Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Abdullah Irony

IRONY. Tun Abdullah Badawi is visiting Sarawak, neighbouring Brunei today (Tuesday). IRONY. Tun Lah  is satisfied with progress of his brain child - the five corridors, having spent  RM243.3 billion on them. IRONY. Tun Lah's visit to the Sarawak industrial heartland, is home to a smelter being built by Tan Sri Syed Mokthar, which Tun Lah had rescinded in one of his first acts as Prime Minister.


  1. Anonymous1:26 am

    Irony. he's well awake.

  2. CommonerNinetyNine1:57 am

    The timing of his visit to the 'neighbour' state, to me, suggests something else. Things like, crime cover-up brain-storming sessions, about the 'agreement' just naturally pop-up in mind. To me, I doubt the 'agreement' would be a clean one given that former mr number one has been exposed of unclean dealings before.

  3. Anonymous1:59 am

    Maybe Syed Mokhtar will ask Bodowi to rasmikan the new smelter - by jumping in.

  4. Anonymous2:18 am


    pls do read & digest......also comment...tq


  5. Confirm the financial terms of the smelter before shooting your mouth off.

    But to do that you need to be able to understand who bears the cost, who picks up the government guarantees and most important what the heck happens to the waste created by a smelter.

    The smelter was contingent on it consuming Bakuns power. So that means if in 2015, we want to add 1000 MWs to the interior of Sabah & Sarawak, will the capacity still be there or will it be smelted?

    So then Bakun - the grandiose project conceived by that man would have amounted to supplying power for a smelter

    This PL bashing is the handiwork of the naive, bigoted and down right imbecilic people.

  6. Anonymous6:30 am

    Irony. Tan Sri Syed Mokthar is an Arab and not a Malay. Why he is given a tongkat? more a wheelchair than a tongkat.

  7. Hang Tun Lah as a traitor!6:32 am

    Fry him ... and wipe out that fucking grin. It is sickening!

  8. Anonymous7:56 am

    Poor Pak Lah Badawi being harassed right and left!


  9. Anonymous9:26 am

    New discovery - the twin of Lim Guan Eng http://3.ly/LGE


  10. Anonymous9:27 am

    well, nothing is wrong though with the visit. I guess it must have something to do with resolving whatever issues there are.

    Believe what we may, but what is important now is having a clear head over it and not making judgments before we know what is really going on.

  11. Anonymous9:33 am


    To many from the 1Sekolah, that is anything made of iron.

  12. Dollah the Conman must not be allowed to come to visit any state in Malaysia especially if there is a by-election on going!
    In China such act of treason who would have to face a firing squad!

  13. Anonymous9:56 am

    The biggest IRONY of all is that we are building him a house for RM12 million.

  14. Anonymous9:58 am

    Looks like a hastly-arranged trip to boost BN's chances in the Sibu by-elections.
    In addition, also to placate Sarawakians and Sabahans that the government did not sell them out upon the meek surrendering of the oil blocks to Brunei.

    sri hartamas

  15. Anonymous10:34 am

    His Tunship should be removed. This man had done nothing for the country during his term as PM.

  16. Anonymous10:43 am

    Kesian Pak lah. Dia pi Bintulu bukan nak jual Bintulu sama Brunei lah.

  17. Salam Bro.,
    My take on the L&M blocks:
    Minutes of board meeting of “Score-Me Bhd” and “Rambo-Rombau Consultants” on Blocks L & M (aka “Lah-Mai” blocks); venue @ Crooked Oxbridge Club; time: few months before Honorary Chairman, Mr FIL officially retire:
    1. Carigali & Murphy have done the dirty job – they have established proven reserves of about 1 billion barrels (at current & foreseeable future price of @ US$70 that would translate to a cool US$70 billion)
    2. How do we get rid of Carigali & Murphy? At the stroke of the pen from Pak Hamid & Co. at Foreign Affairs – we’ll delineate the boundaries and they will be legally out of the picture
    3. We’ll “package & sweeten-up” this deal with His Highness using “foreign affairs goobledegooks”, which Pak Hamid & Co. will prepare… sap-sap soi lah… HE get say 70% and we’ll get 30%... how aa? Hayya, use Petronas again la to do the fronting… Negara Bruno gets the sovereign rights to Lah-Mai blocks, but have to have “win-win” lah… so Petronas will be “invited” to commercially develop the Lah-Mai blocks la… you aa…
    4. Once Petronas got invited todevelop the area, make sure our “moles” in Petronas sub-con the job to “Score-Me” and our cronies and friends la… what, the cake is big enough for everyone what… haiyya… apa susah2 to sweat it out… this is the crooked Oxbridge strategy la… short-cut & instant business strategy ma!
    5. Contingency plan: in case some old crank smells the rot, spin the story & discredit him la… or better, get our honorary chairman Mr FIL to goreng some foreign affairs bulls*t la…
    Meeting was adjourned with Al-Shafie, Al-Ghazali nashid…

