Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nazir Razak ideal candidate for Finance Minister?

Sin Chew for Nazir. Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew's No 2, conveyed this bold suggestion in his commentary entitled Nazir Razak on 18th August, just days after the son of a PM and brother of the PM created hell with his "NEP bastardization"* statement. "Some say if he were not Najib's brother, he couldn't have achieved this much today. But some also say if he were not Najib's brother, he could have achieved even more. I have an inclination towards the second saying," Tay starts his column.

I was one of those who gave Nazir hell because I believe he was being reckless and allowed himself to be misinterpreted [read NEP: Misunderstood, misimplemented (but not bastardized) for an example on how not to overcook your eggs] but I can't argue with Tay about Nazir's credentials. "Nazir's achievements had nothing much to do with his family, upbringing or his bumiputra status, but his own wisdom and input. His progressive psyche testifies that the Malays can still get plugged to the world so long as they are willing to deliver themselves out of the "kampung mentality" cocoon," Tay continues.
"Some say he makes the most ideal candidate for the finance minister, but the prime minister has been reluctant to bring his younger brother into the government or politics.
"Having said that, there are voices calling for Nazir to play a bigger role so that he can change the largely conservative mindset of the Malays and help steer the nation towards greater progress."
As for whether he's the ideal candidate to be Najib's Finance Minister ... mmm, I don't know if it's a good idea to follow Singapore the Dynasty, the Lims of the DAP and keluarga Anwar in PKR won't have any objection, I'm sure.

*Strangely, the Malays have become very successful bankers - Aug 16


  1. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Changing mindset,kampung mentality,tongkat,protected species, be competitive......say what you want.....but it is an open secret that the endgame is remove the special rights and privileges of the Malays or Bumi.
    Let's be fair, if the chinese were in the position of the Malays and Bumi, would they give up their rights?
    Let's be sincere with ourselves.

  2. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Bro, not even entertain that thought.... It is even too disgusting to even have that notion no matter how qualified he is.....

    Enuf of blood ties stuff in our politics as if we have no other candidates. I am sure there are other qualified candidates. It could be they have no opportunity to showcase their talent because most probably they are more into what they know rather than who they know. Which is sad really and they do have the leadership qualities but not willing to sacrifice their integrity and principles for the political masters. i.e CEO LZS, he was only recognized because one of the member of BOD willing to take a chance on him by recommending inspite of his non political stand on a lot of issues.

    These are the type of leaders which we should be combing and looking out for..The dark horses who are capable with high integrity and no political baggage.

    Keturunan Jebat

  3. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Besuk wira perkasa akan buat laporan polis ke atas Tan dan nazir kerana sedition perkauman

  4. Anonymous6:06 pm

    looks like sinchew needs some capital expenditure.
    1. how much will that be
    2. will it be another scandal as PKFZ
    3. would chua sings the same song when he needs the support and money for MCA using nazir and/or CIMB
    4. would the this malay liberal (nazir) resort to buying when it comes to cabinet position like KJ
    5. if sinchew managed to push Nazir, would DAP and Gerakan sing to the same tune, and maybe , PM?
    6. would nik aziz comes up with another fatwa?

  5. bronx6:22 pm

    there's a lot of worms in the CIMB can. Rocky should know better

  6. antudurex6:26 pm

    Better not let politic spoils him, especially Najib's weak and apologetic politics.

  7. Nonama6:28 pm

    I hate when chingkies keep on using the term `Kampung Mentalities' to denote the backwardness and parochial thinking of the Malays. It is the chinese who have has the Kampung Baru Cina and China Town mentalities which keeps them in their cocoon, despite living in this cultural rich Malaysia. It is a real targedy for a country to have citizen who speaks no Malay Lanaguage, the language of the land.

  8. Anonymous6:45 pm

    This is one of the most ridiculous suggestions I've heard in a lifetime.

    Is that what No. 2 at Sun Chew is made of?

    Has he a hidden agenda? Does he speak for those who want the NEP off? Bloody chauvinistic, if that's the case.

    The man can't even explain himself properly, so suggested Dato Kadir Jasin. His bank made a lot of money and he made a lot of money but look at the ways the money was made, as has been pointed out in some of the comments in this and other blogs.

    No, no ,no. He cannot be made a Finance Minister. He will be bastardizing the post if made one.

