Friday, May 14, 2010

Wee quits PKR

Updated, the morning after:
Wee's last press release before giving up on the party, H E R E

Original post:
Wangsa Maju MP YB Wee Choo Keong has finally given up on his adopted party, PKR. He would be announcing his resignation at a press conference in KL at 3pm. Wee is the latest in a series of elected reps who have left the Pakatan Rakyat.
updates: The Malay Mail's edition yesterday afternoon.
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  1. The is one of the worst kept secret in Malaysia.

    To Wee, I ptui you.


  2. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Good for PR..BN is welcome to take him in..Better for him to relinquish the MP of Wangsa Maju..see whether BN/UMNO has a ball to meet PR again...

  3. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Wee quitting?
    Yes, he better quit.

    After all he was earlier singled out to be with the BN entourage to USA and for sure he was cornered by BN 'thugs' to give up PKR.

    And also, as you stated - " The currently dormant Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, this week learned it will become Malaysia's first and only legalised sports betting operator."

    Wee must be very pleased that the Finance Ministry under the PM has been making so many recent 'halal' decisions like allowing many 'special draws' and now another 'gambling licence'.

    Yes, are on track.

    Keep it up, but by the way... who will field you as candidate in the next election?

    Ever thought of that?

    Or you already have made 'enough dough' to stay away from active politics?


  4. He should explain in detail why he left PKR.

    take care of your own communist party

  5. najib manaukau4:15 pm

    These are the very people who become opposition members because they were expecting the opposition to become the government and that they would be given the chance to be in the gravy train when that happens.
    Now that the chances of the opposition look like becoming the next government is getting slimmer by the day, they begin to jump like frogs. He is, for sure, one of those but it is also a good time to find out for these frogs are. Good riddance !!

  6. Anonymous4:40 pm

    ala Wee Choo Keong, lu manyak hantu la !! dulu cakap 100% Pakatan sekarang cabut lari jadi barua UMNO !!

    memang cina apek ni tak boleh percaya punya !! agak berapa $$$ sudah masuk poket WCK ???

  7. Good riddance. The best ever news for Pakatan. Beer on me. We are sooooooooo veryyyyyyyy happpppppyyyyyy.


  8. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Oh oh, now they will say he's an UMNO agent who has sold his soul and all that crap, even though their idol had earlier there were no more bad apples in the party.

    But it seems the opposite. All the good apples are leaving and the rotting ones are still waiting to ferment to cider.


  9. they quit but no guts to resign their parliament seat...

    what principle is this joker talking about...

    we the voters voted you in as PKR representative not as an independent...

  10. Anonymous5:50 pm

    I know WEE will Frog, this is old news lah bro

  11. Bravo wee for being a good Malaysian

  12. Turncoat.Cheh!DAP turncoat and now PKR turncoat.Another 0ne or two years and he will be no more!

  13. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Well, better now then later. Vincent Tan quite powerful then & now after getting betting license. A favour must return with favour. I recall Vincent was just an Opis boy selling insurance long ago. Must pretty know the lobang then. Look at Saiful, another Opis boy who now goes places and get to know who & who.

  14. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Ini bukan berita baru,,,malumlah ramai bini and banyak hutang,,,!!!!

    DAH dapat HABUAN dari BN dan dah drop all the CHARGES,!!!!!

    MACAM mana pon WANGSA MAJU,,,peruntukan tetap untuk CINA,,,MELAYU apa dapat?????


  15. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Thats why Monsterball lau ren cerdik..

    He quickly changed the words to UMNO TOADS, a wise old man he is.. WHY?

    ..Too many PR now turning into frogs

    ..Big FROG just lost Hulu Selangor

    ..He adores Frog Meat..


  16. Anonymous8:31 pm


    Ptui... typical original PURE APEK habit.. walk ptui, eat in restaurant ptui on the floor, driving also ptui through the windows..having conversation with friends also ptui..

    Isssshhh lucky you dont chew sireh!


