Monday, May 17, 2010

Congrats DAP, and the Chinese!

A quick post-mortem by an observer from Sibu (or Why the boundary of Sibu must be redrawn). I"ve just received a not so short SMS from an old friend who was observing the Sibu by-election, which the DAP has won by a 398-vote majority. His analysis, I believe, addresses some of the more salient points that have dictated the proceedings - and, more importantly, the outcome - of the Sibu by-election.
A'kum bro.
having been to Sibu, I have learned that :
1) BN should not depend on Chinese votes
2) it is the YBs and their District Offices that must be made to have KPIs and NKRAs
3) the nation badly needs to identify youngish technocrats with hearts for the plight of the poor and the disadvantaged
4) SPR must redraw the boundary for Sibu cos if 68% are Chinese and the YB is Chinese, no one cares a damn for the rest who are all living below the hardcore poverty line.
Early blog analyses of the Sibu results also touch on the Chinese factor. in Big Dog's PM Najib wajar henti beri habuan kepada minoriti yang sombong, the blogger says Najib should stop trying to buy the loyalty of the Chinese voters. The RM18 million he pledged to this community would have served Sibu's indigenous people in the rural areas who are in greater need of help than the relatively wealthy Chinese.

Read also A. Kadir Jasin's commentary DAP rebut kerusi Parlimen Sibu. Excerpts:
Melihat perkembangan pilihan raya kecil Sibu dari jauh, saya tidak berani membuat kesimpulan tegas selain mengatakan mungkin juga wujud unsur pemulauan atau boikot oleh pemilih.

Nampaknya pengundi Cina bukan sahaja tidak meneruskan sokongan kepada BN seperti dalam pilihan raya umum 2008, sebaliknya berpindah menyebelahi DAP walaupun BN memberi belasan juta ringgit peruntukan segera kepada sekolah jenis kebangsaan Cina dan menjanjikan pelbagai projek serta tindakan.

Mengubahsuai pantun lama; sorong papan tarik papan, buah keranji dalam perahu, beri makan mereka makan, minta mengundi mereka tak mahu.
p.s. With regards to the title of this posting, Congrats DAP, and the Chinese!, let me tell you that I was inspired by a tweet where the tweeter was congratulating Sibu (for voting in the DAP) and the Chinese (for wining the Thomas Cup).


  1. Whatever it is, the Malaysian Chinese player will feel proud nonetheless that their origin country had won after beating Indonesia 3-0.

    Prioritise our own race

  2. the reader3:07 am

    is it chinese factor or maturity...people with brain wont vote for instant noodle materials

  3. Needless to say sir.

    But will we see a new approach in BN in the near future? That's what should have been done.

    And giving 'rewards' to certain people? That to should be change.

    The top leaders should think about giving back to the bigger aspect in Malaysia. They should give back in a larger group rather than giving it to certain races.

    For instance, building new Library, Multipurpose hall, etc...

    That would rather be good and better for the community rather than certain people.

    But than again. Lost have been lost. Say La Vie...

  4. Threatening to allocate more funds to non-Chinese? That's what Big Dog (Anjing) had been shouting for so long.

    Heck, it has already been happening for a long time for all we know.

    No surprises over the blackmail. Only no-brain anjing still pretends not to know.

  5. Bro,
    Aku anak jati Sibu yang brkerja di KL. Situasi di Sibu sangat unik sebab orang melayu dan bumiputra yang lain selalu dipinggirkan dalam konteks kemajuan. Lihat saja keadaan Kampung Datuk dan Kamping Hilir yang terletrak hanya dalam 3km dr pusat bandar sibu. sungguh daif. Inilah nasib orang Melayu di Sibu dalaupun dah lama setia dengan BN. ADUN yang ada bukan boleh pakai. hanya bangga dengan status ADUN nya saja. Ini pengajaran berguna buat BN. Jangan hanya turap jalan masa dah dekat nak by election. masalah yang dah brkurun baru nak settlekan. kenapa dari dulu lagi segala aduan tak dilayan.

