Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Is the ex-Finance Minister II also being investigated?"

"YAB PM perlu memberi penjelasan kenapakah sehingga kini En Hasbie (Satar) belum di dakwa di Mahkamah atau pun kes rasuah ini telah ditutup walaupun SPRM telah memperolehi bukti-bukti yang mencukupi dan juga adakah siasatan juga dijalankan terhadap bekas Menteri Kewangan II." - YB Wee Choo Keong, Konsensus Bebas, 21 June 2010 in Parliament

Nor Mohamed Yakcop, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, is the ex-Finance Minister II mentioned by YB Wee Choo Keong in his highly anticipated speech in Parliament yesterday. This was the first time YB Wee had spoken since quitting PKR to become an Independent and formed the Konsensus Bebas.

YB Wee's focus on Hasbie is interesting and most probably not incidental. Just last week Norza Zakaria, who also used to serve Nor Mohamed Yakcop as political secretary when NMY was Finance Minister II, was acquitted by a magistrate court in Temerloh of corruption charges.

NMY, also known affectionately as Top Cat by his worshipers, is best remembered for losing billions in forex trading when he was with Bank Negara. He was also at one time linked to the Abrar Group, a company closely associated with former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. NMY earned the Top Cat's nickname for his ability to survive. He has served as a key aide to three Prime Ministers - Mahathir, Abdullah and now Najib.

Read the rest of YB Wee Choo Keong's parliamentary speech yesterday (Mon 21/6/10) here.


  1. nstman5:06 am

    Wee is a shit-stirrer. I trust Nor more than him. Period.

  2. Anonymous5:56 am



  3. Anonymous8:14 am


    Forex is one form of gamling.Top Cat is gamling with the rakyat RM $$$.Please MACC walk the talk.


  4. luahfikiran8:14 am

    Support YB Wee Choo Keong! The rakyat want to know what's the outcome of the investigation ! Tak kira siapa, jika ada cukup bukti, dakwa mereka di mahkamah !

  5. Anonymous8:19 am

    Don't worry bro Nor Yakcop

    Let them investigate you.

    The ending is predictable.

    They will say not enough evidence against you.

    They will appeal : "Those with proof please come forward and assisst us"

    Even if they charge you, you will be found not guilty.

    Don't worry my friend. Be happy. Enjoy what you have got. You have had enough to live for another 300 years.

  6. Aidid8:39 am

    Well said YB Choo Keong, it also unveils the hypocrisy of the oppositions. If government is genuine in taking care the welfare of the people, they should go ahead with the license.

  7. Anonymous9:21 am

    Its always the same lah!Shit stirrer can only talk and so what.....?
    Nobody can touch the bad guys or else how are they still able to work with the PM?
    Remember in bolehland its good to be bad and nothing matters not even if you swindle billions for Felda ,everything downright dishonest within your means its semua okay !
    Beautiful Malaysia for the people!

  8. najib manaukau9:29 am

    Without evening knowing his family background I would not hesitate to add that this man is at best a half breed like that of all Umno members are.
    He is an Indian !

  9. Anonymous9:37 am

    Bro, Black Midas has now penetrated Rosmah. His Penang crony Kemuncak Holdings has just got contract for cleaning & maintenance of JPM offices. They hv sapu prison, univ & hosp maintenance contracts. Over the years he has put his cronies everywhere including a mamak Hamzah Kasim in NEAC. Hamzah is a HR and Human Capital consultant. Black Midas wrote the 10 Msia Plan where Talent Corp is mentiond specifically. Talent Corp is Hamzah & Black Midas outfit to fleece gomen money to scout for malaysian expats o'seas. Bohong. Black Midas corrupted. Rosmah now with him.

  10. Anonymous10:20 am

    NSTman just lost all of his credibility n integrity by defending NMY and even trusts NMY more.

    Now we know!

  11. I am really puzzled which part of this that Najib do not understand?

    To say that this is politic, and he understands it better...well maybe...!!??

    But to retain team members whom are clearly a bunch of national liabilities cannot be considered a STROKE OF POLITICAL BRILLIANCE.

