Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sweeping sand under the carpet in Selangor

Sands fear or favor. For all the promise to deliver justice sans fear or favor, the Selcat or[Selangor Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency is failing its first basic test. Badly.

Bloggers who have been skeptical of the Pakatan Rakyat's Selangor government are saying I-told-you-so; eg. Shamul Yunus here. Only the staunchest Pakatan supporters will not own up to Selcat's impotence here. Shamsul said even Haris Ibrahim** couldn't take it anymore.
Select Committee or Selective? Haris calls Selcat ... Selective Competency, Accountability and Transparency .. here.
** For the record, Haris went public at the recent BUM to say that he is not a pro-Pakatan blogger; I can agree with that: there's a difference between being supportive of Umno, for eg, and being pro-Umno.


  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    You guys should check this out -

    Why didn't the YB go testify? If he has proof he should have provided it to Selcat. But he didn't.


  2. How can Selcat remain impartial when they are the Selangor Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency?

    Their members are the MPs of Pakatan Rakyat. Surely the decision will favour their proxy.

    Allow flotilla to deliver humanitarian aid.

  3. Teropong3:14 pm

    butuh harris

    asal cakap nal belasah umno dan bn

    buat betul pun, dia tak puji

    susah dan jarang dia kritik pakatan walaupun idologi pas lebih teruk dari segi conservative islam

    jgn auta mamak fasiq

    apa anak koling ni nak jadi?

    legal practise dah takda

    tanah dan ruamh jual

    bini bercerai

    pergi kongkek pempuan sampai boncet

    apa benda anak bangsa malaysia dia buat?

    banyak kut duit dari biznes larikan orang dari malaysia

    akhirnya ikut zaid ibrahim

  4. Anonymous3:51 pm

    What about PEtronas Rocky?

    The new CEO said he's gonna sell off all Petronas overseas assets, and non-core assets..

    Read the Key Word here -NON CORE ASSETS. Khairy sold many of Malaysia's non-core assets when he came into Abdullah's office, and right now, the New Petronas Director is selling Petronas's non-core assets in the name of profitability... WATCH THIS GUY MAN, HE'S GONNA CAUSE LOTS OF TROUBLE.

    Plus, he also says, Petronas overseas exploration has not been that "profitable" and Petronas is gonna cut back on it and focus domestically. WTF? Oil not Profitable? This guy is talking from his asss....

    Dude, alert the old man sitting on the KLCC and a UMNO bloggers..etc... This muthafucker is up to no good.. Send some warning to this guy... He might fuck up Petronas...

    Merican should have just stayed.

  5. Bro

    Have to agree with you. This time SELCAT and Chairman Teng have shot themselves in thefoot.

    Regardless of the "rules", Manicka, the video evidence and the testimony of witness Zahar about illegal sand mining and possible involvement of top KSSB Management in corruption should have been allowed.

    Open public funded inquiries should not be fettered by strict adherence to text-book rules and regulations.

    It's also ridiculous that KSSSB paid six months bonus to staff and management BEFORE a full years' operations and results had not been achieved. The Chairman made it sound like their work was full of danger as though they were in the front-line in Iraq or Afghanistan!!

    This matter must not be allowed to end in this manner. Teng's conclusio of 'no corrupt practices" rings hollow!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  6. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Wake UP!, you are mistaken. They are not all from Pakatan Rakya.

    The Selcat panel consists of -

    The chairman, Teng Chang Khim (DAP)
    Hanizah Talha (PR), Azmin Ali (PR), Saari Sungip (PR), Edward Lee (PR), Ismail Sani (BN) and Sulaiman Abdul Razak (BN).


  7. Anonymous4:09 pm

    If PR becomes d govt, this is how they will act. No avenue for rakyat to criticise them.

    They will deny, cover up, divert and won't do anything when any of their machinery involve in malpractice.

    So much for CAT. Cakap tak serupa bikin bah.


  8. S E L C A T = S E L L O U T

  9. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Go after Petronas, is sweeping death cats under the carpet.

    Go after Tun Dr M, why is his son the riches Melayu (Mamak in Songkok) in Malaysia? He got special talent? He is a good risk taker? Why is him and not someone else son? Sweeping Mamak under the carpet.

  10. Anonymous5:47 pm

    So the two BN men in the Selcat panel also sold out? :)


  11. chemat6:03 pm

    rocky, setidak tidak nya semua orang di beri peluang untuk mencari kebenaran. Petronas memberi lebih banyak bonus kpd ynag di atas dan di bawah tidak pun pernah di bahaskan.banyak glc juga memberi bonus yang melampau tinggi nya tak pernah di beritatahu kpd umum.memberi bonus kpd kakitangan bukan nya rasuah.