  17. Anonymous8:32 pm

    shit mouth wee. good riddance.

  18. Ibrahim Anwar8:34 pm

    I'm tired of all Pakatan supporters. Their too bias, too dumb and too sick in their head that it stinks to high heaven.

    He wants to go out. Let him be.

    When Zaid jumped ship, you guys applaud. When your own jumps ship you call him traitors, rotten apple etc.

    I hardly hear UMNO or BN grumbles that guys like Zaid jumped ship. And they never accuse him or other like him with so many wild allegations. Now, that's gentleman way of thinking.

    That's why I desert PR. They are just a bunch of double standard hypocrites.

    For PR supporters, everything is a conspiracy. The police are bad, the judges are corrupt. And Malaysia is the worst nation on earth.

    Anwar is the high priest, and PR is the sacred party. The man and the party can do no wrong. Both are out to save the nation.

    I think Ayah Pin's supporters are slightly more intelligent that you guys.

  19. Anonymous8:39 pm

    haiya the sour grapes troopers are out in full force

    truth will prevail, haha

    pr troopers will be devastated when that happens

    Rock steady Saiful and ROcky

  20. Ho hum, Yawn! So, what's new?

    This must be just about the most expected event of the year!!

    Wee was proving to be an embarrassment to UMNO/BN while still being in Pakatan and enjoying gaji buta "lawatan sambil belajar" all expenses paid trip to New York and Washington DC sponsored by PM Najib with the Rakyat's money (again and again!!).

    Of couse, the Rakyat's money is being doled out like it's going out of fashion with $77 million to APCO and million $ ads proclaiming Rosemajib is M'sia's 1st lady thus insulting our King and Queen. Not to mention that MNC's like Sime Darby are being bled dry by the same Govt!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  21. Anonymous8:44 pm


    do we hear hopes dissipating among the pr cybertroopers

    and also the false sense of bravado

    also the typical "good riddance" self justification

    hahaha wake up lah

    pr is breaking down lah, face the fact - hindraf has long ago given up on pakatan heh heh

  22. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Kami Penduduk Wangsa Melawati Wangsa Maju,,sudah 22 tahun menetap disini,,bayangkan DAH HABIS BAYAR hutang rumah,,,WAKIL Rakyat dari UMNO,,bertukar ke MCA and PKR (Wee PUCIKONG).

    MALANG nya,,NONE of them pernah menjegok kami,,,SO it does no make any difference...HIDUP or MATI MEREKA,,WE DONT WANT TO KNOW.


  23. Looks like Anwar Ibrahim have to dig a grave for Pakatan Rakyat soon.

    Pakatan Rakyat heading towards the grave

  24. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    I am sure all charges on corruptions against Wee will be dropped off by Najib.
    And that sickening Najib.....
    All the time..our Thomas Cup team played very well.
    Najib never supported the badminton team at all.
    All of a sudden he appeared...Malaysia kina 3-0
    Chong Wei and Kean Keat must hate his face...playing so lousily.
    To expect Choon Hann win any like hoping for a miracle that Najib disappeared and get lost.
    I am sure he is relaxed seeing Wee resigned from RPK.
    Now that Selangor has a majority of 4...wait for a Perak look-a-like magic show.
    For is the 13th GE that matters most.
    PERWIRA can fuck off with his expected comment on me.

  25. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Another one bites the dust...who's next? Clock is tickinggg...tick tock tick tock...Mhuahahaha...


  26. Anonymous10:12 pm

    We should stop voting PKR candidates.
    They do not seem to be able: -
    1) hold on to their people.
    2) Select loyal candidates
    3) Toe party line
    Vote BN to teach PKR a lesson!


  27. Anonymous11:16 pm

    MELAYU apa dapat? MELAYU gaduh je lah sampai kiamat. Rebut kuasa yang tak seberapa tu. Akhirnya melopong ... team badminton pon ramai cina. Memalukan punya MELAYU


  28. Anonymous11:42 pm

    najib manaukau admits...
    "...Now that the chances of the opposition look like becoming the next government is getting slimmer by the day..."

