Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PARTI Pribumi Perkasa Negara?

3rd force come PRU13? The thought came to mind today. With nearly 200,000 members, Perkasa is becoming a force to be reckoned with. It's big, its bold, and to some, it's bad.

Contrary to claims that Umno=Perkasa, the fact is Perkasa will  actually work against Umno's interest if it becomes a political party. Many of Perkasa's members are members of Umno and quite a number are clever Malays, mostly urban, who don't wish to join Umno (and who certainly don't trust Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR/PAS that he lead). Many joined the NGO during Tun Dol's time because Tun Dol's UMNO was incompetent and impotent. The fact that Dr Mahathir Mohamad has associated himself with Perkasa is a big draw for many, especially the young Malays.

I'd rather Perkasa remain as a pressure group but in politically super-charged Malaysia, I can't rule out Perkasa entering the fray and growing into a  significant force in the next general election. Perkasa is unpopular with some groups of people only because it is extremely popular with other groups of people, as the size - and quality - of its membership would testify. It will split the Malays further but perhaps that's just what the Malays need  - they need to be fragmented before they realise the need to stick together for their survival.

Lots of ifs and maybes at this point of time.  But what's clear is even a minnow (compared with Perkasa) like People's Parliament, originally set up to help Netizens get to know their MPs and other noble goals, are rolling their sleeves to pursue their real political ambitions. Read Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Rakyat must join forces: Kuburkan BN!

Such dreams. But I was thinking today that If Perkasa becomes a political party and somehow joins PKR, DAP and PAS in Pakatan Rakyat, then that possibility - the end of BN - will become so, very real.
Najib Razak's Umno/BN have some serious re-strategizing to do even as the people in Perkasa decides on their next BIG move.


  1. Trust me, their 200K members in a few months is phenomenal, which shows that Malays wont stick around for UMNO and PAS to unite

    They have a keen hatred against Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who they rightly see as a jewish agent (the evidence are so clear, only the most foolish of Muslims cant see it, I dont care about non-Muslim opinions on this because they are generally pro-Israel and anti-Islam, thus have no qualms in supporting BABI)

    They are also supportive of Islamic law and would no doubt attract former PAS supporters who realise that PAS has sold out its original intent after allying with DAP

    And if Dato Rocky mention this, surely he has some inside info of this possibility. 200K registered plus a few hundred thousand more silent supporter

    That is a nightmare for UMNO, PAS and PKR, things might become more interesting

  2. Salam Dato,

    Jika benar terjadi, maka termaktublah sudah sejarah BN menjadi pemerintah hanya sampai hayat ke hujung PRU 12. Lepas pada tu, UMNO/BN sudah boleh dikapan kan. Sekarang pun UMNO hanya kuat kerana Perkasa. adehh..

  3. Anonymous3:18 am


    i like the idea of having a malay-chauvinist org like perkasa. at least the malays can depend on perkasa should anything goes wrong with umno and umno's approach.

    however, in the 1malaysia context, i have this fear for malaysians - what if the chinese and indians form their own respective one-race organisation?

    when perkasa suggested for umno and pas to be merge under a 'one malay unity party', it got immediate support from some senior umno leaders. the idea to close the political gap among malay parties was welcomed much by those who have been championing such an idea since one or two decades ago.

    bot on the contrary, what happens if the chinese choose to merge mca, gerakan and dap under one 'chinese unity party'? their argument is if the malays are united under one-race party, why cant the chinese and indians?

    when chua soi lek mentioned about the possibility of mca sharing what the dap has been doing, he was bluntly shot down by deputy prime minister, utusan malaysia and other malay leaders. perkasa went a bit further by lodging a police report against him. didnt anyone notice what prompted the mca president to say so? dont u think that the idea of umno-pas merger has incited some discomfort among mca and mic members and leaders?

    so, what is wrong with mca-dap merger under a chinese unity party? what is pas to umno and what is dap to mca?

    worse scenario is to accept perkasa as a political party. if ibrahim ali has suggested for umno and pas to dissolve to pave a way for the malay unity party, what is the possibility of perkasa not to join the fray?

