Sunday, June 06, 2010

The hijacking of 'Rachel Corrie'

Updated, Sun morning:
Received this SMS just now ...
Vessel already docked. All 19 (10 x crews, 6 x malaysian, 3 x irish) under going medical inspection. After inspection all of them will b taken to Holloun City for futher investigation afterwhich to Bengaroun Airport for deportation. We expect 2 pick d m'sian at d border today by noon. All r safe bro

AsH, my dear ex-teacher, posted these images on her latest blog posting DID YOU KNOW? today. She has been calling to ask how Shamsul Akmar and friends on board MV Rachel Corrie were. AsH and husband Iain have spent many hours discussing Israel and Palestine with Shamsul. Most times I'd just sit back and enjoy their exchanges. I'm looking forward to the next one, sooner the better.
Press Release

The Hijacking of Rachel Corrie and Kidnapping of Passengers and Crew

June 5, Kuala Lumpur: The Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) demands the unconditional and immediate release of all peace activists, humanitarian aid workers and crew members aboard the Rachel Corrie that was illegally seized and forcibly towed at gunpoint to Ashdod by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
The Malaysian delegation consists of Member of Parliament, Nizar Zakaria, PGPO members Shamsul Akmar, Matthias Chang and Ahmad Faizal Azumu as well as two members of the press, Halim Mohamed and Jufri Judin from TV3.
They are joined on board by former United Nations Assistant Secretary General, Dennis Halliday, Nobel Prize Laureate, Mairead Maguire, Derek and Jenny Graham from the Free Gaza Movement and documentary film maker Fiona Thompson.
We call for Malaysians of all faiths and creed to pray for the safety of the kidnapped Malaysians as well as other members of the humanitarian aid flotilla. The people of Malaysia must stand united against injustice and cruelty perpetrated by the Zionist regime against members of the peace flotilla whose only crime is to want to lift the intolerable siege and alleviate the suffering of the innocent and brave people of Gaza.

Mukhriz Mahathir
Perdana Global Peace Organisation


  1. Anonymous1:08 am

    mengecam Israel bangsat ni tidak akan membawa kemana....sebaliknya liga arab/OIC perlu menekan mesir yg bersempadan ngan gaza untuk membuka sempadan mereka bagi misi bantuan ini. mungkin hentikan segala hubungan baik politik mahupun perniagaan. BOLEH KE????

  2. Anonymous1:16 am



  3. Anonymous2:37 am

    Mukriz, when you are done seeking popularity on a popular cause, can you also please attend to the many poor malay folks in malaysia? There are many poor families living is shacks and without clean source of water IN YOUR BACKYARD! Many who have no access to good education and many also living way below the poverty line.

    Palestine is a land surrounded by RICH ARAB MUSLIM states, and it should be their duty to help their Muslim neighbours.

    Does Islam not tell you to put priority in you OWN house first? There are suffering muslims here too dear Mukhriz. Tak percaya? let me take you on a personal tour.

  4. Dear Rocky,

    Mad World song is so apt for these times. Bear in mind that song was written by the band Tears For Fears during the early 80s. The original was a faster beat. When it became a hit i was only 7. I had the pleasure of watching them performed live in April this year and when Curt Smith (the singer) sang this version Gaza came to mind instantly. It was beautiful yet sad. After what had transpired recently we are indeed living in a mad world. Shame on you Israel, shame on you.

  5. Anonymous3:27 am

    Please god protect those who are true.

  6. while shooting of aid workers is wrong and questionable ... but some of the so called 'aid workers' behaved like a tugs

    don't bombard me first, check out some of the footage showing beating of soldiers with metal bar etc .. .while the poor soldiers spraying them with paint ball guns ...

    has the cargo shipped been 'hijacked' by some of people with dubious intention, and capitalise on people who are sincerely with the intention of sending aids ????

  7. Anonymous7:49 am

    Isreal must protect their country at all cost because this is one country that has the most people who does nothing but aim to bring them down, either these people are terrorist or in support of terrorist. Their enemy are the worst group of people in this earth who treat their waves as dirt, forcing them to cover from head to toe and some even support female castration.

  8. Anonymous8:34 am

    Skillyannon +13 – Otak lembek, all you think of is your belly!

    The freedom flotilla broke through the Israeli siege on Gaza via Egypt.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned Israel against any new military operations in the Gaza Strip.

    Britain is to give 19m pounds to help support schools and health clinics for gaza refugees, the government has said.

    Globes cites sources in both Jerusalem and Washington who say that Obama officials gave a clear message to Netanyahu’s people: “Don’t come.”