    Good that YOUR KIND finally accept the fact that Fuckatan Riot does not have what it takes to be the government. In fact, your description `slimmer' is not appropriate at all. The chance to be the next government was never there. It's just an illusion created by BABI, hoping his sodomy case will be overturned by `new judges' if he's the new PM. Sorry Bang Nuar, you have to face the music.

  29. Anonymous12:15 am

    I know this Wee well, his whole family are all trouble maker especially his father. They are never able to work with others, never able to work in a team and always the one who rock the boat!

    Is a shame for the family.

  30. Anonymous1:55 am

    Ada orang suka ada juga yang marah. Apa guna duduk dalam parti yg suka curi pasir. Kerja tak tau bikin. MB cakap dia punya targeRM140juta, jadi RM4juta saja. Lain mana pigi. Bila tanya dia diam saja. Mesti ada orang sudah makan. Tanya sama itu Ronnie gangster dia diam juga. PR gomen kuat rasuah. Wee tatak suka jadi dia keluarlah. Ada faham kah???

  31. Kerajaan PR di Selangor ni haprak curi pasir tapi buat tak tau sebab kerja kroni.

    Chauvinist party

  32. PR cybertroopers out for Wee's blood, while their leader walks around like a zombie under the Sun.
    All those 'brave MPs' who support Mike's courage are preparing their respective statements now.
    Let's wait for the 'Next Change', it was 'Coming Soon' for almost a year now.
    The last scene was shot in Sungai Buloh, behinds bars (not Zaid's bar).

    THE END.

  33. Mustapha Ong7:19 am

    Bru, you are well focused by highlighting Wee's resignation from PKR and it's also timely.

    Knowing Wee the high-fly PKR Wilayah Chief and MP for Wangsa Maju, it is no surprise that he call it quit from being one of anwar's political crusader.More to divorce themselves from PKR who is now sick just like their leader BABI, but let us all pray that Wan Azizah will not threaten to divorce her sexually estranged hubby.That would be tragic not only to PKR but also the community if anwar goes solo in his quest for all that are deliciously abnormal, though absolutely illegal in this country.If I were in anwar's critical position I'll migrate and live a better and quality life with all the black and easy monies stacked here and there.

    A warm welcome to Wee and hopefully he will join BN when the direct membership is approved in the coming BN Convention.Wee is a good friend,commited in his goals, and he has solid political principle with no nonsense.His networking is very neutral despite being in PKR previously.Wee claims to remain independent now and he will be closer to the BN leadership.

  34. Anonymous7:39 am

    everytime a frog jumps, the P*k* rakyat complains its BN fault.
    why not take out those "open secret" of your stupid MPs and ask them to leave the party.
    take out those good riddance the member that is gonna quit and just fired him
    oh, no balls eh?
    maybe cause anwar too busy doing somebody ass?
    maybe cause kit siang busy with his "mummy?"
    maybe nik aziz.. nahhh.. too much to write...
    well, i challenge you to weed out those MPs.. no guts, eh? talk only , ahh.. yep, that's what i figured.

  35. Anonymous8:49 am

    to wee, if by quitting, you would be able to serve wangsa maju better, i will support you all the way....


  36. Anonymous10:09 am

    Were I …

    Were I Saiful I will, without doubt,
    Face the courts all erect and stout
    First thing I’d establish is
    The length and girth of Anwar’s penis
    And Karpal can confirm that --- in camera or out

    Were I Saiful, slender and pale
    I’d furnish the courts with juicy details
    Of Anwar’s size and circumference
    So I don’t give any wrong inference
    And I ain’t talking bout his torso, all you Gani Patails!

    Were I Saiful---not that I’d like to be
    I’d rather be content with ---what was it ----making coffee?
    But all this consternation
    `bout an illegal sodomization
    Has taken quite a toll on me personally

    Were I Saiful, I’d ask Karpal Singh
    Would he take my place on that night of reckoning
    Can you modestly, honestly say
    What role that you would then play:
    Being sodomized, pray tell, or doing the sodomizing?

