Friday, April 30, 2010

Now, what does the New Ledger mean by "reversal"?

Jewish attacks backfire. I had expected something like this to happen, sooner or later. Anwar's allegations of  Jewish "spies" and Israeli links in Najib's office were bound to make some of his friends in America uncomfortable. Exactly why, I think, the word "reversal" is chosen in this headline by the New Ledger, accompanied (deliberately, no doubt) with a never-seen-before photograph of a smirking Anwar that makes him look like he's really a Jew-hater!

Tapi kalau Saudara Anwar benar2 anti-Zionist, kita patut sokong. Baru macam Dr Mahathir sikit2 ... 
p.s.  I read about the New Ledger first at Pasquale's ...branded as anti-Semitic by influential an American web publication!
You may also read Rachel Motte's article on Anwar's reversal at rocky's bru 2 h e r e.


  1. Anonymous1:59 pm

    We all know that Anwar Ibrahim is a knee jerk type of politician (he is not a leader).

    When he sees an opening, we would thrust in regardless if its an immaterial issue like Apco or Saiful's butthole.

    He will dive in without thinking of any consequences. It was a shameless fiasco from the start.

    He is close friends with Jewish leaders but wished to criticise government for employing Apco while degrading the jewish people.

    This is what we call an unprincipled person. He wished nothing less than to become a PM, even if people will laugh about his whoring flip floppyness...

    The Ledger saw it, Stephen Sachur saw it, Mahathir saw it, Saiful didn't see it coming and now all Malaysians will see this snake some idolise as DSAI.

  2. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Reversal means Anwar Ibrahim telah membontoti semua pengikut setia dia

    Kah kah kah kah kah

    What say you pondan tua Hishamuddin Rais aka Tukar Tiub?

  3. Anonymous2:44 pm

    padan muka abg anwar ni. depan lain belakang lain. bahaya org yg bermuka-muka ikut musim.


  4. Well, it looks like some of the Rakyat's RM77 million paid to APCO has found its way in the form of a paid and planted "advertorial" in the New Ledger, about whom, perhaps 2 M'sians might previously have heard of!

    How much more spin can we M'sians continue to pay for from our own pockets?

    And why are Rosemajib, UMNO/BN Govt and APCO shy to tell us how much they paid for lobbyists to arrange for that photoshoot and kiss ass session with Obama "without Rosemajib having to kneel." Equals? In dreamland, maybe! Muahaha!

    Let's face it, having tried for years to brand Anwar a Zionist lover without proof whatsoever, now Rosemajib and "trained economists" are courting the "Satan USA" and Zionists like its going out of fashion!

    Don't forget too that Zionist/Israeli shareholders/
    directors in the PDRM contract shared in RM 1 billion of billings to the Malaysian Govt! Nice work if you can get it.

    By contrast, at least Anwar did not
    lumber us with a RM77 million bill with the meter still running!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. nstman3:12 pm

    You dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that this report was 'sponsored' by parties friendly to Umno. I wont be surprised the writer was paid big bucks to discredit Anwar. Be prepared for more shameless propaganda by Umno. Cheers and happy drinking.

  6. Botak_Bintang73:35 pm

    Jangan pandang rendah pada B.A.B.I.
    Nanti di juburi nya baru tau..
    Pasal New Ledger tu, biasa lah..kan B.A.B.I ada kepentingan share dlm nya..dia boleh buat apa yg dia suka..depan or belakang..
    Ini cuma nak cover-up aja si B.A.B.I.

  7. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Oghang utara kata "kona baghing".



  8. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Cutenya jelingan pak juburi...hehehe. Macam nampak punggung gebu je

  9. Rocky!

    Reversal tu main bontot kot!

  10. like Dr Mahathir said, ppl response to things....

    Malaysia gov hates Israel on various things.. and yet engage them in gov projects/contracts

    Answer reveal all these and yet to be labeled Jew-hater...

    now this suddenly make umno gov Jew-friendly, able to cooperate with the west etc etc ...

    who is the real chameleon?

  11. Mr.Chameleon.. at work..!!
    ...or the public relations firm APCO...making the money spend, worth while for their "client's"..!!

    The PRs damage control teams..musta being thinking hard to counter the blundered...their boss have had done..!!

    Kah..kah ..kah !!

  12. Anonymous5:46 pm

    When faced with a muslim audience, Anwar Ibrahim says he fights for the wellbeing of the Islamic Religion.

    When with the Chinese he says, “This land is for all”

    When with the Malays he’d say, “Umat Melayu perlu di perkasakan”.