    If we do so, then TUN MUSA’s pathetic portrays of Badawi's ELEGANT OF SILENT should become our national motto!

  12. Anonymous12:22 pm

    As usal nothing will happen , it 's just our national pass-time.,hoo hoo and haa haa.The most important thing is our payroll continue..hehehe. (no thanks to Mahtiu "legacy".

    The rakyat knew the game too well.It's just another day and tomorrow you will see another hoo hoo and haa haa.

    I only aprroved but not yet give you the hard copy ma. If no body complain everything is ok lah , if anybody make noise my TECHNICALITY GAME will be put into use loh..

    Like that also dont know how to be politician.

    Dont worry , be happy.

    Kaotim specialist.

  13. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Anyway WCK words dont mean anything to us anymore.

    Just another survivor to make his presence felt.

    All he need is just another tank of gas to keep on cruising....


  14. Anonymous12:38 pm

    We trust Najis more than him though all tell lies...

    Decendants of Mahatiu.

  15. At first BNM and Mahathir denied it when Lim Kit Siang raised the issue of a RM6 billion "hole" in BNM's Balance Sheet.

    Later, under pressure from the Opposition, Mahathir was forced to confirm it, MNY was sacked (but amzingly was re-employed by RHB Bank) and BNM's Governor, Jaafar Hussein resigned. But many have said that the actual US$ forex speculating loss, for which MNY was labelled Mamak Robokop Forex Loosecannon, was closer to RM$30 billion. Neither the Govt nor BNM has ever cleared this matter up!

    There has also been a police report against MNY who as director of a Plc was alleged to have misused its funds.

    With so many allegations against him, ranging from incompetency and fraud to CBT, money laundering and intefering in the appointment of CEO's to GLC's, I wonder why Najib does not seem to have the will power to put MNY to pasture for good?? He's a huge embarassment to the Govt, party and nation!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  16. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Wee has been one of the few quality MPs around in both government and opposition ranks with his grasp of issues and his understanding of policy formulation and implications as well as his precise delivery of those concerns. A rarity amongst Chingkies, I concede.

    I occasionally visit his blog even when he was in the PR gutter and was often impressed by his solid arguments and disclosures based on facts on such diverse issues like FOMEMA, Pantai, AirAsia etc. I may have disagreed with him on certain issues but overall, he stands out as at least an MP worth his salt who is factual in his argument. Given his sharp grasp of facts, it isnt surprising that he left the scumbags whose ranks include pathetically silly low quality wannabes like Gwo Burne, Nurul Izzah, Yusmadi (who was once fined by the Bar Council), the empty headed PASsites and of course the uber racist DAP chingkies who have nothing to offer except garbage. In any case, he wouldnt have made any headway given his intellect and events pertaining to him leaving attest to the fact that critical thinking, informed discourse, independent thought and innovative ideas are not welcome in the PR gutter lest it upsets the vested interests of those seeking to perpetuate family political oligarchies. Pity, their followerrs are too intellect vacuumed to notice this. Born losers!! hahahaha

    Apart from not holding my breath with regard to NMY. 2 things come to fore. I have commented elsewhere as to why based on ethics and corporate responsibility Musa and co should relinquish their seats on the SD BOD. It would be good if the government institutes a RCI into the shenanigans at SD or at least issue a White Paper on the whole fiasco but again I am not holding my breath especially after that appointment of the FELDA donkey which is a "masterstroke" of moronic proportions. But then again, with so many great superduper advisers around, why should we care. I would hazard to wager that Petronas will also be down the SD road two or three years from now.

    Online gambling in Wee's speech is interesting as it raise two issues, ethical and financial.

