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FDI: When big is not always better

Updated: FAQ on Malaysia's current FDI, and Shamsul Yunus' FDI: Does Size Matter?

Original Article:-
"A STIR of sorts has been caused by the story that foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country for 2009 fell 81% to US$1.4bil from US$7.3bil. But really it should not. If we want higher value-added, then labour-intensive industries are not our target. This is the area which many foreign investors like because they can get tremendous cost savings by using cheap labour in places like China, Vietnam etc.If greater value-added is what we are after  athen increasingly more investments have to be made in the services area – think tourism or education for instance. That does not necessarily need foreign investment – we can use local money ...." 10 ways of doing without FDI by P. Gunasegaran, The Star, 1 Aug 10

Before you decide to migrate to Vietnam, the Philippines or Indonesia because they have bigger FDIs than us, please read Guna's piece. 

It's an easy-to-understand article as to why we should not be too excited about their bigger size. Tony Pua would have been spot on if this had happened 10 years ago. But we have passed that early stage of development, believe it or not. We are not in the same class as Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Low value-added and labour-intensive investments go to them. We've said we wanted the high-value added, high-wage, and hi-tech investments.

p.s Most of us remember Guna for the famous 22 Questions that he shot at Dr Mahathir when Abdullah Badawi was riding high as PM. And how RPK laid down his life and reputation to defend The Old Man in RPK answers Guna's 22 questions


  1. "We are not in the same class as Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines."

    So why then is MITI looking at $115 billion of FDI's and Iskandar Development rabidly pursuing foreign money and investors?

    Don't forget that in the USA, Toyota, Hyundai etc. opened up car manufacturing plants costing billions of $ even though USA is a 1st world Economy. Today many from China and India are opening up huge chips, computer and electrical goods manufacturing facilities in USA.

    So, don't put a positive spin on AAB's and Rosemajib's poor performances that are driving valuable FDI's to our neightbours in SEA while they waste $100 million on APCO and spend $30 billion on re-conditioned submarines, last decade's Sukhoi jets and light armoured tanks that do not generate income for the masses!

    If we don't watch it, we will be inching closer to Zimbabwe and Bangladesh!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. Anonymous12:31 pm

    From what you are trying to imply, it looks like the recent outgoing FDI was made up of "Low value-added and labour-intensive investments"?

    You have details of such 'low-value' FDIs?

    Can name some companies?

    And about the locals in Malaysia who were impacted by such outgoing FIDs...they have been duly compensated adequately and the 1Malaysia proponents have guided the locals to high-salaried, high-value' occupations?


  3. Wilson12:33 pm

    Good stuff, Rocky. I am particularly interested in Point 6. Do you agree with me that this MUST be implemented ASAP? ;)

  4. but to have usd 1 or 2 or 3bil usd
    invested out of 117bil usd in this
    region,we must be a real shit place to invest.

    i suppose they are scared of 'correct correct correct' judiciary and massive corruption
    money they have to pay and police that can trigger happy all the time and perhaps the 'terrorist'
    image that islamic nation has.


  5. Lock ZM1:33 pm

    That is a very nice derivation, yet ridiculously stupid way to assess the massive capital flight situation.

    The writer forget to ask, today, are we a high-value, hi-tech COUNTRY?

    The sheer amount of outflow in itself speaks volume.

    And we REALLY need FDI coming in REAL BAD, considering almost all internal avenues e.g. epf, felda, pnb are already being tied up somewhere else. Petronas profit is not looking too well also.

    In the end, the profit of our country resources will be privatized, but the costs socialized.

    Come on!

  6. nstman3:05 pm

    FDI or no FDI, Rocky says it doesnt matter. His justification is, so what? No problem, because Rocky said so.

  7. Anonymous3:09 pm


    Those who glorify other countries, especially those who don't seem to respect the Constitution of our country - no need to advise them to read and re-think about leaving. Let them leave.

    We are not shooing them away but if they don't have their heart here, what's the point in them staying.

    This thing called brain drain or wealth drain is a lot of hoopla propaganda. There has been no definitive evidence that the economy has not moved because such blokes absconded since decades ago. The British colonialists even said these people were "transient" anyway.

    Many do not have their heart in this country from long ago, the moment they can put up the financial bond etc to be accepted as permanent residents in Australia and elsewhere they would have vamoosed. When Vietnam fell to the communists, even the well-educated like one lawyer known to me believed the domino theory and cabutted even before the communists reached Thailand.

    Why the rush to developed nation status anyway? DS Najib sure would want that because of votes. But if in the process, the re-structuring of society that was planned after the 1969 racial riots and the bridging of the economic and educational gap between the majority Malays and the 23% Chinese are adversely affected, why can't we move towards fully developed status in its stride?

    We will not achieve unity until and unless the economic and educational gap is not bridged to an acceptable level. The envy and grudging will linger on and on. Heck, the Malays haven't even got 30% corporate wealth.

    For those who chide the Malays for being slow etc, go to Kempen SSS blog where the chaps there have given many explanations and arguments justifying the Malay situation. Go to

    Excuse the little bit of promo, Dato. Doomo arigato.

  8. skilgannon10663:11 pm

    Part A

    It's not as simple as P Guna thinks it is.

    Why don't we compare the FDI stats against that of Singapore? Singapore is a city-state with a population of less than 5 million, and with no natural resources.

    A look at the UNCTAD World Investment Report 2010 stats for Malaysia show FDI inflows (in US Dollars):

    2007 8.54 billion (Spore 35.78 bn)
    2008 7.32 billion (Spore 10.91 bn)
    2009 1.38 billion (Spore 16.81 bn)

    FDI outflows for Malaysia over the same period (in US Dollars):

    2007 11.28 billion (Spore 27.64 bn)
    2008 14.99 billion (Spore -8.48 bn)
    2009 8.04 billion (Spore 5.98 bn)

    If you are talking about high-tech and high-value added investments, which both Malaysia and Spore are competing for, then, Spore is doing a better job.

    Cross-reference the UNCTAD stats with the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Rankings 2010 which shows Spore as #1 and Malaysia as #23 and the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010 rankings which has Spore as #1 and Malaysia as #10.

    The UNCTAD, World Bank and IMD reports paint a consistent picture of Malaysia slipping behind in the race to attract high tech and high-value added investments.

    Like how Spore has positioned itself as a regional hub for petrochemicals and biomedicals, which are high-value added and which create good and well-paying jobs.

  9. skilgannon10663:27 pm

    Part B

    The PM has spoken about the government's target to grow private investment at a rate of 12.8 per cent annually and to attract an average of RM115 billion in investments every year till 2015.

    The FDI outflows of USD11.28 billion in 2007, USD14.99 billion in 2008 and USD8.04 billion in 2009, after taking into account overseas remittances by foreign investors, indicate substantial capital flight out of Malaysia.

    Is this due to a lack of confidence in the country?

    To quote from a Spore Business Times report today, Aug 2: "Banker Nazir Razak believes that the low flows of FDI are partly because of the uncertainties relating to how the govt intends to proceed with affirmative action under the New Economic Model (NEM) and that the policies need to be clearly spelt out so investors know what they are in for. "If I come today, I may have to find a bumiputra partner but if I come next year, I might not have to. This period of uncertainty is unhealthy.""

    To which can be added the fact that investors looking at Singapore do not have to worry about affirmative action and can, instead, look forward to doing business in a very pro-business environment.

    As the Biz Times report put it: "...the draft NEM was upfront about the structural problems holding the country back and forthright about what has to be done if the country is to compete effectively in a globalised world. However, fearful of a backlash by the majority Malays, Malaysia's leaders have since done an enormous amount of back peddling on the need for radical change and meritocracy."

    Why should foreign investors want to bother with the consequences of policy flip-flops in Malaysia when other countries offer more certainty, transparency and pro-business attitudes?

  10. skilgannon10663:57 pm

    Part C

    According to UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the UK's five biggest export markets in Asia for goods in 2009 were China, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Singapore.

    The UK's biggest export markets in Asia for services in 2008 were Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India.

    According to a UKTI official: "Singapore, the UK's largest trading partner in South-East Asia is a major hub for banking and finance, as well as shipping and logistics. Ranked No. 1 globally by the World Bank in its 'Ease of Doing Business' report, Singapore constitutes an ideal springboard to South-East Asia."

    About 700 British companies have already established operations in Singapore.

    There are also hundreds of Chinese and Indian companies who have set up operations in Singapore and who are using it as a base for marketing into other countries in the region.

    Its all part of the big picture - a country has to provide all the required infrastructure, government policies, political stability, the rule of law and openness to investments in order to benefit from globalisation.

    Which is why P Guna's analysis is, at the best, simplistic.

  11. vinnan5:09 pm

    Weren't you UMNO fellows crowing to the whole world how we topped everyone in FDI's in SEA during Mahathir's Malaysia Boleh years. UMNO have royally screwed up the country and no amount of spin will bring back the FDIs. Let's see how UMNO spin the many subsidy cuts which are going to put the big poor Malay families of which there are hundreds of thousands into a bottomless pit of economic despair. The non-Malays have learned to do without government help decades ago. It is the Malays who are constantly running to the government for help. Not because these poor sods want to beg from UMNO but because UMNO made them dependent on handouts so as to make these poor Malays keep voting for UMNO.

    UMNO's oil is gone and the silver bullet in the form of the sport gambling license which was to solve all of UMNO's financial woes turned out to be a dud. Subsidy cuts are the only way left to generate the projeks and contracts needed to support all the UMNO contractors and cronies. In other words the present crop of UMNO leaders and senior members of the party have essentially placed their own welfare before that of the ordinary Malays. How ironical that the UMNOputras who were supposed to lead the Malays charging towards vision 2020 are going to lead the Malays into economic despaiir.

