Thursday, June 24, 2010

Khalid Ibrahim, Chief Sitting Duck

Mr 100 Percent. I watch with interest the shadow boxing between Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Menteri Besar, and Anwar Ibrahim's protege Azmin Ali. It's no secret that the two don't see eye to eye and have been trading jabs. Azmin's decision to quit his PKNS post (compare news reports No problem with MB and  Azmin resigns from PKNS board, unhappy with Khalid is seen as part of an orchestrated move within PKR to discredit MB ahead of the party's elections in November.
But sitting duck or not, Khalid is not sitting still. He has come out strongly to try and emerge as champion for the Kg Baru landowners over the Federal government's plan to redevelop the Malay settlement. I wrote in my latest Rocky's Bru on Thursday column headlined Taking out the slum out of Kg Baru that Khalid's support for 100% Malay ownership of the redeveloped Kg Baru may not go down very well with his partners in Pakatan Rakyat, especially those who are so fond of questioning and ridiculing the NEP's (and now New Economic Model's) 30 per cent quota for Bumis and Malays. This could further weaken his position against Azmin and the likes of ZaidIbrahim, who is also likely to go for deputy presidency in November.
Go to Din Marican's posting Under pressure Khalid Ibrahim is PKR's chief sitting duck to learn what's bruing in PKR.


  1. umno's mohamad taib when md did zoning,shah alam become halal town,no pubs,got industrial zone,then got residential zone for people who work there to live.there
    is that shah alam mosque built by md taib.then there were b indah,pandan indah,pandan jaya kpg pandan,rawang city...nation building babe!

    under khalid,pasir stolen 1 million a day,kdeb reserve of 222million gone,pkps have to sell land to pay salary,no investment are lulus,there were halal park proposal from dubai,gone,ceramic park from kimhin bhd,gone,all no good!now duit water to pay rozali syabas come from state treasury!

    khalid now got teresa kok,xavier,ronnie liu,dap cronies
    to support him.dsai is paralysed.


  2. Anonymous9:48 pm

    No more vote for the moron PR. Talk cock all this while. They are actually anti-establishment and more Racis then the BN. Penalizing most of the businessman that started business with the previous government. We who are genuine businessman is caught by surprises. We bought over shares and business entities from others but they treated us like a BN cronies. What about our investment and risks that we took?
    We really laugh when seeing the sand scandals and Talam debts issues. We saw what was done during BN rulings and hope for a better changes. But, sorry la, we can conclude that all politicians is the same. The only different which is better or worst. BN better and PR worst. Where is the reforms in their Manifestos that they promise to implement. Talking about FDI, Theresa Kok said that they succesfully atracted about RM11billion in 2008 but dive to 5-6 billion in 2009. Let us enlighten you all that it usually takes at least 6 months for the FIC (Foreign Investment Committee ) to approve project or investment worth more then RM20 million. After 8-03-2008 and the hick-up to form the state government do you think they are so great to attract RM11billion and only manage to do RM5-6 billion in full year of 2009.

    We always categorised our workers as
    1- Kuat makan, tau kerja
    2. Kuat makan, tak mau kerja
    3. Kuat makan, tak tau kerja

    PR can be categorised as 2 & 3 la now.

    No more sleeping beauty.

  3. Anonymous10:08 pm

    and najis, cif sitting bull-shit!!!

