Sunday, August 22, 2010

Malaysia like Zimbabwe, who's stupid idea was that?

Malaysia: World's 37th best, No 4 in Asia. It's Newsweek ranking the Best 100 Countries on earth based on quality of life, health, the economy, and fight against corruption. It's not something I'd usually like to shout about, but some people have been yelling in my face too often that Malaysia is not a good country, and they (they're Malaysians, sadly) want to compare us with Zimbabwe. Well, now they know our station in life, which is quite high up according to Newsweek. Zimbabwe, for their info, is not even on the list.

Read Jai's quick take here, the Newsweek's article here.


  1. Anonymous1:36 am

    slovenia,croatia and estonia have better rankings than us and we are supposed to be proud we are 37th?The current government need to do more.this is ranking is not something we should be proud of.

  2. Anonymous2:04 am

    Well, anyone, if they are sincere enough would have to admit that Malaysia is really not a very bad country. We may not be perfect or too good, but our standard is acceptable.

    But how many are sincere enough to admit that while they continue to rip wealth from our beloved country?

  3. That ungrateful chap who works at UIA by the name of Aziz Bari said quote "We are like Zimbabwe, just with another name!" source:

    I think Zaid Ibrahim also unanimously agreed dengan Si Aziz Bari tu.

    I think both are quite intelligent but definitely not clever.

  4. Anonymous2:46 am

    Actually when i say Malaysia like Zimbabwe, not because my statement is true but i just couldn't accept the actual fact i.e. Malaysia is not by any measure close to Zimbabwe. Actually i the one who live in denial state.


  5. Bro, what people mean by "Malaysia like Zimbabwe" is that at the rate the plundering and abuses are being done by UMNO/BN,PDRM,MACC,AG and Judiciary, we are heading towards like Zimbabwe. Thus, we need to be mindful and take steps and measures to stop the slide. How much more blunder can the country take? The latest accusation that Imams doing doa for Lim Guan Eng in Penang instead for the Agong is extremely desperate. UMNO really insulting the Imams. Bulan puasa also cannot stop them from fitnah. This desperate measure is an example of "like Zimbabwe" la. Hope this clarifies.

  6. Yang kata Malaysia macam Zimbabwe tu tak tahu, kat Zimbabwe, nak beli barangan harian macam susu, telur dan roti pun susah

    Ini lah dikatakan manusia tak bersyukur

    Aku syorkan, siapa yang kata Malaysia macam Zimbabwe, pergi hijrah ke Zimbabwe, pergi pekik melolok kat jalan, tengok apa Mugabe buat kat kau, baru padan muka

    Aku ras pengikut pakatan haram ni tak nak ke Zimbabwe, mereka tahu Malaysia bab syurga, sebab tu mereka nak rampas kuasa! Kalau Zimbabwe, mereka pun tak nak, pasal Malaysia maju, mereka nak kuasa, mereka jeles wang banyak ke UMNOputra jadi mereka nak jadi Pakatanputra

    Nak duit mengaku aje lah, jangan hipokrit kata hak rakyat lah, demokrasi lah, semua tu bohong aje, ahli politik kan memang nak kuasa aje!

  7. Anonymous6:15 am


    37th place is nothing to brag about.

    Singapore gain independence later then us but they are in the 20th place.

    Our income per capita and quality of life according to the result is also far behind.

    One thing which is good is our education.

    Southern Man

  8. viewpoints:

    1) from the list, u could see that malaysia is at No.6 among asian countries (if u include australia and new zealand as asian) - australia, japan, new zealand, s.korea, singapore then darul klcc.
    hongkong is not there cos of severe pollution from china these days and cos it's a congested city, i think ('quality of life', 'health' affected).
    indonesia, china and india are not there, i think, cos of 'quality of life' issues - a huge gap betw rich and poor, begging on the streets (in kl and penang, beggars are uncommon and are foreigners mostly), congestion in the big cities.
    also 'education' level is quite low overall still in thoese econ giants.
    not to mention major corruption in these big countries.

    2) or look at the list another way, there are some 100 'main' countries in the world (if u minus off 'sure losers' like the african nations and small island states like fiji and comoros), and msia is still in the top one-fifth. wee-weet!

