Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting past the "R" word

As against such hypocrisy and double standards, MCA president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek's approach comes across as honest. Faced with a lot of flak for the party's demands for the Chinese community last weekend, he said: “The MCA is sensitive to its role in Barisan Nasional, but as a Chinese-based party, it has its role to play to continue to be relevant." - Getting past the R word, The Malay Mail, 19/8/10

Laura Schlessinger (pic) is in the US and Siti Inshah in Malaysia but both found themselves at the wrong end of the racial stick last week - Dr Laura for saying the N (for nigger) word and Siti Inshah for the P (for Pendatang) word. My latest column in the Malay Mail tackles this issue and why hypocrisy and double standards are actually more dangerous to our unity than Siti Inshah, Namewee, Perkasa or Hindraf.

Read my article H E R E.

As for the kind of flak CSL has been getting, read this journo's piece on MCA-DAP Bersatu: Batalkan kerakyatan jus soli.


  1. Anonymous2:03 am

    siaaaaaaaaaaaaaasat siasat!

  2. Anonymous3:11 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Laura Schlessinger used the politically incorrect N-word as a exhibit in illustrating a point. And even for that she was publicly apologetic.

    Siti Inshah actually made directed racist comments in the presence of impressionable young students, likening Indians to dogs. This is even worse than using the world 'pendatang'. Not even an apology.

    I think not only have you truly demonstrated your own hypocrisy and double standards, but also your contempt for the intelligence of your readers both in the MM and your blog.

    Kamali Ibrahim

  3. Anonymous5:11 am

    Aiya Latuk, why go for blood on Namewee. He is just an individual but Perkasa is a association, you are putting the two together and that is not right.

  4. Anonymous6:08 am

    maka wajarlah Kerakyatan Jus Soli itu digugurkan secara automatik sekarang…wallahu a’lam bissawab..

  5. Anonymous6:11 am

    Don't push the Malays to the wall, you'll not like what you would see if the Malays fight back. Malays can be accomadating as seen in the past but please don't take for granted their silence and patience. When we have only less than 19% of the economy cake, what we have to loose if we need to start over again?. Think hard about it. After all life is not all about wealth and political power, there are more to it. Think wisely and stop making irrelevant demands, once the present harmony and human bonds are gone, nobody wins.

    The proof is very clear, even our fingers are of not the same length when God created human-beings. Give it a thought man.


  6. Anonymous6:15 am

    Siti Inshah is a heroine

  7. Anonymous6:54 am

    I think MCA should stop the nonsense of trying to act so sensitive,

    as a Chinese based Party, 50yrs on, they have failed in their DUTY to ENSURE that ALL Malaysian Chinese are fluent in our National Language.

    Sama juga DAP. Sendiri punya country Bahasa pun tatak tau, ini apa maciam? Even the PATIs from Indonesia, Thailand, Mynmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam bla bla and being here for only 2yrs can communicate with the locals, not using their mother tongue, but by using the languages spoken in their HOST country.

    Tarak MALU ker? And accusing us of being RACIST?


  8. Anonymous7:04 am

    Malaysia has become more liberal than the liberal Americans, hasn't it? Yet there are blokes saying there is no freedom in this country. Screw them.

    If my comment using these words is published, it shows the degree of freedom there is in this blog and in this country. In fact, there have been many worse, even seditious, words being published in the mass media in the last several years.

    Bloody hell, even the bloody Americans have ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Right now there are some 200 detainees kept there without trial for so long. What the heck, keep the ISA intact, Hishamuddin.

    The attempt to ape the West in appearing to be liberal is misplaced in this country. We are multi-racial, the populace generally less well educated than the Americans, only 53 years of independence, not at all comparable to the Americans.

    When even in America there is curtailment of what appears to be racist remarks and tendencies, why not in Malaysia? Freedom is never absolute. Why has the Sedition Act not been used against those who raise sensitive issues like the Special Position of the Malays, question the NEP which is derived from the Special Position, etc?

    Fellows get emboldened to the extent that the chauvinist Tony Pua is proposing amendment to the Bumi housing discount practices, and other fellows want to propose amendments to the Constitution. Now Chua Soi Lek, elected to the MCA Presidency despite his hotel-room affair video tape, talks the DAP line. His election reflects the kind of MCA membership that is now having a strong influence in the party.