  4. Anonymous10:10 pm

    One can view this to be handiwork of Anwar. Fomenting the revolution from a distance while affecting a straight face for cuckolded Khalid’s sake. Or one can view It is as more than just a rejection of Khalid. It is a rejection of Anwar and his divisive political ideology itself. Either way, it is of little wonder that it has erupted when the “royal” clowns are away and the daughter had to be vehement in her denial of reality when cornered. In a way, it iis the death knell of Anwarism : a hodgepodge pastiche of discordant ideologies, absurdist economic theories and nihilistic social agendas . Anwar presided over this, holding it together not because of any charisma, sharpness of intellect or political nous as the socalled intelligentsia love to highlight through their lopsided and brainless observations but more due to political expediency. You would never have the majority warming up to LKS, LGE or Hadi or Nikki for they were just provincial or village politicians occupying the national stage, hence eneter Anwar, the clown prince of Malaysian politics. And reveled at his crowning did Anwar, in the process hoodwinking a stupid electorate with promises of an Orwellian Shangrila of social security, stratospheric economic growth and the Musketeer shout of Equality, Liberty and fraternity. What shit!!
    PKR the fulcrum that balanced Chingkie chauvinism and deviationist Islamic extremism (read Wahhabism) was never cut out for the game precisely because within the supposed melting po,t a poisonous broth of right wing Malay nationalists, ideologically neutered opportunists, liberal freaks , leftwing socialists and commie sympathizers and a sprinkling of religious conservatives was stewing. There was no consensus in ideology, much less in policy or its implementation. To top it all, there was a total absence internal party discipline, hierarchical deference or even accord on basic things like engagement with the media , outlining policy initiatives , power distribution. To top it all, there was this arrogant superiority complex suffusing the party top-down. Individuals totally inured to criticism much less self-criticism. It was akin to a party of angels setting themselves up for the ultimate fall and didn’t Satan fall from grace himself. Everything was externalized, the enemy was without not within, they were being persecuted like some deviant christo sect, the mainstream press - an ogre to be intensely mistrusted and of course, BN was Herod to their Lamb. Anwar and the party faithful called internal dissent as “democracy at work”, “freedom to opinion”, “ diversity of views” etc etc. Their rationale to make all that discord palatable to an adoring rabble was to cunningly juxtapose it to so-called “repressive Mahathrism”, the purported antithesis to dissent, right to opinion etc. In reality, invoking Mahathir was Anwar’s trump card, a fresh reworking of 1998 to keep that supposed persecution moral play as unsullied as morning dew in the minds of the faithful (especially the Malays), the threat of the resurrection of the dark Ages, a psychological ploy to coral electoral support like in 1999 when in actuality the years of the statesman were the best years of our lives It was the ultimate con but the fawning rabble of thought lobotomized zombies lapped it up nonetheless For how could they not, given they had no inkling as to what differentiate a political party from a street party.


    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous10:11 pm

    And what a street party it was, Pinterian absurd theatre at its very best. Beneath however, eddying way from public view was a dark Jacobean tragicomedy of political backstabbing, intrigue, sexual peccadilloes, personal foibles, institutional corruption (the only thing missing was a dead body and a bloody dagger, I suppose) that occasionally surfaced much to the leadership’s dismay. Surfaced it did, for that was how the internally silenced but conscientiously concerned had the leeway to express their exasperation but surfaced it did also for reasons less altruistic such as to undercut a rival, depose a leader or embarrass the top brass into action.
    And when that surfacing threatened to spin out of control and endanger vested political oligarchies, a preprogrammed reactive mechanism invariably kicked into motion. First, the dissenters were cajoled with sweet talk behind closed doors, failing which the complainant was ignored. Third, disciplinary action was initiated and allowed to fester in the hope the issue would blow over and normality restored. Finally, recalcitrant individuals were hounded out of the party whilst a simulatnous process of tarring the dissenter in the press and the new media was initiated by the party hierarchy and mouthed in unison by their minions. The stock mantra being : “bought over” by the other side; financial problems, personal deficiencies etc was blared loud and clear and soon they had the zombie following chanting in unison:”traitors”, “good riddance to rubbish”, “UMNO/BN trolls” etc etc. There was no attempt at critically analyzing the root cause, of reviewing existing frameworks, of institutionalizing reform, of embedding internal structures to facilitate criticism, investigation and action, of weeding out hangers on and opportunists, of restrategisiing approaches . None, Zero, zilch ‘ cos Anwar wasn’t bothered about all that. His mission was not to reform or change rather his was a mission to avenge a “hurt”, to wipe out a legacy whilst imbibing the chalice of power. (I wager that if Tun were depart us, the family (especially: Mukhriz) would be the new scapegoat.) And so good men like WCK and Zul Noordin walked away in disgust while the remnants cockjuiced even more passionately.
    To keep the rabble enthralled other mantras were chanted : Putrajaya 2013, Sarawak 2011 etc while trinkets like free water, takaful , death benefits, Rm100 rebates (absurdly; to even to Datuks!!), 999 year leases are dangled with promises of more to come in the offing. How stupid can a polity get if it swallows this sort of hogwash hook line and sinker with nary a question about viability, sustainability nor even a murmur about longterm Industrial Master Plans, New economic models or revenue enhancing projects whilst budget deficits are reined in, a reformed progressive taxation structure emplaced, infrastructural and transport improvements, education reform or even simple queries regarding why state growth rates were beneath national averages, falling FDI or investment in the state, the unattained economic targets.etc.


