Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whose house this?

£8.5 million. According to Another Brick, it belongs to a Malaysian politician. A Cabinet Minister! But the blogger also says it's a rumour lah, which means it's not true until somebody owns up or can prove that it is so.
This blog has "visited" several Malaysian palaces abroad, including a RM30 million Ottawa home part-owned by a Malaysian lady. We have also heard some people claiming that an ex-MB lived in a RM30 million Shah Alam mansion and couldn't prove it after the ex-MB said it was built with a loan of only RM3.5 million.
In any case, it's good to know that Malaysians are investing abroad. But it would be better if they are not shy about it.
Pic of Holland Park in London where the Malaysian politician's house is supposed to be. Read all about M'sian Minister bought £8.5 million Holland Park home


  1. At todays exchange rate that's about RM40 million. Say with bank loan of 80%, the "Minsiter" will actually "only" have had to fork out about RM$10 million upfront including cost of renovation, F&F etc. That's chicken feed for an UMNO/BN 'Minister"!!

    In 2008 there was this case of a certain NS MB remitting $10 million to London through Bank Negara 2, i.e., the ancient mamak havala moneychangers' system which not only gives better rates than our commercial and Isalmic banks, but is faster and more secretive!!

    Is there a connection here? And how will the "Minister" service the bank loan? Looks like the annual $28 billion "leakage" from our economy cannot be phased out in 10MPNEMNEP!! Muahaha!

    we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

  2. Anonymous2:59 pm

    why worry? that part and parcel of living in this world.there people who had to be suckers and there are people that live flamboyantly. But since he/she is/was the minister let us skin the party he/she represents next election.

  3. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Ini rumah Zahid Hamidi. Semua org tau. Rumah ini di'hadiah'kan kpd Zahid Hamidi sebagai balasan utk rm400 juta kontrek pertahanan. Semua org tau. Rasanya PM pun tau, tapi buat tak tau, sebab Zahid seketika dahulu mengkhianati Anwar Ibrahim, dgn memberitau Najib rancangan menggulingkan Dr Mahatir. Zahid, masok ISA cuma utk menutup mata org aje. Betul tak, Zahid Hamidi? Aku kawon kao Zahid, dari dulu lagi banyak kao bgtau demo, tpi mu diaom aje. Nok hianot Anwar, demo tke kisoh, nok hianot Negara, kenalah dedah muka hang sebenor.

  4. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Anybody has the right to own a house of their choice no matter where and how much it cost but RM40 Million is too much. Wonder where the money come from.


  5. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Waduuuh gua tak bleh tidor lah!

    ternanti nanti siapakah gerangan menteri tersebut!

    its such a mystery..NOT.


    This is just the beginning! we gonna start trigger all colleagues worldwide, show and list all the properties overseas bought by malaysian politicians "shyly"


    -jom tengok ramai ramai-

  6. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Whose house atau Whore house?

    Anyway Dato Rocky,

    Kalau kita tau dari mana datang Tanah, Rumah, ketulan Mas dalam bank, Kereta Mewah bla bla...

    Kalau kita jadi whistle blower..

    MACC kasi commision banyak mana kat kita? 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% total value of recovered properties or what?

    Easy come easy go....


  7. what the heck..y jealous?maybe
    he is rich and know how to make money work for him.

    grow up guys!

    111,woodsford square,hol park.

  8. Anonymous7:00 pm


    When Zahid Hamidi was just a Pol Sec (time of Anwar) he once DECLARED his assets RM200 Million. The question is why Dr Mahathir still kept him. Zahid Hamidi is Anwar's 'Trojan Horse' - until today. The question is why does Najib still keep him in Cabinet? Is it because Najib has a bigger house in London?

    Why is Zahid Hamidi buying such a big house in London? Kalimullah has a big house there. People say Nor Mohd Yakop has built a house in India. They are all building houses because they are afraid that the BN might collapse in 2013.

    If the BN loses, these people will leave the country in a hurry.

    Zahid Hamidi bought military vehicles for RM2.0 billion. He is buying three ships for RM2.2 billion. Mesti ada commission. Buying a RM40.0 million house is chicken feed.

    And this is Najib's Cabinet?

    Hj Hoe.

  9. rocky aint got no more ideas is it .. go out on the field la bro ..say go to kuala nerang ka ..baling ke ..muar ker ..kt ker see how ordinary malaysian lives.not just "lepak" around bangsar or klcc .

  10. abu simbel8:03 pm

    donplaypuks 1:49 pm ...
    correct..correct..correct... celah gigi saja laa ...

  11. Lets not jump the gun shall we, it may be not the Minister but maybe the Minister's wife or Brother in Law.he,he.

    Where they buy is not our problem, but how and where they got that much mega money to spend on a house in London is our business.

    And yes Bro its not just in London and Shah Alam, what about the houses in Kuala Lumpur the Condos around KLCC and many other affluent parts of Kuala Lumpur, do you still remember the Zakaria mansion in Klang. Even Anwar Ibrahim has a nice new bungalow tucked nicely in Segambut. Some Malaysian politicians are a lucky lot aren't they. This maybe just a tip of the iceberg.

  12. Anonymous12:34 am

    why bother to know ? it's only ONE worm of the can, even if you know the owner, what CAN you do ? end of the day, it will be swept under the carpet.
    Just wait till the next election...

  13. Anonymous12:45 am

    and think we should stop paying taxes...