    here again, what is wrong for mca-dap-gerakan merger? when the malays are allowed to speak about their unity, why do have practice a double standard when the chinese, too began to talk chinese unity? if anwar ibrahim who once was a political enemy to kit siang and karpal has now become their political buddies, what is there to reject the possibility of kit siang and guan eng holding hands with chua soi lek? after all, they are chinese!

    o yea... another possibility. should the malay unity party, the chinese unity party and the indian unity party choose to compete among themselves in the next general election, of course the 'calculation' would be so simple - if the malay unity party wins, a malay becomes a prime minister whereas if the chinese or the indian unity parties win, we will have a chinese or an indian prime minister.

    and whats wrong with that if the idea comes from the malays themselves? fair, isnt it?

  4. Anonymous4:38 am

    Let Perkasa stand in the elections and see how popular they are. They can always apply to join the Barisan after that.

    If they are really popular, Najib should learn a lesson and change his pandering-to-the-Chinese course at the expense of Malay and Bumiputera interests.

    Najib and Muhyiddin have scolded Chua Soi Lek but it's not sufficient to stunt the daring acts of sabotaging Malay interests that include the nasty proposal on Bumi housing discount and the flagrant call for the abolishment of the 30% Bumi equity.

    The risk though is that Perkasa standing in the elections might split the votes to the opposition favour. It has to be skilfully done, selecting constituencies where such would not happen. It's not easy to do that because nobody has a clear crystal ball in many constituencies.

    If only the Malays can be united so that the others will not exploit the situation to the extent of daringly making the nasty proposal on the Bumi housing discount and atrociously calling for the abolishment of the 30% Bumi equity.

    Under the circumstances, I like Major Rambo's idea in his comment to the previous post that the Army may have a role to play.

    I hope to ear more from Major Rambo and his friends.

  5. Anonymous5:47 am

    Aiyo wasting time lah, in no time you will find the frog jumping out to another party.

  6. "It will split the Malays further but perhaps that's just what the Malays need - they need to be fragmented before they realise the need to stick together for their survival."

    Spot on Bru, my sentiments exactly .. Yes, my panji panji hitam clan will support PERKASA!

  7. Anonymous7:17 am

    In their earliest forms, PERKASA's existence was thought to be a knee-jerk reaction against what the malays in this country see as a lopsided You-racist-me-I-racist-you situations.

    Assuring the malays a 30% share in the economic cake is broadcasted as racism while discrimination towards the malays in areas of job intake, supply-chain control and many others, are deemed as not.

    Questioning the constitutionally-guaranteed Malay rights are ok, while they would raise a ruckus when the historically-accurate and anthropologically-correct "Pendatang" terms are used.

    "Meritocracy" doesn't apply to them: my nephew who graduated in computer science and had been working in one chinese company for several years and experiencing no salary increase got shocked one day when a fresh chinese graduate of the same field was hired and paid more than she does and got promoted in a flash, even though her works are definitely far more inferior than my nephew's. Sensing this apartheidistic move, she resigned on the spot, set-up a similar company with whatever meagre means she could muster, becomes their competitor in the field and now receives so many jobs that she has to fend-off new ones should she receive some more.

    So is it racist if Perkasa decides to, say, help pool resources and help and nurture bloom a malay company like my nephew's or is it not racist what her previous comapny was doing to her? The error as displayed by such horror stories as this, namely finger-pointing racism to where it doesn't belong, is almost as great in magnitude as the government's move in the previous Pilihanraya Kecil where we pump in millions of ringgit into chinese schools in that area only to be rewared by them chinese doing exactly what pendatangs do best: vote for "the other people" and be exemplary bite-the-hand-that-feeds-the-mouth ingrates.

    Therefore not only is Perkasa's existence proper, it is long over due! My only complain is that I think they lack the critical mass amount of ground works needed for them to be extrapolated into a legal political party. Get the numbers first! Test the waters. Do not make disastrous moves until you affirm, say like 10 million memberships or something.

