Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donald Lim, Wee Ka Siong and KJ

Donald Lim, Wee Ka Siong, and KJ. How Khairy Jamaluddin saw Wee Choo Keong as the "Chinese Ibrahim Ali" is still a mystery to me. What's clear is that the young MP from Rembau did a Rambo and went for Wee after the Wangsa Maju MP had taken to task SC's Zarinah Anwar in Parliment. Was KJ still haunted by Kalimullah's 'give him a leg up' statement (read here). His taunt partner Wee Ka Siong, the tearful MCA youth head, is perhaps still mindful of PKFZ.

And Donald Lim, 'the father' of the Chinese Perkasa. The senator is a deputy finance minister, and up to April this year was the managing director of PJI Holdings Bhd. Both he and his wife own shares in PJI. Lim recently bought a condo from PJI for more the a million ringgit. Not bad for a politician.
Read this report on Donald Lim when he was a deputy tourism minister, PJI and Sri Lanka.

Good luck Mr Prime Minister, if these are your generals to combat the anti-1Malaysia onslaught.


  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    Hard Reminder to DS Najib.

    Paul the eight legged Oracle predicted that BN will loose the GE 13, if these three stooges stand for election under the BN tickets.

    Salleh Telegu

  2. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Koh Tiew Seng is Donald Lim's wife and she owns about four per cent of PJI. The Lim clan is the controling stakeholder of PJI. Apparently, there is a conflict of interest when a deputy tourism minister (Donald Lim) goes to Sri Lanka to witness a signing involving PJI in Sri Lanka. Donald Lim supports Vincent Tan's gambling ambitions. This man wants Malays and Chinese at each others throats, so that big businesses gets what they want, and his lil business secrets remain burried deep under.

  3. Anonymous4:22 pm

    I must say that Ibrahim Ali's PERKASA is giving a couple of people quite a headache. But I have to salute him for being a true opportunist in taking advantage of the divided Malays. With no party to call his own - Ibrahim established PERKASA to fill up the vacuum left by the "multi-racial" - PKR, PAS and BN which in his words have fail to fight for the Malays. With every move, most Malays get so excited with every statements by PERKASA. DrM is PERKASA biggest catch - his support have attracted Malays even from UMNO to join Ibrahim. What next? Will he still get the same support if PERKASA becomes a political party?

  4. Anonymous4:26 pm

    I cant give KJ, a leg up but I can give him a MIDDLE FINGER.

    OK tak?

  5. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I notice all three are corrupt politicians. What kind of a politician (KJ) that he can accept a cash loan from Kalimullah? KJ never heard of banks is it? And Donald Lim, what kind of politician are you, that you can afford a RM1.3 million condo? As for you Wee Ka Siong, we all know of your role in PKFZ.

    So corrupt politicians get jumpy and make fun of Wee Choo Keong and Ibrahim Ali, but that does not the fact that all three of you are rotten to the core.

  6. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Donald Lim, do you WANT to make anymore statements on PERKASA? This is just the BEGINING, if you INTEND to do so.

    Cifut Cina.

  7. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Donald Lim, koa ni memang itik. Nak hasut Cina gaduh dgn Melayu. Memenag gerbang penjara menanti mu, mungkin bukan untuk hasutan, tapi jelas koa ni berasuah. Dahlah gitu, nak bermulut celupar pulak. Fail koa banyak tahi, busuk pulak tu hingga ke dubur. BASUHlah lain kali, guna tangan, jangan bazir tisu.

    1. Anonymous5:13 pm

      You all just know how to complaint , condemn but do not nothing for the country !

  8. skilgannon10664:51 pm

    Methinks KJ blows both hot or cold, depending on the lie of the land (pardon me for mixing my metaphors!).

    Meanwhile, the PM was down in Johor recently. He warned Umno branches in the state not to go overboard with regard to Singapore investments in Iskandar Malaysia.

    Next stop - the "crooked bridge".

    And if Donald Lim made his bucks in the corporate sector, more power to him.

    As for the Zarinah Anwar issue - do you want good corporate governance in Malaysia, comparable to the best standards in the world, or not? If the Securities Commission has failed to deliver this, then get on her case. If it has succeeded, or is getting there, let her do her thing.

    How many "vested interests" are out there who are interested in seeing Zarinah's downfall?

  9. Anonymous4:54 pm

    N dont forget Nazri!!!!

  10. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Cilaka kao Donald Lim. Nak Perkasa Cina kah, mao jdi perkasas diri sendiri, selamatkan diri dari kes rasuah iye?. Hairan mcm org mcm hang bole jadi timbalan menteri kewangan... sekupang pun, hang x caya dgn kao.

