Friday, July 23, 2010

SC wants to meet (some) bloggers?

4 postings and nothing. I wanted to respond to lawyer-activist Haris Ibrahim's four postings which he has been churning out in the last 24 hours - here, here, here and here - following my posting Doing a number with numbers: 1,805 died in custody in Malaysia, 2003-2009? and the postings of two bloggers Haris un-affectionately called "dogs".

But I've changed my mind. I think I'll let Haris catch up on lost sleep. Perhaps he will be able to tell us where he got his 1,805 in his 5th or 6th posting. Take your time Haris, I can wait; after all, it's your reputation.

In the meantime, the SC wants to meet these same "dogs" which have been threatening to chomp off Haris' head.

So why does the SC want to meet these bloggers? Syed Akbar Ali has the story.

"Well I have just heard that the Chairwoman of the Securities Commission wants to meet the Blogger or Bloggers who have been blowing up the shenanigans that have been going on at the SC. I am given to understand that she does not want to meet the Media.

"(This simply goes to prove again that the Blogs now have more influence on public opinion than the mainstream media - which is now not even used to wrap pisang goreng anymore)."
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  1. Hello Rocky,good luck to all the bloggers who are to meet with SC chairwoman and I hope all of you will not be sweet talk by her,I also belief that the next person to meet the bloggers like you and A voice will be another lady who is currently the governor on Bank Negara.As for Puan Zaharah of IRB,terima kasih as your comment confirmed my suspicion on what happen in the IRB and Puan Zaharah please take care as Nor Yakub have a lot of spy in the IRB.

  2. Take me!, I'm stuck 'on' Zarinah...

  3. George,

    Actually, the bloggers involved have decided that THEY WILL NOT MEET THE SC.

    Not when the matters they have been raising since late last month have now gone to the Dewan Rakyat through the efforts of one MP -- YB Wee Choo Keong of Konsensus Bebas.

    These bloggers are of the opinion that Zarinah must answer to the rakyat, not to them.

    Thank you for the concern.

  4. Anonymous1:07 am


  5. nstman4:51 am

    Rocky's hero, Datuk Wee Choo Keong is doing a good job for Umno. Keep it up.

  6. Anonymous12:47 pm

    He he he ..tak smart(cerdik) langsung la response dari the so called "lawyer-activist" ni. Balas macam typical lawyer-konar sana sini..keh keh keh. Memang patut la brader Rocky tak balas pun, dia sendiri dah expose diri dia...I think it's more appropriate to label this back to him.."because the unexpected answer may end up as mud on your face" more thing, it is not nice to "officially" call people dog la, merendahkan diri sendiri je...

  7. pohlkok1:56 pm

    2 subjects in 1 post.


  8. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Remember "we have the numbers" froggies about 2years ago used to wrestle Putrajaya?

    Now "1805 doggies" is going to be used to wrestle apa benda pulak ni?

    Now bloggers and SC are shouting Bulls and Bears?

    Semua dah nak jadi binatang.. hehe




  9. Anonymous6:31 pm


    Haris made four posts in 24 hours? He is obviously losing sleep, as you put it. A complete case of lying and stupidity rolled into one.

    Now Haris is giving us two sets of numbers : his 1,805 deaths in POLICE CUSTODY and now he quotes The Star which has 2,871 deaths. Is this apple and apple or apple and orange?

    Haris knows he has been bending his figures. Now he is lying. He has been making a fuss about the Police killing people in POLICE custody. Haris has been very clear about that. It has always been his crusade against deaths while in POLICE custody.

    There is no way that Haris can prove that 1,805 people died in Police custody. It is now becoming a major embarrasment for Haris. Haris' hypocrisy and lying is now coming to the fore.

    Now he quotes a Star article. He also cautions 'WCW' not to delete the article. This is stupid.

    Why would Star want to delete an article over Haris? Haris is not relevant. Here is a part from the Star's article

    "A TOTAL of 2,571 detainees died of various diseases while being held in the country’s prisons, rehabilitation centres and illegal immigrant detention depots between 1999 and 2008, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said.

