Monday, June 14, 2010

New Sime Darby chief

Meet the new group chief executive Bakke Salleh, read it here. A lot of people are disappointed the job's not going to Azhar.

updated june 15, 12.06pm

Got this mail from someone who has worked closely with Bakke, and who knows that Bakke the right person for the job. Bakke, among other things:

- Turned around the operations at LTH
- introduced transparency in the investment appraisal process & incorporated the risk mgt function
- instilled & implemented professional best practices in the overall operations
- strengthened & improved the operations at TH Plantations that enabled the successful listing & consistently respectable financial performance

And where this guy's integrity is concened ...

  - refused higher allotment of shares when TH Plantations was to be listed by recommending (which the board duly approved) that the directors & all eligible senior staff get only 1,000 units
- paid for own expenses when making private trips for umrah


  1. Anonymous4:50 pm

    melayu liberal nih... name dia bake ke, baka ke bak ke atau bakut teh?
    eee.. geli la nama mcm mat salleh hidung mcm melayu..

  2. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Bakkee is a no-nonsense guy, has a reputation as a trouble shooter (for a good reason). But Bakkee's big mistake was to recommend Ismee as the CEO of Tabung Haji after he left for Felda. It is not a secret in the market that Ismee is nothing but a PIRATE. Since taking over Tabung Haji's CEO position, Ismee has been accumulating his personal wealth at the expense of Tabung Haji's depositors. How can a CEO in Tabung Haji afford a brand new Mercedes S300 (plat no XXX19)? Dont also forget about Ismee's right hand man, Adi Azuan. Whatever that Tabung Haji purchased or renovated, the same will apply to his house in Shah Alam. His room has 2 flat screen TVs, together with a very expensive decor. Check out his RM10k office table. I wonder how Ismee can approved for such lavish expenditure. Now that pretty explain why Tabung Haji has not been able to pay higher dividends.
    So Bakkee, if you are reading this comment, please tell your Ismee and his Adi to quit Tabung Haji and migrate to Singapore.

    Tabung Haji's depositor.

  3. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Bakke was handpicked by NMY to be the CEO of Tabung Haji in 2001. And now, Bakke will head Sime Darby. Obviously NMY is still doing the handpicking.
    Good luck Malaysia!

  4. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Haji Bakke is a good fit for Sime Darby, an experienced planter, property man and an accountant.
    He is a god fearing man and will hopefully lead or show the door to the beer drinking, womanising Hisham, Azhar, "anti- Bumi" Franki and gang.
    Only problem is the skirt chasing Chairman masih take sedar diri and refuse to honorably step aside.
    For the sake of PNB, hopefully Haji Bakke can clean up Sime Darby.

  5. Anonymous12:48 am

    Rocky, does he really perform? Rumour says that someone very close to PM push him there. How is felda performance and does he achieves the KPI

  6. Rasputin Beliong12:57 am

    Oh migosh!!!

  7. Anonymous1:24 am

    I'm glad Azhar did not get the job. He is a mere arse licker. At 56, Bakke is the oldest of the major GLC bosses. A pensionable age. To say, Bakke is highly soughted in not very true. Being from the Bakry Group, myself, I know of Bakke. He is a cost cutter, and good at it, but I doubt private enterprise will break the bank to bring him abroad. Bakke's appointment, could point to two things. One, Malaysia lacks talent, or two he is at Sime Darby today, coz of his uni mate, Rosmah Mansor.

  8. Anonymous1:31 am

    Bakke is first BALD headed, boss of a major public listed GLC. Congrats, and let this be a warning to all full headed GLC bosses. Your time is up, this is now the AGE of BALD men.

  9. Anonymous2:10 am

    just in 2 or 3 yrs... sime darby?


  10. Anonymous2:25 am

    pls man! pls don'T try to think u malay could do businees...

    wat a joke!!!

    pls try to put ur pant on 1st!!!!

    compete with the chinese? not in ur dream!!!

