Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The bastardization of the American Dream

Ah, bukan saja NEP atau DEB yang sudah menjadi bangsat. The bastardization of the American Dream (Time.com, 17 Aug 2008)) tells of how the American Dream, which was all about the pursuit of happiness in a life in an America full of equal opportunities for everyone, has been reduced to the pursuit of home ownership.


  1. Anonymous7:17 am

    malaysianinsider tak nak interbiu dgn nazir 'the mighty malay liberal' razak ke? mungkin dia ada cara utk mengembalikan 'American Dreammmmm'

  2. Anonymous8:38 am

    Don't talk about other when you yourself didn't achieve your dream. NEP dream is to get Bumi own 30% of economy but where is it heading even after extension? Wawasan 2020, where now? Multi-Super-Corridor, what is that? Forgotten? Movie city with grand opening by Jacky Chan and how is it now? Malaysian send to space to make roti and now what? Even the two silver medals won by Malaysian in the Youth Olympic was won by a Chinese girl.

    Lets talk about the bastardization of the Malays by their Malays leaders for the last 53 years and going on without an end.

  3. Anonymous12:38 pm

    american dream = equal opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.

    but this poor cunt barbara, thought american dream is having free home & free meals at the expense of hardworking folks.

    can just imaging this poor cunt horror... that she suddenly realised she got to work to pay for the housing even in the great usa.

  4. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Finally, someone who makes some sense!


    The Malaysia that could be — Kalimullah Hassan
    August 21, 2010
    AUG 21 — It is a great honor for me to be here today and I want to start by congratulating you and your families on your success.

    Although I did not attend university — for a variety of reasons, chief being that we were not rich and that I was not smart enough to be given a scholarship — I have, every moment in my life, acknowledged the value of a college or university education. There’s always that tinge of regret in me when I hear my friends speak of the fun they had in campus, the pranks they played, the girlfriends they met, the midnight oil they burnt during exams and the pride with which they took to the stage to receive their scrolls and enter the new phase in their lives.

    Today, it is your turn to feel the pride of receiving your scrolls after having worked so hard. Today is a great day for you. You are young; you are raring to go; you want to make your name; you have dreams; you have hopes; you have your whole life ahead of you.

    More at:

  5. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I am so glad that you display comments such as that displayed by Anonymous 8:38. To him, if a Malaysian succeeds internationally, then the succesful person is chinese, not Malaysian. He wants the "Chinese" factor to be highlighted. In other words, chinese does not equal Malaysian. Which is true and which we are glad to accept also if you catch my drift.

    But to these people whom Dr Tee refers as UltraKiasu, about the only time when "being Malaysian" should be taken as a general context is when cases like Normala Bonat happens. In such a case, the perpetrator is "Malaysian". Suddenly the ethnicity disappears and the blame and obnoxious behaviours should be distributed to all.

    I said earlier I am glad, because this makes the existence of bodies like Perkasa be meaningful. We now have stronger and stronger points and reasons to pursue our case.

    Racists, you all make my day like there is no yesterday.


  6. parti jahat5:03 pm

    Anon 8.38 a.m.

    "Even the two silver medals won by Malaysian in the Youth Olympic was won by a Chinese girl"

    I thought she was iban, murut or any other sarawakian natives.. because her name is Pandelela Rinong.. ade ke cina nama macam tu?

  7. parti jahat5:43 pm

    Don't talk about 2020 la even in 2012 the bastardization of economic, politics and defense will become catostrophy...

  8. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Anon 8.38 AM

    What do hope to achieve by saying "Lets talk about the bastardization of the Malays by their Malays leaders for the last 53 years and going on without an end."

    You want us to say that because you want to erode Malay rights in such things as 30% Bumi equity, let's call for you to surrender your citizenship? Citizenship was the quid pro quo for Malay rights under Article 153, remember?

