Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Malaysia, a Tun is charged in court re PKFZ

Syabas MACC. Don't stop with Dr Ling.The people of Malaysia will support you. A new dawn in the fight against corruption.
That was my last tweet this afternoon on the biggest story so far this year - Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, former MCA president and Transport Minister, the most decorated Chinese politician in Malaysia, charged in court for misleading Cabinet on the Port Klang Free Trade Zone project. My first tweet, at 1.16 pm, had read:
Tun Ling Liong Sik was supposed to be charged today re PKFZ scandal.
Shock and awe. Twitterjaya was full of disbelief after this tweet and about a dozen others that followed (thanks to Marhalim of The Malay Mail, who was updating me via Blackberry from Putrajaya court). When the AG himself read out the charge sheet against Dr Ling, there were two kinds of reactions. The first was excitement, pride. The people want to support the government's fight against corruption, but they wanted a "Big Fish" to be nailed. They wanted the MACC to forge ahead. The second reaction was aimed at downplaying the achievement, rubbishing it even. These people have been demanding the arrest of a "Big Fish", too, but I suppose they never thought that the MACC would actually, could actually, do it.

Now they know.
Read the Malay Mail report.


  1. Datuk,

    A Big Fish indeed!

    Well done MACC. Hope AG got an iron clad case against the Tun. It will be a major shame if the lawyers could get him off, with 'technicalities'.

    P/S Mighty glad its a 'BigFish' and not a 'BIGDOG'!

  2. Bravo MACC10:43 pm


    A new dawn alright. The BN government has brought to book many of its top leaders for their corrupt practices, etc. Harun Idris, that YB who shot dead the Adun in Negeri Sembilan, Anwar Ibrahim but never one who is a Tun.



  3. Mazlan10:59 pm

    I wont celebrate until we see how this pans out......
    we still seeing selective prosecution at work and incompetence by AG's chambers for many trials.
    Just the fact we have an asst DPP carrying on with the major witness in the Anwar trial.
    And the trial in Perak of the 2 frogs was almost a give in by MACC.

    Let us remind oursleves about the lack of trial against VK Lingham or Khir Toyo.

    So it may be a feeling of deja vu in this case too....

  4. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Alamak Bro, I dont tweet and I dont twat. I am so naive. I 4got Liong Sik is a Tun. I really thot the Tun was Badawi. I hope he goes to jail. I also hope they can recover the hundreds of millions that were taken in the PKFZ scandal. I also hope that Liong Sik will sing like a bird and help nail others who were involved.

    This prosecution must signal a new beginning. All those who stole like the Kalimullahs, the Nor Yakobs, the Badawis, the Khairys, the Kamaluddins and the others must be made to start fearing. You may get away now but three years, five years, seven years down the road someone may just decide to throw the book against you. Maybe we will change our laws to seize their assets too - right down to their grandchildren.

    I heard from Uttar Pradesh friends (Kalimullah's home state) that Kalimullah may also get arrested soon.

    You can escape for a day or two but in the end they will go to jail.

    So while you have not yet been caught the Kalimullahs, the Nor Yakobs, the Badawis, the Khairys, the Kamaluddins and the other crooks - you can spend your days looking over your shoulder. You are next.

    Good job Dato Najib. I know you left for Nice, France for a holiday. Great timing. But the whole country is behind you on this one. Just go get them. Well done.

    Hj Hoegarten

  5. Rocky,MR Corrupt Samy is very happy now because he have prove a lot of people wrong by hanging on to the MIC top post, and not being charge for any wrong doing by rejecting the title TUN. I hope that this event is not for SHOW only as happen in the Eric Chia Perwaja case.

