Sunday, August 01, 2010

Closing one eye on Corruption in DAP

updated, Monday: Who is the REAL CUPRIT who is freed? By Shamsul Yunos
News/Anal blackout by pro-Pakatan bloggers/media. I surfed Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang and blogs inspired or sponsored by them here and here, among others, but I find very little or no news on the sacking of Tee Boon Hock, the DAP councilor, for allegedly using YB Ronnie Liu's official letterhead to get projects for cronies. Certainly no righteous analysis, no holy editorializing, no campaigning, no attempts even to deny any link between this scandal and the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock. Maybe they live in another world where the color of the sky is orange.

Maybe they haven't heard?

Ah, well, actually that's the difference I've long noticed between them and the so-called Umno bloggers like Big Dog, Syed Akbar Ali, Bujai and A Voice who'd lynch their own leaders for alleged corruption just as they would crucify the Opposition leaders for the same sin.
 p.s. Or maybe they fear what is happening to Teng Chang Khim may happen to them?


SALEM said...


Anonymous said...

tak boleh kah ? so berapa mata lu tutup ?

oh..tak hairan la, dua-dua mata tutup oleh rambut. Qssss! gi gunting la, berkutu, tahu ?



Anonymous said...

Don't play with 'bumi fire', Umno warns Pua...

WTF!!! PTUI!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr M defends Najib over FDI...

WTF!!! PTUI!!!

Anonymous said...

Anti-ISA vigils meet police barricades, LSF - 29 arrested...

WTF!!! PTUI!!!

Anonymous said...

MACC chief: I'll quit if big fish are let off..


Anonymous said...

That's nothing bro, the anal "sand mining" issue is so huge they the fu%katan rakyat leaders still manage to shut things out.

They want to look good my arse to them. Bloody fools only believe them.


kiasu said...

"OMG! Wayne Rooney freed"

Anonymous said...

Datok Rocky,

I say, DAP is practicing command democracy, like what single party republic such as PRC and Singapore practice. Only legal poodles and Imperial Mullahs such as Zahid Ibrahim, Dato' Ambiga, Dr. Azmi (UM law faculty), Nik Aziz, Khalid Samad (Shah Alam MP) etc do subscribe to such kind of political idiosyncracy.

Prof Awe Kecik.

Jason said...

Why am I NOT suprised....

Pantat Ang said...

Rocky, you can pontificate, you can give your sanctimonious sermons, you can talk drivel from your moral high horse, you can bullshit. But there is one thing you cant hide - you are nothing but a paid agent of Umno. You have no more credibility left. You are just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Action being taken nak bising buat, dok bising sampai berbuih mulut tak ada apa-apa action itu yg rakyat marah

Anonymous said...

Why dont you give them some credit for acting so fast and swift unlike what we are use to like in our federal goverment.i think educated voters will know.How much spinning wont help to those who use their brains.Just my dua sen thought..James

IES Agencies said...

yeah lah, dia sack some minnow and make abig thing about it

bila ling liong sik , a former minister kena dia belittle

sapa kata tak ambik tindakan, BN ambik tindakan against th ebig fish lah beb tak main lah anak anak ikan lagi

BN dengar suara rakyat

ini DAP baru sikit dah nbak oppress.. ahli sendiri pulak tu

take action against a twitter
(blackout - macam ISA pulak)

peerahh dengar cakap rakyat konon, membohongi rakyat 24/7 ada lah

Rockybru said...

Pantat Ang said...

Rocky, you can pontificate, you can give your sanctimonious sermons, you can talk drivel from your moral high horse, you can bullshit. But there is one thing you cant hide - you are nothing but a paid agent of Umno. You have no more credibility left. You are just pathetic.


Dear Pantat,

You have a chance in this comment box to let the DAP know if it's doing the right thing or not, but you choose to vent your anger & frustration indeed.

Chill, Mister. Try reading this analysis, which is quite sympathetic towards your party. Did DAP over-react?

Anonymous said...


This is what I cannot understand. What happened to Haris Ibrahim? What happened to Lim Kit Siang? Where is their demand for a Royal Commission into this? At least a candle light vigil. Just because their people have been caught with their hands in the till, they keep quiet? What kind of toilet bowl scum are they? And this is the best example they can show? So if they rule the country tomorrow and they steal big time, they will cover up for each other as well. Is this the alternative? Pi dah mabuk.

