Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rogue DAP Councillor (and Innocent Assemblyman?)

Could the "black blog" be right after all? The Star's reports on how a councillor allegedly ripped off over 100 projects in Selangor by "misusing" a DAP assemblyman's letterhead has further exposed the problems facing the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor.

The Star reports take pains to picture Assemblyman Ronnie Liu as the "good guy" and the "victim" in this shocking scandal. He was supposed to be unaware, until about two weeks ago, that his signature had been tampered with to help the "rogue" councillor to rip off over a hundred projects worth more than RM1 million in Selangor.

But, really?

You can fool some people some time, as the saying goes. Some other people won't buy that so easily and would want proof. They'd want the on-going investigation (which was a hushed affair until the Star's expose) to leave no stones unturned. It must also probe, for example, into the possibility of a collusion between the councillor and the office of Ronnie Liu.

Like it or not, I have to bring back the series of investigative postings published about a year ago in the anonymous blog called Truth for Teoh Beng Hock, which implicated Ronnie Liu in many of its reports on questionable contracts which were the subject of an investigation by the MACC (until the death of witness Teoh Beng Hock).

T4TBH was suggesting a link between the tragic death of the MACC witness with these projects and alleged wrong-doings. For that and its other postings, Lim Kit Siang called it a "black blog" and said it was started as an attempt to defame TBH and the DAP.

In the light of the "Rogue Councillor" expose, I'm afraid we can't ignore the postings ran by T4TBH anymore.

Read the Star's report Klang councillor denies allegation of graft and the original Probe on rogue DAP councillor started 2 weeks ago.


NINA said...

i think the rogue councillor is the fall guy.. it is Ronnie himself who misuse his position in dishing out those letters...

all this is to cover up Ronnie's corruption acts.


Anonymous said...

a politician is not a Saint. Can a cat be tempted with fish for so long. The silly answer will be that it's the BN dirty works again. It's not about corruption but a criminal CBT case. Must we wait for a police report to be lodge first.
In future if the is any involvement of those holding public office then the authority have the go to immediately conduct an investigation.

Hahaha pencuri Akan dilindungi Bapak Penyamun

Anonymous said...

Great 'Spin', Rocky !!

care to comment about PKFZ....MCA geng, UMNO geng, Tiong geng...

Rogue DAP Councilor - alleged RM1 million corruption practice, compared to UMNO/BN billion ringgit corruption !!

Anonymous said...

The rogue supporters will never believe "ALL THE LIES" to discredit their big boss.

How could a saint like YB Ronnie do such things? He's such a nice fella exposing all the crooks in the state. So, these allegations are just blatant lies and should not be entertained.

After all, the news comes from the MSM, not RPK. So, there's no truth in it.


Now, DAP is likely to sue the Star for its unfounded allegations.

Anonymous said...

You said, "They'd want the on-going investigation (which was a hushed affair until the Star's expose) to leave no stones unturned. It must also probe, for example, into the possibility of a collusion between the councillor and the office of Ronnie Liu."

You did not say anything when the stadium roof collapsed in Kuala Terengganu.

You are picking and choosing issues?

Try focusing also on how things are being done in BN run states, unless you have taken a oath in front of your current paymasters that you will never touch on any sensitive matters concerning BN.


Praxis said...

Lee Kuan Yew is said to have countered truth with belligerence, which includes law suits and what not.

Will it work here?

What freedom under Lin Guan Eng? Why ban newspapers? What's the sordid truth in the TBH case?

Anonymous said...

Melayu curi billion-billion.....takpe, orang kite juge.Cina curi 2 ribu.....kita tolak dia dari bangunan,...babi punye cina!
Ini negara Melayu, depa pendatang, hidup Melayu/Jawa/Bugis/Indon!!!!

parley said...

Ron should apply CAT to clear his name, if he's innocent.

ps wonder why is Ron always get involved with TBH initial.

Anonymous said...

By the way, investigations into the Port Klang Free Zone revealed that letters issued by former transport minister Chan Kong Choy were used to secure private funding for the project.

What action was taken then?

Or you are championing two sets of laws/rules?