  6. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Syabas ACA, buat apo? AG yg dakwe bkn ACA. Iye, AG samo yg take rayu kes bunuh Razak Baginda. Satu lage s'diwara BN. Dakwe tu samo dgn besala ke beb? Kite hanye chaya bile terbukti kesalaan dan dipenjarakan. Rocky, Eric Chia dulu dok brape tahun kat penjara? Kosong ke? Kes khalwat Ziana Zain pule mcm? Kaotin kot. Dah lah tu, Rocky. Syabas tu, bang simpan sdiri aje.

  7. Anonymous11:43 pm

    congratulations to Tun Ling for breaking the record and taboo of a Tun cannot be charged in court. Before anyone downplay this issue as gimmick let us not forgetting that this is a big leap to a better country.
    Let us wait for a clearer direction of the charges. But it seems that Tun is prepare to clear his name or might also spill a can of beans. Just wait and I really hope that he is not like the Dato Seri who keep avoiding his court case. Accusing of the government dirty jobs by putting his sperm into someone anal.
    To me MACC and the AG Chamber has done a great job. Welldone. Don't politicised this issue and it got nothing of he is the scapegoat. NO issue also to how a few of the past MCA president being charged and found guilty in court for criminal case.
    What say you PR politician? Ada berani? Sand issue in Selangor. You said that you collect higher royalty then the Khir Toyo government. But the true is that you whacked sand from government land without justifying the land cost la. If the government can sell the land for RM100,000 per acre why sand mine and got peanut for the value. Hahaha a for PNB CEO unable to see the true value of the land.
    EMP for Olak Lempit sand mining got no environmental impact as claim by the consultant. My foot. Wait until you stop the sand mining and see the evil of the environmental destruction. When you flood the abandon pond then we will see the water level drop and the wet land will become dry land. Maybe after that Selangor government can charge and throw the consultant to jail.

    Selangorian said,,,,,,

  8. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Haiya! this is not the "Big Fish" that we are talking about, latuk! Of course this one is big enough to enter the guiness record but the color is wrong. We expect brighter than this maa.

    Padlock Home

  9. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Ybhg. Dato

    Get the second TUN the Slumberjack. I believed MACC has got enough evidences to bring him to Putrajaya.


  10. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Come u really think MACC is gonna catch ALL the big fishes? Besides, we are used to seeing the big fishes getting away due to "insufficient" evidence. Even if Tun Ling is found guilty and sentence to jail, Malaysians will NOT change their perception towards MACC. They need to be consistent with their actions. Btw, why not go after Mahathir?

  11. Anonymous12:18 am

    Another PR excercise like kasitah Gadam case..... wait & see then I will say " i told you so"...

  12. Anonymous12:19 am

    Jauh PM melarikan diri,,,,,!!!!!

    Ta'kan beli baju RAYA kat luar NEGARA,,,!!!! APA kejadah MEGA SALE di Malaysia,,????

    DAH menjadi trend evry month mesti keluar NEGARA,,,,NAK CLAIM TRAVELLING allowence kot,,,afterall its within the BUDGET,,,!!!!!


  13. Anonymous1:05 am

    I guess the rakyat would be much happier if your heading reads "in Malaysia a few Tuns is charge court."

  14. Anonymous1:08 am

    Whoever gave Liong Sik, the Tunship, the laughs on you, coz AG claims Liong Sik cheated the country. Hey wasnt Donald Lim, the current deputy finance minister, holding a key post in Liong Sik's transport ministry. Wonder what Donald Lim knows abt this PKFZ scandal. And hey wasnt Najib Razak who appointed Donald Lim to be his deputy at finance ministry? Liong Sik, dont worry you can get on to scwreing Brazilan girls, coz nothing going to happen to you because the whole system is corrupt and also because you were the only Chinese to be Barisan Nasional head, albiet for a day when Tun Razak's UMNO was dis registered.

  15. Anonymous1:18 am

    If in China, firing squad..

    If proven guilty, this leader being in such a position and doing what he did, is actually a TRAITOR to the nation!


  16. nstman4:51 am

    Pse cut out the crap. The script says the good Tun will be acquitted. No case. Wayang kulit hard-on over. Back to reality.

