Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Malaysia, the first missile is fired from its submarine

Potent fire power. Photographs the papers would kill for. A major scoop from the Big Dog. 
[oops, NST published the story and 2 of the pics on Aug 21, see here. Sorry Dog]

Proof that the submarine does not just dive ...

Remember, one submarine equals the strength of 10 war ships.
Get the action H E R E.


  1. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Costing RM2 million each how much money did they burn? All for nothing!
    Pak Tua

  2. Anonymous2:56 pm

    I still think the government should beef up our internal security first. Spending on this sub is fine to me but with our internal country facing all the robbers, thieves and not to mention on the corruption involving the “you know who but they pretend don’t know” in our couryard, this spending might goes useless in 1malaysia eyes. Pls spend the money on our safety first....we even scare to let our children go out at night nowadays compare to old days. By the way, going out at midnight in singapore is so much safer as their police force is doing a great job

  3. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    Bravo to our defense strategic planners. By basing our subs in Telok Sepangar, the subs do not have to ply the shallow sea around Riau and Sinky ...our RMN is one up against RSN and Indon Navy. The next step is to built strategic tunnel highway and rail link under Titiwangsa Range for defense of open sea east coat of Peninsular Malaysia. Thus we can transport quickly divisions of heavy battle tanks to the east cost when needed. By doing this we will be one up against RSDF Cavalry.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  4. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Wa military secret like this also the fatass knows, can make this guy the fattest assed admiral in Malaysia kahkahkahkah.

  5. Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Itu bukan missile Dato, besar kemungkinan C4 lah!

    Selamat Berpuasa.

  6. Anonymous4:57 pm


    There are people who just love to sensationalise things! It is a norm that teething problems happen when it involves mechanical and electrical. The fact that the submarine sailed from Europe to Malaysia is evident that there is no major problem with the sub. Otherwise the sub would have not reached Malaysia at all!

  7. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Tembak satu kat rumah Nurul Izzah, tgk apa dia kata

  8. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Msia fire first missile from submarine, Indonesia FIRE first SHIT on Malaysian Embassy. Mana lagi P O W E R. U pikiah sendiri lah.

    P O N D A N

    Khairee Jahmeluhddin & Kitol Jalamudin.

  9. Anonymous1:41 am

    Woi...mamat-i submarine equal to ten warships. how? in Malaysia with the newly arrived submarine? Lu cerita dongeng ka apa? It is about capability and employment concept!!! or else that statement of yours is rubbish.
    Cerita ka apa and better go read more of the blue ocean warfare!!! and then comment ma!!!

  10. Anonymous3:02 am

    aah orang cina memang tak pernah puas hati dengan pemimpin Melayu..kalau suka sangat singapore pegi lah apply citizenship singapore..apa susah sangat..aku dengar memang diorang nak offer kat foreigner yang berbakat..tapi kalau korang tu takda bakat, just tau komplen jer sorry lah Singpore pun tak nak korang..pegi balik China lagi bagus..

  11. Anonymous6:43 am

    Person who commit treason and share intel with another country should be sentence to life imprisonment or strip her nationality and thrown out from this country.


  12. what a joke7:37 am

    haha, if somebody pays us
    RM1 billion, we can even row a sampan from France to Port Dickson and back 100 times

  13. Mamu Tanjong9:50 am

    Kecik2 cili padi...walaupun kecik berasap jugak tu.Kepada komen2 yg cemburu tu eloklah pk2 kan keselamatan harta,diri dan keluarga.Jika tak yakin dengan keupayaan pasukan keselamatan Malaysia,intai2 lah peluang green card mana2.Mungkin hidup anda lebih dijaga di sana.Selamat Hari Merdeka...Merdeka kan diri dari mentaliti busuk hati....

  14. I think TLDM made an excellent buy, the Exocet anti-ship missile system series is the only battle proven missile of its class in the world(The Argentines used it to sink the Brit warship HMS Sheffield in the Falksland war in the early 80's). Even the reputedly better US Harpoon missiles have not been battle tested and is therefore unproven.

  15. Anonymous10:39 am

    Sebenarnya....kalau saya ATM malas saya nak layan Nurul Izzah ni, dia apa tau...tau komplen aje!!

    Benda2 security negara tak payah la cerita secara umum...lagi dicerita lagi terdedahla maklumat keselamatan negara....

    senang je...kalau Nurul Izzah tu tak caya submarine tu boleh tenggelam..suruh dia tonggeng tepi pantai kat Teluk Sepnggar tu sambil kibar bendera PKR..suruh submarine tu masuk dasar laut kemudian try tembak dr dalam laut...kalau dia yakin submarine tu tak boleh tenggelam confirm dia berani sahut cabaran tonggeng kat tepi Teluk Sepanggar tu

    tapi kalau dia tak berani tonggeng...confirm la dia pun belit mcm bapak dia jugak!

    Johnny Submarine karat

  16. Who are they shooting at? Some Malaysian non-Malays? After all reading our papers, other than them I cannot see any other potential enemy of the UMNO led BN Government leaders!! And as a nation we are not at war with anyone too other than of course Israel!!

  17. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Hahaha....what a jaguh kampung comment - a submarine equals 10 5 years' time, the submarines would be permanently crippled and will be used only as surface ships. That's the fate of jaguh kampungs.....


  18. Old fart, you do not shoot people with Exocet missiles lah, so off tangent lah you.

    Also Malaysia is not at war with anybodylah, only we do not have any diplomatic relations with Israel. That's a big difference. You kena baca buku lebih sikitlah.

  19. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Old Fart,
    Point taken, please mark your door with an X so we know you dont want to be saved in the case of any emergency of that kind.

  20. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Are people saying that a nation not at war should not invest in military capabilities....maybe they should ask Singapore and Indonesia to do just that... Or even why the UK is renewing the Trident...I mean there is no threat of conventional war...terrorist threat don't need subs.

    If only Egypt did invest they would have not lose the 6 days wars...if only..

    Bottomline is if Singapore, Indonesia and others are investing Malaysia should...even if there is no war...if there was a precursor to war...maybe we can ask those who oopose to be the human shield.


  21. Tian Chua cakap itu gambar semua tipu punya. Saya boleh buat gambar itu macam . Big Dog belajar sama saya buat itu gambar tipu .. pakai photoshop cut & paste saja maa....aiyaaa...

    Hehehe jangan mareh

  22. Mr Old Fart,

    Do thunk about spratly issue, ambalat indonesian issue, sabah filipino issue and water/land isuue with singapore...

    and FYI, there are also a number of non-malay marine that operate our KD, there are numbers of non-malay in our commando etc....pse don't talk cock here about fire a missiole to non-malay...

  23. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Now go and sink a few Indonesian fishing boats. Make those people eat shit.

  24. Sporster1:22 am

    bravo!!! we need the fire power!!! those who gives -ve comments, do you know the true firepower of our neighbours? do you think thailand, indonesia and singapore just playing around nowadays without doing their maths? you don't know shit, shut up or put ur ass infront of the missles.

  25. Anonymous2:11 am

    Sapa cakap gambar itu tipu?

    Boleh masuk dalam kapal tu dan kita tempak pakai KD yang dibuat daripada besi buruk( mengikut kata pembangkang)...