Saturday, June 05, 2010

"We won't sell KLCC"

Petronas' new chief, Shamsul Azhar Abbas, engaged the Editors for the first time yesterday afternoon at the Petroleum Club, KLCC. He marked his 100th day at the President and CEO of the national oil corporation on May 25.

Shamsul on Shamsul:
''I'm a Malay and proud of it ... I don't believe in spoon-feeding".
"We are Malaysians and ready to compete".

On the appointment of non-Malays at Exec VP level (Is it a deliberate and forced attempt at being 1Malaysia?):
"It's not 1Malaysia concept but a need to bring in industrial experience. (Their appointments) are based on competence. We need ideas to grow. External infusion".

On how transparent he's going to be:
"Even though Petronas is not a Plc, it does not mean that we can't behave like one ... in the name of corporate governance and transparency".

On Dr Mahathir:
"I bounce off ideas with Dr Mahathir (the Petronas adviser). So far I've been lucky with him".

On Omar Ong:
"The kind of questions he's asked at the Board is always penetrating and challenging. We've got an active board".

On his succession plans:
"The next CEO will come from inside Petronas. The Prime Minister says that's how it should be. The Advisor also wants it that way".

Jagdev from the Star has a report here based on yesterday's meeting.


  1. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Perkasa will be on your ass, buster!

    F**cking Malay liberal!

    Is Omar Ong considered from inside?

    Or may I reword that:

    Is Omar Ong planned to be made to look from inside?

    It's convenient to have an ex staff lobby the PM from inside to get former boss out of retirement.

    But then, PM is a former classmate. That's more convenient.

    You watch out buster, no more another Stockhard okay!

  2. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Shamsul on Shamsul:

    "I'm a Malay and proud of it ... I don't believe in spoon-feeding".

    Typical Melayui tak sedar diri.

    Kalau kamu bukan Melayu, kamu tak akan jadi CEO Petronas, arsehole!!!!

  3. Anonymous4:55 pm

    On Omar Ong:
    "The kind of questions he's asked at the Board is always penetrating and challenging. We've got an active board".

    Are the words "he's asked" correct? Is it that the BOD often asks OO? Why so? Is he the boss there? Is it that everybody acknowledges that he represents Abang Ajib and they want to know what Abang Ajib wants? If that's the case, he can create havoc there.

    Remember he is a Petronas loan delinquent, rejected by BOD the first time his name was pushed in there but hammered in there by Abang Jib later. What's he got that others haven't got?

    Can anybody provide some answers? Maybe Mustapha Ong can. Is he the father of this loan delinquent now big boss in the BOD? If so, MO should know a lot about the son and the relationship with Abang Jib. Looks like he really has something that Jib listens to him. It seems that Jib listens to the loan delinquent more than the other advisers around him.

    I don't mind Najib putting his nominee into the Board but surely not this OO fellow. His not paying up his loan until after being dragged into court and a court judgment obtained against him shows the character of the man. It's damn arrogant of Najib hammering this fellow into Petronas Board. I know he has the power. But people can show him their power at PRU13.

  4. "We won't sell KLCC".

    Er, who asked and who answered this question? In what context did it crop up?

    "On Dr Mahathir, I bounce off ideas with Dr Mahathir (the Petronas adviser). So far I've been lucky with him".

    This is pure 'politically correct' bullshit!! They probably throw rocks that bounces off his stubborn head when he's not looking. Maha Firaun is the only advisor to MNC's like Petronas and Proton whom their respective board of directots have not consulted for 5 years. Thus MV Augusta $500 million write off, no defence for retaining Hassan Merican or protest at the forced appointment of Petronas scholarship defaulting Omar Ong as "independent" non-exec director!!

    "The next CEO will come from inside Petronas". Er, is he the PM or 'for life' Petronas policy maker? Some of the world's largest MNC's peridiocally appoint CEO's (and key management staff) from the "outside" to inject fresh, innovative and successful ideas to take them to the next level. What's Petronas' Plan B, if oil runs out by 2014 (that's what Roti Jala said)?

    And I'm sure Omar Ong asks a lot sodo mee style "penetrating questions" at Petronas Board meetings. Athos, Porthos, Ethos billion $ rent seeking contracts, here I come!! Wahoo!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Is that Stohdart women still there???????????

  6. Anonymous5:26 pm

    With Datuk Wee Yiaw Hin there, I'm sure Petronas will be a BETTER organization.