  17. Anonymous5:02 am


    Go check the closet of following please:

    Tun Dr M
    CM Sarawak Taib

  18. Anonymous5:11 am

    I think getting any 'tun's is not a big thing, although this tun is big!
    Getting back the money and the trust of people, these are, the BIGGER thing!!
    After all when the all the smoke is clear, small fish and 'rakyat marhaen' like me, will still have to face the reality and harshness of life.

    May god save you Malaysia, wherever you are

    ahli UMNO temerloh

  19. Mustapha Ong6:13 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    I am happy that your attitude has changed to a more balanced reporting in your infamous column, made possible by your friends and enemies alike over the internet.

    Being a Friday today, all of us owe Allah an explanation and seek forgiveness and repentance for all our sins. I shall try to be sober in my following comments:

    Let me digress a little from your Ling Liong Sik story. I'll talk about money and the principle of "I agree to disagree."

    The love of money is the root of all evil, but who on earth does not want money, wealth and fame which they will not take them to the grave! Money maybe the husk of many things, but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite; medicine but not health, acquaintances but not friends; servants but not faithfulness; days of joy but not peace and happiness. (An antique quote from the infamous Swedish Hendrik Ibsen)

    Malaysia today is under political, economic, health, education and social transformations, in order to achieve a better nation status, with high income for all Malaysians, irrespective of our ethnic origin under Najib's administration.

    It is interesting to note that under Razak's administration, the late prime minister had introduced MAGERAN in 1970 after the May 1969 racial riots. In analytical term, it is known as "Mental Revolution."

    Under Najib's administration, the prime minister intensify his 1Malaysia concept and ambitious plans to implement RMK10, Vision 2020 and focusing on High Productivity, High Income and Quality Living to benefit all Malaysians from 2009 to 2015. It is now known as "Transformation through innovations of the Mind."

  20. Anonymous6:42 am

    Why cant the government make many of us happy by investigating kalimoolah, if MACC can go after Ling why not kalimoolah!

    Ex-good friend of kalimoolah masherul hassan

  21. Anonymous7:32 am

    Ini semua wayang aja . X percaya tgk la . Happy ending sudah boleh bau . Mcm kes Eric Chia . Tiada sapa yang bersalah akhirnya . Duit lesap dah jadi abu ... tapi x de org bersalah . haha . ANyway X kan dia sorang aja kena ?

  22. Anonymous7:33 am

    That just goes to show titles are given to crooks and cronies of BN, it means nothing and should be junked. Perhaps the time is right to stop awarding useless titles by the thousands and save some face.
    The MACC net needs to be cast wider, many very big fishes are still around, and are showing of their ill gotten gains publicly. Prove to us the MACC means business and gain some respect.
    Stii Disgusted

  23. Anonymous8:13 am

    Hey Latuk Rocky,

    Ling wasn't charged or investigated by the MACC lah....he was charged with misleading the cabinet during Mamakthir's time. You think Mamakthir will agree that he was misled ? You think Ling is going to say that his papers were actually written by some of his officers, and not by him ?

    Think lah, Latuk.....don't pat your boss on the back yet. See what happens when the circus comes to town.


  24. Anonymous8:20 am

    tun ling should hire peguamtunda tersohor jgn amik peguambela.contohi lah anwar ibrahim.konfirm tunda dan konfirm lepas melalui teknikal fault walaupun didapati bersalah melakukan.

  25. majib manaukau8:56 am

    The ex-President of the Most Corrupted Association
    (MCA) is finally charged and just like his ex-boss he too has a very selective memory in court !
    Surely everyone knows it always takes two to tango !
    In this case it must had taken more than two to steal and to do the stealing. Also it must have the approval of the boss and for crying out loud demonstrate you have the brain and the courage of a P.M..
    Have the shenanigan Mahathir investigated and charged too !
    Najib, what about the rest of the thieves ?
    His ex-boss too was and still is the biggest thief of all time is also another Tun !
    What a crying shame yo be a Tun.