    Ethical: I would rather think that this is a non-ssue as there are safeguards in place to prevent Muslims from gambling. In any case, within a secular socio-political dimension, Muslims should use self-restraint as a tool as gambling is expressly forbidden in Islam and there is no quibbling about that. Since the argument leviatates along the same lines as that of alcohol's,the same rules should apply and I dont think Nik Aziz and his ilk should have any misgivings about this given their "principled" stand with regard to alcohol as Wee succintly pointed out. As, gambling, like alcohol is provided for and is even encouraged in belief systems other than Islam, it should be allowed subject to similar regulations applicable to alcohol. After all we are in the age of protecting minority rights over majority principles, right and it wont do to trample on the sensitivities of others especially when they are guaranteed vote banks!!like those infamous safe deposit boxes...hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Part B

    Financial : a peek at tha Spore's revenue streams since 2006 reveals that gaming taxes amounted to roughly S$1.7B in 2009 subject to further increment with the addition of the Casino revenue stream.


    That is roughly RM4.1B, a huge amount that when extrapolated into the Malaysian revenue stream would amount to 3% of revenue. I am sure the bulk of this source is from Malaysia and it would be good if we can retain that here rather than facilitating such leakages through silly and hypocritical polemics like the one gripping us.Imagine the impact of legalised sports betting on overall gambling reveue with a fresh influx of punters thus broadening the catchment area and accruing more revenue in the long run. Further, it will sound the death knell of the infernal ah long business.

    Moreover as WCK succintly elaborated, there are social benefits accrueable from such a move as well as the employment opportunities. Only those with vested interests in illegal betting and those whose parties gains from feeds from such sources would raise a hue and cry over such a move and we have a pretty good idea as to who they are given Hassan Ali's failed attempt in invoking Islamic law to ban alcohol in Shah Alam.

    If there are any doubts regarding the morality of utilisng such "haram" gains, rest assured that Nik Aziz's fatwa should suffice. After all, Kelantan has elevated itself to the rank of the second poorest state in Malaysia from bottom rank through the 'berkat' of such revenue and Malaysia can do no worse by following suit.

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Anon 8.19 AM may be sarcastic. But many people may not know sarcasm. Including the apparently bloody corrupt Akop fellow.

    He is not yet found guilty. So he is only "apparently" corrupt for now. But so much is said about him being corrupt. Here, there and everywhere. So, he might be a bloody fellow.

    The billions lost in forex trading. How doe we know there was no hanky panky even there? This is a big bucks fellow. He is said to be handling mainly big projects. The commission spoken is also said to be big. Up to 30%. If so, he's also a crazy fellow.

    For goodness sake, MACC, whack him up properly with full and unrestrained investigations. It is very demoralizing to keep hearing about him being linked to corrupt and irregular cases. Forget about irking Najib. People spoke about living in glass houses and AG "preferring" not to charge or deciding not to "prefer" charges or whatever lingo. But do your job, get all the evidence and present them.

  19. MACC was formed by the previous PM, thus all the officers in all states are his people. That is why all the previous PM's cronies will get will never get charged or will be aqquitted. Giving more powers to these officers is a sure way to bring back Pak Lah and his cronies. Perhaps this is what Anwar wants.

  20. skilgannon10664:50 pm

    Warrior xxx

    Sometimes I am compelled to agree with you!

    The penchant of PKR snatching defeat from the jaws of victory reminds me of the current antics of the Republican Party in the US vis-a-vis the Tea Partiers.

    On your views on legalised gambling, the next time you are in Singapore (if you can stomach visiting a repressed haven for the global elite), take a look at the busloads of Malaysians disembarking at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) IR daily!

    They have made it even easier now by setting up a coach terminal at RWS to handle coaches travelling to and from Malaysia.

    Who needs the KTM railway station at Tanjong Pagar? Go to RWS and take a coach trip to Malaysia. And take a spin at the baccarat tables before you board the coach!

    This is pragmatism carried to the nth level.

    Would that we in Malaysia are just as pragmatic (oops, bad grammar!). But that would be asking too much, wouldn't it?

  21. Wong Peng Kor5:21 pm

    Anon 8.14 am
    Itu 'gamling' ok maa..melayu pun bole 'gamling' woh!
    Tapi kita olang tatak suka itu 'gambling' maaa....Luit abis bini pun lali woh..!!