    3) another viewpoint - both israel and singapore are at the top. this despite israeli supression of palestinian rights (incl arab israelies) and altho spore is not known as being in love with freedom of expression or having wildly creative people in business or technology (unlike US, israel, hong kong) .
    it shows u that other measurements are at play, other than the much-proclaimed no-democracy. no-demonstrations mean lower quality of life.

    4) so being UNABLE to open your mouths freely and complain incessantly and nonsensically about everything do not mean u become a less desirable country to live in (esok, pm najib boleh ISAkan semua yg bising-bising, termasuk dari parti sendiri. maybe msia will become top 10 then. heehee).

    5) newsweek says it asked: "if you were born today, which country would provide you the very best opportunity to live a healthy, safe, reasonably prosperous, and upwardly mobile life".
    a broad-based question indeed.

    well done.

    sekali-sekali lu orang puji ler negara sendiri beb. tak salah kan?

  9. Anonymous6:56 am

    If these people don't like Malaysia,just follow these simple steps: 1. renounce your citizenship. 2.Buy plane tickets to wherever you wish 3. Pack your bags 4. Board the plane and never come back.


  10. No 37 out of 100 is certainly a ranking that we can be sure proud of. Syabas Malaysia! *facepalm*

  11. I fail to understand this. Zimbabwe? What’s wrong with Zimbabwe? If Zimbabwe is better why don’t these people migrate, family and clan and all?

    (sung to the tune of Michael Buble’s “Sway”)

    When the rumba rhythm starts to play,
    Dance with me, make me sway
    I am so happy, so proud to say,
    I am going to, Zimbabwe

    No one there bothers if I am gay,
    No sultans, no malay
    Now I can have the whole country to myself,
    Good old Zim, Zimbabwe

    The rhymin’ and slimin’ political poet

  12. Anonymous8:39 am


    Get copies of this report / chart ready in your pocket and throw them into the faces of those who compare us with Zimbabwe.

    Do it with a smile, Rocky. A dry or a wry one. Or even a twisted one, these being Puasa days!!!

    Guarantee you tak batal puasa. It's defending the honour of our country, what.

  13. Anonymous8:47 am

    I have repeatedly mentioned, those "claiming themselves as Malaysians" yet harbouring such low opinion of their own country, have ROOTS problem..

    ELABORATE: If a plant have rotten or diseased roots, it will never be able to produce good fruits!


  14. Anonymous9:33 am

    Ahhh Rocky, u know why. For these group of Pendatang, when Msia become a Republic and the President is Chinese, then Msia will shoot to no 1 spot as the best managed contry in the milky way.....

  15. Anonymous9:48 am

    The person who says Malaysia like Zimbabwe are mostly the same person who will says Chinese are third class citizen in Malaysia and there is widespread of apartheid practices in Malaysia.

    Come over lah and see the reality in Malaysia.They were the so called untouchable Chinese who already control the economy and now desire others to call them tuan, like Tuan Lim Guan Eng.

  16. Rocky's bru

    If somebody said that Malaysia is like Zimbabwe, than its clearly show that the guy's mind have never venture out further than his brain or he's just plain lazy to read.

    Waka waka.

  17. Anonymous10:18 am

    After 50 years, we can only be at #37? I wouldn't be so proud sir.

  18. rocky bru,


    even singapore will rank ahead of malaysia and zimbabwe, but political system and freedom of expression of these 3 countries are almost the same...maybe singapore is the worst followed by malaysia and lastly zimbabwe....

    these surveys count money....we dont want money....we want better freedom from UMNO's harrassment and free of corruption.

    even china is a useless country when it comes to politics. If Materalism is what you want and be happy, go ahead...

    Those money you cant bring with you went you are dead...

    Insaf lah UMNO Baru, Utusan, Perkasa, MCA dan Rockybru....masih belum terlambat

    Just resign beramai2 dan bagi kerajaan UMNO kepada Tengku Razaleigh....

  19. Anonymous10:29 am

    dear dato',

    Governance wise we are pretty much on par with Zimbabwe.Unless we can bring down the current state of corruption which happen in every corner of the society, there's no need for further spinning.


  20. Anonymous11:27 am

    I believe no matter what you do or say will change their mind for they are blinded by hatred.