    When the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is questioned, it is natural that the citizenship right of the non-Malays be questioned in return. It was the quid pro quo.

    Two wrongs don't make a right but it may get the Government set things right.

    I'm surprised that articles like Yazid proposing dropping citizenship based on the jus soli principle have not come out earlier. It only shows the politeness and the accomodating nature of the Malays. Perhaps for far too long.

    Tun Dol has been a wash-out case - his 5-6 years have led to this situation. But Dato Seri Najib cannot let it go on. The time bomb is ticking, as one Sin Chew columnist has put it.

    Najib has to change course and not pander to the wishes of the Chinese. Surely there's a limit to his running after the 2008 run-away Chinese votes. He must remember that there were also Malay votes - perhaps even a bigger number - among the run-away votes. He must not allow the emboldening of even his own BN member to demanding all sorts in the name of wanting to be relevant.

    Listen to Muhyiddin for a bit. You can fight for your interests but don't touch those of the others. Wanting the Bumi housing discount amended and supporting the use of the word Allah are certainly touching on the interests of the others.

  9. rajraman666. Perkasa - Champion for spoon feeding and create a teacher to be more racists led by the former PM Mahathir who hijack the Malay race.

    We can be racial but can't be racist - like Mahathir who 4get his own race and kill his own own race for the sake of Power and Publicity.
    Thank you.

  10. D'Rocky,

    btw, blacks use the n word as a form of affection among themselves. and these kind of words ought to be used by the race group concerned. Hence I can say keling this keling problemo.

    btw dr laura resigned..."not" going to lose her job.In a democracy ppl are allowed to voice their diagreement hence all the crap abt her....serves her bloody right. dont see larry king see her original broadcast..

  11. CommonerNinetyNine9:37 am

    to me, i think siti inshah can feel in first person the real meaning of the slogan that malay-mail carries: the paper that cares.

    in the highest level of hypocrisy in our todays politics, i.e. when every hypocrites, real racists, "spit" on siti inshah in the public, and you somehow able to write the topic in such a perspective, big five to you, sir!

    i especially like the last part of it, "...say it out, we can live with that, we have lived with that for hundreds of years...", bravo!

    but the paragraph before the last is disturbing, i mean to me. which part of csl is actually honest?

    when perkasa head say something like what he has said, he allowed or may have joined his team to condemned, but it is somehow ok for he to say something like that!

    come on sir, honesty can never be tied to hypocrites like that whom are bias, stereotyping and double-standard. he is just like lks and the likes!

    and he claimed he is sensitive to bn! give me a break!

    if he is, then he should act like one, discuss issues like family members, at closed door, negotiate win-win at all cost, stand united in public and act like a team member! not demand private interests and point fingers in public to betray the team!

    but what can i expect from a dishonest man who betray his own family and still lurking on position which will shame his community?

  12. Anonymous9:39 am

    Datok Rocky,

    Here are the political correct words to "taunt" races

    tionghua, keling, kuli batak, java toktok, bengali bai, mat salleh, yop perak, mat kelantan, mat ganu, jinjang joe, gagak kelang, mat Desh.......

    Salleh Telegu

  13. Anonymous wrote,

    Aiya Latuk, why go for blood on Namewee. He is just an individual but Perkasa is a association, you are putting the two together and that is not right.


    See what I mean, dudes? This anon falls right into it and starts defending Namewee against Perkasa! As if Siti Inshah is an organisation!

    Blood's thicker than water but you, Anon, are just thick.

  14. Loken,

    I don't disagree with you. A friend and I are so close that he calls me Melayu (plus an adjective in front of that Melayu) and I call him Keling, affectionately. But people around us get upset, sometimes.

  15. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Those days, mostly writings with good enough substance are ever released for public consumption. Nowadays, every Tom, Dick and Harry with itchy fingers can write anything and everything...that's the trouble. Sadly, quantity rather than quality is prevalent now.

  16. Anonymous1:23 pm


    Are you telling us that it is ok for Siti Inshah to make such racist remark?


  17. Dato',In the face of all the hysterics, your latest post in the MM is a cool and measured call for the lynching crowd to stop the hypocritical nonsense.

    Why are these people so worked up about the P words Pendatang and Penumpang when most if not all of them continues to insist on having separate education system for their young in a language of a foreign country so much so that in the National Census being conducted now, many of them insist that they can only speak in the official language of the People's Republic of China and not Malaysia's National Language, Bahasa Melayu.