  18. Anonymous10:46 am

    Five corridors for RM243.3 billion is alot of money for some A4 papers, typed and bound on how our economy can be transformed.
    Where is the infrastructure, so that our eyed can see, hands can touch?
    I can see, touch the KLIA, KLCC, but the corridors I only read in PAPER. Very EXPENSIVE paper.

  19. Anonymous10:50 am

    why is Anwar Ibrahim so silent on the oil issue? He can lambast Malaysia in Cambridge, but cannot afford to offend his friend, the BODO.

  20. Anonymous10:57 am

    Putri Santubong Putri Sejinjang
    Penjaga gunung Negeri Sarawak
    Manis sik ada dapat dilawan
    Anak dak dewa turun kayangan
    Ooh.. Santubong Putri...
    Bertenun kain siang
    Ooh.. Sajinjang Putri...
    Menumbok padi malam...
    Satu hari nya duak kelaie
    Beranok-ranok sik renti-renti
    Sorang madah dirik bagus agik
    Sorang sik kalah walau sampei ke mati
    Udah lejuk nya duak kelaie
    Lalu betukuk nya duak puteri
    Sejinjang mengayun aluk ke pipi
    tebik Santubong sampei isok ari
    Tapi Santubong membalas juak
    Lalu ditikam batang belidak
    Sampei tekenak Sejinjang kepalak
    Hingga betabor PAK LAH kelak

  21. Anonymous11:03 am

    Tun M : The question as to what happened to the RM270 billion that Petronas paid to Abdullah's Government has not been answered?

    Bodowi: Bruder, I only spent RM243.3 billion on five corridor, and there are ample reports by the consultance to justify the spending.

    Tun M: Got any infrastruture to justify the spending?

    Bodowi: Sorry Tun, I have to rush to the toilet now ... nice talking to you... dont call me, I'll call you.

  22. Sebenarnya rakyat Malaysia amat patut dizalimi kerana mereka terdiri daripada golongan yang amat bodoh dan rendah maruah jati dirinya.

    Rakyat Malaysia senantiasa bising membantah dan menghina seorang manusia yang bernama Mahathir bin Mohamad kerana kezaliman dan kejahatannya.

    Walaupun pada realitinya si 'Keling' ini telah berjaya membawa negara ini keluar dari zaman kemunduran ke mercu kejayaan.

    Namun begitu rakyat Malaysia amat taksub kepada seorang manusia bernama Anwar bin Ibrahim.

    Walaupun tidak siapa yang dapat memberikan secara zahir dan fakta sumbangan beliau terhadap negara ini, beliau telah diangkat ketahap tertinggi sebagai Wira Negara. Apa sebenarnya yang telah beliau lakukan, tiada siapa yang tahu.

    Amat pandai berpidato dan mengupas isu hinggakan segala tuduhan yang dilemparkan terhadapnya dengan pantas dilabel fitnah...walaupun beberapa lubang jubur (antara lainnya) telah disodok oleh pemimpin 'Islam' ini.

    Begitu jugalah dengan pemimpin Islam Pas dan Cina DAP yang malas saya nak komen.

    Tapi teruskanlah Malaysia.

  23. Anonymous11:55 am

    Irony indeed! Tun Lah you really let us down.... cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Where are your "towering individuals?" at least I can see the renowned Petronas Twin Tower.

    I just want to forget him ever being the PM of Malaysia. It was a lost opportunity period.

    Sakit hati

  24. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Hakmilik Blok L & M dah bagi kat Berunai dan kata Petronas diberi peluang kerjasama usaha carigali. Kenapa tak kekalkan hakmilik untuk Malaysia dan Petronas yang tawarkan peluang kerjasama usaha carigali kat Berunai?
    Ke mana perginya Ketua Pembangkang dan Lim Kit Siang hanya menyuruh Paklah buat ulasan. Tanah dan kepentingan negara tergadai hanya perlu ulas tapi budak kena tembak nak buat Suruhanjaya DiRaja. Ke mana perginya keutamaan mereka shingga isu remeh di utamakan? Adakah sebelum ini terdapat persekongkolan di antara mereka untuk menjahanamkan kepentingan negara? Natijahnya, rakyat perlu berwaspada terhadap politik `Selective Opposition' oleh pembangkang.