  21. Habib Rak, unfortunately for you and your like-minded Newsweek did not think as highly of Zimbabwe, otherwise u could have made comparisons with Malaysia.

    And I doubt Lim Guan Eng figured at all in Newsweek's survey.

  22. rocky,

    why so shy of zimbabwe. Your idol Mahathir is a very good friend of Mugabe. mahathir even donated for free timbers from malaysia to mugabe to build his palace for FREE....

    Mahathir lives zimbabwe's mugabe and suharto....all dictators love each other...

  23. If anwar could pay CNN for a slot, I wonder how much APCO paid for the "ranking"...hehehe.

    It's not yet Zimbabwe but we're sure heading towards one....with CORRUPTION goading us all the way.

  24. Anonymous1:23 pm


    I think the Aziz Bari and Zaid fellows are clever - cunning - but not intelligent.

    How can we are like Zimbabwe. Utter rubbish.

  25. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Southern Man,

    How about China having 3,500 years of recorded history, but teated by the West like a pariah until only 10-20 years ago?


  26. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Habib Rak,

    Nama you exactly like my Indian Muslim Mamak restaurant operation kat kedai I..

    Nama dia Habib Khan... masih duk cop passpot, masih duk balik sekalI sekala.i jumpa isteri tua kat Tamil Naidu.. Dah 30years, mengaji menikah semua kat sini..

    Mulut busuk hari2 keji Malaysia, suruh dia balik India bukak restoran kat sana, dia taknak, katanya, CANNOT SURVIVE!

    You adik dia ke?


  27. Anonymous1:33 pm


    Pls use your mature and serious looking photo - more hensam lah.

    Especially when seeing these stupid comments comparing Malaysia with Zimbabwe.

  28. klik utk duit raya

  29. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Wait till Malaysia go bankrupt then we'll see what u guys would say.Btw, this statement came form the Idris, go tembak him.

  30. dear anoy 1.36am,

    this is from rocky's perspective and not that of the govt. So the issue that the govt. is proud or otherwise does not arise. you are out of line! better join the line ...

  31. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Kalau survey Newsweek ini dibuat selepas PRU 13 nanti, dimana PKR dah tak wujud lagi waktu itu, ranking ini akan naik lagi ke TOP 10...saya akan balik undi UMNO dan Gerakan yang akan mewakili kawasan ADUN dan Parlimen saya. Proud to be Malaysian.

  32. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Southern Man@6:15 AM

    Yeah but QUALITY of life is way below, SMILES are almost zero occurrence

    Rates of heart disease, kidney failures, abortion, suicides are ever so high

    Not to mention the ever escalating prices of housing, medical, education etc etc

  33. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Sdra Rocky,

    This is a major coup for UMNO. UMNO bribed Newsweek. Newsweek asked USD1 million for each step up the ladder where they placed Malaysia.

    But the UMNO boys got confused if Newsweek counted from the bottom of the list or it was from the top of the list.

    UMNO got Ahmad Maslan involved in the negotiations and this made even Newsweek confused. So they compromised and said it is from the top of the list. Top of the List was USD100 million (for Malaysia only). Every step down was USD500k less.

    Ahmad Maslan countered again. But he got confused between "countered" and "counted". So he started counting. Then he realised he did not buy new AAA batteries for his solar calculator so he had to do a manual calculation. Thats how he came to offer Newsweek options on future earnings from the sales of his upcoming book "Saya Pandai Menoreh Getah."

    Newsweek countered one more time and wanted exclusive rights to Jho Low's 'A Night Out With Big Momma'.

    To make a long story short, we got 37th place lah.

    Malaysia kita sudah berjaya,
    Aman makmur bahagia,
    Malaysia besar macam Big Momma
    Besarnya Ya Allah Besarnya
    Malaysia kita sudah berjaya.

    Hj Hoegarten

  34. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Southern Man@6:15 AM

    hhmmm wonder if the happiness level of singaporeans would be a cause to celebrate

    heard that singlehood is a national headache, and also that the baby bonus is not effective

    the sdu needs a life resuscitation

    what a life - rich but unhappy and unfulfilled

  35. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Ape yang Hj Hoegarten merepek tu?

