Friday, June 11, 2010

Chua Jui Meng, stripped

Anwar Ibrahim's twit 9:54 this morning: ChuaJM: penarikan pingat Johor memeranjatkan. CJM menerima dgn tenang; semangat kental. Inshaallah saya mohon mengadap Tuanku Johor. #fb

Above politics. I felt compelled to check with the Istana after reading the twit by Jimmy Chua's boss and the posting by a Johor blogger here, and was told that he still hasn't sought an audience with the Sultan of Johor. The fact that Anwar pre-empted the meeting with the Sultan and tweeted to the whole cyberworld that the stripping of CJM of his datukship was "shocking" is not going to help. Just as CJM's own response won't endear him to anyone.

The former Health Minsiter was quoted by the Star:
“I am very disappointed with Umno and BN leaders for doing such a thing,” he said, adding that he does not blame the Sultan because he understands the “politics behind the move”.
I was told by the Johor Istana that the decision to strip Chua Jui Meng of his datukship (SPMJ, first class datukship, beb!) has nothing to do with politics. "The Sultan is above politics," the aide said to me. As it should be the case.

Three others, including the Sultan's own brother-in-law, were also stripped of their datukship. It has something to do with "integrity", I was told.

Johor has not been known to be generous when it comes to awarding titles in conjunction with the Sultan's birthday. There was a year when only 1 person was conferred a datukship. Some states give out hundreds at one go. So losing a Johor datukship must be extra painful.


  1. Anonymous12:38 pm

    which state, gives most of datoship? Pahang lah or is it N sembilan?

  2. Chua Jui Meng and Anwar Ibrahim should behave like a man!

    Lets listen to Tuanku's official statement first. Why gelabah?

  3. What else do you expect the Palace aides to say? Saying that it has nothing to do with politics doesn't mean the people are going to buy that story. Then say specifically what it was that was Killer Chua's transgression that caused the recall of the titles? (Oh, I gave him that name at the time of the Japanese Encephalitis...remember? When people working with pigs were dying and our friend that time was the Minister of Health and his early decisions doing the usual BN Minister thing probably caused a few more unnecessary deaths.0, or at the very least delayed callling in the "troops")

  4. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Bro, please go back to the old blog theme. That's is Rocky Bru's for us.


  5. Anonymous1:39 pm

    I know of a State whereby the daughters, sons in laws... (staying home and doing almost nothing) awarded Datukships just before papa retires?

    Kekok dan rasa terkilan jugak..
    bila jumpa nak duk kena address them as Datuk/Datin!

    Jangan marah ya...strange yet true..
    I personally know 4of them!


  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    everything is UMNO mistake...
    what a lame goons...

  7. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Sultan Johor should be an example for other Sultans in Malaysia.

  8. Anonymous2:39 pm

    "Integrity" (the lack of it?) is the reason for CJM being stripped of the title? Coming from the Johor palace, is anybody surprised?
    They can strip hundreds others if indeed,integrity is the sole reason behind the stripping.

    sri hartamas

  9. The uneasy feelings among "rakyat marhaen" like me are growing up and up everyday due to our unstability in our political scenario ...

    Im hoping for a messiah and some miracles to happen.

  10. Poor Chua Jui Meng. He could have been MCA President and a Cabinet Minister today had he not frogged to PKR. What could have been..

  11. you and i know Rocky what can happen in Malaysia, be it the Royal families.

    Saying 'it is above the politics' bold or italics or highlight will not help to explain

    We would punish students for particpating in the election and upon closer look, they involved in the opposition

    We would exclude some states from No X-th malaysia plan and again these are the opposition states
    Even tho the ppl in these states pay to the same income tax

    What's wrong with Anwar's tweet? Why should Anwar say any different to express his response?
    The Sultan do not need anyone to say good things about the Royal family... 'action speaks louder than words'
    were you not shock? and do you think Datuk Chua Sui Lek is biting his nails now??

  12. "The Sultan is above politics the aide said to me. As it should be the case."

    Hmm! As it should be. As it should have been in Perak?

    we are all of 1 race, the Humna Race

  13. drMpower4:39 pm

    another smokescreen, perspective power play by anwar.

    and chua jui meng's comment had not do any good at all on the royal's image.

    there are now thousands of people hating Johor Palace for this datukship scene. but i believe NONE of the thousands know the part u mentioned about the in law's datukship also was taken back.

    i am shocked about the datukship to be tarik balik


    i am not shocked at all about the antics of Anwar.

  14. the article you linked in your posting did shows that UMNO is behind all these title stripping... and left Tuanku high and dry alone...

  15. Anak Johor4:41 pm

    To be stripped off a Johor Datukship esp SPMJ 1st class is like losing your face bro. Like losing a Tun-ship

    You can't get it even if you have
    RM 1 billion in your bank account.

    The value of your integrity for the whole life will decide whether you're entitle to get and kept it or not.

  16. wandererAUS4:43 pm

    Don't worry Rocky, your Datoship is safely welded on to your "Royal Prick" can keep it for life!

  17. skilgannon10664:56 pm

    So, Pak Rocky - is Mr Chua going to be hauled up for sedition?

    Just asking, beb.

  18. Don't involve the Malay Sultanate with politics.

    Though we know the involvement of PKR with Illuminati, and we will expose it.

    Perkasa demonised by underworld leader.

  19. Anonymous5:14 pm

    What's the fuss? PKR and gang have no respect for the law, let alone the Royal institutions. So, is it crying time again?


  20. Anonymous5:36 pm

    if integrity is the reason, bet 98% of the latukship, tun, tin, tong & etc will stripped!

  21. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Come to think of it, only one individual who still have the decency to be call a Dato'...

    Sorry, ain't you rocky but Nicole David.

  22. Yang Berbahagia Dato Rocky,

    Mungkin gelaran yang telah ditarik balik itu bolih diberi kepada YB Karpal Singh kerana beliau telah dibebaskan daripada tuduhan menghina institusi Raja.

    Salam Satu APCO!

  23. Anonymous5:46 pm




    LET IT BE.

  24. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I think the palace just made CJM more famous by stripping him of the titles. As you know, news space in main medias are hard to come by if you are in the opposition.Now even rocky is giving him face...James

  25. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Dei Stupid fella(tist)

    Learn how to behave first. Then, understand the relevant regulations and statutes regarding the conferment of titles before shooting of your arseholian trap like some christo-possessed fuckpot of a shitmouth in search of a cheap publicity fix.

    You must understand that what you implied is kurang ajar or lese majeste and if I was the ruler you maligned, I would have you stripped naked, have you lynched in the public square and strung up like a petrified scarecrow onto some infernal tshaped contraption atop the town hillock before having nails driven through your limbs, forehead and flaccid dead pecker so that you would resurrect urself as an obedient born-again christo complete with your ghostly garb in tow, slimeball chingkie bastard*. Would have been pretty epiphanous, dont you think? and curbed you from stirring shit with your UMNO jibes, born PaRian loser.