    At the moment, how do I become a Perkasa member? What fees do I pay, where is the central office, where are the society constitutions? No one knows except for those who whizz around in the internet, and even that, the numbers are not impressive. They need to make their presence felt, be more visible in major societal issues and work their way through. Then once they feel that the bind strengthening the malay populations with them are stronger and with the rest of the malay-based parties gets weaker, a simple snap will sway votes and ensure support.

    The fear expressed by "bujai" above, namely that chinese and indians have their own parties too, are both ephemeral and premature. If any at all, they have been DOING that in principle, if not in legality.

    So please, PERKASA, do make intelligent moves, and not ones that can be to your detriment later. At the moment concentrate in getting numbers. Make 10 million your critical mark, and as a test for how needed you are. At the moment, me and my entire clan, who wishes to join, don't even have a clue on where to sign up.


  8. Anonymous7:31 am

    Can someone tell me how to join Perkasa. Thanks. :)

  9. Amused8:21 am

    Yes, support such extremist, racist & protectionist party and Laos & Zimbabwe will soon overtake & say goodbye to us.

  10. anti-sodomite8:21 am

    I'd loved to see the realignment of political parties based on ethnic lines and see which ethnic will be more superior. Let's go for that DAP-MCA-Gerakan vs UMNO-PAS-Perkasa. Leave PKR,the baby born out of wedlock, out.

  11. Kakaka..
    what an interesting name: Tun Dol!
    Add "incompetent" and "impotent" to the name, and you hit a bull's eye, Dato'Rocky.


  12. Mazlan9:14 am

    I say go for it - form as a political party and have a platform.
    Only then will Perkasa see if they really have 'public' support.
    It will then also force a decision upon UMNO - do they pander to Perkasa and try to be more Ultra or do they follow Najib's 1Malaysia philosophy.
    Thats what democracy is about.

  13. Anonymous10:10 am

    Tahniah. Tapi ianya terlalu awal. Walau apa pun get organise and prepare for the 13th GE.

    As for BUJAI. There should not be any fear with the existence of racial party. As it is now MCA , DAP ,Gerakan and others like PAS and even UMNO are already in such group.

    Let unite under Perkasa and see what's the out come from the GE later.

    Who gonna be appointed Protem Chairman. Surely not Ibrahim Ali. Find some one else.

    Semangat Melayu

  14. 3 force? hahahaha .Ibrahim pendek should ask can he win pasir mas seat in GE13 on his own ?

  15. This is indeed an interesting idea, somebody need to fill the void to cater for the needs of those who are not happy with UMNO, not happy with PAS and not happy with PKR.

    A party Pribumi Perkasa Negara can place themselves as independents leaning towards BN or whichever parties that can cooperate with them to form a Government.

    A party Pribumi Perkasa Negara could keep the MCA and other BN component parties in line by virtue of the fact that seats won by the MCA, MIC and Gerakan are Malay majority constituents.

    It would be a horrible scenario for BN especially but politics is the art of the impossible and the powers that be will have to come up with drastic measures to ensure BN thrives. Let them think about how to get our votes for a change.

  16. Anonymous10:50 am

    Nak percaya kepada orang yang sentiasa melompat parti dan opportunist. Aku tak sanggup menggadai masa depan anak-anak aku kepada kelompok manusia sedemikian. Ibrahim Ali bukannya bagus sangat. Aku teringat masa zaman dia menjadi Menteri di JPM zaman Mahathir dulu. Kerja dia menghabiskan duit membawa rakyat dari Kelantan melawat Putrajaya. Bertujuan untuk memancing undi agar Kelantan jatuh semula ke BN. Duit rakyat habis berjuta-juta, Kelantan tetap di tangan PAS. satu ketika dulu si Ibrahim ni suka melepak sebuah cafe di Suria KLCC dengan baju-T hitamnya. Berlagak umpama orang muda dan tidak mencerimkan langsung sikap seorang pemimpin Melayu, jauh sekali Islam.

    Bro Rocky... kau makin hari makin lembik aku tengok. Jangan jadi macam Ridhuan Tee, bila dapat kesenangan sikit, ada pangkat, terus terus lupa hakikat hidup.