    The illnesses included HIV/AIDS, septicaemia, tuberculosis, cancer, heart and blood diseases and asthma. He said the detainees also died due to suicides and fights."

    Because of a dubious pedigree, Haris only speaks English. The Star's English is simple : "prisons, rehabilitation centres and illegal immigrant detention depots".

    Quoting the Star, Haris now insists that 2,871 people died in "Police custody". That is a lie. Haris knows it too.

    Prisons, drug rehab centres and illegal immigrant depots are NOT under the purview of the Police. Haris knows this better than any of the non lawyer Bloggers.

    Haris must be dumber than I thought if he says or implies or groups together prisons, rehab centers and illegal immigrant depots as being "Police custody".

    Haris knows this very well. If he wishes to still play bodoh sombong, then lets play a little with Haris.

    For arguments sake lets go with Haris' stupidity that 2,871 people died in "Police custody" (using The Star's report which Haris has twisted around).

    Cont. Part 2

  10. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Part 2 Continued..

    OK. Haris will agree that OUTSIDE OF POLICE CUSTODY - people also die unnatural deaths (sickness, suicide, fights, beating etc) in other forms of NON POLICE custody in the country's prisons systems, welfare homes, boys homes, womens' homes, rehab centres, ISA detention centers, immigration depots etc.

    So Haris, people who die OUTSIDE of Police custody will be yet another figure, different from the 2,871 that Haris quotes from the Star or his own magic number of 1,805.

    So Haris, how many MORE people have died in other forms of NON POLICE custody in Malaysia? In our prisons, rehab centres, immigration depots, boys homes, womens homes etc.

    You are saying that there is a massacre going on in POLICE CUSTODY (2,871 by one count of yours and 1,805 by yet another count of yours).

    Surely there must be more massacres going on in the other forms of custody we have in this country. Over to you Haris. A death is a death. Do you not care about unnatural deaths of people in other forms of custody in our country.

    The Star which you quote has done its job of reporting deaths in many forms of custody. They quote the Minister saying it is 2,871 deaths over a period of time.

    You quote this number (actually you twist the facts) to say this number is actually in "POLICE CUSTODY". You know you are lying.

    Never mind. If you persist in your lying, please give us a separate number for ALL OTHER DEATHS in ALL other forms of NON POLICE custody in the country?

    Dont tell us you dont care about people being massacred in NON POLICE Custody?

    Over to you Haris. Please dont come back and say more stupidly that there are NO unnatural deaths in ALL OTHER forms of NON POLICE custody in Malaysia.

    You have now given us two different numbers Haris, 1,805 by your count and 2,871 by another count from The Star. You are taking pains to imply that these are all POLICE CUSTODY deaths.

    So give us a separate number for deaths in NON POLICE CUSTODY. We will not stop asking you this. This is going to haunt you for a while.

    Where did you get this magic number 1,805 deaths in POLICE CUSTODY? Suhakam? Based on what? If Suhakam jumps in the lake, do you jump in after them? Why would you do that? What is your basis for saying 1,805 deaths under POLICE CUSTODY?

    Remmeber Haris : the key phrase is POLICE CUSTODY. Where did you get this number 1,805?

    Your mongrel pedigree may be behind your bark, but you know you have no bite. Please explain where di you get the 1,805 deaths in POLICE CUSTODY figure? Do justify please.

  11. Bak Kut Teh9:53 am


    Please recall properly.

    Did your conjour up the number after a meal of bak kut teh and jack daniel?

    This the guy who goes around saying other Muslims are not good Muslims?

    Is Harris a Muslim?

  12. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Cheh, I honestly thought 1805 people were murdered by the cops in their cell. That really pissed me off. Then, reading that link to the Star that Haris Ibrahim himself put up, I find out that most died of diseases.

    What a dick, trying to mislead people like that.

