Sunday, May 02, 2010

Royal Commission to investigate missing Block L and Block M

updated, Monday 3/5/2010
The Foreign Ministry has admitted, more or less, that the two blocks had been "handed over" to Brunei but only because Brunei has sovereign rights over those oil-rich areas. The Foreign Minister said as much h e r e today.

There's the ICJ to settle overlapping claims between countries (such as the Pulau Batu Putih dispute) but, if I'm reading it right, what Anifah Aman means is Brunei and Malaysia did not have a dispute over the areas or, if they did, the two governments decided to resolve with by having a joint development agreement in the oil-rich blocks.

Either way, it would have been great if the Government had been transparent about the whole thing instead of waiting for someone to blow the cover.


If there's a need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, this is the one. After the expose by Dr M on his blog, Lim Kit Siang came out asking that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi explain himself. Dollah did but his explanation was lame, as lame as Kit Siang's call for the explanation in the first place. We are talking about a possible loss of USD100 billion in revenues, the possibility of a "Midnight Regulation", a major scandal involving the Prime Minister's Office, the Cabinet, a foreign government, and our national assets and the best anyone came out is, "Pak Lah, explain yourself"?

Call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry, Kit Siang! Do your job without fear and favor!


  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    sudahlah Rocky ... tak habis2 hang nak serang Pak Lah !! Kalau nak buat RC kat Pak Lah , Rocky pon patut call for RC for Madey sebab Madey pon banyak kelentong sama wang rakyat khususnya wang Petronas !!

    berani Rocky ?? oh satu lagi, RC sama Najib dlm commission kapal selam boleh ??

    Royal Tak Berani Commission

  2. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Bro, Voice suggests that Riong Kali & SIL are caught up in this. Maybe Nor Mohd Yakob too & also the son. They sign away the oil field for a side deal. I dont think so. These are hit & run pirates. I think cash was paid on the side. As simple as that bro. Melayu jual negeri dia. Mamak juga ada involved.

  3. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Kit siang is the shittiest opposition ever. As shitty as pal lah is as PM.

    When Tun M was accused by Barry wain for 'losing' usd100b for the past 23 yrs of his leadership, kit siang called for an RCI eventho all know there was no shred of proof.

    Not only there was no proof,the purported 'loss' was unstantiated and cannot even directly link to Tun M himself.

    For instance the Perwaja loss. It was ascertained that the loss was not rm13b but instead rm1.7b while the sole reason for the loss is due to the dampening of coomodity prices and mismanagement.

    But Tun M was accused as if he swindled rm13b into his own coffers!

    Kit Siang jumped into the bandwagon almost as quick as Hilmi jumped into Eli Wong's pants and called for an RCI.

    Now when Pak Lah had gave away our soveriegnty anf he even admitted it, Kit Siang became quite docile and snarfed like a poodle.

    Although the evidence is as big and hairy like Eli Wong's crotch on the internet, Kit Siang seemed to just covered his hairy palms over his slanted albeit rabun eyes.

    Pak Lah gave away our territory for God's sake!

    In return for total control and ownership over these 2 blocks, Pak Lah claimed that Petronas can now be invited to join in with Brunei to share its commercial value.

    This is what he called Win Win situation? Kit Sianf and Pak Lah are two peas in a pod.

    They can shake their own genitals and pat themselves on the back and claim they had done a very good job.

    Bunch of idiots.

    Kittykat Siang

  4. sniper7:08 pm

    Yeah YB LKS

    let's call for a ROYAL COMMISSION and I'll support you 100%.

    We know you "love" Dollah so much but this is about national interest as you have always fighting for, so call.

    After all this your best chance and no need to wait for Anwar to make his stand.

    He's been "unusual" quite on this matter. Very strange for an aggressive opposition leader in a parliament.

  5. Anonymous7:09 pm

    YB Lim,

    If you don't grab this opportunity, Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa will call for it.

    Whoever comes out first, they'll get my support.

  6. Di zaman Paklah, bersekongkol dengan Zaid untuk memburukkan Tun M, Suruhanjaya Diraja siasatan klip video VK Lingam ditubuhkan.

    Apakah Najib sanggup without fear and favour untuk menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Blok L dan M sedangkan pada masa itu Najib adalah TPM dan sebahagian dari 'yesman'.

