Monday, May 03, 2010

Resignation at Petronas tomorrow?

SHERYL STOTHARD TO QUIT. After the latest bout of postings on blogosphere exposing Miss Sheryl Stothard's political past, it has become rather inevitable that the new Corporate Comm head of Petronas would resign not just from the post but from the company. I hear there'll be an internal com on this at the national oil corporation this week, maybe even tomorrow.

Read Vote Umno and BN out, says Petronas' GM by Apanama.


  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    'vote UMNO and BN out' was taken out of context lah. You must read her entry in its entirety. She didn't exactly mean 'vote UMNO and BN out'. Quite unfair to her, I feel.

    Syed Bakar.

  2. NoMalayApologist11:44 pm

    Another witch hunt maybe?..Jangan kuat melatah Tuan..from the quote it sounds more like she was promoting democracy rather than condemning UMNO

  3. Salam Datuk,

    Syed Bakar,

    Please read the whole yahoo group message.

    She said....

    "We'll be better participants in the international and regional scene. Look around you - change is sweeping the region with such a ferocity, esp in Thailand and indonesia. Take Indonesia, for example. After the dust settles, and there is a new government, who do you think they'll want to deal with here in Malaysia? Dr M? Forget it - his name is dirt in Jakarta. Ghafar Baba? Tengku Razaleigh? Dream on! Ideology aside, and put into your crude economic terms, Indonesia is a market of 200 million people, just next to us - we cannot afford to screw up our relations with them by having the BN represent us!! We need to keep up with world standards - at the moment, democracy is an extremely sellable concept - we need it not just for ourselves, but for our relations with other countries. Or else the only country that'll give us the time of day will be Myanmar! (actually the generals there aren't going to last very long, so even that's not compelling enough). What will this mean? WE WILL BE INTERNATIONAL PARIAHS. If you can live with that, go ahead and keep the present BN status quo. But don't mock those who are more sensible than you."

    Also remember Petronas was established by the BN Government.

    I would not want her in any GLC, period.


  4. Anonymous12:18 am

    You cannot kiss babies and at the same time stealing their lollies.

    The same goes when you decided to politically despised somebody and yet you decided to accept that somebody's institution appointment. That's ironic!!! Htpocrisy of the lowest low....

    That whatever Miss Hart should dare to think of it in the first place coz she's not worth that appointment in the first place. There are thousands candidate who are equally good or much better and politically inclined to somebody who rules the day, dulu, kini dan selamanya.....

  5. Another of the Queen's rather interesting 'IDEOLOGY'. You wanna read it in its entirety, Mr.Syed Bakar? Go to the link below.

    "The executive (read: Dr M and gang) has been abusing the legislative and the judiciary so long that it thinks that this is a right, not a wrong. It's so bad that even Anwar, who belonged to the highest echelons of the executive, couldn't right this wrong. This means that the only alternative is to sack the present executive branch (read: BN) and elect new representatives.
    3. A beginning of a new, more equitable, multiracial approach to managing this wonderful country called Malaysia. Our citizens are relatively tolerant of each other, but the BN has continued the British divide-and-rule (and outdated) system of government in keeping us apart. After putting up with this for 42 years, you must agree that the only way from here is to look at alternatives to the status quo. We have to UPGRADE".

  6. Anonymous1:33 am

    Clearly UMNO bloggers have a inferior command of English.

    What she said was simply, if you are unhappy with the BN govt, exercise your vote and vote BN out.

    Something very sensible in my mind. Use your vote if you are unhappy.

    Problem with UMNO bloggers is that they are of the view that they know best how Petronas should be run. With Petronas being run by them, good luck to Malaysia.

    Maybe we should Parpu Kari as head of Corp Comm. Our friends at Shell etc will be so impressed with Malaysia's talent and colourful language.

    Will there be a witch hunt for other heads now? Given that GLC talent is pretty liberal unlike House PK, I suspect everyone will be looking over their shoulder now.

