Friday, August 20, 2010

Sub that couldn't dive: Police report lodged against MP and reporter from the Malay Mail

The Paper That Cares broke the story about our first submarine being unable to dive due to a technical defect in February this year. The report by Marhalim Abas was confirmed by the Navy after the flaw was fixed. On July 8, Marhalim wrote again about the same submarine having problems with diving. This was refuted by Mindef on July 11, which The Malay Mail published without hesitation (see story below). Now, more than a month later, Mindef has lodged a police report against Marhalim over his July 8 story.

Once again, the reporter ends up as collateral in the games some politicians like to play. Read here.

Navy denies sub has problems diving

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 18:57:00
PETALING JAYA: The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has refuted claims the country's first submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman (KD TAR) has problems diving.
In a letter dated July 8, RMN Admiral (Laksmana Madya) Datuk Mohammed Noordin Ali denied The Malay Mail's report on Friday 'No dive for sub.. yet again'.
Noordin wrote: "The facts in the article was not true and it did not mention the true status of the submarine at current time. As a submarine operating nation, the security and strategic asset capability of the country should always be a priority.
"The RMN is also concerned by the publication of information on national assets in regard its strategic asset readiness as there are parties who can manipulate the issue and use it for their own interests. Generally, no country will publicise theit strategic asset readiness to the public."
Noordin also wrote: "We appreciate and value The Malay Mail's interest in publicising all matters regarding the RMN as the exposure will bring the duties of the navy closer to the people and at the same time boosting the image of the RMN and the Malaysian military in general."


  1. Anonymous6:05 pm


    Orang dulu kalau anak ke cucu selalu sakit masa kecik, depa kasi tukar nama.

    Apa kata nama kapal selam ni di tukar kepada Tun Abdullah atau Tun Jean ke

  2. Anonymous8:33 pm

    What a jerk for the RMN to make a police report.
    If it is not true than show it to the people or at least the media reporters and the politicians who love to take a spike at Zahid.
    There are better ways of convincing the public rather than hiding behind national security issue.
    Sir, the bigger picture is national interest and that is overarching but wonder! the power that be is clueless of how to handle the situation.
    Tak ada benda lain ke dari making police report... semua orang tahu and people know what the navy did yonder aye aye!!! salam ramadhan.

  3. Anonymous1:28 am

    There was a story going around town when the report first surfaced that MINDEF sought indonesian bomoh's assistance to solve the 'dive' problem and the solution was found courtesy of zetro....... just need the first lady to step onboard and ahoy, it dived instantly.

    So who says mindef has been zetrophied?

  4. 1. These appear to be normal teething problems with advanced technologies which are well within the technical capabilities of the Navy to resolve. So, it doesn't really affect strategic readiness of the assets which include the Navy. We may have dramatized the issue, in so far as it relates to the technical question.

    2. " Article not true because it doesn't nention status at current time" is an admission the article is substantially true as to the facts it wished to convey.

    3. But all these should not distract us from the larger issue - are we so weak as to be drawn into the regional defense spending game by war-mongering neighbours? Power game indeed!

  5. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Datuk dah tengok posting berkaitan Malay Mail ni ? Ada dalam

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    You said, "Once again, the reporter ends up as collateral in the games some politicians like to play".

    What about the politician against whom the police report was made?

    Perhaps, 'no comments' or 'padan muka' , since the person is not from BN?


  7. Anonymous5:53 pm

    and some people today say that reporters are tame...this (and reporters being reminded that they can be ISAed) is proof that they aren't. anyone who's a reporter have to face being the fall guy for a lot of things...


  8. Anonymous8:31 am

    Come on guys, Rocky has said "The report by Marhalim Abas was confirmed by the Navy after the flaw was fixed."

    You dispute that and prove otherwise, la. The Police report and hoo-haa becomes nonsensical if it was confirmed by the Navy.

    Good luck to you and the Malay Mail, Rocky. It takes all sorts to make Malaysia these days.

  9. who gives a shit about these altantuya's submarine. Its haunted i wants nejib inside....

    Just sell off this 2 junk piece of shit to a 3rd country and the rm8 billion money used to help poor people come up in life....

    I hate these submarines okey.....
    Bodoh punya UMNO.