  9. Kalau dia berkebolehan memang okay

    Tapi kalau pasal kerana dia adik Najib, memang aku tak setuju

    Tapi aku pernah berbual dengan seorang banker di Singapura, dia kata, Nazir ni berkebolehan

    Entahlah, terpulang lah kepada siapa yang ada kata putus buat

  10. Anonymous6:50 pm

    With due respect, Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew No. 2, must be the most dumb journo in Malaysia. With the exception of him, everyone knows that a banker is the WORST candidate for the post of Minister of Finance. What makes an outstanding banker? Someone who can make hundreds or billions of Ringgit for his bank at the expense of the small men on the street, the poor, the needy and the small business men. Bankers are only interested in the wealthy and those who can afford to pay. Those who failed to pay will be dragged to court and declared as bankrupts. A banker like Nazir is merciless and only cares about profit, profit, profit, $$$$ and nothing else. He will fail miserably like ex bankers before him,namely Nor Yacop and Amirsham.


  11. Anonymous7:16 pm

    One Razak enough fact the eldest razak is also one too many. The Razak father is enough. The present Razak should be the last of the Razak dynasty, and the Hussein Onn and Mahathir dynasty should not be allowed to emerge. Follow the example of the first PM.

    sri hartamas

  12. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Nazir does not fit to become any leader at all. Let him in his "world". I suggest him to be on his own not sitting behind that GLC. Than he will know the real world out there

  13. Melayu mentaliti kampong10:50 pm

    He needs better PR, though. Can't go about talking about government policies being bastardized or national ASSets being sodomized, if you know what I mean.

    Otherwise, Nazir Razak's as good as they come. If Hsien Loong can be and Guan Eng is there, why not a Melayu dynasty? Nurul Izzah is a pale shadow of his Anwar, and daddy wasn't such a hot Cabinet minister to begin with.

    So, yes, Nazir rules OK.

  14. Anonymous11:49 pm


    Strategi Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang bertujuan memepertingkatkan pencapaian ekonomi orang Melayu memang bagus kandungannya, tetapi pelaksanaannya yang membenarkan banyak ketirisan.

    So jika ada sesiapa yang bijak pandai hendak mengatakan dasar tersebut telah outdated, silalah rangka satu dasar yang lebih baik lagi outcome pencapaiannya. You are up there Nazir, throw your ideas to your brother and see if we can achive more.

  15. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Staff lama BBMB ramai yang diketepikan bukan kerana tidak berkebolehan, tetapi bila regim baru CIMB memerintah ramai yang diberi tugas-tugas yang sejuk aje...Bonus pulak diberi tanpa kira overall keuntungan CIMB... manasabah kah pegawai yang buat tugas investment diberi bonus 20 bulan gaji? Bagaimana bonus staf dikaunter yang tidak kurang pentingnya? Jika CEO CIMB jadi Menteri Kewangan maka LHDN dan Kastam Diraja sahaja yang dapat bonus 20 bulan gaji , manakala jabatan yang tiada kutipan revenue seperti Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Jabatan Kebajikan , dan Jabatan Pelajaran tak layak dapat bonus...apa akan jadi????

  16. Anonymous12:25 am

    Datok Rocky,

    Another MCA pageboy.

    Salleh Telegu

  17. Anonymous1:45 am

    Terlalu banyak sterotype dalam artikel, macam cina hebat sangat. Kalau hebat sangat, kenapa tak balik tongsan dan bina hidup disana, boleh jadi 1st class citizen, negara lebih hebat dari zimbabwe, boleh jadi bumicinaputra tiada siapa nak halang.

    Apa saja yang menyokong pemansuhan hak bumiputera, akan disanjung melangit, sesiapa yang betul-betul ingin wujudkan integrasi seperti penghapusan sekolah cina, akan dituduh perkauman. Jangan tertipu kawan-kawan ku.


  18. Anonymous2:46 am

    Cakap pasai "kampung mindset". Kedai saya few doors away from a Chinese prestigious restaurant.

    Too often I will see the mummy selak skirt,lipat kaki baby Amoy, relax2 kasi pancut, outside the entrance door in full view of anyone who happen to pass by.

    Kalau baby AhKow, siap spray kat flower pot lagi. Jamban restaurant tu canggih sekali tapi tak tau guna!.

    Nak tanya Tan, ini "Kampung mindset" tak penting ditukar ker? Takkan asyik pasai duit benda macam ni tak nampak?

    His Sin Chew paper should help do something to change this please.

    Nazir should stand for election first kalau nak diLantik jadi Minister apa pun.

    Jangan kes Zaid Ibrahim berulang lagi,


  19. Nazir ideal candidate for Finance Minister? I think not, one son of Tun Razak in the Cabinet is enough already and that Tay fella is a condescending idiot for suggesting Nazir as MOF Minister and in the same breath generalising the Malays as having a Kampung mentality, Tay is a irresponsible and despicable journalist.