  6. BN is fucked... Today they lost a seat in safe-area of Sabah/Sarawak....

    Rosy better stash away a few billion for rainy days and jibby better fuck as many models as possible as times are still 'okay'..

    Jibby might be a 1 term PM, and get kicked out together with BN in the General Elections.

    While Pakatan is getting fucked with MP/Assemblymen leaving, I think BN will get fucked in the elections, and perhaps, this time, there will be no Sabah/Sarawak to save the day..

    Malay votes is always split, as we've seen.
    Chinese and Tamil votes will usually be the deciding factor.

    As the Cina is with Pakatan, we'll see more places where there will be a close call.. The Tamil votes can make a difference, but not that much...

    I think we can count on Pakatan winning the next GE with small majorities in most seats...

    That's my prediction. Pakatan will kick BN's ass in the next elections with small majorities...hehe

    We'll have a gay Prime Minister soon enough... I shall fill up my KeAdilan form soon enough...

    ps- Khairy, want to join me?...heheh...

  7. Anonymous5:15 am

    I'm glad it is happening in Sibu before PRU 13...what will happen if this thing happen in PRU 13?

    So Allah is very fair...Allah gives us clues on what will happen if we continue feed the hand that will bites us more..

    So think carefully our leader..please !!


  8. A true idiot. Top of the chinese people's list of concerns aren't money. Sure some might buy into it, but the majority of them are more concerned with how UMNO and its BN lackeys are systematically taking the country apart. Inequality, injustice, corruption and plain incompetence in governance are top of their list.

    You people still think along the lines of 'race race race'. Most chinese are smarter than you are if measure of intelligence is racial blindness.

  9. I guess vote buying doesnt always work. I cant believe malay blogs are pissed off the chinese wont fall for the cash/school.

    I guess the chinese cant be bought so easily? maybe the indians and malays can.

    ps im an indian.

  10. Get it in ur thick skull,Rocky
    The Chinese's vote and their dignity are not for sale and cannot be bought

    InsyaAllah, we Malays will follow suit to put UMNO out of business once and for all!!!

  11. Anonymous7:05 am

    Parpukari should by now be saying that all Chinese who voted for DAP are communists.

    And he should go on condemning MCA and SUPP and Gerakan for not doing enough to help Najib's buy-election strategies work successfully.

    Will he be taking 'tips' from you to write in his usual/trademark crude manner with cut and paste images to accompany?

    He did it for 'Mummy Foo', the plan orchestrated by his 'godfathers' who instigate him but for themselves, keep an honorable and polished 'Dato' image.

    Go on Rocky, continue to be an inspiration for that fellow.

    After all we have Perkasa to reflect UMNO's crude racist thoughts and we have you to do the same for bloggers like Parpukari.


  12. the divided line was drawn very clearly between chinese and non chinese .Dap and Anwar will not give a damn the long effect to the nation .the chinese base party within BN trying to play the same game like Dap .BN should kickout mca and gerakan and offer direct membership to BN.

  13. Anonymous7:09 am

    And about the sms you received, "the nation badly needs to identify youngish technocrats with hearts for the plight of the poor and the disadvantaged".

    That must be the cardinal duty of UMNO only?

    Others cannot do it?

    Peegi lah....

    No wonder, UMNO is faring so badly nowadays...trying to assert itself as the only political party in Malaysia that can and must look into such matters.


  14. Anonymous7:14 am

    what you hv written has revealed you to be an ultra.

    Les Miserable

  15. Anonymous7:14 am

    wah marah ya Rocky. marah k'rana sibu di rebut PKR.

    is this not democracy at work?

    you want hegemony in everything ya?

    you want total dominance ya? you want 100% bn controlled s'wak ya?

    pak tuii

  16. Anonymous7:30 am

    locky ah,
    do you understand what DEMOCRATIC CHOICE means? or are you just an umno master spinner.