  12. Happy with this excuse bro?

  13. Anonymous8:16 pm

    itu REPORT ada BETUL or BOHONG tak kisah lah,,,!!!!

    Sebenrnya rakyat especially kaum MELAYU papa kedana!!!!!!

    JOM kita lihat,,PUASA tinggal berapa hari saja,,,,nanti BULAN POSA,,ramai PENIAGA di JLA TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN dan SEKITAR,,,bole dikatakan KESEMUA di MILIKI oleh WARGA MYANMAR,,VIETNAM,INDON and BANGLA,,,!!!

    Yang jelas pekerja nya warga MALAYSIA,,,,,WHY,,????

    COZ MELAYU bodo,,,!!!!! di KG BARU yang jual pon PAK-PAK INDON,,!!!!

    YANG MELAYU tu cuma nak belajar berniaga,,,dalah KUIH TAK SEDAP,,to make things WORST konon JUAL 3 seringgit,,,,mana nak KAYA,,,tengok itu INDIA,,,VADAI pon da JUAL satu 50 sen,,,baru betul bole pakai BMW,,!!!!

    Lagi 30 tahun or 300 tahun DEB memang takakan tercapai,,!!!



  14. Sideline8:39 pm

    I guess you already know big or small FDI have direct correlation to the employments in the country. Or else who are we going to depend on to give employments to hundreds of thousands of fresh grads the country churning each year? Joining already bloated civil sector? Please lah.

  15. Realist9:45 pm

    Fair enough to say in theory a lesser but more meaningful amount of FDI in high value added, knowledge-intensive industries is better than a large amount of FDI in low-skilled, labour-intensive ones. But people should get a grip with the fucking picture that shows Malaysia isn't even getting a good amount of that sort of coveted FDI into high value added sectors. It's a bloody double whammy. And people are still trying to spin their way out with brilliantly theorised excuses. Rocky and your buddies, here's good advice for you: fuck off.

  16. rocky... if Guna's piece turns u on... then leave it as is ...

    as long as it makes you happy

    but glad that there are still people out there who are into details, numbers and mixing with the average joe...

  17. Anon 3.09 pm [Those who glorify other countries, especially those who don't seem to respect the Constitution of our country - no need to advise them to read and re-think about leaving.]

    [Let them leave].

    Yes Anon 3.09pm, Mahathir's money and that of his children ALREADY left our shores and parked in the Philippines.

    I've often said, be proud but don't let your foolishness beggar the future of your children and you anon 3.09pm are indeed fortunate, your perceived nemesis care more for YOUR children than you yourself.

    And just today, highly likely that E&O are taking private the company with an offer impending.

    Signs are not positive as more news of such make the headlines with companies(listed or pte holdings) bolting for the exit.

    There is speculation of an early poll but I maintain UMNO/BN isn't ready - there is too much to hide and clean up business wise in the many GLC's and a word of caution to all holders of the various Amanah Saham schemes - perhaps wise to sell off some holdings and realise the cash because I fear there is one big gaping hole (of Madoff magnitude waiting to surface), no matter what accounting system/creative accounting used.

    Despite the gloom, the pain headed our way must be confronted but long term, we will be better off once a cure and a course of medication is prescribe.

    Heads up guys.

  18. Penat kan Dato', kalau FDI menurun mereka ini akan hentam kuat-kuat punya. Kalau FDI naik nanti mereka akan beri sebab tiada kaitan dengan apa-apa program yang Gomen buat dan sebagainya. Dua-dua situasi mereka akan hentam punya. Dalam menghentam itu macam mana pun mesti puji Singapura kuat-kuat punya.

    Apa nak buat Dato' buat perabis beras sahja trying to convince stubborn people whose brain have been already been hard wired to think of only bad things of this country.

    Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri lah.

    Kalau semua perkara mengenai negara ini tak suka buat macam ginilah, datang tak di undang, pergi pun kami tak hantar.

  19. Anonymous11:10 pm

    My Apek neighbours SJKC right thru China Uni graduates' kids are now busy taking up Tamil...

    told me they are targeting to go to India get employment and hoping to migrate there!!



  20. These comments only shows how ignorants are Malaysians in the area of FDI.

    1. donplaypuks

    a. "Don't forget that in the USA, Toyota, Hyundai etc. opened up car manufacturing plants costing billions of $ even though USA is a 1st world Economy"

    - This is not because they think the US is a good FDI destination but they want to sell more cars since importing from Korea will be more costly due to taxes and logistics.

    b. "Today many from China and India are opening up huge chips, computer and electrical goods manufacturing facilities in USA"

    - Care to name these companies ? You are talking nonsense here. There are no such investments.

  21. skilgannaon1066

    Part A : Singapore

    First of all, Malaysia's FDI numbers are nett numbers while Singapore only reported inflow.

    Secondly, the FDI for SG is highly misleading since these flows are actually for other countries (like Malaysia, Indonesia,etc) and routed through Singapore since many of the main banks are there as well as the regional HQ of companies.

    Thirdly, it is a common knowledge that at least around 30% of the FDI are originated within Singapore but routed through a 3rd country (called as roung tripping).

    Fourthly, Singapore's FDI are mostly investment in their red hot high-end condos market and also due to the construction of their IR. Some other inflow are due to black money that is flowing from the various corrupted politicians from Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries.

    So do know your facts before commenting lah bro.

    Such practice is also very common in China, hence the stratospheric FDI numbers.

  22. skilgannon1066

    Part B :

    Lack of confidence the reason for outflow ?

    Nonsense. What about China, Vietnam, Thailand,Indonesia, India,etc ? You really seriously think they are less corrupted and better governed than Malaysia ?

  23. Part C

    Again, a lack of understanding and simplitic analysis.

    Singapore's the UK's largest trading partner because the goods for ASEAN region are imported into Singapore and re-exported to other countries.

    Hundreds of Chinese and Indian companies in Singapore ? Are you serious ? Care to provide proof of such ridiculous claim ?

    The fact is Singapore has done well due to its strategic position as a logistics and finance hub.

    We cannot compare with them as they are a city state. It is like saying Perak is far behind KL in terms of development. there is no comparison.

    However, Singapore's competitiveness will only get worse as their advantages are being eroded over the years. Even LKY has said that he can't see Singapore being on its own for more than a few decades.

  24. Anonymous2:27 am

    The Singapore Apek Skilly is getting all worked up and excited coming with so many parts...

    Trying to impress his cousins in China eh??

    haw haw haw


  25. Hahahaha, that is so funny, Najib as the Prime Minister and Finance Minister should use that excuse so that some Pro-BN people will have to spin, spin and spin about his lacklusture performance in managing our economy. Obviously the more FDI flowing into our country is better than less FDI inflow no matter what stage the country is right now as more investment means more opportunity for businesses to expand by making use of the avaibility of capital. Nazir Razak as a corporate titan won't talk bull, he knows his stuff and he has no political interest, just economic ones(thus he made such statement as more FDI will certainly benefit him and CIMB), God, please enlightened us from this spinning of the mainstream media and know even the blogersphere is following the bandwagon to fool us into thinking that the current administration is doing a good job when it's actually the opposite. Anyway, what can you expect, the Pro-Pakatan blogs are also acting in the same manner, so how can one ask the Pro-BN one to act differntly,nonetheless as plea by a blogger to the President of the Bloggers Club Malaysia(something like that) and National Press Club bigshot, let us create something,News portal,blogs or whatever that is more independent, where we can get both sides of the story,where news are made by real journalists not politicians or kiss ass journalists.Where can I get real "news" here in Malaysia, all I'm getting is racist garbage in Utusan,Malaysia Today's hooplas and Buletin Utama's propagandas, where is the real"news".

  26. Anonymous8:00 am

    aiseh rocky... so many people hantam u.. take my advise, i think all these fdi run to Amerik becos that Jho Low dancing there, should ask that amazing chubby wharton get this lil girl Paris apa ke nama dia to dance in Malaysia. Let say dataran merdeka. What say u???

  27. donpuksaround8:01 am

    donplaypuks® said...
    "We are not in the same class as Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines."

    So why then is MITI looking at $115 billion of FDI's and Iskandar Development rabidly pursuing foreign money and investors?

    Don't forget that in the USA, Toyota, Hyundai etc. opened up car manufacturing plants costing billions of $ even though USA is a 1st world Economy. Today many from China and India are opening up huge chips, computer and electrical goods manufacturing facilities in USA.

    So, don't put a positive spin on AAB's and Rosemajib's poor performances that are driving valuable FDI's to our neightbours in SEA while they waste $100 million on APCO and spend $30 billion on re-conditioned submarines, last decade's Sukhoi jets and light armoured tanks that do not generate income for the masses!

    If we don't watch it, we will be inching closer to Zimbabwe and Bangladesh!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    12:13 PM

    have you heard of the term 'diversification'?

    how do you expect the government to leave the 'get more fdi' behind when the country is not fully geared towards high-impact economy?

    you can talk cock all you want, but the fact is you are not doing anything to contribute to this country, much like your sodomy partner, Anwar (yes! he was guilty in sodomy I).

  28. zainal8:42 am

    Not convincing enough bro!

  29. Anonymous11:11 am

    It takes only 24 hours to have a business up and running in Singapore. You need a PR to move in to do business. Here it.

    In Malaysia, after registering a company, that when the nightmare start.

    SO why bother with Malaysia.

  30. Anonymous11:14 am

    get this indian joker to spin?

    harlo! want to spin also get an economist la!

  31. Anonymous11:16 am

    Just to show how an indian mind work.. better go jaga lembu !!!


  32. Rocky, you got to be kidding to be sitting on this bandwagon. To think that you were all up against AAB due to the promise of good days of TDM. Now that it does not happen, you defended it.

    Anyway, quality investments among the USD 1 billion. Anybody knows? Does Singaporean and Middle East money in Iskandar to build property considered quality investment?