    All you can think off is jump on your wagon and scream politics the moment you are found out as some worthless piece of shit unworthy of the badge. Stupid idiot, you were stripped for reasons other than political under powers vested via:

    Fasal 12 Undang-undang dan Peraturan bagi Darjah Mahkota Johor Yang Amat Mulia dan Fasal 7(f) Bahagian Kedua Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri 1895.

    and there was no politics involved as the Palace firmly avers. Count your lucky stars that the actual reason was not divulged or else you would be burying your face in the toilet bowl and lapping up the shit in there for keeps. And dont try to drive a wedge between the sultan and his late father as you cheapskate Chingkie brain implied in the print edition of the Star.It will make matters worse and even ur cocksuckling arsewhore pal will not be able to save the day. As for arsewhore, advise him to stop meddling in other people's backsides. That will the 2 of you a world of good.

    Now scram and return those honorifics pronto. DYMM Sultan Pahang, your highness to act next? Daulat Tuanku! Hidup Melayu!

    bastard:(slang): a despicable person, a scounderel.

    Warrior 231

  26. Anonymous7:55 pm

    for someone who has reached the level of CJM, who should give a shit to datukships? almost everyone knows that datukships these days are worthless. throw a stone and you will hit a datuk nine out of ten times. for some a datukship opens doors and draws respect. but once you have made a name for yourself, like CJM has, really the datukship can be flushed down the toilet.

  27. Mat Sinis7:56 pm

    Siapalah yang akan percaya perkara ini tiada motif politik disebaliknya?

  28. Anonymous9:32 pm

    yeah right datok rocky - nothing to do with politics. LOL.
    wahh thou spineth too much.

    something to do with integrity eh?
    so why is the porn actor still hv datukship?

    & what did CJM do?a crime? acted in porn movie? what?

    rocky rocky rocky
    spin spin spin


  29. Salam Bro

    Penyokong tegar Republic of Malaysia pun boleh gelabah bila datukship nya kena tarik....

    Rupanya penentang Ketuanan Melayu pun perlukan bintang juga

    kwah kwah kwah.....

  30. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Integrity? Yeah right. Look at how many crooks and corrupt politicians who hold the title 'Datuk'. Is there any value to having such a title.
    The fact that no reason is given for the revocation speaks volumes...

    CJM and the rest - you are better off without the title...


  31. Malaysian10:35 pm

    The denial that it has nothing to do with the despicable UMNO/BN is as believable as the many denials by UMNO of numerous shady deals. This is the state of credibility that UMNO and many Malaysian institutions have among the rakyat.

  32. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Rocky, only people like you think so highly of a Datuk title. If you offer a Datuk to Lee Kwan Yew he would hang it on his dog's neck.

  33. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Your journalistic credibility has really hit a real low....hahahahahahahaha

    "Be honest"

  34. 'Integrity'? What the hell does that mean.
    If you are going to revoke such awards - give the reasons behind it and stop cloaking yourself in royal decree.
    Rocky..what happened to your journalistic instinct? You just accept a crap reason like that without digging deeper? Thats not being a journalist = that's just being a toady...
    The Sultans are not different than us - our blood is the same as them.
    We have the right to ask them to be open with the public.

  35. ofcourse sultan is above politics.
    ofcourse it is 'extra painful'.

  36. Anonymous5:24 am

    Integrity for a Datukship? I hope your conscience is clear bro.


  37. Anonymous8:29 am

    What matter most is the Rakyat, they are the one who gives the award that matter most.... the vote.

  38. Rightly or wrongly, I believe His Majesty has all the reasons to strip the investiture.

    Johor's award is not easy to get and the scrutiny is severe.

    Long live the Sultan!

  39. It just shows how arrogant DSAI is. For sure he doesn't care about dealings with the Royal institutions and voicing his voice is all he cared for. Too bad, DSAI and Malaysiankini cannot claim they speak for the whole of Malaysia and that is why they can't go anywhere with the Royal institutions of the country. How can DSAI and Malaysian Malaysia ever assure working with the Royal institutions for economic and political stability!

  40. Anonymous9:52 am

    Some got stripped and some just stripped.


  41. Anonymous10:09 am

    Johor used to be very generous in giving out datukship under Sultan Iskandar but not his son now.

  42. Datuk Rocky!

    If you ask me I think Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim should also be stripped off his titles for being a traitor to the Malay cause!

  43. Anonymous11:31 am

    Encik Chua Jui Meng, that sound good because now you are closer to the Rakyat because all the voters like you have only Encik and Macik title only.

  44. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I would like to think that even if Mr Chua dosent get to know the real reason, he remains humble, good and a GOOD CITIZEN.
    God is "Watching" us all and HE ultimately "REWARDS" everyone accordingly.


  45. Ha ha! Ha ha !
    Datuk Chua did not strip himself!
    Or did he ?
    Datuk Chua is an honourable man and an honourable man does not strip himself lah !

  46. rasputin Beliong1:35 pm

    What value doth a datukship hold? In some states they come a dime a dozen. When will the other states emulate Johor to preserve the dignity of the award?

  47. Bro, please go back to the old blog theme. That's is Rocky Bru's for us.


    1:29 PM


    Dear Karim,

    I think I have lost that "old" theme. Dengan tidak disengajakan ..

  48. Chua Jui Meng dapat Datukship dari mana, dari langit tiba tiba jatuh? kalau bukan dari politik.

    Jadi kalau dia hilang dari Datukship 'melalui' politik apa sangat nak bising.

    Dapat tak bising, tapi tak jaga, hilang riuh sekampung..bodo punya cina.

  49. skilgannon1066 said...

    So, Pak Rocky - is Mr Chua going to be hauled up for sedition?

    Just asking, beb.

    4:56 PM


    Dear Skilgannon1066,

    For implying that the Sultan had been influenced by Umno politicians into taking back Chua's datukship? No, I don't think the Sultan is interested in that. Clearly, CJM is sore enough as is for having been stripped off the title.

    And Old Fart,

    Take my word, it has nothing to do with your "killer" Chua changing camps. If you meet him, ask him about his role in depriving several MCA politicians of their pingat kebesaran not too long ago!

    Also, fyi, another individual who lost her datukship was the lady who did the "solo" Antartica expedition. Politics?

  50. Anonymous3:44 pm

    What's there got to listen? No reason given as of now. My question what does Chua Jui Meng does that deserve his title to be stripped? High treason.
    I prefer Singapore's style. No Latuk, Latin, Tan Sli, Latuk sli or Tun

  51. Betul lah lu loess74.
    Singapore only believes in Jr or Sr, Lee Jr or Lee Sr.
    The father and son team from Malaysia will practise that if this country becomes republic: Lim Jr and Lim Sr.


  52. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I got a funny incident with Dato's.
    I was waiting my turn while sitting down at Gleneagles hospital in ampang.there were 5 of us waiting.the the staff called Dato ! . 3 stand up before she could say it in full.Both of us the non Dato stared at each other for 2 second and me .... honestly with no ill intention just laugh,continued with the other non , staff nurse .... Suprisingly the 3 Dato's laughed too after a minute of red face . In good nature one of them said , wow we are the majority in the society hahahahahahha .

    Jamal JB

  53. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Datuk or no Datuk...who cares?

    Even President Obama do not carry any title.....

    Datuk Chua Soi Lek....

    no more datuk for Chua Jui Meng

    You may make your own conclusion


  54. Rasputin Beliong12:31 am

    What about awarding Syed Hussain Ali the Datukship stripped off Jui Meng?