    Hong Hong

  7. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Who CARES mann, NAJIB is merely enriching RICH people like VINCENT Tan, Jho Low, OMAR ONG, MUMTAZ JAAFAR and IMPROVERISHING the PEOPLE.

    Najib, no wonder they call you PINKY.

  8. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Can somebody pls tell me why they call najib PINKY? I'ev heard MUMTAZ use it as well, but I dont know why.

    FAT Dolly.

  9. Yes I am a Malay too and proud to announce that I don't get a single "spoon-feed" from the Government. So am I better off than Shamsul?

    It's good to appoint somebody from within the GLC to be the head. But why only Petronas? What about other GLCs? They should appoint people from within the organisation to head the GLCs and NOT political appointees or dimwit politicians.

    What so great about Omar Ong? Got a free ride into Petronas and the CEO just compliment on his effectiveness as a director? Ask Omar Ong to present his thoughts about the oil future scenario. You won't get anything except nothing!

    Now who is asking Petronas to sell KLCC? What, dah sesak nafas ke?! In the first place, the rakyat never ask for KLCC. Only equal distribution of wealth in terms of free higher education, affordable living, huge and easy funds for innovative entrepreneurs regardless of ethnic background and peace in Malaysia. Itu pun tak tau ke!

  10. Anonymous6:02 pm

    What happen to the Sheryll Stothard case? Is she still there?

    Long and deafening silence. Not good for the health of a patriot here lah.

    Patriot Under Stress

  11. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Omar Ong, melayu kah?


  12. Anonymous6:12 pm

    MCA is weak and becoming irrelevant after it underwent a leadership crisis . Talk is that Chua is facing problems, and a mutiny is brewing.

    “To make matters worse, his son's appointment to the cabinet has also set tongues wagging. Apparently, this has not gone down well with some MCA leaders,” he said.


  13. Anonymous6:36 pm

    A local council president arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com-mission (MACC) for demanding sexual favours from a woman in return for approving a permit to run an asam pedas shop.

    M E LAyU

  14. We'll wait and see, won't we? How good or how not so good this guy is.

  15. Anonymous6:55 pm

    VINCENT Tan MENGHINA org Islam.

    Petikan dari STAR :

    Tan Sri Vincent Tan intends to donate the entire sale proceeds of RM525mil that he expects to receive from the proposed sale to Berjaya Corporation Bhd of his 70% stake in Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, Malaysia's first legalised SPORTS BETTING operation.

    TIDAKAH Vincent Tan tahu atau KESAH yg org ISLAM x bole terima sedekahnya tu, sebab JUDI itu HARAM?

    Apa Vincent Tan nak cuba beli org Islam, dgn wang Ringgit?

    BANGKITlah. Tunjukkan kpd Vincent Tan, suara yg menentang JUDI sukan bukannya suara MINORITI, malah ia adalah suara MAJORITI.

    Allahu Akbar


  16. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Stuju dgn ENAM JAHANAM. Vincent Tan memang x peka dgn kehendak org Islam. Rancanganan beliau, tu mungkin dibuat dgn hati yg murni, ttapi aibkan org Islam. Vincent Tan, kamu perlu mohon maaf pd seluroh msyt Islam di Tanah Melayu.

  17. Anonymous7:35 pm

    "we won't sell klcc"

    wanna bet?

  18. akubukanpembangkangtapipro (untuk masa inilah)7:57 pm

    Kalau si najib tidak hari-hari menonggeng,melutut, menyembah undi-undi kaum-kaun ini,terjadi kah apa yang sedang terjadipadaPetronas hari ini?

    Pi mampusla Najib.

  19. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Judi is ok bah. It create economic activities. It wipe off weak and stupid souls. For the religious people, just dont buy.

    Jangan marah

  20. Anonymous11:25 pm

    There's deafening silence from Mustapha Ong regarding matters concerning Omar Ong raised here.

    What about it Mr Charge d' affairs but not quite Counsellor?

    You want 40% of Kg Bahru?

  21. Mustapha Ong7:00 am

    Petronas is a national icon and Kuala Lumpur's landmark which all Malaysians should be proud of this strategic corporate institution. It's government owned and the people are the stakeholders. No, we won't sell KLCC as the revenue provided has sustained Malaysia's balance of payment and had been contributing to national development for the last few decades.

    Looking back, Malaysia has to thank a number of past and present political and corporate leaders, including the former premier Tun Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Ananda Krishnan, the late Tun Azizan and also the controversial past President and CEO Hassan Merican for all their ingenious contributions in developing petronas as one of the 500 fortune companies in the world.