  22. Hot Air Balloon5:58 pm

    99.99999999% nothing will happen. You can investigate, you can blog, you can scream till your throat burst, what can PM do?

    Hot air only. Relax lah, this is bolehland

    NMY is untouchable ! Look at the series of posting about him in by so many pro-UMNO bloggers, nothing has happen to him.

  23. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Tak tahu menari salahkan pentas,
    Nak jadi Arab, unta pula tak ada
    Makanlah nasi, makanlah asam pedas
    Kita sopan lagi banyak pahala.

  24. I think the Bantai keliling speech by YB Wee showed that the 81 Pakatan Opposition MPs are now obsolete.

    The Pakatan lead by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim courtesy of the DAP and the defacto Opposition Leader Kit Siang are so hung up on their dream to Putrajaya that they indulge in too much politicking that they forgot to be good and useful Opposition MPs.

    Well done YB Wee, keep the speeches coming.

  25. Rocky, sorry off topic but very important. Please read Anil's blog on a new Rare Earth Plant in Gebeng, Pahang. Has our government gone mad to flout in radioactive hazzard again!


  26. Anonymous8:16 pm

    nstman never trying to understand the WCK message or maybe he's too dumb to figure out.. hehe

    -Barcode Nestle

  27. Anonymous10:05 pm

    You see we know Rocky Bru is back at Malay Mail at the behest of JJ aka 'jubor molester'. People with good memory will remember that JJ lost FM II post to NMY during TDM's reign. So JJ is using Rocky Bru to special brew something about NMY. Lies, damned lies....

    Stop this money madness!!!

  28. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Saya ingat kau orang silap faham. Mana ada rasuah kalangan orang besar. Ikan bilis banyak.
    Bodoh kau orang. Tutup mulut kalau tidak tahu apa-apa.
    Kerajaan pun tak akan bankrap , sana sisi rugi berbilion ringgit.
    Idris Jala cakap kosong hanya nak takut rakyat sebab lagi banyak rugi pun tak menjadi hal. Cuba kira berapa banyak kah kerajaan termasuk GLC rugi sejak 2004. Apa nak susah Kerajaan malaysia kaya. Rakyat pula pemurah derma sana sini. Tapi ada lagi miskin tegar diMalaysia.

  29. one shop owner once said it doesn't matter so much who rules this country as long as you can take care of yourself. which means do your job and earn an honest living. Yang takut tukar kerajaan ni selalunya mereka yang terhutang budi dengan projek2 kerajaan...tak kiralah kerajaan BN atau PR. kita yang makan gaji/berniaga kecil-kecilan akan terus cari makan, hutang bank dan bayar cukai. sekali-sekala boleh la melancong dan shopping di bandung.

  30. Hi Rock,

    I heard NMY is somewhat clean. The people who surround him are the ones which are taking advantage of his position.


  31. Anon 9.37am

    He got the contracts fact spot on!! And my source is reliable.


  32. Kabel 'strong' bro... sebab tu tak goyang... dah senonim dengan gomen BN/UMNO... apa boleh buat?
    Hantar BN masuk muzium pun depa tak kisah sebab kocek dah penuh. Saya yang rugi?
    Kami rakyat Malaysia yang jujur juga rugiiiii!

  33. Anonymous11:38 am

    Dear Sir,

    Worshippers. Two Ps.



  34. Anonymous12:22 pm

    give or no give prosecution power to macc also the same...

    if fat mama tell you to set them free, u have to kow-towing to her demands!

    fat mama rules! ok!

  35. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Hahaha...Warrior 231 and WCK defintely make a good pair. Both were born out of incestous relationships, and both have the pig faces to show for it.

    The rakyat (and not just the chingkies) will spit in the faces of these short-lived clowns due to their genetic defects.


  36. We need a clean government. Can Najib deliver?

  37. Budak kampung6:01 pm

    Persoalan kenapa baru sekarang WCK. kenapa tidak dulu. itulah dunia, tgklah diri kita dulu sebelum bercakap tentang org lain.