    10MP, just to show u assholes still need wheelchairs & crutches!!!!

    pls try... really bangkit la!!!

    that why as i chinese, u assholes are a fucking burden...

    y? jost go eat pig shit & die in the chinese shit?

  11. Anonymous9:26 am

    1.Sepatutnya semua lembaga pengarah kena nyah keluaq!!!
    2.Itu Musa Itam juga mesti berambus!!

  12. Anonymous11:24 am


    This is typical in Malaysia whereby people just "parachute in" to become the CEO. It may be demoralising for Dato' Azhar, but I guess he has to accept the facts that "political appointments" is a norm. Our fervent hope he continues to lead his team to achieve the target set.

  13. Anonymous12:15 pm

    During Danaharta days, Bakke is the best officer there is to work in Azman Yahya's team.

  14. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    In the kingdom of blind, one eye Jack is the King. Lucky for ASB depositors that, Idris Jala was not being parachuted into Sime.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  15. The practice where young guns with ivy league degrees but no relevant experience becoming head of major GLCs should stop already.

    The appointment of Bakke Salleh at 56 with relevant local and global experience behind him is a step in the right direction. The other one would be Musa Hitam to resign as Chairman of the Board without waiting for Sime Darby investigations to be completed.

    Lets make it nationwide private and public sector...change the Labour Law making it mandatory requirement for people especially professionals and managers and lecturers in the Engineering, Technical,Financial Education sector to be retired at 62, making us almost at par with other developed countries.

    Professionals and managers should not retire at 55 when they are at the prime of their life in knowledge and maturity.

    We want to attain developed country status don't we?

  16. Dato' Rocky,

    Some of your readers are probably right. Dato' Bakke Salleh is God fearing. But then again, his progression in career since 2001 has been on Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop's expressed game plan.

    We all know who NMY is and what he is to us all.

    Sime Darby must do without people who could be perceived as 'tainted' (even though they are not). Especially not after Bakun, QP and MOQ negligence and/or scandals. Sime Darby cannot move on being a Malaysian MNC with a steward at the helm being clouded with the 'dirty' hands of NMY's one-scheme-after-another.

    Unlike Azhar who has to do it on commercial grounds and against market demands, Bakke have had the luxury managing plantation corporations which are GLCs and whenever org like these run into trouble, the latter can always depend on the Govt for back up. He has no relevant experience in managing industrials and motor corporations, let alone overseas commercial operations which include infrastructure privatisation projects in China.

    What about team spirit and moral when Tun Musa bring in outsiders, against existing and a stream of loyal and productive senior managers within Sime Darby? The Sime Darby succession plan would be stunted immensely, when a near retired man appointed as the Group CEO.

  17. Rasputin Beliong8:54 pm

    Since Bakke took over the reigns of Tabung Haji, investment was the main focus and haj management a poor second cousin. The small depositors who saved little by little for purposes of haj, the real target group, had been sidelined. Today, TH had become a safe haven for the rich where individuals can invest millions of ringgit without having to pay any tax on profits, nor management fees. A gargantuan portion of the divident is paid to the rich investors (who hijack the system) compared to the small depositors.

    Further, you can now instantly beat the queue for haj (15-year wait) by prefering the much more expensive haj packages which only the very rich can afford.

    Maybe he's suited for a faceless organization like SD.

  18. Anonymous9:58 pm

    To Anonymous at 131am.

    If Azhar is an arse-licking MD, he'd be the President of SD,and not thrown around like a used towel. Fact is, he speaks his mind and old horses don't like that.

    Bakke? He deserves a shot now that he's been chosen.

    Azhar? SD's loss (of real talent) could be someone else's gain. He should fly where he ends up next.

    My prediction? He will be back at SD by 2015.

  19. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Let the man handles the job. I have heard of him being a good guy and no nonsense person.

  20. Bakke, clean up are lickers non Malaysian in plantations.

  21. SemCorps just appointed the former CEO of Petronas to its Board....Najib sure know about talent?

  22. Anonymous12:34 am


    Do you know that the Finance GM of Tabung Haji, Adi Azuan, Ismee's bluest eye boy, is charging RM1k from every RM10mn that Tabung Haji deposited at any Islamic bank.