    When with non-muslims he stresses that God is for all and his “ministry” guarantees the freedom of religion (as if others don’t).

    When with the Jews and Americans he talks of freedom and the injustices of the malay muslims that make up UMNO.

    When with the rest he says “Down with the jews!”

    The Quran’s “The Heifer”, Verse 14 has this to say regarding such chameleons:-

    And when they meet those who believe, they say: “We believe”
    And when they are alone with their Shaitans, they say: “Surely we are with you, we were only mocking.”

    (ThePurelyPugilisticPandakAhmad's former wife's second cousin)

  13. Anonymous8:27 pm

    The article has this discrete line of thought: that to be anti-jews is equivalent to anti-america.

    Sneaky way of brainwashing.

  14. anuar9:12 pm

    That's a very unnatural smirk. The picture is either retouched, oviously by an unskilled artist or Anwar have the unnatural ability to isolate his facial muscle. Don't take my word, try and do that face in front of the mirror. Not pro Anwar or anything but a bad photoshop job is unforgivable. Gives us pro a bad name. Haha.

  15. Datuk Rocky, saya rasa Anwar si Anjing Kurap ni main wayang saja sama tuan Yahudinya

    ye lah kalau dia kutuk ISrael tapi tak kena belasah... mana kredibiliti dia sebagai anti-zionist

    tengoklah macamana Tun Dr M kena belasah dengan CNN, dan semua big names news oragnisation...

    Anwar ni dia main marah melawak aje tu pasal pakai akhbar onlien srkupang bernama The LEdger yang tak dak siapa baca

    kalau nak baca pendapat saya sepenuhnya ada di sini

  16. al-Deen-amin9:44 pm

    If the whole nation can't neutralise him Mossad of APCO will.

  17. Oxford says
    • noun
    1 a change to an opposite direction, position, or course of action.
    (As in......against traffic flow, choosing to use an exit rather than entry...that would mean reversal of direction)

    2 an adverse change of fortune.
    (as in......choosing to go against your boss, which ultimately would mean losing ones job, so no work no money, hence reversal of fortune)

    .......does that make sense?

  18. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Reverse Psychology je ni....
    ni MAYBE keje
    PR = Pakatan Reverse ??? SIAPA TAU
    hati2 ye.... muke Psycho DSAI dlm New Ledger memang kene cautious setiap kerut MUKE Psycho DSAI kene ambil peduli,sengih dia, kerot dia , kening dia kene ambil peduli.... tok leh kiro..


  19. Datuk

    BEtul kata Al-Deen, yang bersamaan dengan hanya Tuan anjing yang kenal anjing nya dan hanya Tuan nya yang tahu menjinakkannya.

    DPP... shezzz, get a life. Berapa lama berterusan jadi munafik ni anney!!

  20. Anonymous11:04 pm

    This is a planted article by Anwar to boost his anti-Jew credentials.
    Never heard of this obscure on-line news Ledger before and probably would have never knew it existed except for this article.
    WE have seen how they flamed MIchael JAckson and Mel Gibson when they made anti Jew statements.
    No, this is a planted article by Anwar's Jew friends.
    Ain't buying this chameleon's wayang.


  21. Anonymous12:43 am

    The battlefield between Najib and DSAI has now moved to the US soil. If formerly, it was DSAI who holds the upper hand, that advantage is fast disappearing. The article is targeted at the American people and the fact that it was very critical of DSAI is a tribute to Najib's stature and planning. It is also to Najib's credit that upon reaching his 1st year in office he was officially welcomed at the White House by President Obama. Most important he was given a 45 minutes private meeting. DSAI and donplaypuk must have been hoping mad. dpp particularly cannot take it anymore and true to his rambling style starts to talk rubbish.

  22. I find it really weird when people like dontplaypuk and nstman claim that anything written that is not in favor of Anwar or the opposition must be planted or paid for by BN or the government.
    If one can freely say that without any shred of evidence whatsoever, than I think it's fair to say that any articles that are not in favor of the government were planted or paid for by the opposition.
    Absolute simplicity but unfortunately kinda idiotic I would say.
    I'm trying to keep an open mind i.e. I'm a fence sitter :D, but if I base my perception solely on comments by the PR folks, I would be more inclined to support BN come the next election. Imho, at least BN folks (not all I must say) argue their points in a more mature way.