  17. Bro,

    Jika u dapat bercakap pada DS Najib, tell him that chinesse dont want money, they want power.

    Dah terang dah, tak payah lagi nak bagi jutaan ringgit to them, duit diaorang ada, kuasa aje takda.

    One more thing, what is Hisham doing ? Utk dua kempen di semenajung dan sibu, both talking about racist and dangerous statement..aduhhh..buat tengin aje.

    Bagi gereja, bagi srjk..lebih baik bagi rumah panjang yang daif yang setia pada BN..

  18. No no no dear Dato Rocky,
    Congrats Dr. Mahathir. Congrats SPR. Congrats vote buying.
    These 3 things are just giving opposition parties more and more support
    And not to forget - congrats BN bloggers.
    It seems that BN prefers a humiliating loss than an easy victory.

    I was inspired by the statesman trying to drum up support for himself and his son by playing up the May 13th issue.

  19. Anonymous8:12 am

    The paradox is that if the Chinese are not getting richer than the poor are only getting poorer.

    So please wish that the Chinese are getting richer and richer, they can do that without the help of the govt. They have a competitive advantage of 5000 years of culture where as the Melayu dated back only a few hundred and have to import Arab culture now.

    Even the Dayaks has history as warriors dated back a 1000 years and they are good friends of the Chinese. The Dayaks will be better off without BN which is dominated by UMNO and we in Sibu can fell that UMNO is Perkasa in sheep skin and only Ibrahim Ali speak the truth of UMNO. Without BN the Dayaks will be richer than the Melayu without doubts, we have Oil and we can have 100% but why do we have to give UMNO 95%? So every Dayaks are waiting for the day to kick out UMNO and Taib.

  20. Anonymous8:15 am

    Rewards? What rewards? that rewards belongs to all Rakyat Malaysia. Damned it!! We in Labuan need the Bridge badly to connect mainland Sabah!! presently the ferry services is Controlled by greedy BN leader from Sabah..Should by-election happen in Labuan FT, my vote go to opposition 110%..

  21. Anonymous8:17 am

    Big dog? Dogs are haram in Islam isn't it?
    So all Muslim must unite to kick out that extra fat dog out of politics, UMNO so not believe him whom is a haram dog. Who knows he is drinking every night and that is why you see his extra big and fat belly. The last count was 64".

  22. Anonymous8:17 am

    So does that mean Malay majority areas should be redrawn? What about Sarawak - very few Malays there... How would you redraw that?

  23. Anonymous8:26 am

    No bonus for B-end workers like you . Now shout you mouth and get to work . Jangan asik makan gaji buta .

  24. Looks like PM is very fond to be pissed off over and over. He seems does not mind it at all? But what about those who have been supporting him all these whiles?

  25. i wld say many people don't like the idea of receiving govt's help or notice only when they are desperate to win an election.

    this applies to many people who are being counter offered by their employers only when they resign.

    btw, its a victory for malaysians, not for chinese (even tho i'm a chinese)

  26. Anonymous8:52 am

    Sibu has been under BN rule for so long till yesterday. Why complain now no one cares abt the rural people now? Till today, people still think in terms of race. Open your eye, and look around, malaysia has been lagging behind interms of development, thanks mainly to those narrow minded people. For the thomas cup, the local chinese will never feel proud of China wining the cup. Those local players had tried their best to play, and still we have people giving such comments.

  27. Anonymous8:55 am

    Also, do not consider the non-malay sombong. In a democratic country, people are free to vote. Please do not bribe and give instant noodle during election. What the people in general want are good governance. Don't blame people sombong after you fail to bribe people.

  28. Anonymous8:55 am

    Oh Come on... It is a democratic country, it is the people choice as to who they want to choose... Cant BN see that?
    And the bloody $$ that they throw are the "rakyats" $$..

  29. Anonymous9:01 am

    Wow chinese won Thomas Cup and Sibu in style.We should learn from them.UNITY.