    Patutnye kita kena lebih bersatu, negera kita lebih komplex berbanding dengan negara lain, hak bersuara kita lebih. Pencapaian ini memang membanggakan dengan komplex nye negara kita ini.

    Bukan senang nak memerintah Malaysia.

  36. Anonymous3:05 pm

    "And I doubt Lim Guan Eng figured at all in Newsweek's survey."

    Neither did the kulai principal and her ilk.

  37. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Newsweek has been on the block for many months now but no takers. UMNO should buy it.

  38. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Apa ke jadah,,,ranking 37 or 1st,,kalu average pendapatan bulanan Rakyat below RM800,,!!!!!
    MERANA di Negara Sendiri adalah,,!!!

    Ni,,,berapa ari lagi to HARI RAYA,,,tapi duit dalam kocek TIADA,,!!!!! BOLE menitis air mata kalu di kenangkan,,,!!!!

    Baik jadi labourer di SINGAPURA,,,at least after conversion to MALAYSIAN ringgit dapatjuga,,,dekat rm3000.,,,!!!

    9 more days to MERDEKA,,,ADA pulak lambang 1MALAYSIA di BENDERA,,,WHY CONFUSE the RAKYAT,,????

    WHY Sambutan HARI MERDEKA tidak diadakan???? BUKAN all the Malays berpuasa,,!!!!! APALAGI SOLAT TERAWIH di MASJID,,,,LEBIH ramai pendatang ASING menunaikan SOLAT dari MELAYU,,!!!!

    ANYWAY what ever FIGURE given,,,kalu RAKYAT masih merana,,,!!!!



  39. Anonymous4:54 pm

    The way that Malaysians complain about everything its as if our life is so miserable. We often take things for granted and forget that we are also blessed with lots of good things. Sometimes, I wish that our country go through a long period of recession just to remind them how fortunate we are. Someone mentioned that Singapore is higher than Malaysia at no. 20. I am happy at no. 38 because at least if I am convicted of graffiti in Malaysia I will probably be bound over. In Singapore I would have been imprisoned for at least 6 months (without any parole)and caned as what happened to the unfortunate Swiss. Ask this unlucky Mat Salleh guy, what this no. 20 means to him! Prison!

  40. Anonymous4:54 pm

    The way that Malaysians complain about everything its as if our life is so miserable. We often take things for granted and forget that we are also blessed with lots of good things. Sometimes, I wish that our country go through a long period of recession just to remind them how fortunate we are. Someone mentioned that Singapore is higher than Malaysia at no. 20. I am happy at no. 38 because at least if I am convicted of graffiti in Malaysia I will probably be bound over. In Singapore I would have been imprisoned for at least 6 months (without any parole)and caned as what happened to the unfortunate Swiss. Ask this unlucky Mat Salleh guy, what this no. 20 means to him! Prison!

  41. Ngo tei li pan ta, kong chai!

    Em hai a maa? Sam sap cat, hou aaa. Em hai yat pak aaaa.

  42. Anonymous5:05 pm

    I think what he meant by our country is like Zimbabwe, maybe, he's concern, some people would sell their soul to be an editor of a newspaper again.

  43. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Hahaha. And I won't be surprised if the Fuckatan Riot will take every inch of this whoregarten's words as true, and start sebarkan.

    How else do you think the "anwar didn't liwat the coffeeboy" thing became the gospel truth for them. And I haven't even begun talking about the Raja Pundek yet.


  44. Sarjan Hassan5:55 pm

    Apalah kamu semua

    Newsweek bagi ranking #37 salah, FIFA bagi ranking #130 marah.

    Dulu kamu sekolah periksa dapat #37 pun ibubapa kamu tak rotan kan. Dia nasehat lagi suruh rajin belajar dan bayar pergi tuisyen.

    Bersyukur sambil berusaha lah lagi.

  45. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Si Aziz Pari Pari is from Zimbabwe.

  46. Anonymous7:16 pm

    If Perkasa is successful in kicking out the Chinese than Malaysia is really like Zimbabwe.