  23. If Anwar Ibrahim is such a knee jerk type of politician and as painted by Rocky...not worth a sen...why then Mahathir and Najib uses an idiotic hypocritical sickening methods to do him in?
    Yes...using sodomy to shut Muslims mouths....using proven thieves and robbers....and assassinate an opponent..Anwar Ibrahim is clearly...most feared by UMNO that's a fact.
    But we have few toads and toothless frogs....working for UMNO for a small fee to do their jobs too keep insulting and belittling Anwar....and why not...those ikan bilis..are paid to do that.
    Not one Malaysians is saying ..Anwar is perfect. ..but we prefer him as fight off CORRUPTIONS...race and religion dirty disunite divide and rule..bu Najib and Mahathir.
    So you racists and hypocrites...can talk as much filth and dirt about Anwar as you like. He is clean as as a whistle and love and respected by Malaysians. Go bang your balls..if you cannot feel happy about it.
    Lets see People's Power...more for the Devils or the 13th GE.
    Don't tell me UMNO buggers including Rocky .Big Dog..are God fearing souls???
    They are sinners...sinning daily..go to mosques and ask Allah for forgiveness and start all over again..exactly like their bosses.
    That's why UMNO buggers are welknown to be hypocrites..with an onion face...smiling away...with no dignity nor conscience for Malaysians...just acting and wayang kulit shows..playing the dirtiest politics you an find in the whole wide developed world.
    Rocky and Big Dog cannot be narrow minded idiots like those Felda settlers.
    They are smart....well educated assholes puppets to do as what UMNO BARU wants hem to keep their jobs.
    So read this blog...and is a propaganda promote and carry Najib's balls..while Rocky is one step ahead of others....carrying Mahathir son's make sure....his job is secured.
    One can say or do things with no selfish ulterior motives...for or against is OK.
    But when one is saying all things with clear selfish ulterior motives..that's the greatest sin...for smart asses to keep fooling Malaysians.
    But these smart asses are healthy and if Allah is on their side and protecting them.
    That's far far from the truths and Judgement Day will come for all...including me...if I write and speak with selfish ulterior motives.
    No matter how much the crooks steal from Muslims to bribe Hulu Selangor...Najib is welknown for his reputation and character.
    I wonder does Rocky knows him that majority Malaysians do.
    If not...he is a dum ass..but he is my friend and I know he is not dum nor stupid.
    What is he?

  24. Rocky sucks and his blog is going down the his Malay Mail.
    So here I help..keep it alive...hahahahahahahahaha
    "Pasquale" still have wet dreams ..thinking about Marina...after so long...kissing her hand and ...dreaming of god forsaken love.
    She is happily married..about to be grandmother...and Pasquale waiting for a divorce?
    "nstman" still the old faithful...hungry for truths.
    Where is Zorro....the one time right hand of Rocky?
    You cari makan here...I cari makan there clearly seen...making friends be foes...for the sake of money.
    These two old anacondas have long life..drinking fire water.
    Me...not a drop. Sex and cigars keep me strong with lots of coffee....hahahahahahaha UMNO toads..and make me get lost again.
    Be nice to me...I will fuck you more for your own good.....hahahahahahaha

  25. Ooo. Kalau hero dia kena belasah dalam Press, advertorial. Kalau orang lain, media freedom. Gila double standard la.

    Politik ni macam pro-wrestling. Semua tipu. Mamat yang bodoh je percaya gaduh ni semua betul.

  26. Anonymous6:33 am

    Well this is what we call the last nail in the coffin - just before jail term.

    all other labels against Najib never sticks, so go for the big one - 'friend of jews' (for domestic consumption)

    I guess his sponsors are 'writing him off' after having FAILED to ever deliver.

    his only success is to make Malaysia the most entertaining political scanario ever

    once his influence dissipates among the Malays, he is now OFFICIALLY a PM-wannabe-has-been

  27. noghori mai8:11 am


    Masalah abang anwar, bagi dia, depan belakang sama saja...

    bang anwar ghentian la kojo membontot tu, kesian kak azizah dan anak-anak, malu...

  28. Anonymous9:29 am

    sorry..this is not related to anwar but rather your missing comments on aminulrasyid shooting incident in your blog. Are you afraid to give comments since you are blogging for govt side ?

  29. Anonymous11:14 am

    RB... Why not you spin that this chamemelon is anti-jews & anti semetics and put up big headlines in all pro BN blogs.. and see what's the reaction like from his friends out there...only my suggestion..readers your comment plz.