    Fikirkanlah diri anda sebelum membuat kenyataan tentang orang lain. Adakah apa yang dinyatakan oleh anda itu tepat dan sahih?

    Kadang2 kita selalu mengungkitkan tentang kisah silam sesorg.Adakah kita terlalu tahu tentang seseorang itu. Kadang2 kawan2 karib kita yang seharian bersama kita pun kita tidak tahu siapa dia sebenarnya.

    dunia oh dunia.

  38. Pendekar 1Malaysia6:24 pm


    Who is Hishamuddin Rais and his Tukartiub blog?

    Traffic ranking for visits to his blog is HIGHER than even Dr. Mahathir Mohammad's blog.

    Can you do an investigation please? Because I cannot accept this.

    Thank you.

  39. Anonymous7:10 pm

    It is so scary that many cases involving BILLION of dollars of money might have been wasted---
    Scorpene issue, PKFZ,Sime Darby, now Felda also join in the scenario, donno how much that we never know....Idris Jalla might be correct, the nation will go bankrupt but not because of the subsidy given, but due to fund mismanagement. I am a hardcore BN supporter, I never believe that I can NOT supporting BN, but with all these scandals going on, just make me want to puke...Najib realy need to show his political will and sincerity to improve this... So far -5 out of 10 for him.
    What can SPRM do with the additional hiring lately


  40. Nor Md.Yakob is a saint when it comes to money.Please don't villify him after all these years.
    He is the monetarist that Mahathir depended upon pegging the ringgit.Hence, he was appointed as Advisor to the Governor of Bank Negara. Of course Zeti envies him !

    This Wee Chee Keong is indeed a shit-stirrer.His first achievement was capturing MBf Loy's car parked in the Lord President's parking lot in courtyard.
    Tunku Abdul Rahman legalised horse betting. Tun Razak legalised Genting style betting.Mahathir legalised Tanjung, Btoto including car racing. Pak Lah legalised boat racing ala Monsoon Cup. So now najib has to legalise football betting.
    All forms of gambling is haram for muslims. Tunku also legalised the breweries. It is also haram for the muslims.It is wrong of him to say PAS should accept football betting.Islam also forbids eating pork.Yet it is licensed to breed pigs and trade. Two wrongs don't make a right as they say in Australia ; two Wongs don't make a White.What is good for the goose is also good for the gender.I mean Islamic teachings are good for all.
    Let's stick to halal lifestyle. No pork, no liquor , no gambling, no prostitution. Enjoy life without these vices.

  41. Anonymous8:38 pm

    nstman is an asshole . anything even a good move if its mooted by BN inclined people he will just shoot down. Shocked ... when he said he trust Nor .

    Hoi dont oppose just for the sack of opposing.I still remember you backing the OneBangsar illegal restaurants even the residents strongly decline.Nstman , even your melancap poster chick , Nurul Izzah pun oppose la bodoh .


    For the sake of opposing right ...?


  42. If the innuendos point towards the new meaning of losing on side as just gaining the same amount on the other side, we are in deep trouble on integrity.

  43. Anonymous12:41 am

    Don't forget those that are related or linked or kaum kerabat to NMY, such as Hamdan Abdul Majeed (SVP Khazanah, NMY's anak buah), Sharifatul Laila (CEO, Valuecap) and Sharifatul Haniza (CEO, RHB Asset). Those jokers are nothing but NMY's no 1 arse lickers taking instruction all the time.

  44. Ah Keong can say anything, but we do not trust him anymore. Cheh ! Xiao ren wu...meaning useless, self- serving, petty fellow ! Please retire yourself Ah keong !

  45. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Hot Air Balloon

    You are spot on mate and that is the reason why I am not holding any breath over NMY. Why deprive ourselves of free Oxygen over an arsehole.Who knows, he may even license Oxygen and charge for it one day....hahahaha

    paktam: You echo my sentiments exactly. Only, I would extend it further by adding that MACC is also commissioned to cleanse the opposition for Anwar's sake so as to facilitate the future ascension of the SILhoutte. That boy has been cock-a-hoop lately with his attacks on the terrorist detentions and attendant linkages, a fact harped upon by Anwar and his acolytes as also echoed by credibility-dead vermins like Haris Ibrahim((remember that lie on Rocky in January 2009)+ SILhoutte's absurd take on legalised betting that parrots Anwar's and Pas' line of thought is further evidemce his duplicitious nature. Wahhabis are lurking in different guises all over and Najib would do well to be mindful of this pernicious threat if he does not want to lose the plot.