    Warrior 231

  6. Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Look at track records of AA, before & during DSAI's time... fast/instant greed for power/influence is in his DNA... he'll do whatever it takes to be there, even at the expense of PKR/PR... mark my words.

  7. As a non-Malay, I would support any proposal to retain Kg. Baru as 100% Malay ownership, simply because of its original status and sensitivity to suggestions of change.

    I can foresee government departments and GLCs having offices there, Malay restaurants and departmental stores, halal franchises like McDonald and KFC outlets, and Malay bazaars which provide business opportunities to small traders. Let it be a showcase of success in the heart of KL.

    But the only drawback I can think of is still the lower market value of the properties and the lower rentals as compared with those in the open market, simply because of no demand from the non-Malays as a result of the restriction. This is an economic fact which cannot be avoided.

  8. Anonymous10:51 am


    Another drama unfolding? Talk of the fallout between these two personalities have been rife even after the 2008 elections. Apparently Azmin expected to be named MB but as it turn out the post was given to Khalid.

    What irks Azmin is the manner in which Khalid manages Selangor, of which decision making is so slow and thus the response to any proposal made takes a long time. This does not augur well with Azmin as he feels that decisions should be made within the shortest time possible.

    Khalid should remember that he is not the CEO of PNB or Guthrie whereby he can rely on his Divisional Directors, CFO, CIO etc to get things done. Comparatively the State Excos not only have to be concerned with the portfolio that they have been made responsible of but also their own constituency.

    We just wait and see of what is the outcome of the retreat this weekend.

  9. Anonymous11:38 am

    By today's accounts of khalids' standing within his party, he has become chief sitting bull! He is still on target by bank islam.

  10. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Malay mail sinking duck too!!!

  11. Dato'

    The fighting between PKR leaders seem to be an advantage to be BN

    Unfotunately some "SMART" mininster making disadvange to BN.

    Wake up PM !!
    Watch those MENTERI CABOK who knows how to talk but does not know what they are talking about.

  12. Anonymous8:11 pm


    What an insult to the people of kampung baru. Is this Najib's selling point? Painting it a SLUM? Have you seen a real slum? Do you see the Kampung Baru people defecating in the streets like the slums of calcutta? Do you see sewerage flowing in the streets? Garbage overflowing? (actually garbage overflows everywhere in KL and Malaysia, so the whole damn country should be called a slum). Do you see Kampung Baru kids going around naked and dirty? Kampung Baru is not a slum. Old yes, but definitely not a slum. What is wrong with you Rocky? Do you need a dictionary or a conscience?

    What an insult to the people of Kampung Baru. Penghinaan besar demi menjayakan mimpi2 pengaut keuntungan yang tamak. Sejak Najib jadi PM, banyak betul ye tanah dilelong?

    Adakah pembangunan hanya berupakan bangunan tinggi dan rumah2 mewah? Adakah penduduk penduduk Kampung Baru akan menikmati nilai sebenar pembangunan ini atau adakah Melayu akan bahagia dengan pemberian seciput berbanding dengan keuntungan besar jangka panjang sipenghisap benak yang tak puas2 dengan kekayaan yang sedia ada?

    Sedih betul lah bila Melayu merogol bangsa/tanah sendiri atas nama pembangunan.

  13. Rocky, Melayu kalau dah ghairah macam Azmin ni susah lah hendak mencapai kekebalan Bangsa Melayu yang selalu di pandang. Ingat bersatu kukuh bercerai roboh!

  14. Anonymous12:20 pm

    But still Khalid is many times better than Toyo, Toyo is like expired milk.

  15. Khalid Ibrahim's MB position is as solid as a rock he has DAP and PAS's support and that makes 21 Aduns as opposed to PKR's 14 Aduns minus Khalid himself.

    Certainly DAP and PAS would not allow the Pakatan Government to crack according to the whims and fancies of power crazy MPs and Aduns from PKR. Certainly after the failure of the putsch by PKR rebels, DAP and PAS hands in the state Government is greatly strengthened.

    BN leaders and supporters from Selangor should not just gawk at what is happening but should explore opportunities on the ground to ensure recapture of Selangor next GE.