  30. Anonymous3:16 pm

    sad sad day for monsterball whose hero is anwar

    "clean as a whistle" hahahahahaha

    monsie why not ask him to swear on a Quran in a mosque??


    once he's gone, wonder who else can take over monsie's hero-worship

    P.S. dear monsie your deep frustration and great dismay comes thru clearly in your rantings

  31. Anonymous3:18 pm

    reversal definitely means reversal of anwar's fortune

  32. Anonymous3:21 pm

    "By contrast, at least Anwar did not lumber us with a RM77 million bill with the meter still running!!" - dpp's dilemma

    do you sense a feeling of despair and shattered hope for the man who will bring greatness to dpp, bunnies, monsterball, skewedmoron, nstman's NEW WORLD

    poor poor lost souls ... dreams shattered by a chameleon

  33. Anonymous3:34 pm

    sungei buloh says, "... signed sealed delivered, I'm yours"

  34. Hht I'd tell you this breaking news. somehow you seem to have missed it although I believe its been in every other media. But then again since you have not brought up the subject here it makes me wonder if all this happened.

    So, did you hear about that police shooting of the 14 year old kid in shah Alam? Apparently he even has a relative who is a big UMNO wig..Adn a Datuk uncle who is somebody in Maybank. Or is this such an important news?

    Maybe you'd want to ride with the IGP's statements which are sounding more and more like a big joke.

  35. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I started a joke
    which started the whole world crying
    But I didn't see
    that the joke was on me, oh no

    I started to cry
    which started the whole world laughing
    Oh if I'd only seen
    that the joke was on me

    I looked at the skies
    running my hands over my eyes
    And I fell out of bed
    hurting my head
    from things that I'd said

    Till I finally died
    which started the whole world living
    Oh if I'd only seen
    that the joke was on me

    I looked at the skies
    running my hands over my eyes
    And I fell out of bed
    hurting my head
    from things that I'd said

    Till I finally died
    which started the whole world living
    Oh if I'd only seen
    that the joke was on me

    dedicated to dpp monsterball nstman bunnies skewedmoron kiwi et all



    can you suggest a "no politic month" say sepanjang bulan ramadan to your journos and politician and leaders.

    I think we are having too many politicking that ruining our daily life and ramadhan is the best time to look back into ourself.

    please consider this.

  37. Anonymous5:05 pm

    babi jew-hater, najis jew-lover?

  38. Anonymous5:07 pm

    So now buddy-buddy with Jews, when wan to remove the word Isreal from the passport huh?

  39. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Old Fart,

    Maybe u forgot to mention abt the boy Tian Chua killed in an accident in Johor.
    No donation drive watsoever...

    Repair your PR leaders first before criticising others. Bodoh.

  40. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Kesian sikit la kat Monsterball nih..

    He spent hours, days, weeks, months and years, glued to his chair staring at the monitor, tap tap tap tappity tap tap endless... and to finally come to this??

    No cigars, no coffee please, go out, get some exercise.. nanti that silent "stroke" hit you, muka pipi senget macam foto DSAI.. sunyi kami, which other clown can entertain us sehebat you?

    Also go check your buttocks... got blister or not? Apply some cream OK!


  41. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Tony Yew,
    No need to check Oxford dictionary.

    "Kona baghing" is the right word.
    Imagine Mat Rempit.. that's DSAI..


  42. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Betoi ker RM77million spent? Alahai, no need to pay expects to get these results.

    Just give each of the Rakyat RM2m each (baru RM56m).. I guarantee everyone will do their part to Advertise Malaysia with "pride and happyness".

    Balance RM21m to clean up all the toilets to make it presentable to tourists or potential investors..

    Can also close down the Tourist and Foreign Ministries..


  43. Anon 3.47

    Come with something original please!

    Don't plagiarise buta buta wholesale without giving credit to the Bee Gees!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  44. BEE GEES ni macam tau tau aja orang macam Nuar akan timbul.Tu la dia orang composed lagu I Started A Joke ni.

  45. Anonymous11:25 pm



  46. Anonymous12:18 am

    Wonder anyone pick-up this quote from the Ledger

    "During the recent Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak pledged to assist Washington on numerous fronts, and even shut off petroleum supplies to Iran within hours of returning home to Kuala Lumpur."

    This statement contradict official statement coming from Petronas. Should anyone care to correct the Ledger unless we believe the Ledger article in entirety.


  47. Anonymous12:38 am


    The Bee Gees are not so hard up like dpp, there is no profit to be made here

    anyway EVERYONE including you KNOWS the BEE GEES song lyrics

    hee hee, is that the best you can retort??