    Were I Saiful upon being stunned
    About that wajib bath I didn’t take the following morn
    I see your point, but don’t it all seem
    I am no more a bad muslim
    Than you are, Karpal, a very good one!

    But worse is the thought that makes me shudder
    Were I PKR and supporting the brader
    Will there be any satisfaction
    In the dire comprehension
    That this country should be led by a sodomizer ?

    And were I an ultra racist DAP
    It matters not sodo-you or sodomee
    In this case what’s important most
    Is that from coast-to-coast
    This country be ruled by a rep of Lee Kuan Yee

    And were I PAS, I’d be in full bliss
    Whoever I pangkah, I run the least risk
    For then what is there to worry
    There’s a double, triple guarantee
    Of a place in heaven, courtesy of Nik Ajis

    But luckily I am neither: And God, I thank thee
    And nor am I PAS or PKR or Dee-Ay-Pee
    And I ain’t Saiful either, plain as a boat
    I’m just good old Leman Pulut
    (And try hard as I might, searching high and low, I just can’t seem to end this limerick with any word that ends in “eee…”!)


  37. Anonymous10:09 am

    I have dealt with Bro. Wee on many ocassions... he may have flaws but he got a lot of guts and put the rest of the BN and PR politicians to shame!

    Bro. Wee, GREAT JOB, SIR!
    May the 3rd Force be with you.

  38. Anonymous10:12 am

    PKR ibarat sudah jadi rumah orang tua. Anak-anak makin besar Dan cerdik. Ada disebabkan kerja, berkeluarga, menuntut ilmu dab lain-lain sebab merantau atau berhijrah. Sebuah keluarga perlulah Ada rasa kekeluargaan Dan keselesaan untuk mereka kembali. Kalau tidak nanti tinggallah Pak Anuar Dan Makcik Zizah lakibini.
    PKR hari ibaratkan anak-anak rebutkan kekuasaan Dan harta Dan bukannya bekerjasama menjaga Dan membina lebih lagi kekayaan.
    Ada dua tiga anak yang jadi tamak haloba Dan tak jaga adik-adik lain. Mak bapak Ada banyak harta tapi yang lain kempunan aje. Jangan salahkan orang lain kalau anak lari Dari rumah. Sebab Utama adalah rumah Dan porak-peranda. Kaut sebanyak mungkin sebelum rumah usang menyembah Bumi.

    Kalau kepala Dah busuk Dan mulut yang blow-job pun dah rasa taik apa nak cakap.


  39. Anonymous11:50 am

    Whatever excuse Wee has to leave PR is total bulsh*%t. What will u do if anyone abandon ship just like that?

    Dont throw them the lifevest and leave them to the sharks. BN can have both Wee & Zul, they are trouble from the start. LOL

    Kunta Kinte

  40. I am non partisant person. I am only interested in fair and just government. Over the decades, the unilateral dominance of UMNO/BN has screwed this country. That is why majority of us voted for the Pakatan coalition. Likewise, we did not vote for YB Wee as an individual but for the party. Surely he knows this. Thus by him cowardly leaving the fight and challenges, with flimsy reasons, is indeed an act of betrayal to the rakyat who elected him as the party representative. What can he do as an independant? Surely he is going to be joining forces with the devil that we are trying to control. YB Wee claims that SELCAT is a pussy cat. Selcat is not a pussy cat YB Wee. It is your addiction with pussies that has made you a coward now. To have had so much hope in YB Wee is very dissapointing but we shall fight on for a strong 2 party system for Check and Balance.

  41. Anonymous1:48 pm

    makes no diff. to wangsa maju folks.

    some arsehole think mp stand for main pompuan.

  42. whateverla1:53 pm

    wee u r a traitor... !!

  43. Anonymous2:02 pm


    We ramai-ramai PTUI you! Go back to Sri Lanka dah wei!