    Good try, simplistic it is.

  33. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Is it true that one of the reasons foreign investors turn away from Malaysia is because when they try to communicate or convey instructions to us in English we can only stare back at them blinking uncomprehendingly?

    Def n dum

  34. Anonymous2:20 pm

    bodoh punya tosai

  35. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Spin & spin la... the way babi negara run this country, there will be no fdi coming this way...

    And btw, want to know how an ex-botox-cm can afford to built a rm24 mansion? SYABAS!!!

  36. Anonymous2:49 pm

    JFK - John F Kennedy
    FDI - Foreign Direct Investment
    TRI - Technology Resources Indu Bhd
    NMY - Nor Mohd Yakkob

    Three letter words
    Already dead
    Or dying
    Who cares
    Who is lying

    No new moon rising
    Times are getting trying
    People are starving
    One Malaysia
    Whats your craving??



    Pinky wit additional vocals from Fat Lady and Jho Low.

  37. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Bila Mat Ezam Rekrut Allah Saya Serender...

    "Apabila Mat Ezam merekrut Allah maka saya angkat tangan serender. Saya mengaku kalah. Saya angkat tangan dan angkat topi. Bandingkan, maklumat yang saya terima hanya melalui laporan hospital Pusrawi yang mengatakan Saiful tidak diliwat. Saya juga membaca maklumat dari laporan tuan doktor dari Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Kemudian saya mengikuti laporan akhbar tentang perbicaraan ini. Ini lah sumber maklumat saya. Dari maklumat ini saya membuat rumusan bahawa jubur Saiful tidak diusik.

    Bandingkan pula maklumat saya dengan maklumat Mat Ezam. Apabila Mat Ezam mendapat info dari Allah – saya tak terkata apa-apa. Siapa yang boleh mempertikaikan hal ini. Saya tidak memiliki kudrat dan iradat untuk mempertikai maklumat Mat Ezam ini."

    KAH! KAH! KAH!

  38. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Investment is about dollar and cents and in term of FDI, investors are very much like to know is that whether they would get a good return or not.

    Currently, most of the industries that used to rely upon the employment of labors in the category of low value-added human power have already found a better place in term of relocation or to start the new business ventures.

    We can't blame them for making a wise decision. They have every right to choose the greener pastures. However we have ourselves to be blamed if we failed to adopt to the changing values, requirements and expectation of the local labor forces.

    Padlock Home

  39. Anonymous4:36 pm

    A storm in the teacup is an apt description for this unwarranted brouhaha over falling FDIs and net FDI outflow. Why the deficit? The answer is damn simple but stupid chingkies and braindead Hindulens are more likely to trumpet lies sensationally than peruse truth soberly. After all, chicken little dint gain notoriety for anything unsensational, did he?

    Fact 1 : Deputy Foreign Minister Kohilan Pillay had told the parliament that 304,358 Malaysians were reported to have migrated from March 2008 to August 2009.

    Lets assume each of those treacherous bastards brought out a minimum US 10k to scrounge for a living elsewhere:

    300000 X US$10k = <> US 3 billion X Rm3.20 (US$1=3.20)= RM9.6billion.

    Remember this is just a conservative estimate with the more logical number being 3 or 4 times that. You can't plausibly survive with USS10k for long anyway. If its 3x, that would be RM28billion already and thats conservative still, mind you!!

    Work the actual figure out and it would account for a sizeable portion of the US17billion deficit from 2007-2009.

    My solution: Folks, now you see why i have called for a wealth tax or an exit tax on all that Chingkie/Hindulen holdings. Now you understand why I have repeatedly stressed the need for wealth expropriation and mass graves. Now you know how MALAYsia is pillaged to fill the arsefucking bastards' stomach and bank accounts and when push comes to shove, how this wealth is sequestered overseas. Now you realise why I am Perkasa through and through.........

    2. Kohilan, who is from Gerakan, also criticised the Penang state government currently under Pakatan Rakyat, saying that they should stop using the shortage of engineers an excuse for the recent loss of an RM10 billion electronic factory investment and should instead find ways to overcome it.

    My comment : See what happens when antiMalay, anti Islam and antinational bastards seize the reins of power - 10billion down the drain just like that and how much is that in US dollars? US 3.12billion. Now add that up to the US1.3b and where do we stand in the ASEAN charts now?
    And I have not factored in the amount lost by fear of political instability post March 2008, unfriendly investor policies in the industrial hubs of Penang and Selangor, overseas campaigns to denigrate Malaysia as a FDI destination etc. Who are cocksuckling, arsetonguing, twatlicking PR bastards trying to fool with their cheap tricks?

    This is just an appetiser. I will be back with data to disrobe the fuckedup Singaporean dream, to provide structural/policy reasons why we are lagging, to postulate global reasons for this FDI downturn. In short, to put things in their PROPER PERSPECTIVE not rant like some motherfucking, pa'arsing, granma twatlicking small change paid, SB sponsored Hindulen and Chingkie Singaporean trolls here. Remember, this is just an appetiser....

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous5:33 pm

    We don't need so many corridors. Singapore just have one corridor and that is Singapore.

    In Malaysia, there is only 2 existing corridors that is Penang & Klang Valley. If we need one more corridor let it Iskandar and scrap the rest. Ask Petronas to move from the eastern corridor to Iskandar so that it can be alternative to the petrochemical and shipping industry of Singapore & Batam.

    We are strecthing ourselves. No amount of investment is going to change Perlis, Kelantan or Terrenganu or Pahang. we are already lagging behind and should concentrate on clear winners being Penang, Klang Valley and Iskandar.

  41. SALEM6:00 pm





  42. i look at it this way...if today the malaysian govt says malaysians should eat dog shit bcause it is good for you there will be people who will justify it as a very good idea indeed to eat dogshit and people like rocky will spin it away so that the idiots among us will swallow it (the reasons and the dogshit)...

    same thing here... when we are worse off than bloody cambodia in something we are in fact okay! we're fine... we have people like rocky to spin it for us to make it palatable...

    but hey i don't fucking care...i've given up on malaysian fact i've been thinking of buying a nice little house in bali or somewhere ....

  43. Anonymous8:34 pm


    lets assume each of these 300k bastards took out a conservative US$10K as investment, that would amount to:

    300K X US10K = <>US3 billion x RM3.20 (US$1 = 3.20)= RM 9.6Billion

    Main Course;

    I am sure primed for this one. Last night after a night out on the town and a binge of sake, i laughed myself unconscious reading the Chingkie and Hindulen bastards mindless crowing. TQ for the laughs idiots.

    Woke up from my sake hangover at 4am and got in touch across time zones with an old pal at Stanford, a non-Chingkie who compiled a report under the watchful eyes of randy Harry's SB operatives lest anything unseemly leaked out. He kindly directed to me the online version plus provided me with a slideshare and informed me that as usual he had to exercise discretion at the behest of some top bastards. Here are some choice cuts for bastard local spore cocksuckling Chingkie and Hindulens to mull over in their sick schadenfraude moments:

    1. Spore's vaunted productivity is hogwash.(page 30)
    In fact total factor productivity contribution to GDP growth has declined drastically and Spore is now an addict of capital stock and labour mobilisation. In fact, high labour mobilisation is offset by low productivity which punctures the hardworking Chingkie myth for good hahahahaha, sure LMAO.. (page 35)

    2.The bastard Sporean Chingkie is an arsewhore thief of talent. He doesnt invest much in education (pg 65) but poaches our MALAYsian educated populace who receive their secondary education from Melayu bermaruah but like the palat pendatang run to Chingkie haven, fucking turncoats. In fact so stupid is the local populace there, that foreigners outshine locals in education standards (Table 4.10 page 65)

    3. Innovation is alien to the bastard Chingkie who is more a counterfeiter than an inventor. This fact is proven again where Spore ranks with Uganda, Peru in returns for innovation inputs.(box page 70)

    4. Its place as a haven for money launderers, tax evaders
    etc is under threat with its designation in the OECD grey list (box: page 44)

    5. Quality of life is abysmal by high income country standards with minimal investment in health, tortorous labour poor air quality, massive income inequalities etc.The end result being high TB incidence. In terms of politics it lacks accountability, (pages 58-60; the excuse given, an asinine coverup actually under randy Harry's pressure)

    There is more about the LRD that has policymakers there quivering about the future but the truth that Spore's FDI inflow is due to it being the laundry of illgotten gains is further fortified once again. Next I will round up on the LRD and provide logical explanations for Malaysia temporary hiccups.

    P/S : Data sourced from Singapore Competitiveness Report 2009 prepared for LKY School of Public Policy (NUS)

    Warrior 231

  44. Thank you, Eddy, Penat memang penat bro, tapi apa nak buat. Nak tak nak, kena teruskan jugak. Bukan semua orang bijak2...

    Tu sebab saya mulakan posting ni dengan nasihat jangan migrate terburu-buru .. kot kot ada yang nak pindah ke Filipina, Indonesia dan Vietnam.

    Jadi pendatang di negara2 tersebut belum tentu bawak bahagia. Macam awak cakap lah ... hujan emas dinegeri orang ....

  45. Dear Rocky,
    I'm not sure about you... but I'm pretty fedup. My life has changed for the worst since I take an interest in politics. I feel I am an angrier person nowadays. Angry at the government for being so stupid, angry at the opposition for being more stupid, angry at the numerous drivers who cut into my lane whilst on the way home just now, angry at the mamak stall for short-changing me, angry at my colleagues for talking about politics all day, angry for having to pay more for fuel, angry at my wife for not making sambal belacan hot enough, angry at my children, angry at my neighbour.. angry here, angry there, and even more anger…

    Seriously, I don’t know how you can take in all these anger, insults and negativity and wake up fresh the next morning every single day without a migraine. I know you try your level best, but you are not neutral Rocky. How did you do it – take sides? I find being neutral is hard enough… but to take side? Again, which side to take? And why should I take sides? After all these politicians are the ones who benefit from our stupidity.