  48. Is that all you UMNO toads can say to me?
    hi.Idiots...I said Amnwar is clean as a whistle on corruptions and not anything else...including sex life. That's his private business..yet that half Indian..half Malay..mamak..uses such a low class stinking reason to kill off an opponent? hi.he stole from Muslims to give to Muslims too. What kind of idiots tat cannot understand this simple logic?
    It's the extreme inferiority complexes UMNO toads....putting out a superiority fronts...that need fire water to calm the nerves...must all worship Mamak and his adopted save their poor souls..otak kosong..chakap borak...pandai...poket kosong.
    If there are evidence that Anwar took millions while in UMNO...Najib will be first to bury him C4...bury him..let him die slowly ..beaten by ants and an remote island...far far away from Malaysia.
    But Allah is great...he will protect Anwar who will be PM. It's God's will...and no anak Shaitan can stop you hear??
    The will of Allah..sooner or later Anwar will be PM..and you UMNO toads can start looking for new jobs...starting Big Dog...and naturally Rocky too.
    Me stop smoking cigars..drinking coffee?? Are you NUTS???
    Sex now under control and my adek will decide..yes or no......hahahahahahaha
    You hypocrites...pandai chakap borak..dan half truths...ambil bodek in day out. Johnny Walker..still going on strong.
    Jealous tak?
    Where the fuck shit Pasquale half breed...ingat banyat handsome...Marina will divorce and marry him.
    One hand kiss...penis sudah keras...mana boleh tahan first class love act?
    Jadi for him.
    Fuck me deep deep..I capot!!
    Treat me nice....bila bila pun nak saya blanja....OK docky.

  49. hi PERWIRA...My backside got no blister because I halus halus cuci habis barak..degan air...tak pakai paper roll. Habis cuci...taNgan cuci sampai wanyi..CLEAN AS A WHISTLE......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    U buntok ada blister...learn la.
    Don't talk cock to one who have eaten more salt than you eat rice...COMPRENTI??

  50. UMNO toads are such idiots..that whenever you talk to learn nothing from them..except how to cheat and lie and tell half truths.
    But i think when come to drink fire water..these hypocritical Muslims can put all so call seasonal drinkers in their pockets.
    When come to play mahjong...the traditional game invented by the Chinese...these UMNO Muslin compulsive gamblers can play much better than Chinese.
    So what are not good at?
    They are no good in fucking and eating good a living with productive results.
    Balls carrying Najib and
    Why carry Mamak balls? Carry Samy Vellu..full blood Indian la.
    You mean think Mamak is Malay?

  51. Firstly the author of the article is conservative republican....just read her article on Obama and u shall find out her political leanings...and BTW the New Ledger is not influential by any account.

    and Tony Yew...wonder what u getting at....backside logic is it...don't ass kiss too fair dude.

    All DSAI and PKR complained about is issues of national security..being outsourced to foreigners.

  52. By this time..these UMNO toads should wake an early breakfast and go to mosques for prayers.
    No...they enjoy the usual Saturday night outings...until early Sunday morning...half drunk...and now sleeping..ignoring Allah's commands and call themselves...great Muslims.
    We the so call...infidels are more sincere and truthful.
    We do everything guided by our heart and conscience....and value dignity more than money.
    If you have are very and blessed.
    But if you have millions...stolen from Malaysians and pretend it is all OK....become multi much a you have stolen...the same amount of payback will be asked for in many forms of demands by Allah.
    There is no escape for crooks...that you seem to see are healthy and well.
    Somehow..somewhere Allah will make them pay.
    This is my Sunday sermons to you sickening half drunk...UMNO toads.
    Now I go to sleep...and see how smart you idiots are.
    hhhhhmmmmm...Bee Gees about a Christian Magician...and one UMNO idiot who does not understand...tries to make fun with some good souls.

  53. When are you guys going to stop this silly jew hating and grow up please.

    Pathetic lot those of you.
    Bunch of sheep really. Herd mentality.

    No one smart enough would give two pence about these jew-stuff.

    The real threat are the Chinese, there are still some communists among us, and we are the real jews of asia!!!

    I swear...

    Don't say I didn't warn you about us cina taking over Malaysia 2012.

  54. Anonymous6:43 am

    Specially for anwar and fans

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  55. Fucking shit...10.30am...Rocky..still sleeping. What did he do last night?
    IGP out to prove his point...rounding up teenagers..enjoying Saturday Night common all over the world. was Labour Day.
    IGP should blame Najib allowing so many night spots for young Malaysians to enjoy.
    One moment...thousands of night spots approved...Cyber Cafe..Discos..bars...billard shops...24 hours eating shops...and here IGP blame the youngsters tempted by all the varieties of night cheap life.
    I dare the IGP blame the government to approve so much night life spots.
    Close all...if he dares.
    Always telling one sided story..ignoring the real truths behind the temptations...approved by UMNO...obviously to please advance our country that youngsters will vote for UMNO...and next moment...this sickening IGP...blame youngsters but not the UMNO government.
    If he dares to go to right source and pin-point UMNO...he will be immediately be sacked by Najib.
    See UMNO toads are famous to talk half truths and blame all..never themselves.