    1. Anonymous5:18 pm

      You don't know how to write English and even Malay also can not write properly ?! Never go to school ah ?

  11. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Kalimulah : I ask you, what is wrong with giving the young man (KJ) a leg up in life?
    Me : You IDIOT, at that point of time, his father in law was the Prime Minister, and you via ECM Libra was actively doing business with the government of Malaysia. That is what is WRONG. Paham tak mamak tonggeng??????

  12. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Donald Lim, Wee Ka Siong and Khairy Jamaluddin are all tainted politicians. But they are good businessmen. No need to go to bank but can buy shares and condos worth millions of ringgit cash. Dato Najib, you are keeping these three clowns at your own risk, of being the first prime minister of Malaysia, who will become the opposition leader.

  13. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Donald Lim’s call to have a Chinese Perkasa does not gel with Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept, yet why is he happy to be appointed as a senator and made a deputy finance minister? Nak memperkayakan diri sendiri ke Donald Lim? Malaysia mampos pun kau tak kisah ya, asalkan wang ringgit ada di tangan mu. PENDURHAKA -Donald Lim.

  14. Anonymous5:12 pm

    In Donald Lim, MCA has a morally and financially soiled leader at the top. He is a danger to MCA, the Prime Minister's One Malaysia and to all peace loving Malays, Chinese and Indians.

  15. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Donald Lim is urging the bizarre - the setting up of an Ultra Chinese group and the endorsement of legalised gambling, both out of sync with the Chinese community. Donald Lim and his MCA has lost its reverence and relevance in the nation-building process of our country.

  16. Anonymous5:48 pm

    PJI Holdings is looking to secure a RM500 million airport job from Malaysia Airports and get some water related projects. The government must ensure they DO NOT GET IT, so that, PJI can show Donald Lim, the meaning of ULTRA. Only when we HIT their POCKETS will they EVER learn.

  17. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Rocky, tolonglah kasi chance sama KJ !!

  18. Anonymous6:32 pm

    ibrahim's perkasa, dontknow's perkasa, indian's perkasa...

    damn blardy good ideas, the more the merrier!

  19. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Malaysia can have chinese or indian versions of Perkasa.We have tolerance.
    Let's look at Perkasa positively.They merely want to protect what remaining left.There's no plan of grabing what belong to others. Plainly, they fear the future.
    I feel other races can also have thier Perkasas. Nothing wrong to safeguard your bounderies, inheritance or rights. Thats fine.
    Operate within your rightful entitlement, upholding virtues and righteousness. Otherwise we have to deal with racial confrontations
    and conflicts.
    Why do we want Perkasa? we fear the
    future, more so the uncertainties.
    But Perkasas must come with good images.They should not be seen as a group of rowdy malays with keris karat in hands going around killing the innocence. Similarly, the chinese not with the image of kungfu experts backed with lion dance and shaolin war drums going around making some people nervous.

    As for Donald Lim he has learned a lot. Having been away from polical mainstream and the governtment for a while, he has now returned to a position of power and influence once again.He is not about to make same mistakes he made before. This time he must be wise to take full advantage of the situation and exploit every opportunity available.
    His latest contribution to the malaysian society is the call to have chinese Perkasa instead of suggesting soft path or approach to
    bring down the racial tension,

  20. Anonymous6:42 pm


    Your story is just like another joke about pasir in Selangor.

    Mike tembak Khalid, Khalid salahkan Umno and Ronnie Liu just keep quiet. Hassan Ali entah kemana.

  21. Well KJ is no General. He has no ministerial post let alone cabinet post. So anything he says has no impact.
    Then look at the rest of the cabinet. Any half intelligent Generals in there?
    Its a cabinet full of crooks and half wits who have not done anything worthy in their lives and can barely string an intelligent sentence together.

    So PM needs more than luck...He needs a freaking miracle...

  22. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Welcome back bro. We miss you alot. Back to form. The truth must be told and the citizens must be brave to speak the truth and not be swept by power and material. People like you must tell the truth as you know it. sadly today, city folks from North to the south dont trust most major media in the country. Why bro? I bet Borneo feels the same. Look around us, it feels as if we are losing control of this precious land and 'no one is home' listening to do the right stuff. Instead, politics is overwhelming our daily lives while the country struggles. Lets look Vs Singapore, Vs South Korea Vs Indonesia Vs Vietnam. Unless we want to do Vs Myanmmar, Vs Cambodia Vs Pakistan Vs Afgan. Why bro? You think all is ok man?