    Out of Tabung Haji’s total funds of RM25 billion, >RM10 billion are in cash. Just imagine how much money this fucker is robbing per month. You can ask Bank Islam or Bank Rakyat, they should know about this. In fact, recently one of the Bank Rakyat branches in KL does not want to pay and Tabung Haji withdrew RM400 million from the bank. Even Bank Negara is aware about it, but no one dares to say anything.

  23. Anonymous7:48 am

    rocky, i wonder what happen to zubir.. When the board announce bakke's appointment, shouldn't they also announce the termination of zubir. Seems to me that the fucker still on leave with pay till this year end!!

  24. Anonymous9:52 am

    Yup...When somebody commented about Dato Bakkee who was also a college mate with Najib's wife, I wonder if Malaysians are going for another long ride with Sime Darby as a new broken ship. Let the world knows that Rosmah has milked Felda as though it is her mom's properties. Felda's loosing oversea ventures are not free from Rosmah's fancy ideas either. I bet Sime Darby through the new CEO will eventually become another cash donkey for Rosmah. One thing for sure, I will never trust anyone who sits on a donkey and pretends to smell good. I bet you it will stink to high heaven!

  25. Anonymous10:03 am

    WTF...CEO Tabung Haji is a full time politician? What's going on with Malaysia? Sounds like Malaysia is really bankcrupt with qualified people to run a big org. like Tabung Haji. Aku ni pi jauh jauh di negara orang dan berkerja dengan one of the top financial group in the world pun pening bila fikirkan nasib Malaysia. Ape sudah jadi ni?

  26. Anonymous10:05 am

    Ini misti kerja Rosmah! Aku fikir Malaysia memang pasti bankcrupt sooner than later.

  27. Anonymous1:31 pm

    salam datuk,

    Musa Hitam n the gang masih ada lagi kuasa ke nak melantik presiden / CEO baru SB?

    These BODs ni betul2 jenis tak tau malu ...

  28. skilgannon10661:56 pm

    Lot of Datuks flying around in Sime Darby.

    Let's see now - Datuk Seri Zubir, Datuk Azhar and now Datuk Bakke.

    Maybe being a Datuk is a prerequisite for making it big in a GLC?

    Meanwhile ex-Petronas head honcho Tan Sri Hassan Marican has been appointed an independent director of Singapore-listed SembCorp Industries.

    And SembCorp's major shareholder is none other than Temasek Holdings! Another example of a possible brain drain to Singapore?

    Care to comment, Pak Rocky?

  29. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Salam untuk semua,

    Yang dilapurkan setiap tahun oleh Tabung Haji kepada pihak awam dan pihak media ialah setiap negara Islam termasuk Malaysia hanya diberi kuota haji oleh kerajaan Arab Saudi sebanyak 0.1% daripada jumlah penduduk, atau bersamaan 25,000-30,000 setahun.

    Yang tidak dilapurkan kepada pihak awam ialah kuota 25,000-30,000 jemaah haji itu adalah termasuk:
    (1) Pakej Swasta yang sesuai untuk orang kaya (RM20k-RM120k) dan
    (2) Muasasah (RM9,980).

    Setiap tahun, Menteri/Pengerusi Tabung Haji akan membuat pengumuman tidak akan menaikkan harga Muasasah "walaupun" kos operasi meningkat, terutamanya harga minyak, sewa hotel, dan sebagainya.

    Yang tidah dilapurkan juga ialah setiap tahun Tabung Haji akan menaikkan kadar harga pakej swasta sebanyak 10% (minima), dan yang paling menyedihkan ialah Tabung Haji akan menaikkan juga peratus peruntukan untuk pakej swasta!!!!! Pakej Swasta dikelolakan oleh TH Travel (yang utama) dan beberapa agensi pelancungan yang lain (Rayhar, Andalusia, Zahafiz, dll).