    Jumlah yang terlibat adalah terlalu besar iaitu RM1 juta seorang warganegara rakyat Malaysia. Pembangkang tidak perlu melibatkan pentadbiran DS Najib kerana PM pada masa itu adalah Paklah dan dia yang menandatangani surat Perjanjian tersebut. Walaupun terdapat kelulusan Kabinet sepatutnya beliau menggunakan akal dan kebijaksanaan sama ada perlu menandatanganinya. Bila orang suruh letak jawatan tau pulak corner.
    Satu Malaysia patut buat sumpah Mahsuri kat Bahalol inilah biar 7 keturunannya tidur tak lena dan makan tak kenyang macam ZOMBIE.

    Jangan jadikan alasan Paklah Bodoh sebagai alasan kerana isu ini terang-terangan adalah penyalahgunaan kuasa.

    Hidup Tun Mahathir.

    Luahan Rakyat kecewa pemimpin hipokrit jual negara.....

  25. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Wenger J Khairy wrote : This PL bashing is the handiwork of the naive, bigoted and down right imbecilic people.

    F u lah. I live in KL, and nothing had changed in terms of infra. Where did all the billions go under PAK Lah?

    He said going to cut budget deficit, but that didnt happen, and no infra jobs to justify RM243 billion.

    Where did all the money go, you prick?

  26. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Is he really going to jump in the smelter? Esok cuti umumke????

  27. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Rocky has now become the defacto minister of propaganda in the Najib regime. His word is more than its weight in gold. From my observation, Ahmad Talib, the head honcho of Media Prima, is very worried. Worried his position is under threat from Rocky. Ahmad's days are numbered.

    Ahmad's days have always been NUMBERED lah.

  28. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Wisma Putra should make public the full contents of the agreement signed last year. When we give up what belongs to the people really, the people have a right to know,” Dr Mahathir wrote in his weblog today.

  29. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Anon 6.30 wrote :Tan Sri Syed Mokthar is an Arab and not a Malay. Why he is given a tongkat? more a wheelchair than a tongkat.

    What Tongkat he got? He built PTP by himself, and won an open tender for DRB, despite Pak Lah and Kali, ganging against him in backing the Naza group.

    The only tongkat Syed needs, is one to shuff up your gay Malay liberal -Pak Lah, and PKR ARSE.

  30. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Wenger J Khairy, apa kata, hang pi bunuh diri aje.... daa muak dgn Tembelang dan Terberang hang.
    Mano si KJ, x komen pun pasal Pak Lah dan Brunei. . . . .

  31. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Ironi ialah, Pak Lah masih bebas dan mampu adakan hubungan kelamin dgn Jean. Kalu di negara lain, mungkin di penjara bersama laki laki yang ganas.

    Besnya, kata si Anwar.



  32. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Pak Lah, eats CROW... go visit smelter, he try to give Kali ...

  33. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Pak Lah needs to explain to all Malaysians why the country's sea boundary has shifted in favour of Brunei and why two oil-rich areas have come under the ownership of the sultanate.

  34. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Will the head hunters of Sarawak rise up and do the job.

  35. Anonymous1:16 pm

    si manis yg senjum kambing,memang sah, dah kambingkan Malaysia.

  36. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Malaysian living in Spore who had threesome sex with his fiancee and a 14-year-old girl was jailed seven months for carnal connection with a girl under 16.

    Kwek Yui Lam, 22, admitted to two counts of having sex with the girl last December.

    One night, Kwek asked the victim if she wanted to play “3P”, slang for threesome having sex together.

    Kwek had sex with his fiancee, followed by the victim, and then with the fiancee again.

    After the incident, the fiancee told him not to have sex with the girl again as she regretted “sharing” him with someone else.

    But Kwek had sex with the victim when they were alone at home on Dec 24.

  37. PIGIDA3:54 pm

    Pak Lah's first corridor, Iskandar Development Region (IDR) aka Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar (WPI), now renamed as Iskandar Malaysia, is a good example of "too-much-hot-air".

    Go and ask locals in Johor Bahru what and how they have benefited over the past 4 years from this expensive branding con-job programme under Pak Lah's administration.

    Go and ask the local businessman in Johor Bahru, what the super-authority called IRDA has introduced to improve business condition of the local SMEs.