  23. Anonymous9:19 pm

    In 2007, Donald Lim's wife was listed as second largest shareholder of PJI Holdings Bhd. What was Donald Lim, the then deputy tourisme minister witnessing a construction rm350 million signing ceremony in Sri Lanka in 2007? Cakaplah Donald ? ? ? As for KJ, i cant give you a leg up, but Anwar Ibrahim can give you SOMETHING up your ARSE.

  24. Salam Dato'

    Salleh Telugu said :

    Hard Reminder to DS Najib.

    Paul the eight legged Oracle predicted that BN will loose the GE 13, if these three stooges stand for election under the BN tickets.

    And don't for forget NAZRI too...

  25. Jay-Z9:46 pm


    KJ is still the best bet UMNO has. Better than your paymaster's son. Ppl hate Ibrahim Ali, but curious of KJ.

  26. Anonymous10:57 pm

    I have totally lost faith in Bursa company corporate governance. Why? Because we all the small investor always got con. How do we expect foreign investor to invest in our share market when the crooks is freely manipulating it. I bought some Avenue Asset shares but later sold at a lost. Wonder why? The purchaser is able to buy at much discounted price compare to NTA. So my friend who told me is advising me to sell it.

    Now I at 40 yrs old belief what the old school said that don't do petty theft but If you want go and rob bank. One thing about corporate world that impress me. To apply a credit card one must proof their income by Form J or EA Form just to get a minimum credit limit of RM4K your income must exceed RM24K per annum. But a jobless man can easily obtain RM8 MILLION without anything. Well maybe the banker do look at marriage certificate I guess.
    But when I produce my one, nobody give a glance.

    Dato', in your article it clearly show how firm is the crooks bonding. You Garu my belakang I Garu your belakang la. Swindle 200mill but penalty RM1 million and maybe jail 2 years and when he is out he will be RM199mill richer. God cursed them and those who shared their I'll gotten money.

  27. Maya Andriana11:58 pm


    All these are small-time politicians.

    Forget them.

    Just look at Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Even today, there was a highly interesting article about our respected Tun. Wajib baca.

    Reading this makes me respect him in a strange way like never before.

  28. Maya Andriana11:59 pm


    All these are small-time politicians.

    Forget them.

    Just look at Tun Dr. Mahathir.

    Even today, there was a highly interesting article about our respected Tun. Wajib baca.

    Reading this makes me respect him in a strange way like never before.

  29. Anonymous1:23 am

    rocky batu api.... pak Ib Ali hang tertinggai la.

  30. Anonymous8:53 am

    Donald Lim, do you remember whacking your china mistress until she turned black and blue and had to be warded in the private hospital. Perkasa has the photo's you lil Cina beng, and its not a CINA perkasa that has it.

    Lan Chow.

  31. Anonymous8:59 am

    Woi, Donald u ade kenai itu genster Tony kah? Banyak gamber u same die le.

    Chee Bai

  32. Anonymous9:07 am

    Khairy got as RM9.2 million cash loan from Kali. Wow.... Khairy Jamaludin, you'er the man. Apapasal u tak pi bank ambek loan KJ? U malai ke, @ mungkin tak layak ke?

  33. Anonymous9:10 am

    Rocky, I want to ask you a question? No Its not about showing middle finger to KJ.
    Rather, if KJ took a RM9.2 million private loan from Kalimullah, and KJ said he lost money from the whole share transaction, how did KJ find money to repay back Kalimullah?
    Rather then have KJ saying I have paid, can we please see some documents, to indeed confrim payment was made, and the source of funds for KJ to make such payments?

  34. Anonymous9:12 am

    Wee Ka Siong, cina beng, kaki rasuah, kaki pompuan dan pemabok.

    Dato C.K. Weng (Shanghai expo)

  35. Anonymous9:16 am

    Minta PM gugur Donald Lim dari kabinet atas alasan berikut:

    1) Kalah dalam pilihanraya

    2) Mempunyai visi berbeza dari visi 1 Malaysia.


    ZremY ANE (BARU).

  36. Anonymous9:22 am

    Let's have nothing to do with Donald Lim's MCA anymore . let's see whether Donald Lim and Wee Ka Siong can go alone without having to partner UMNO. Can they get far without Malay support?
    The language spoken by Donald Lim and Wee Ka Siong's MCA is not the language of a Malaysia envisioned by Najib.
    The Malaysia Najib envisions has the promise of a nation founded on the rule of law, good governance and corruption free,.