  26. majib manaukau9:07 am

    The ex-President of the Most Corrupted Association
    (MCA) is finally charged and just like his ex-boss he too has a very selective memory in court !
    Surely everyone knows it always takes two to tango !
    In this case it must had taken more than two to steal and to do the stealing. Also it must have the approval of the boss and for crying out loud demonstrate you have the brain and the courage of a P.M..
    Have the shenanigan Mahathir investigated and charged too !
    Najib, what about the rest of the thieves ?
    His ex-boss too was and still is the biggest thief of all time is also another Tun !
    What a crying shame yo be a Tun.

  27. Anonymous9:23 am

    So anybody surprised, shocked, astounded? I am NOT.
    It is a fact that the yellow race with a chicken liver but huge dreams can only come into wealth either through kickbacks, pimping, triading. The same underworld modus operandi of yore has transmuted into respectability within the classy confines of the glass towers that dot the corporate landscape. From Singapore to Macau spiffily dressed tricksters and suave fraudsters bilk money from the unsuspecting day in day out. In this seedy business Sohos, insider trading, speculating, blood money, money laundering, CBT aided by product dumping, exploited labour, currency manipulation, counterfeiting etc, are the haram ways to riches but made halal by wordplay like "hard work", risk taking", "market savvy",productivity blah3 behind the wall of political toadying, patronage economics, close shop monopolies, colonial cockshafting etc.

    This bastard race has no shame or morality. It is the ultimate cheat who made "good" in the world by hocking its soul at the devil's pawnshop. Truly an arsefucking, cockthroating, twatlciking, vulvazelaing scum of a race whose pretensions to moral probity are as disgusting as its unwashed arse. I gather that more Chingkboys are in for hard labour...(ROFL)

    Warrior 231

  28. vinnan9:34 am

    Send a big fish to jail then we see how serious the government is in cracking down on corruption. Then again in Boleh-One Malaysia land no big fish have ever been landed on the boat. Can UMNO, the Ketuanan Melayu Tuans of Malaysia break this 'curse'?

  29. charleskiwi9:42 am

    It is about time to have the Tuns, Tan Sris, the Datuk Sris and their cronies be charged and the loot be taken back to avoid the inevitable bankruptcy the country is facing !
    You do not need the brain of a mosquito to know that it must have the knowledge and approval of Ling's former boss, the shenanigan Mahathir for Ling steal something of this magnitude !
    Or was that his share of the loot that both were stealing and have the loot parked in Europe where the shenanigan goes yearly without fail at his age and heart condition.
    Most of all Ling must have learnt it from his former boss the shenanigan.Please have his former shenanigan boss, also a Tun, investigated and charged even though both of them were very selective in their memories when questioned in the royal commissions if you care to recall.

  30. Anonymous9:57 am

    This is out of topic or maybe you have seen this before.
    Ibrahim Ahmad , director of IBH , the financial adviser, is non other than the brother of our ex PM, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  31. Dato'

    Hopefully it is a real case not a sandiwara played and directet bya AG.

    I still dubt it. Finally AG office will issue a statement that the case will be withrawn b'caure of lack of evident / no witnes .

    USUAL EXSECUSSES by smart AG of clever Goverment of Malaysia.

  32. Imao Kincai11:00 am

    Yaay!, HA HA HA. Tunggu dululah tuan apa sudahnya. Kesudahannya tu yang penting. Kalau main bola tu ini ibarat pemain-pemain baru masuk padang salam-salam dengan referee je. Belum apa-apa lagi. Tapi kalau nak tepuk sambil tiup vuvuzela pun apa salahnya.

    Rasanya keputusan perlawanan bookie dah atur dah. Apa pun kita tunggu ajelah sampai final whistle.