    In Any case the country need an Accountant or an Economist to be our Finance Minister, not some banker who thinks a merger of Sime Darby-IOI and Guthries is a good thing, ya Good for his banklah which earned millions in commission. Bankers should just stick to what they know best i.e selling loan products for the consumers and earn fat interest and commission during corporate mergers. Also, learn to jaga their mulut when talking about the NEP which they also benefit from.

  20. Anonymous3:27 am

    Hai tak ada org lain ke.Balik2 one family show. Bila nak tukar mentaliti yg ni.

  21. CommonerNinetyNine4:05 am

    to me, since the sleepy head opened the "hell gate" for dynasty politics, i can't help but to think that the current mr number's head must have been conceiving the idea of extending that "policy" since he was "crowned".

    why not, he must be thinking: see how "successful" the sleepy head have "planted" so many "proxies" in the administration that i can't even move my "hands" without "waking up" the sleepy head!

    he must be so frustrated of being a half (may be more than half) puppet. may be out of this frustration, he is "ambitious" in trying to do the same to retain some control of the political landscape in case he will be "booted out" soon.

    unless he has amnesia, he must have forgotten one of the reasons for the "fall" of the sleepy head was playing dynasty politics. i believe he will have the same "fall" if he starts bringing his brother into the "game".

  22. Anonymous5:48 am

    I think Nazir is a capable guy. he's a respected person in the banking world. If we are to question his bloodline, then we should always ask whether Mukhriz is a Minister because dad used to be a PM, and still is influential in retirement. Or Hishamuddin. It always should be about capability.


  23. Anonymous5:54 am

    Well said, Jojo 51.

    I have lost respect for Nazir when he buddy buddy with TF and stupidly financed TF A320 purchase using our money.

    Air Asia is a hot cradle for money laundering and TF is one cunning conman who can sell ice to the Eskimos, "cheap fares" to Malaysians, Virgins to Richard Branson, F1 to Bernie Ecclestone, and soon Disneyland to Walts Disney.

    He even said publicly in London last year that he knows Malaysians very well and they are willing to risk their lives if the airfares are cheap.


  24. Anonymous6:33 am

    Tony Pua will be a better finance minister, send him RM10 million to jump ship.

  25. Kuku Putih7:58 am

    The fact is, the Chinese editor will support any Ali, Karim or Abu if they are willing to give up the Malay rights.

    You don't need to be Nazir Razak to be endorsed by the Chinese daily.

  26. i think nazir(jay)is like any other along.i mean glorified one of course.more impt,he pandai make
    more money for the bank.

    maybe he would know how to for malaysia.

    politically it is going to be difficult.

  27. sniper8:11 am

    This is a standard Sin Chew games.

    they never even mention or praise Nazir before the MCA economic congress. Nazir has been the CEO/MD for a few years already

    Now they bodek Najib and praise Nazir since he bastardized the NEP.

    come PRU13, some of them will hentam Umno for building a dynasty.

    To me - leave Nazir alone and let him prove to the world how good is he - with or without Najib.

  28. 1Malaysia-sia8:28 am

    Don't forget to make Rosy the Defence Minister too, to complete the package.

    If CIMB can go overseas & monopolise all the major corp deals, IPOs etc. there, beating big guns the likes of Citi, HSBC, then yes, we'll admit he's good.

  29. Anonymous8:46 am

    Anon 5:43 PM

    If Chinese were in the posoion of the Malays and Bumi, they would have given up their tongkat century ago. Tak malu hisap susu orang lain. Grow up lah, cacat!!

  30. charleskiwi8:52 am

    Now that Nazir has got a Bank for his brother to park his 'commissions' Nazir can afford to get involved in politics. Nazir has nothing to loose and he can even implement policies to enrich his CIMB and become even a bigger Bank than Malayan Banking !

  31. Anonymous9:28 am

    Anon 5.43 PM,

    What are you trying to say? Which side are you on?

    You can't even say your mind clearly. So how?

    Melayu Mentali Kampong,

    I don't think you are Melayu. You masquerade as Melayu. Such a heinous act.

    You bloody bastard wanting a bastardized NEP Melayu.

  32. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. I beg to differ. I can't agree with Tay's insult of the Malays by linking them to their village origin.