    Sebagai contoh, jika sebelum ini pada tahun 70-80an, Tabung Haji hanya memberi peruntukan kurang daripada 10% untuk Pakej Swasta (bersamaan 2,000 jemaah) dan selebihnya untuk Muasasah, pada tahun ini, nisbah Pakej dan Muasasah sudah pun hampir mencecah 50:50!

    Oleh yang demikian, orang2 Islam di Malaysia yang berpendapatan rendah, contohnya, petani, nelayan, guru, kakitangan kerajaan, terpaksa menunggu bertahun2 (ada yang sampai 15-20 tahun) untuk mengerjakan ibadah haji kerana menurut pegawai-pegawai Tabung Haji "KUOTA Muasasah sudah penuh". Jika perkara ini berlarutan dan tiada tindakan segera diambil, kuota untuk Muasasah akan hanya tinggal 10% sahaja pada masa hadapan. Dan alasan yang akan diberikan oleh Tabung Haji ialah seperti biasa "kos semakin meningkat".

    Bagaimana perkara ini boleh berlaku?

    Bukankah tujuan utama Tabung Haji ditubuhkan pada tahun 1963 oleh Prof Ungku Aziz adalah untuk memberi peluang kepada penduduk2 Malaysia yang beragama Islam untuk selesa mengerjakan ibadah haji dengan kos yang amat perpatutan?

    Setiap tahun, Tabung Haji akan melapurkan kepada pihak media jumlah subsidisi yang TERPAKSA di tanggung untuk memastikan harga Muasasah kekal. Jika benar Tabung Haji mampu mencatatkan keuntungan bersih (selepas zakat dan dividen) RM1 billion setahun sejak 2007, kenapakah jumlah subsidisi yang di peruntukkan hanya berjumlah tidak sampai RM50 juta setahun?

    Tabung Haji sanggup membayar dividen lebih RM1 billion kepada pelabur-pelabur setiap tahun, adakah RM50 juta “subsidisi” yang dihadiahkan kepada jemaah jemaah Muasasah sudah memadai?

    Walaupun dividend dibayar kepada pendeposit-pendeposit Tabung Haji (termasuklah bakal jemaah haji) kenyataannya ialah kebanyakan jemaah-jemaah Muasasah adalah bukan pelabur.

    Apakah pihak pengurusan sudah lupa dengan tujuan asal penubuhan Tabung Haji?

    Maha suci Allah, jika benar kita rakyat Malaysia beragama Islam sanggup untuk berarak di tengah panas terik kerana membantah tindakan biadap zionis Israel dan Amerika, berapa lamakah kita akan terus mendiam diri dan membiarkan Tabung Haji terus menganaiya bakal jemaah-jemaah Malaysia yang akan menunaikan Rukun Islam yang ke 5 ini?

  30. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Jejak Pujangga...

    Told you long long ago kan..Pee Em (that's RM in reality) will put his man and rape SD to glory.

    The Devil ~

  31. Anonymous1:19 am

    @ anon 2.10 pm

    Mengerjakan haji itu untuk orang yang MAMPU dari orang Islam. Jika tak MAMPU, tak wajib haji. Kalau kos naik, tak dapat pergi sebab tak cukup duit, kenapa nak marah-marah pula, takkan kita nak minta bantuan orang lain (seperti subsidi, ahli politik dan lain-lain) kerana kita tak cukup duit; tak malukah?! afdalkah haji kalau begitu? Jangan pula pinjam duit along nak pergi haji, kan parah tu.

    Setahu aku orang pergi haji sebab nak dapat keredhaan Allah, kalau kita terpaksa minta duit orang lain sebab tak mampu untuk pergi haji, sama seperti kita tepaksa mencuri kain untuk sembahyang. Rasa macam tak kena je.

  32. Anonymous7:37 am

    In comes skilgannon whatever. The one who always promotes Singapore.

    Even the number of Datuks in Sime Darby he wants to comment. What a shallow mentality. Yet he doesn't even recognize Rocky's Datoship. What a bloke.