Hj Hoegarten

1Portal untuk 1Malaysia said...

Bro Rocky..DAP is cakap tak serupa bikin...

Old Fart said...

Just like you la Rocky. After all you also don't know about the DPP screwing around with Saiful until of course your paper carried it. Even I better than you there..I read it first in RPK's blog...Err..hey, did you notice? They actually based that decision to stand down the fornicating woman based on RPK's writings.! Suddenly he writing truth is it? And what about all the other exposes that he is making including the so called "RAHSIA" Home Ministry as well as Police papers that is not so RAHSIA anymore? Even you dare not comment on these. Forget about "you don't write, so it did not happen" phenomena.

Fact is this DAP Tee guy has been outed and the DAP machinery is seen to be working. Flawed maybe..but working. IN BN, anyone caught with his pants down is only just moved around and usually with a promotion too. So?

Anonymous said...

You did not point out the real difference.

In UMNO you will close both eyes just like what happen to the Zaikara Satay King of Klang.

Yes I agree you pointed out correctly DAP is closing one eye but in UMNO it is either close both eyes or corrupt with both eyes opening. Thats how UMNO bankrupt our nation in a short 54 years.

Anonymous said...

At least DAP is the cleanliest party in the eyes or the voters. MIC is the most corrupted but still UMNO is far ahead as the undisputed king of corruption.

Anak Permatang Pauh said...


Your posting looks very incoherent, panik semacam. Sounds funny...macam cinapek mabuk...Haiyaaaa... baru kina sikit lo!

Anonymous said...

Pantat Ang said...

Rocky, you can pontificate, you can give your sanctimonious sermons, you can talk drivel from your moral high horse, you can bullshit. But there is one thing you cant hide - you are nothing but a paid agent of Umno. You have no more credibility left. You are just pathetic.


Dear Pantat,

You have a chance in this comment box to let the DAP know if it's doing the right thing or not, but you choose to vent your anger & frustration indeed.

Chill, Mister. Try reading this analysis, which is quite sympathetic towards your party. Did DAP over-react?


HAHAHA I can't stop laughing...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

this is another typical DAP style of `tolong orang tipu orang'

another shit stirrer?

so where is selcat?

better put your trust on a snake la people.

so ankel lim sohai, what your mistress name again?

BigDogDotCom said...


If DAP can get away with this, they would hv. But if they dont do something quick (even to a point of "overacting"), then all will point to the real culprit (as what Speaker Teng Chang Kim suggests), Ronnie Liu.

Abuse of power (awarding business to cronies) is the least bit of Liu's problem. Remember the list that blog T4TBH posted?

Liu is DAP's "trawler king", to build the war chest in the nation's wealthiest state. For PKR is Yaacob Sapari and PAS is Dr Hassan Ali.

They 'trawl' what ever they can, in the shortest time they can from Selangor.

That's best illustrated with that huge crater in Kuala Langat, the damning meteoric increase of new "health centre, massage parlours and reflexology" and Karaoke joints all over Selangor and illegal gambling dens etc. How about illegal factories?

DAP is the political patron of the Lords of the Underworld & Vices. That's most probably why the political aide to a Selangor Exco died suddenly exactly a year ago.

P/S: Funny, for a so-called someone "who is a paid agent and benefits financially from UMNO", you did not vote for BN in the last GE.

In 2002, I paid RM 100.00 to be a life member of UMNO. If you are "a paid agent of UMNO", then I would be the FIRST TO PROTEST! You are not even an UMNO member. How come they pay you instead of me because since 20 Sept 1998 that I applied to be a member of UMNO, I never got a single cent from the party!

Totally unfair!

Anonymous said...

I think all this is premature. DAP is going to do more in the coming days. Just you wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Dtk Rocky,
Biasa la..this DAP racists & the Pakatan fools always feel they're above everyone else. Cakap saja lebih..sendiri lagi teruk!

Ignore the personal attacks. Despite accusing this blog and yourself losing credibility, they still come back for more! Tak payah layan org gila bro!


Vernon said...

Quit your lame spinning Rocky.