  55. Anonymous2:18 am

    "Some got stripped and some just stripped"

    Ha ha ha ... and some just fire in the backhole.. err .... whatever...

  56. Anonymous8:04 am


    looes74 - the red dot has senior minister and minister mentor

    coz they don wan to give up power


  57. Anonymous9:57 am

    I am not a Johorean but I fully and strongly support the decision made by the Sultan. The Sultan must have done done this for a good and valid reason.Money and status are not pre-qualification. The criteria for any title should be honesty,loyalty and integrity. Age is subjective because a teenager can turn out to be national hero if he or she has risked his or her life by saving a life of an individual or even the country. The reward may not be in the form of datukship because rewards can be in any form.But certainly it can be puzzling how a person who is only below 40 and runs a business can become datuk.
    Likewise just because a person is a head of department/congolemerite or GLC,datuksip is a norm.Would it not be an embarassment if a datuk is being thrown out for non performing or bad behaviour !
    Years ago (I stand corrected) one TUN was stripped of his Tunship because of gambling etc.
    I support those who comment that those who carry titles should demonstrate excellent examples. I suggest that titles should only be awarded to those who are above 50 based on the 3 criteria i.e. HONESTY,LOYALTY AND INTEGRITY.By so doing,resoect and honour will be restored.

    (Warga Emas)

  58. Anonymous10:24 am

    CJM was once a BN's political champion and whatever honor he had received so far was based on his political point of view. So guys by now we should fully understood the reason behind all this fiasco. Everything is politic....haha.


  59. Mustapha Ong11:00 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    There are many versions of Datukship being awarded by the State Rulers or at the pleasure of the Sultans or the Governors, on the recommendation of the state government or through the patronage of the Menteri Besar or Chief Minister.

    Distinguished titles like Tun, Tan Sri and Federal Datukship are also being awarded by SPB YDP Agong or through the recommendation of the prime minister, submitted for consideration by the various authority.

    Many Malaysians or non Malaysians are being bestowed the Royal Awards based on their contribution to the government, their respective political allegiance and also their social commitments to the state. However, over the years the award of Datukship, especially from certain States could be bought through syndicated connections with the office of the MB/CM or directly with the Istana. The amount demanded could range from RM150,000 to 500,000 but varies from State to State.

    The stripping of Royal Awards especially State Datukship is fairly common, some of them involved reputable personalities in government, politics, corporate and social stature. However, only very few VVIPs will make a fuss out of the issue due to their inferiority complex. Royal Awards could be bestowed and also withdrawn for various reasons and circumstances at the discretion of the Rulers, without any clarifications.

    In the case of the recent stripping of Johor Royal Awards to Chua Jui Meng, Sharifah Mazlina, Commander Shaftdean Lufty and Hassan Yunos, it is not incumbent upon the Johor Royal Council to give the reasons whatsoever, or for anyone to question the absolute authority and discretion of the current Tuanku Sultan for his displeasure. The matter should be put to rest without any further public debate or prejudice to those people concerned.

  60. Anonymous1:43 pm

    On good thing I like about Dato Seri Najib is he sign off himself as Najib Razak in web and FB . Seen some big shot that so itchy to declare their honours.

  61. It appears that the Minister Mentor of Singapore was also conferred the SPMJ 1st Class. Who says Singaporeans do not accept Datoships? Pax.

  62. Anonymous12:37 pm


  63. skilgannon10662:57 pm

    Heh, heh - warrior xxx do run over at the mouth. Or at least at the keyboard.

    The US Pressies do just fine without all the royal honorifics. Sir Bill Clinton? Lord George Bush? Earl Barack Obama of Chicago?

    As do the Prime Ministers of India and Japan.

    Oh, wait - maybe someone in Malaysia will have the bright idea of awarding a Datukship to Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama! Malaysia Boleh!

  64. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Warrior 231, it takes one to regconise another of the same kind.

  65. . If you offer a Datuk to Lee Kwan Yew he would hang it on his dog's neck.!!!!!
    I don't know what he has done with it but please be reminded that LKY has been bestowed a Johor Datukship by the late sultan Iskanda some time ago. this is from Google......SINGAPORE, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- Senior Minister Datuk Lee Kuan Yew has dismissed the idea of retiring when his son takes over as prime minister, saying that he will operate within the system for as long as he is able.

  66. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Skilgannon XXX

    Dei Fuckmouth, before you spew shit and squirt johncum here, get your facts right, motherfucking piece of shit!

    Dont spin grandma yarns about them honorificless american presidential fucktarts.
    Go here:

    and scroll down to foreign nationals and see for urself with your damn sliteyes, chingkie arsefucking TWAThead. Just like another Chingkie lied here about them Sporean Chingkie triad bastards detesting awards, you lie about them Yankees, thinking that we Malays are so dense to ever know better. Well, fuck you!

    You lied before regarding Spore and HK's per capita vis-a-vis Malaysia in the 1960/1970 as time series data from the relevant stats sites show they were 3X better off. You conveniently overlooked Park Chung Hee's role in SKorea's rise much in the same way as our own Statesman Tun Mahathir's model worked without the attendant bloodshed and political chicanery, Park wrought. And you have a problem with Tun M cos he is Malay, right, like that Barry Wain Sporean intelligence fuckarse? If its Chinag Kai shek, Deng Xiao Ping, Harry Lee, its ok since they are chingkie whoreboys, right?

    You even halflied about Siti Mulyani and the socalled Indo reforms.

    I have all that scribbled out with facts as proof to refute you pigarsed shitface, Come on, dare me if you have the cockmuscle which I doubt you do cos all you are capable of is dickjuicing Harry Lee when he isnt a mite bothered about your shameless cocksuckling.

    You would be better off stripping your momma starkers and vulvazelaing her bonkers. After all, it is the world cup season, chingkie lying pig and her moans would be more than welcome given all that vuvuzela droning and those jubohlani balls.

    Warrior 231

  67. skilgannon10666:05 pm

    Part A

    Heh, heh - methinks that warrior xxx dost complain much and wax wroth about the unfairness of life.

    Anyway, let's proceed to puncture the points raised by the Hang Tuah wannabe.

    Wrt the late Park Chung Hee, our Hang Tuah wannabe conveniently forgot to mention that Park led a military coup in May 1961 before he came to power in 1962.

    In 1961, S Korea's per capita income was US$72 (source: Wikipedia). In 2009, the country's GDP (nominal) per capita, according to the IMF, was US$17,074. (Quick check: what was Malaysia's per capita income and GDP in 1961?)

    Park was assassinated on Oct 26, 1979 by Kim Jaegyu, director of the KCIA.

    The Hang Tuah wannabe also forgot to mention that Park was widely despised in S Korea as a dictator who trampled on human rights and, more infamously, as a collaborator with the Japanese Army during WW II. He also forgot to mention that Park ordered 320,000 S Korean troops to fight in the Vietnam War and that, as a reward, S Korea received tens of billions of dollars in grants, loans, subsidies, technology transfers and preferential market access from the Johnson and Nixon administrations (source: Wikipedia).

    Not exactly on par with Tun Dr Mahathir now, is it?

  68. skilgannon10666:32 pm

    Part B

    Let's address the Hang Tuah wannabe's point that Singapore and Hong Kong were richer than Malaysia in the 1960s.