  7. Yup. Come on la people (read: politician). Do your work la. This should be investigated properly. How can we surrender our land to others just like that..

  8. Anonymous7:18 pm

    since when is Lim KS is as lame as Dollah and KJ is as quite as Anwar on this matter.

    Regardless the Brunei invitation to Petronas, why it was hidden by Abdullah Incorporated should be investigated by a RC.

    Now brunei referred it a block J,K.
    sound so familiar....

  9. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Dato Brew,
    PM Najib was also part of the cabinet that Pak Lah said decided on this action. But if this is the kind of half past sis cabinet we have, the country is in the wrong hands. So hoping that this will drive some sense into the Malaysian public. Dr M should have revealed this info before the HS by election. Haiya....

    Don't sell your country.

  10. It is perplexing as it would appear that the two blocks were surrendered first before the land survey in Sarawak was completed and significantly before Petronas's participation and role is concluded.

    It does not take a brain surgeon to conclude that we are going into negotiation with a weak hand.

    For the avoidance of doubt the government should declassify the agreement between the parties so that the Rakyat do not have to speculate.

    More importantly by giving up the Blocks L and M are we altering the boundaries to any state as the Constitution under Clause 2 (b) provides that this will require the consent of the state and as well as the Conference of rulers.

    Alternatively if the authorities were to say that the blocks are not within the State waters and therefore under the purview of the Federal Government then surely the same will apply with respect to Parliament and the Agong as we are altering the boundaries of the federation.

  11. Anonymous7:32 pm

    be fair la Rocky, why only call for Royal Commission of Inquiry on Pak Lah ?? How about Madey ??

  12. Salam Datuk,

    About that Sheryll Stothard thingy, I wonder what the personalities mentioned will think. Especially Ku Li.


  13. The Kerajaan Malaysia should take full responsiblity and make strong statement not MP Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  14. Anonymous7:57 pm

    I bet you no COI. Heard what Najib said in Sibu? Very conciliatory tone, wanting to solve the matter win-win. It'll certainly be win for Tun Dol. There might have been an "Exit Agreement" between Tun Dol and Najib. Tunship for Jeanne, Omar Ong in Petronas and all.

    And some one said this deal may give the SIL revenue for 40 years. He may still get to become PM at 40 years old. Will he?

  15. Anonymous8:23 pm


    Gentel telurrr ko jang???

  16. Anonymous9:28 pm

    100% support for Kittykat Siang comment. LKS and PUNAI (opposition Leader) or Singh Is King is just a bunch of MORON.
    My grandpa always reminded me that Crooks always sail in one ship. Now we are getting clearer the type of our so called politician who fight for the Rakyat. I hereby as a Malaysian borned Chinese pledge my 100% and undivided support to PERKASA for asking a RC to be set up. When it involved National territories then there is `Tiada Maaf Bagi Mu".
    Remember Pulau Batu Putih, even a blind person can do a clear demarcation that its belong to Malaysia. Now Block L & M.
    Now we know why he left his job after signing the agreement. Was it a Golden Handshake or his Balls got stuck in the net already. No matter what he also should demand a RC to be form to clean his Never clean Mr Clean image.

    If i got such amount of money then heheheehehe you know who i'am referring to la also can be bought. Everyman has a price but some give it for free because he is another crook also.

    A very sad day for Malaysians. PERKASA i dare you to do a signature drive to ask DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung intervention to form the RC. I pledged to collect 1000 signature within a week.

    Kita REDHA kalau Paklah betul-betul bodoh sebagai PM tapi Jangan sekali hingga gadai Tanahair.

    Apek Kampung.

  17. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Langkah sumbang sindirkan lantai,
    Binasa badan bicara tak kawal,
    Pinggirkan ketuanan negara tergadai,
    Hilang maruah bangsa terjual.

    Tanah ini Tanah Melayu,
    Pedagang datang ingin berniaga,
    Serahkan budi bukan tanahmu,
    Pertahankan negara, pertahankan hak bangsa.

  18. Anonymous11:10 pm

    RC or no RC...

    whats fcuking difference its going to make now?

    one idiot after another keep squandering the country wealth !