  17. UMNO,PAS,BN,PERKASA whatever all same same just a branding or rebranding things. But the fundamental of Malaysia politic in builted as what it is now and take hundred years to improvise it so just leave non- chauvinist chinese and indian alone while u guys try to figure it out who will be the best leader to lead this country.

  18. Anonymous11:04 am

    What do the malays want really?Ain't satisfied for all the wants they have?Nobody is threatening the malays and they are still want more. How more can the non-malays give ?At their expense?
    Just imagine the situation in southern Thailand.The minorities are giving hell to the government.Do the malays want something to happen like that in our country.
    When people are cornered they are going to claw back.Lets hope sanity rules not ketuanan melayu this and that.

  19. Anonymous11:07 am


    It would be best if Perkasa stays as a pressure group instead of becoming a political party. There is already too many political parties in Malaysia. Perhaps we could apply to be recorded in the Guiness Book of Records whereby a country with only 27 million population has many political parties!

    My contention is that whether or not BN rules after GE 13 Perkasa can still play a significant role in ensuring that the Malay interests are protected irrespective of who is in power.

    Dato', I believe during the 2000 GE there were already talks of the potentiality that MCA, Gerakan and DAP would join forces. Somehow it fizzles out. Now that you can witness more demands being made by the non-Malays the idea of their coalition might just resurface and becomes a reality. Never know.

    Should that happen then it would be a reality check for DSN/UMNO. It would be unfortunate because Malaysia is a multi-racial country and thus instead of living harmoniously and being tolerant it would be a disaster especially for the Malays. The economy is not controlled by the Malays.

    I believe the stability of the contry is of utmost importance. Thus having political parties with each race would not guarantee the economic and financial stability. Think about it!

  20. Anonymous11:21 am

    Ibrahim Ali 4 PM? X bole lah. The only person who would be happy with such an outcome is Vincent Tan, the funder- hidden hand of Perkasa.

  21. Anonymous11:39 am

    Ape ni, rambot bujai daa kerenting macam Negro!!! Jai hang org negrito iye????

  22. Well, well, well... why the surprise? Perkasa has been doing everything right, which is to protect the identity and success of the Malays, without destroying non-Malays. If UMNO has been giving in to racist demands by MCA/MIC ala DAP, then those sections of UMNO are better off joining the PR.

    So, the demise of BN, yes but demise of a wimpy BN indistinguisable from PR versus a victorious Perkasa which will emerge as the true savior of Malays and reasoning non-Malays, which segment is dominant.

    We have been too paying attention and importance to hysterics, that we forget the reality. We need clues to the see the reality. So, what clues does Dr Mahathir's actions give? Should we forsake his genius? Will we?

    Bro, what reasonable basis then to say Perkasa will join PR? I'll assume you are just testing your readers.

  23. Anonymous1:17 pm

    What we ALL can REASONABLY expect at most as humans, is to keep populations at a level that can be supported by the planet, but not via APARTHEID and economic sanctions or land ownership prohibitions on fellow citizens and humans.

    Please tell us if you believe in :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    All those right minded Muslim Malays holding status as Bumiputras, the onus is upon you to right these wrongs as well. It will be damning to the Malay race to keep quiet and not challenge the wrong of Asabiya as in Hadiths An-Nisa’:1 and Al-Hujurat:13 or the Human Rights Charter Article 1 as Tok Guru most honourably has by condemning Bumiputraism as APARTHEID.

    Can you please view everyone under the international tenet of Jus Soli, that all people are equal inheritors of the earth and it's wealth rather than hoping to write APARTHEID policy based on unity?

    There are ethical and moral concerns that go beyond such words that could blacken the reputation of an entire race with a regressive and zero sum outlook than growing into TRUE wisdom and a true place among other men as EQUALS who deserve to guide the various ethnicities and faiths of the world in a sustainable manner.

    Shall we be equals in our country and by extension the rest of the world?

  24. Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Perkasa atau UMNO semua sama sahaja! Kedua-duanya sama haprak, baik bertaubat segera.