  37. Anonymous9:28 am

    Donald Lim should forget about Cainis Perkasa and concentrate on reviving the Hongmen Hui Triad, and take back the DVD & Bluray biz.

  38. Anonymous9:32 am

    The Hongmen grouping is today more or less synonymous with the whole Tiandihui concept, although the title "Hongmen" is also claimed by some criminal groups.

    Hongmen members worldwide continue to observe certain common traditions: they all stress their patriotic originand a "secret handshake".

    Today the Hongmen is an illegal society in Hong Kong, because of its links with the Triad gangs.

    Donald Lim is a Hongmen member. Yes Donald Lim, we know all about you.

  39. Anonymous9:48 am

    Donald Lim aka Donald Duck had when he wanted to win the elections very very very badly the first time around, wrote a letter {on MCA’s letterhead} to the then Chief Minister of Selangor – to win votes the PJ leases should be extended for free.

    The then Chief Minister of Selangor minted in his own writing to the Land Office to do the needful to win votes.

    The PJ Residents were given documents to sign & voted in Donald Lim/Donald Duck

    Then all those documents were burnt in a fire

    After the elections, the Land Office writes to the residents that since they have agreed to surrender their leases{!!!???}, they will be issued new titles provided they pay premiums ranging from RM100,000/- to RM1,000,000/-. If not they have no more lease/s

    Then The PJ Draft Structure Plan was brought in – to REDEVELOP PETALING JAYA. – leases surrendered , so new City!!!!

    Donald Lim/Donald Duck – Spies ? Please understand that they were sick of You & your cronies – just like all of us in Petaling Jaya.

    Come into Court , Donald Lim/Donald Duck – all of the above allegations are already in Court waiting for Trial.

  40. I like your last line.


  41. Anonymous11:08 am

    I read the Malay Mail yesterday on illegal gambling at Kota Raya, which is owned by Vincent Tan's Berjaya Corp Bhd. Most of the slot machines are located on the fourth floor of Kota Raya. Your report says that 50 raids were conducted in a span of two years, but it does not say that from this 50 raids, how many people were CHARGED and CONVICTED? Please let us KNOW. Also, I find it strange that Berjaya does not know that the fourth floor of Kota Raya is a gambling den, when as the ultimate building manager, they are bound to be informed by the authorities when raids are conducted. I visited Kota Raya yesterday, most of the slot machines were switched offs and there were some heavy thugs monitoring the place. The security guards employed by Berjaya werent at the fourt floor yesterday. I also found it strange that the security guards NEVER informed management on illegal gaming taking place. Vincent Tan please clean your own backyard before you go on a nationwide tour to clean illegal gaming elsewhere, so you can get the gaming license

  42. big cat11:14 am

    aku dah letih sokong najib la bro, banyak sangat yang buat aku frust. nak sokong opposition aku tak lalu. next GE aku nak duduk rumah je tengok TV. malas aku nak beratur kat polling station bagi undi kat dia orang ni. lantak lah.

  43. Anonymous12:04 pm

    I thought Donald Duck was another idiot. Bloody hell, he is filthy corrupt idiot. He is just another MCA kleptomaniac.

  44. Pat Tillman12:10 pm

    KJ is good now. His spat with Perkasa shows he is a progressive malay in UMNO ranks. Many think he is improving from his deputy halcyon days.

  45. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Malays, stop picking on Dato Donald Lim because he wants to help support Chinese rights.
    We are with you Dato, and nothing the ultra Malays can do to shake our faith in you.

    Long LIVE Dato Donald Lim, hero of every Malaysian Chinese.

  46. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Dr Chua Soi Lek condems all sorts of racism be it Malay Extremism or Chinese Extremism , Religious Bigots or Fanatics so Donald get lost we have no place for you in MCA !

    Dr Soi Lek.

  47. Anonymous1:24 pm

    MCA is surrounding with idiots like Donald Duck Lim and Wee money in the bag Ka Siong. What hope is there for a MCA which is Quack and corrupt. MCA is roasted and barbecued for good.

  48. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Barisan Nasional has given permanent-residency status to a large number of Indonesian workers as part of its plan to ensure victory in the next general election, according to PAS election director Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman.
    “About 90 percent of the Indonesians who work in the construction, plantation and industrial sectors have been given this status,” he said, adding that the government would register them as voters in constituencies where BN lost narrowly in the last election.

    “PAS is monitoring the situation and we know how to counter this.”