    The answer is simply nothing. Not even a smelly fart!

    For 2010, the MoF allocated IRDA RM65 million to fund the operation. For a non-functioning organisation like IRDA, that is definitely a waste of taxpayers money.

    IRDA's CEO is paid RM60k per month, the sleeping bastard COO is paid RM52k per month, and more than 20 senior managements of IRDA with a salary band of above RM30k per month, for doing simply NOTHING. Recently, IRDA paid out 5 months bonus to its staff for their hard work, ie hiring consultants, checking their emails, attending meetings (internal) and check emails, and ...nothing.

    We, as taxpayers, strongly urged Najib's administration to quickly close down this pathetic IRDA. Those money should be utilise wisely.

    Recently, under NEM, the Government has clearly expanded the role of MIDA from just manufacturing-based to even service industries.

    So, what is the role of IRDA now? What can IRDA offer its shakeholders?

    We are tired of all those empty promises of IRDA, the learning curve is too slow and expensive (hiring consultants). So please Najib, go down south and just scrap this hopeless IRDA.

  38. Anonymous4:12 pm

    I remember that Zaid kenna complained because he got 1 horse....Apparently, some people insinuated that Zaid used it for racing......

    But then, Mahathir got 30 horses....Hmm.....

    By looking at Rocky Bru's face, no need to dwell into details, Abdullah Badawi must be "diMampuskan". I am not saying that Adbullah's crime is condornable but only Abdullah must be crucified...........

    Again these few simple questions

    1) Isn't Najib & the whole gang, part of Abdullah's administration? Isn't there one thing called collective responsibilities?

    2) Is it really just Abdullah's fault? Abdullah used as black sheep

    3) And what about Mahathir?

    I am no stupid laa.....

  39. ooohhh.... the cursed abdollah's face...

  40. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Wenger J Khairy

    You need more than a few lines to make people believe what you say - including bigotry and imbecility. We know Tun Dol begot you. But if you are KJ himself like some people say you are, you have not helped Tun Dol avoid the image he has, have you.

    In fact KJ as head of the 4th Floor gang had greatly tarnished his PIL's reputation. You know what people think you and your PIL did. So try and justify what you and your PIL did or didn't do. We are willing to hear. But not just in a few lines and without hard facts c/w verifiable data, la.

  41. Anonymous5:14 pm

    The irony is, he is still a free man, travelling on gomen expences

  42. Anonymous6:04 pm

    U asyik nak hantam AAB. Tak habis habis kau kutuk dia. Cukup lah tu.
    Dia dah resign as PM. Biar dia dapat hidup dengan aman.

  43. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Udah, udah lah tu Dato Rocky.
    It's water under the bridge. I've had enough of Pak Lah bashing.
    He has retired. Yes, he was a weak leader but he is still a decent man. Leave him in peace. Do we still kick a man when he is down?
    Saya suka PL satu: Dah retire tu dia duk diam2, takdak lah nak sibuk lagi campur tangan dlm kerajaan. The country as it is right now, bising benor.


  44. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Re your previous post. Any news on Sheryll Stothard? The day has passed and the silence is deafening!

    Is Petronas putting up another round of smokescreen?

  45. Anonymous9:49 pm

    FAIR'S FAIR @ 6:31 PM

    paklah a decent man? a quiet man? gee whiz, what happen to your faculties?

    don't be surprised more dirt will surface, dont' say you're not warned

    that mr clean and mr nice guy image was a MASK all along ...

    the fact that he could actually become the PM once upon a time was really amazing

    hhmmm - unless his overwhelming support over Najib was manipulated all along by 4th floor budak hingusan

    TDM also preferred Najib over paklah - buat muka kesian

  46. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Patut lah BRUNEI dari dulu xnak masuk MALAYSIA,,,!!!!

    Nampak sangat PEMIMPIN MELAYU Malaysia ni semua BOBO-BODO,,!!!!

    Why dont we CRUCIFIED them and RAMMED through THE WALL!!!!!


  47. Wenger J Khairy, LOL, ur boss is clearly a trojan horse inside UMNO. He should do the right thing and commit hara kiri for marrying the fat daughter of Pak Lah for political purpose . . . and now end up like a pariah

  48. wenger j kerry12:13 am

    Irony. Abdullah & family's face is a thick as an iron.

  49. Anonymous1:19 am

    KJ Kitol is up to no good... im sure he did side dealing until PIL got busted...

    If i was Sleeping Dollah, i would probably slap kitol's face for setting me up like this...