  12. You think SELCAT will reveal the sand deal to the public? NOT!

    But what I gather is that the sand deal was done to enrich few privileged person and the person who complained about this was left out.

    Pasir simpan in Carey Island before sending to Zionist watchdog in the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. A lot of dough there man!

  13. Rocky, I took time-out to personally attend the 3days of Selcat hearing from June 2-4,2010. The 7 member panel headed by YB Teng also included 2 YBs from UMNO. All the panel members participated actively in asking pointed and pertinent questions. In was truly bipartisan. There were no areas that were sacred. All witness were striped naked with penetrating questions and those who skirted the questions were immediately checked. Selcat has infact set the standard for PAC and MACC to follow. Its not only a public hearing but was also webcasted over the net for anyone to follow the hearing from any corner of the world. Having heard first hand, I am wondering how is it Selcat selective? YB Manika should be commended for pushing hard for this Selcat to he conducted. The MB, YB TSKI, should be commended for agreeing to let KSSB and the related state agencies to be subjected to open Selcat inquiry. Once established, for an orderly proceeding, a set of procedure needs to be followed else it will be chaotic. On this note, unfortunately, YB Manika was doing some antics and throwing tantrums. The whole episode in on tape for any reasonable person to see and will know that YB Manika was being difficult. The Chairman was being accomodative and simply wanted YB Manika to follow the procedure. From what we heard and was presented, it was very clear that there is lots of bad business practices which needs to be beefed up and corrected. For allegations of corruption, which may be there, it needs more evidence. All in all, Selcat is the way to go. Of course, it can be fine tuned to be improved further. Once this becomes our culture, it can be like Senate hearing in USA.

  14. Anonymous11:04 pm

    nonymus Says:

    June 5, 2010 at 3:42 pm
    rocky bru trying to carry ur balls a bit.
    source: (from Haris pundek's blog)


    Ur credibility is gonna hit the rocks with the "carryballing". To paraphrase,the infamous Don (u know who) " How much did they pay you to switch over to the er ....dark i am confused as to which to which.

    Anyway pointless to carry on the charade, Haris and DPP.Fact of the matter, both of you have been stridently anti-Malay and anti-Muslim from the word go. I bet your kottes must have been shrinking ever since Bukit Gantang and HS must have accelerated the rate of shrinkage significantly. Hence, the toadying, hedging, the public showboating. Too late for all that pundek kalathais for even Rocky in his kindness cannot save fuckshits like you two now. Just keep counting them days down.


    Spot on man. Bukan saja pukimak dua itu auta tapi kebencian dia orang kat Islam dan Melayu memang menyerlah seantero Malaya. Tunggu masa dan ketika aje untuk golok ............

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Selcat is a joke.

    How can they be effective when secret societies, thugs and gangsters (the Underworld) are in the corridors of the Selangor State Government?

    Said so by no less that one ADUN and one MP.

  16. Disgusted2:33 am

    apparently the pakatan fanatics are also selective when it comes to give damning comments to their leaders misconduct

    senyap sunyi la this post

    f*cking hypocrites

  17. I am pro me!! Everyone and everything else is subordinate to that!!

    Having said that there is nothing that UMNO does that makes me want to provide some amount of understanding for them. As for Pakatan, well, at the end of the day they are politicians. And like a baby's nappie, you got to keep changing them regularly. You put on a baby nappie, it is nice when fresh and new. give it a few they become like politicians who became politicians for all the good reasons.

  18. Warrior 231

    Heh, heh, heh! You can’t stand it can you when people actually get along without wearing their race or religion on their sleeves or forehead?

    Because then, you can’t shout wolf while poncing around in sheep’s clothing and stir up unrest and hatred and ‘count the days’ like those Nazis and Aryan Supremacists dreaming and hoping against hope for a return of the ‘40’s that will never materialise.

    Yes, I remember your empty threat to turn up at BUM 2010 and “stir things up” just as, if at all a day of reckoning does dawn, you’d have jumped queue and hightailed it on the 1st boat out of here to anywhere. No, your sicko species specifically can’t stand criticism or differing opinions which you dish out so freely. So, your only line of defence is to repeat that old mantra, like a needle stuck on an old LP record,“anti-Muslim and anti-Malay, anti-...”

    And of course, those like you who keep barking from that hell-hole pits of Tj. Rambutan Asylum, will, sooner rather than later, start believing in the illusion created by their own lies. Congenital mental insanity does that to people you know!