  14. Anonymous3:22 am

    there is one current selangor pkr mp who owned a mansion at tasik titiwangsa. he was formerly a government civil servant private secretary to then dpm anwar ibrahim when he got the mansion. a govt official with that rank usually earns between rm2,000 and rm3,000. don't know where he got the money to buy such the million dollars house by the kl lake. it was probed by aca or bpr.. don't know what happened to the case. maybe no case or evidence... but am wondering isn't the big mansion an eye boggling evidence?!

  15. Suka kaya9:07 am

    Wow, a beautiful house in a beautiful area.
    I wish I can own such a house.
    Whoever owns it, Congrats for owning such a home.
    If it is from hard, well-earned money, bravo.
    You made Malaysia proud.

  16. Rocky I don't even have house after all these years......should I become corrupt now..give some advise bro!

  17. Wonder where Rocky is now staying after he "turned over," went over to the "dark side," and received his Datokship [did he receive the Datokship from the Sultan of Johor? :)]. Does he now own a palace and a nasi kandar outlet in Perth? Or is his new mansion merely at home in Malaysia, next to the Tukang Gigi Wak Jawa Tempe's kraton-esque palace? BTW, if the latter were true, how much did Rocky borrow to build it? Dua sen?

    Just my 2¢'s worth.

  18. I THOT I THAW A TWEETY TAT12:05 pm

    Salam Sdr Rocky;

    Just a note regarding tweets, twitter, tweeting.
    I have copy/pasted a bit of writeup regarding the proper terms to use (bukan apa, since your blog is de facto, what you write/how you write will be emulated, right and wrong).

    So, here goes:

    Twitter has a lot of unique users and although much of the information is idol chit-chat it is also a source of breaking news as many who frequent the site carry hand held devices and will tweet about the news as it is happening, making this a valuable resource for companies like Microsoft and Google to have access to.
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    ..when one is giving an update about catching a flight to London, and waiting to board the plane; one is TWEETING, not TWITTING.

    ...tapi TWITTER tetap TWITTER, bukan TWEETER

    Thanks for your effort.

  19. Anonymous12:19 pm

    must be a lanchau latuk as well?

  20. Jawa Kontrak1:53 pm

    So what is the difference between an individual spending his own money (regardless of how he amassed his fortune in the first placer) and that of the government in spending so much money to build a new palace without bothering to get the best price (regardless of all the - the rakyat are stupid - excuses : i)ni first time we are building a palace for the King ii)safety features la (kan rakyat sayang King, so we don't need all the gadgetry to keep them out!)

    Government of the day that approved it should be taken to task. This is rakyat's money la...Poll the individual rajas berjiwa rakyat and I am sure they don't approve of such spending...

  21. Kura Sri Layang2:02 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    Ini minister join MLM jual jusmate keluaran Dr Rozmey laa...

  22. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Hey don't worry everyone will get their own mansion someday..

    Six feet below wrapped in white plain sheets, some will go dressed in your best burial suits or gowns, some in decorated clay/stainless steel urn or ashes scattered and drifted away by wind or water.


  23. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Dear Anonymous I THOT I THAW A TWEETY TAT: 12:05 PM:

    check your dictionary lah bro! all same meaning lah! tweet, twit, twat..


  24. Anonymous7:02 pm

    berita tergempar!

    semua ramalan orang salah belaka. pemilik rumah ini adalah seorang tokey ubat kuat lelaki chap tanduk musa!

    memang biznes man yang ketal!

    syabas !

  25. sama seperti pasquale saya pun tak ada rumah sendiri, sewa saja.
    eh betul ke pasquale takde rumah? rumah atas pokok pun takde???

  26. Anonymous7:56 am

    yes, better not be 'shy' because there should be no reason for it if purchase is legit and ethical...


  27. Anonymous9:23 am

    1.Apa yang hangpa nak hairankan!!
    2.Hangpa tenguk duatiga hari ni!puak-puak jutawan yang kaya kerana makan duit tak ketawan hala!!bila mati apa jadi!!
    3.Anak bini berebut harta!!boleh senangka!!
    4.Anak bini dok tak senang!!Roh disana tenangka!!
    5.Tak hairanla pada puakj-puak yang makan duit HARAM ni!termasuklah jugak tokey-tokey MLM tu!!hangpa makan la duit HARAM tu!!diduniapun oghang gelaq hangpa makan duit rasuah!duit pak man telooo!!disana nanti!!!

  28. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Who say crime doesn't pay?

    How much does a doctor,lawyer or an engineer paid? The road to riches is politic,so for those who are envious of BN/UMNO big mansion.....I say let's joint politics.

  29. "al fitnatu asyaddu minalqatl"
    semua org boleh baca dan boleh buka sendiri dan boleh mencari dimana letaknya ayat ini di dalam kitabul karim kalamullah..fikirkanlah ye..bukan susah nak buat dosa, bukan senang nak hindari diri dari buat dosa, pilihlah mana satu jalan yg kau rasa selesa untuk dijadikan eset bawa mati..mungkin org2 ni dah banyak pahala, takut tak seimbang pulak nanti antara dosa dan pahala..jadi beramailah kalian menabur fitnah pd org..nauzubillah..jauhkanlah kami dari sifat2 yg begini..amiiin

  30. salam tok.. itu rumah saya. saya beli untuk BONDA saya..salam

  31. Anonymous3:05 pm

    I have been working for almost 25 years. I still find it too expensive to own a decent 2-storey semi-Ds in KL, almost impossible. Compared to overseas in the US or Australia, a Computer Programmer with 5 years experience can own a decent house and live comfortably.