Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DAP Adun loses faith in party, quits

Another one to singh the Indie tune. Konsensus Bebas, the newly-formed political alliance for "independent" MPs and Aduns (state assemblymen) could get a new member today. The press conference by this Perak Adun is expected to happen at 1 pm today (read here).

This latest development in the Perak political scene is made most interesting because Nizar, the ex-MB,  has just told reporters at the Parliament this morning that several BN reps had come to see him. These reps had told him they were unhappy with MB Zambry and would support Nizar if a vote of no confidence is proposed against the MB.


  1. 1. After Uncle Lim's tiresome and repetitive trumpeting of the "miracle" in Sibu, I think if a DAP Perak Adun loses faith and quit from the DAP which has rediscovered faith in Sibu, then, this is indeed another miracle for DAP. Hallelujah..Praise to God.

    2. By the way can anybody believe Nizar the ex Perak MB who went to see the Sultan of Perak to seek dissolution of the DUN after he lost his majority? Hmm..I don't.

  2. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Haiya.....blog latuk sikalang selupa itu majalah mangga maa..manyak mohong sana sini...celita dongeng bikin olang geli hati lor

    ; apek tongsan

  3. Baguslah kalau ahli-ahli politik mula meninggalkan politik perkauman. Harap-harap kita semua dapat memahami satu sama lain bermula dengan 1Bahasa walaupun ianya bermula dengan Telur-Telur Itu.

  4. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Hahaha as OutSyed the Box succintly put it, they are leaking all over. Either poor quality tampons plugging Azizah's wormy cunthole cant contain postmenopausal discharge or the gutter garbage stink within the PaRian sty must be getting pretty unbearable for the poor sods stuck in that hellhole.

    Maybe arsehore, Umar Abdulaziz and khalid alwalid should extort Rm2 million from the illegal footie betting syndicates in Penang and Selangor and use the moolah as lure to get their acolytes to stay on and dickjuice them for eternity.

    Singh is King is bleating from the ceiling as to why he's leaving. Strangely, the bastard Chingkie who wrote that stuff in the Star harps back to february, 10million and other garbage in a vain attempt to scurrilously portray the singh in a different light. As usual, I suspect da'Pigs to be behind it. Najib better get CSL to clear out the garbage in the dying Star failing whcih he can boot out the Chingkies from the BN along with the Silhoutte and other gutter flotsam in a spring cleaning before going into GE13 without thorns in the flesh. That is if he's got the cockmuscle for all that.

    Stay tuned for floods of comment lambasting you for being anti-PaRian merely for reporting facts, Bru. Comes with the territory, I suppose. As for Mr Born Loser Chingkie Dickjuicer Ngee Char, he is instigating for an election so that he could lose his seat fast and get back to reality for a change.

    Warrior 231

  5. Pasir Salak3:31 pm

    I've had the opportunities to talk to the Malim Nawar Adun on many occasions, personally and through phone.

    His intention to quit goes back to almost nine months ago. Several were his reasons:

    1. facing difficulty serving his constituents because no funds are coming from the BN state government, forcing him to go back to his legal practice to earn the money since he had to fork out finances from his pockets;

    2. internal strife within the DAP with party leaders forming two groups - one consisting of largely Indians led by Ipoh Barat MP Kula and the other the Ngeh-Nga cousins. Wedged in between these two groups, this guy became a bit "disillusioned";

    3. realising, through his own analysis, that he would never again be picked as a candidate by the DAP for the next general election (13th GE). Even his candidacy for the Malim Nawar seat in the 2008 election was due to extreme pressure from Kula on the Ngeh-Nga cousins;

    4. his disillusionment was further clouded by his immediate relatives and friends who had persuaded him to either join BN or support the party by becoming a friendly independent. Here, of course, the ones to really benefit is his own brother (a doctor) and another BN punjabi politician who are struggling hard to gain prominence as leaders of the Sikh community in Perak where one Sikh Tan Sri failed miserably; and,

    5. self-interest - the financial package offered to him (which is no secret really). Although it fell short of the RM10 or RM20 million (wow!) offered just after the election, the present package was enough to sway his already disillusioned mind and weak-principled spirit to take the bait (or carrot). Going price now is about RM2 million and two or three logging permits.

    Having said all the above, I believe Keshvinder has done more harm for the Sikh community by being a turncoat than he has benefited himself. Well, let's see what happens in the coming weeks.

    To keshvinder, you did what you thought was the best, but do remember you have just become an outcast in the eyes of many, especially your community.

  6. Anonymous4:32 pm

    well, mr singh, hope you've put on flak jacket and steel helmet. For sure you will be pelted with hate comments, accusing u of being bought, etc, etc.


  7. apek tongsan, lu manyak mutut!!

    ini locky blu 9 cakap ohh 23 talak boleh picaye lo.

    kita misti picaya itu anwat akan jadi pidana minteli ini 16 bulan simbilan.

    sure punye..itu agong sula tunggu ohh...sape tak pecaya olong boloh!!