    Bagaimana pun mengikut gerak hati saya, bila perlawanan tamat mungkin tiang gol dah berubah kat depan grand stand satu dan opposite grand stand satu. Hanya untuk memastikan keputusan sebagaimana yang dikehendaki bookie.

  33. Who was it who said "We have some of the best judges money alone cannot buy!"?

    Also our CJ said last week they will not be pursuing the Lingam "Corretc! Corretc! Corretc!" case because it was in the past. So, presumably they are concentrating on crimes that may occur in the future only!

    Dare we hope that next in line will be that Diam Diam fellow (how MAS was valued at $8 when KLSE price was below $4?), Samy and the great Firaun himself? Or is it selective prosecution again?

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  34. ordinary jo11:30 am

    itulah title semua tak guna, kalau salah masuk juga penjara. kalau mati masuk kubur juga.
    so be humble everyone, myself even more.

  35. Anonymous11:37 am

    DOnt be so fast to congratulate MACC.
    MACC has a dismal record of conviction. Its investigation had been sloppy and incompetent. The cases are definitely made up to get them thrown out of court. The fishes are set up to be free.

    Prove me wrong.

  36. Anonymous11:44 am

    Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman Azmi Khalid said that former transport minister Dr Ling Liong Sik, who was charged over his role in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal was never identified as a culprit by the committee.

    "It is unfortunate to hear this. I am quite surprised. We never identified him (as a perpetrator).

    Ya lah, Chan Kong Choi and Tiong do everything but buddy buddy with Najib, so Liong Sik is the fall guy. typical Bloody Nasional (BN) style.

  37. Anonymous11:52 am

    Wait till we see if there is prima facie evidence. Then we talk. Based on the AGs track record, don't blame people for being cynical.

  38. Anonymous12:20 pm

    boleh caya ka ni.. last-last lepas.. mari kite tengok siapa yang kena..

  39. let the law take it's course. innocent until proven guilty.

  40. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Syabas MACC...

    Don't show fear or favour. Even if there are skeptics around, you must do your job.

    Seingat saya, the old ACA was never as active like the MACC. Even if the MACC is plagued by issues, in as far as the sheer volume of corruption cases brought to book, they seem to be miles ahead than the old ACA.

    Jangan takut, clean up. Jangan peduli apa orang kata. Baik minister, baik councillor, baik exco, go for it.

    Collectively, we must support the MACC. Jangan nak suruh charge people in the government like crazy, but when you investigate the opposition (Selangor is a good example), you scream blue murder, political persecution and such...

    Btw, I'd like to point out some flaws in some of the comments you had published, Dato'.

    One Mazlan argued about one assistant DPP having a romantic link with Saiful.
    Double standard tu. When it comes to anyone from the government, it is an offence. When it comes to anybody from the Opposition, that is a matter of privacy and choice. Eli Wong's case is a good example...Her pictures were her private business. Siap makcik makcik semua nangis lagi terharu. It's her business la. Sama la tak in this case?

    Shouldn't the AG be commended for taking the lady deputy DPP out of the equation and making it public, btw?

    There was also a mention of the two frogs in Perak. Being a Perakian, I had followed the case closely.

    Based on the evidence produced (undercover/testimonies/video recordings), the MACC and prosecution had done everything they could to deduce what I, as a layman, thought were indisputable evidence.
    Obviously, the court judgment did not favour the prosecution. Don't shoot the messenger, because as far as I am concerned, they had done their best. It baffles me why the two were acquitted. It was the court's judgment, not the MACC's or the AG's Chambers la...baca la betul betul...main hentam je...