    Currently petronas is undergoing management and strategic changes under Shamsul's administration. Shamsul had provided the insight information on the current situation and it's future strategic development of petronas. We believe petronas is heading towards a more sustainable economic growth in the next 20 years when oil will be depleted.

    Having said that, I think it is inappropriate for me to comment on the position of Omar Mustapha Ong, who was appointed to the petronas BOD last year. Perhaps, it is best to leave the comments to others of his peers and those friends who really know Omar from a different perspective.

    However, it is neither fair nor reasonable to have accused Omar on his default repayments of the petronas loan and discredit him for his past contribution to the nation. Omar had served the country with pride and dedication upon his return from UK as one of the thousand petronas scholars. He had served in Petronas overseas operation, MDC now known as Mdec as well as called upon to serve DS Najib when he was the DPM. All these facts should be highlighted in favour of Omar's national contribution to the government, and yet there had been so much uncalled for criticism against Omar and my family.

    I believe, petronas through its human resource division and legal adviser, would be in a better position to clarify the controversial issue on Omar's loan default which had since being fully settled before he was officially appointed to the BOD. Other than what I have said above, I am not privilege to comment on Omar's relationship with prime minister Najib or his current position as an independent and non-executive director in petronas.

  22. nstman12:56 pm

    Shamsu, dont be a hypocrite with comments like I am proud to be a Malay. Frankly, I think you were misquoted. It should read" I am proud of the big fat salary I am getting in Petronas. I stand corrected. By the way, I heard Ibrahim Ali wants to have a chat with you.

  23. charleskiwi1:17 pm

    Yes almost all said they will not sell KLCC but none said what will happen if the country is facing bankruptcy ?
    Yes you can say anything you like but do you have a choice when the crunch comes ?

  24. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Najib nerver learn from the fall of pak lah.

    he is setting his way, firmly and confidently, without cares what matters out there to the mass ordinary & normal folks.

    i am NOT and never will be a Pakatan man, but i can see, the big boss is making errors, one after the other.

    org umno keliling dia takut nak advise, takut nak tegur.

    the way he goes today, and his choice of men; may not be exactly on same path to pak lah; he is going his own way, parallel to pak lah's maybe; but... all the same; heading down south....

    likely menjadi penutup UMNO PM, not because the opposition is clever, but because UMNO is weak and failing...

    -umno never learns-

  25. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Notwithstanding his unacceptable views on the idea of developing Kg Bahru, Mustapha Ong writes well. He writes often and lengthily. Being the father of Omar Ong and talking about rushing to JB to be where PM Najib is suggests that he might be in the inner circle and privy to information that makes his opinion worthwhile to ponder on. He may appear to be a "shaper of opinions" or a "paver of ways" for Najib's and/or OO's thoughts and plans. We need to assess which one is which and if his opinion, for example, on KLCC and Petronas, is worth further thoughts.

    To do so we need to determine his credibility. Perhaps knowing his background a little more would help. If I remember correctly, he said that he was once serving in the Malaysian High Commission in London and had for a brief period been the Charge d' Affairs, meaning, in charge of the High Commission, although in a capacity lower than a Counsellor. That sounds rather strange.

    The London High Commission is a big one. In the absence of the High Commissioner, the deputy HC, with the diplomatic rank of Minister, takes charge. Next in line is the Counsellor. After him is the First Secretary who may number more than one. Then the Second and the Third Secretaries. The Students Dept, the Trade Commission, the Military Attaches, etc, are under the High Commission but their Officers, while enjoying diplomatic facilities, are not full-fledged Diplomatic Officers and cannot be Charge d' Affairs of a diplomatic mission.

    In order to establish his credibility, it would be useful for Mustapha to give us details about his service at the London High Commission. It is at his discretion whether to do so or not. But doing so would help us decide how much credibility should be given to what he says in this blog.

  26. burstaxon4:02 pm

    Dear Datuk Rocky,
    As a person with vested interest in one of Petronas 'non-core' business I'm waiting with bated breath my days of divestment.
    If this is done with the honest to god intention of making Petronas better, so be it but again, this is Malaysia.

    It goes without saying there WILL be a group of people who will directly and immediately benefit from this exercise.
    Maybe an investment bank, maybe a property based company so on and so forth.

    If Petronas fail, we, the country, will fail.