  8. YB yang ini berjiwa rakyat. Dia nak berkhidmat tapi parti sibuk berpolitik. Karpal Singh terlalu sibuk dgn politik dan mahkamah sampai takde masa untuk rakyat. Dia langsung takde accountability. I dont understand why voters go for him. Mungkin pasal dia berani lawan sultan.

    I hope Dap supporters will change their attitude and support BN.

  9. This Pasir Salak guy cannot fool me, he is one of those agent provocateur probably PAP or chauvinist DAP dirty tricks department out to confuse Malaysians.
    I do not for once believe he is from Perak (Pasir Salak!? Anyone can signed off as anyone anything!)
    His thesis is what anyone without an ability to think or surmise anything will do.
    But did it ever occur to anyone Keshvinder Singh quit because he saw the trickery and lies of the chauvinist Chinese (Ngeh and Co) and Indians with an unhappy childhood (Kula and gang)that what better thing to do than quit! More should do so and do not allow these chauvinist Malaysians that have the tendency to turn this beautiful country into another ethnic-strife ridden country!
    Stop them now!

  10. Tomorrow's "news" in MT, Harris PP, LKS, Malaysiakini dan yang setotok-totok bukit dengannya..:

    "Ex-DAP Adun lured by RM XXX million"

    Pooodahhh...! Same old shitty script on a different leaky day.

  11. I thu-ought Singhs were refered to as Lions and not Frogs. Well done Cashwinder you have given a new meaning to Singhs. You bloody turncoat badwa !!!!

  12. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Pasir Salak

    You would have been in dereliction of your duty as a citizen and, presumably, a registered voter as you didnt report (4) and (5) to the authorities or even the DAPigs. What got into you, eh doggie? Busy being arsefucked doggiestyle by your chingkie bosses eh while you salaked the pain away? Come on, stupid fellatist, dont throw a red herring like some fuckshit by talking about 1,2 and 3 which is pretty much public knowledge.


    http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/15162-kula-denies-he-is-angry-as-dap-tries-to-calm-perak-row (yanked off as this drama unfolded, i assume)


    Your game is to actually portray yourself as a credible fellatist so that others will swallow 4 and 5 hook line and sinker. Well, it doesnt work anymore, arsehole dickjuicing shitmouth for the fact is Da' pigs in Perak have had a long history of internal schisms to satiate their unbridled piglusts for power. Fong Po Kuan, Lau Dak Kee-Ting Chek Ming come to mind.



    Furthermore, the Ngee-Ngar Ghee Hin triad sqaud cannot stand Hindulens and Malays, that is a fact and aint a surprise cos Chingkies are basically racist mafuckers. I reckon Singh is King got fucking trapped in all that mudslinging. And watching the satraps jostle for power whilst neglecting their ADUN duties might have grated his soul. So he decided enuf was enuf and thought it was time to fuck off for the sake of his constituents and his conscience. No need for even 20 sens to figure that out let alone your crazy figures.

    The electorate would be better off,if only, there were more responsible MPs and ADUNs like him in the PaRian ranks and less running dogs like Pasir Salak.

    So quit throwing pasir in people eyes for a few extra quid. You'd be better of vulvazelaing your momma crazy in the spirit of the WC instead of yelping like a shebitch in heat here, pigshit eating mongrel. What a jubohlahni twathead of a cuntlouse and clitworm, wasted sperm.

    Warrior 231

  13. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Bengalis are a very close knitted community..

    Maybe during one of their regular capati tea-parties, Karpal trying to appear as their King, may have blurted out the facts on DSAI/Saiful encounters?

    So why wait for the trial to be over, cabut cepat2 dulu...


  14. Cashswindler Singh?

    Very apt!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  15. Anonymous2:29 am

    another veli rich & oso a potential latuk bongali

  16. Anonymous3:38 am

    Despite being a cocksuckling racist in his own terms, at least this charlatan scounderel has the decency to acknowledge the shortcomings of his coalition of triad gangsters and their subservient arselickers and cocksucklers


    which is way more progressive in thinking than my dad pimped SLUTVOR momma's illicit paramour, David Parameswaran Pichaimuthu can ever conceptualise given his shitfilled cranium and dickjuicing ways.

    The fact that the DAPigs were lording over the others and playing the racial card was evident from the word go all thos moons ago should have been apparent to any objective, critical and percepient observers:


    and power struggles amongst the various triad groups in Perak DAP is as common as the almost daily downpours in Taiping

    and I guess the SUPP leaving Bn last year and Bota's initial defection were not cash swindling exercises in the eyes of hypocritical twatlicking, clitsuckling johnshafters. I guess wasted uneducated PaRian sperm will always be that come what evidence as footie analysts are wont to say "class is permanent and form is temporary".

    Bastards like these are better of vulvazelaing their mothers and crying out "juboh La'Ni" before dicking their dad's arse.

    p/s: for once, i have to admit you are spot on, Warrior 231.

    Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat

  17. Anonymous4:30 am

    Bro Pasquale

    In the Malaysian Insider comments section, an exact replica of the commnent here was signed as Pasir Panjang NOT Pasir Salak.