    I have not been able to locate any time series information on Hong Kong's per capita GDP figures from 1960 onwards

    However, the IMF 2009 rankings of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita showed Singapore at US$37,923, S Korea at US$17,074 and Malaysia at US$6,897.

    The Singapore Dept of Statistics data on Singapore's GDP (Time Series on Per Capita GDP at current market prices) showed the country's per capita GDP at

    1960 - US$428
    1965 - US$516
    1970 - US$925
    2009 - US$36,537

    The fact of the matter is that from 1960 to 2009, Singapore's per capita GDP increased by about 85 times. I would suggest that this is pretty damn impressive.

    The Malaysian Statistics Dept does not publish similar time series statistics on the country's GDP growth from 1960 onwards (at least, as far as I know).

    UN figures show that per capita GDP at current prices for Malaysia and Singapore as follows:

    1970: Malaysia - US$331; Singapore - US$914

    2008: Malaysia - US$8,197; Singapore - US$39,243

    Which means, according to the UN figures, that between 1970 and 2008, Malaysia's per capita GDP at current prices increased by about 25 times and Singapore's per capita GDP at current prices increased by about 43 times.

    It also shows that from 1960 to 1970, Singapore's per capita GDP at current priced increased by about 2 times. What are the corresponding figures for Malaysia?

    Let's not even talk about stewardship of the respective economies lest more holes be punctured in your arguments.

  69. Anonymous11:46 am

    Dei SG Fuckass pundek,

    Lets be fair for a change fucktart. The relevant periods of comparison vis-a vis PCH and Tun DR M would have been their respective tenures, agreed?

    1. My point: Park Chung Hee took over an agrarian weakling and had put it three quarters on the way to an industrial powerhouse by the time he was gunned down in 1979. By ur own admission, he received tens of billions from the Yanks in gratituide for Vietnam. And he worked an economic miracle on plans that were to be modeled later elsewhere including Malaysia. Plus he did it by wrecking havoc on the opposition, stifling dissent, culling his nemesis through the KCIA and introducing the draconian 'Yushin'. Why he almost had Kim Dau Jung "executed" till the Yanks saved KDJ. Yet by 1979, the year he died, SK per capita had increased from US103.88 (1962) to US1746.75(1979). As for GDP, that moved from US$2.7B in 1962 to US65.2B, an increase of approx. US63Billion by the time he was assasinated. You dont have to give me a history lesson on PCH, MR SG, I am well-versed in that and since you mentioned his political peccadilloes why not state thet he was an ex-communist as well plus he had look east policy too in deference to Japan.

    DR M, an elected democrat had no US largesse, no leeway to cull bastards and arsewhores like you, etc, no international goodwill cos he scorned the Illuminati MotherFuckers(IMF) yet he transformed a commodity export driven economy into a manufacturing hub and in the process introduced planning models adapted from Korea that formed the basis for our growth. His 22 years at the helm saw per capita rising from US1804 to US$ 4255.00 by 2003. In terms of GDP, that zoomed from US$25B in 1981 to US$104B in 2003, an increase of US79Billion or

    Now bastard, thats a snapshot of 2 great statesmen whom I respect because of the firmness and the no-nonsense approach they showed. While PCH operated in a semi-authoriatian atmosphere (remember KDJ almost beat him in the 1971 elections), the other functioned in an open democratic system where idiots, bastards, cocksucklers and morons like you were allowed to caterwaul like unorgasmised banshees.

    Given that ur a Malay-hating Chingkie bastard racist bigot, I bet you would have preferred PCH any time as he would have driven piping hot steel drill through your arse to keep you under leash, eh SG? Aw...the pleasure of ur arse being torn apart before your body is dumped like a dead dog in an unmarked grave must have been tantalising, aint it ShitGonad aka SG?

    And you LIE regarding Park;s legacy, read the last 2 paragraphs here:

    and lest you scream yank, rest assured I was witness to that continued deference when I was in Seoul in early May.

    As For Tun DR M, its says much of Malaysians for slimeballing his legacy as many are wont to do now even when he is alive. My gawd, you people have no decency unlike the Koreans who despite the many travails under PCH still deeply rever the man for what he had done.But then your stance and that of your ilk comes as no surprise to me as pendatangs have no moral compunctions being maruahless scum and pseudo-malay johnsuckers, take after their masters dont they?. How I wish DR M had been there right form 1957 instead of the spineless tunku who left the Chingkie bastards man the till for 12 years!!

    Warrior 231

  70. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Dei SG motherfucking wild pig, the only hole around is u arsehole as my arguments are a takeoff from your fallacies.
    1. Spore and HK had a head start in terms of per capita income. The figures for Spore should be form 1970 onwards if comparisons are to be made fairly:

    2. Your original point was this:
    ....Also, the government has kept quiet on the fact that "in the early 1970s, our GDP per capita was at parity with S Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.....
    SG at 1.30pm on this thread:

    You have been bleating lies about the parity thing. I know the link you use for the Spore source is this:
    which I have but I would rather use the one I mentioned above to make my point loud and clear that:THERE WAS NO PARITY AT ALL. IT WAS A MYTH CONCOCTED BY CHINGKIE BASTARDS LIKE U TO SLALOM THEIR LIES HERE REGARDING MALAYSIA AND SPORE.A lie swallowed wholesale by many people coz they dint bother to access the truth.

    Right from the word go, Spore and HK had a per capita income of 3x Malaysia. Spore was a readymade state with solid infrastructure, a strategic port, a small homogenous population profile, strong institutional frameworks, an established Brit?chingkie comprador class, a pro-biz govt., backing from the Britain (things shared with HK), Australia and of course the US which it endeared itself to further by establishing ties with the bastard state, Israel. Spore was primed to take off, only the stupid pariah lowclass boat people and whore- descended Chingkies from Fujian, Kwangtung etc couldnt see that and it took a Westerner, Albert Winsemius to show them,another FACT that the Chingkie bastards arselicks do not acknowledge:

    Spore is a classic example of what can be achieved if mindless politics like the one Anwar, Kit Siang et all peddle is kept under lid or neutered altogether. As for HK, there were minimal or no politics at all be it under the Brits or the dominnering CCP suzerainty.

    Despite his stupidity on the economic front, I have grudging respect for Harry Lee for superbly orchestrating systematic repression of dissent, the foundations for economic growth. My respects too in this regard to Park Chung Hee, Chun Doo Hwan, Chiang Kai Shek, Chung Chingkuo, Deng Xio Peng, Li Peng et al, the Vietnamese Communist party, the Japanese LDP oneparty model etc for bringing substantial improvements in living standards at the expemse of divisive poltics. Their models was basically a strongman/strongparty framework in which appointed technocrats optimally leveraged, synergised and unleashed the latent potentialities residing in human, physical and social capitals for economic well being. Their leader-technocrat paradigm,(except Japan)almost reminiscient of the emperor-mandarin model of yore, is largely responsible for their economic boom. It is also the mechanism through which deleterious features such as corruption are kept under wraps in secrecy. (note; The Japanese model is a bit different)

    Fifth column Chingkies the world over cavil about the emergence of such setups elsewhere outside Sino-sphere cos that would pose a challenge to their "motherlands'" economic ascendancy. Hence you have Chinese based or sponsored political groups causing endless problems like in Malaysia, Thailand, the Phillipines and Indonesia.