    You want to hit at faulty implementation of NEP, it's up to you. But, bloody hell, don't you talk like calling the Malays to ask you to surrender your citizenship.

  9. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Why 30% equity cannot be achieved by Bumi? As soon as the Malay got the shares they cash in. So how do you ever achieve 30%?

    The American dream is for real, in every international game such as the Olympic we can see contribution to the medal tally regardless of race but in Malaysia the contribution of medals are the effort of the minority. The majority in Malaysia live with a tongkat provided by an Indian Muslim called mamak Dr M.

  10. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Tuan Pemblog,

    Sejak pra merdeka, prasarana fizikal antara bandar dan desa sudah tersedia tidak sama. Maka apabila kampung-kampung menikmati kemerdekaan, ketika itu, ia terlalu mundur kalau dibandingkan dengan bandar-bandar.

    Ini bermakna, untuk memajukan diri dalam aspek kehidupan (pendidikan, sosial, kerjaya dan ekonomi), warga bandar adalah dengan itu memiliki kemudahan yang jauh lebih baik berbanding warga kampung. Kepada yang merasa semua itu, bersyukurlah.

    Dengan adanya perbezaan itu, makanya pencapaian anak kampung dan bandar tidak harus dibandingkan seumpama membandingkan antara epal dan epal.

    Ini kerana kalau di lihat menerusi kaca mata metafor, padang permainan di bandar adalah jauh lebih rata berbanding padang yang ada di kampung-kampung.

    Kelebihan di bandar memberi kebarangkalian besar untuk berjaya pada individu yang menetap di situ berbanding kalau individu yang sama memulakan dan membina kehidupan di kampung-kampung.

    Justeru, dalam tempoh yang singkat (kurang lebih 50 tahun selepas merdeka), tidak mungkin warga kampung yang bermain atas padang yang berlekuk-lekuk, berlumpur dan becak, dapat menyaingi tahap permainan anak bandar yang mempunyai padang permainan yang jauh lebih lebat rumputnya, lebih kering dan amat rata.

    Jadinya kalau ada istilah-istilah berkonotasi buruk tentang sikap atau mentaliti warga kampung ia sebenarnya tidak ada kaitan dengan sifat semula jadi tetapi sikap yang ditunjukkan adalah disebabkan faktor persekitaran yang tidak kondusif dalam pembinaan sikap dan mentaliti positif.

    Justeru kalau ada pihak yang sengaja mencari-cari alasan untuk tidak melayakkan warga kampung mendapatkan peluang itu dan ini atas alasan warga kampung tidak cukup itu dan ini maka pihak berkenaan bolehlah dituduh sebagai tidak adil dengan penilaian dan pertimbangannya itu.

    Sebaiknya, tidak ada pihak yang harus memandang rendah pada kebolehan dan keupayaan orang lain tanpa terlebih dahulu mengkaji dan menilai faktor-faktor yang menghalang dan menghambat seseorang itu menunjukkan potensi diri yang sebenar.

    Justeru, mana-mana pihak yang berasakan diri mereka lebih baik dari orang lain terutama warga kampung, harus mencabar diri sendiri atau menghantar anak mereka untuk tinggal dalam suasana kampung dan lihat serta alami sendiri apa yang mereka mampu capai.


  11. Anonymous12:03 am

    Nonsense propagated by Rocky f*k never seem to end. What an assh*le?

  12. sedar la sikit awak tu cuma mewakili 25% dari penduduk malaysia.dalam mana-mana demokrasi majoriti yang berkuasa. semua orang tahu bapak dan datuk siapa yang mahu merampas negara ini untuk dijadikan negara komunis. kalau dah mentaliti komunis tu komunis juga lah.

  13. Anonymous10:30 am

    most of the comments above proves to me that there will never be 1Malaysia.

    most talk as if one person of a particular race represents all.. there are the good,the bad, the ugly, the greedy in every race... so don't generalize.
    everyone has a right to his or her dream whatever it may be but please don't deny some one his place in the sun just because he is of the "wrong" race... judge everyone by his individual merits... give a helping hand if u can but don't step on someone just because u can... the world would be a better place.