    2. Tay has insulted all of us Malays, who came from the kampung or live in one. He said: "Nazir's achievements had nothing much to do with his family, upbringing or his bumiputra status, but his own wisdom and input. His progressive psyche testifies that the Malays can still get plugged to the world so long as they are willing to deliver themselves out of the "kampung mentality" cocoon," Tay continues.

    3. Let me remind Tay just in case he has forgotten or does not know that it was the kampung people who rose to support Malay nationalism that freed this land from the shackle of colonialism and, gave Tay's forefathers the MALAYAN CITIZENSHIP!

    4. That was at the time when Tay's forefathers were either fighting for the Kuomintang or the Chinese Communist Party.

    5. Tay's "kampung mentality" sounded familiar. The Chinese and Indian rioters in Kuala Lumpur on May 13, 1969 shouted to the Malays to "balik kampung."

    6. Today, all a treacherous Malay has to do is to damn the NEP and he'll be a hero to the Chinese.

    7 I took umbrage at Tay's insult of the Malays by alluding to the "kampung mentality" because I am a kampung Malay. Furthermore, like me, Tay is a journalist and he should bear the responsibility for what he wrote. And what he wrote is insulting to me.

    8.Tay and other Chinese can love Nazir because he damned the NEP, but what justification have they got to insult the Malays because of our kampung origins.

    9. Lastly, let me remind Tay that millions of Chinese are living in the Malay kampungs and millions more live off the goodwill of the Malaysia.

    Thank you.

  33. Anonymous10:45 am

    jangan percaya cakap sin chew tu rocky.

    the moment nazir becomes a member of cabinet...

    maki hamun from opposition saying nepotism will be louder and faster than you can say the word 'bastardisation'.

  34. Anonymous11:12 am

    No way man.Look at how he ran CIMB.He is the front man.but what about the second layer of management.or even majority of third layer.U check it out.
    He himself dont trust the Malays ability

  35. Anonymous11:29 am

    What is kampung mentality? Is it working hard in the bendang, living a harmonious life with neighbors, avoiding conflicts, resting at night with your front door open wide because you sincerely believe in the society around you, living in harmony with nature, being sincere in helping others?

    Rempit is town mentality done by some kampung boys. Drugs do not originate from kampungs (bear in mind that daun ketum, although rampant in kampungs, is in a way an offspring of the booze and drugs mentality, which is not kampung mentality).

    Town mentality urges you to be kiasu, to be stressed to look for money because everything is money money money, then once you have enough money, you want to go back to somewhere 'peaceful and harmonious' (which is kampung or desa)

    I live in a taman perumahan now. I've to look for money to buy things because all town people with town mentality like to do is look for profits so they sell things at prices higher than they should be. Because they want the mercs and the beemers because in the towns you are respected because of those things. Well not a lot of the imams or cikgus in kampungs own beemers or mercs but we greet them when we meet them. Hell, we greet everybody!

    I'm never ashamed of loving the kampungs. So at heart I'm always a kampung boy with kampung mentality.

    I dont really get working so hard to buy things you can hardly enjoy because you have to work hard all the time to pay for those same things but hey, I'm just a kampung boy with kampung mentality. If "money=God" and "we want more" is all that is in the minds of the townspeople, then I'm pretty happy with my mentality, thank you very much.

    Oh my mastery of English? No that's not a town trait, that's just a language. It can be mastered by anybody, kampung mentality notwithstanding.


  36. kampung mali11:58 am

    Yeah, any liberal Malay can be Finance Minister. How about KJ ?

    will sin chew support him as well.

  37. Bunnies1:09 pm

    That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Come on la... who are we kidding?!

    If Nazir doesnt have the blood, you think anyone will give him a blink?! Please!! This is Malaysia we are talking about.

    As for Finance Minister, please la.. we are in such a shitty state is because we have all these so called "calibre" candidates making all sorts of "clever" policies that are paving our way to hell. Please la!! We need someone like Tony Pua! Get that right!

  38. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Selangor membuktikan jaguh korporat tak semesti jaguh pemimpin dan memimpin. Lihat Tan Sri Khalid, MB Selangor. Masa kat Guthrie dan PNB aku kagum juga tapi bila jadi MB HANCUR. Macam lembu dicucuk hidung. Sekarang dah tak tahu siapa sebenarnya yang mentadbir Selangor. MB nampaknya jadi boneka aja la.. So moral cerita - biar Nazir dgn CIMB nya. Tak payah bawa lebih banyak masalah dalam negara.

    Sayangkan Negara, Sayangkan Bangsa

  39. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Dear all,

    Whats so good about Nazir Razak? CIMB stands for "Cheating Is My Business"!