One for BN so that culprits can escape 'punishment' even if there is evidence...and another for Pakatan where punishment must be meted out even if investigations have not concluded in establishing existence of fraud and enrching oneself?


Anonymous said...

Dont worry...DAP will give you a detailed investigation and take the appropriate actions.I am very sure it wont be like the previous administration slogan.."semua OK".This is the kind of government we are craving for..everything must be in the open.No sweeping under the carpet.btw rocky..You should dig more dirt on the PR government because if you dig dirt on the BN government you wont get any answers..loll...james

Anonymous said...

So are you Rocky saying UMNO is clean? You can fool some people some time but not every one will buy your story. Even if this is true the PR are investigating unlike BN where they use MACC to protect their ass hole.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you next tajuk.....

ROGUE DPP a.k.a Farah (and Innocent Witness a.k.a Saiful)

.... sure laku punya !!

Anonymous said...

Kalau PR rasuah 1 ribu, itu pun kalau ada bukti,riuh satu dunia dalam news. PKFZ scandal 12 billion tahi kuman pun tak ada news. Kalau negara tak bangkrap dalam masa 10 tahun akan datang saya potong sendiri dan diberikan makan kepada ayam

CodeNameSomaliPirate said...

Kicik Kicik lembu jaga, sudah besar lombong jaga!

Baru dua tahun perintah sudah gasak all round. Kalau 53 tahun tentu Selongor hancus!

Anonymous said...

It is an open secret in the DAP that Tee Boon Hock is the no. 1 crony of Ronnie Liu.

Lim Kit Siang was normally extremely quick to demand for a Royal Commission to investigate in any scandal. Its member was also quick to lodge police or MACC report.

When it affects them, Lim Kit Siang is silence as a mouse. Very typical of cakap tak serupa bekin. This scandal stinks!

Anonymous said...


Ko ni bodoh betul.

Jadi ko tak kisah la Ronnie Liu curi rm1 juta??

Bapak ko penyamun jugak ke?

Anonymous said...

Those guilty must be punished, whether they are from the opposition or the government.

Anonymous said...

What is the real issue? Corruption? You know that we always fight corruption. So, by right, we will never get involved in corruption. Right, not?

In the context of rice and the fence, let say public's properties is equivalent to rice and we are the fence. We will guard the rice! And we rather jump from building, if people said that we eat up the rice. I hope you get it.


Anonymous said...

Tuan Rocky....
look at all the comments and you know what your writing is all about. You will not find this type of comments in your former blogger friends/buddies like Haris Ibrahim, zorro etc in their blogs..what can u write when u recd fat vss and still get back to work..pity for you

Anonymous said...

RM 1 million ? RM 2 million ? What about Perimekar's RM 500 million where the Fat Lady was a director ? What about PKFZ's billions given to Tiong ?

That's the problem with BN goons. They purposely go after the ikan bilis and then say they have no time to investigate the ikan yus. Then they double their headcount so that come election time, they will be guaranteed of the votes.

Rocky, you think the rakyat is stupid or what ?


Anonymous said...

quite a number commenters that very angry with Dato' highlighting this matter.

some say something like this .. 'bn curi banyak, kita curi sikit..takkan tak boleh..'

or like this .. ' sama je dulu pun bn buat benda yg sama jugak '

and others, without much insanity say things like this .. ' pkfz, romantic dpp, bla bla bla.. '

my suggestion to them is keep quite. it is u that barking about transparency, accountability etc etc when bn ruled.

now that u rule, why must be a two set contradicting laws? are u choosing and picking as well?

so if u are the same as BN i would rather give back to BN everything in malaysia because u, 1; have no experience. 2; u are filled with hatred. 3; people like u first time see much money, u dont care about transparency anymore. u want the money for urself

and ah, those kickbacks like u accuse bn? remember? got projects, then give some back to party?

well, what say u now?

Anonymous said...

Kalau tak suka, you boleh keluar dari negara ini.

Kalau you tak keluar dari negara ini, kami akan tolak kamu dari tingkat 14.....

That is the way of true thieves.


CHI8 said...



hangkedee said...

Itu olang pas wa kasi makang itu nasi kangkang MAAaaaaa

Anak Permatang Pauh said...