  14. Anonymous11:32 am

    the People’s Bastion for Democracy (Bendera) — which threw SHIT at the Malaysian Embassy here, is planning to “deport” Malaysians in protest against alleged violation of Indonesia’s sovereignty by Malaysia.

    “We will shave their heads before deporting them,” Mustar Bona Ventura, coordinator for Bendera, declared in a telephone interview with The Star.

    P O N D A N

    Khairee Jamaeluhden

  15. Anonymous11:37 am

    just loveeesss this blog...

    a fertile ground to breed racists of all kinds.

    bravo, latuk! you are da man!!!

  16. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Well talk about the Non Bumis barking non-stop about Bumis's priviledges..

    Do you know that to us Bumi majority here ,the so called "Tongkat and priviledges", will remain a DREAM sweet DREAM?

    You try applying for small loan and see... lu punya nama kucing, ayam itik semua kena declare, keleta buruk, pondok kebun buah pun kena lukis plan lokasi in detail!! hahaha

    Wonder if the Non Bumis, esp those "dubious citizenship acquirers" of PATI origins, DARE dare come forward and complete and bare open to all these requirements?

    Habis semua lu apak, amak, anak2 bini, lu punya bank akaun kena selidik dulu, kena peligi kursus, kena interview meh.. Mayak cucah kalo talak tau Bahasa Kebangsaan as all these are conducted 100% in BM..

    So dream on.. nothing comes FREE in this world.


  17. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Anon 10.47 PM,

    "Why 30% equity cannot be achieved by Bumi? As soon as the Malay got the shares they cash in." You must be so bongok to say this. No point to keep on explaining the Malays don't have a culture of profit and risk taking, of business, etc.

    You are the bloody kind who wants
    the 30% off. We now want you to surrender your citizenship and the citizenship right of your kind be withdrawn.

    So how does it sound to you and your kind?

  18. Seolferwulf6:52 pm

    Ask Imam Abdul Rauf & his wife, Daisy Khan, their opinion of the US, especially religious freedom. Where both the US President & the Mayor of New York both support the right of American Muslims to build an Islamic community centre & mosque close to "Ground Zero" of 9/11.

    Contrast this with the ruckus kicked up in Malaysia when Christians try to put up churches in "sensitive" locations.

    I would say the American Dream still attracts a good number of the best and brightest from all over the world.

    And no 30 per cent to agonize about!

  19. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Why is the "Tuan" constantly asking for a 30% handycap?

  20. Anonymous1:46 am

    Anon. 9.08pm,
    For the same reason you have your clans, associations,banks and private cartels looking after your kind lor. Hiya,why so jeles one! You speak bahasa fluently, quit your SRKJC.etc. etc.vernacular crap and give up everything that goes against uniting this nation then probably you can oso have this *TUAN* title you want so bad lor.

    Sahib Besar

  21. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Why the 30%. Alahai Apek2, lu olang jangan tembak selalu lor..

    Lu olang itu 30% discount siap built in, 3months credit period for supplies "pact" extended sama lu tongkang mali saudala, kita olang Bumi kaw kaw kena tipu, tapi kami tiam tiam ajer meh..

    AIYOO, mayak baik hati, freely extend these "silent" privileges to minimarkets operated by illegals maciam pasar2 mini PATI Acheh. Apa lia olang pun saudara seperantauan sama lu kah?

    waaa vely good sama lia olang orrr, rokok keletek manyiak laris or?

    HAIYA? Sudah2 Apek, You mayak lapar maciam olang "tu" ini bulan ker? Cepat kasi offerings, kasi kuat sembahyang OK! Nanti satu taun lia olang "tu" LAPAR maciam lu olang, mayak susah,