    Vietnam has asked President Shimon Peres to postpone next week's scheduled visit to the country due to the deadly Navy raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

    South Africa recalls ambassador to Israel in protest of attack on the Freedom Flotilla:

    Swedish dockworkers will launch a weeklong blockade of Israeli ships and goods arriving in the Nordic nation to protest Monday's attack on a Gaza-destined aid flotilla.

    Church Relief Network (100 humanitarian orgs in 130 countries) Condemns Israel

    Greek activists occupied Israeli firm's Athens office to protest
    New Zealand - Shoes hurled in disgust at deadly Israeli attack.

    Demo at Downing Street - Fantastic demo in London. 25,000 people, all ages, all walks of life. All angry about siege of

    As reported in the morning, TV channels r now confirming Turk PM Erdogan will lead 2nd flotilla escorted by Turk Navy.

    European Jews announced a "Jewish boat" will go to #Gaza to break the siege in July.

    Reporters Without Borders ship will sail from Beirut port to #Gaza next week

    28 children orphaned by Flotilla attack

    Autopsies reveal intensity of Israeli military force, peace activist shot 5 times by face, back of head, 2x leg & in back. Mavi Marmara survivor says Israel used him as human shield.

    French cinema chain cancels Israeli film, replaces with one on Rachel Corrie


  9. Anonymous9:36 am

    Kerja TA'Faedah,,,,Nak kata BODO,,Bangang,,BONGOK,,,!!!!!

    ISREAL dah kata,,,NAK hantar barang to GAZA mesti melalui Ashdod,,tapi degil,,nakjuga pergi GAZA,,,memang patutlah kena TAHAN,!!!!

    Dah tau sikap kejam ISREAL,,,,nak menentang diaorang,,,!!!


    NASIB baik tak ditengelamkan,,,

    RULES are made to be boken,,!!!!!

    PBB,,,NATO,,OIC,,OBAMA,,,sape lagi,,,,,ALL TALK COCK,,,apa lagi MALAYSIA,,,,ISREAL buat BODO aja,,,,


  10. You got it wrong bro! The hijacking that happened was the hijacking of this entire flotilla. And the hijackers were not the Israeli commandos. The hijackers were the extremist suicidal "activists" on board the first ship that was boarded and on which 9 were shot dead!

    Let me explain. There were two objectives to this entire mission. first to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gazans. The second, to break the blockade!

    These were two separate and distinct objectives which would call for completely different behaviour for the purpose of achieving the objectives.

    The former would require docile behaviour with just the simple objective of making the delivery. There would not have been any need for the kind of greetings that greeted the commandos before and as they were abseiling down from the helicopter. Somehow I cannot see the Tian Chua kind of activists having to refer to violence.

    The latter, however, may call for any means to achieving their aim. They were goading the Israeli commandos to respond. You were there at the Bersih Rally, Rocky. Would you have goaded our FRU? In fact not a single one goaded the FRU. And yet they responded the way they did. Violently!

    Sorry, but I do not think Rachel Corrie achieved anything!! Maybe they may succeed in having the aid delivered, minus the cement, assuming the HAMAS leaders agree to receive it!

  11. Thank you Perwira,

    We need reminding sometimes that this is not Malaysia vs Israel, it's the whole world against this regime. The whole world except the US, Singapore and a handful other nations ..

    And Old Fart,

    Comparing our FRU with Israel's IDF is fantastic, but let's not fool ourselves. Yes, the FRU sprayed some of us with water canons etc but they didn't shoot anyone.

    Finally, let's not try to compare Bersih's stroll in the park with what these activists were trying to do. I was proud to take part in the Yellow March, but that was child play compared with this.


  12. Anonymous12:01 pm

    On May 16 Hamas police dragged his wife and eight children out of their squat cement house and pummelled him with wooden batons as bulldozers razed the building along with nearly 20 other homes.

    “They didn’t come here as a government, they came as an enemy power,” he said, surrounded by several nodding neighbours who are also camping out at the site, an outcrop of sand dunes on the edge of the town.

    -ice cream

  13. Anonymous12:05 pm

    “If another attack happens, we will rise. I am sure the people here will sacrifice our lives to fight for this.”
    -Khairy jamaluddin

    Surely Vincent Tan can donate the 500 million to UMNO Youth to go and fight Israel.


  14. Anonymous12:09 pm

    "The whole world except the US, Singapore and a handful other nations" ..Rocky

    Sudahlah Rocky, for someone whyo is supposed to have been in journalism & claims still to be, you are ill informed.