    Then he is cynical asking "Maybe being a Datuk is a prerequisite for making it big in a GLC?" What dumbfoundedness.

    And Tan Sri Hassan Marican's appointment as an independent Director to SembCorp Industries he reads as a "possible brain drain to Singapore." What weird logic is that. Which tempurung has this katak been under.

    I'm your nemesis, Singapore propaganda boy. I'll be following you and hitting at your stupidity whenever it shows.

  33. Anonymous10:31 am

    Orang ni salah orang tu salah...mana satu korang nak.
    Even someone who is 'God fearing' with integrity..going to Umrah on own expense unlike some Tuan Guru ..still not good enough for you guys?
    Tatau la apa lagi nak cakap...


  34. bila pulak rosmah study kat lse? bakke is a lse graduate and english FCA. jangan fitnah tak tentu arah, berdosa!

    bakke is one of those old school malays mentored by arwah raja azwa in island n peninsular together with azman yahya. these people went thru the threadmill and learnt the business bukan macam azhar and the rest of the khazanah investment banking boys with their get rich quick schemes and m&as!

  35. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Franki is Tun Musa blue eye boy..

  36. skilgannon10664:06 pm

    Anon 7:37 AM

    Really, ah - that you wanna be a "Nemesis"? Better bone up on current affairs then, lest your ignorance be hung out to dry like a pair of dirty socks.

    Yuck, yuck.

    So, Hassan Marican being appointed an independent director of Sembcorp Industries wef June 16, 2010 struck a nerve, eh?

    Sembcorp said that Hassan will bring to it's board "over 30 years experience in audit, accounting and management".

    Strange that "30 years of experience" couldn't find takers in Malaysia (seeing as how Malaysia is awash in oil industry talent).

    And with Sembcorp's parent, Temasek Holdings, looking to boost it's investments in the energy and resources sector, one would hazard a guess that Hassan may be heading for bigger opportunities across the Causeway.

    Now, how about using the term "Pandora's Box"? I am assuming that your education in the classics is up to speed?

  37. Bapak segala Anon5:22 pm

    To anon 1.17am.

    I believe what anon 2.10pm is trying to highlight is the fact that Tabung Haji is diverting away from its main objective, ie to allow Malaysian pilgrims to perform hajj. Nobody is asking for subsidy or donation, but the cost for hajj will be extremely affordable to everybody under Muasasah scheme if Tabung Haji can revisit its profit distribution policy that is currently give more preference to the investors and not much to the pilgrims. I believe some other commentator has mentioned about this matter earlier (please read comment by Rasputin Beliong).

  38. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Dato Rocky, is it true that Franki Anthony will replace Dato Azhar if he leave Sime Darby? I think Franki play his card well.. He really look after Tun Musa and i bet Tun secret is in his pocket.. His mission is to get rid of all high performance Malays in Sime Darby.. Habislah orang Melayu.. kaki kelentong dan kaki bodek dah mai dah...

  39. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Melayu Mudah Lupa
    Melayu Mudah Lupa
    Melayu Mudah Lupa
    Melayu Mudah Lupa Diri
    Melayu Mudah Lupa Diri
    Melayu Mudah Lupa Diri

    Bilalah agaknya Melayu2 yang berjaya dan ahli2 politik akan beringat untuk memikirkan bangsanya, mungkin sekitar 30% untuk bangsanya berbanding 70% untuk diri sendiri. Apa yang berlaku sekarang 99% untuk diri sendiri. Kerana itulah eksekutif2 GLC, pegawai2 kerajaan dari yang rendah sampai ke tinggi, polis2 rata2nya korupsi dan menyeleweng....


  40. Anonymous9:24 pm

    skilganon whatever,

    You can be as steep in the classics as you want, boy. The moment you try to shit Malaysia in kissing Lee Kuan Yew's arse, I'll shit you.