  7. Datuk Rocky,

    Anon 1.33 am

    Typical opposhits. Ony no how to condom somebodies not good tawking English.

    As long can understanding wat we tawking all that matter wat. Agreeing?

    Please lah don't like comments go somewhere else and take your criticism along with you where other opposhits will appreciate your rhetoric.

    Its you who do not understand the gist of the issues at hand.

    Says much of your character to defend a hypocrite.

    In the end money talks, no?

    Sacrificing one's priciples,I wanted to mention the oldest profession in the world...but I won' would seem a tad unfair.


  8. the reader3:44 am

    watever direction they lean to...they all still MALAYSIAN!!!as long as they can do the job and benefit both ways...go for it!!opposition love this country too and they are not enemy of the state.

  9. Datuk,

    Anon 1.33am

    BTW what do you think of this person you are opposhitly attracted to?



    knew that her past will collide with her future?


  10. nstman4:58 am

    Rocky has now become the defacto minister of propaganda in the Najib regime. His word is more than its weight in gold. If he says Sheryl is out, Sheryl is out. So shall it be said, shall it be done. From my observation, Ahmad Talib, the head honcho of Media Prima, is very worried. Worried his position is under threat from Rocky. Ahmad's days are numbered.

  11. Pune Deck6:31 am

    ANon 1:33 AM

    Who do you have in mind for Corporate Comm ... a Chinkie out of CHinese Vernacular School who couldnt speak a decent word of the neither National Language nor ENglish and a cocoooned in their varnacular language and city ghetto selling pirate DVD, porns, etc.?

  12. Anonymous6:43 am

    Goodness gracious, why can't it get into people's head that in the first place this is a matter of treating Petronas as their kepala bapak's company.

    It's the largest GLC in the entire country, man, and it must not be prostituted like Pernas was before. It belongs to the rakyat and must be treated with sanctity.

    In the first place Najib had willy nally removed a capable man like Hassan Merican for no strong and valid reasons. Then he hammered in (first time rejected) Omar Ong into the BOD, a fellow who failed to honour his Petronas student loan obligations until dragged to court and judgment entered against him. Surely that would disqualify him from Directorship of Petronas, the very organisation he reneged his promises on. What does Najib think Petronas is? Imagine that.

    One wonders at Najib's intent right from the start. The next thing he did was to appoint a relatively unknown retired man as CEO. Was it to ensure that he has a man who will comply to every whim and fancy Najib has in respect of Petronas, as reflected by his hammering in of OO before?

    And this CEO showed his colours right from the start. Why didn't he go thru the motions of calling for applications, short listing and interviews for such a senior management job like that. Clearly cronyism of the first order - appointing a family friend and without going thru the normal process. Is that a reflection of his own management style from now on? Is that what Najib prefers, so that it'd be easy to get the man do all sorts in line with Najib's desires, fully supported by OO at the BOD?

    We concerned citizens must continue to monitor developments at Petronas to help ensure the minimum of hanky panky in that vastly rich GLC and not make it easy for the picking by polticians thru their nominees hammered into the BOD and placed in the most powerful position in the organisation.

  13. Anonymous7:54 am

    so u need to be pro BN/UMNO to hold positions in Malaysia?

    is this not a type of cronyism/nepotism?

  14. Anonymous8:44 am

    Anon 1.33am

    I don't know why people r preoccupied with a non entity like parpu.

    Get on with ur life.

    The more u give prominence to parpu, the more desperate n gay u will look.

    R u a gay desperado?

  15. Happy9:03 am

    I think she knows she cannot do the job. Not because of the pressure she's facing.

  16. Anonymous9:05 am

    "Clearly UMNO bloggers have a inferior command of English. " (sic)

    Yup folks. DAP's English seem to be soooo much better.