  56. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Wow, Rocky, nak compete dengan APCO ke ?? Najib bayar APCO RM77 Juta , jadi berapa hang dapat ?? memang bestnya propaganda Rocky !!

  57. CommonerNinetyNine3:30 pm

    when one sell one's own, or one's country, soul to the big powers, thats what you will get in return, positive news coverage!

    i mean for our mr number one and that immediate former mr number one, 'good job'!

    it is not hard to manipulate most once colonised countries given that most of their people: can't set their own pace, have the mindset that they are inferior, continually need to be recognised by the big powers.

    for that article which negatively comment on ai, its content clearly show the criteria of how to have a future, be pro-american! thats it! simple!

    it also clearly suggests that ai got all his positive coverage in the past out there just because he played by the tune of american friend! and now you can see the 'reversal' greets from those media.

    plus by reading carefully, that article is not doing real swipe on ai comparing to drm. its words on drm, each of them, swipe bloodily. thats like the art of war, one stone two birds. the first bird sakit banyak because the stone momentum is strong, while the second bird sakit juga, but less, due to the reduce momentum of the flying stone.

    or it intends to swipe on drm alone given its focus on ai was under the influence of drm, make it sounds like ai is innocent and be converted to the 'dark side' under drm mentoring.

    the article can futher suggests to mr number one that if he intends to get further 'blessings' from the press, stay away from drm.

    authenticity of news coverage is scarce, as always. while manipulative news are abundant, as always too!

    may be you can pro-american your blog and get media awards in return! play smart!

  58. Anonymous7:05 pm


    Berkilat naked to Dandi he walked!
    Now old and bitter whenever he talks.

    Use same salt to rub his buttocks
    Nowonder no blisters on his pungkok.

    Rhyming tak Monsterball?


  59. PERWIRA....which I doubt a wira will talk like you.
    "Old and bitter"...I am he if all the young ones are not bitter about these balls carrying toads.
    Yea...look into the mirror and see what you children of vipers and snakes..and some grew so fat like toothless Anacondas.
    Yes....look into the mirror and see how idiotic and stupid you all are...afraid for changes and living in fool's dreams...depending on hand outs from Najib.
    I do not carry PR balls.
    I want change of advance in life for the young generations.
    What do you get...keep supporting a party that have governed for 55 years and on going?
    One reason and one reason only....NO BALLS TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER....and that's being nice to you toads.
    Don't tell me...all of you are such big hypocrites...lousy Muslims?
    If so...why support Najib's law suit on Sodomy ..when you all love sex by the dozens every month.
    Yea....when I am in the DVD many Malays want sex movies....and go to secret room to choose.
    You think I am complaining?
    I am exposing you great hypocrites...and weird Malaysians...doing everything for personal selfish reasons....and call that UMNO united front men?
    Why you is the race and religion dirty UMNO BARU politics that have captured and control your mines.
    You are all living ZOOMBEES.
    Me as a bird...never once carry any balls.
    I value my dignity and principles in life.
    What do you all value?...boos sex and gambling..from easy income working for UMNO BARU.
    All of you are pathetic creatures...of the night.
    Now leave me in peace...and go say all you want about good things in Malaysia.
    PS:..You can be will take 10 hours before this message is approved by he is now...making woopie with some one asking for it. Horse riding is Rocky's Mahathir.

  60. Anak Permatang Pauh12:59 am

    Monsterball, apek teloq besaq,

    I love `watching' you ranting in this blog.

    Dah gila apek ni...tak boleh terima kenyataan bahawa dia dan pengikut bodoh dalam PR kena tipu kat anwar...

    Lepas satu-satu Anwar dok tipu...yang tinggal sekarang semuaya dah jadi gila...baca sendiri pemikiran yang dah huru hara dalam kepala otak Monsterball, apek teloq besaq.

    Nanti kalau dia dah tak tahan, dia akan terjun tingkap macam kawan dia TBH.

    Boleh tak hantar psikatris tolong selamatkan Monsterball, apek teloq besaq, sebelum dia terjun tingkap.

    Monsterball, kalau nak terjun tingkap, pastikan bangunan yang betul-betul tinggi, supaya jatuh terus splashhhh...berkecai otak....