    About Omar Ong, all I can say is that, Tan Sri Hassan Merican, must have had a good reason to sacrifice his job, in opposing PM Najib.

  27. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Anonymous charleskiwi 1:17 PM:

    Malaysia is rich and resourceful, not destitute, poor and empty, African desert countries, or cold siberian dead lands.

    We are blessed with Trillions of dollars worth of natural resources and natural national assets; from oil, gas, sand, stones, earth, wood, jungles, fertile lands, stable climate, agricultural products richness, and 100000001 other wonderful things;

    and not to mention, healthy, strong, hardworking, honest and clever general population & human assets-resources.

    good values and self respect in general.

    if there is any potential "crunch" of bankruptcy ever tries to "show" its ugly heads; its totally fabricated, manipulated facts & statistics, and very much MAN-MADE, and fake.

    some CRIMINALS, are actually making money out of such "crunch" & scenario. even though, they may dress nice, speaks well, and not anywhere near the look of a pirate, street pimps, or mat ragut on the streets.

    you can shutdown international trades & banks in Malaysia, and people WONT die starving; unlike some other countries in the world.

    if anybody ever threaten the malaysian public of any potential bankruptcy, then, when it comes to the "crunch" - malaysian public should take control and drag the wrongdoers to jail, and put them away as CRIMINALS. no matter what their grand titles may be.

    i remembered when vietnam was growing up and cleaning its systems from bribery and corrupt businessmen-politicians; they introduced capital punishment to serious national offenders; and execute cheating & corrupted CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Public Authorities, publicly, to set good examples.

    seems to work well for vietnam.

    maybe some people just don't understand words and wont respect the law until exemplary show cases are demonstrated.

    malayisa will be much better without these criminals, and we can always start again.

    klcc or no klcc...

    -Respect The Masses-

  28. After 100 days it seemed that Shamshul is still on honeymoon in Petronas.Its all talk at the moment some movements at the top and the BOD but the proof in the pudding is how Shamshul's management will affect Petronas's workforce and bottomline.

    Shamshul has his work cut out for him, Hassan Merican and his team built Petronas to rank among Fortune Global 500's largest corporations in the world. Fortune ranks Petronas as the 95th largest company in the world in 2008 and 80th largest in 2009. It also ranks Petronas as the 8th most profitable company in the world. That was what was achieved by Petronas under Hassan Merican. That is definitely not a small feat.

    What are Shamshul's plan for the 4 new Iraqi oil fields secured by Petronas during Hassan Merican's time; excerpt from Amresearch report:

    "Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), together with foreign consortiums, has secured four of the five bids submitted to develop oilfields in Iraq. The four fields comprising Majnoon, Halfaya, Badra and Gharaf will raise Petronas’ international crude oil reserves by 3.6 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) to 5.8 billion barrels.

    It said this exceeds current domestic crude oil reserves of 5.5 billion BOE"

    ... is Shamsul thinking about selling out to other JV partners in Iraq.Hmm..

    Also its kind of strange that Shamsul said "we won't sell KLCC"..why the heck does the Government wants to sell the Petronas Twin Towers?

    It remains to be seen if Shamshul's odd plan to divest non core overseas business will take Petronas to. Jangan jadi macam Ming Dynasty burn their huge treasure ships fleet zaman dahulu kala dahlah.

    Anyway lets see if Petronas can climb higher in the Forbes ranking under Shamshul, if not, he and his Exco should take the can and resign all of them.

  29. Anonymous8:42 am

    To: Respect The Masses 4:57 PM
    and eddy,

    Bravo to you two for saying damn sensible stuff.

    More of such, if you please.

    When you do, I'll be damned pleased.

    I hope UMNO will get Najib out.

    Listening too much to Omar Ong, Sin Chew and others during his walkabout.

    Leaving the Malays unattended and in the lurch in and out.

    Maybe he has some grand plans to make Omar Ong the top most billionaire and get the others kicked out.

    Bloo ...... can I say some swear words, Dato?

  30. najib manaukau9:02 am

    Anon 4.57 pm,

    Yes Malaysia is resourceful whereas Singapore or Hong Kong are not ?
    If that is the case why do we still need to borrow to survive for decades to the tune of 362 billions dollars currently whereas these countries have in their reserves many times more than we have borrowed ? We are still borrowing and that is the reason we are warned we will go bankrupt in nine years' time by a Ketunan Melayu Minister and not a non Malay.