    All these - new media thingy, more information, disinformation, blog-here-and-there, TV, radio, newspaper, spin-here-there – are unnecessary disturbances making us confuse, angrier and stupider by the day… I don’t know about you, but think I have enough… from now onwards, no more politics in whatever form for me… should anybody ask me to comment on some posting here or everywhere else, I would reply, “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know”. Wow! Is that the meaning of Ignorance is bliss?

    For a new beginning mate! Cheers!

  46. Anonymous5:52 am


    Keep up the good work and as Eddy says "pedulikan orang yang memang sentiasa hentam ni". All they know is whatever government does is bad and brader AI is best! They are also the envious ex-journos I suppose like nstman,old fart etc who really hates your gut. Just ignore them and let them crow till the cow comes home.


    BMW Club

  47. Anonymous6:16 am

    donplaypuks® said...

    Don't forget that in the USA, Toyota, Hyundai etc. opened up car manufacturing plants costing billions of $ even though USA is a 1st world Economy. Today many from China and India are opening up huge chips, computer and electrical goods manufacturing facilities in USA.

    obviously you know nuts about US trade policy. let me tel you this.
    in order for the car company to sell car in the US, the need to set up their factory in the US. that is you have hyundai, kia, honda, toyata, bmw, merc and many other factories in the US.
    next time do your homework! otherwise it just make you look utterly silly!

  48. Mazlan9:25 am

    A bit bored of the Singaporean comparison - as it is not the best apple to apple comparison.
    Singapore's nett inflows are pirmarilly as a hub for financial flows, and they still have long term structural issues to deal with - particularly as they face issues regarding losing talent and having to import it. In fact I think as a proportion to the population Singaporeans are leaving for new pastures more than Malaysians and the income gap compared to cost of living is also widening.
    Besides for those who believe in a democratic and just society - in many ways Singapore is worse. Their intolerence to dissent is as bad as here if not worse. A blog like this would not survive in Singapore and most of us commenting here on both sides of the political divide would end up in jail or sued til we are broke. So lets not go down the Singapore road to improve things.

    So I think we should focus more on the issues that affect Malaysia future economic direction. The lack of FDI should not be a worry if there was significant Domestic Investment in its place. However this is not happening and we are seeing significant domestic capital flight or outflow.
    The issues we face are serious - poor talent pool, economic disparity, poor public service delivery system and an education system that does not promote innovation and 'out of the box' thinking.
    I disagree with Warrior's contention that those who leave are traitors. Many of them are Malaysian Malays as well as his usual suspects of Chinese and Indians. I've met many Malays working in UK and Australia and the reasons are clear - greater financial rewards and access to quality education and medical resources for their families. Malays overseas are actually doing better and are more competitive internationally than they are here.
    I've always said that when Malays are allowed to compete we actually excel in a global environment.

    To get that talent and financial resources back here requires structural reform from the judiciary to the civil service to the education system.
    Exit taxes, wealth expropriation and mass graves - well, that puts us in the same league as Idi Amin's Uganda and Serbia. And we all know how that turned out like. And we would actually see more capital flight and become a pariah nation in a global economy.
    There are no quick fixes but requires nation builders without personal political agendas.

  49. Anonymous9:54 am

    this shows how bodoh some datuks really are

  50. Anonymous11:35 am

    Way to go Eddy! Gua sokong "mokong" 100%. Masalahnya timbul bila yang dahulunya Pendatang Haram tetap dengan perangai haram kejadahnya sekalipun telah diberi hak bermastautin selama 53 tahun. Bangsat tersebut hanya membawa bala bencana. Tanah Melayu yang dahulunya bersatu dipecahbelah dengan terampasnya Singapura secara haram. Cubaan merampas Tanah melayu pasca 1945; Mei 13 dan terkini pasca Mac 2008. Memang bangsa-bangsa palat ini membawa malapetaka kemana sahaja mengunjung. Raja2 Melayu kesultanan Melaka faham dengan bangsat ini maka dikurung mereka dalam petempatan khusus dan tidak berkeliaran masuk dengan mudah. Hatta kerabat seorang puteri macam Hang Li Po pun diletak pada tempatnya dan tidak ada pun waris2nya yang berani tunjuk belang diTanah Melayu. Cuma apabila British bagi hisap batang baru bangsat2 naik tocang.

    1. Singapura dahulunya kepunyaan Melayu tetapi keran dok kena himpit oleh China palat maka bilangan penduduknya Melayunya kini mengecil dan akan hilang terus dalam sedekad dua nanti. Buktinya:page 58. Growth rate terendah. Itulah natijah berpayung dibawah Cina tetapi pseudo-melayu disini masih dok lena hisap batang dan jilat dubor Chino

    Maka tingallah apek taukeh kandang babi bermain dengan labu labinya.Didodoi dengan omongan Mat Salleh bankrap dari UK tapi enggan membaca hakikat kajian negara sendiri kerana terencat akal hasil hafal (left para 1 pg66 sum them up) :
    2. Singapore's progress in shifting its position towards becoming a knowledge- driven economy is more questionable.
    The ability of Singapore to translate its growing scientific potential into economic outcomes is less
    convincing.Entrepreneurships is relatively low and seems more concentrated on activities serving the local market than on existing or emerging export sectors.And the productivity data presented in the previous chapter shed doubts on the effectiveness with which new ideas and technologies have introduced into the overall economy. (page 53: Singapore Competitiness Report 2009)

    3. Dan untuk kos hidup sila lihat mukasurat 32 dan 33 utk mengetahui kebobrokan Singapura dalam konteks ini.Ketidaksamarataan pendapatan (lihat 27). Hanya bijak pandai akan memahami kenapa Singapura berjaya dan tidak boleh dibandingkan dengan Malaysia atau mana2 negara yang mempunyai geografi kemanusiaan yang berbeza (ms.26). Dalam ertikata lain, bandingan sah hanya boleh dibuat dengan bandaraya lain dan kita tahu kedudukan Singapura dalam konteks ini!!.

    4. Killer perlu tambah bahawa Singapura mempunyai ranking accountability dan transparency yang rendah (no 93) yang membolehkan ia menyembunyikan banyak benda seperti money laundering dsbnya serta juga kerugian TEMASIK Hldgs dan GIC yang bila dibongkar akan menyebabkan panik dalam kalangan pencarum CPF disana:
    hebat betoi, Harry sebagai pakar kewangan kan?

    We do have structural issues and administrative issues about FDI but certainly not relate it to the NEP or the crap that certain cretin shitbugs peddle. It should be remembered that even at the height of the NEP, FDI was flowing in. FDI being capital is value free. It seeks to maximise profits at minimal costs and national policies be damned (TBC......)

    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous12:39 pm

    An Aperitif

    These comments culled from a Singaporean news portal sums up the memory automaton small-minded morons we have there and who sally forth here to post shit at the behest of their small-change paymasters at the Spore SB:

    March 4, 2010 at 7:30 am
    Gosh, lawyer by training just throw 10B after discussion of 3 days while stock chart sliding south during December 2007.
    I have been in trading since 2005 and UBS didn’t impress me so much.
    I thought Singapore have so many PhDs and brilliant guys to do the job.

    Wizard of Id:
    March 3, 2010 at 10:19 am
    Our reserves are like monopoly money. How were they accumulated? Through years of forced acquisition and forfeiture of land acquired for cents and sold later at multiples of hundreds and thousands. Who made money? The government and the developers. Who paid the money? The hapless Singaporeans through their HDB flats. Where else did the money come from? From the statutory boards, the power companies, the land transport, from the sale of our assets, cheap money available through CPF contributions. It is just like giving a compulsive gambler unlimited amounts of money to gamble at the casino. After the recent debacle, the whole GIC and TH management team should be sacked and banished from Singapore. Instead they remain to do more damage and earn bonuses through ‘negative wealth added’.
    We will never recover the money period. If we add in the opportunity cost, the loss will be much bigger. The concept of recovering lost money comes from gambling. A gambler will always return in a bid to recover his lost fortune and invariably lose more. If LKY calls the gamblers at the IR stupid, how come he doesn’t apply the same term to the gamblers at GIC and TH? I know, because in doing so he will be tarring his daughter in law with the same brush.
    Meanwhile, it is back to business as usual. The daughter in law is back in place since the market seems to be turning. Traveling first class around the world, sniffing out what appears to be bargains and actually getting stiffed by charlatans, cheats and medicine men selling snake oil. What other failed investments and how much more money is going down the drain? They ask us to trust them but frankly they don’t know themselves. Ho Jinx offered retail investors a chance to invest together with them. I would prefer to have brain surgery done on me by a plumber.

    And while the wired howls( a wordplay on "wise owls)are at it maybe this will inform that it pays not to cross the gangster lurking in the shadows lest Sand(s) be thrown into ricebowls:

    an exclusive titled:High-rollers, triads and a Las Vegas Giant

    Warrior 231

  52. Anonymous2:57 pm

    I'd rather believe Tony Pua, who has been a successful businessman than someone who does not know nuts about finance and economics...

  53. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Big is not always better, you are spot on Latuk Rocky. The little red dot is small but they are doing so much better than Boleh land. In that little dot every 100 person 11 are millionaire. In Boleh land every 100 person 89 live with an income of less than RM2k per month.

  54. Anonymous12:25 am

    "Jadi pendatang di negara2 tersebut belum tentu bawak bahagia. Macam awak cakap lah ... hujan emas dinegeri orang ...."

    bwah ha ha ha... u memang hero lah.. ye lah kan, mana ada sekolah jenis cina kat sana, kena cakap vietnam/indon/etc, mandarin tak boleh.