  30. Anonymous9:10 am

    kita kena waras dalam menilai pola pengundi Cina. Pemberian peruntukan serta-merta sudah tidak menambat hati mereka apalagi bila ianya bersyarat. Peruntukan kewangan tersebut adalah Dari perbendaharaan negara. Masih ramai pengundi Cina yang sokong BN kalau tidak takkan majoriti DAP hanya 398.
    Kita kena lihat pada isu yang dimainkan. Isu penggunaan kalimah Allah sebenarnya merupakan penentu. Pengundi Cina beragama Kristian yang menyokong DAP Kali ini. Isu ini Akan terus menghantui BN di PRU13 nanti. Semanjak PRU12 lagi, pihak gereja dengan aktif telah mengadakan khutbah menggesa penganut Kristian diseluruh negara agar jangan mengundi BN. Mereka sibuk menyebarkan dakwah keburukan BN melalui saluran keagamaan. DAP sedang menggunakan saluran ultra sensitif yang pasti akan mengakibatkan musibah yang dahsyat nanti.
    Lihat pada statistik pengundi Cina yang beragama Kristian di Sibu Dan kita Akan memahami pola pengundian mereka.
    Jadi janganlah secara mutlak membidas pengundi Cina secara keseluruhannya. Kepada Kami yang beragama Buddha, golongan ini sebenarnya tidak disukai. Tunjang politik PR telah ditambah bukan hanya dengan soal kaum tapi juga agama. Rasis kaum memang wujud sejak dahulu tetapi rasis agama menular sejak PRU12. PAS memang ketua rasis agama sejak dahulu. DAP campurkan rasis kaum Dan agama. Manakala PKR adalah parti rojak tanpa apa-apa rasa.

    Kaum FooChow adalah golongan yang banyak beragama Kristian seperti NgaNgeh Dan pengundi di Sibu. Mereka juga mempertahankan kewujudan Klan mereka seperti orang Kelantan. Perlu wujudnya satu mekanisme mengawal kewangan gereja kerana penanut Kristian diwajibkan menderma 10% pendapatan untuk tujuan keagamaan tetapi memandangkan mereka kini secara aktif terlibat dalam kegiatan politik.

    Penganut Buddha

  31. Arthur9:13 am

    Dato Rocky,
    I am a loyal BN party worker in Sabah and have been noting that even here many on the fence non-Malays are beginning to lean opposition.

    When asked why, my friend showed me a blog called HousePK ( This blog is very racist and is asking for Chinese to leave Malaysia. Furthermore, from my own contacts I found out the blog owner has received a lot of money from the BN/UMNO machinery.

    I tried to tell this blogger to respect the PM's call for 1Malaysia but he will not listen. In fact he went on to upbraid the non-Malays instead.

    This person is costing BN votes. We all have our peculiarities in our supporters but as long as these blogs continue to exist, they do a very good job in creating support for the Opposition.

    I also heard there are rumours the blog owner will be bestowed a title. I hope this is not true.

  32. Anonymous9:21 am

    Nobody forced BN to give $$$. Even if they give $$$ for development of the area, isnt it this the civic duty of the govt to provide to the people? This $$$ is not like going into pocket of 1 individual.

    So whats the big deal here? Sibu people has woke up and I for one damn bangga with Sibu voters

    Mr Truth

  33. Anonymous9:21 am

    najib tak serik. he has poor advisors. history will repeat itself if you DON'T learn from it.

    chinese no longer wants BN or UMNO or current Government. which part of this that najib dont understand?

    accept it swallows it. FACT of life.

    i hope najib regrets giving 3 million to chinese school before, and the 18 million to sibu chinese schools recently, AND, gave lesen judi exclusive to vincent tan. it NEVER bloody helps. ambik sure ambik punya.

    this sibu is a clear sign whats coming in the next general election from the chinese communities, educated or not educated.

    only dap & pakatan can carry & win their points against "islam" and "malay" issue, deeply rooted in their hearts of malaysian chinese, its once in a life time, and they will make sure it happens this time.