  16. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Wah, ni baru lah editorial standard punya analysis. Our newspapers (politically aligned as they may be) can learn a thing or ten from how to write maaaa! Tak dak la nampak macam nak ampu masters jer, tapi ade good strong points.


  17. Anonymous10:53 pm

    P.S: Warrior 231,

    One thing I must point outlah.

    Don't lah malign the so-called "wahhabis" though. Don't fall for the labeling before actually looking at the facts. Not the manufactured ones prepping the world for 9-11 and the invasion of Muslim lands and pre-Chechnya.

    Other than that, its a stellar piece. The UMNO papers should make you editor, or give you a columnlah.

  18. Anonymous2:37 am

    @ Anon 12:20 PM

    "But still Khalid is many times better than Toyo, Toyo is like expired milk."

    Ha ha ha ha, inilah penyokong setia PR. Walau apa pun tahi depan mata, tetap manis dan indah.

    UMNO SUCK! <--- see I condemn UMNO, means that I'm not one of the zombie supporters.


  19. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Part 1

    Events over the past few days since the apparent failed anti-Khalid coup attempt seem to suggest several things for discerning observers of the local political scene.

    Firtsly, it forever slays the myth that PKR and by extension PR was a monolithic political juggernaut imbued with a monocular vision of transforming the local political landscape. Pretenses aside, there is paltry evidence to suggest that PKR has the wherewithal to conceptualise and eventually lay the groundwork for the emergence of two-party democracy in Malaysia. That the outer fa├žade of unity is imploding inwards is never more apparent than the DAP sideshow which once again reasserts the secular chauvinists’ abhorrence for an Islamic state, effectively short-circuiting Nikki Aziz’s assertion that such was never the case. It is just a matter of time before the three parties revisit and resurrect the derelict haunts of opposition politics – a waste dump of broken promises, political hallucinations and ideological divisions.

    Secondly within PKR itself, there is a rising angst against “Anwarism”- a heady concoction of intellectual nihilism, cultic fanaticism and street gangsta extremism that had that poor man’s Che Gueverasque appeal of revolution sans the bloodshed.. There is widespread perception that this angst was congealing around Khalid and by extension Zaid Ibrahim and Azmin’s appointment was a first strike move designed to outmaneuver the dissident faction to ensure powers remains firmly entrenched within the family dynasty. If ever a signal shot across the bow to fledgling upstarts was to be made, this was it. It reeked of that don’t dare to rock the boat pong it is also a veiled allusion that Khalid has to abandon any pretense of administrative probity and cower to the demands of the warlords and hangers-on. By unequivocally anointing Azmin, Anwar is also signaling his strategic retreat behind the cordon of intransigence about to be thrown up by trusted lieutenants like Azmin, unsavory acolytes like Tian Chua and loyal devotees from within the family firm, yet another sign as to how far the man has become distanced from the grassroots. It is also ample warning signal that Anwar’s latent dictatorial tendencies have now usurped his well-scripted democratic inclinations and another round of bloodletting masked as a purgation of undesirables is imminent.

    It is apparent that Anwar had a big hand behind the scenes in the latest shenanigans with regard to Khalid. After delivering, what in football terms amounts to the dreaded vote of confidence at the recent PKR Congress, Anwar distanced himself from his erstwhile comrade by explicitly refusing to quell the simmering revolt within the ranks. Next, while Khalid’s move to appoint Fakeah can be seen as a desperate attempt to placate Anwar and consolidate his mentor’s backing, the fact that the appointment did little to quell the angst within PKR suggests that a non-plussed Anwar has already decided to kill off Khalid , hence his reticence. That prominent Anwaristas like Fuziah Salleh, the PR elections director were mentioned indicates to all and sundry that the plot was sanctioned by top level party apparatchiks s and those closely aligned to Anwar and his duplicitous play acting was merely a cover to mollify a distraught and politically cuckolded Khalid. The fact that Khalid gave the Selangor PKR retreat a miss is symbolic of the rift between the two men.