    No doubt it must be because we have been living beyond our means, typical examples of showing off when we do not know the meaning of the word 'frugal' and worse of all full of corrupted Umno members. Go and learn from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan or even China. Their people are living well and yet they still have so much in their reserves.
    Worse still some Ketunan Melayu at present are even planning of building a building a taller building than the Twin Tower.
    What a crying bloody shamble. All these are the consequence of the many policies of shenanigan Mahathir. The glacier is not formed in a year, if you know the meaning ! Do you understand why so he many big projects were built during his 23 years as P.M. . Because the bigger they are, the bigger the pies were.
    Stupid people still thankful to this shenanigan for getting the crumbs and Datukship when his acumen-less and skill-less son gets his millions or billions. Wake up !

  31. skilgannon10661:57 pm

    Anon 4:52 PM

    And who got on your case, eh?

    Read today's Spore Biz Times for a more "balanced" report on what Shamsul said.

    Unlike the would-be "patriots" who go off half-cocked everytime someone talks about meritocracy! That's one heck of an inferiority complex showing!

  32. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Hey skilgannon whatever,

    You replied to one of my comments but not the one in the Cabinet Reshuffle post. You knew it because I told you in the comment that you replied. Why, no arguments ah?

    Now you come here again asking people to read Spore Biz Times. Who the hell is interested? You want to promote Singapore here I can't stop you. But, to use your own words, you are devoid of brains asking Malaysians to take the trouble to be fed with Spore propaganda.

    Go find your hole, man, and bury yourself there. Now, that is a bloody brainy statement, don't you think?

    And who got on your arse, eh?

    Been to Malaysia and met Anwarul Jalan Belakang? Enjoyed it?

  33. Anonymous8:04 pm

    All will melt down to competetiveness.... I would say this is a backward strategy taken by Shamsul against all the mainstream oil giant except for Russia and China where their country is sooo big with un-known potential to be tap...
    Even ExxonMobil venture globally... Can BP or Shell prosper just by relying to their home bound reserve... In short no body can become big by becoming Jaguh Kampung...especially for a country the size of Malaysia. It defies all the logics... Whats got into the mind of all the BODs


  34. Jackpot Lebur9:51 pm

    Shamsul Azhar Abbas, wah la wei. u noe why idris jala memekak dat malaysia gonna bangkrupt before 2020?

    its because of u bro. YOU!

    when our former prime minister asked malaysian to think global, u do backward. fikir macam katak bawah tempurung.

    are you sure, u just want to focus on domestic exploration? hell yeah. i remember in 90s when our leader said, our oil n gas will habis in 25 years time.

    and wallah? u want to focus on domestic?

    yeah. thx god. u show ur true kaler. maybe u think rm1billion profit is enough for u.

    BUT awang selamat give him hope. malaysian what do u think arrr?

  35. Same As Above10:18 pm

    yea suria klcc. u know what happen @ alamanda putrajaya. the same modus operandi, from putrajaya holding to klcc. small biz hancus. wahlawei!

    datuk, u better highlite diz thing la!

  36. Anonymous1:38 pm

    why should petronas sell klcc? in oppinion it would be a stupid act for petronas if they sell the fascinating building to any other company in which interested in buying the klcc. klcc is owned by malaysian citizen. its one of our major we have to keep it so that we can be proud of it. we can show to the world that we also have something that we can be proud of. malaysia is one wonderful country where we can bring up to the world all the heritages, cultures and also all the historical matters that made of from malaysia that the whole world wanted to be shared. therefore, im totally disagree by the stand of selling the klcc. i think this matter shouldnt be existed at all.

  37. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Some of you are so misguided lah.

    The CEO of Petronas did not say Petronas is not going to expand overseas. He only said that the company will go easy on overseas EXPLORATION activities.

    Basically the upstream sector ada 3 parts: exploration, development and production. Exploration is very risky especially kalau the company takdak subsurface capability. Basin familiarity also plays a huge part. We are familiar with our waters but overseas play is a different ball game.

    All he was saying was, it might be better to acquire proven fields (e.g. Iraq and Venezuela) and terus develop and produce.

    Yang hangpa semua kalut konon Petronas tak mau pi overseas pasai apa? Petronas will remain global but it will not be so gung-ho in overseas exploration, that's all.

    Read the full report before you comment. That's the responsible thing to do.