    When the global financial crisis of 2009 caused bond prices to crash, Bank Negara changed the accounting rules to allow CIMB to survive or else it would have been wiped out as it had the most bonds in its books.

    BNM changed the rules to allow banks to carry the bonds to long term maturity instead of marking it to market as is done everywhere else in the world. CIMB would have been in the same potition or worst than the Citibanks or Merrill Lynch of the world. It was saved because Nazir Razak is the brother of the PM. Whats so great about him?

    And the recent fiasco where the Malaysian government decided to pay up over RM200 million for its guarantee of the PKFZ bonds premised on the argument that if the government doesnt pay, it would affect the Malaysian bond market. Nonsense! If the government doesnt pay, it would affect CIMB as the bond arranger and the biggest bond issuer in the country. It would take him out of the list of 40 richest man in Malaysia if the shares of CIMB tanks! Whats so great about Nazir Razak?

    I am apt to agree with Perkasa that he is a product of NEP and he would not be where he is today without his brother.

  40. Skilgannon10665:07 pm

    Kadir Jasin writes a good line, but he doesn't even comprehend the basics of globalisation and competitiveness.

    Which is sad because he apparently persists in thinking that the world owes Malaysia a living and that there is no need to reform the status quo because there are hundreds of foreign investors out there who are only too willing to put their investments and portfolio funds in Malaysia.

    If only that were true....

    Even Mustapa Mohamed was sighted in Singapore recently beating the drums for Singapore companies to invest in Malaysia.

    Seems to me that there are a lot of acronyms flying around - NEP, 1Malaysia, GTP, ETP, NKEAs etc. Pak Kadir doesn't even bother to analyse the implications of what these mean for the future of Malaysia. Instead he resorts to facile comments about feeling insulted because some third-rate Sin Chew journo got in his licks about what he thinks ails the country.

    The PM is out there begging for reform and investments to get Malaysia up to developled status by 2020 (such as raising the per capita income from US$7,000 to at least US$15,000 in 2020), but Pak Kadir chooses to emote on the unfairness of it all.

    But then Pak Kadir never did have to go out into the wide world out there and fight tooth and nail for foreign investments, did he?

    Neither did the journos at Utusan or the "brainiacs" at Perkasa, what with their iron-clad rice bowls.

  41. Anonymous9:45 pm

    CIMB Bank... Cina India Melayu Bumi(srwk/sbh) Bank.. The management layer, almost an exact reflection it. Anon 11.12am is correct.. he is just the frontman.

  42. Anonymous2:06 am

    yeah,Nazir will be a disaster if he becomes the finance minister.He despises the malay staff.He thinks that muslims have no life but to slog for the bank.....tak perlu pergi surau and hidup bermasyarakat.He would give fat bonuses to those who sleep in the bank know who??? He only cares for other GREATER than money.
    Nevertheless,malay staff who danced to his tune and are personally known to him would climb the ladder fast even if he is a mediocre...Bro, you check this out.

  43. Anonymous2:20 am

    OMG, He'll be a disaster if he becomes the finance minister....his brother is already a disaster, so let's pray that what we suffer at present is more than enough.
    Nazir is so-called an "ace" in banking but talk about fairness, the others are right when they told you bro to check out.Please check if he has been fair to those NEP products...see what happens if he becomes the minister of finance.

  44. Anonymous2:44 am

    These chingkees always thot that they're above others in all aspects.Cakap "mentaliti kampung".Aren't they too?...not happy to see malays educated or see them driving posh cars,always look down UITM grads and other public universities. They think if they're products of TAR college or UTAR or other local private colleges owned by them( and sitting as chairmans are the "idiotic UMNO" cronies) and they think they're better products....they can't even say "mine" but "my one".Come on Tan don't talk big.Aren't the" chinese new village" are also kampung(translated) and see whether their mentality is so different from the malays.Be professional and don't practice name-calling......u are no better than that perkasa big bear Ibrahim....a rascist!

  45. Anonymous10:33 am

    Rocky Bru,

    Kadir's comment is correct ot the bones!

    To me Tay's comment is stinking and dirty...those Chinese bastards think that this country is theirs once the Malay bastards "remove the NEP This is where people like Tay should have a good taste of Malay 13 ambience!

    Even if those "pendatang stay here 1000 yrs", they are still immigrants". We the Bumis NEVER invite them to come and stay and rack all the riches of this country.

    Let's have a military govt, as those pendatangs have too much freedom in this country!

    I'll go for it...Tay's insults are too much to swallow!