  41. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Ahh, about time they nabbed one of 'em so-called VIPs. Next up,I hope they don't chicken out and charge Dr M,Samy Vellu,Khir Toyo,Mat Taib,oh gosh, and the list goes on....and on...

    tiger woodie

  42. A Tun charged ? Ridiculous ? In Malaysia semuanya boleh !"Superman" Tun Ah Ling could not have pull off the the biggest scam in Malaysia all by himself ! I think it is just a precursor to the coming 13th General Election. My prediction, like my prediction regarding Eric Chia and the
    Kasita fellow, will be : Case dismiss, not enough info lah!Pa'tail and his gang will lose the case again!

  43. Next, Tun Mahathir.

    Go go go!

  44. Anonymous3:08 pm

    ala rocky, setakat nak bagi tau Tun itu Tun ini kena dakwa buat kebenda?? Pastu lepas .. takde bukti la.. bukti korang la.. tak cukup la.. mabuk apa?? belum jatuh hukum.. setakat canang berdegar .. pirahhhh gomen.. sama je macai dengan cikai dia... goblok jerrr.. haprak setarap taik kucing...

  45. Anonymous3:25 pm

    agak bila MACC nak 'charge' Rosmah, Razak Baginda dan Najib dlm scandal RM500 juta komission Kapal Selam ???

  46. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Being charged and being convicted are two very different many high profile cases have ended in conviction in recent times?

    Who honestly believes LLS will be found guilty (assuming he is, of course - if he's not, good for him but it's not like he was performing above and beyond the call of duty)?

    If he can't be cleared of all charges, they'll simply drag on this case slowly with minimum fanfare until the Malaysian public forget about it and quietly sweep it under the carpet.

    Don't believe? Fancy a wager?

    -- Sek Ga Faan

  47. skilgannon10665:04 pm

    Ong Tee Keat is still cracking the whip behind the scenes?

    And why is no one apparently asking the Jafza people to file sworn statements why Jafza suddenly pulled out of the PKFZ project? Has the MACC interviewed the Jafza personnel who were seconded to the PKFZ project?

  48. Anonymous7:00 pm

    What a show, I mean shenanigan. Do you think the Rakyat will be fooled again.

    I think most will be not convinced until those guilty are made to pay for their crime. The top man at that time is Dr. M and he must be made accountable too.

    In fact the whole cabinet knew of the crime but no one dared to reveal the truth. As usual the Rakyat will foot the bill and be screwed proper.

    If opposition is in power, I beg those bastards will seek sanctuary overseas and avoid being prosecuted.

    At present the BN coalition boat is sinking and bailing out before next GE.

    - Justiceforall

  49. Anonymous8:10 pm

    TUN Ling mislead the WHOLE CABINET MINISTER ,,,,,,!!!!!

    Mereka ni BANGANG or TERAMAT BODO,,?????

    Why not the MACC charge all THE MIINISTER,,????


  50. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Rocky : Attack Jho Low take out Najib. Najib : Charge Liong Sik pressure Dr M. Ananda Krishna : Delist companies from stock exchange, signal to foreign investors, Malaysia is no longer the place to splash your money. Muhyiddin : Stay low, dont get hit by cross fire. Badawi : I am the safest Tun. KJ: A lil bit more, and I will be in the cabinet. Dr M : You have made your move now watch mine.

  51. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Just wait until the end. My expectation is not enough evidence or so on.

    This trial might take minimum 4 years to settle. I hv skeptical view of judiciary system in Malaysia.

  52. Anonymous10:53 pm


    Good. that's the way that should be. Always.If something is wrong whack it. Then everybody will understand the rules of the game.

    Set aside political and personal pleasantries. Consequences to transgressions is not negotiable.

    Then we can proudly declare that we Malaysians, live under the rule of law.


  53. Anonymous12:18 am

    You can some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all the time. Remember Katasiah Gadam, Khir Toyo, VK lingam, Nor Mohd Yakob's two political sec, the two Perak frog's, Razak Baginda, Rahim Thamby Chik, the current N 9 menteri besar for money laudering, Chua Soi Lek for un natural sexual act, Sulaiman Taib for assult, Kris Azman, DP Vijendran

  54. J Dean9:07 am

    Wake up MACC. Usually you only catch small fry ... now you are testing water by catching a big fish. I hope you are not carrying out orders from the top BUT you do it without fear and favour. if that is the case, then I congratulate you.