PARAMESWARA, ANOTHER MALAYSIAN...don't disguise yourself as two different person as to create the impression that there are many out there who have negative thinking about this blog and the Msian govt. The funny thing is that everytime I came across your posting is that you keep asking Rocky about things that're not issues for Rocky. This is his blog. Whether you call it's a spin or whatever, he has every right to his blog. Until now, you still can not get this blogosphere culture and etiquette. Comment on the issue he raise, whether you agree or not. Otherwise, raise any issue you think important in your blog. See you many readers will be attracted to your thinking. Could be none...

Anonymous said...

you still reading the star ???

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin Yassin is a fraud. His real name as in his IC is Mahiaddin Yassin. He is an Indian Muslim, a mamak, a kitol lah.

Geng Dolly.

Anonymous said...

A) Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will go on leave overseas from today until Aug 10, according to a statement from the Prime Minister's Office.

Well where are you going NAJIB? On a Holdiday or for health reasons? The nation needs to know. And if it is for a holiday, why Malaysia is not good enough for you to have a holiday here is it? For what we have CUTI CUTI Malaysia?
Dah lah FDI down, somemore you want to go and spend money OVERSEA? Kurang ajar betul.

B) The two-paragraph statement said that throughout the period, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin would perform the duties of the prime minister.

Who is Muhiddin Yasin? a Fraudster? His name is MAHIADDIN what, as written in his IC. Apa sal malu sgt nake kato , u ni MAMAK?
This DPM guy has cheated the nation all these years, by providing us a wrong NAME. Lancau lah.


Anonymous said...

It would appear to me that Ronnie Liu and Tee Boon Hock has fallen out because Ronnie Liu is feeling the heat. Ronnie had to cover himself by exposing Tee Boon Hock. Damage control bro!

Ronnie Liew's close relationship with Tee is an open secret in DAP. I am sure that Tee knew a lot of shits in the DAP ok.

Please probe further and you will definitely see shits hitting the fan.

DAP fan

Anonymous said...

And lets see what you write about Tun Ling charged in the court.

You want to state that he is not from UMNO and hence UMNO is still clean?


Rockybru said...

But Param, Dr Ling is NOT from Umno. Hehe. Mengong betul you. Macam Monsterball jugak. Haha.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

This is a no-brainer. Put this TBH under the kosh and he will sing like a canary, a certain TBH (another one) would be thrown down as a bonus for good measure.

People who say that the PR steal alittle compared to the BN's "billions" are missing 2 crucial points:

1. They are conveniently forgeting the "change" mantra.If you peddle that you are clean, reformist blah blah then you should either walk that crap talk or shut up and stay out.No 2 ways about it for you conned a gullible electorate into thinking you were holier than the rest. CHANGE is about ..well....change,(1) a transformation to the better (progressive). If things are the same, then it is called "statis"(2) and if they worsen then its called "regressive" (3). If you cannot fulfil the bare minimum of 1, than stop trumpeting rubbish for it would better drowning in the deep blue sea then cavotrting with devils like you.

2. even if its 1 sen, 5 sen or 10sen, it is still corruption, CBT period. Dont have to waffle like the arsefucking pig every chingkie is. that should be kept in the sty.

Ronnie Liu is guilty by asociation as long as an independent inquiry does not clear him.A week after hoo haing about the Freedom of Information Act, this son of a bitch is embarassed by the revelations:

I thought this was precisely what the Freedom of Information was all about. Bila kena batang sendiri, mengelabah macam palat kepala butoh.

All PR trolls and goons here who have rose to the defense should analyse themselves as to whether they have any conscience let alone a moral fibre within themselves. Pretty clear how that self critique will pan out for these cockswallowing braindead clitlice.And while they are checking their anus, I dare them to tarry over to a brother's blog and catch up with the bleeding up north:

Warrior 231

Mokthar Bin Jussain said...

Datuk, you have developed into a too quick to praise, umno-serving, and hypocritical goon. Sorry you have not redefine the meaning of hypocrite, but you have only re-emphasize it, and shown to the world how a wolf can actually hide behind a sheep's skin.