    I call for the advent of a political or military dictatorship while retaining the constitutional monarchy in Malaysia. A period of repression synchronised with mass culling of dissidents will focus our concerns on economic productivity and growth.

    P/s : we had a version of benevolent democratic dictatorship under the great statesman Tun DR M
    (to a lesser extent Indonesia= Suharto and the Filipina= Fidel Ramos). Substantial economic growth was attained as my GDP figures in Part 1 attest.

    Warrior 231

  71. Anonymous1:17 pm


    As a parting shot, IHAVE PROVEN THAT YOU ARE A LIAR.


    Warrior 231

  72. skilgannon10664:32 pm

    warrior xxx

    Question: if Park Chung Hee was such a great man, and if he did all these great things for S Korea, then why was he assassinated? And that, too, by one of his confidantes who was director of the KCIA?

    Question: do you deny that S Korea's per capita income in 1961 was US$72 (as mentioned in Wikipedia)? What was Malaysia's per capita income in 1961 (4 years after Merdeka)?

    Question: in 1961, did S Korea have a headstart over Malaysia in terms of per capita income?

    Question: did not S Korea go through an IMF bailout post the Asian financial crisis and didn't the country come out of it stronger?

    Question: why do you dispute me using data on per capita GDP from the Singapore Dept of Statistics, that goes back to 1960? Since Malaysia gained independence in 1957, why not use 1960 as a common starting point to measure growth in per capita GDP?

    Your point about Singapore being bequeathed superior infrastructure by the Brits begs the point that a similar level of infrastructure (education, courts, civil service, police and ports) was also bequeathed to Malaysia. At one point in time, Penang was a bigger entrepot port than Singapore. What happened to Penang post-1957?

    I grant you the fact that Harry Lee was and is a superb politicial tactician. But he was ably backed by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee who was a brilliant economist and who had no ambition for the trappings of power.

    And if Albert Winsemius laid the groundwork for the policies that propelled Singapore's growth (such as inviting MNCs to set up labour-intensive plants in the country, when the rest of Asia viewed MNCs as tools of the colonial powers), it was people like Goh Keng Swee who took Winsemius's groundwork and translated it into reality.

    A minor point - if Harry Lee was "stupid on the economic front", then there is no way that Temasek Holdings and GIC could become the powerhouses they are today. But that's an argument for another day.

  73. skilgannon10664:44 pm

    Part C

    George Bush, Snr and Ronald Reagan were both made honorary Knights Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

    However, you conveniently forgot to mention that their titles are "honorary". Foreigners may be admitted to honorary membership of British orders but do not style themselves 'Sir' because they do not receive the accolade (

    So, it's not Sir George Bush or Sir Ronald Reagan.

    And who are the other US pressies who have received honorary membership of the British orders? Or Prime Ministers of India or Japan or Australia or Canada?

    And note also that the sale of British titles is expressly prohibited by the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act, 1925. Which means that you cannot buy yourself a knighthood.

  74. skilgannon10665:15 pm

    Part D

    Ah, yes - Tun Dr Mahathir.

    A driven, if ruthless, politician whose starting point was "The Malay Dilemma" and who was destined to cross swords with Harry Lee.

    But it is indeed passing strange that Dr M has been indulging in some peculiar logic lately.

    At the recent Malay rights 'Melayu Bangkit' rally in Kuala Terengganu, Dr M was reported to have said:

    "The position of the Malays (in Malaysia) is in deep crisis and precarious. If they do not think deeply and act wisely, one day, we could become like Malay Singaporeans, a group without power who have to terbongkok-bongkok (kowtow) before others. We do not want others to kowtow before us, but we want a fair distribution of power and wealth."(reported by Reme Ahmad, assistant foreign editor of the Singapore Straits Times, June 15, 2010).

    [It is strange that Dr M did not refer to the fact that thousands of Malaysians (including Malaysian Malays and bumiputras from Sabah and Sarawak) have to cari makan in Singapore, often in labour-intensive and menial jobs, as I had pointed out in another thread. Isn't that a form of kowtow-ing?]

    He said, as per the report, that a system based on pure meritocracy would not work for the Malays in Malaysia, as many still do not have the same educational opportunities to catch up.

    [I wonder what Dr M meant by "pure meritocracy"? And why he thinks that, 50-something years after Merdeka, the Malays in Malaysia still do not have the same educational opportunities to catch up?]

    And he came up with this zinger:


    Out of Dr M's mouth, people like warrior xxx and others of similar thinking have been criticised as not being able to compete on the basis of meritocracy and better ability. And that they have to rely on political power as a replacement for meritocracy and better ability.

    Of course, this puts groups like Gertak, Pekida, Pewaris etc in a dilemma. If they agree with Dr M, then they are acknowledging the fact that they CANNOT compete on the basis of meritocracy and better ability. And if they disagree with Dr M, then they are saying that they CAN compete on the basis of meritocracy and better ability. In other words, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    Sheesh - one would think that Dr M was being positively Machiavellian in his logic.

    Or maybe he could claim that he was misreported or that maybe something was lost in translation. In which case, I expect that the Malaysian High Comm in Singapore or Dr M's PA would soon be writing to the Spore Straits Times to clarify what he actually said.

  75. Anonymous5:54 pm

    1. Plan, policy and implementation, we need entire three features to make something work, therefore if Albert W is the one that come out with the best plan, we can’t denied the fact that the one who execute his plan did a good job. Just take Proton as case in reference, is that not a great and ideal plan?

    2. I personally think it is unfair to compare against HK and Singapore, which is a city state, however is that not SK and Taiwan move toward a more open and democratic system with an improved economy? Anyone here deny or stop Mahathir chances to do what was suggested? Mahathir is only a great politician, period.

    3 “Fifth column Chingkies the world over cavil about the emergence of such setups elsewhere outside Sino-sphere cos that would pose a challenge to their "motherlands'" economic ascendancy. Hence you have Chinese based or sponsored political groups causing endless problems like in Malaysia, Thailand, the Phillipines and Indonesia.”
    Hahahaha, what a laughable excuse!


  76. Anonymous4:41 pm

    SG 1066 lying Arsefucking Whorepiss Drunkard

    As usual your whorepiss fueled bleatings are easy to debunk cos you are nothing more than brainless chingkie like the rest of your underclass whore-descended cocksuckling race.

    Here goes:
    John Prescott (DPM to Tony Blair):
    "He refused to give a guarantee that Labour had not given peerages for loans, saying "I am bound to say not all the information possibly is out yet and we are still looking at it."
    quote during the firestorm surrounding this affair:

    there are many more of that, u can dredge it up at ur leisure:

    Moral: dont you talk cock if you dont have the FACTS.

    2.Simply put dickhead, legislation is just the mascara to coverup pimply corruption from public gaze. You can do the same analysis in Spore, HK, Korea, Taiwan et al and come up with a proper pix on how corruption is managed undercovers so as not to distort common misplaced perceptions spawned by fancy indices like the Corruption Perception Index. why even NZ which was placed high on that indice was embroiled in a scandal of its own. But I am digressing and that would be another thread if I am in the mood.