Bigdog, Syed Akhbar, A Voice, and others like Parpu, Apanama and your goodself are nothing more than the hound dogs of Mahathir.

The part about "lynch their own leaders" should be more accurately rephrased as "lynch the enemies of Mahathir within UMNO".

I hope when Rosmah finally has the gumption to take care of Mahathir and nail his ass to the wall, that they will come hunting for all you hounds too.

Unknown said...

ya u r right.. they are living in a different world

indeed a different world compared to those from UMNO as all UMNO ministers are suci!

And... talking about gag order... who was doing damage control for the MACC and the Royal police when shit happens?

Now, talking about letter sokong!!
are BN ministers not doing it????

Anonymous said...

Besar kecil asalkan corruption and drugs...

Hukum firing squad in public view ini saja baru boleh kasi kaw kaw ajar sama lia olang!

Otherwise there will be no ending..



Anonymous said...


"Napoleon!!" they say..."it's ok if we are to be little Napoleon then!". "BN rapes the nation!!" they say, "so it's OK for us to just rape Selangor..."

BTW, it's us the people who got raped...either ways!

Anonymous said...

I am DAP

I am DAP. You can’t touch me
All our party members do no crime
From coast to coast, what we fear most
Is going to Kajang doing time.

Now never fear. All that you hear
About Underworld, about Ronnie and all
Are nothing more than UMNO’s score
It’s as clear as those writings on the wall

We started off clean. But then the Queen
Decided to knight our own Jeffrey Wong
But calling him Sir, caused a bit of a stir
And two rights, it seems, CAN make a wrong

Now don’t you ever mock. Tee Boon Hock
And our sanctimonious Letterheads
We’re not rejects. We use ‘em for projects
Now why don’t you all kacau Mat Sabu instead.

We dug those sands with our very own hands
And we’re just using them to build sandcastles
But all this commotion, about sand corruption
Is unnerving our Singaporean vassals

But what gels our schlongs: Elizabeth Wong
I know. She’s not even DAP
But if you look closely, you can clearly see
The results of our very own SOP

We’ve a way of handling any whistleblowing
And Teoh Beng Hock shoulda known better
Even Ting Peng, Lim – got his chances dimmed
When he shopped for one DAP parliamenter

YB Mike can take a hike
In his qualms about Kumpulan Semesta
He should spend an evening, be treated like a king
In our very own China-mari massage parlour

I am DAP. Hear me Pee
I am the Jinjang Joe warned by your mother
I continue to exist, as long as there is
One malay PAS and PKR sympathizer


Anonymous said...

Rocky, political bukan boleh percaya sangat. Dia buang yang nampak besar tapi kurang penting, yang penting-penting dia simpan la. Aiseh, jangan terkejut, trik dia sama macam BN jugak. Beza cuma, BN sembeleh BEKAS presiden MCA, DAP sembeleh councilor dia yang dalam perkhidmatan. Mana lebeh besar, tentulah yang sedang berkhidmat lebih besar. Yang dah jadi BEKAS nak buat apa. Siap ada orang jaga lagi BEKAS tu. hehehe..

Anonymous said...


It's more than over-reacting. It's panic.

Remember, Liu's colleague Ean has been investigated, his assistant Teoh BH, an important witness with potentially strong evidence like invoices in his laptop, "fell" from a multi-storey building and the inquest on his death is nearing to a close.

The MACC investigation of the other DAP Exco will certainly be continued after the TBH inquest. And now some one has leaked the Tee case on the use of Ronnie Liu's Exco letterhead. After banging on MACC doors and Klang Hospital mortuary's doors on TBH's death trying to defend his colleague and protect the interest of his party, now an irregularity involving his own assistant and his letterhead surfaces in the news. Panic lah.

The arguments on how come Ronnie did not know Tee's actions and use of his letterhead, Tee's statement to the press on the anxiousness to kick him out of the party thereby attempting to dissociate his actions from the Exco man and the DAP bring out a lot of questions that MACC should come in and investigate.

And yesterday the MACC Chief reassured people that complaints against all politicians will be investigated, even saying he would resign if it can be proven that there are cases of no investigations being conducted in such instances.