    3. SG 1066 : I am familiar with what is happening down South of the Tebrau and have no need for ur counsel on that. Seems to me you dont understand what I said in a previous thread; repressed haven alright = politically repressed although Harry claims to have eschewed hedonism on a personal basis.....hahahahaha.

    Regarding your mother- Be reminded that the Rubicon was crossed a long time ago and all sacred cows including religion had been slaughered a long time ago. Anyway, as a concession, I will accede to your personal request (but for your mother only). Satisfied, arefucked, dickjuicing, shiteating cuntsucker?

    Pity the son for a cockjammed and braindead arsehole of a dad! Flummoxed that I can acknowledge WCK. Well he is a Chinese but you, the DAP, Gwo Burne and his ilk, and the vast majority of yellowskin yellowlivered out there are not only just pigshit eating scum but are also a bunch of arselicking, twatmunching, throatshafting, dograping, chicken fucking moronic inferior-complexed Chingkies and therein lies the difference.......

    With talk for the need of a 3rd force, Perkasa + the Independent Consensus + Chinese like Khoo Kay Kim, Lee lam Thye + Pribumis of East Malaysia offer the best way forward.

    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous12:58 pm

    We need vices otherwise polis atau kita tak ada kerja. Macam mana cari makan then. Vice stimulate our brain and if you think u are holly, simple lah just dont do it lah, easy as that.

    Temtation is good for our soul. It help to test our faith. Macam exams are needed to test our IQ. Sama juga vices, God need to see our true colours and strength of our faith because many of us pretenders.

    jangan marah. If you marah because you react, meaning your heart is not holly lah.

    saya tak marah kalau orang marah.

  47. Anonymous2:09 pm

    skilganon whatever

    "we in Malaysia?" Don't you mean "we in Singapore"? You always glorify Sngapore so much why don't you be a Singaporean?

    You are not scared of not getting many things in Singapore that you can get in Malaysia, are you? Freedom of speech, perhaps. No Big Brother on the wall, maybe?

  48. J Dean11:20 am

    This mamak have 9 lives ... put all his relatives in high position ... Melayu very stupid by trusting this Mamak!!!

  49. skilgannon10663:29 pm

    Anon 2:09 PM

    Add to that little list the following:

    - an airport that offers the best connectivity in the region
    - no need to pay "baksheesh" in order to get things done. Comprende?
    - corporate income tax rate of 17 per cent. What's not to like?
    - freedom to walk the streets at night and to drive my Range Rover without having to worry about snatch thefts, car jackings, Mat Rempits running amok...You get the picture?
    - a public transport system that actually works, and works efficiently. Priceless!
    - and seeing fellow Malaysians streaming across the Causeway to cari makan in the "little red dot". Humbling.
    - and the fact that broadband Internet access in Singapore is a fact of life, not something to be begged for. 10Mbps? Available now islandwide, but chickenfeed with the upcoming NextGen NBN.

    Though what's all this got to with the topic of this thread flumoxxes me.

  50. skilgannon10663:36 pm

    Warrior xxx 6:03 PM

    It's indeed passing strange just how many Malaysians (including those of a certain ethnicity) are working in this "repressed haven", at jobs ranging from unskilled manual labour to banking and ICT professionals.

    Perhaps a "repressed haven" with a strong currency (2 to 1) is preferable to the Shangri-la north of the Causeway? As they say, money talks, and in this case, it's definitely mine is bigger than yours!

    On another point, I wonder just what "Rubicon" you are referring to? I, too, might mention "Armageddon" in the context of sacred cows being slaughtered, but that's another posting for another day.