    2. I purposely cut and pasted your original comments to categorically show that you mentioned early 70s here:

    "in the early 1970s, our GDP per capita was at parity with S Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.....
    SG at 1.30pm on this thread:

    Now you are changing the goalposts even further back and I am not taking the bait there for 2 simple reasons apart from the above quote

    a.The late 50s and 60s was Malaysia's lost decade with Communist insurgency, the induction and loss of Spore, the "anti-Islam" (Natrah) incident of 1964,left wing ((read Chingkie bastard)fomented riots in Spore
    (1964) and Penang (1967) and of course the Climax: May 13 1969, ( wonderful if the cleansing had been throughout Malaysia rather than in one spot). Shadowing all these was Spore's illegetimate creation endorsed by a spineles weakling of a PM whom I have no respect for, the Malaysian Malaysia cocktalk to mask subjugation efforts, Chingkie attempts to jettison moves to implement provisions of the 1957 constitution and the unwritten Social Contract regarding Malay rights and privileges, the Confrontation with Indo-Phil et al. Try reading South Korea history regarding that era for comparison. (to be continued)

    Warrior 231

  77. skilgannon10665:10 pm

    Warrior xxx

    Re your post of 1:17 PM, I am sad that you have, not for the first time, chosen to denigrate my mother.

    My mother (may she rest in peace) passed away in Malaysia some years back. She came to Malaya as a migrant, lived through the travails of the Japanese Occupation, and with my late Dad (who was also a migrant), raised her children well. I hope and believe that they were both blessed.

    As the Good Book says:




    Let's agree to disagree, vitriolically if need be, but let's not voice or pen abuse about one's parents.

  78. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Part B

    b. Much of policy regardingthe economy was controlled by a Chingkie overlord and his courtiers with the consent of a feebleminded weakling of a PM. Hence, it would not be amiss to say that economic policy planning would be hostage to Chingkie interests that effectively promoted the depredation of Malaysia's natural resources such as tin (controlled by chingkies and Brit conglomerates), the prolongation of the cash crop economy, (ex: rubber...large tracts of plantations were in Chingkie hands or were being bought from the departing Brits) and the extension of a laizzes faire system that favoured closed shop Chingkie economic networks etc etc. Net result: no income redistribution efforts, minor moves to alleviate rural poverty and elevate rural incomes, little effort to address socio-econmic inequalities, regional neglect especially of Pribumi areas, promoting the growth of Chingkie oligarchies and a new breed of cocksucklers (Lim Goh Tong is a case in point). Net outcome; widening income diparities/high GiNI; a proliferating underclass amongst the indigenous polity, socio-economic marginalisation blah3 culminating in May 13 1969- the day the Malay Warrior spirit awoke and forever cherished by Melayu bermaruahs everywhere like ME.

    My point was what if we had Tun DR M had the helm with same sort of instituitional framework (read; security apparatus, legislation, a compliant bureaucracy, a frozen political playground, a Yushin like constitution, a free yet national aspiration conscious judiciary etc etc)that visonaries like PCH, grudgingly HL etc crafted. Net Result: We would have PCH, Harry, Chinag et al rolled into 1. Remember; In 22 years, Tun increased the GDP roughly by a whopping US$78Billion. Imagine, what he would have done if we had given him those reins in the 1960s instead of a politically effete and naive Tunku or even made him an economic czar instead of the Chingkie dolt, HS Lee. We would not be quibbling about per capitas but instead talking about caviar and moet et chandon's dom perignon Do you get it fuckhead?I brought in PCH to detail how SK was transformed and the only valid comparison we had of him was our own statesman Tun DR M. Even then I started the comparison at 1970 (Malaysia per capita details were only available since then)


    Warrior 231

  79. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Part B

    b. Much of policy regardingthe economy was controlled by a Chingkie overlord and his courtiers with the consent of a feebleminded weakling of a PM. Hence, it would not be amiss to say that economic policy planning would be hostage to Chingkie interests that effectively promoted the depredation of Malaysia's natural resources such as tin (controlled by chingkies and Brit conglomerates), the prolongation of the cash crop economy, (ex: rubber...large tracts of plantations were in Chingkie hands or were being bought from the departing Brits) and the extension of a laizzes faire system that favoured closed shop Chingkie economic networks etc etc. Net result: no income redistribution efforts, minor moves to alleviate rural poverty and elevate rural incomes, little effort to address socio-econmic inequalities, regional neglect especially of Pribumi areas, promoting the growth of Chingkie oligarchies and a new breed of cocksucklers (Lim Goh Tong is a case in point). Net outcome; widening income diparities/high GiNI; a proliferating underclass amongst the indigenous polity, socio-economic marginalisation blah3 culminating in May 13 1969- the day the Malay Warrior spirit awoke and forever cherished by Melayu bermaruahs everywhere like ME.

    My point was what if we had Tun DR M had the helm with same sort of instituitional framework (read; security apparatus, legislation, a compliant bureaucracy, a frozen political playground, a Yushin like constitution, a free yet national aspiration conscious judiciary etc etc)that visonaries like PCH, grudgingly HL etc crafted. Net Result: We would have PCH, Harry, Chinag et al rolled into 1. Remember; In 22 years, Tun increased the GDP roughly by a whopping US$78Billion. Imagine, what he would have done if we had given him those reins in the 1960s instead of a politically effete and naive Tunku or even made him an economic czar instead of the Chingkie dolt, HS Lee. We would not be quibbling about per capitas but instead talking about caviar and moet et chandon's dom perignon Do you get it fuckhead?I brought in PCH to detail how SK was transformed and the only valid comparison we had of him was our own statesman Tun DR M. Even then I started the comparison at 1970 (Malaysia per capita details were only available since then)


    Warrior 231

  80. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Part C

    You speak through your arse regarding SK. South Korea was structured as a democracy for 14 years since 1948 under Syngman Rhee. Using your logic why dont we start from there? Cos:

    a. Malaya was not independent and Malaysia non-existent.If they can have their lost decade or so of 15 years, I am not allowed to outline ours of 23 years* cos I am Malay and outlining a Malay stateman's achievements right, chingkie bastard?

    b. The same applies vis-a-vis Spore which became indie in 1966 not 1960, idiot as it was still under the British Crown.

    b. Data on per capita was only available on nationmaster since 1970. Accurate data, I presume because the older ones were probably manufactured by Chingkies, hahahahaha.

    In any case, you conveniently omit these regarding SK: the 1950s, it was embroiled in the Korean war.

    2. Much of its infrastructure was laid to waste in WW2 and later the Korean War.

    3. Its economy was in shambles under the stewardship of Rhee. Rhee is a classic example of the democratic malevolent dictator in my institutional capital theory (the leadership component). He has his parallels in Marcos. Men who frittered away their institutional largesse to enrich themselves

    3. It had essentially nothing to export in terms of natural resources. Hence, it had to start from scratch and that's where PCH came in.He saw the emerging Japan (like Tun later) as the leverage with the US as his fulcrum and eventual selfsufficiency as the goal. That's what an astute visonary does.