    Aku tak kisah dia mahu migrate, kalau FDI banyak pun, bukan sampai kat aku, sampai kat tokey-tokey/expat/etc. Tak ada apa yang nak dibangganya kalau FDI banyak tapi kita jadi operator pengeluaran kat kilang je.

    Sekarang ni masa buat bisness, orang melayu pun dah ramai yang buat bisnes sekarang. Jadi sokonglah kedai orang kita.

  55. Anonymous12:41 am

    Bodoh lah mengemis kat orang luar untuk FDI buat apa? Tak malu ke jadi pengemis? Aku dengar orang Cina cakap dioarang hebat sangat ekonomi, FDI jatuh diorang pulak yang paling bising, rupanya diaorang pun suka tongkat jugak.

    FDI tak datang/datang banyak, petani kat kampung, pemandu teksi, penjual pisang goreng, restoren tak ada apa yang berubah, mungkin orang "upper middle class" ada rasa lah.

    Apa budak U tak ada kerja? Balik kampung kerja kan tanah opah tanam apa-apa, lagi banyak dapat sebulan dari jadi kuli cina wat apa!? Ops, silap, sekarang orang cina suka pakai indon, orang Melayu biasa nya lawan tokey.

    realiti tu bro.


  56. Anonymous3:24 am

    Back in 2006, when the Indonesians were pressing Spore over a treasure hoard of ill gotten gains, a chap by the name of Andy Xie from Morgan Stanley wrote this before he quit suddenly:

    " ``Actually, Singapore's success came mostly from being the money laundering center for corrupt Indonesian businessmen and government officials,'' Xie, who was based in Hong Kong before leaving Morgan Stanley on Sept. 29, wrote in the e-mail. ``Indonesia has no money. So Singapore isn't doing well.'' available here: (a must read)

    For the full email (also a must read) go here:

    The last I heard, Xie is doing well elsewhere having ditched the LRD for good excepting occasional sojourns to the bars and exotic eateries of Orchard Road, Harry's Quayside or the action places at Robertson Quay with the new Sands occasionally thrown in for some dice games if he is bored with Shanghai that is..........

    Fast forward 4 years later, this appeared on my radar screen:

    The Reuters wire tallies more or less with my revelation of Wilmar's conning Indonsia of tax revenue. Pay attention to this source, I put under Rocky's Felda thread of July 16:'-export-earning-flows-147509

    So "Killer" you were spot on about the money laundering thing as I was all along. In fact, the pre 2006 and the 2006-2010 period contains a stash of reports, documents etc that point to a consistent pattern of bilking and defrauding neighbours and I can dribble that out at my leisure.

    Bet Andy Xie must be ROFL just as I am LMAO .........

    Warrior 231

  57. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Thus far citing academic work from Singapore itself, I have established the following facts:

    1. Productivity is at an absymal level in the island republic and seems to have reached a plateau

    2. Innovation is NOT a main component of economic growth and the returns on investment from the relevant inputs are at best marginal.

    3. Entrepreneurship is also at a low ebb and is largely concentrated at serving local/regional needs. Besides, the fact that there is no world class Spore company provides further credence to the theory that Spore is an assembly line producer of automatons who are marooned in a rote learning quagmire with little room for intellectual and creative development (pg.66) hence low entrepreneurship and innovation.

    The adverse conclusion by the authors of the seminal 'Singapore Competitiveness Report 2009' that Spore is essentially a high skill version of the investment-driven model (pg 86) is a damning indictment of its education and human capital policies that are becoming millstones in its drive to be a knowledge-driven economy .

    So given the obvious limitations which are further exacerbated by high income inequality, low quality of life by OECD standards etc, why is Spore a magnet for FDI.

    3 factors apart from the round tripping highlighted by Killer account for this

    a. Spore over the last 3 decades has silently rebranded itself as a launderette for drug money, blood money, corrupt takings which are laundered through property transactions, the casinos (from this year onwards)and other underhand shenanigans. So in the 80s we had the Marcos money flowing in together with suharto and Bob Hassan's booty while from 2000 onwards the Myanmar generalissmos have become a new source. Triad bosses, Chingkie oligarchs, china money etc are alos substantial contributors to coffers.

    b. The property bubble ala China, the US and Japan before this leverages on the illgotten gains of (a) creating a highly speculative environment that is rewarding to shortterm capital inflow. Its a virtous circle for triads, gangstas and greedy bastards seeking high returns within the shortest possible time frame but a vicious circle for innocent parties trying to get a decent place to live in. Harry Lee a lawyer by training and a charlatan economist at best is hiding his face in shit as usual when he said there was no bubble as of June 2010. But there is no denying the obvious ( and here ( The fact that prices jumped 130% in a sombre 2009probably accounted for those FDI numbers. (TBC.........)

    Warrior 231

  58. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Thus far citing academic work from Singapore itself, I have established the following facts:

    1. Productivity is at an absymal level in the island republic and seems to have reached a plateau

    2. Innovation is NOT a main component of economic growth and the returns on investment from the relevant inputs are at best marginal.

    3. Entrepreneurship is also at a low ebb and is largely concentrated at serving local/regional needs. Besides, the fact that there is no world class Spore company provides further credence to the theory that Spore is an assembly line producer of automatons who are marooned in a rote learning quagmire with little room for intellectual and creative development (pg.66) hence low entrepreneurship and innovation.

    The adverse conclusion by the authors of the seminal 'Singapore Competitiveness Report 2009' that Spore is essentially a high skill version of the investment-driven model (pg 86) is a damning indictment of its education and human capital policies that are becoming millstones in its drive to be a knowledge-driven economy .

    So given the obvious limitations which are further exacerbated by high income inequality, low quality of life by OECD standards etc, why is Spore a magnet for FDI.

    3 factors apart from the round tripping highlighted by Killer account for this

    a. Spore over the last 3 decades has silently rebranded itself as a launderette for drug money, blood money, corrupt takings which are laundered through property transactions, the casinos (from this year onwards)and other underhand shenanigans. So in the 80s we had the Marcos money flowing in together with suharto and Bob Hassan's booty while from 2000 onwards the Myanmar generalissmos have become a new source. Triad bosses, Chingkie oligarchs, china money etc are alos substantial contributors to coffers.

    b. The property bubble ala China, the US and Japan before this leverages on the illgotten gains of (a) creating a highly speculative environment that is rewarding to shortterm capital inflow. Its a virtous circle for triads, gangstas and greedy bastards seeking high returns within the shortest possible time frame but a vicious circle for innocent parties trying to get a decent place to live in. Harry Lee a lawyer by training and a charlatan economist at best is hiding his face in shit as usual when he said there was no bubble as of June 2010. But there is no denying the obvious ( and here ( The fact that prices jumped 130% in a sombre 2009probably accounted for those FDI numbers. (TBC.........)

    Warrior 231

  59. Anonymous4:06 pm

    I support Warrior 231 in his views stated above. I urge him to write more to counter ungrateful ingrates (a double whammy there) like Tony Pua trying to whittle away Malay privileges.

    Those privileges like housing discount have been there for decades, were derived from the NEP, which in turn emanated from the Special Position of the Malays. Proposing that they be dropped is seditious and he should be hauled in and charged under the Sedition Act.

    Bloody good idea to put in an Exit Tax for those exiting the country for good. A lot may be ill-gotten gains. I know of a rubber latex trader who add water to his tank. He bought unadulterated latex from the simple rural folks. Diluting it to a certain degree does not prejudice his sale price to the factory. I was told there is some kind of rubbing the instrument that keeps the adulterated latex maintain the standard vicosity.

    Similarly the spring used in the hanging weighing instrument for scrap rubber. 1-2 kilos get lost thru adjusted spring. Even fellow Chinese get cheated. But such Chinese are quite smart - tested their scrap rubber by another machine, found out and got the weight of what they bring adjusted every time. This used to be the story decades ago. That it is still rampant to day, as told to me some months ago, is quite shocking.

    Then you have Tony Pua and the likes of him wanting to discard Malay rights and priviledges. Bloody racists.

    Carry on Warrior 231. More of such, please.

  60. skilgannon10664:41 pm

    Part D

    Warrior xxx

    Let's nail your errors to the mast.

    Fact: both Singapore and Malaysia are on the OECD "white list". Go to and to (weekly news - Nov 13, 2009). If you can't get even this basic fact about Singapore right, then what flaws permeate the rest of your "analysis"?

    Fact: you have not posted anything to discredit the stats gathered in the UNCTAD World Investment Report 2010.

    Fact: you have not posted anything to prove that the methodologies used by the World Bank in preparing the Ease of Doing Business rankings 2010 and by the IMD in drawing up the rankings in the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010 are biased, flawed or totally wrong. Surely your friend at Stanford could have pointed out any flaws or errors in these 3 reports (UNCTAD, World Bank and IMD)? Or didn't he/she have the guts to query the professional economists, statisticians and analysts at these 3 organisations?

    Or are you suggesting that the Singapore authorities have all this while been fooling the UNCTAD, World Bank and IMD? A simple "yes" or "no" would suffice. Or is that too much of a challenge for you to contemplate, eh?

  61. skilgannon10665:00 pm

    Part E

    Let's show up Warrior xxx again. I draw his/her attention to the 2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index report prepared by international accounting and consultancy firm Deloitte and the US Council on Competitiveness.

    The top 15 countries for manufacturing competitiveness in 2010, according to this report, are:

    (1)China (2)India (3)S Korea (4)USA (5)Brazil (6)Japan (7)Mexico (8)Germany (9)SINGAPORE (10)Poland (11)Czech Republic (12)Thailand (13)Canada (14)Switzerland (15)Australia.

    Note carefully that Malaysia does not come within the ranks of the top 15 countries ranked by manufacturing competitiveness for 2010.