  44. Saya Anti Riwat2:06 pm

    Anon said ....

    makes no diff. to wangsa maju folks.

    some arsehole think mp stand for main pompuan.

    1:48 PM

    Wallanne! Wee MP (main pompuan) kah??

    No wonder lah he does not belong to PKR (Parti Kaki Riwat, ask a Chinaman to pronounce the Riwat ...)

    Kalu laki-laki, baguslah kalau main pompuan. Jangan laki-laki also main laki-laki, Anon oiiii ....

    Telima Kasih.

    Saya Anti Riwat

  45. Anonymous2:10 pm

    And donplaypuks,

    Zaid Ibrahim is your hero?

    Zaid jumped ship because he was so sure Anwar would be prime minister.

  46. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Guess Wee must be very tired and frustrated..having to hear.....

    REFORMASI! REFORMASI! thats about all PR can do all these while.

    Between REFORMASI shouts, everyone spitting all over the place and

    Old old grandpapas swearing at everyone within sight,

    Guess thats all they are good for and have been doing since 2008?...

    Luuuuuuuuk Chak!!! Monsterball lau ren, you called my name?


  47. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Habib RAK said...

    "we did not vote for YB Wee as an individual but for the party. Surely he knows this. Thus by him cowardly leaving the fight and challenges, with flimsy reasons, is indeed an act of betrayal to the rakyat who elected him as the party representative".

    Agree totally...these so called elected MP's who state they have leadership problems or whatever should resign everything, they should certainly not hang onto the elected seat, no matter which party ticket they were elected all just makes politics in Malaysia more immature by the day.

  48. How does one resign from a party one is not a member of?

    Is he not the founding member of some MDP or something or other? And did he not contest by deceiving PKR into letting him have that ticket?

    I think there is something that LKS knows about this Wee..Hee...Wah...what...and that is why he'd rather keep quiet!! And Wee not telling either...

  49. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Habib Rak telling us he is non partisan...

    What a lie!! Hahahahhaha!!!

  50. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Old Fart,
    Anwar Ibrahim cannot resign from PKR because he is not a party member?
    What a revelation....

  51. Anonymous8:07 pm

    as a wangsa maju resident - & if he is preselected for this area - i ll make sure all my friends in our block NEVER vote this piece of low life.

    wee has 2 or 3 wives - & for their upkeep - he ll need money from BN.

    he 'd better join BN.


  52. Anonymous8:56 pm

    real reason

    why join pr... no fast money but some more got to work one!

    see bn mp... all live in bungalow, drive big car, wear piaget... some more got latukship.

    so why stay in pr... go kan ti too better.

  53. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Ah Wie ah, u stupid or what?

    Become independent? where got kantau one ?

    Go join this Raja Judi Najis la!

    As a hardcore 'kaki perenpuan', if you kuat bodek maybe he can give you prostitution license, rite?

  54. PKR or PR? anymore excuses?? What's this time? YB Wee ditawarkan GCE Sime Darby? May be TG Nik Aziz spares some comments??? LKS..the most ultra kiasu in Malaysia..

  55. Could be Wee suddenly has a conscience and doesn't want to be involved in a homosexual party anymore.

    reject politicians using religion

  56. charleskiwi9:06 am

    Be a man and resign from parliament which you were elected on a PR's ticket.
    Have a by election as an independent candidate and see what will happen to you. In the event that you do not have the guts to do so then stand in the ward that you were elected in the next GE and see what will happen to you.
    I will bet my life you will even loose your deposit ! So if I were you I will resign from the seat and prove to the world that I am not another coward and also will not loose your deposit. You didn't win the parliamentary seat on an independent seat or on BN seat but on a opposition ticket so just return the seat and try to win the seat on your own ticket. Come on Wee or do you need the salary of a M.P. that you are getting ! Shame on you !!!

  57. Anonymous12:20 pm


    anwar will be remembered ONLY for initiating the culture of KATAK LOMPAT

    BUT it backfired on him

    "we have the numbers and we will takeover putrajaya come 916


    Najib got putrajaya and Najib also has the numbers


  58. Anonymous12:49 pm

    He is nothing but just another frog.