  47. Anonymous7:17 pm

    yes..we are not yet zimbabwee..but will soon be if all the corrupt and abuses by bn is not check...get it



    i used to say chinaman in this country a very selfish, money minded and and dont care about the way the social, freedom and demoscracy as long as they can make money...

    But today ordinary chinaman is changing...they are becoming vocal and willing to be arrested by the fighting for freedom of expression. (I am not talking about the pariah MCA chinese)

    Its a disgrace journalist like you kow tow to the government. Even you cant speak out against yout umno government, or you will lose your editor job...

    Jangan jadi mata duitan, bila semua orang mampus dari dunia ini, tidak boleh bawa duit itu ke Akhirat pun. Insaflah brother....

    Sebelum ajal menjelma, kita buat benda baik, jauhkan diri dari perkara yang mungkar. Boleh ?????

  49. the so called pembela melayu MPM and Perkasa want ISA on CSL....i support it....

    please arrest Chua SL and Ahmad Ismail under ISA together....

    since the Bkt Bendera guy is a bapok, he can give good service every night to Chua Soi Lek as he loves that (even though he is not a young chinese chick)....

    So both of them wont get bored for the next 2 yrs...

  50. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Kalau tidak kerana EXCO Selangor yang korup dan penyamun pasir, Kerajaan Selangor yang kucar kacir, Pulau Pinang yang tak menentu, Kedah yang lesu, dan Kelantan yang beku, tentu ranking Malaysia akan berada di tempat yang lebih tinggi lagi. Kalau pun kita nak jadi macam Zimbabwe itu adalah kerana anarki di 4 buah negeri itu yang tak ubah macam Somalia.

  51. vinnan10:47 pm

    You are right Malaysia is not Zimbabawe. Mugabe tried to apply Mahathirnomics but he forgot two things. Firstly, he did not have a supply of PETRODOLLARS to splurge on the ruling party and his cronies. Second, Mugabe unlike Mahathir did not have a large hardworking and thrifty population to keep the economy going while he was robbing Zimbabweans blind. The whites just left Zimbabawe and it led to the total collapse of the economy. Zimbabawe does not even have its own currency anymore. The USD is the legal tender in Zimbabwe.

    The free flow of petrodollars is about to end. AAB the sleepyhead sold Blocks L and M to Brunei. He actually beat Mamakhir at the game of raping the country. No wonder the Mamak Kutty hates AAB to the core. The foreigners have practically stopped investing in Malaysia while the local tycoons have either brought their public companies private or moved most of their operations to foreign countries. The people left holding Malaysia together are whom UMNO derogatorily call Cina Apek. UMNNO/Perkasa is only one Utusan 'war' away from turning Malaysia into Zimbabwe Go ahead and do it UMNO/Perkasa.

    Kelantan Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham, anyone?

  52. What the hey?!.. Singapore can only manage a number 20 on the list?!
    Not even in the top 10?

    People like -BODO- and schenker should go to Zimbabwe..bila kena makan pasir di negara orang baru sedar diri agaknye.

  53. Anonymous12:27 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The devil is in the details.

    If you look at the interactive chart, our healthcare is below Tunisia, our Quality of Life is below Kazakhstan and our Political Environment is below Botswana.

    Our ranking is only pulled up by Economic Dynamism, simply because East Asia is doing particularly well this year.

    Your are certainly the King of Spin, on par with Kalimullah and BP. Well done.

    Kamali Ibrahim.

  54. Anonymous1:28 am

    Hahahah your so called "Messiah" Anwar busted for corruption but still y'all Pakatan Hanjing holding, supporting and massage his balls.....denial anyone? What made this country worst is to have hypocrites.

  55. Anonymous1:38 am

    @vinna - petrol dollar is not major GDP contributor of M'sia lah bahlol. Minyak M'sia seciput je. Revenue petronas pun bukan majoriti jual minyak, tapi carigali kat luar negara. Berhenti duk ulang-ulang macam kaset rosak la, cari idea/isu/bukti baru lah pulak.

    Kepada yang kata M'sia macam Zimbawee - ye lah tu, bila apa yang PR buat teruk macam mana pun hasilnya, jilat macam babi jilat tahi sendiri. Dalil, hujah apa pun apa pun tak guna. Contoh yang jelas, kes "underground" orang DAP sampai hari ini tak ada keluar MalaysiaToday atau MalaysianInsider, padahal Teoh dah mati untuk "menutup" cerita. Alih-alih fokus pada MACC (yang tidak ada motif/faedah bunuh Teoh, kalaupun bunuh).