    Dengan pimpinan Tun Ibrahim Ali mungkin prestasi negara patut dibanding dengan Korea Utara dan bukan lagi dengan Zimbabwe.

    Selamat Berpuasa!

  25. Dalam pilihan raya kecil Pengkalan Pasir Dec. 2005,ibrahim ali sekali lagi bertanding sebagai calon bebas tetapi tewas kepada calon Barisan Nasional, Hanafi Mamat dan hilang wang pertaruhan. ibrahim ali hanya mendapat 415 undi sahaja.

  26. Tak kesah lah nak parti apa pun, tapi boleh tak cari orang lain daripada Ibrahim Ali. Lompat si katak lompat ni buat riuh bolehlah tapi nak jadi pemimpin parti Melayu. Alahai...kita kena ada pemimpin yang dihormati, berbudi bahasa dan disegani. Tapi Ibrahim Ali...??? Dan satu lagi yang tak dapat share dalam mana-mana syarikat terutama syarikat bukan melayu.

  27. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Pemuda Umno akan 'bertindak balas' terhadap kebiadapan penunjuk perasaan Indonesia yang menghina Malaysia, antaranya dengan dengan membaling najis kepada bendera Jalur Gemilang.

    Bagaimanapun, berbanding aksi liar oleh penunjuk perasaan Indonesia di kedutaan Malaysia di Jakarta semalam, pergerakan itu hanya akan menghantar memorandum tanda tidak puas hati.

    P O N D A N

    Khairee Jameluhddin.

  28. Anonymous4:10 pm

    If they become political party, I will surely join Perkasa..because UMNO has become more and more dayus and always "bagi muka" to those people...really..really sick and tired..hate that ketua pemuda, too..lembik


  29. CommonerNinetyNine4:16 pm

    to me, it is not bn needed to be "buried", but its leaders.

    bn is a collection of political parties which share common political ideologies which are fundamentally good and well formed.

    the problem is their leaders and they are the one should be "buried".

    just like religion, you don't "kill" the religion because of its believers making fault, even the biggest fault of all time, right? then is it fair to "kill" bn just because of its unscrupulous leaders?

    good leaders make the difference, adding more political parties does not guarantee making any difference, because at the end, you need leaders to lead those new parties.

    if the malay votes are further divided, the effect will be pro pr. i do not believe that once you lose to pr, you will be able to grab it back just like that.

    unless the people are really too comfortable these days and want some kind of drama to thrill themselves, it would be really unwise to submit to the pr for its fancy "offers" that they themselves not even do and believe.

  30. Anonymous5:48 pm

    To Anon 11.04,

    Who is cornering who? What are you talking? In what ways does the Malays make your life in this country miserable.?
    Everything is made available for you in this country.
    If you do not understand the history of the people of South Thailand, do not talk about it.
    Yes we are Melayu from Tanah Melayu and since you are not from here,you cannot be a Melayu.
    Your forefathers were granted citizenship and if you don't like it,surrender it and leave.

  31. Anonymous6:56 pm



  32. It doesn't make any sense!?We have in existence absolutely racial and chauvinistic parties like UMNO, MCA and MIC ! Perkasa ,in Lingam's term,
    is irrelevant lah as a political party !.It is supposed to be an NGO created by UMNO to do the "kerja kotor " lah.The danger is that MCA and MIC may follow suit !Then we are heading for disaster!

  33. Anonymous9:24 pm

    "Perkasa members ....quite a number are clever Malays, mostly urban" - isn't this an oxymoron? I concede there are many clever Malays but clever Malays being members of shit- brain party like Perkasa. No comprende not with people like Brahim leading.


  34. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Yes, sokong Perkasa 1000% jadi political party. Boleh jadi turd force dalam election. Because all Malay and Bumi, even Xtian one will vote far-right wing party like Perkasa. UMNO member who X chan become ketua/setiausaha/timbalan-penolong-bendahari cawangan will choose Perkasa so konterek lumayan boleh dapat.

    200,000 member don't play play. PPP got 500,000 member, see how big and garang they are.