    Here,Senior White House correspondent Helen Thomas calling for Jews to ‘get the hell out of Palestine’ and return to Germany and Poland.

  15. Pantat Ang12:48 pm

    Mukhriz, enough of your rights or others rights. Dont worry about other people's rights. Here in Malaysia, the hardcore (not related to porn movies) poor need their rights. The poor need proper housing, funds for their kids' education, proper food, proper drainage, and what not. So pse think about our rights before worrying about others. By the way, to put things in perspective, most of the Arab countries who are calling for Israel's head are equally as bad as Israel when it comes to human rights. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    Food for thought. Your call, Monsterball. In the meantime, let's enjoy our char koay teow, nasi kangkang, nasi kerbau and count down to the World Cup.

  16. The Israelis are the real terrorist who are daily shooting at innocent Palestians who are being shot dead on a daily basis.

    Who cares about the Muslims being massacred on a daily basis, if not us the Muslims?

    The infidels does not care a damn about Muslims being massacred more violently than that of the Holocaust victims.

  17. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Old fart ,
    Just say it the open , you hate anything got to do with anything associated with Malay and Muslim.
    You never met any Israelis govvie guys but you just have to side them as you hatred toward Islam and Malay are just too enormous that you can't separate other human's agony and their belief. Why do you think general Malays can't never trust people like you with the kind of thinking you have?

    To others , please find jimmy carter's book in Palestine and documentary made about it.He is shunned in us due to what he believe is right and not going by the mainstream and lobbyist in US

  18. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Petpet Khairy, sebuah kapal lagi telah ditahan, cepat kumpulkan seberapa orang yang munkin kesana untuk jihad.Cepat cepat jangan tunggu lagi.We go first thing in the morning.Cepat!!!


  19. EngHui

    How could you be so gullible to believe a video produced by Israeli for misinformation propaganda?

  20. Anti Anti-Nasional2:47 pm

    Cina dan India yang comment dalam blog ini banyak menyokong dan bersimpati dengan Zionis Yahudi dan seberapa cara - mahu cari sebab walaupun tak penting untuk - memperlecehkan usaha menentang pengganas Yahudi Zionis.

    Ada seperti Old Fart dan EngHui sanggup terima pembohongan regim ganas Yahudi.

    Ini memberi gambaran kebanyakkan kaum2 India dan CIna dalam blog ini adalah kaum imigren yang berhati busuk dan anti nasional.

    Kenapa kita kasi warganegara pada kaum2 ini yang tidak tahu berterima kasih?

    Jangan layan komplen mereka. Suruh mereka pindah dan mugrate luar negara dan jangan balik2.

    Malaysia lebih aman dan adil serta saksama tanpa mu!!!!

  21. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Eng Hui and Old Fart ,

    I dare you give your support with your real face and real name in front of US Embassy to show your support to Israel.
    Cmon , takde telur ? Just hide behind keyboard ?

  22. nstman4:21 pm

    When Sri Lankan Tamils were massacred nobody said anything. When Tutsis were slaughtered, nobody uttered a word. What hypocrisy. Is it because Palestinians have blue eyes, are fair-complexioned? Ironically, the ones who are out protesting are mostly non-Arabs like Malaysians. Of course, when it comes to political theatre, Malaysians come up trumps. Where are the Arabs? Arabs have the money, but you and I know they invest their oil money in Britain and US, where Jews control the financial centres. Have the Arabs invested in Palestine? Hell, even Egypt refuses to allow Palestinians to smuggle in much-needed goods from Egypt. We also know that the Egyptian economy is to all intents and purposes backstopped by America. In fact, the real enemies of Palestine are the Arabs. The suckers are Malaysians who take up the cudgels for Arab fat cats. I hope my critique will instil some sense into our heroes. By the way, stop demonising us, the real Malaysians, as anti-Palestine because our hearts bleed for these helpless people who are caught in a vicious spiral of subterfuge and hypocrisy of their so-called Arab brothers. I also urge irresponsible politicians not to hijack the Palestine cause for their own nefarious ends. In the meantime, we are fast approaching to the most important even of them all. Yes, it"s the World Cup.

  23. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Kawan2 yahudi aku sendiri condemn mampus this incident tapi apek2 d Msia masih degil buta bab hati dengki busuk!!

  24. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Anti Anti-Nasional,

    The Government should look into this issue very seriously.. I have neighbours who are not citizens here, merely PR but their mouths smell like OLD FARTS Pantat Ang EngHui Pantat.

    See how firm the Turks can be on those marrying in "OUTSIDERS" into their countries...