    Apa ke hal...


  56. Anonymous3:33 am

    Foreigners in Finland - population statistic;

    China 5,180
    Thailand 4,497
    India no records
    Indonesian no records

    Tu pasai Finland Top Ranking, peaceful, makmur, aman sejahtera mesti boleh maintain sampai ke akhir zaman.

    Macam mana kita nak lawan dengan Finland?


  57. 1Malaysia-sia8:56 am

    Epal dan oren, mana boleh banding? - Famous quote from a M'sian civil servant.

    M'sia is an excellent example of how a country having lots of natural resources but a rotten & corrupt management can still lose out to those with little to no resources but with much better & cleaner management.

  58. Anonymous10:57 am

    I am so sick of people saying we are like Zimbabwe because of this and that. If you have claims to make, quantify! Do it with facts!

    This survey, on the other hand, wasnt not done by UMNOputras or Khir Toyo. It's Newsweek! Surely it can be considered facts

    You people claiming our governance, corruption, etc is on par with Zimbabwe is not! Its just mere allegation. Proof!

    Kalau kau tak puas hati dgn gomen kau pegilah komplen dengan gomen. yang kau menyemak nak melemahkan semangat kebangsaan orang ni kenapa? MERDEKA!


  59. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Sarjan Hassan i like your analogy ....."Apalah kamu semua

    Newsweek bagi ranking #37 salah, FIFA bagi ranking #130 marah.

    Dulu kamu sekolah periksa dapat #37 pun ibubapa kamu tak rotan kan. Dia nasehat lagi suruh rajin belajar dan bayar pergi tuisyen.

    Bersyukur sambil berusaha lah lagi."...U r rite on the dot

  60. Bunnies1:13 pm

    37th placing also something to be proud ah? Please la!! when only wanna be ashamed?? When we hit 100th placing?

    The fact is that we are like Zimbabwe in terms of economy, corruption, wastage, social..etc. If we keep on kidding ourselves and be happy at 37th place, we will be reaching Zimbabwe's placing sooner than we think!

  61. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Southern Man,
    Please la. Singa...pore tu kecik, Setakat nak mentadbir beberapa juta dan nak kawal negeri kecil mcm tu, rasa-rasanya tak sesusah sebagaimana nak mentadbir Malaysia. Dah la rakyat ramai, ada pelbagai kaum dengan setiap pemimpin kaum tu, tak nak berpijak di bumi nyata. Kaum yang dah ok tu, bukan nak sama-sama membangunkan kaum yang kurang ok tapi asyik mengatakan kaum dia d tindas. Tak pernah bersyukur dapat duduk dan menumpang dibumi bertuah ni. Tak kisah la org nak kata apa,Malaysia no ke berapa, Saya tetap bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia. Saya pernah tinggal d UK dan US tapi MALAYSIA tetap di hati dan tetap nan satu.

  62. skilgannon10663:40 pm

    Since when was "Newsweek" an authority on anything?

    The magazine lost so much money that it's owners, The Washington Post Co, was forced to sell it to Sidney Harman (the co-founder of audio company Harman/Kardon).

    Why didn't you mention that as background info, Pak Rocky?

  63. koko bodoh,

    half of umno's gov budget is from Petronas, bahlul.

    Awak reti baca atau dengar belanjawan ker atau jenis awak ini spesis otak terencat???

    Teoh Beng Hock sah dibunuh, kalau dulu anwar dipukul oleh Rahim Noor sampai nak mampus, apa nak heran dengan spesis UMNO yang lain dalam agensi kerajaan.

    Insaf lah...

    Saiful Bukhari, Sheikh Muzhaphar Shukor (angkasawan pertama), Khairil Anas ( pembantu peribadi Najib), Ahmad Ismail Bkt Bendera, Azwan Ali dan Aznil Nawawi semuanya bapok...memang spesis UMNO dan TV3 suka sangat bapok2 ini....

  64. Anonymous8:09 am


    Ramadan Kareem to you.