  41. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Datuk Rocky Bru,

    Pls send my congratulations to Dato' Bakke and here my recommendations:

    1)CHANGE the Director/ Head, Internal Audit first. Revamp the Internal Audit Department personnel.
    Cross-transfer them between property, plantations, utilities, heavy equipment and motor vehicle division Auditors. This will lead to better and knowledgeable auditors.

    2) CLOSE all unnecessary and unrelated business/companies.

    3) STRENGTHEN the RISK MANAGEMENT & COMPLIANCE function across the Group.

    4)Establish 3 layer of defence i.e. 1) Operations/Front Office (2) Risk & Compliance (3) Audit (internal & external).


  42. Anonymous5:08 am

    very funny anon 9.26 pm - I cannot help laughing - ya I know this man, true, very true, but I thought he taubat already!!! Till death will he part! What is there clean up, sudah sapu bersih - billion sudah hilang LOL!

    I am just concern with my small share in Sime Darby - what is going to happen next...I hope he keep being a God fearing man - well as I know a man tangan pegang tasbih - mata melilau melihat gadis gadis berlalu...

    I will give this man the benefit of the doubt. I want to see how will he run Sime - change the name I hope - being smeared badly by Zubir & his cronies. Then he must plan to sack all the board of useless directors. Then again if it is true he has connection with RM - all is hope for Sime, I hope not! This nyonya besar lebih kuah sudu dari kuah lah! Apa nak jadi dengan Malaya?

    Why not Azhar - he is the legacy of Zubir. Franki is another ass licker, he has to be shown the boots. Musa Hitam banyak rahsia kat Indon kot? That is how Franki got his way around.

    Then again Malaya dah bankrupt pun, entah dah digadaikan oleh kerajaan!
    What I don't understand why I am being over busy body over this Sime business, I don't give a d#@mn pun - the same with Malaya or the human race in general, sorry mencelah because I am bored with 2010 World Cup.

    the darklord of the southern hemisphere

  43. Anonymous5:32 am

    Skilgannon definitely Russian - he was brought to life(he was dead) by magic.

    This Skilgannon is a man out of time, marooned in a world as strange to him as a dream... the rest buy The Sword of Night And Day...

    ...and he is not that bright, but nevertheless a hero...the legend said he will return to his people in their darkest hour to save them...the legend continues..........

    the darklord again (because I am bored)

  44. skilgannon10669:54 am

    Anon 5:32 AM

    Go read your David Gemmell books, if you have any pretensions to appreciating good SF and fantasy! Methinks you might find therein references to a flawed hero named Olek Skilgannon.

    Of course, if your education in the Malaysian schema has protected you from such "alien" influences, then may your loss redound to your pocket!

    Can't get any more classical than that, can we?

    Anon 9:24 PM

    I would venture to say that LKY has done more for his country than say, Ibrahim Ali, for his!

    Yuck, yuck!

  45. Anonymous6:09 pm


    pretentious or not, I was not criticizing you. I was merely highlighting about the character of Olek Skillgannon.

    And about the late David Gemmell, he will be my hero, always - I know Olek's story quite well - I am David Gemmell's fan and I can vouch the late author know me too. Do you understand the character?

    My copy of The Swords of Night and Day was autographed by the big man himself and that should be enough to say that I know what I read and further more I even read his book using another name - not a SF at all and not many people outside UK get the privilege Skilgannon. I own all his books.

    The privilege me being a fan, me and the others, we study every characters he conjured, each books read and reread since 1993 - thank you for suggesting, but not necessary, you are talking to the hardcore Gemmellian!

    I am an outsider, so what is the fuss?

    darklord of the southern hemisphere (who is bored with the missunderstood post - must be my English, could write in Malay, do not know how)

  46. Anonymous6:12 pm

    I have to correct this, if I am not mistaken the madam used to work in Island & Peninsular together with Dato' and Pee AM get to know him through madam:)

    darklord of the southern hemisphere (what can I say, I asked around to get the fact straight and accurate - at least 99%)

  47. Anonymous9:15 pm

    The way I look at it, all GLCs have to be audited by either the Auditor General or by an Independent Audit Outfit.The audit reports should be open to the public. It is sad that GLCs which are supposed to be the financial arm of the country are not up to expectation. It appears to be free for all.
    I suggest that "SIME DARBY WATCH" be restored so that views can be heard.Just like in politics,those top guns should be sensitive to grouses,views,criticisms etc from grass roots. Feedback in whatever form is a management tool.