    Sheryl Bostard

  17. Budak ni meroyan untuk Anwar je. Really budak emotional punye sindrom

    Actually nothing wrong pun dengan apa yang dia cakap...alternative thinking...betullah tu

    Cuma puak ni dah tutup hati dia untuk dengar apa-apa view or facts yang against dia punya thinking

    Pada diorang Anwar is Pure and maybe, Next to Nabi Muhammad

    Mahathir is Firaun. Apa saje yang salah kat Malaysia ini hasil kejahatan Mahathir....

    Apa saja yang betul kat Malaysia ni hasil kerja tangan Anwar.

    For me Ketaksuban Melampau ini yang amat berbahaya.

  18. Anonymous9:32 am

    Better title is "New Appointment At Petronas"

    Ahiruddin Atan is to be appointed in place of Sheryl.

    -Pro UMNO

  19. Goodbye Sheryl, bon voyage...remember that what goes round comes round and it does not pay to write naughty things about the Government of the day.

  20. Anonymous10:46 am

    Anonymous 1.33 AM....

    The fact that she said to vote out BN if it denies human rights, raises questions as to her credibility and integrity within the folds of the ruling government...

    So, your goddamn English is so good that everything has to be taken at face value?...ptuih!!

  21. What she said is Malaysia should be like Indonesia: which is borrow money from IMF and be guided (in actual fact,) ruled by them. Buy votes from very poors and crush theese voters in return, thats current Indonesia.
    Viva Soros???

  22. Harrooo Enceykk Anon 1.33am..

    Superior command of english like DPP?? Inferior like Warrior 231??

    Aiyoohh taikaohh..

    "A vote for Pakatan is a vote for DAP"

  23. Anonymous11:39 am

    Did anyone remember what Ezam said about Tun M, BN, Najib, etc while he was Ketua Pemuda Keadilan ?

    He is now a Senator - recommended by BN !!!

    Short Memory.

  24. Anonymous11:46 am

    That bitch should go back to a pte sector.Best still where many of her kind are there.Good riddance bitch!

    Don't ever bad-mouthed if you want to cari makan in a govt or govt linked companies. Stupid bitch.

  25. CommonerNinetyNine11:59 am

    don't be so certain. it may be the reverse.

    may be what you will get is an official appreciation gathering for that woman!

    never underestimate skirt power, especially when the wearer is white.

    may be her placement was even due to some top men in the country or in that oil company like her face or what.

    "say or do nothing good to the country? what a lame excuse to goreng me!", that's most certainly screamed by that woman publicly, or even internationally.

    why not she plague our 'neighbour' (may be she is, just that we don't know, yet), if that's what she said something about 200 million population market and can't miss that huge gold mine or stuff like that. go molest pertamina then!

  26. Well, I think its about time people realize that they need to engage a set of bloggers to confront the lies spewed by a another set of rabid bloggers.

    Welcome to the New World Order.

  27. Anonymous12:39 pm


    I agree with Happy.

    She knows, the position not only commands skills in communication.. but also involves being the voice of a very2 big business entity.

    I think she now fully understands that, the job fits her, BUT she's not fit enough (yet??) for the job.

    Good luck in your future undertakings Sheryll. You're not ready for PETRONAS ...... yet.

    Malcolm Gladwell the other malcolm gladwell.

  28. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Rocky, lu ingat itu Petronas lu bapa punya kah ???

    Takkan CEO Petronas pon takut sama UMNO bloggers ?? baik CEO pon kasi resign saje la, takade telor !!

    ..kasi naik Rocky jadi Penasihat Petronas, parpukari jadi CEO !!

  29. Anonymous1:25 pm

    The fact she got herself in this controversy shows she got poor communication strategy.

    Its not whether she is pro Government or Liberal, fact is she is just incompetent for the job.


  30. Anonymous1:47 pm

    I no got english cliterature degree..but i under can stand sorry..can understand...
    She said BN no good..UMNO no good..opposition party good la..
    Now Petronas boss take her for make good blow ...PR job maa.
    So that mean..Petronas boss like her la..thinking same is it..BN no good..UMNO no good..
    Aiyaa easy to understand what...
    What la u all....