  61. One of the major reasons as why anwar fails in his bid to woo the Malaysians here is his lack of conscience.

    I read in a book that says something like people don't care how much you know or what degree you possess, they only care if you care for them.

    Obviously, looking at anwar he is lacking the emotional side of a human being and the caring attitude for his party members. What else would explain the defection that occurred in his party.

    he never care about the government or the people in Malaysia by his cruel comments..all he cares about is saving himself.

  62. Anonymous12:07 pm

    reversal also means that he says one thing, yet do another thing totally different.

    a hypocrite perhaps- can also explain this kind of man. even the author realizes that anwar has many faces.

    his belief/principals can be changes according to what suits him best.

  63. Fuck ass cunning sly fox.
    I wrote in rely in Bahasa that puts me on the disadvantage.
    All know my bahasa is limited. These UMNO toads will say...I am not loyal by being unable to read and write Bahasa Big Dog used that line on me years ago..over and over again.
    Those toads grandfathers cannot even read or write a word of Bahasa...yet are sons of the soil.
    Now that Big Dog is proven a big liar and full of shit man...out comes small dog...talking cock to me.
    Be nice to me...I will teach you all scumbags how to earn a decent level without depending on UMNO.
    You all talk cock..I talk facts with a touch of humours.

  64. Anonymous5:37 pm

    hei monsterball (in ur dreams haha)

    have u written ur will, coz the way u write, u have one leg in the six feet hole

    the man u pin hopes on, the clean-as-a-whistle one (hee hee) may have to serve time

    so he may not be able to fulfill all his promises made to u

    now if that is not 'kena tipu', I donno what is

    Najib's star is shining, so go eat ur heart out. BN is consolidating back the previous power base, so just relax, it's gonna be a long haul for u

    UMNO/BN is here to stay and oh ya PERKASA too

    so oldie shrunkenballs, bite the bullet and go easy on ur heart - not good for an ancient organ

  65. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Kesian benar Monsterball ini..

    tapi takpa, we all sympathize and indeed understand your troubles;

    TOADS –so pissed off with many PR fella turning into FROGS?
    SNAKES – the snakeheads wallop all his family fortunes, just to help sneak them into this land, 50yrs aloso cannot recover yet!
    FOOLS DREAMS – 50yrs ago followed father all around to collect bucket soils. Now big, got flush toilets, only progress, can afford to clean his pungkok with water!.
    SODOMY –damn mad with DSAI doing sleazy things!..
    SEX MOVIES – Cannot sell Amoy Kangkangs CD, all can get FOC from the net!
    MONSTERBALL – his so tiny looked crinkly, like 2 quail’s eggs?
    GAMBLING- Haiyaaaaaa why put Zaid of all people, now lost HS
    EASY INCOME – Sekalang mau kelentong mayak cucah
    CREATURES … OF THE NIGHT – Alamak, cannot pimp that easy today, every night raid!
    MINES – Tin mines pun all closed down today cannot dulang!
    PERSONAL SELFISH – Sob sob… now cannot kowteem with MatSalleh!
    ZOOMBEES – Forgot to burn paper money last month, so dead ancestors in China all cursing him… hungry laaa
    HORSE.. Ceh, reminded him of Zaid again…

    Don’t worry, pokemon will solve all your troubles…


  66. Go ahead..make fun and insults like I am doing to you.
    Copy the style and show how smart you are.
    The differences are....I make fun and insults with FACTS.
    You just ramble and rumble like a fucked up dog.
    Pity me?....why to toads...I pity all of you. You days are numbered...and one is threatening to come to my house.
    Come one..come all..come suck my one monsterball....if you dare.
    You good friends are all from UMNO B here...and all are going to vote against UMNO B..for sure....after listening to o treat me as a sincere friend.
    You young futs....tired of living...want to find trouble with Monsterball?
    Goodbye...see you after Sibu results.

  67. hahahahahahaha..."Najib star is shining"
    Sure it is...telling him clearly....his days are numbered as PM.
    You know how to read stars sign?

  68. Mine is an ancient take it easy and avoid a heart idiot said that to me.
    Mamak is so much older than me...keep talking more than ever before dirty politics...non stop..yet no one tells him to take it easy..for the love of his life.
    There lies the differences between an idiot a typical asshole UMNO toad..the scumbag...with a weird brain..write no logic at all.
    Read their responds...and truth reveal the UMNO B....half past sixes so clear for all to see.
    Yes..pray to Mahathir..your best teacher...making all of you like that...and trained by David Copperfield to hypnotized all of you SUCKERS.
    Really really really HALF PAST SIXES confidences at make a living without begging..UMNO B to support them...makan gaji buta.