    Pak Lah is just a stupid old man....

  50. Anonymous10:01 am

    Wenger J Khairy, didnt Pee lah want to build underground cable to send the electricity from swar to west msia or even sumatra. Therefore your statement on where will the east get power if it goes to smelter, doesnt hold water.

  51. Anonymous12:35 pm


    Pokok pangkal ialah bukan apa sumbangan anwar tetapi apakah PERANAN masa depan anwar jika sekiranya dia berjaya menjadi PM.

    Penyokong dan pembiaya anwar ingin hancurkan UMNO/BN supaya Melayu tidak lagi memimpin Malaysia.

    Ketika anwar jadi PM, kerjanya mungkin tanda tangan surat2 sahaja. Pentadbiran negara akan dipegang oleh kaum bukan Melayu.

    Sebab inilah, apa sahaja yang anwar lakukan adalah BETUL semuanya.

    "Kontrak" nya pun belum tentu berjangka masa yang panjang. Apabila ia hilang pengaruh dikalangan orang Melayu, maka kontraknya pun akan ditamatkan.

    Jadi yang paling penting adalah untuk rakyat khususnya kaum Melayu/Bumi sedar akan keadaan yang sebenar, lebih lebih lagi Melayu PAS dan PKR.

  52. Hi Rock,

    I believe that you are not aware of this trial going on where one Rosli Dahlan has been charged for God knows what..and one MACC DPP is now on the witness stand. Your readers would be interested in this read I am sure. http://dinmerican.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/rosli-dahlan%E2%80%99s-trial-the-liar-kevin-morais-buried-in-his-lies/

  53. Goh Tian Sui1:09 pm

    Pak Lah have got to answer for all that happened duirng his premiership even though he is no longer the prime minister now.
    The rakyat want to know about the money spent on the the corridors and is it spentwisely and the block L & M.

  54. Anonymous1:30 pm


    Despite denying your stupidity, I have a strong feeling that you are really stupid to the core. Next time get your 'loose' fixed first before putting your comments. Otherwise, your stupid comment like that would not contribute to any good to Malaysia, just a nuisance and distraction to the issue being discused here.


  55. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Luckily our government opposed the proposal of having Sex Education course at school....if not then all our students will be having all the wrong information.......no penetration but got ejaculation 'inside' the anus... hang in tight to preserve semen in your anus by having a 3-day-no-motion stunt....voluntarily letting people screwed can be termed sodomize....Woh, I'll be damned !


  56. Anonymous3:16 pm

    yes, yes, No penetration but got semen in anal canal - shot from a distance with great force. DSAI superman!!!


  57. Anonymous3:19 pm

    So, here we go again -deja vu of Sodomy 1 revisited. No penetration but semen samples found? Ripley's Believe it or Not added to the list of side shows!!

  58. Anonymous6:36 pm

    You must love SM

  59. Anonymous1:39 am

    the way things are going, the Malays would find themselves taken for a ride by every tom, dick and harry with a muslim name. the only people who are going to lose out are themselves.

  60. Anonymous3:20 pm

    wow, the look of wrinkled pleasure on his face, splendid job of donplaypuki dpp, ma

  61. Bro, if possible, can place this on u blog to promote the tournament. Tq

    The action begins.

    The 19th edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup begins 6-05-2010 at 16:05 Malaysian time (08:05 GMT). For the first time there is an official website for the tournament that can be found at http://www.azlanshshcup.com where the action can be followed live. Live commentary will be provided via Twitter and relayed onto the site. If you want to follow the commentary on Twitter, please follow the user Azlancup.

    In what is believed to be a world first for any major international sports tournament, the official site is going to be updated from Apple's new iPad!

  62. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Like dolah, najib can make all the blunders he want so that the rakyat his true colour and make the choice at PRU13. Of course, that will be at the expense of the country. What to do he is already there. Give him more rope so that he can hang himself.

  63. skilgannon10665:40 pm

    Meanwhile, Exxon Mobil and Shell have each invested US$3 billion in new petrochemical manufacturing complexes in Singapore. That's US$6 billion in FDI into Singapore for just 2 projects!

    If Petronas and MIDA are doing a great job, how come Exxon and Shell didn't make these investments in Malaysia?

    Or how is it that Singapore, with no oil of it's own, has one of the biggest oil refining capacity in the world?

    And how did it become the 3rd largest oil trading centre in the world?

    Someone in Petronas asleep at the wheel?

    Ditto for the government?

  64. Anonymous8:12 pm


    The bigger picture is too big for you to understand and digest.