    ....Interior ministry must ask the cabinet to take the necessary steps to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, of their citizenship. The decision comes as Israel continues its assault on those who love peace....

    Did someone here called Monsterball? Oh no, that poor old man,

    Monsterball lau ren pu yau kwai kwai you tor tor phai shen OK...


  25. What the Israelis did was beyond the international law.

    What exactly did Hitler see in Jews back then?

  26. 1. old fart and eng hui dan lain-lain yang sekutu dengan mereka..if you have nothing good to say about the aid flotilla and the aid activist to help the Palestinians in Gaza which has been under siege by the Zionist Israel Government for over three years, then please do us all a favourlah.. do not say anything.

    2. As for the Zionist Israel propoganda, do not forget that the Israeli commandoes attacked the first aid convoy in international waters and autopsy reports on those who were killed showed that the bullet holes entry on at least six of the victims indicated they were shot from the back. That means the victims were running away from the Israeli commandoes who started firing as soon as they boarded the ship. In fact the youngest victim an American of turkish descent was pumped with at least 4 nine millimeters bullets in the head from close range. So much for the "brave" elite commandoes of the Israeli Defence Force. More like Israeli State terrorists to me. old fart and Eng Hui Do not simply believe the Zionist Israelis dirty propogandalah.

  27. Chicken RUn8:16 pm

    Guess what, Anwar Ibrahim had signed up as an activist hehehe.. Oooo someone said the activist behaved like tugs, wonder what would you do if suddenly bunch of commandos trailing down to your house at midnight with laser point gun, perhaps cowering under the bed eh?.And someone stupid enough to say that this concern only for Islam. All Palestinians are Muslim eh?. Hahaha... No wonder only Talk the Talk.
    If the activist don't have a gun means they are tugs.
    If the activist have a gun means they are terrorist.
    Or better check this out
    "Israel Ada Senarai Nama Yang Mahu Dibunuh Atas Mavi Marmara" and comments by Dr Syed Muhammad Haleem Syed Hassan. To the Gaza activist, I salute you. And for others especially for Malaysian Christians, Palestine have many Christians as Muslims. So is this about religions or humanitarian aids?. Cheerio.

  28. Charles9:26 pm

    "Sudahlah Rocky, for someone whyo is supposed to have been in journalism & claims still to be, you are ill informed."

    There are very many individual Americans and independent groups on the laft and right who oppose Israel but key is the policy of the US government which continues to fund the Zionist regime in Israel, so one White House correspondent making a statement against the Israelis does not mean it's U.S. government policy and ditto for Singapore, etc.

    Let the Obama administration make a firm statement of condemnation and take a firm stand with its client state in the middle east which is like a tail wagging the U.S. dog.

  29. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Matthias Chang criticizes Israel but goes there to help the oppressed.
    RPK criticizes Najib and he flees from Malaysia.

    Matthias Chang - Big Balls!
    RPK - Balls end up as head.

    RPK vs Matthias Chang

  30. Anonymous12:11 am

    Charles and all the AneyApek Tongkang tebeliak duit;

    In Montreal, a crowd of hundreds marching peacefully but boisterously carried placards with slogans such as “Boycott Israel” and “I am ashamed to live in the country that calls itself the best friend of Israel.” “The Rachel Corrie didn’t make it, but the next flotilla will be much bigger, with 50, 60 or 100 ships.”

    In France, over 20,000 people, including 5,000 in Paris, vented their anger at Israel’s handling of the aid flotilla, police said.

    "Following the bloody attack on the Freedom #Flotilla, a survey shows that 40% of Norwegians want Israeli products to be boycotted."

    According to a friend in Egypt: The Starbucks in Cairo has been closed

    Jewish Rabbis Condemn Israeli Flotilla Massacre
    Thousands join Gaza protest in Edinburgh
    Turkish minister names Manavgat water project, which would transport up to 50 million cubic meters of water a year from Turkey to Israel as halted project.

    The European Union will present in the coming days a proposal for lifting the Israeli blockade of Gaza

    Britain's University and College Union passed a motion yesterday that would allow for the reintroduction of a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

    China condemns deadly Israeli attack on Gaza-bound ships

    The U.S. rock band Pixies has canceled a concert in Tel Aviv this week in the wake of Israel's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

    "Iran's navy forces are ready to escort peace flotilla to Gaza" Iran rep tells Reuters

    U.S. review of its position on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

    Thousands of demonstrators from across the left-wing of Israeli politics held a rally in Tel Aviv Saturday

    As for the Nobel Prize winner Obama, God is making him busy licking all the oils they had so kemaghuk, from the Arabs.. Hehehehe.. Mata duitan!