  59. Anonymous1:25 pm


    Do you mean to say here none in your area here knew who Wee was when he was represented to stand for PKR?

    Do you mean to say just pick any PakCik/Aney/Apek or MatRempit/Thambi/AhKow to represent your area under PKR and you will still vote?

    Like what happened to Zaid and Hulu Selangor, simply pick someone from Kelantan, living in god knows where to be your elected REPRESENTIVE FOR YOUR AREA?

    Ayooooo ini macam susah la.. Melelong la...

    Who is your leader anyway, Anwar, Azizah, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz OR Karpal?


  60. Frogs are good for the environment compared to mosquitoes like Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Ibrahim.

    Is MCA a DAP in disguise?

  61. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Hey Bru, why your website so many cybertrooper comment one? How much the umno goons pay per month? I wanna apply la cos I think I can do a better job than them. Stupid cybertroopers. School drop outs ka ni?

  62. Better be a traitor to the party rather than be a traitor to the nation. Great move Mr.Wee. There'll be more good apples leaving the rotten basket.

  63. Anonymous9:30 am

    Kesian Wee .

    Dah lah dia quit dapat liputan mukasurat ke3 the star . org lain quit muka depan . lepas tu B-end kalah pulak tu . selalu org pkr quit sehari seblum PRK . B-end should cut 90% of the millions tahat was promised to Wee .

  64. Anonymous2:03 pm

    “Do you mean to say here none in your area here knew who Wee was when he was represented to stand for PKR?”
    Most of them from the area know Wee is a scumbag, but surprisingly a scumbag win.

    “Do you mean to say just pick any PakCik/Aney/Apek or MatRempit/Thambi/AhKow to represent your area under PKR and you will still vote?”
    As long as the pick have a better quality than the other side, we still vote.

    “Like what happened to Zaid and Hulu Selangor, simply pick someone from Kelantan, living in god knows where to be your elected REPRESENTIVE FOR YOUR AREA?”
    Nothing is wrong to pick someone from Kelantan, hope Zaid will do better the next round.

    “Ayooooo ini macam susah la.. Melelong la...”
    Agree, it was never easy to know who is a scumbag unless they start lelong.

    “Who is your leader anyway, Anwar, Azizah, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz OR Karpal?”
    Who cares? All of them are assigned the duty to service the rakyat, if they can’t do the job properly, they should lead each other to quit, or we will get our boot ready.


  65. Anonymous1:08 am

    Good for you Rhan,

    Good choice!

    Now go help them KOREK KOREK KOREK and build sandcastles OK?


  66. Anonymous8:36 am


    Actually it is a bad choice. However the moment they notice the sandcastle cannot stand the flow of time and greed, they will start using clay. We call this evolve. The rakyat will go for any party that evolves from bad to good, not the other way round.

    We shall acknowledge our gratitude toward our very smart voters.

    But I know you do not want to understand.


  67. Anonymous6:56 pm


    Smart voters yes indeed; We should congratulate everyone….

    2008 Results

    Bn 140
    Opposition 82

    BN 307
    Opposition 196
    Independent 2

    By the way, true I am beginning not to understand, YES!

    What is the latest figures as of today please Rhan?

    And why are so many ADUNs/MPs jumping about?


  68. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Dato Ricky,

    Ask Gerakan or MCA to take him in.
    I wonder if Koh Tzu Koon and Chua SL dare to take this frog in.
    He has jumped twice. Who can guarantee he will not jump again !!!

  69. Anonymous3:09 pm


    “What is the latest figures as of today please Rhan?”
    --I don’t know. What is your point anyway? Shall I make a comparison with 2004 as well?

    “And why are so many ADUNs/MPs jumping about?”
    --You have to ask the Adun / MP, not me.

    And regret to know your lack of understanding. Learning takes time. Not everyone is smart.