    The report also forecast the expected changes in the rankings in 5 years time. The key findings were that China, India and S Korea would retain 1st, 2nd and 3rd places; Singapore would slip from 9th to 11th and Thailand would improve from 12th to 10th.

    Thus the top 11 countries, ranked by manufacturing competitiveness, in 5 years time will be:

    (1)China (2)India (3)S Korea (4)Brazil (5)USA (6)Mexico (7)Japan (8)Germany (9)Poland (10)Thailand (11)SINGAPORE

    (as published in the Singapore Business Times, July 10-11, 2010)

    Would MIDA want to toot their horn about this report?

    Or, better yet, would your pet academic at Stanford want to challenge the methodology behind this report?

    The fact of the matter is that the manufacturing sector in Malaysia is stuck in a low productivity, labour intensive and low value-added situation. Else how could the likes of Mexico and Thailand make the ranks of the top 15 manufacturing countries in 2010?

  62. skilgannon10665:09 pm

    Part F

    Here's a little news item for the edification of Warrior xxx.

    It has been reported that Malaysian Minister of International Trade & Industry Mustapa Mohamed will lead a 2-day trade and investment mission to Singapore from Aug 4-5. The mission aims to attract Singaporean companies to invest and do business in Malaysia, as well as enhancing bilateral economic relations between both countries.

    Pretty good, eh? Apparently the International Trade & Industry Ministry feels that Singapore companies should be investing in Malaysia and doing business there.

    And that's not counting the several investment promotion missions that the good folks at Iskandar Malaysia have mounted (I use this term advisedly) in Singapore.

    Or the fact that Bursa Malaysia is running advertorials in the Singapore Business Times promoting Malaysian-listed companies to Singaporean investors. The last company that was promoted was (surprise, surprise) Media Prima!

  63. skilgannon10665:21 pm

    Part G

    I must confess - I couldn't resist highlighting the following:

    "....The sophistication of its markets, the robustness of its regulatory framework, the soundness of its financial systems, and the work ethos of its population are among the many enviable tenets of success...

    "It is for these reasons and more that Singapore is such a important market for Citi and is the place where we have consciously based our regional and global hub connecting our businesses around the world. Our operations here, including our regional servicing centre and our IT and data centres, servicing 40 countries, are absolutely critical to our global franchise.

    "Significantly, Singapore also serves as an incubator for innovations and best practices that we export to our businesses elsewhere. We have 8,200 staff in Singapore...Singapore stands out as a truly extraordinary place to live and do business in."
    (Michael Zink, Country Head, Citi Singapore - Singapore Business Times, Aug 5, 2010).

    "Sophistication of markets", "robustness of regulatory frameworks", "soundness of financial systems", "work ethos of the population" - sounds like pull factors for FDI to me. Which is what this thread is about.

    Now, how many staff does Citi (that's Citibank, amongst others) have in Malaysia?

  64. skilgannon10665:38 pm

    Part I

    Indonesian investment board chief Gita Wirjawan has said that foreign investments in Indonesia increased 46 per cent y-o-y in the first 6 months of the year. Foreigners committed 71 trillion rupiah (US$7.88 billion) in FDI in Indonesia.

    A total of 92.9 trillion rupiah (S$10.31 billion), including funds from local investors, had been committed in the first 6 months of the year.

    He forecast that FDI in Indonesia will rise 25 per cent y-o-y to 118.4 trillion rupiah (US$13.14 billion) in 2010.

    Looks like that Indonesia, in spite of corruption, red tape and creaky infrastructure, is still managing to pull in FDI.

    As too the reported comments by the Indonesian state enterprises minister that China Investment Corp, a US$300 billion sovereign wealth fund, may invest up to US$25 billion in Indonesia over the next few years. Oh, to have natural resources coming out of one's ears!

  65. Anonymous5:42 pm

    This FDI thing is boring la!

    We have a CM who proudly declared that marriage is about sex and kid should do it!!!

    Stupid blockhead also can be a CM... kah! kah! kah!

    "These people, you can't just stop them from having sex," Mohamad Ali told The Associated Press. "Muslim girls also want to enjoy (sex)."

  66. Anonymous5:53 pm


    ....TO TAP RUBBER!!!





  67. skilgannon10666:15 pm

    Part J


    "Black money" coming into Singapore?

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but the fact is that Singapore is one of the 34 members of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) -

    Singapore has been a member of the FATF since 1992.

    Incidentally, Malaysia is not a member of the FATF. No need, ah? No one wants to keep "black money" in Malaysia?

    Or, maybe, Malaysian "black money" is kept outside Malaysia in more ambivalent jurisdictions?

    And from the Allens Arthur Robinson website (

    "Singapore was assessed under the IMF/World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP) in August 2003. The FSAP report# noted Singapore as having in place a sound and comprehensive legal, institutional, policy and supervisory framework for anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF)".


    Obviously, you have never tried to open a bank account in Singapore! Unlike many of your illustrious brethren!

    Though what this has to do with FDI eludes me!

  68. skilgannon10666:39 pm

    Killer 11:44 PM

    Reference Part C of your posting: "Hundreds of Chinese and Indian companies in Singapore? Are you serious? Care to provide proof of such ridiculous claim?"

    Glad to oblige, if only to puncture your ignorance.

    Just go to this link:


    "Over the past 9 years, the number of Indian companies in Singapore has more than tripled to 4,090 such that it constitutes the largest foreign business community in Singapore.

    "The Reserve Bank of India's January 2010 report on Indian Investment Abroad highlighted Singapore as the top destination for Indian overseas investments...

    "Indian companies have chosen to establish their regional headquarters and R&D centres in Singapore to cater to the 7,000-plus multinational corporations (MNCs) here, including the rest of Southeast Asia....."

    Seems I was wrong. It's not "hundreds" of Indian companies who have set up operations in Singapore. It seems that there are a few thousand of them - 4,090 to be precise!

    Enough egg on your face?

  69. Anonymous9:49 pm

    no FDI coming in...

    and the najis administration got no worries, why want to get a chapati guy to do the spinning.

  70. Anonymous11:12 am

    1.A storm in the teacup, I said at the beginning of my comments and that is precisely what I meant. Despite, the much touted effects of FDI on GDP grpwth, recent research seems to suggest that FDI has minimal or no impact on economic growth at the macrolevel. Additionally 2 country specific studies on Malaysia, negate FDI’s role in growth while another suggest that such a relationship is marginal at best.

    a.No relationship between FDI and GDP is highlighted here

    b Country specific studies implying no impact:here and :here

    c. country specific study implying marginal impact here (rendered as "significant"):here

    d. Impact only realised when FDI is "directed":

    For microlevel impact, refer Aitken and Harrison (1999)American Economic Review, 89, no3 (pg:605-618) : Lipsey and Sjoholm (2002) and a summation by Hanson.G quoting the aforementioned available here:

    2.The findings of these studies are borne out by time series data. For instance, FDI inflow in 2000 was a emaciated US$789 million yet GDP expanded by a staggering 8.9%. Similarly, FDI inflows in 1997 remained fairly robust vis-avis the preceding years yet GDP plunged to negative territory.

    3.A direct comparison of GDP between Malaysia (US 12,2Billion) and Thailand (US 28.5Billion) in the 1995-2001 period would reiterate the reality that FDI has marginal or no bearing on GDP. GDP for Malaysia averaged 3.0 (1996-2002) while Thailand’s averaged 0.5% during the same period.

    4.Even the mighty sky kingdom Singapore (FDI= US S66.1billion/GDP = 3.8%) had to concede defeat to the mangy, threadbare pipsqueak Myanmar (FDI = US$3.2Billion/GDP average =9.2%) hahahahahaha …….ROFL

    5.The classification of FDI plays a vital role in delineating the actual total. For instance, Merger and Acqusition transactions, reinvested earnings are not captured in the Malaysian data nor are intercompany loans which is not the case in other jurisdictions like Thailand and Singapore. A look at the notes accompanying the table on page 155 would be instructive. In fact, the WTO has a different definition altogether. (2-5 sourced from Asean Statistical Yearbook 2003 at

    6.There is a need to address private (excepting non-residents) capital outflow as it constitutes a pillage of the country’s resources. I suggest the imposition of a wealth tax or an exit tax. Alternatively, scum citizens who aspire to leave should have their assets frozen for restitution purposes. I still prefer outright expropriation and the deportation of these arsefucking, twatmunching bastards to Sharkland with their pseudo-Malay cocksucklers and jubohlickers in tow.

    In conclusion, the discourse in this thread should have been "do FDI contribute to GDP growth at the macro level and does FDI have positive spillover effects at the micro level. It appears that the answer to both is a qualified "NO" as research findings have thus far demonstrated.This would inevitably lead to the question whether Malaysia needs FDIs as such? Again the country specific studies imply the negative, a finding that justifies me saying that FDIs are welcome bonuses but not a hankered after addiction.