  19. Anonymous12:17 am

    Tak payah royal commission...

    let brunei have the oil - otherwise umno telan jugak.

    Pak Wakakaka

  20. Anonymous6:56 am

    Block L and Block M belongs to the Dayaks, is the Melayu that make us lost this two block.

    Sarawak must go independent, we don't want anything to do with UMNO. They are the most stupid people in this world, all UMNO members are each given a tongkat. UMNO is hopeless, lets sink UMNO, lets sink BN. Let start it in SIBU.

  21. Mustapha Ong7:21 am

    salam rocky bru,

    I think the issue being debated is still full of suspicion though petronas has recently clarified about the commercial O & G deal with Brunei.What about the status of Limbang?

    Having said that the media had expounded on the issue highlighted by Tun Mahathir and politically exploited by Lim Kit Siang, the public need to know the actual negotiation on the sovereignty of Limbang.It's not fair for us to blame former prime minister Tun Abdullah as the issue of alienation of land should have been discussed at cabinet level.

    Prime Minister Najib is now the incumbent Head of Government and it is up to him to clarify such an important issue which is of national interest to the sovereignty of the country.Nobody is a genius in this country and all our past and former prime ministers and ministers had made serious mistakes that had been raised by the opposition with public interest.

    Billions of ringgit had been wasted due to wrong decisions, rampant corruptions based on political patronage and nepotism.Major tenders were awarded without negotiations and based on specifications and procedures or good governance.

    Being one of the senior citizens and having served the government for more than 35 years since the early 60s, it is my hope that our current prime minister Najib will have the courage to initiate various social and economic reforms based on mutual equality and transparency without fear or favour.

    I am confident that Najib's administration will not bow to any form of extremism especially from the Malays, Chinese and Indians in order to reduce racial polarisation.

    As a nationalist and a loyal citizen,I am saddened by the fact that there are still certain pro government ministers and senior politicians who still practise extreme racialism.They should be expelled from their political office and asked to leave the administration if they are not willing to support Najib's policy based on the concept of 1Malaysia.

    I believe that racial extremism, if allowed in our community will eventually destroy the solidarity and harmony of this nation which was built on mutual trust, based on the spirit and goodwill of our Federal Constitution.

  22. Anonymous8:12 am

    Murphy Oil is an American company.Kesian Malaysian kena tipu dengan negara asing,Please Stotthard fight for the people of Malaysia!


  23. Anonymous8:37 am

    It is really cheap to get the right to the territories
    AAB got in exchange for oil fields. The right to the land is forever and where else oil will run out one day in the future. Besides it is yet to be proven that the blocks have the black gold.
    Will the pariah say the same thing when the oil from the blocks have run dry if he lives long enough to see it ?

  24. Anonymous10:10 am

    According to the book Malaysian Maverick, Madey squandered 100 billion in 22 years.

    According to Madey Blog/Petronas Press Releases, Pak Lah squandered 320 billion usd with ONE DEAL..

    Siapa lagi hebat?

  25. Anonymous10:29 am

    Kings will be tyrants from policy, when subjects are rebels from principle.

  26. Anonymous11:15 am

    What is our submarine doing? Send it there to exercise our sovereign. Now we have it, use it for a good purpose.

  27. Dato', I thinks its not about a formula "menang-menang" where Malaysia and Brunei both gains financially.

    The issue at hand is whether a sitting Prime Minister have the power to negotiate our land/territory/sovereignty with another country and agree to let go even an inch of our territory without going through Parliament. The PM of Malaysia is a powerful office no doubt, but I do not think he has the power to decide to give away OUR territory for whatever reason whatsoever.

    Certainly Tun Abdullah's explanation is unconvincing and he should make a clear position did he or did he not give away the L, M blocks when he was PM.

    Totally agree that a Royal Commission of Inquiry be set up to get to the bottom of this to find out if a PM have special powers under the Constitution to give a way our land for anything in return and if not have a crime been committed by the PM.

    Its very important for the future as well, as, if a precedent is set in the Blocks L,M / Limbang deal with Brunei then our parliamentary democracy is in serious jeopardy.

    The Government has some very serious explanation to do to the people.

