reti cebok bersih lepah 5,000 taun tamadun, tok yah tungu jengok kandang babi amoi bak kato omputih - what you see is what it is bro.

  59. Mustapha Ong1:07 pm

    Salam Rocky Bru,

    Things are definitely getting hotter and out of hand. The media continues to spin hatred and fear among the people at the behest of our panicky politicians.

    PRU13 is nearer by the day? Simple solution: The Malays cannot survive politically without the support of the Chinese and the other minorities. The Malays do not have a majority and so are the others in our multi-racial society. Malaysia is not like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand or Philippines.

    The economy and well being of the nation depends on all of us as 1Malaysia, so why do we have to quarrel and destroyed what we have built together in the last 53 years? Bodoh punya kerja, itulah sebenarnya fikiran sempit dan kampung mentality! Wake up you all politicians and don't destroy this nation but help to make us stronger and live in harmony. We are all immigrants in the true sense, only the orang asli are sons of the soil!

  60. Anonymous1:11 am

    3:27 PM

    So you said british gives you Malayan Citizenship?! and not the Malays/bumi? Ha ha ha... you are a joker, read history book more. Remember you are stateless, slave labourer in tin mines, some of them works for Malay chieftan, just like myanmar refugee and indon now, remember who you are, before some smart person decide to make you remember.

    Your grandparents are lucky there are no RELA that time. Otherwise... you know the drill.

    -piew piew.

  61. Anonymous1:28 am

    Kampung mentaliti,
    DEB mentaliti,
    Subsiditi mentaliti,
    dan macam-macam lagi perkataan yang seerti dengannya ditujukan kepada Melayu/Bumiputera. Seolah-olah diorang yang terbaik, bersih, pandai. Baca je artikel(komen-komen lagi teruk!!) di Malaysia Today, M'sian Insider, Kit Siang blog, etc, etc yang berkaitan, ayat-ayat seperti itu sajalah yang keluar. Kita ni jadi bahan kutukan di tanah air sendiri.

    Agaknya kalau datuk nenek kita tahu anak cucu dia akan kena kutuk seperti ini tanah sendiri, awal-awal lagi datuk nenek kita akan berjaga di tepi pantai mencari cina-cina yang berlabuh dan suruh diaorang patah balik, sebelum sempat kerja di lomboh bijih.

    -piew piew

  62. Anonymous1:43 am

    @yellow dragon commmando

    Ain't scare shit you?!!! Ok no prob, kita sama-sama rolling loh. Tengok sapa yang kena.

    Settle once and for all benda yang datuk nenek kita tak berani nak settlekan. Aku pun kecewa apsal datuk nenek aku lembut sangat, apsal datuk nenek aku tak berkeras macam siam, kat siam orang Melayu kena rotan bila cakap bahasa Melayu pada kurun ke 19, kat sini di bina sekolah negara asing pula.

    Who win makes the rule, sometime you need friction to go forward. Just like US civil war. Our brethen own civilisation in Champa had been wipe out because we lose to viet, thus, there is nothing wrong for us to wipe others just as others can wipe us out.

    -piew piew

  63. None other than none12:50 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    It would be nice if you also deliver/post you well intended and rational thinking/messages to most PR blogs. It's 'there' not `here' that breed hatred the most.

    All Malaysians should avoid making derogatory and racist remarks, but certainly we can discuss racial issues, rationally.

  64. Nzain2:07 pm

    Raya ni semua orang boleh balik kampung masing-masing. Yang Melayu, yang Cina, yang India, yang Singapore tu pun sila cari jalan keluar...leave us KL and PJ born folks alone in our city kampungs.

    The city is always heaven to live in whether its Hari Raya,Chinese New year or Deepavalli..nobody around where for a short while peace and sanity prevail upon us. No politics, no Pakatan Rakyat,no racial slurs, no rempits, no jams,no queues (most supermarkets open)...just peace and quiet.
    Ah yes, I can already hear the harps playing...

    Ps Yes. Ipoh and Penang is kampung too. Don't kid urself the chinese are not kampung.