DAP makes all sorts of noises all the time, especially on corruption. So when investigations on them are on the way, panic lah. Lucky for them, TBH's death provided a temporary reprieve. But once the dust has settled on the TBH case, MACC must pursue their investigations on that DAP Exco member. And now another investigation must be carried out on the corruption at least pertaining to the use of this Exco member's letterhead for tender awards. Many people are interested to know whether Ronnie Liu is in cahoot with the then Municipality Councillor Tee.

jebat said...

Dear Rocky,


Boleh jalan lah lu PN and MACC.

Anonymous said...

BN or PR they are all the same la. At the end of the day, the ones screwed royally is the people.

DAP is no different la. When they have no power, people like Ronnie Liu will shout about corruption in the BN.

When they are now in power, the same people like Ronnie will say its ok to give out 'support letters' etc.

All tak boleh pakai one.

Lets wait for the day when our nation goes bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

DAP case, found out, immediately sack.

BN case....after 3 years baru nak charge, itu pun belum confirm boleh masuk charge tak.

Kena bayar pulak RM 250 JUTA to Kuala payer money gone!


Tra-la-la said...

Democratic Action Party. Hahaha.
Dictator Action Party. more like.
Even twittering about the sacked fella. another member is hauled up.
It's Ronnie Liu who should be sacked not the small fry Tee.
Let's watch this power struggle being played out till party elections in December.
Good Luck DAP.

eddy said...

Scary isn't it when even a short twitter gets you damned by your own DEMOCRATIC Action Party.

DAP Supreme Leader Lim Kit Siang has given a new meaning to dictatorial rule. This is the same people who will modify and buttress the ISA if they ever get the chance to be in power. God Forbid.

Klaw said...

Hahaha, Rocky, your spin is getting more pathetic and transparent.
At least the guy was sacked for the wrong-doing, and the other guys linked to this scandal has been pulled up to the disciplinary committee.

So Closing One Eye To Corruption in DAP? That's pretty misleading ain't it?

And the UMNO bloggers that criticize their own leaders? Well, I guess the demigod mahathir is always RIGHT, aint it.

Anonymous said...

DAP is simply an ALIBABA political party..

No PKR Melayugok and PAS Serbantok, they have no business!

Pak lebai2 kat kampung makan budu cicah kangkong berlauk ikan pekasam, Apek semua senang lenang duk yamseng yamseng, Aney samsu toddy..


Anonymous said...

It is strange to see how the DAP fan club defend their own corrupted leaders by drawing comparison to the previous administrators. It seems that they must do all the wrong things too, to be relevant. What logic.

But how come the MB as chief of thieves is as quiet as a mouse on this issue? Is it because of other hanky pankies?

Where's the call for a Royal Commission from these saintly leaders who champion transparency, truth, fairness, openess and all those election sales gimmicks?

To hell with these evil destroyers.


kiasu said...

Anon 11.33 said...
DAP case, found out, immediately sack.

...only after FOUND OUT by MCA, not DAP lar!!! Worse still, the DAP "never knew" for 2 years that letterheads being misused by own right hand man.

....immediately sack...wakakaka, why sack ikan bilis not the ikan paus tweet3 OMG! Culprit Freed??? Terrible still, the DAP not reporting to MACC. funny eh!

Haiya, baru govern a Local Authority sudah pandai curi-curi, tipu-tipu and sorok-sorok.

Kalau dapat govern the Country i think these "clean" DAPigs will ROMPAK everything but scapegoated everyone else, even their own people lah.

BN oh BN, oops
lu mmemang hipokrit tahap kronik!
lu punya mata ada sepet sebelah ka apek?

Anonymous said...

DAP now become state government already also corrupted lah ,now got chance to become rich mah...last time before can cari makan always jealous of others especially BN people,lunch time during office hours bring kids to school also want to report hahhahaha,now being given chance to head selangor government look at their own DAP people,using letterhead asif it's their own head hahahhahhah.....I am not surprise Ling liong sik is chareged in court,if found guilty also fine onlylah,since he is so rich already....i will only be surprise if DR M and his whole family ,Rafidah aziz, sarawak chief minister being charge in court then i REALLY BELIEVE!!!! look what happened to kasitah gaddam's case? tan sri eric chia???? the lawyer's and judge are getting lot's of money from all this....

Tan Teck Few
Canada Permanent Resident,