  28. Anonymous11:35 am

    Why are you asking Kit Siang?
    Why not your paper call najib to set up a RCE? You claim you do your job without fear or favor. Famous exposes, getting awards blah blah.
    Why doesn`t your paper put this on the Front Page and call for najib to set up a RCE? Najib was DPM when this happened isn`t it?

  29. Anonymous11:39 am

    PETALING JAYA: The level of press freedom in Malaysia has eroded and this reality is supported by the freedom of press index released by international organisation Reporters Without Borders.
    According to the index, freedom of press in Malaysia in 2009 was at its all time lowest. Malaysia had dropped to 39.02 points compared with 44.25 in previous year

    Malay Mail has contributed much

  30. Anonymous11:53 am

    Mengapa nak kena serah blok 2 tu pd Brunei?
    Apa mesia dpt lepas serah blok2 tu ?
    Tak nampak apa2 tekanan yg menyebabkan mesia kena serah blok2 tersebut.
    Adakah senang sbegitu untuk diserahkan tanah Negara kita sehingga manusia sebodoh Dolah badui pun dgn senang melakukannya?
    Mengapa parlimen Dan raja2 tidak diambil approval utk penyerahan apa2 tanah negara ini?
    Wisma Putra perlu Ada sbb mengapa ini terjadi? Semua individu yg terlibat dlm kehilangan tanah tersebut wanin disiasat dgn rapi Dan jika bersalah mesti dihukum seberat2 nya supaya tiada lagi perkara sebegini dimasa hadapan.
    Usaha utk mendapatkan semula blok2 tersebut perlu dimulakan segera agar Rakyat berasa sedikit tenang dari isu ini.

  31. Anonymous12:08 pm

    yg kata Tun M bailout anak dia RM1bil dan lain2...apa ramification dan nilainya berbanding dgn menggadai tanah bumi Malaysia dan melenyapkan potensi penjanaan wang bernilai RM350bil?

    Janganlah sebab marahakan Tun mata naik juling dan kelam!

  32. Anonymous12:12 pm

    After the bombshell by Dr M,
    Didnt Pak Lah explain that it was not so..
    So why the further hoo haa.
    Let's move on and on more urgent IMalaysia matters.


  33. Oh..who is Lim Kit Siang, by the way? I thought no such persons existed!!

  34. Kita nak biarkan duri dalam daging ini?

    Kini ramai yang maklum bekas Naib Presiden Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) Sheryll Stothard dilantik menjadi Pengurus Besar Komunikasi Korporat Petronas, di mana dia menjawab terus kepada Ketua Eksekutif syarikat petroliam nasional itu.

    Apakah pihak yang bertanggung-jawab telah menyelidik latar belakangnya dengan cukup dan yakin 100% dia layak memegang jawatan tersebut? Apakah tiada sesiapa yang berasa terpanggil untuk melihat pelantikan itu sebagai menusuk duri dalam daging dengan sengaja? Bukankah ini satu "politico-corporate suicide?' (kalaulah ada istilah sebegitu...)

    Jika pihak yang bertanggung-jawab, terutama individu-individu tertentu dalam Keraajaan yakin si Sheryll ni dah bertaubat, apakata diimbas kembali rekodnya seawal Januari lalu apabila dia mengepos dalam blog peguam aktivis apa jua, Haris Ibrahim (di sini) supaya rakyat "...mengundi menjatuhkan BN sekiranya mereka berasa ia telah menafikan rakyat hak sebagai rakyat Malaysia..."

  35. Anonymous1:27 pm

    I don't think people should simply listen to Dr Mahathir Mohamad and go hammering Abdullah without knowing all the facts. It is possible that Blocks L and M were not within Malaysian territorial waters or exclusive economic zones in the first place, and that Pak Lah decided not to battle Brunei at some international court and make Malaysia look like a fool one more time. It is possible that Pak Lah is not a pirate like his predecessor.Tun Minyak

  36. Anonymous1:31 pm

    1) Why did Petronas sign a deal with Murphy Oil for something which is not on Malaysian soil?

    2) Who told Petronas, that the oil blocks are on Malaysian territory?

    3) What are the international implications to Petronas credibility for signing with an international oil firm for oil blocks not located in Malaysian territory?

    4) Why nobody in the government of Malaysia didnt notify Petronas much earlier that it did a mistake?