    Grammar : it's whose not who's

    whose idea?...muz b the same crappy ppl who has nothing else to do but bashing. U can never please these bunch of sickos.

    Cheers, bystander

  65. Anonymous11:07 am

    As expected we can always depend on Ms Bunnies to say something bad about the country that has done and given so much to her and her family. She is the perfect example of the Ungrateful Malaysian.
    People, lets look at this woman and those of her ilk and spit on the very ground they walk on. They don't deserve this land they were born in because they have no love for it.

  66. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Anyone been to Slovenia, Poland or CZ? I been there and they don't have so called tallest building or our modern city. But hey....they beat us....wonder why?? Think about it and if you can't figure just join the bodoland.

  67. Anonymous12:52 pm

    For those who are so proud with Singapore ranking..

    Just want to question to all of you.

    Where is China's ranking?

    Dont compare us with Singapore.
    It's like comparing an apple to a durian.

    Very different woo..

  68. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Kalaulah semua orang bole pakai kepala sikit, kan lebih baik dari membebe shj?

    RemGold says it best!

    Kenapa kita tak dengar diorang merangut masa TDM dulu???

    Dulu semua ok, PR sudah masul gambar aje, semua di Malaysia tak cukup bagus!!

    Nampak tak perbezaan tu?

    Dari pandangan saya, ada dalang iaitu si Anwar juburi dan penyokong neocon nya yang ingin bertapak di Asia!!

    Say no to PR!!

    Geng makan padi

  69. Dear everyone,

    Forget unrealiable, unsubstantiated, non-peer-reviewed Newsweek.

    Haven't you heard of the reliable Human Development Index by the United Nations published annually?

    In its latest edition:

    Malaysia ranks No. 66!

    Way behind Singapore (No. 23)

    Way behind Korea (No. 26)

    Way behind Brunei (No. 30)

    Behind Oman

    Behind Libya

    Behind Saudi Arabia

    Behind Seychelles

    Behind economically turmoiled Greece (No. 25)

    Behind nemesis Israel

    Behind heavily-sanctioned Cuba

    And about on par with Albania.

    Go take a look with your own eyes -->

    This is for a small-population country without resource pressures that huge population countries have.

    This is for a country that has been blessed with petroleum.

    This is for a country that had reaped rubber and palm oil wealth.

    And yet we are so far behind Korea with NO resources, which had a GDP that was equal to ours in 1980, but whose GDP is now 4 times higher than ours.

    So really, Rocky, who on earth are you and your UMNO paymasters are trying to kid?

  70. vinnan10:39 pm

    Anon 1.38am,

    I never said Petroleum was the main contributor to the Malaysian economy. However, it is this surplus provided by Petroleum which allows UMNO to support its patron-client system with non-stop projects. In essence UMNO's control or shall I say the PM's control over Petronas allows the PM to control UMNO and UMNO to control Malaysia. The money is gone and the government is reducing subsidies nad widening the tax base with the coming GST to make up for the loss with poor Malaysians as the victims.

    An attempt was made before the 2010 world cup to issue a sports gambling licence as a way to compensate for the loss of the oil revenue. However, UMNO never figured a Chinamnn could destroy its single largest gambling market and the act snowballed into a death sentence for the licence when Johor jumped on the 'no to sports gambling' bandwagon.

    Petronas is actually digging into its reserves to give the government RM30 Billion this year. RM30 billion divided among all Malaysians is not hell of a lot per capita but RM30billion channeled to the 200 or so UMNO divisional heads is putting a lot of electoral firepower in the hands of UMNO.

    Lastly, if you even know just a little bit about the petroleum industry, you would also know that the successful Petroleum companies keep billions of USD in reserve because exploring for oil/gas and bringing a field into production can run into billions. With Petronas having to dig into its reserves so as to support the government, it does not auger well for Petronas's future ability to sustain its oil production levels. For your information Blocks L and M were ready to be brought on-stream until AAB sold them to Brunei. The two oil blocks will DOUBLE Brunei's present oil production. Do you know how much your UMNO 'Ketuanan' heroes have F''[d you for now? Then again what do you UMNO loyalist care so long as the government is able to keep providing you people with projects and business monopolies. Right?