  31. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Dato Rocky

    Let's get the SOB out and continue this campaign as long as she is still there.

    One thing about family friend, another is not going thru the standard recruitment procedure. That she could be a Trojan Horse is another serious matter to consider.

    So is the appointment of Omar Ong into Petronas BOD. The fellow was a Petronas loan delinquent, man, and simply not right that he be put in as a Director. There must be some rule of decency and we must not adopt Zimbabwean tendencies.

  32. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Bloggers are the new civic society, hurray ...

    Expose expose expose ...

    Bless their love for Malaysia!

  33. Anonymous9:57 pm


    I'd seriously check my sources if I were you.. She was very much alive and kicking (and kicking ass) at the mighty towers this fine morning.

    Absolutely no sign of quitting. In fact was heard saying something like... 'i thrive in this sort of thing'


  34. Anonymous10:17 pm


    Mana you dapat cerita resignation ni?
    My sources cakap that loud-mouthed, crass, no class perempuan is still roaming free at the Petronas HQ, dipping her dirty fingers in other people's business but her own!

    (Power of the People)

  35. Anonymous10:30 pm

    You really have to give it to this woman bro..!!

    Terror wa cakap...

    Bantai gomen mampus-mampus...
    UMNO salah, BN tak guna dia ajelah yang betol...

    Tup-tup masuk PETRONAS. Sikit punya bangga pulak tu! Belum apa apa siap letak profile kat Linked!

    Eh... takkan bangga kerja dengan 100% government-owned company kut?

    Kata ada prinsip??

    Aku dengar cerita budak-budak sana (yang dah muak dan mual dengan perangai hantu seekor ni) member just strolled in one day and announced that 'i'm your GM'. Tak terkejut beruk budak-budak tu??

    Tak ada interview, tak ada vetting process. Niii diaaaa.... juara meritocracy, transparency yang dah BASI!!

    Actually bro, kalau nak ikut meritocracy dia ni tak layak. Dengar cerita dah apply pun for job at PETRONAS some years ago. Didn't even get through first round...

    Maxis pun ambik. Dan oleh kerana hampehnya kerja si hantu ni, Maxis pun persilakan blah..

    Tapi cable mesti kuat bro, jual ideologi sini sana mesti ada yang termakan cakap first class hypocrite ni. Dapatlah masuk PETRONAS... Jalan mana aku tak tahu he...he..he...

    And the rest, they say, is history...

    Major League Baseball

  36. Anonymous12:02 am

    this thing about UMNO/BN practise crony-ism (how to spell that word ah?), DAP also same only: father and son heading the party. PAS also what, same oso, Nik Aziz appointed son-in-law to run government company or something. PKR: lagi teruk meh!! Anwar has his wife, daughter, best friends, close friends all hold good good posts in the party. Aiseymannnnn....donno what is going to happen la.

    shah alam guy

  37. Anonymous12:10 am

    Cik Sheryll,

    I'd donate a kidney if you could get a job at another Fortune500 company.


    Walmart storekeeper.

  38. good riddance... we do not need a critical person like this in Petronas... plenty more good people !

    and to Dato shamsul... plse take your head out from your ass... how stupid can u be ?

  39. Anonymous6:48 am

    Salam semua

    Apa yang dah berlaku di Petronas wajar dijadikan teladan. Seseorang yang nak mengepalai komunikasi korporat di mana majoriti bilangan kakitangannya adalah Melayu, wajarlah ketuanya diisi oleh orang Melayu yang faham dengan cara-cara Melayu.

    Perkara yang sama juga berlaku di Sime Darby di mana ketua komunikasi korporatnya bukan berbangsa Melayu sedangkan pemegang saham dan kakitangan utamanya adalah Melayu. Apakah di Malaysia ni dah tak ada pakar komunikasi Melayu yang hebat?