    5) Perhaps, Petronas did not do a mistake, instead Malaysia gave away a US$100 billion tip to Brunei?

    6) Are we rolling in cash, to give cash rich Brunei such a large sum as a tip?

    7) Is Scomi involved in marine transport business, plus other related business in the oil and gas sector, which it has targetted more than US$1 billion in revenue?

    8) What is the connection between the man who signed the agreement with Brunei and Scomi.

    9) Why didnt Malaysia take the case to the International court, if it disputed the said offshore terrotory with Brunei.

    10) Why did the foreign ministry, issue a statement today insisting that the territory is Brunei's?

    11) Who was the foreign minister when the deal was signed, and is he the acting foreign minister now?

    12) The foreign ministry's statement said that Petronas will participate in the KJ Blocks, why is this statment different than Petronas having a joint venture with Brunei?

    13) Hassan Merican (already no more in petronas) and all the boys remaining in Petronas, should be sacked for shaming Malaysia, but if they did no wrong, then another man, one who ran a Kennedy style campaign at the peak of his powers should be tried for TREASON.

    Its me Boss

  37. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Wisma Putra confirms oil blocks to be jointly developed.
    Yahoooooo ... we dont lose US$100 billion. We only lose US$50 billion ONLY.
    Kita ni kan, negara kaya, apa salahnya kalu tolong Brunei sikit ?
    Tapi ingat, Najib jgn hang pandai pandai nak paksa kami dgn GST... dah bagi Brunei US$50 billion, jgn pulak nak terkam rakyat .

  38. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Goods and Services Tax will not burden the people --Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

    Ismail Sabri memang BEROK.

    Btw, look at the comment column in Malaysian Insider of Badawi and the Brunei oil blocks... got ZERO COMMENTS.
    Oii Kali, bg can le, bantai Badawi sikittt.

  39. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Tak payah RC, sula teruiii, yg lain akn insaf!!!!

  40. Anonymous1:54 pm

    In my capacity as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, I signed the Exchange of Letters with the Sultan of Brunei after the Malaysian Cabinet approved the deal on 11 February 2009.

    So, you guys x usah sebokk ok? Kalau x puas hati, pi tanya timbalan. Dia pun sokong.

    Sama sama kita kaya, gemilang, dan temberang rakyat Msia.

    Bodo Wee

  41. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak memberitahu hari ini bahawa Presiden Amerika Syarikat Barack Obama yang mahu bertemu dengan beliau, dan bukan sebaliknya seperti yang didakwa oleh pembangkang.

    "Hakikatnya, Presiden Obama mahu berjumpa saya. Dalam pertemuan kami, beliau meminta saya menjelaskan mengenai Model Ekonomi Baru negara," katanya.

    Najib, kalu betui apo hang abak, apasai hang yg pi Amerika, bknnya Obama ke sini?
    Mu ni, anjing kah, keladi kah.. nak pi bila org nak jumpooo??

  42. Anonymous2:18 pm

    PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar today described the federal government’s move of surrendering an oil rich area to Brunei as unconstitutional.

    The Pokok Sena MP asked the government if it had obtained the approval from the Sarawak legislative assembly prior to signing the border agreement with Brunei.

    He cited Article 2 of the Federal Constitution which requires the state approval before altering state borders.

  43. PM Najib MUST form the RC if he is seriuos with his GTP.
    Just as PakLah to allow the RC to 'korek korek korek ' and Zaid's compensation for judges in the name of Judicial Reform.

  44. Anonymous3:41 pm

    yes can have JV with Brunei, but whats quantum of JV, and even if its 50 - 50, why must we surrender our soverignity?

  45. aiyah...That old fut keep complaining about others to divert attentions...or maybe crazy for attention...knowing full well..vast majority Malaysians are sick of his nonsense.
    Yes.....this old fut thinks he his father left him Malaysia as his property and id as he liked.
    I can write pages of this old I did years ago. Now waste of time. No one out of UMNO respect or trust him at all.
    And within UMNO..he is not respected by so many too.
    Like to remind you....he is half Indian..half Malay...directly being born out that way...not inherited from grandfathers. needs an half Indian snake to set up his UMNO BARU.. tell you all to makan gaji buta...curi...and accept bribes with no fear.