    Warrior 231

  71. Anonymous11:13 am

    hey malakie donkie (self professed soldier turn farmer, built like a pugilist but actually a skinnie inbreedie, resultie of an unholie liasonie betwie his mumie and grankie).
    You going mumie fucking again huh!
    fuck you lah, all the chinkies running to Singapore did not received
    secondary education from Melayu bermaruah. most of them educated in Singapore lah. it is well known that bodoh land or land of inbreeds is all messed up because of all you malakie donkies stupidity( result of inbreeding). Malakei donkie like you talk, talk talk from your asshole, like a bigshot economist but bodohland is still fucked. Without the oil, timber, gas ...etc and the chinkie business brains, you are nothing but a bunch of stupid inbreeds (the only thing you can have is your family to screw).
    I am still waiting for your expropriation and may13 strategy. I am still waiting for the knife that you promised. I think I know your problems ( inbreeds are cowards) They talk, talk, talk and they get work up and end up screwing mumies, sisties and thats it. Thats why we are still waiting for your grand economic strategies, chinkie wealth expropriation and may13.
    Do it now lah, motherfucking coward

    warrior 123

  72. Anonymous11:21 am

    Epilogue : In conclusion, the madcap rantings of certain trolls here indeed provided plenty of comic relief. Apart from the Spore spy + cocksuckler and the chakilliyan pariyan accounts office peon scum, the blithering idiot of a ghost who flitted in here from the People’s Parliament with its shrieks “of caring for our children’s future” must surely deserve a place in a ghoul. Tutored by the resident lawyer to scream wolf, this ghost’s pathetic boos must be the net result downing one too many moonshine in the netherworld and indulging in one vigil too many in the company of little girls. A Fuckeup Dickjuicing Incubus (FDI) who would do better Arselicking, Suckling and Buttfucking (ASB) his master than spewing garbage about the ASB investment scheme …hahahahahaha. All of which is concrete evidence affirming the fact that we are saddled with pendatang scum with little or no grey matter, large vocal chords and itchy dickjuicing lips who are easily manipulated by hidden hands whose brains are stuffed up their filthy unwashed arseholes. What fuckheaded cumslurping, arsetonguing, twatmunching, cockshafting pieces of wasted sperm palats these etnics are!!!

    Warrior 231

  73. Seolferwulf7:25 pm

    Warrior 231 has referred to some erzatz bootleg report on Singapore's competitiveness that has allegedly been prepared by some academic at Stanford.

    Who is this academic?
    Why is he bashful about revealing his identity?
    Has his magnum opus on Singapore been published?
    Has his research data & methodology been subjected to independent critiques?

    Unless these questions are satisfactorily answered, your posting is a whole load of crap! Or a load of bulldroppings, if you get what mean...

  74. Anonymous9:21 am

    Just to say that seeing Killer and Warrior 231 whack the Skilganon fellow is sheer pleasure of orgasmic proportions.

    Skilganon is Singaporean or, to use Warrior's word, LKY's arselicker. I don't really mind that except he does it at the expense of and comparing Singapore with Malaysia.

    How can you compare a 400 sg mile island and a city state with Malaysia. Even so, as Warrior 231 has said, Singapore is not really that great, being the "hinterland" of the crooked who do their money laundering there.

    Enough with the Skilganon fellow already. I hope each time he shows up, Killer and Warrior 231 would whack him. I wish I have the language and other skills that Warrior 231 has to be able to whack the fellow effectively.

    He must not be allowed to deride this country each time he opens his mouth. I accept that there are weaknesses in this country but the bloke has not said anything good about Malaysia. He definitely won't dare say anything bad of Singapore in the city state. He vents his frustration on this country. All the time.

    I wish to urge Killer and Warrior 231 to keep him in check. I want to see him become a reasonable fellow.

  75. Anonymous10:36 am

    Skilly annon +13,

    Hang banyak meghapu pasai competitiveness here and there tapi kecut teloq tak nak migrate pi dok sana kan?

    Pasai apa?

    Ramai Apek yang kononnya pi buat business kat Negara China, tau tau balik sini BANKRUPT...Kena KELENTONG kaw kaw dengan kaum sendiri! Aney2 pun sama, Their countries of origin ranking top 5.. tapi semua kecut nak balik... yeh yeh yeh pasai susah nak kelentong kaum sendiri!!

    Selama 53tahun tu pasai hangpa sikit tak telioq nak balik, berapa percent returned? Give me these figures!


  76. Skilgannon10669:23 pm

    It is interesting that Warrior xxx has not refuted any of the points I made.


    The point of your latest posting being what? Apart being a bucketful of crap? Why don't you write about the Malaysians who migrated & made good? Talent Corp, anyone?

  77. Anonymous2:47 am

    I guess your latest response sums you up SG1066. You wanna win so bad that it shows real bad. Poor arsfucking Chingkie. Got screwed bigtime with FELDA- Wilmar and now this.

    1. Citi: fancy Citi, a crapbank now, dissing Spore. If you got half a brain, you will figure that out b4 dishing out that garbage.

    2. China investing in Indonesia, a corrupt country is no problemo, arseworm. Dont tell me u havent heard of Chingkie corrupters.
    You want some more of that stuff, Skilly, i can dole it out FOC *(Fuck Off Chingkieboy). Now SG, join the dots, Chingks sluice corrupt money to Indon corrupts who sluice it to the Spore toilet. After all Spore dint ratify any corruption treaty ( see page 453 top:

    yet it sits atop TI indices, hahahahahahahahaa .....LMAO

    3. Why i care if MY or anyone begs Spore to invest. None of my business and not central to the points i raised. Since you threw down the gauntlet with spore, respond to my arguments Skilly piggy or are u saying the NUS fellas are LIARS. A straight yes or no will do fine. And while at it read the foreword and execitive summary of the SCR 2009.
    And dont dump garbage here about this report, that report blah3 to cover your stinking shit, TB infested Singapore cocksuckling piece of wortless shit.

    Look like you have got the awful speller of a troll to keep you company. Ask the "donkie" to suck ur john for his Sporee education and prepare his neck for the knife.....for whatever its worth he is gonna do that after his momma, sista, wife, daughtas clits are sliced open.....

    Warrior 231

  78. skilgannon10664:45 pm

    Part 1

    Anon 9:21 AM

    Be not afraid - I shall continue to expose the rants, selective quotes and unwillingness to face facts exhibited by the likes of Killer and Warrior xxx.

    You will note that Warrior xxx, for all his posturings, has not commented on the facts I raised regarding
    -UNCTAD World Investment Report 2010
    - World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report 2010
    - IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010
    - Deloitte-US Council on Competiveness Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index 2010

    Note that he has carefully steered away from questioning the methodologies and country rankings in the above reports, choosing instead to post about some half-assed analysis on Singapore's competitiveness by a "Stanford academic" who isn't even identified by name.

    Let me push 2 more rankings into Warrior xxx's face and see whether he has the wherewithal to take the stick to them.

    The first is the Heritage Foundation-Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom 2010 ( It shows Singapore as ranked 2nd in economic freedom amongst the economies surveyed, while Malaysia is ranked 59th. Of interest is that Bahrain (13th), Botswana (28th), El Salvador (32nd), Qatar (39th), Kuwait (42nd) and the United Arab Emirates (46th) are ranked ahead of Malaysia.

    The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal are not exactly pinko-liberal institutions (unlike, say the Huffington Post), but avid proponents of capitalism and free markets.

    Quote from 2010 Index report on Singapore:

    "Flexibility and openness have been the foundation of Singapore's transformation into one of the most competitive and prosperous economies in the world. An efficient regulatory environment encourages vibrant entrepreneurial activity. Commercial operations are handled with transparency and speed and corruption is perceived to be almost non-existent. Singapore's very competitive tax regime and highly flexible labour market encourages investment, attracting global companies and enhancing innovation. Foreign and domestic investors are treated equally, and Singapore's legal system is efficient and highly protective of private property." (

  79. skilgannon10664:58 pm

    Part 2

    Wait, there's more good stuff.

    Refer to the 2010 KOF Index of Globalisation (prepared by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) which ranked Singapore as 17th and Malaysia as 35th (

    And here's the kicker in Warrior xxx's teeth. I refer to the US Direct Investment Positions Report for 2009 (US Direct Investment Position Abroad on a Historical-Cost Basis 2008), prepared by the US Bureau of Economic Affairs, a US government body.

    This showed cumulative US direct investments as at end-2008 in Malaysia as US$12.29 billion and Singapore as US$86.04 billion (

    Insofar as FDI from the US is concerned, Singapore appears, from US government statistics, to have done a much better job than Malaysia - US$86.04 billion vs US$12.29 billion. Not bad for a city-state with a population of less than 5 million, wouldn't you say?

    And that nails the lie put forward by Warrior xxx that FDI in Singapore is merely "round tripping".

    But, then, he can always fall back on his "Stanford academic" to come up with yet another study.....

  80. We want high value added industries is it? With the rate at which we are exporting brains via all the policies and in replacement we get losers from Indonesia, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and so forth, would it not be wishful thinking on our part that we would get what we dream for?

  81. Anonymous1:55 am

    We know all your wriggly arseworm tricks, Mr SG1066.No need to bore us with more garbage and inchoate data. Just answer these questions, nice and pat or shut up and continue wriggling in ur shit:

    1. The Singapore Competitive Report 2009 is a Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS School) generated document? True or False.

    2.If true, are you saying that the said school forged the data for SCR 2009 and the "goons" who prepared it were lying through their teeth regarding their findings. If so,are you also admitting that NUS has herewith mortgaged its academic integrity and is no longer fit to be called "a university"

    3. Fact: Are you saying that this US government agency lied when it categorically said on page 453 of this report that " Singapore never ratified any corruption treaty :
    If it is lying then so could all the other US agencies you quote SELECTIVELY and IDIOTICALLY, right?

    4.Got the cockmuscle to debunk all the papers I quoted in my 11.12am comment? Cant get into ur brain that FDI is not a prerequisite for growth. Car to explain to us how the great Spore can fall behind pipsqueak Myanmar with all that FDI? Nyet! on all scores, I presume.

    5. Are you now saying that the data regarding Singapore at
    is a a tall tale (RB: I dont see my commentat 6.45pm"ish" on Sunday up, I exposed SG as a filthy lying bastard there)After all you quoted selecively from there while I am giving you an update.

    6. In that very same coment RB deleted, I also mentioned Andy Xie in relation to the revelation at 3.24 am above. Now I dare you to read about Xie here:
    Question; Are you saying Andy Xie is a LIAR. What are your grounds for saying so?Can YOU PROVE he lied?