    Quietly crawl back into the hole you came from, grizzled beer bellied Warrior! There’s no place in M’sia for anachronistic misfits like you!! Neither me nor Haris indulge in “toadying, hedging or public showboating” behaviour or carry anyone’s balls. We stand on our own two feet, a concept you will find difficult to fathom because you’ll forever be waiting and fantasizing and “counting the day” while the world moves forward and onward!!

    How sad for those like you who’ll be left stranded, caught and trapped in the silken stranded mesh-net of your own time warped hole-space!! Dream on Warrior, dream on, coz that’s all you’ll have – nightmares!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  19. Anonymous10:01 pm

    DPP is a fuckshit anti malay.
    Clear as day.

    Although he is amusing, best to keep him away.

    No amount of kotte shrinking, will help him today.


  20. Anonymous1:18 am

    Dato Rocky,

    I thought Haris Ibrahim was your friend long time ago. Mentioning his name will not revive that friendship. You are the one who sell yourself like your best friend Wee.

  21. Politics stinks10:59 am

    Joe & Habib Rak..

    5 from PR & 2 from BN..

    Guess whom.. decision will be from? ..No need to state here

    Clear majority.

    PR- no need to play punks! Just throw the hell two instead of making them like clowns.

    Even your own PAS can do nothing about the liquor sold in 7E.

  22. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Politics stinks,

    You go believe what you want to believe. :)

    For me, unless those two BN chaps voice out their opinions to the contrary, I consider the findings to be one of general consensus.

    In any case, the MACC is also investigating. They should be able to uncover more dirt, if there is any. After all, the panel doesn't have as much powers as MACC. They are reliant on the testimony of witnesses. And as you know the key witness didn't provide much to go on.


  23. Politics stinks5:25 pm


    Yeah. That's is what I believe. And my beliefs are based on what I saw. Evidence is there, just like what had happened in Selangor in the 7E case. When Taiko Ronnie Liu shout back, everybody got their ass shivering, sent the liquor back. Your Pakatan is not a pakatan really, you already got your own dictator in your own group!What a shame.

    Back to Selcat issue, just like I've said before, Selcat doesn't need those two BNs. The decision will come from one-side-only.

    People are not blind. This 2010, not 2000. You may give us fairy tale stories, but now we know how to think wise.

    Hope you also think wisely. Show me that your brain is in your head, not in the arse.

  24. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Politics stinks,

    You don't need to be nasty, you know? :)

    If those two BN reps on the panel were marginalised in anyway, I am sure they would not be taking it sitting down.

    After all, everything is already overly politicized. Surely, they would have spilled the beans and you and your ilk would be bitching all over cyberspace.

    But that didn't happen.....


    People are not blind but some choose not to see what's right in front of them. :)

  25. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Dildoed Parian Pundek

    Indulging in some cockshit fact twisting eh, pigfucking pariah scum. Now listen here real good : "be a MAN for a change!.

    I wrote this:........if I find the time and mood ".

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    Yeah, ur a right on one thing though' you and him being "men" standing on your own feet" apparently to dick the unwashed arseholes of your saggy-bottomed lousy bitches and sluts, that is when you cant get your regular pink boy/jambu arseholes or little kids to satiate your perverted lusts.

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    As I said, the Rubicon was crossed a long time ago and no amount of johnmouthing, arsetonguing or carryballing is gonna be useful, pathetic cumdrunk bastards unless a public apology is issued to all Muslims and Malays.

    Now let me pee on that church wall by that clinic and law firm in Bentong, dickjuicer.

    Politic Stinks: Spot on, mate for we aint no moronic zombies dickmouthing everything in view. PR is gonna lose big and the twatleeches know the writing is on the wall already and are experiencing cockshrink already.

    Warrior 231

  26. Politics Stinks7:29 pm

    Warrior 231..


    Man..At last!

    Is a great honor to get a reply comment direct from you..!

    I'm your big fan!

    About PR.. yeah. They keep stinks and their flesh are keep rotten by inside day by day.

    As I said, people are not blind. And this 2010, not 2000. Stop giving us fairy tales before we sleep. Now we are already awake!

    I give two middle fingers of mine to them. Shame of me being in their side once upon a time.. a long time ago. Damn it!

    To Joe:

    No need to say more. Now I know where your brain is. And surely not in the head.

    - Politics stinks a.k.a Another Fan Of Warrior 231-

  27. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Politics stinks, go get a room with Warrior231, that's assuming he is inclined like you obviously are.