    this coming PRU is nothing less than a "Historical, Fundamental, Racial & Religion" battle to them.

    unlike ,Malay swinging votes out of sentiments and emotions, and "spur of the moment" decisions; the chinese are the opposite.the malaysian chinese lots are systematic, organized and DETERMINED lot. this is a serious collateral & group decisions.

    what happened in sibu, is EXACTLY what will happen in coming pru 13 , from the chinese communities.

    i bet chinese advisors and business people surrounding najib, due to their cari makan strategy & personal interests, will advise najib otherwise. the opposite in fact, to protect their rice bowl.

    najib, if you don't wake up, you wil be the PM that menjadi penutup untuk BN. The last one. it is extremely unwise to rely on chinese votes for the coming PRU13.

    MCA? what MCA? whoever leads MCA, they don't exist anymore as far as chinese voting relevance is concerned....

  34. Anonymous9:28 am

    Umnoputras resorting to their blame game of the Chinese again.

  35. At Least Sibu voter know that B-end gifts is actually not from B-end and it's from tax payers .

  36. Anonymous9:35 am

    It is time Najib buy back the malay votes from PAS and PKR malay.

    Don't waste time and money on the chinese votes. He looks really stupid every time he open up his gap dishing millions to the chinese. Macam orang tak ada maruah dan kerasukan retorik shiok sendiri...hope rocky convey this to Najib's messenger boy.Jangan kasi orang UMNO malu wei!

  37. Dah dijangka DAP akan menang di Sibu. Lepas ni BN Swak tak boleh duduk diam & ingat org2 Swak akan terus mengundi BN. Org2 Bumiputera ramai yg terpinggir walaupun di bwh pemerintahan BN.

  38. The minority has dignity.
    They refused to be bought and bribed.
    If it's government welfare for one and all, then Y do it at the by-election, shouldn't it be an ongoing affair based on effective systmatic delivery to the poor and needy irrespective of race and religion.
    Gosh, this is not a new government, it's been in office for 53 years.

  39. What MCA & BN should do is, improve themselves. What had happened to MCA recently really affected Sibu's voters.

  40. I am Malaysian Chinese, that is Malaysian first and Chinese by second and we have been shouting ourself hoarse that we want to approach national problems in a non-racial way. Looks like there are lots of deaf people around.

  41. Anonymous9:48 am

    it is dap that people like.pkr is arrogant.look at khalid and deliver rubbish to selangor.

    no way pkr,yes dap.

  42. Anonymous9:58 am

    Rocky and big dog, if you have been given crumbs for upteen years, and come election you are promised a feast, would you and big dog feel proud and grateful? Big Dog=Anjing besar?

  43. Its immature to view the results from a racial perspective. Jasin implies that voters SHOULD be bought with $$$...what utter dog-crap.

    n to assume the DAP Chinese YB would do nothing for the rest is another LGE.

  44. Tahniah DAP. Ya lah they say people in Sibu are those with brain. They dont like instant noodle materials. (the reader 3.07 am). Other people like BN no brain, keep promising instant noodles. That is what they say. So BN you have to learn and understand this. Put some brains into your head lah. Good luck.

  45. Anonymous10:08 am

    Also Mr. Big Anjing and Mr.Rocky, Whya don't you and Mr. Anjing write and article focusing on the "ungrateful" Malays of Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and also Penang for voting opposition? Why always wanting to make Chinese and non Malays as punching bag? Government resources belong to all Malaysians, the government has a duty to help all.
    Why can't you and Big Anjing admit voters of today are more enlightened and can make their own choice, regardless of whether they are Malays, Indians, Chinese, Kadazans,Muruts etc?

  46. Anonymous10:12 am

    Terus agenda Melayu Bangkit yang dirangcangkan.Tidak akan berubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu melainkan mereka sendiri yang merubahnya.


