Saturday, June 12, 2010

TenMP and the Malays

"Can we the Malays leave our fate in the hands of (this) Government?" That's the big question blogger SatD is asking in his latest American Pie-length posting Social Capital, the modern MALAYsian dilemma, and Economic Models. It's a critical appreciation of Najibnomics and where the PM and his economists could go really, really wrong. The article includes how the Malays can learn from the Chinese and their social capital.

SatD is an under-40 working abroad, one of the many bright young Malaysian lads who
have no place locally because they don't believe in cables or are considered a threat to the 4th-floor type liberals.
Interestingly, he began this posting with the Sumpah Melayu by Onn Jaafar, the man who proposed that UMNO open its doors to all Malayans:

KAMI, umat Melayu beragama Islam pada hari ini berjanji tidak akan berhasad dengki, khianat dan iri hati, bertelagah dan berbalah sama sendiri. KAMI berjanji akan bersatu padu dan patuh menegakkan agama Islam. KAMI juga berjanji akan bekerja kuat untuk menyara diri dan keluarga kami.
KAMI sedia bersaing sesama umat Melayu dan kaum-kaum lain dengan jujur dan terhormat.
KAMI umat Melayu bersumpah setia untuk:
Mempertahankan kepentingan dan hak Melayu;
Mempertahankan kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu;
Memperjuangkan ikhtisad dan pelajaran bangsa Melayu; dan
Mempertahankan maruah Negara supaya aman sejahtera.
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