    The holier than thou attitude of the some of the racists hypocrites among the descendants of the Pendatangs is sickening.

  18. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Anonymous 6.11am said...

    "Don't push the Malays to the wall, you'll not like what you would see if the Malays fight back..."

    Dah bangkit ke?


  19. Anonymous3:46 pm

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  20. Anonymous3:57 pm

    cina sudah kaya tapi mahu hapuskan 30% hak ekonomi bumiputra.

    mari melayu kita bersama tingkatkan ekonomi bumiputra.


    buy cina last.

  21. Rocky, did you miss out this last paragraph in your column??

    'In no way I am comparing Namawee to the like of Siti Inshah Mansor or Nasir Safar
    One is a graduate while another is a Headmaster of a school and Officer in the Prime Minister office, who is of respectable position in the society or government bodies.
    All I am trying to point out in this article is the hypocrisy of people like LKS and MCA
    As for the main problem – I have no comment about what Siti Inshah Mansor did nor I have opinion about the potential damage to the fellow students (Malays / non malays) from her action.

  22. Anonymous6:57 pm


    According to an article in Yahoo, negative behavior is on the rise. Partly due to internet. Meaning. in any case similar to Inshah, don't simply blame individual who uttered negative remarks without first seeing what have been written in local blogs for the past years.


  23. D'Rocky - think its fine among close friends as we know the motivation.

    And I agree to the racist statement by Hindraf abt ethnic cleansing...really stupendous..and many indians who signed the petition never really read it!! and what abt MIC's responsibility all these years besides UMNO-BN.

  24. Anonymous1:51 am

    Eng Hui..

    And Namewee, for all he did, and worse off, for MCA & DAP to show him sympathy to the point of making him a hero...there's no damage???

    Bodoh punya China...yes I'm saying it out loud because I'm racist..and so are all of you..
    ..damage is already done...
    ..Mampus la apa nak jadi..jadi lah..


  25. Racist words and pressures have always been there, but better managed, countered, and channelled into productive channels by Dr Mahathir than the post-Mahathir leaderships.

    Additionally, because of Dr Mahathir's unashamed support for the Islamic world, neo-conservative forces have been unleashed with the Devil-incarnate in charge to lend support to hypocritcal stances and unseat Dr Mahathir's Islamic success story.

    So, unless the post-Mahathir leadership gives proper ear to his genius, the Devil will succeed.

  26. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Seriously, there ought to be a limit to your bullshit? No?

  27. Anonymous2:07 pm

    The only way to control the chingkies is to do like what LKY and Kuomintang China have effectively done..

    Since ancient time, these chingkies are meant to be rule & can only behave under dictatorship emperor of the Mongol, Jurchen or Tartar..their very own civilization & culture originated from other ruling races so don't expect them to assimilate so well and act so civilized naturally in a civilization..this pendatang still bragging about their inherited adopted culture & civilization thought majority of them still fail to get their basic toilet manner in proper even after 5000yrs..what a big shit to brag!

    Singapore and China are the proven model to govern chingkies..they only behave under a stick and less carrot given.. our malays aristocrats & leaders since the early days have pampered these pendatang with too much carrots leading to all this socio-economy hegemony fiasco that getting worst..

    fuck them for still continuing with such a big chunk of subsidies to the IPP, sugar, flour etc. at the expense of the malays being accused of having the biggest tongkat of all when the pendatang are in fact are the biggest mafucker tongkat receiver in this land like those Kwok, YTL, Genting, Maxis etc.

    Giving them too much freedom is like letting mad dogs on the loose.. irritatingly barking and biting every people around even thought we taken care and feed them..only collateral damage..treat them the way they deserve to be treat..follow their ruler style and learn from history..its time to make a change or forever doomed.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  28. anjinsan11:03 pm

    Wasn't the P word penumpang. I think many people are outraged by the A word allegedly uttered by Siti Inshah, that's the anjing word.

  29. Anonymous5:44 pm

    i dont know about you guy but i am practicing "buy chinese last" already.I know it take some time to give impact,but it WILL.

  30. Anonymous1:31 am

    HAHAHAHA. is this Ahiruddin Attan lecturing people on hypocrisy? Lecturing to the masses about journalistic integrity.

    He sure learns from the Mahathir crowd... 'Do as I say, not as I do'. Piirah!


  31. Anonymous10:57 pm

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