    And while you sweat as those cyberants sting your arse red..a bit of info about SCR 2009:
    prepared by Professors Christian Ketels, Ashish Lall and Neo Boon Siong. Are you saying these people are charlatans and liars. ah..maybe the Chingkie in there might be..hahahahahaha ROFL.

    The SCR 2009 was launched at the tailend of 2009 and SCR 2010 will be out at the same time and probably come to the same bleak conclusions. The conceptual framework is as established on page 11. Are you saying Michael E Porter is a crackpot?

    P/s: Bru, I dont think Sunday 6.50pm is incendiary. I issued several challenges there and commented that he is trying to avoid the issue by drowning us with worthless facts

    LKYSPP is part of NUS.

    Read about it and tell me whether it is your run of the mill pigsty?

    Warrior 231

  82. Anonymous9:10 am


    You kata I crap ker crab? Alahai, ramai Ahkow migrate kat Australia/ US/UK, kalo tak pegi tangkap or help packing crabs, they work as kitchen hands cleaning crabs for the Chinese restaurants there...

    And they crawl all over and hide in crates the crates hiding from Immigrations there lor..

    And Amoys hiding in hidden rooms like crabs when the vice squads came raiding.

    Ini maciam professionals ker lu olang sibuk2 mau panggil balik Negala?



  83. Anonymous1:31 pm

    You are a pure, high grade shitfilth, Skilgannon 1066. Bet, your parents must be tossing about in their graves for those cockhungry and cuntstarved moment, fucked up arsewhore!Your unabashed sarcasm regarding my "Stanford" source is pathetically laughable. That guy was among those who peer-reviewed SCR 2009 before it went into publication and he knows a lot more than your Incubus Twisted brain can fathom. Debunk those contents or shut up.

    Now read this if you dare:


    It pretty much supports what SCR 2009 notes. Some choice chops:

    a.Among the top 500 fastest growth tech companies in Asia Pacific countries, only two – or 0.4% – are in Singapore, compared with 99 in Taiwan, it was recently reported.

    b.But one thing puzzles me about these oft-made comparisons. I talked to Tharman Shanmugaratnam to understand it better. He’s the minister of Education of Singapore, the country that is No. 1 in the global science and math rankings for schoolchildren. I asked the minister how to explain the fact that even though Singapore’s students do so brilliantly on these tests, when you look at these same students 10 or 20 years later, few of them are worldbeaters anymore........ American kids, by contrast, test much worse in the fourth and eighth grades but seem to do better later in life and in the real world. Why?
    “We both have meritocracies,” Shanmugaratnam said. “Yours is a talent meritocracy, ours is an exam meritocracy. There are some parts of the intellect that we are not able to test well—like creativity, curiosity, a sense of adventure, ambition. Most of all, America has a culture of learning that challenges conventional wisdom, even if it means challenging authority..........

    Now move to the links provided and jerk urself dead, SG1066 for it aint gonna cum in a place where the SRJKC model was put into practice and failed utterly. Next for 2 more "great" facts about Spore:

    c.The other has been the gradual decrease of the proportion of value-added exports of total exports in Singapore. It was reported in the Singapore Competitiveness Report 2009 that re-exports (defined as “goods that were exported without undergoing any transformation except repacking, sorting, grading, marking, and similar activities”) have made up an increasing proportion of all exports from Singapore since 1990.

    hahahahahaha...take from MALAYsia bermaruah and export it as own. Heard that b4 and nothing new here.......ROFL

    d.It is evident that despite the major problems highlighted by the respective economists above in the 1990′s, virtually nothing effective has been done by the Singapore government in addressing the problem. The government has simply decided to mass import foreign labour in order to grow the economy, with little or non-existent accompanying productivity growth.

    e. From this it is not too difficult to conclude that workers in Singapore have made up the for the lack of productivity by working longer hours to achieve a higher manufacturing output. This finding is supported by the Global Wage Report 2009 issued by the International Labour Organisation, which found that Singapore workers had the longest work week among the countries surveyed, in addition to the fact that they were the most likely (61% of respondents) to show up for work despite being sick for fear of falling behind their workload.

    It is apparent folks, that Spore has been growing based on a input (investment) driven model and high labour mobilisation, an FDI addict who is about to drown in his own shit. SCR2009 not only proves Krugman, Ermscich et al right. It also explains why many Sporeans are running away at an alarming pace as Seah Chiang Nee reported in the Star leaving behind a TB infested, income inequal, high cost whorehouse and casino where people like Harry and Skilly cocksuckle and arsefuck each other to death.....(TBC)

    Warrior 231

  84. skilgannon10663:34 pm

    Perwira 9:10 AM

    In a word: "bollocks"

    Why not ask yourself why so many of your Malaysian compatriots, including those of a certain ethnicity, flock to Singapore to cari makan?

    Or how many Malaysian Malays (since you use the terms "Ahkow" and "Amoy" in your posting) are working in Singapore as unskilled labour - security guards, cleaners, gardeners, delivery boys for fast food chains etc?

    Or commute across the Causeway daily on social visit passes and hang around Woodlands to be hired as daily-paid casual labourers?

    Or ask a Malaysian Malay taxi driver why he queues for up to 12 hours at the Singapore-Johor taxi stand in Queen Street for a chance to earn taxi fares to JB in Singapore dollars?

    If they hew to the concept of dignity and national pride, they would forgo working in Singapore and instead seek their livelihood in Malaysia.

    Or do economic imperatives trump the niceties of dignity? In other words, survival is all.

    Doesn't say much for The Great Malaysian Experiment, does it?

  85. Anonymous10:59 am

    “Among the top 500 fastest growth tech companies in Asia Pacific countries, only two – or 0.4% – are in Singapore, compared with 99 in Taiwan, it was recently reported.”

    Does this mean Taiwan is better than Singapore?

    “…SRJKC model was put into practice and failed utterly”

    Everyone known our SRJKC resemble Taiwan, and that is why most CIS student further study in Taiwan. And we also known most of the Satu Sekolah horde here babbling the same over and over trying to copy Singapore education system, and now claiming Singapore is not that good as compare to Taiwan?

    I know the moment we say China/Taiwan/HK/Macau/Singapore is relatively better in some specific field, the bombardment using googling data start to occur, but what I sense is more like the same inferiority complex…hahahaha.


  86. skilgannon

    Sorry I was busy with work to rebut your points.

    1. I notice that you did not refute any of my points other than about the Indian companies.

    2. The data on Indian companies are taken from SEDB website which has similar credibilty as Malaysian Kini for accuracy. In short, SEDB's website qualfies as a propaganda site than an informational, factual one.

    3. I spend a minimum 50% of my time in Singapore on business so I know SG better than the back of my hand. There is no way there are thousands of Indian companies in SG, especially so in IT sector. Some do have some presence but many are for investment/ money laundering purpose rather than real investment reasons. As you know many crooked Indians have bought properties in SG's high-end development projects in order to wash and hide their dirty money.

    4. Just because SG is a signatory of FSAP, there isn't any black money or money laundering are not happening. Perhaps you do not understand FSAP, so please do up some reading before commenting.

    5. SG banking : I do have personal and business banking accounts in SG so i do know SG's so-called
    "efficient" system. SG's banking will collapse without dirty money.

  87. Anonymous11:18 am

    Sorry Rhan,

    Your sense of "superiority complex" began the day your forefathers set foot on the Tongkang, each equipped with sets of lies to parrot and memorise to hide their true identity of origins!!

    Turun menurun dah jadi darah daging...

    snap out of your dreams Olang Rhan,


  88. Anonymous3:19 pm


    Your sarcastic remark sound boring la. The same merry-go-round without anything enlightening.

    I suspect your obsession with tongkang has something to do with your childhood memory, the smart one build mansion while you are here reminiscence your past. And for that, my deepest sympathy.

  89. Killer 11:06 PM

    I believe that "SEDB" refers to the Spore Economic Development Board, an organisation that is just as credible as, say, Mida?

    Unless, of course, u are accusing the Spore EDB of posting propaganda & false info on their website?

    Don't be shy - a simple "yes" or "no" would suffice. Or is that a tad too heavy in the scheme of things?

  90. Anonymous4:38 am

    Anon 3:19PM

    Abis tu maciam mana bruder?

    50-60YRS ON THE "Tongkang" culture still lives on.

    Susah nak kenal yang mana satu dari depa2 ni baru saja turun dari Tongkang...THEY LOOK AND BEHAVE the same.. All their breathing time, trying to CON the locals of their "host countries"..

    Kami lagi muak dan chemuih!!



  91. Sepl

    Yes, indeed SEDB is just an extention of Singapore's gigantic propaganda and PR machine that spews out highly "massaged" information, not to educate, but to con and preserve the myth of the superiority of the Singaporean "system" and "miracle".

    I am not claiming here that the success of SG is a mirage. They have done well and much of this is due to the efforts of their govt policies and their leaders and the sacrifices of the people.

    However, SG's success owes much to its luck - mainly its relationship to the US, location, ideal demographics and smaller size as well as a more urban and educated populace than its neighbours.

    Much of the success of SG also is more of a myth created by the legion of well funded propagandists in the employment of the govt.

  92. Seolferwulf10:03 pm


    The fact that ExxonMobil has & will be investing US$11 billion in Singapore is a figment of the Spore EDB's imagination? Strange; I thought that the CEO of EM said that Spore is a great place to invest in?

    Like they say, you can maybe fool some of the people some of the time - which is what Warrior has been doing.

    And I would hazard a guess that the Spore govt has great credibility with foreign govts, banks, MNCs & international institutions.

    Which correlates directly with their ability to attract FDI & talent.

  93. Seolferwulf..

    Exxon will be investing US$11 B in Singapore ?? LOL...I'm seriously wondering what you had been on lately ??? LOL...

    Please call up the Straits Times (Singapore), with you talent to spin tall tales you could make it really big Down South.