    Nasi Lemak

  13. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Tapi UTUSAN MALAYSIA masih digunakan membalut ikan oleh CINA jual sayur,,,,gue ta'baca itu paper,,RACIEST paper,,,and MELAYU menjatuhkn MELAYU.

    -SIAL LAN-

  14. anon

    you are doing my head in with your 'POLICE CUSTODY'

    read Haris posts properly... he is saying lives lost in custody .. or while in custody la....

  15. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Obviously Haris is stupid , same to Pakatan Rasuah supporters . only like to blame and accused with his low brain , DAP mentality .

    What a liar .


  16. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I think the facts got twisted along the way. I don't think it was SC that wanted to meet the bloggers. what a spin!

  17. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Haris has replied that he derived the numbers from the Hansard. Awaiting your reply,Rocky. But do take your time too,as your reputatation is at stake too. :)

    tiger woodie

  18. Anonymous9:03 pm


    still waiting for your response to haris's latest posting (july 25th), rocky.

    you've just confirmed that you're a phony.


  19. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Code of ethics: a killjoy to blog

    Having code of ethics as guidelines, it beats the sole purpose to blog and to become a blogger itself. Let the journalist, the article writers and news writers follow, conduct and be judged via code of ethics. If thou want to be holy, thou should just go ahead. But just leave the bloggers out of this nonsense. Bloggers just don’t want to be a part of this so called ethical writing community. And as far as we can read based on current practice, even those news mongers are almost always trying real hard to tilt, bend or nudge off towards their ethics if they have got the chance to do it. If they got away with it, these ethical benders are portrayed as mavericks and so full of balls.
    Well, bloggers are no mavericks, bloggers are no saviors, bloggers are just blokes that want to jot what ought to be wrote and heard out wide. Without restrictions. Without censor guidelines. Without editorial editing. Just from mind to keyboard to world reach. No go-betweens needed to filter and no ethics police to ward off good ideas to be posted. Not to be some cheeky mavericks. Bloggers are not pursuing any medals or awards or recognitions, and if you are longing for those perks, well you are indeed on the wrong train mate. This train is not stopping at stardom station; it will just keep on going on and on spiraling nonstop, up to the point of where the contents might lead us.
    Bloggers should just be free from these ethical burdens. Believe me you when if there is code of ethics or conduct being written as guidelines, bloggers can just kiss freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to wear boxers while typing your blogs goodbye. Any piece that came out based on any sort of ethical guidelines is just good for one thing and one thing only. Only good to be toilet papers replacement or food wrappers and tossed into the recycling bins. These ethical codes shall make it harder for bloggers to key in their ideas into words. These guidelines will make bloggers just as lame as mules. Good for the carrying, not for the thinking. Bloggers don’t go to fancy news schools or study in mass-comm. media institutions just to learn how to write mate. A true blogger will just chew the input, spit it out, crumble those words and throw it out, all hot and in your face kind of way.
    If even some sort of measurement stick should need to be imposed, it should be far away and not related to ethics and such. The most suitable benchmark would be values. That is what everyone should be looking up dearly into at the first place after all, values. It doesn’t care how juicy your articles are if you do not have values in it. It’s just rubbish; it’s just like food without any health benefit. Blogs that do not have values in it are just like fast food that is hazardous to your health if consumed way too often and much. That is for sure.

    So instead of code of ethics, what really needs to be set up as the benchmark would be the values needed to be a good blogger. Not ethics or code of conduct. Bloggers should be measured by the values it put in inside its blog contents. How it is so important to have shared values and add values to our ever so degrading world. Messages that contain values are what the basis that all bloggers should strive on, not how to follow some impractical ethical codes that will just turn all of us into predictable molded article or story writers.
    So, ending and summing all these up would be to spark out an incitement that would make all bloggers to type in extra values and be perceived as laden with exceptional values. Just leave code of ethics out of the blogger sphere. Let that ethical stuff be gargled by official news journalist.