  49. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Najib Razak gagal untuk memperkuatkan jenama 1 Malaysia dikalangan komponen BN.
    Tidak mustahil 1 Malaysia akan menerima nasib yang sama dengan Islam Hadhari yang dibawa oleh Abdullah Badawi satu ketika dahulu.
    Yang rugi adalah rakyat Malaysia, yang setelah sekian lama masih lagi tidak dapat bersatu di bawah payung Malaysia

  50. Anonymous2:20 pm

    I offer only one abbreviated acronym that Donald and the MCA needs to immediately deal with: PKFZ.

    Deal with that one and, Donald and the MCA can talk turkey with the Chinese Malaysian community or, any other Malaysian community for that matter

  51. I know is tough, but Najib must take action against this people( Khairy, Wee Ka Siong and Donald Lim) and distance himself from Perkasa to show that he has the political will to carry through the 1Malaysia concept for the sake of all Malaysians. There will be political backlash from UMNO of course but if Malaysians support the PM, then it shouldn't be a problem. I would be nice if the opposition is willing to lend a helping hand for the PM just like the opposition in UK,US and so on in certain issues,as the 1Malaysia concept although not entirely similar, is closer to DAP's Malaysian Malaysian and PKR's ketuanan Rakyat which speaks of all races being accorded with rights which the government will take care of compared to Perkasa stand on Malay Supremacy that's more extreme than UMNO's( instead of 30 percent equity, they are advocating more than 60 percent including other bumiputeras in the economic pie).I know by-partisan politics is something new here, but the benefits of it will be welcomed by fellow Malaysians tired of the constant bickering by politicians.Maybe we Malaysians should act as a unified pressure group to demand a stop of this nonsense by Perkasa and it's equivalents not to mention those who are trying to politicise it.

  52. Anonymous8:36 pm

    If Donald Lim starts a Chinese Perkasa...then it will be named
    Gua Perkosa!

    Habis 1-Malaysia?

  53. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Frankly, if Perkasa is allowed to carry on, then the Chinese Perkosa, and Hindraf, and the likes, then what will we achieve?

    Its UMNO, MCA and MIC recycled, lead by an ultra INDEPENDENT politician closely linked to PAS, who is enginerring the downfall of Najib's 1 Malaysia!!

    This time with the help of Racist Donald and probabaly some Indian dude!

    Anti Gang Makan Padi

  54. Anonymous11:13 am

    "according to PAS election director Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman.
    “About 90 percent of the Indonesians who work in the construction, plantation and industrial sectors have been given this (permanent resident) status,” he said, adding that the government would register them as voters in constituencies where BN lost narrowly in the last election."

    HELL OF A LOT OF BULL. The PAS fellow is talking thru his nose. The commenter above quotes him thru his arse.

    Don't they even know that permanent residents are not citizens and cannot vote? Aiyyo, so-called "PAS Election Director" ha?

    Which cow's arse did they plug the 90% figure? Ridiculous fellows.

  55. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Donald Lim and Wee ka Siong are Chinese, while KJ is a Malay with a CHINESE mind, who aspires to be CHINESE.

    KJ Supporter

  56. Anonymous12:36 pm

    KJ pun nak jadi Cina macam Wee Ka Siong dan Donald Lim. Sama sama mahu rogol Malaysia. Dua budak cina campor satu budak yang anggap dirinya cina.

  57. skilgannon106612:11 pm

    Lan Chow 8:53 AM

    And nobody made a police report about this?

    Or was a report made, but no action was taken?

    Just asking, beb.

  58. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Kepada ahli-ahli MCA seluruh Malaysia,
    Ketua MCA Gombak YIP KUM FOOK (lawyer) semasa menjadi Majlis tempatan Selayang Baru sentiasa mengguna kuasanya tipu orang ramai khasnya wanita dan rasuah.
    Namanya sangat buruk di tempat Kepong, Gombak, Rawang, Selayang dan lain-lain tempat.
    Harap ahli-ahli MCA berhati-hati orang yang berlidah buaya supaya tidak terkena perangkap dan rosakan nama yang baik MCA.

    To MCA members whole Malaysia,
    Chief YIP KUM FOOK Gombak MCA (lawyer) during his local council of Selayang always used his powers to cheated the public, especially women and corruption.
    His name is very bad in Kepong, Gombak, Rawang, Selayang and other places.
    Hope MCA members must be careful crocodile's tongue and people are not exposed to trap and spoil of good name for MCA.

    Ketua MCA Gombak叶金福(律师)在他当士拉央市议员, 他用权力欺骗公众,特别是妇女和贪污。
    希望马华党员必须小心, 鳄鱼舌头的人. 保护马华公会的好名声