  48. Anonymous9:43 pm


  49. Anonymous9:00 pm

    for a so called god fearing person why in the hell he associating himself with god not fearing people like ismee, rashidi omar(ex-MD Th Plantations Berhad), adi azuan(who the hell is this untouchable SOB), taher(kena buang from guthrie masuk felda) dan ramai lagi????? how can a so called no nonsense guy tolerate these kind of kaki pulun from TH and Felda? u ask yrself the answer...

  50. Anonymous2:09 am

    Mashallah ,

    Mari sesama ingat mengingatkan kembali...

    Kita semua nanti akan lihat di akhirat dan padang masyar..

    Dosa dgn Allah swt mudahan di ampun andai bertaubat etc..

    Dosa sesama manusia dan salah kuasa dan zalim dan Menganiaya, Takbur, Sombong, Bongkak sesama insan...sorry dudes Allah CANNOT ampun, walau hang zikir banyak manapun until people forgives YOU!

    So masuk kubur dah kena...later semua akan berjumpa dan lihat..oleh itu kalu sedar dan insaf dan mau ketelusan, minta lah ampun dan maaf terhadap semua insan yg ante ante, yang ante semua tau sindirileeh...sesiapa yg ante sudah tak rasa, pasai ingat duit boleh beli semaa..good keep it up!!

    (al fatihah dah seumur hidup kita dilafazkan? Apakah lupa artinya?)

    Ironic, juga difikirkan, semua bukan asai org bandaq semua asai kg etc yg some of leaders , ceos etc etc, ada from sekolah ugama , kelurga pak imam, ada segala basic ugama lengkap tapi lupa daratan pun ada yea? Mashallah...(memang betul seperti al quran menterjemah pengertian "Nafsu"

    Well selagi nyawa di badan lakukan lah tugas dgn penuh amanah..

    ..Yg buruk itu dtg dari diri ini yg jahil, yg indah semua darinya Allah azzawajalla..

    Ampun dan Maaf zahir dan batin kira menyentuh perasaan, tapi yang benar...harus saling memperingati diri sendiri dan...sesama umat saw..bukan begitu?

    sudah lupa...buka lee kitab yg berhabuk tuu...jgn tunggu ramadhan al mubarak jee...

    BAHAYA, doa org teraniaya dan doa doa anak yatim, org fakir etc yg wang mereka disalah gunakan....

    swasta atau kerajaan...


    p/s - if god promise to give pahal in the form of cash credits into accounts daily for those performs good deeds and amanah jobs and to non sinners...wonder it'll change the whole perspective? - i mean if based on exisiting landscape of material..nafsu etc..

    jst 2 sen

  51. Anonymous10:11 am

    Setelah Dato Zubir & Shukri Baharom & Sime tyre gang tonggangterbalikkan DMIB/CST skg mereka tonggangterbalikkan SD.
    Mana Auditor? Internal? External?... xkan x jumpe kottt...
    dari seringgit xjumpe sampai berbillion pon xjumpe...

  52. Anonymous8:47 am

    This Bakke guy has a good repo but i really dont understand why we choose Ismee and gang to replace him. these ppls are 'daylight robber'. Once they kissed Rosmah's hand they felt that they are already safe.

  53. Sword of Justice6:19 am

    Itulah org Melayu,bila tengok org melayu senang nak jatuhkan,beri sokongan kalau dia bagus,kalau tak bagus bagi kritikan yang membina supaya dia betulkan diri,ini negara org Melayu,kita kena usaha dan pastikan org Melayu adalah kunci kepada kejayaan ekonomi Malaysia