  31. Charles3:55 am

    May I just add some Jewish born persons who oppose Zionism

    Israel Shamir, Jaffa, Israel

    Brother Nathanael Kapner, US

    Now tell you a funny story.

    An American visted Malaysia around the time when the U.S. imperialist regime attacked Iran and some Malaysians in a coffee shop told him (the American) that they fully supported the U.S. aggression, thinking that as an American, he would have supported the U.S. aggresion and would have been impressed with them but they did not or were too stupid to realise that the American opposed the U.S. aggression.

  32. Goh Tian Sui12:19 pm

    please don't say something just because it is the popular thing to say or fight for a cause because everyone else id doing it.
    Israel is defending it country from attack from missile and other weapon throw at it by Hamas. They are just protecting their own country.

    Goh Tian Sui

  33. skilgannon10662:10 pm

    Perwira 8:34 AM

    Yadda yadda...when all the belly aching and whingeing stops, it will be back to reality.

    Let's see now - upcoming Nov elections in the US that could affect the balance of power in the House of Representatives. U think that American voters are ready to hang Israel out to dry?

    Also, the simple fact that Hamas and Fatah are in a do-or-die battle for the hearts and minds of the Palestinians. Israel didn't inflict Fatah and Hamas on the hapless Palestinians. It was the late Yasser Arafat who left the mess as his legacy.

    U think that China, India, Japan and S Korea are going to cut off ties with Israel because of grassroots anger in the Muslim world? Guess again, buster!

    Fact of life is that most of the Middle East would rather do a deal with Israel than see the ascendancy of a mullah-led Iran.

    Deal with that, brudder!

    And Pak Rocky - how can u claim that the whole world, with the exception of a certain few, are against Israel? Can u do a roll call of all the members of the UN and see just how many have diplomatic ties with Israel?

  34. Anonymous4:40 pm

    eddy 7.56 PM - well said brader.

    PERWIRA - well done with your facts, man

    Eng Hui, Old Fart 10.37 AM -

    Are you supporting Israel?

    Old Fart, Pantat Ang -

    You are really living up to your name.

    Anti Anti-National, Anon 3.24 PM -

    I support what you say.

    skilganon -

    You again, ha, SOB. You haven't replied to the comments addressed to you in the previous post and in the Cabinet Reshuffle post.

    You'll never have anything good to say of Malaysia and of the Malays. But like hell we'll say about you whenever you open your mouth here.

    You are splitting hairs asking Rocky to count the no. of countries recognizing Israel. You didn't read what PERWIRA wrote above on the countries that condemn Israel, did you? Just blabbering out, aren't you? Come, come, now boy, surely you are more responsible than that.

  35. Anonymous7:28 pm

    fuckhead skilmoron and all the similar chingkies..

    Quoting anon 3.24pm

    "I dare you give your support with your real face and real name in front of US Embassy to show your support to Israel.
    Cmon , takde telur ? Just hide behind keyboard ?"

    Goh Tian Sui the fuckhead said:
    "Israel is defending it country from attack from missile and other weapon throw at it by Hamas. They are just protecting their own country."

    Yeah, right..whose country did that originally belong to, hah fuckhead? What does that got to do with attacking international citizens on board the freedom flotilla?
    For such a supreme country with nuclear weapons and army armed to the teeth..Israel navy acted like cowards when confronting the civilian in MV Marmara..waa, their sissy comando need to be defended by bunch of sissy chinkies over here for being attack by some brutal civilians on boards with metal bars and stick..auwww! so pondan & lembik eh Israel comando? Lembik like the chingkies we have here laa..that's why chingkie do not like joining army & police..

    MV Marmara is not even a war ship..Israel behave like pirate when attacking civilians with life bullets in international waters..what different does that make from the Somalian pirate?

    Hey Goh, next time when a road bully pull you over, rob you, punch, kick and shoved a metal bar inside your asshole while you're on your way to your friend's house, please do not complain & cursed the bully..he is your friend too who just trying to be funny..

    Chingkies and Israelis share common thinking..they want to portray themselves as very strong at the outside but actually very lembik in the inside..without the supports by USA and weapons..the Palestinian anytime can finish the Zionist regime like squashing cockroaches with feet...the same goes to the chingkies in Malaysia & Singapore if they really wanna fist on with the Malays..


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  36. Anonymous5:46 am


    lu ata sesat blog ker.. This is on huminatarian aids..

    Go help with the oil spills’ mess. Don’t forget to bring along your empty drums…

    Slurp slurp… lickedee lick lick..


  37. Bro,

    Malaysia is not in any state of war. Israel has never known anything other than a state of war.