    I really hope this is not just big sandiwara...where the big fish somehow will goes scott free on just some technicalities.

    From now on, MACC should revisit Khir Toyo case etc etc. You have to earned your credibilty otherwise people will label MACC is just another government dog.

  55. Anonymous10:27 am

    misleading the cabinet?

    and will the other tun take the stand?
    but with his 'melayu mudah lupa' and ling got free!!!

    kah! kah! kah!

  56. Anonymous11:09 am

    Samy have to start worring now. A Tun can be charged in court. I think he will fly off to perth after stepping down as President of MIC.

  57. Is a joke really!! How wonderful to know that in UMNO we have leaders who are all kosher and above any kind of corruption to the point they don't even have to answer about how they accumulated their wealth. How Ling now wishes he were an UMNO leader!!

  58. Anonymous12:55 pm

    MACC will never touch Tun Slumberjack. They 're too "indebted" to him. Tun Ling will also get off...u c la...

  59. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Dr Ling is charged with cheating. WHO induced him to CHEAT? Tiong? Who is Tiong? Tiong was appointed by Najib to become Barisan Backbenchers chairman. Tiong is a free man, and retired Dr ling is in the docks. SYABAS MACC, my foot.

  60. Anonymous4:01 pm

    All the Tun are corrupted, which Tun is clean?

    Tun Dr M
    Tun Ling L S
    Tun Mustafar of Sabah
    Tun Yakok of Sarawak
    Tun Tan Cheng Lok
    Tun Subra.... of MIC

  61. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I am pretty sure LLS will be freed in the end due to insufficient evidence just like those earlier so called high profile cases.


  62. Anwar sasy Ling Liong Sik is not a big enough fish for MACC: Who does Anwar want MACC to go after? read all about it HERE

  63. Anonymous10:56 pm

    how about Tun M and Tun A ?? nak tunggu bila lagi MACC ???

  64. Anonymous11:29 pm

    goreng one big fish for show so the others can be saved ke?

  65. Anonymous10:37 am

    Wow we must be desperate! A "Tun" is charged and we're like "great, we good now"! Baru charge, not even close to a conviction.

    And yes, what about the rest? You mean to tell me that Tun Ling's contemporaries were all clean?

    One bird doth not a summer make.


  66. Avengers5:39 pm

    Hey salam @11:47

    Dont 4get the 3rd Tun... the Tun Mahafiraun. We know he also in cahoots with Ling Long Sick.

  67. Anonymous3:20 am

    Just hope the "you dig my hole I dig yours" thingy don't come to play..

    Otherwise it will be the same story of "SILENCE" or perhaps 2years jail term kinda nonsense..

    What we want is to ensure that all "amelda" shoes are retrieved and returned.

    Whatever, I still feel we should follow China... Corruption cases face the firing squad.. berarak in public and executed in public..teach everyone a lesson once and for all that we mean business to clean-up corruption in Malaysia..

    Dah naik muak with all their games..


  68. Anonymous9:44 am

    Waaah, patronising now that Mustapha Ong, isn't he? Saying "I am happy that your attitude has changed to a more balanced reporting in your infamous column, made possible by your friends and enemies alike over the internet."

    I don't know where he puts me in the scheme of things but I support Rocky a lot.

    Of course lah he supports everything Najib because the buddy-buddy Omar Ong is his son. But the "Transformation through innovations of the Mind" that he speaks about regarding Najib's policies must take into account of the interest of the majority population, like bringing in all the elements of the NEP in the NEM.

    Innovations in the NEM cannot be merely for the sake of the Chinese votes which he could not get anyway, despite cash offers to Chinese schools at PRU Hulu Selangor and Sibu.