    You can just sleep over the issue why shell and exxon invested big in Singapore.

    or read more on international affairs and politics before opening up your mouth.

  65. skillgannon1066, its the natural location of Singapore Harbour lah at the confluence of the Straits of Malacca and half way mark towards the Far and Near East Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc.

    A person with half a brain would want to place oil refining facilities there and obviously clever people from Exxon, Mobil even BP have been investing in oil bunkering and refining facilities there for a longer time then you were probably born.

    Singapore has been the traditional oil bunkering/oil refining centre for scores of years even before world war 1 and earlier then when Lee Kuan Yew was born in 1923. Its not because the PAP Government is great lah...the Brits gave Singapore's naturally deep harbour the necessary physical and economic infrastructure being its colonial center for the then Malaya. So be thankful to the Brits.

    Itu pun mahu compare compare Singapura dengan Malaysia. Sheesh...

  66. Anonymous9:02 am

    IRONY... though he got kicked out from putrajaya but the bunch of screw-ups in his administration are still there.

  67. Anonymous9:20 am

    rm100 billions? what la! loose change to us only la!

    losing two rocks to singapore or giving two blocks to brunei... no issue la, we got more rocks & blocks to give some more la!

    aiyah, we got more billions of barrels waiting to be korek, korek, korek lagi.

  68. "The Mahathir's water weapon Irony"

    read below link:

    Water regulation myth vs water management crisis


  69. Anonymous9:03 pm


    wanna comment on the water agreement expiring in 2011?? Wonder how many years of drinking recycled (read that as waste water) before it begins to affect the health and brains of its citizens??

    or how about the UN findings on racism in singapore which was recently concluded?? The rep found some concerns over the hdb quota, the penal code, etc ...

    so the little red dot is not explicitly practising meritocracy, transparency and many more 'cy's

    P.S. in china, a child is born with syphilis every hour - what price success, eh???

    still gloating??

  70. Anonymous11:42 am


    I totally agree with you 100%.
    IRDA has not been functioning since day 1. The current CEO is too busy enjoying his new lifestyle with the high salary. He listened too much to his stupid secretary and ignoring what ought to be done. At the rate how pathetic things are going in IRDA, more people will leave, which is very good. So less taxpayers money will be spend to fund this non-functioning agency introduced by Pak Lah. Saw this article in NST about Iskandar Malaysia that clearly potrayed how bad things are down south.


  71. Anonymous5:16 pm

    badawi anjing negara

  72. "This PL bashing is the handiwork of the naive, bigoted and down right imbecilic people."

    Oh well, how about you bashing Tun Dr M without any concrete point, wahai J Khairy? Your blog is full of baseless points and lots of BS stories...trying so hard to make people believe your blog but in the end making a fool of yourself.

    Orang semua nampak la apa Pak Lah buat dulu. Kalau kau pandai sangat, give me the reasons how the heck tht BN lost half of the seats on parliament? Until today, none of you, Khairy and Paklah did give a strong answer. Shows a lot about how pathetic you are as a blogger

    Tutup la blog kau ni, J Khairy. Berenti la jadi pencacai, boleh?

  73. skilgannon10668:59 pm

    anon 9:03 PM

    Seeing as how Singapore's school kids regularly score higher than their Malaysian counterparts in international maths and science competitions, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Singapore's water!

    Oh, wait - u wanna compare the rankings of Singapore's NUS and NTU against Malaysia's UM, UTM and USM?

    And to get your facts straight - the Spore govt chose not to renew the water agreement expiring in 2011. It wasn't Malaysia that wanted to terminate it.

    And by the time the 2nd water agreement runs out in 2061, Singapore will be 100 per cent self-sufficient as far as water is concerned. Simple fact of life, brudder - no half-past-six Malaysian politician can now threaten to cut off Singapore's water supply. As if they would dare to do so now...but that's another story.

    anon 8:12 PM and Eddy 8:57 PM

    Get your facts straight too - when did Shell build it's refinery in Pulau Bukom in Singapore? When did Exxon Mobil (then Esso) build it's refinery in Singapore? How much does oil refining and petrochemicals contribute as a percentage of GDP for Malaysia and Singapore respectively? In terms of sophistication, can the Petronas facilities in Malaysia compare with what Shell and Exxon Mobil have built in Singapore? And if Singapore is situated at a strategic crossroads, then isn't Malaysia similarly located?

    Oh, yah - I forgot. When you run out of excuses, go blame the Brits for their colonial perfidy!