Friday, August 20, 2010

No to billion-ringgit coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu, Sabah

Flawed EIA report? It looks like it will be NO GO for the controversial plan to build a RM300MW coal-fired plant in Sabah. Since the project was initiated during the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi regime, the people in Sabah and environmental NGOs have joined hands to oppose it. Last month, Najib Razak said the Government will seek the people's views listen to the people before deciding on the project.

Following the Prime Minister's assurance, the relevant authorities have revisited all aspects of the proposed project, including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report.

The latest? I hear that the ministry in charge of the environment in Sabah has submitted a report to express its grave reservations about the coal-fired plant. The report has even questioned the accuracy of a detailed EIA carried out by the Department of Environment in supporting the construction of the plant.

If you haven't been following the Lahad Datu coal-plant issue and why our Sabahan bros and sis feel so strongly about it, read:
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  1. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Alaa, kalau nak buat sangat, EIA report boleh kasi adjust. Coal fired power plant kat merata dunia dah melambak, tarak apa-apa pun. Why not take that excess power from BAKUN? Actually we need to revamp the old IPPs here more than we need to in Sabah. So, thanks to NGO's and those nature lover...we might have few power projects coming soon, lega sikit ada banyak kerja...

  2. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Dear Datuk,

    Nowadays, coal-fired power plants all over the world are useing "clean coal". Some use co-fired the pulverised coal with agricultural waste and torrefied woods. Even in Europe & Hawaii using coal-fired power plant.

    Its renewable energy after all when agricultural waste go through torrefaction and become clean coal. We have abundance of agricultural waste such as wood clippings, oilpalm mill waste etc that can be use as clean coal.

    Frankly, natural gas is depleting, so do fossil oil. Hydro electric will cause even more damage to the environment. We don't have enough wind to spin the turbine.


  3. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Aduh, bodowee dan kalimoola kena LIWAT lagi. Berkali kali.Tubi Tubi.

    Ken Onn

  4. Anonymous6:58 am

    If you scrutinise the constitution, vernacular schools (VS) should not be funded by the govt because it is against the official language.

    It goes against 1Malaysia, goes against nation building. Worse it encourages affiliation to foreign countries through a systematic indoctrination of value systems and cultures of foreign countries.

    Moreover the original aim of these vernacular schools are now rendered OBSOLETE, since these aliens decided to embrace Malaysian citizenship.

    As simple as that: VS have outlived their very objective which is to send all these foreign workers back to their countries of origin.

    No two ways about it - abolish vernacular schools if you claim yourselves as TRUE Malaysians.

    This would be the acid test of loyalties.

  5. Anonymous2:09 pm

    And what is EPIC'S INVOLMENT IN ALL these

  6. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Let us EXAMINE the parties involved in the Lahat Datu project:

    A) Eden Bhd. It was FORMERLY a food company. They running restaurant EDEN. Eden is controlled by TAN SRI ABD RAHIM MOHAMAD, a very CLOSE buddy of Abdullah Badawi.

    2)Nova Nusantara Sdn Bhd. Do you think this company sounds DODGY, wait till you read, who is in IT.
    Chairman of Nova is Datuk MOHD HAFARIZAM HARUN.
    This guy is LEGAL advisor to UMNO, and former Senior Associate of Messrs SHAHRIZAT Rashid & Lee.

    3) Maser Group - as dodgy as Nova.

    Now I have a question for all of you people out there. Among these three companies which do you think is acting as a PROXY for Bodowi and Kali?

    Yang Benar

    Kairee Jameluhden

  7. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Sedia maklom Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yg paling kerap tentang projek ni. Kalu terpulang pd pasangan Naj -Ros, dah lame lage projek ni dibilang sukses. Hipup Muhyiddin Yassin.

  8. Cucu Sabah1:15 pm


    Persoalannya adakah Najib sebagai perdana menteri akan menghalang projek ini kerana yang kita dengar projek ini ialah "hadiah" persaraan buat Tun Abdullah Badawi. Mintak ulas. Terima kasih.

  9. Anonymous1:37 pm

    FULL SUPPORT for the acid test as said by anonymous 6.58am. how to get integration when kids out of these vernacular schools can't speak malay or english? would you get such choice in Australia or other countries? Be firm.

    Power shortage is in East Sabah, the protesters are from West Sabah! SEPA is even going around villages saying that the power plant will give the villagers cancer!