    Dato' Silly Loktor Wira Ahmad

  35. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Most if not all Chinese towkays have Malay as their drivers and bodyguards.
    Yet they claim they are second class.

  36. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Aiyaaa...Perkasa mau jadi political party...ini rasisss...
    But what about dong zhiong, hindraf, etc..etc...arent those rasis too? orr since they are not for malay then they are not rasis...geeez what a double standard.

  37. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Anon @ 1:17 PM says

    "Shall we be equals in our country and by extension the rest of the world?"

    Hahahahahaha what a wimp - quoting from the Animal Farm

    a word of advice - grow up and live in the real world not avatar


    a pathetic attempt at brainwashing

  38. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Anon @ 11:07 AM says

    "be a disaster especially for the Malays. The economy is not controlled by the Malays."

    Oh yeah, who gets to lose when peace flies away, the rich chineselah

    the kampung Malays have their self-sufficient lifestyle of moderation

    and no one is buying from the chinese apeks anymore

  39. Anonymous12:56 am


  40. Anonymous4:53 am

    Dear anon 9.24,

    I think you are oblivious to your surrounding. As far back in 2008 I have been writing that DAP and pakatan is pushing the country too far left and that they should expect the right to rise and be vocal.

    Malays see the hypocritical stand of DAP and feel that they are being pushed and pushed. They see that the agenda of helping a Malay has become racists but helping a non Malay is not. They see that DAP condemn NEP as racists but the cause of NEP ie the racists business practices of the Chinese groups are not. Isn't this hypocritical? They see that DAP espouse Malaysian first but wants our kids to be segregated from young in Chinese vernacular schools. It does not take a genious to see that if our kids don't meet talk and play together it is highly improbable for them to see Malaysian first. Isn't this hypocritical of DAP? They also see that DAP called any group protecting the Malay constitutional rights as racists but never a whimper of racisms when Chinese cultural and educationists group fought for their rights. Isn't this hypocritical? What struck the nail was the Allah issue. They see the non Muslims gather together to support a practice of using Allah by the minority Christians for decades old (Christianity was introduced in Borneo fairly recently) but disregard the exclusive use of allah by majority Muslims which have been used for hundred of years. They said : what the f... Is this?
    And you still think the intelligent malays don't see this? Are you expecting the malays to be stupid? What crass condescending person you are?

    Anon C

  41. Anonymous12:51 am

    Penyokong Perkasa di sini!!

    Hidup Perkasa!
    Hidup Perkasa!

    -piew piew

  42. Ikan Masin1:22 am

    "It will split the Malays further but perhaps that's just what the Malays need - they need to be fragmented before they realise the need to stick together for their survival."

    Or perhaps reveal that there is nothing to fear from other Malaysians?

    Fear is being used to control.

    I think I finally understand your agenda (I think)


  43. King kong

    I'm PJ born and bred. 5th generation pure Selangorian. US graduate, working with a US based company (hint: its logo is a fruit). Raya spent only in the city, PJ being my kampung. I'm as urban as you can get.

    You can be sure I'm all for Perkasa (not so much Umno though). Ain't no way I'm going to forsake my race and my brothers if they're being stepped on. Doesn't mean I approve or encourage racism or bigotry towards other races and I don't, but if and when my brothers need me, I'm there.
    Don't be caught unawares when one day many more like me show up and publicly support Perkasa.
    They're waiting silently in the background.

  44. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Perkasa is the best thing that can happen for Pakatan Rakyat.

    Long live Perkasa ! Long live Ibrahim Ali !


  45. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Aku pun jauh tapi kalo perlu aku balik at the bat of an eyelid.

    Krav Maga Dan, sat lagi Grand Master

  46. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Melayu yang tak sokong perkasa adalah melayu yang sebodoh-bodohnya.Pas,Umno,Pkr marilah sama-sama mempertahan keutuhan melayu yang banyak menjadi hamba di negara sendiri,kita kalah dalam persaingan dari segi ekonomi,janganlah politikpun kita kalah juga....Umno nak jaga hati kaum lai