    And why was it that those participating in the flotilla were in any greater danger than those who took part in Bersih or Hindraf's rally?

    As I said earlier, if the intention was purely humanitarian, the violence that greeted the Israeli commandos would not have happened!

    You want to break the blockade and and paint Israel's face black, then you do what was done on the MV Mavi Mirama. You goad and get violent and wait for the commandos to respond. Mind you I don't think anything more tan 20 were involved in the goading and the taunting and the beating with sticks and stones and catapults and chains. It is this 20 or so who have to be questioned as to their intentions. Somehow I don't think the objectives that drove them was the same as that of the humanitarians who were on board, for whom any kind of violence would have been anathema. That is why on that same boat, you had one bunch doing the violence and another who were concerned enough to bandage and take care of the injured amongst the Israelis.

    And for you to think that those taking part in the flotilla were at any greater risk than those who took part at the Bersih or Hindraf rally's I beg to defer. Only a preconditioned mind would have demonised the protagonist to unleash a non-existent danger to the extent that you have. You forget, there they are at war with some people who want to send rockets into them so that they can drive them all into the sea. Who ever has that objective against anyone in Malaysia? Sure, we all want to see the UMNO led BN lose at the elections and/or we want to embarrass them. But does that demand the kind of offense they subject us to with the clout that they have?

  38. Anonymous9:33 am

    why now my fellow Malaysians?

    check2 blog2

  39. skilgannon10662:34 pm

    This just noted:

    "Najib calls on Asean to boost ties with Russia and the US" (The Star website, June 8).

    Ah, so - reality and realpolitik kicking in, is it?

  40. G, Desmond, Sarawak3:39 pm

    Please read this facts before you explode in anger. God gives us mind to think rationally & behave like apes......

    Fact: Israel imposed a blockade of Gaza to prevent weapons from reaching the radical Islamic regime there that continues to make war on Israeli civilians. Egypt too has blockaded the strip, hoping to choke off weapons to Hamas, which it views as a threat.

    Fact: Humanitarian relief is delivered to Gaza from Israel on a daily basis. During the first three months of this year, 94,500 tons of supplies were transferred to Gaza from Israel, including 48,000 tons of food products; 40,000 tons of wheat; 2,760 tons of rice; 1,987 tons of clothes and footwear; and 553 tons of milk powder and baby food for the strip’s 1.5 million inhabitants. Representatives of international aid groups and the United Nations move freely to and from the Gaza Strip.

    Fact: Upon learning of the intentions of the Gaza flotilla, the Israeli government asked the organizers to deliver their humanitarian aid first to an Israeli port where it would be inspected (for weapons) before being forwarded to Gaza. The organizers refused. “There are two possible happy endings,” a Muslim activist on board explained, “either we will reach Gaza or we will achieve martyrdom.”

    Fact: The flotilla ignored multiple instructions from Israeli navy ships to change course and follow them to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

    Fact: On board one of the ships, according to al-Jazeera, the “humanitarian” Palestinians sang “Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return” — a reference to the 628 massacre of Jews in Arabia at the hands of Muhammad.

    Fact: The flotilla’s participants included the IHH, a “humanitarian relief fund” based in Turkey that has close ties to Hamas and to global jihadi groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, and elsewhere, and which has also organized relief to anti-U.S. Islamic radicals in Fallujah, Iraq. A French intelligence report suggests that IHH has provided documents to terrorists, permitting them to pose as relief workers. Among the other cheerleaders — former British MP and Saddam Hussein pal George Galloway, all-purpose America and Israel hater Noam Chomsky, and John Ging, head of UNRWA, the U.N.’s agency for Palestinian support.

    Fact: When the family of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped during a cross-border raid by Hamas in 2006, offered to support the flotilla if, in exchange, they would agree to ask Hamas to permit international agencies to visit their son, they were rebuffed.

    Fact: When Israeli commandos rappelled down ropes to the deck of the Mavi Marmara, they were assaulted and beaten with metal poles and baseball bats by the Palestinians on board.

    Some commentators sympathetic to Israel complain that the Israelis were late getting their explanation of events to the press. That’s probably true, but almost irrelevant. There is a jerking of knees around the world whenever and wherever Israel is forced to defend itself. This eagerness to repeat the Palestinian version of events, to assume the very worst about Israel, and to ignore the history of blatant and outrageous lies by Israel’s enemies — amounts to joining them.

    Long Live Malaysia... Long Live Israel!!!

  41. G, Desmond4:52 pm

    it should be "..doesn't behave like apes.." my wrong..