  38. Anonymous7:18 am

    APCO itself has already sharpened its claws and waiting to exact revenge on Anwar. Through B’nai B’rith International, a U.S.-based Zionist organization, it has lodged a complaint about Anwar to John Kerry, the Chairman of the U.S. government’s Committee on Foreign Relations. .......

    Hehhehe UMNO now in bed with a jewish nationalist org to persecute annuar. wtf.


    ALSO KLCC is managed by Westfield
    Australia (which is wholly owned by Jewish Billionaire Frank Lowy)..

    umno u bunch of hypocrite criminals


  39. Anonymous7:20 am

    wah manyak ONG oh - mustapha ong ada, Omar ong ada, Ali Wong ada, Zulkipli Ong pon..

    Wua misti beli 4ekor misti ong ponya.

    Kornek Ong

  40. Anonymous8:56 am

    KLCC Suria - apa jadi Kelantan delights?

    Tak de dah restoran yang sediakan makanan melayu dan Malaysia, yang ada arab, korea...dan food court tingkat 5 dan 3...

    Petronas hire expats dengan RM25,000 untuk rumah saja, belum masuk gaji tapi elaun untuk staff pergi overseas potong...amende????

    - Orang Minyak -

  41. skilgannon10664:16 pm

    Anon 4:07 PM

    I am confused. I checked the Cabinet reshuffle thread and my latest post is in there. It took on the points you raised and contained my rebuttals.

    Be so kind as to read it before firing off half-cocked.

    Singapore propaganda, eh? I have yet to see any Malaysian govt body or public-listed company rebutting reports in the Spore Straits Times and Biz Times papers.Don't tell me that the Msian High Comm boys and gals in Spore don't keep tabs on Malaysian issues covered in the Spore media and bring these to the attention of their bosses in Wisma Putra?

    Specific question. Specific answer, please!

  42. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Di Kompleks Beli-Belah Suria KLCC dibawah Menara Berkembar Petronas, terdapat lebih 500 lot kedai. Dari jumlah tersebut, peniaga Bumiputra boleh dikira dengan jari.

    Pengurusan Suria KLCC yang dikawal oleh Pengurusan Asing tidak berani memberi angka peratusan peniaga bumiputra di situ. Difahamkan, kini peratus peniaga bumiputra cuma tinggal 2-3% sahaja. Apakah ini kebanggaan Kerajaan?

    Pihak Petronas seperti tidak peduli tentang hakikat ini. KLCC adalah lambang perekonomian negara. Dengan penduduk Malaysia 65% bumiputra, yang mampu berniaga di KLCC cuma 2%?

    Mungkin Petronas dengan CEO yang baru akan berpuas hati bila peratusan ini mencapai 0.2%?

    Saya diberitahu bahawa sewa dinaikkan setiap tahun dan kini ada yang mencapai RM80 sekaki persegi sebulan.

    Petronas mungkin akan berbangga apabila sewa mencecah RM100 sekaki persegi sebulan dan peniaga bumiputra tinggal 0.2% manakala kedai2 dikuasai sepenuhnya oleh bukan bumiputra dan peniaga2 luar negara.

    Petronas, kalau berani keluarkan data peratusan peniaga bumiputra di KLCC dari dulu hingga kini.

    Kalau berani lah....

  43. Kpd Anon 10.34pm,

    Saya amat setuju dengan pandangan anda. Tidak guna laksanakan projek mega berbilion ringgit tetapi kaum Bumiputra dipinggirkan.

    "We won't sell KLCC", yeah rite, but "We have sold Suria KLCC".

    Tuan Shamsul Petronas, tolong nyatakan berapa peratus peniaga bumiputra di Suria KLCC, 70%, 50%, 30%, 3%?

    Pakatan Rakyat tak perlu tahu, tapi Rakyat Bumiputra ingin tahu?

  44. Dennis6:43 pm

    Dear Dato' Rocky,

    Only 2 or 3% Bumiputra retailers in Suria KLCC??? Not even 10% or 20%??

    Can't be true, this is an insult to Bumiputra. Surely they can't be happy and what has the Government been doing?

    I hope Petronas or Management of KLCC could clarify on this. Or perhaps Dato Rocky could pursue this subject.

    Thank you.


  45. debatrakyat7:15 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    Only 3% Bumiputra traders in Suria KLCC?

    Shocking!!!!!!Shameful, disgusting!

    What have you to comment Dato'?

  46. Anonymous11:37 pm

    The idiot chinese try to show smart every where especially in condeming others. Do you know that you are all bastard??