  46. hahahahaha.....Look at those low class good for nothing racists fucking LKS.
    Without can never get all the corruptions exposed.
    Without LKS...there is no voice for democracy.
    You ungrateful..good for nothing UMNO supporters...always talk cock and shit stuffs.
    hi....LKS went to jail few exposed corruptions and his son went to jail...exposing a Muslim young girl being raped my ex MB of Melaka..which that mother is always very grateful to LGE.
    Why are you UMNO toads never learn to be grateful and live with dignity?

  47. Anonymous5:19 pm


    Blogger My Anger latest post said that Petronas CEO is going ahead with Sheryll Stothard's appointment which will take place tomorrow.

    Please do something!

    Concerned Citizen

  48. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Remember Mr Monsterball,

    We know WHERE you live.

    We have your home address thanks to Zorro your friend, or shall We say "former" friend ...

    Zorro and Simon exposed you, Mr Goh, never forget.

    We Malays mudah lupa but we don't forget when someone stabs us in the back!

    So don't stab us in the back like Zorro did you.

    Because Mr Goh aka Monsterslimeball sir, we know exactly WHERE you live!

    -- Former Zorro fren

  49. Anonymous6:12 pm

    you bunch of sycophants - where are your malay warrior voice when najib -with cahoots with Obama imposed sanctions on Iran re nuclear enrichment facilities.

    You guys are in bed with the israelis and amerikanos. typical umno hypocrites to the Nth degree.

    Burn in hell

  50. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Ah... the longer they are in power, the more the present government reminds me of flip flop's govt. Semua pun flip flop.

    First it belongs to us, then it doesn't. Then we share share.

  51. Ini peluang terbaik untuk habiskan riwayat pengkhianat negara seperti KJ dan Kalimullah.

    Jangan lepaskan peluang ini!

  52. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Ssooooo Mr Goh has fantasies of humongous "....".

    Aisehman, maybe in his ageing days the size is not so desirable kot, what more with andropause and hormonal imbalance

    we should all forgive him for his unfulfilled desires which is explicitly expressed here for all to read (and roll over laughing)

    So Mr Goh, have you written your will yet?? You should you know

  53. Anonymous7:52 pm

    hey guys, should we call for a RC for this too, or MACC or Auditor General


  54. Anonymous8:02 pm

    This is SUPER hilarious

    specially dedicated to monsterball ooopps, Mr Goh ...

  55. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Use your head to think....Who the hell is the biggest culprit? Just start with few simple questions?

    Do you believe that Mahathir is a stupid person?

    Isn't Mahathir the Advisor for Petronas?

    Isn't Petronas given monopoli over national petroleum matters?

    Hey, it's 100 Billion dollars leeeh....It's not RM10. You think Mahathir so stupid that he doesn't know anything & put a stop it.....

    Again more simple questions....

    1) Najib was the deputy PM. Muhyiddin is Trade & Industry Minister. Rais Yatim & Syed Hamid are foreign ministers. Lim Keng Yaik, Primary Industry.....All sleeping?????

    2) Why Rocky gunning down Abdullah? Beri easy to gun down a scapegoat, betul & not Najib & not the man himself, Mahathir bin Mohammad

    I am sure that LKS would call for RCI but not targetting just Abdullah but many important individual, Mahathir bin Mohammad

    You challenge LKS to call RCI without fear or favour....


    P.S : I respek Rocky Bru because he dares to print my messages. But I am no stupid. Just like in Animal Farm, Benjamin always have the longest life.....

    Saudara Saudari sekalian,

    Gunakan otak untuk berfikir....Jangan blindly follow the leader liek Mahathir.....

    Mahathir might be punking you

    All this while....Perhaps, it's a payback time from Mahathir to LKY over the water issue. Hey, Singapore is unofficially managing Bruneian Financial purse

  56. Anonymous10:41 pm

    bro, this was the work of the 4th Floor headed by KJ. They are short of brain. The just look for the money. There are many cases if you look back. since Pak Lah took over as PM. Now its just time to unravel things.More to come. They thought Pak Lak could stay on longer to ersae the trails.