  42. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Keep on denying.What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is NOT right! How lucky you are to be living in this land maybe you need a tour of the Gaza and get a taste of life there. Ah, maybe you should just move over to Israel. Let's just see how you will fare among the *chosen people* ;)

  43. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Tens of thousands of Moroccans, including ministers, demonstrated in the capital Rabat Sunday

    George Galloway announced new land and sea convoys to break the siege of Gaza. “I can announce that a land convoy will leave Britain shortly after the end of Ramadan in September

    An Egyptian humanitarian convoy will be heading to the Gaza Strip this coming Monday carrying construction materials.

    Several hundred demonstrators also gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Oslo, some burning an Israeli flag.

    The pain of the mothers of Palestinians are with us - el Padre Venezuelan

    The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) appealed for "an escalation of the boycott of Israeli goods and by ensuring "that there are no commercial, academic, cultural, sporting or other linkages whatsoever with the Israeli regime."

    UNITE the largest union in the United Kingdom voted unanimously at its conference in Manchester "to vigorously promote a policy of divestment from Israeli companies"

    Chairman of the largest Norwegian trade union federation (LO) called on the Norwegian State Pension Fund, the third largest in the world, to divest from all Israeli companies, and demanded the recall of the Norwegian ambassador to Israel.

    Swedish young footballers refused to play in Israel

    Nicaragua responded to the attack with the suspension of diplomatic relations with Israel.

    The German-Jewish organization Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East is preparing a Jewish flotilla to the Gaza Strip. "We intend to leave around July

    Peru government condemmed Israel for the killings.

    Venezuela Chavez promises 2B on the next flotilla & Ahmadinejad 2 escort it w/his Navy.

    Australian unions (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) joining Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions against Israel.


  44. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Desmond :

    Back to the basic question, is Israel’s blockade legal? If the Superpower, the Western media and legal expert claim that it is legal, does the international community must listen and concur that it is legal? Therefore the fact is, this is a clash of morality against realpolitik.

    In Malaysia, most politician are merely politicking. If given chance, they will not hesitate to sprint into White House, again and again.


  45. Anonymous12:18 am

    Israel is one thing, but the hijacking also highlight the SICKENING bloody indifferent arabs surrounding gaza.

    they are the true bastards. less than nothing. lower than animals.

    where are the rich saudis? rich jordanians? rich UAE and the gulf arabs? where are the pool of GRAND fake and lame ulamaks and imams, especially in mesir?

    i have ZERO respect for any bloody ulamak in EGYPT, for doing nothing, eating and drinking and praying like nothing happens, when, a stone throw away, their fellow brothers and sisters are dying.

    they like to travel the world give this and that fatwa, serban besar besar, jubah panjang panjang, playing good and innocent; while avoiding the highlight the killings of palestinian and gazan ..

    those imams, especially the HARD & outspoken wahhabis scholars & fighters in saudis, trained and developed by their colonial masters, the brits, since 1700, who are so hardworkinhg worldwide, mengkafirkan orang orang islam yang lain; where are they when it comes to Palestinian plights?

    dengan perut buncit dan berbadan gemok obese, hidup mewah, makan kambing tak berenti, how could they even lead solats in makkah and madinah? where are these grand people, when palestinian & gazans are suffering?

    tak malukah mereka dgn irish and arwah corrie?

    mejawablah mereka nanti dihadapan Allah.

    Israel is what it is today, because of muslims hypocrisies. Bloody hypocrites.

    Gaza and Palestinians are the victims of indifferent, couldn't care less & cruel muslims, who are worse than non believers.

    I read somewhere: iblis dan syaitan membenci orang orang kafir yang baik, di takuti mereka menerima keesaan Allah & beriman di saat saat akhir; dan syaitan serta iblis amat amat menyukai orang orang islam yang jahat dan amat banyak dosanya, kerana, very likely, they are going to lose their iman, and become kafir di saat saat akhir...

    O Bloody indifferent & useless arabs, you might be awaken very rudely, one of these days.........

  46. Anonymous12:49 am

    Old Fart,

    I am 18 years old boy.

    You are comparing those activists on Rachel Corrie (and others)... on clear water, hold as hostages on gunpoint by the Israelites... with Bersih and Hindraf rally in Malaysia who are being shooed away by water, from afar.

    Are you stupid?

    The media propaganda by the Israelites must really work toward most non-Muslims and non-Christians are usually pro Israel, as what I can see from many comments.

  47. Anonymous8:10 am

    I agree with Anti Whatever with regards to the Israeli IDF as pondans. They are only brave when they have to kill poor Palestinians who have nothing to defend themselves. The IDF is like the LAPD, albeit with more sophisticated weapons. They are nothing actually.