    4. Al Winsemius (fondly known as Vince) planned out everything, GKS was the office boy, the workholic Chingkie peon who did the maestro's bidding. Every economic phase was visualised by Vince ( a firm believer in Kondratiev wave theory and modified it for the Spore context, which Kees eloquently captured in his article). KS wa just hyped by the Chingkie for appeareance sake for they were all dolts in reality. Funny, reading your stuff about MNCs and Vince, if GKS knew that reality why did he implement as YOU mention in ur post or are you confused, eh pigshit?

    I am regular in Spore to keep contact with my intel friends there. They tell me GKS was a hyped up paper pig, nothing more and there was a dossier..... Even the young uns there dont know who the hell was GKS as Seah Chiang Nee intimated in Insight Down South (star 22 May):

    He fell out with Harry, like they all, do cos he probably knew what "Dirty" Harry was doing behind the scenes which was a nono to his (GKS) puritanically ethical morality...hahahahaha. Credit to Harry for being arsesmart in that regard though as all Chingkies are (LOL).

    You have not negated the argument that a strongman/benevolent dictator/strong oneparty political hegemony is crucial to economic growth and prosperity, that is your saving grace.

    As to why i dont use Wiki stat data, its because it patently unreliable compared to the site I visit which is comprehensive with regard to its time series. The Spore one is more or less reliable but of course it does not contain time series data etc about other countries, stupid boy.

    * 23 years : yeah, Tun Razak's illness in the 70s was major blow and the Treasury was only weaned away from Chingkie paws in 1974 when TSS departed. We had the Oil Crisis. Then Hussein managed for 6 years of so, through a stagflating US economy and sicky England (our major trading partners then)before, alhamdullilah, Tun M emerged and turned things around even though he was hampered by politics and AFC in 1997-98.

  81. Anonymous7:33 pm

    DR M was talking the truth in terms of economics, fuckarse. We do not have a level playing field as yet as the Chingkie whorepisses have effectively shut out the Malays from the economic loop through their ghetto closed shop networks to thwart the noble intent of the NEP. When we talk about about an egalitarian playing field we are talking about the net availability of inputs primarily capital for investment and production purposes. And when we talk about capital, we are talking of not only of liquid assets but also illiquid assets that can be leveraged upon if need be. For instance, a Chingkie with a cash stash of 10k plus an acre of primeland in Penang is technically richer than a Malay with 50k and 5 acres of bendang in Ulu Trengganu. because of asset price differentials. If both venture into condom manufacturing by leveraging on their assets as seed money, who will enjoy better economies of scale, bastard? and I am not talking, due to space constraints, about raw material resource supplier networks, postproduction distribution networks like wholesale, retailing etc, market accessibility etc. So what the fuck meritocracy are u talking about, bastard. It is clear that you are merely twisting the statesman's statement to lampoon us Malays, you bastard mafucking racist bigot!

    The Chingkie works on three levels to ensure the continued perpetuation of this unfair hegemony. Political: He foments strife thru his Chingkie controlled parties and their cocksucklers as I noted in my earlier post. I can prove that with the case of Indonesia that will impact on your Siti Mulyani reform assertions, Thailand and the Phillipines. The nervecentre of this "balanced" destabilisation lies South of the Tebrau with its heart residing in Beijing. I say "balanced" because the destabilisation is controlled so as to not reach tipping point and descend into outright chaos for that would be inimical to certain interests. The fact that Thailand almost did is reflective that this is a dangerous gambit.

    2 Social: Continued preservation of Chingkie racist ideological indoctrination institutions; the vernacular school crucial to the preservation of the closed shop above. Chingkies do this by invoking the Constitution and harping on their rights. Lately, they have pushed the Malaysian Malaysia button by advocating pluralism and multiculturalism. By moulding public opinion in this direction, they hope to perpetuate their 'ghettoes' to ensure economic hegemony.

    Religious: harping on the tenets of Islam to mock the Muslims and invoke guilt in their conscience by default. Many Muslims have fallen for this gambit. The more liberal Muslims are used to infiltrate and weaken the substructures of the faith. Hence we have a duallayered undermining process at work.Devout Muslims are beset by a guiltconscience mentality while "weaker" Muslims abandon the faith. Both sources are tapped and harnessed onto the nefarious Chingkie subjugation plan.

    Sources tell me that realisation has dawned upon the Chingkie that merely effecting the above strategies without control would be useless. Hence they are gunning for political control. To get there, they had to get a Wahhabi Muslim as the figurehead and they did so with a certain personality acceptable to all given his/her socalled reformist background. Next,talk of a future non-muslim PM was floated to test the waters.To effect that goal, lately, the creation of a DPM post for Chingkies have been secretly sealed with arsewhore without the knowledge of the naive PASSites who might have triggered a ruckus. I am reliably informed that the plan would slowly infused through certain turbans for it to gain acceptance eventually. The formation of non-Muslim cells within PAS is also a tactical move made by Wahhabi and Chingkie infiltrators into that religious ghetto to effect their plan.

    Note: Wahhabiyites are NOT Muslims, they are Munafiks. They affect piety for political and economic purposes. A case in pont would AlQaedahites and the ruling class in Saudi Arabia.

  82. Anonymous8:38 pm

    The cuckolded cocksuckling pseudo-Malays are unaware that they are being taken for a joyride by the Chingkie pimp before he rapes them and sells them to the whorehouse. When that moment arrives, that would be just desserts for their arrogant cocsuckling ways. In any case, I wouldnt want to enjoy a wormy cunted saggy breasted painted Azizah for free neither would I give the idiotic Izzah a doggiestyle fuck if she spreads or do a 69 on any poor turbanman's cheapskate imitation 'Lollo'brigida a second look when only the original one in her prime would do. As for the pseudo-Malay men, arsewhore will show the way with his Cumma Sutudra (latest edition of Kama Sutra). All those scums r for you pimpboy, SG. (Note: sutu= tamil for arsehole, I guess)

    Sat D wrote an erudite and brilliant post on the Chingkie ghetto closed shop. He reasoned eloquently that more focus should be given on social sapital formation through a one school system.

    I go further. we need to:
    a. establish a strong institutional framework through a strongman leader (like Tun M or me ;> ) to allow us to dimantle the Chingkie racist ideology indoctrination system i.e garbage like the vernacular school, restrictions on mother tongue use etc

    b. impose a wealth tax retrospectively to all Chingkie capital holdings ( both liquid and illiquid) as a means to raise capital for the bumiputra entrepreneurial community.Such a tax should be commensurate with wealth holdings on a sliding scale basis for equity purposes. The tax would compensate for the Chingkie comprador economic depredation of Tanah Melayu since 1800.

    3. An emigrant exit tax be assessed on all Chingkie emigre capital being brought smuggled out of the country via the migration route. This would stanch capital flight as I gather close to 300000 chingks and Hindulens have run away. Assessment should be retrospective and sliding scale based. Other forms of capital transfer should also be tracked via the banking system and taxed accordingly.

    4. No more assistance for Chingkie SMEs. Cut off all cost incentives, direct and indirect subsidies, capital allowances and other forms of tax breaks be removed and he be thrown to the market dogs to see whether he can survive etc. savings from such abolition would go a long way or be used for the Malay SME entrepreneurial community.

