Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pornthip to return for TBH inquest after all

updated 16 July

Read The Malay Mail story here.

Original article

AH, NO MORE POLITICAL PRESSURE! A few days before she was scheduled to testify at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest last April 20, Lim Kit Siang made a very serious allegation by saying that Pornthip was "under pressure from the Malaysian government" not to return to this country for the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

Well, today Gobind Deo said Pornthip has agreed to return "after receiving permission from the Thai authorities". Does that mean there's no more political pressure from the Malaysian government? Gobind didn't offer an answer. I hope Kit Siang will come up with an explanation as to what really happened with the "political pressure by the Malaysian government".

That aside, the important thing is Pornthip will appear at the inquest in person. She was the reason why the 2nd autopsy on TBH was conducted [she had concluded tat TBH's death was 80% homicide just by looking at pictures of the first autopsy conducted on TBH, and this led to the family of the late TBH to demand another autopsy, which was witnessed by Pornthip and a renowned British expert, Prof Peter Vanezis].

At least, we can say come Aug 18, Pornthip is brave enough to come back and finish what she'd started.

In another development, YB Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, a former PKR members, has challenged PKR icons Raja Petra Kamaruddin and P Balasubramiam to return to Malaysia to be investigated if they were truly innocent. Read the story, RPK angry because he feels threatened, H E R E.


  1. First of all, Nice new layout bro. Or have i been missing some stuff?

    And back to the main story.

    What to be awe about such ruckus anyway? The Head of PR or i always call 'Penipu Rakyat' use the "secret Weapon" all the time.

    Alway with "I have proof..." and so does his cohorts and apprentice.

  2. konichiwa Rocky san..

    camne lu nak promote MMail ni..kasi link pun page not found...

    kasi test dulu dong sebelum publish..

  3. Anonymous10:22 am

    Apa kata penyokong PAS selepas Anwar dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat iktiraf Israel?

    Nak tahu juga ulasan dan pandangan ilmiah penyokong PAS tentang hal ini. Jangan emosi ye.

  4. Pornothip, Bala, RPK, Authayakumar....oh siapa lagi! Rasa macam nak muntah le.

  5. Common sense prevail. I just can't wait for the cross examination on Dr. Porntip in the inquest.

  6. Hollow blogging tit bits from the high flying editor of a reborn again national tablet for the sake of blogging !

    Such flimsy reporting - nothing new , nothing behind the scene, no intelligent insight, no critical analysis, nothing of any value...
    nothing good for anybody

    Surely you can do much better ?

  7. The punk rock doctor is back to rock more things eh?

  8. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Dr.Pornthip must be given every opportuniy do defend her conclusion that TBH death was 80% homicidal.If satisfied,then we have to find the murderer.

    Dr.Pornthip has resposibility to backup her 80% coclusion in a more scientific way. Certainly not by picture viewing or "I think instinct". If she wants to rely on her psychic powers, pls allow her
    supernormal skills and gift to be revealed and demonstrated in court.

    I am interested at the final weight
    of the remaining part of 20% which
    provides an equally strong expression of TBH death being non homicidal. I do not want to suggest suicidal. Plainly, I am impatient to know who stand to gain immensely or the most following TBH death?

  9. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Aku dah tak percaya dengan Pakatan Rakyat, semuanya penipu besar.

  10. Anonymous5:24 pm

    everyday want to hentam pr ke?

    u try to label anwar a cia tool but turn out mamak kuti & najis are the real tools of the cia/jews.

    kah! kah! kah!

  11. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Kahkahkah berlubang lagi Bumi Selangor. Habis semak samun Eli ditebas. Lubang dikorek lagi besar lagi dalam bang. Pornstar punya pasal habis pasir dijual yeop. Jangan takut lepas ini Ada konsep rumah rakit lak dah.
    Kita tengok lepas ni apa helah PR pulak. Pornstar kalau beri bukti bersumpah di mahkamah boleh dikenakan hukuman dikemudian hari sekiranya terdapat bukti beliau berbohong.
    Bila pulak Raja Putar Keling Dan si Balak nak balik beri keterangan. Hanya menyalak kat luar negeri macam mana. Anak kat dalam penjara tu sihat tak? Macam mana tauke Judi kuda. boleh bersama dengan seorang penjenayah. Check betul-betul.
    Diharapkan nanti puak PR pun kena hormatlah keputusan mahkamah. Saya rasa reputasi Dan kebolehan Dr Venus lebih bagus Dari Pornstar. Kalau nak berentap, kalah menang kenalah Redha.


  12. Of course behind the scenes things are moving, rocky. Who r u? You think you are the only one with all ins and outs of govt. Think again man.

  13. Anonymous2:52 pm

    DAP sluts tu semuanya penipu.
    samala dengan penyokongnya...

    pig eating bastard, biasa la tuh...

  14. najib manaukau9:29 am

    I think you forgot to mention that LKS is a barking mad dog, he barks even at his own shadow !