    Satu lagi perkara, tuduhan Tan Sri Adam (Bekas Pengerusi Pos Malaysia) sewajarnya diperiksa dengan telus atau Pos Malaysia harus menjawab dengan menyeluruh. Tuduhan Tan Sri Adam ni berat dan sebagai independent director cum Chairman, beliau semestinya tahu tentang hal ehwal dalaman Pos Malaysia, kalau tidak takkan dia senang-senang boleh turun tanda tangan Penyata Kewangan Pos Malaysia. Well kalau tuduhan dia salah, dia berani tuduh, Pos Malaysia mesti berani ambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap beliau untuk memastikan siapa yang betul dan siapa yang salah.



  40. Anonymous7:26 am

    Dear Major League Baseball,

    Kawan2 saya yg kerja dengan gomen kata she couldn't get any job in gomen-related projects or with gomen-linked companies after she got fired from Maxis because of her reputation yang ramai sudah maklum.
    Tup-tup, like you said, masuk Petronas.

    Hairan sungguh saya...

    (Power of the People)

  41. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Lantik aje salah sorang blogger pro BN, selesailah masalah komunikasi kat Petronas.

  42. Anonymous9:56 pm

    PETRONAS has done well without external interferences. So let it be, in what it shall do with its business and the Malaysian govt will get what is due (royalties, taxes, dividends etc ). PETRONAS has never under-delivered and contributed more than 40% of Malaysian income.

    If PETRONAS is run by guys like you who condemns people due to their political orientation, then probably half of government staff should be fired. It requires pure professionalism at highest level and the system within will take its own natural cycle where if she is not suitable for the job, she'll be chopped off.

    Let it be independence as it has always been. PETRONAS has got a business to run.

    Please remember, PETRONAS started only with RM 10 mil at the start back in 1974. After that, it is due to hard work of the people within PETRONAS that has enabled it to grow and achieve top 100 Global Fortune companies in the span of 36 years only. Financial Times even called PETRONAS one of the new 7 sisters in the energy industry. Without fail, it has returned a lot of money back to govt. Whatever happens to the money paid to govt, go ask our beloved govt.

    If you continue to whack PETRONAS on how it conducts its businesses, then we'll end up having another white elaphant such as our neighbour's National Oil & Gas company who used to be a giant back then... look at what it is now today... thanks to interferences from outside & corruptions... Irony is, they used to be PETRONAS' teacher and thankfully, PETEONAS learnt qucik & well.

    Stay out and PETRONAS would be apolitical as always. It's the best for all Malaysians who care about the future. Otherwise, feel free to shorten the life of a great company.

    If you choose the latter, congratulations. We'll lose more than 40% income in no time... thanks to people like you...

  43. Anonymous8:43 am

    Afterall PETRONAS is the brain child of BN. Dia nak buat apa dia punya suka la,memang Bapak dia punya(BN) kalau gua pimpin BN sure gua buat benda sama, gua wujudkan PETRONAS gua sukala mau lantik sapa, kalau gua bagi orang yang tak suka gua pegang jawatan dalam company gua, kalau gua tak bodoh gua gila. Dari kecik gua diajar berterima kasih kepada orang yang memberi. Ni budak2 mentah macam Sheryll ni tau apa, keluar perut je nampak emas, nampak kemewahan dan macam2 la, dia tak nampak susah senangnya nak jadikan Malaysia macam hari ni, inilah masalah dengan puak2 macam dia sekarang... senang2 je nak rompak harta benda orang, atas alasan demokrasila, kebebasan la, wang rakyat la n bla bla.... ni pasal wang rakyat, aku heran kita selalu cakap pasal wang rakyat, boleh tak sapa2 yang pandai jelaskan apa itu wang rakyat, jangan ikut sedap cakap je macam kita kat Amerika.... Aku lebih suka buang pemimpin BN atau UMNO yang tak betul daripada aku hancurkan BN atau UMNO sebab aku kenal buruk baik dua2 puak ni daripa aku ambik sapa2 yang aku tak kenal hujung pangkalnya, apa niatnya... bukan aku suka sangatpun.. itu yang aku rasa terbaik sebab dah punya track record .. aku tangok yang baik je,, kalau tengok yang buruk je , sampai bila pun tak selesai masalah, tu tandanya kita busuk hati..