    Warrior 231

  20. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Part 2

    Thirdly, Azmin’s elevation by itself can be interpreted at several levels. Firstly, he has been unofficially anointed as the heir apparent in anticipation of Khalid’s inevitable demise. By elevating his “beloved” to a position of preeminence in Malaysia’ economically premier state, Anwar is indicating to the rank and file who he views as the next Selangor MB post-Khalid.. Secondly, it constitutes a desperate gambit designed to shore up the receding wave of Malay support for PKR in Selangor. This move merely confirms my assertions here and elsewhere that Malay support for PR’s shithole politics has been dwindling rapidly since KT 2009 while that of the minority Indian community disillusioned by PR’s pro-Chingkie stance, sundry childish antics, and the lack of specific socio-economic programmes is slowly gathering steam. Thirdly, there is a growing feeling within PKR ranks that their political and economic pronouncements and their stance on religious issues have distanced them from the Malay polity. The removal of Khalid is seen crucial as they try to forge a new political alliance of Chingkies-Malays given the collapse of the old Chingkie-Hindulen nexus for Khalid has been widely perceived to have surrendered to non-Malay demands. Fourthly, it shows how dominant Azmin is within PKR that even Anwar has to kowtow to this tin-can napoleon . Anwar capitulation once again reaffirms public perception that he is beholden to Azmin for some peculiarly mysterious reason. Finally, the sum of Khalid’s failed administration in Selangor in terms of economic growth (below the national average), income generation (the failed sand scam, a classic example), lack of new economic paradigms and poor handling of race issues inevitably sapped confidence in this mediocre businessman turned politician.

    Warrior 231

  21. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Part 3

    Khalid’s public admission that he is a novice when it comes to Machiavellian politics resonates its own implications as well. It affirms the image of a fractious party dominated by warlords beholden to none except their own personal interests and that of their weakling leader . Increasingly, Wan Azizah appears to be a pathetically lost figure beholden to her husband’s name to exert her authority over factions determined to push their respective agendas. In addition, Khalid’s disclosure also demonstrates that difference within PKR are not the fruits of any progressive dialectic between differing ideologies or intellectual or developmental paradigms but rather the peel of petty personal conflicts. It is also serves as an admission that even benign yet inefficient ‘technocrats’ like Khalid are anathema to the interests of career politicians like Azmin who are beholden to old style patriarchal pork barrel politics. Tellingly to proponents of new politics and purveyors of civil society, Khalid’s admission symbolizes the comprehensive failure to reorient politics in a new direction based on policy debates, ideological exchanges and informed critical evaluation of issues and approaches within the marketplace of ideas it is an indictment that local politics instead of embracing progressive frameworks have adopted regressive models that is essentially cultic in nature and one dimensional existentially.

    For all Anwar’s public posturing, he is forever shackled by under-intellectualism, overweening ambition, overhyped charisma and profound moral failings. A chameleonic character now reduced to a pathetic caricature of a political poseur , Anwar has lfew options left. The socalled PR consensus cobbled awkwardly together by another Anwar political lookalike, the power drunk Zaid, is slowly unraveling on the public stage. With the PAS-DAP schism again manifesting itself, PR is caught in a classic Yeatsian ‘centre cannot hold’ situation . Anwar, PR was never a precursor of change. Neither are they the herald of a new dawn. Whatever little good they achieved was miniscule compared to the huge damage they wrought. They have collectively hobbled opposition politics with an indelible stain. A stain that mocks at future oppositionists like Perkasa/Konsensus Bebas as opportunist in the eyes of the public.

    The omens look bad for Anwar and dire for PR. There is nothing much there for the idealistic nor for the realistic. The dream lies dead in the clutches of a nightmare. The ideals nothing more than the kernels of an empty shell, the allusion to change nothing more than empty rhetoric. They were brought together by common hate - BN, manipulated by a common fear – mahathirism and cuckolded by a common illusion- power. Now, the decent thing to do would be to dissolve and disappear into the sunset. But can they?

    Warrior 231

  22. skilgannon10662:51 pm

    Anon 9:48 PM

    I am curious: just how much FDI did the federal govt manage to attract in the period 2000-2009? Maybe u can ask Rafidah for the answer!

    Can u even compare a Selangor state govt under Khalid to an entire federal administration backed by the "unlimited" resources of Petronas?

    Actually, warrior xxx, in spite of his more bloodthirsty predilections, does talk sense when it comes to economics and finance.

    In any case, it doesn't matter because foreign investors are more hard-headed than to be swayed by appeals to emotion or by racist-tinged logic. Which is something the guys and gals at MIDA will admit in their more sober moments, although they will never dare to say so in public.

  23. Anonymous11:40 am

    zombieee of the year