  57. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Anon 1.31

    its not that hassan merican fault i think. its the PM decision the other been rolled over.

  58. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Ha! We have an ex-PM who lost our national wealth to the tune of USD100 billion blaming another ex-PM making our nation to lost USD100 billion.

    So can we say the rakyat lost USD200 billion in total?

    So what are we waiting for? Sink UMNO for the good of the nation.

  59. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Hello Kit Siang... issue kampung buah pala pun tak boleh selesai..

    Shooooo, PI MAIN JAUH JAUH..

    let Perkasa handle this OK!


  60. hi idiot....the whole world knows where I live.
    Are you threatening me? UMNO toads are really a bunch of gangsters....yes a bunch. One by are real cowards.
    Freedom of speeches in Malaysia sucks......yet all are educated overseas?
    In London Hyde Park...people stand on soap boxes and can talk anything. Now that's real freedom of speeches..and no one is arrested.
    Crooks steal and want mouths to shut up or in Malaysia?
    Why...your fathers own Malaysia ah?
    I do not have fantasies. You all have fantasies.
    Do not blame others for what you all are.
    Get lost....not worth commenting in cock and bull blog.
    See you later Alligators...double headed snakes...Anacondas and vipers.
    Bless those brave enough to stay here and fight on for freedom.
    I am never afraid of anything...but will capot...when I like.....come back...when I like....not like your Mamak thick skin and full of this very old age...still playing dirty politics.
    Yes..his whole life is full of shit....but not me.
    I am clean as a whistle....hahahahahahahaha

  61. Anonymous2:07 am


    PERWIRA to your rescue...

    Just for you;

    "Dr DB basic L size 8 pieces adult diapers cheap sale

    Sale Price / Unit : RM 11.90"

    Now, QUICKLY go get changed into a fresh one.. Smells terrible lor..


  62. If you are looking for trouble..just look into my face.
    Looking for trouble...keep starring at my face.
    I afraid of no one...certainly not UMNO B toads.
    My Daddy was a green-eye Monster...I am evil...sooo don't you mess around with me.
    PS: Wait for more!!

  63. Come on lets twist we did last summer.
    Lets twist we did last year.
    Do you remember when...Malaysians are so happy.
    Winning 4 States and one...last year.
    So round and round the UMNO goes again.
    Up and down...trying to fool Malaysians again?
    Come on ....lets twist again...twisting time is here.
    Chorus: Is it a bird...NO
    Is it a plane?...NO
    Is it UMNO flying cockroaches....YES!!
    Come on .let twist again...twist till 13th GE.

  64. Aiyo, guys kesianlah itu monsterball, you know his comments are harmless like a little kitten playing around your feet, annoying yes, but harmful no. Leave him be guys, kittens will lose interest kalau tidak dilayan. Kalau dilayan makin menjadi-jadi lah dia tu.

  65. Anonymous12:37 pm

    pak lah kuat capmelan lah..tu pasal....
    Pelantar minyak boleh dipajak macam pajak emas kat kedai pajai gadai, lepas ni ape lagi yang boleh dipajak.

    Kabinet yang luluskan pun, kabinet dapur rumah lagi bagus..Sokonglah Lagi & lagi....


  66. Dato', back to the Blocks L and M, maybe the best person to explain who has sovereignty over the Blocks in question is the Attorney General. Wisma Putra just announce today (4/5/2010) that Brunei was entitled to exercise sovereign rights over the area under the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (Unclos) 1982. Says a lot about their PR or the lack of it when they do not explain in detail with proper charts to show why under UNCLOS, Blocks L & M is not in Malaysian waters(Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ)

    As it is Blocks L and M may not be under Malaysia EEZ after all and the Government have actually not given away land that is truly ours under the UNCLOS convention.

    I hope the AG with the help of the TLDM Hydrographic/Mapping unit will be able to clearly shed some light on this matter to the public. Certainly Abdullah Badawi and Wisma Putra cannot do it properly.