    Put them in front of Hizbullah, sure takut and sure cabut one.....don't believe me? here, read this from an ex Marine. The title is "On cowardice and violence". How apt....just what I need. This is first hand stuff not quoted ones okay!!

    For Israeli apologists here, eat your heart out! I say Hitler should have finished what he started,then the world is a better place without these cry babies!

    Biologically, the Palestinians are the real Semite people unlike most of the Israeli Jews who are actually Europeans. The jews of Israel should go back to where they came from ie. back to the Polish ghettos,.Germany etc..And yes, without US of A, Israel is nowhere. Anyway,Israel is becoming more and more like a pariah nation.

    - JohnS.

    PS add to Perwira's list:

    - Nicaragua had asked its Ambassador to Israel to return home.
    - Vietnam had asked the Israeli's president to postpone his visit to the country.
    - South Korea had downgraded the visit of the Israeli's president as just a working visit.
    - More and more ships are coming into Gaza, including a small Jewish flotilla from Germany.....

    (list - to be continued)

  48. Anonymous3:58 pm


    On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. 34 brave men who died.

    Russia condemns Israel and will make this clear at the UN Security Council. Vladimir Putin,calling the Israeli action "a crude violation of international law." Mr. Putin also confirmed that the planned Blue Stream II natural-gas line that would run across the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey will no longer have an extension to Israel as planned.

    Protest in New Delhi against Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla

    Syria's president says his country will support "every decision and every action" by Turkey in its effort to have Israel lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip.

    Iranian president assured Turkish leaders Tuesday, Jan. 8 that the vessels due to enter the disputed waters within days will not shrink from a head-on clash with Israel's Navy and Air Force exclusion forces.

    Israeli MP Who Joined Flotilla Faces Witchhunt. Officials Try to Strip Haneen Zoubi of Citizenship

    Organizers of Madrid's pride parade, considered one of the largest in the world, announced they are cancelling the invitation of Israeli representatives participation for so-called security concerns.


  49. Anonymous5:55 pm



  50. Anonymous5:55 pm


  51. Anonymous9:54 pm


    Facing growing international criticism Israeli officials said that would agree, in principle, to permit the passage of substantially more aid through Israel's land crossings with the Hamas-controlled territory

    President Barack Obama is expected to offer Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas fresh U.S. aid for Gaza as Washington seeks to contain the fallout over Israel's raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

    Flotilla was successful: NBC Nightly News airs searing report on Gaza ‘prison’. It finally happened. NBC Nightly News breaks the media blockade. Gazans living in "120 sq mile prison." Must see:

    Iran lawmakers agreed on Wednesday to task a committee with identifying Israeli companies and institutions in order to step up efforts for imposing a ban on Israeli products.


  52. Anonymous7:13 am

    if all the arab nations were to be united ISRAEL is nothing......If all the rich arab nations were to offer part of their ALLAH given land to the Palestinians then there will be no unnecessary killings and sufferings.....if all the arab nations were to part with their oil rich money to offer aid to the Palestinians then the people of Palestine will not have to suffer and die of hunger......Now if all Malaysian CHARITY @ PEACE ORGANISATIONS will look into their own backyard and see the number of people who are living in shacks and suffering then they will realise CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.....AMEN

  53. Anonymous10:55 am

    aNON 7.13AM

    Japanese Occupation - 1942-1945

    People like you must have been so busy entertaining these aggressors (kasi mereka syiok)dari hujung rambut sampai celah kangkang, no wonder you cannot appreciate what these flotilla efforts are all about.


  54. Anonymous5:56 pm

    i can understand the chinese, the indians, the non muslims, and activists here who speak on behalf of israel, who rejoice and celebrate, the israeli attacks on the aid ships recently. its an understatement, to label them as refusing to see or hear the plights of palestinians, or sufferings in gaza.

    they highlight the gaza incidents & palestinian deaths, like a joke.

    why? lets go bottom line brothers...

    to them, their enemies are Islam and Malays. that's the fundamental principal. period.

    So, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Israel, will always be a friend to them. Kill them all "bloody moslems", the more the better, for them. with a p.s., dont forget the ones in malaysia too.

    no need to reason on humanitarian, peace, history, united nation rules and laws, bla bla bla...

    -bottom line-

  55. Anonymous11:07 am

    Tuesday, June 15 2010 - Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide

    Anguished Suicide Note Cites 'Deluge of Doublethink' In Driving Kind-Hearted Shrink to Despair