  69. the reader3:34 am

    So who won?? it Anwar, Najib or the title holder..Mader..u know...the biggest ever jew hater award..

  70. The truth prevails..padan muka hang Anwar..Hang dok mengata orang..rupanya hang dok lebih sokong Yahudi selama ni..

  71. Reading UMNO toads talking about TRUTHS...makes me laugh.
    These liars and balls carriers are useless Malaysians with big mouths..pea nut brains.
    Why like that?
    Because the devil reincarnated have succeeded to capture many and made them half past sixes...talking cock all the time.

  72. Anonymous9:44 am



  73. Anonymous10:29 am







  74. Anonymous10:56 am



  75. Anonymous11:07 am

    Looks like, Najib dah diberi lesen jadi budak yahudi.

    Taniah, Dato Seri

    Woof Woof Woof

  76. Saya Babi....U apa?
    U monyet la.
    Tau ku tak..babi organs..sama orang?
    Tulang structure pun sama.
    Tau ku ambil babi organs tampah manyat muslim hidop balek?
    UMNO B bodoh sekali gila monyet...orang hutan.

  77. If I was a teacher to some of these UMNO idiots and toads...I may have gone mad...with such good for nothing useless..students.

  78. WHITEORANGE is a typical one screw loose fucked up...good for nothing...big mouth braggart.
    No nothing.
    So I better run and waste no tie with these kind of toads...and enjoy my bak-kut teh with rice....shiok sekali...ada voom power.
    UMNO toads can do same and call it Chick-kut teh.
    Bye bye...but I WILL BE and when I keep fucking you...UMNO TOADS.!!

  79. Anonymous4:48 pm


    Relax sikit on Monsterball, he just needs to vent his "life's" frustrations and where else?

    Poor him, give this old man a lending ear will you! Kalo you tengok gambar dia... cair hati, kesian APEK ni..


  80. I ask for no pity and come to the lion den to expose hypocrites and useless UMNO toads.
    I knew I will get bullets firing at me..left and shah 101 whose lean and hungry look...all expoised now.
    But duty calls....especially the present UMNO B toads are so happy ..seeing Najib bribed his way to win Hulu Selangor by-election.
    UMNO B always bribe in all by-elections..don't you know that?
    So far 10 results..Najib won 3. What is so proud of that result?
    Mahathir left...leaving empty cans in all government Depts to Pak Lah.
    Najib will leave..heading to court cases..non stop.
    Yes...I am furious Mahathir made thousands Chinese businessmen go bankrupt with his quarrel with disunite the country and divide to that evil Britons....long long ago...but he is such a double headed racist....fooling Malays too...while he is a half breed..and with no second thoughts for other races...just acting and telling bow to this sickening self appointed Dictator..while making sure..all ministers and UMNO important politicians..steal as much as they can.
    That's how he helped Malays?
    Personally...I am blessed and have no money problems at all.
    I smoke lots of cigars for years..everyday...and drink gallons of coffee and spend as I like.
    So why look at my face and pity me?
    If you can really read need not pity me.
    You need to pity UMNO toads and half past sixes...all created by Mahathir.
    His chosen ones are filthy rich ...yet these UMNO B brainless supporters love him like a hero.
    All have been conned by Mahathir dirty politics...yet don't know.
    How stupid can UMNO B supporters be?

  81. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Monsterball lau ren,

    Top ten RICHEST in Malaysia 2010

    1. Robert Kuok
    2. Ananda Krishnan
    3. Lee Sin Cheng
    4. Lee Kim Hua
    5. Teh Hong Piow
    6. Quek Leng Chan
    7. Yeoh Tiong Lay
    8. Syed Mokhtar Albukhary
    9. Tiong Hiew King
    10. Vincent Tan

    Haiyaa... Mana itu semua filty rich Melayu you ciakap, apasal nama tarak sini?


  82. hi smart ass PERWIRA...some of those top ten are UMNO B bankers la.
    Who are mamaks you know?
    I really pity you for being such a dumb ass or real hypocrite.
    Which one is you?

  83. When I read the top ten riches men ...I immediately responded.
    It's days..yet not published..and you can leave it to make it look like that top ten are that young voters are happy..reading half truths...exactly what Rocky is his blog.

  84. ooopp..Rocky is awake and reading his blog.
    One thing I must tip my hat to that he never banned anyone.
    He may just..not publish your comments to make it sound like...UMNO B toads are smarter than me..and winning the debate..argument...whatever you like to call it.
    But the "referee" Rocky can be expected.
    Have a nice weekend....Rocky.