    Well we know which kurang ajar wasted sperm is the ADUN for PP, right. Looks like the PAS whores are falling over each other to cocksuckle the DA Pigs in their moment of sorrow. Tarbiyah isap batang Nik Aziz kepala butoh,kut?.

    Also elsewhere, his defection took the Da Pigs by surprise indicating they dont have a pulse on things as everything lays buried under the mouldy carpet:


    And after this admission, wait tommorrow for tales of blackmaillah,. money problemslah, bought overlah blah blah blah bloody blah.Same old shit different shit bucket.

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous9:54 am

    Perak dap is in shambles, pas is headless chicken and pkr has factions fighting each other...all in perak. nizar has lost his credibility among malays, he didnt do one bit for them when he was mb. instead he did too much for the chinese. maybe an inherent dislike for the malays? and what he did for the chinese are all at the command of the ngeh/ngee kapitans.

    kapal, meanwhile, can only bleat rhetorics..singh is king, what a crap. the singhs in msia are those tat cannot find work in india or western countries. tats why they come here. now tat u know tat, deduce wat level they were and are...singh is king my foot. he can only show off in the court where he questions.. change the role and see! anyway, saiful has shown him, he is the india discard tat he is..

    pkr... anwar days are over.. he shd stop smelling booties the first time.. but he did it again...

  19. Anonymous12:21 pm


    finally true colours...all coming out...now that is a big wow! to acknowledge that Malaysian politics are one big racist crap on the open cyberspace and no holds barred....is truly truly unMalaysian because pussyfooting is the game here...

    Own it and lets move on to the next level folks....cleaning up....

    Keturunan Jebat

  20. Anonymous1:32 pm

    1.Cisss!!dulu mamat dap ni kata!ada puak umno yang dok tawar dia dua tiga juta untuk keluar parti!
    2.Last sekali dia keluar parti!!boleh percaya ka kat mamat ni!!
    3.Daripada kena tendang dari Dap pada PRU 13 nanti!baik sambaq peluang yang umno tawarkan!!dapatla jugak bekalan untuk hidup senang nanti!!
    4.Tak gitu!!mamat dap!!!!

  21. dey pasir galak,

    Warner bros want to sign u up for their next action-political-comedy movie...they want to take u as a director....pse call 1-300-IN-YOUR-DREAM if u want to accept the offer...

  22. Anonymous9:13 pm

    It has to be UMNO's fault..... and it isn't by-election time yet.

    So, another demon in the making? Won the football bet or TOTO jackpot?

    In reality, this DAP Adun has been conned by the con masters.


  23. Disgusted11:03 pm

    alahai, sketnye komen

    but this MP, im pretty sure he wont get re-elected again, quite the flippedy flop la

  24. Anonymous11:48 pm

    whatever is your comment, damage and weakness has been exposed.

    face the facts guys. This is not a
    16 sept jokes.

  25. Anonymous12:44 am

    DAP kerja depa asyik duk saman sana sini..Mampuih sekok pelabur tak akan masuk Negeri depa...



  26. Anonymous9:49 am

    Like they use to say Baiis are like phono records! They will play on the top side and flip side!Wholesale!

  27. The temptataion was too great for him !He succumbed and now his financial problems will be resolved !
    He will not be around come the next General Election !Like the other members of the Alliance of Hoppers he will be consigned to the rubbish bin of history !

  28. Anonymous3:52 pm

    donplaypuks® said...

    Cashswindler Singh?

    Very apt!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    9:38 PM





    DPP = DAP?????


  29. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    After following the MaviMarvara n Rachel Carrie flotilla happenings, all the DAP/HINDRAF/PKR/PAS to me appears more like Clowns..

    Depa berangan depa ni Israelis ker? hehehe nak tunjuk garang? Ceh.


  30. Anonymous1:24 am

    I saw so many BN fags and PR fags here.get a life lah woi.

  31. Anonymous9:28 am

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Like they use to say Baiis are like phono records! They will play on the top side and flip side!Wholesale!

    9:49 AM

    Dont wori. UMNO does it better...ask Saiful to do it to u.

    -Baii Hai

  32. Anonymous11:45 am

    You know I love Singapore's style of doing things. They just make sure that any person who jumps, resigns & stand for election.

    Singapore's style can even worst than Rocky. I hope that Rocky can have a mano o mano with LKY & see if he does not end up like JBJ.

    It seems Najib can't get away from LKY's clutches.....Please take note Singapore PAP won't stoop that low to get Najib. If you have any proof, better have hard solid proof...Not the lembik type

    Beware of blind guides. Rocky could be that Pharises. However, he can be "Paul" one day.....Hahaha

  33. Anonymous2:59 am

    Malaysia is a lost cause as far as I am concerned and we are heading to the dogs..Malaysians, Malays or non-Malays, are making the beeline to leave the country..guys like this Mr Singh has no self respect and the only reason is they will be millionaires by swtiching sides..

  34. Anonymous1:26 pm

    This country semua bisa diurus pak. cuma mau diberikan uang kopi aje.