    5. Politically neuter him by removal of voting rights etc.

    There are several other proposals which I will flesh out in detail with the above in my upoming blog.(yeah, I am going into blogging like Bru, time permitting). Now let me address a small boy-girl who talked about SK and Taiwan democracy. First let me hahahahahaha at that stupid rhant. Next, small boygirl, armed with a calculator, please google nationmaster and do the math for Korea from 1993-2006 and for Taiwan from the end of KMT control in 2000 in terms of GDP growth and compare with earlier Ironman/one party periods. For example, use basic simple comparison = SK; X(2006)-Y(1993)/Y x 100 = Z% increase or decrease. Next, compare Z with any period say PCH or you can go for averages etc.
    Then come and shit here, ok small boygirl, ta ta or pai pai...hahaha what an illeducated ruffian of a wasted sperm!!

    Also remember to google Uncles Kim Young Sam, Roh Moo-Hyun and Uncle Chen Shui Ban or Ah Ban from Taiwan. They were great credits to democracy hahahahahahahaa.

    P/S: The emperor-mandarin model is also embedded in Malaysian socio-political history. For Instance our very own sultan-bendahara nexus. Remember the Malacca Sultan - Bendahara (tun Perak) model and how that brought prosperity when democratic politics was an unknown arsewipe. We can recreate that minus the feudalism baggage?.....

    Warrior 231

  83. Anonymous8:46 pm

    sorry, here is the original real man's LOlo:

    not the cheap, tacky, frumpy PASar Malam version, that Arsewhore, the turbans and LKS lust after hahahaha

    Warrior 231

  84. Anonymous4:48 am

    2 questions remained unanswered arsehole SG as I was in the midst of something when writing the earlier responses. Multitasking, that is.

    Why was PCH gunned down if he was revered?

    Silly Q actually akin to asking the same of Kennedy.Anyway, one theory that is plausible was that the US was spooked by PCH's rapproachment with NK and hence finished him off so as to maintain their strategic foothold in the Korean peninsula in view of the Cold war, the China threat and to provide additonal boost for Japan and the ROC. There was also the famed military-industrial complex networks at play. Anyway, if you read the link below, there are hints + you will discern certain similarities with Tun M's policies. Further, note how the Koreans used bailouts to save their chaebols. If Tun M implements the same policies, he is derided by the chingkies and their cocksucklers cos he is Malay, I suppose and cos a Malay is not supposed to be bijak!.

    2. Harry's prowess was proven by the GLCs, hahahaha. What a stupid assertion SG as managing a GLC is a minions' job which Harry will take credit for eventually the same way he and GKS sponged on Vince. Moreover, I have proven conclusively here with FACTS that Harry and daughter-in-law were battling each other as to who would rack up the biggest losses during the height of the Financial crisis last year.You conveniently forgot that, did you?

    3. Economic growh since AFC. Let me outline that with FACTS at the appropriate time as it would require a lengthy comment and I am hamstrung for time now.

    Warrior 231

  85. Anonymous3:20 pm

    u said on TV news the medals were mere metal... then just throw them in the drainlah. Now we know the mentality of Datuks: Medal is Metal. So no big fusslah if the metal is taken away.... All Datuks are wearing Metal plates...

  86. Anonymous3:00 pm

    On x+y = z
    Russia (USSR) and Eastern Europe under communist used to have fantastic growth, what happen now? Any evidence to support the presumption that Taiwan and SK would continue to enjoy the same growth if were under the same regime and political conduct? The high growth at that certain period is due to progress at difference path of economy cycle (agriculture to industry, developing to developed) and with US support to work as blockage toward a communist China, or like our xyzzior put it, ironman style? Of course everyone know a strongman leadership could sustain a better growth for a period of time but can it work in a longer term, by taking into consideration that our economy is turning toward innovative and knowledge based? And the ridiculous part is that our xyzzior despise China and Singapore oligarchy / technocrat yet at the same time try to sell his dictatorial governance. His argument is actually filled up with double standard and hypocrisy.

    On statesman
    Mahathir didn’t close down the vernacular school, why? His political opponent was never the Chinese and instead, the stupid Chinese supported him, so what is all the fuss? Did Indonesia come up with a better economy and social model by getting rid of anything Chinese? If the readers really need to find out which leader shown “great tribute” to democracy, you may google Malaysia from 1981 to 2003. That said, we known all the Kim and Chen bring disgrace to democratic, but this will never become the reason for our people not to continue uphold our rights to choose/elect a government, and continue to do so.

    You need only a small boy to counter the fallacy of this future blogger, thus I believe his new bog topic and contents must be very “interesting”.


  87. Anonymous2:57 am

    small boy, small mind, small pecker, small idea but big stupidity, bigger lies plus biggest hypocrisy...hahahahahhahahhahaha

    1. Now it is Russia and Eastern Europe with no understanding of difference between capitalist and socialist based models. stupid talk of business cycles when most economy already tlaversed many cycle under stlongman/one party. tomollow it will be Bantustan, Niger and maybe El Salvador and Puerto Rico with Afalo-Hispanic cycles. Maybe plostitute mother no time to teach young boy as always open/close cunt to take cock for money while boy busy lecording action for pasar malam porno sale instead of studying.

    2 DR M would have done that if he had PCH's power at disposal and public backing behind him. One only need see Hally fuck his own chingkie to know the outcome instead of offer Indonesia as poor unrelated example to ironman/democlacy argument. simple case cannot see wan, how stupid!! One wants to elect government at own will- oh! here so blave to talk lights but no cock to give other people their lights elsewhere. As they say Good hypoclite is always bastard boy of whore. Better he fuck the matha for bling stupid him than talk lubbish and waste time. after fuck, suck her cunt as your thumb for lala land

    Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat

  88. Anonymous9:29 am

    Hehehe, where is the pondan warrior? Seek the help of wallior to do the sissy job, but whoever, smell of hypocrisy and ill logic remain.

    1. The Asia economies after WW2 have everything to do with where the West wants to put their money, some country that successfully create their own brand and completed their industrialised cycle is because they don’t spend time looking for fake enemy and continue the crybaby of “perpaduan xx, yy and zz”. The strongman scenario is the result of world politic at that point of time, the so-called robust growth have nothing much to do with it. Xyzzior thesis and his xyz formula can only apply to growing vegetable la.

    2. Strongman vs public backing? Hmmm….interesting logic, need I say more?


  89. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat

    No point arguing with this one. It wants to win badly and at all costs since its racist bastard self cannot take a beating from a non-chingkie. I have forsworn engaging it long ago given its innate stupidity and inability to decipher even the simple stuff you wrote. Guess, it cant give meaning to its existence without the attention as the creep has no qualms in shamelessly butting into comments to draw attention to itself. A maruahless arseworm and cocktwit of a chingkie.

    Now, it shamelessly claims that I am using you as proxy without a shred of proof. As if I have no better things to do. No surprises though as it doesnt provide an iota of evidence or fact to support its other stupid assertions, either.

    See how it twists its tongue to bring in another argument when its earlier ones collapse. Wouldnt be surrised if your Bantustan, Africa-Hispanic thingy pops up next as the poor thing is probably googling at that fictitous stuff now. You were right regarding sons of prostitutes make the best hypocrites and may I add, the best liars and rhanters.

    Anyway, waste of time and pixel engaging with a twatlick that dickjuices its pa' for breakfast and cuntsucks its momma as nightcap.

    Warrior 231