  44. Anonymous8:51 am

    Aku memang ahli UMNO sejak kecik, tapi UMNO tak bagi aku apa2 pun , aku tak kisah, ni Sheryl ni tah datang dari hutan mana tiba-tiba dapat post baik kat PETRONAS, yang ini aku kisah, haram jadah kau Sheryl, yang bagi dia post pun haram jadah juga!!!!


  45. Anonymous10:55 am

    Err.....why call her Queen?


  46. Anonymous11:50 am

    Rocky there are similar ppl not only in Petronas but in many other GLCs, even Govt positions, Govt Hospitals, Ministries..

    They bite the hand that feeds them.
    They will put up a nice smile and get all the favours from the govt, and indulge in all sorts of hypocirsy.
    Secretly or some even openly are actually not only working againsts the Govt but the country itself,
    Foul mothing everything about Malaysia to Foreigners and abroad.

    I urge everyone to expose these people and stop all sorts of favours and extra-benefits they get from the PEOPLE and Govt they backstab.

    To be critical of Govt and policies is one thing, encouraged to keep govt in tabs,
    but to be in blind hatred, racistly fan sentiments against Govt and indulge in smears etc is outrightly unacceptable behavior.

    If cannot punish these people,
    atleast all sorts of positions, money and favours they ENJOY must stop, and these people must be EXPOASED!

  47. Charles F Moreira5:08 pm

    While a BN government may have established Petronas, it however in not a BN company but a Malaysian state corporation and any Malaysian, irrespective of race, religion or political afilliation should be free to work in it.

  48. Anonymous6:55 pm


    I am told her position is VP and not GM! Infact personnel in Petronas wondering how the news of her appointment has become a hot topic.

    Resignation? Not too sure about that!

  49. Shocked!8:28 am


    Do YOU know how hard you have to work.. How much you have to sacrifice.. How much you have to deliver to get GM-ship in PETRONAS??? and now VP???????

    JUST because she's friends with Dato' Shamsul and the Mrs.. She gets it just like that????

    ...very discouraging

    GTH Sheryll.
    GTH Petronas.

  50. Anonymous3:03 pm


  51. Anonymous3:05 pm


  52. Anonymous3:07 pm


  53. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Shamsul is stupid to think that he is free from the clutches of the govt. After all, he was appointed by the govt. Sendiri mau ingat

  54. Amero9:20 am

    Why the big hoo haa? Anyone recall what newly minted Senator Ezam said about BN government? How is that different? How do you know she has not repented? hahaha.

  55. Hell yeah. She too can repent like Rocky.

  56. Yes nstman....Rocky is the chosen all powerful man on English language newspapers owned by UMNO B or controlled by Najib. Star better watch out too.
    Najib Mahathir and his son are so happy with him....false title given...when so many slogs to make money for the papers not decorated at all.
    Strange as it may seem...the S.Times Sales Manager nickname is Rocky too.
    Rocky will be CEO of S.Times..if UMNO B win 13th GE...but Malaysians know for sure...that will never happen..with Najib loosing power and sack Rocky and few others...blaming then for his failures.
    Just watch the events 23th GE draws nearer and nearer...which I doubt it will be on...if Najib know he is finished.

  57. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Refer to topic above, Petronas belonged to UMNO? That's what UMNO thought. So, Malaysia to belonged to them but not others although Malaysian..what rubbish and how low the mentality of UMNO person