  67. Anonymous8:36 pm

    So mr goh, how do you like the youtube video?

    great FUN right, lol

  68. yea..layang2 saya....aku jadi gila...boom boom boom suma balik jumpa Prophet Mohammad....jadi dribar...buang sampah..potong rumput..malam...ambil bodek...balu dapat makan nasi.
    Nak main main gila gila..sama orang baik...jaga biak biak sendiri nasib.
    Saya sudah tua...lagi kuat dan sahat.
    U boleh hidup sampai tua sama saya?
    Mara orang tua...yang penting buat berdosa.
    Untung berapa pun tak cukop....hari hari...susa hidup...tak boleh mati pun....sebab tangong jawab berat.
    Saya? and easy man.

  69. Anonymous3:18 pm


    Why did you bring the Propher Mohammed into this?


  70. Anonymous9:46 am

    itu la masalahnya banyak sangat duta kembara, penasihat luar negeri... buat keputusan di luar kerangka sebenar

    peminat rocky

  71. Anonymous4:36 pm


    Just forget Monsterball. Lonely bitter old man consumed by memories of yesteryears..

    Itu la.. kita masa muda perangai perlu ada batasan, nanti bila dah tua terbawak nyanyok2 keluar semua maki hamun beyond imagination, more so bila umur dah nak masuk balik kezaman umur kebudak2an.

    We have one who looks just like him, a wasted 80yrs old man, found under a tree each day with a bootle, and glaring all kinds of nonsense at passersby..

    Well Monsterball lau ren. Lu si nang bo tin nang, koe ga ti koe..

    Ni tek kwan chai, dah book berapa ribu? Mana bukit idaman you?


  72. I love and respect Prophet Mohammad in my own ways.
    I do read the Koran and the Prophe's life.
    I think he is living eternally on higher planes a King...that needs lots of servants to serve him..which he deserves so.
    He was a great great as Jesus.
    So don't get me wrong.
    Right now...they are saying Jesus was married and hos wife is the greatest Christian....not Peter.

  73. poi lo mai PERWIRA calling me...not a devil...not a human being.
    I hope to know his address...and when I die..will look for scare him to death.
    Fun ni ma pee..PERWIRA.
    ni ke kui mai liow sin...wa si ren.
    Kui par wo.
    hi....I want to run...stop talking about me.

  74. Anonymous3:51 pm

    OKlah Monsterball lau ren,

    Run but please take care dont trip. Umur2 macam ni tulang dah rapuh sangat. Buy a jumping rope instead, nanti boleh kowtem sama jumping ghost!

    Anyway Monsterbal lau ren, umur macam ni dah perlu sentiasa ingat, macam pepatah orang Melayu;

    "Ni pek chiau ni chit, ni tek Nivana chiau ni liau.."

    Take care old man, take less cigar makes your mouth busuk, smells worse than what you named me. Kita Melayu, sama orang tua2 mesti selalu tunjuk hormat, like the Japs, they really respect their elders..

    As a show of respect to you, I will shed tears for you when I read your writings, kesian kesian... huhuhuhu sob sob...

    Pai pai


  75. PERWIRA keep working towards the pitiful I am.
    Why not he show pity to Mahathir...a sort of living zoombie.
    Any of you UMNO B toads ca do all the things I a will be dead by now.
    Pity me and shed a tear for me?
    Want to be smart and sarcastic...try something else.
    Judging and insulting others when you support crooks and robbers?
    kan ni low boo chow cee bai. lu hor lan kan. I do not need pity.
    YOU need that. YOU hear me?

  76. You better shed tears for Mahathir....not hypocrite.

  77. Anonymous12:40 pm

    tsk tsk tsk

    how to respect oldies like monsterball??

    one leg in grave still cursing vulgar language summo in hokien

    oledy nic oso like wishing on a star, then become nightmare

    old man rest and read quietly at one corner, why curse and swear, not good for the heart

    PERWIRA is still welcome, dearie

  78. You can keep your advises for Mahathir or SHUT THE FUCK UP...PERWIRA.
    You think found an art to be sarcastic and shut my bloody hypocrite?

  79. Anonymous1:26 am

    Ayo yo yo. I would very much support the call for ROYAL COMMISSION. Provided it must investigate professionally and the finding made public. People in Brunei will be happy to read the outcome. Can't you people understand, even Malaysia ministers now confirmed that the blocks were never part of Malaysia. Period. You loss nothing. Don't know about the other pary. Probably it was not a wind wind situation. That the reason why it was not fully explain to the general public at that time.