Anonymous said...

If I'm honest I'd say the rakyat do not really care about corruption. What we care about is whether or not there's food on the table at the end of the day. The PR have been busy 'exposing' this and that, and I'd say the BN is playing the same game now that they're the opposition in certain states.

It might sound absurd that the rakyat do not care about who stole how much, but really, we don't care. We only care about the 'how much', not 'who'. That's life. And life's not easy. And when you hear people are making lots of money by (illegally and via 'cables') taking a bit of your money (via taxes and etc), then you're angry. I don't care if it's BN or PR, just stop stealing. And/or make it possible for me to make more money. I want to live and I need money. Exposing corruption cannot get me more money. It cannot get me a better transportation than my kapcai where I have to inhale all the dirty air from your mercs' exhausts.

Melayu pun susah, Cina pun susah, India pun susah. Tak payah la kau nak highlight benda2 berkaitan kaum ni, macaaaam la Cina je yang dapat segala kesusahan dan ketidak-adilan, kena tolak bangunan dan sebagainya. Melayu dah berapa lama susah, kena macam2 dengan BN. Cuma aku masih rasa tak sudi la nak undi DAP. Dulu DAP penah perjuangkan isu ketuk ketampi bogel. Tapi bila tau je yang kena ketuk ketampi tu Melayu, terus diam. Padahal rumor awal mengatakan orang tu mainland China! Maksudnya, DAP akan perjuangkan Cina walaupun non-Malaysian, tapi tak akan perjuangkan Melayu. Langsung takde agenda nasional. Blah la wei. Agenda perkauman. MCA lain la cerita, biro aduan terima jugak aduan dari Melayu dan India, ada la jugak agenda nasional.


Intan said...

didnt realised even after 100th time? Mmm.....think people will buy it this time,eh Ronnie Liu? Staying at the top of the cliff and being surrounded by a river of money? Gosh! he must be crazy not to leap frm the cliff and swim heavenly into the river!He will be insane not to.

Anonymous said...

I hope Tee Boon Hock will not fall from a tall building any time soon.

Anonymous said...


Even if Tee Boon Hock falls down from a tall building miles away from MACC or the investigating party, I hope MACC or the investigating party will not be blamed.

Anonymous said...

i will vote for dap if they do a transparent investigation on ronnie... whatever the outcome.. voted for dap in the last ge, then got confused with pr/dap/pas.. then got got no more trust on pr. but bn also the same... waited 3 hours for my 81 yr old mom treatment in hkl. always take 1 hour to drive to work eventhough its 10km away.. have to zigzag to avoid potholes and readymix cement waste. hv to send my daughter to tuition coz teacher cannot finish syllabus or she cant understand. hv to pay a lot of interest for a 30km away from kl house. hv to pay toll to suffer jam in nkve. get scolded by principal of son's school for questioning him, claimed to know the politicians in seremban and now no 1 school nationwide. waited 3 hours to get to submit forms in the court on a personal matter...

for all the wrongs n mistakes done by the jabatan, gomen offices, majlis perbandara and dbkl, the rudeness of their security guards n doctors, the potholes n faulty traffic lights, the yellowish water and wrong doings of civil servant personally or corporate, etc.. i blame the govt. and if nothing improve, i am going to vote for najib's downfall, as much a i think he is the best person to lead msia now.. maybe lim guan eng is ready for pm post.


Anonymous said...

oh what a sick .. sick .. wayang from the DAP!

i thought they are the champion of 'freedom of speech'? selame ni tuduh org takde bukti pon takpe kan? now look at them, even a tweet is not allowed!

btw, for Pakatan losers stop saying that BN stole a lot more than these 'saints' did. stolen things are stolen things. even RM1. kapeesh? tu gaji Anwar tuh tau, jangan main main.. heh

-still-waiting-for-Unker Kit-to- blog-about-the-whole-fiasco-

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha banyak orang ungkit salah BN pulak bila cerita pasal roni liew. Jangan risau lah kita dah baca kat banyak tempat salah-salah BN, malangnya PR pun ada salah juga. So ini time PR untuk "menyinar" lah. Menyinar dengan kesalahannya.