  47. If Najib and his merry advisors had really numerically analysed the Hulu Selangor and Bagan by-election Najib should not have even bothered to come to Sibu bearing gifts.

    The result from the 2008 General election showed waning political support for the BN by the Chinese.The Sibu byelection in 2010 only confirmed that the Chinese are united in their increasing support of the DAP. If Najib and his advisors thinks that showering gifts and promises of development to the Chinese for their political support then they are seriously deluding themselves. The BN must find other ways to win back Chinese lost support the old way do not work. Of course the MCA/Gerakan broken CD way of blaming UMNO and asking for more benefits for the Chinese would not work either.

    It also goes to show that if Najib wants BN to win big in the next GE then he will have to give help to Malaysians who would genuinely appreciate his help the majority Malays and Bumis, the Dayaks, Ibans,the Kadazans and the Indian community. Najib must not give the impression that he is giving much attention just to people who claimed that as a group they pay more taxes than anybody else, but to groups who does not earn as much but are more than willing to sacrifice their energy and time and sometimes even their lives for the security and safety of this country good enough for it to continue being a peaceful place to work and live.

    The Sibu campaign was devisiveness at its worse, its all about winning at any cost even dividing the normally harmonious society in Sibu, the repercussion will reverberate in Sibu a long time after this by-election is over,D AP campaigning in Sibu was devisive and played up the fears of the mainly Chinese Christians in Sibu by playing up the issue of "ALLAH" and the burning of the Indonesian Language Bible which did not even happen. I hope that in the interest of national harmony recordings of the DAP ceramahs are investigated to find elements of seditions and charge the perpetrator. Freedom of speech in a parliamentary democracy in a multiracial and multi religious Malaysia must have its limits and the Police must do their job without fear or favor not just giving warnings which nobody bothers to heed.

    DAP win in Sibu was hard fought, and the BN marginal lost showed a deeply divided Sibu. One thing for sure with the added MP seat, Anwar Ibrahim's tenure as Opposition Leader is no longer tenable and does not seemed legitimate. In the interest of parliamentary democracy the head of the biggest opposition party should lead and Anwar should step down voluntarily and pass the baton to Lim Kit Siang who is now the rightful Opposition Leader.

  48. Anonymous10:18 am

    Yes we need more boundaries. The current Reservations are not 3enough.


  49. Congrats DAP

    You won a 300+ majority in a 65% chinese majority area. This is democracy. A win is still a win. Now I have to train and tell myself to be prepared for GE13. Its obvious what will happen.

    Either PR will win with a majority of chinese MP or BN with a majority of Malay MP. 2 years aint gonna change anything right now. We will have either a chinese dominated or malay dominated goverment.

    I don't blame the chinese for turning their back on BN. After all the wealth they have what's next to be desired. POWER.

  50. Anonymous10:42 am

    what a racist website....promoting hatred among the races....shame on u all....pls stop all this bullshits...what i noticed is that although the oppositions party had won quite a number of seats but in the end ppls who vote for them still seek helped from mca & bn representatives...what a shame...

  51. Neh, we were supporting Indonesia against China. But congratulation is due when someone win. Despite meluat at Lin Dan, didn't stop us from supporting Taufik in hope for a trashing on overplayed CHina team. Oh BTW, Rocky, what's the topic again? Please stop equating China and Chinese Malaysia. Talking that way u are no different from fanning this PENDATANG analogy!

  52. Anonymous10:45 am

    Wah Rocky.. a slingshot at two birds..shuttlecocks??


  53. Desert Rose10:47 am

    Malays live in the past so they want everything to be taken care of whether they're rich or poor. Indians stay at the present and they just take what they've been given because of their diminishing influence. Chinese look forward their future and by mean of a two-tier political front for check-and balance, there will be hope and future for this country. So I'll vote whoever in the opposition.

  54. Anonymous10:49 am

    najib pei lui ngoh tey, ho yee tai loong hei, kum so keh? mm mo kau kau chun


  55. Dear Sir,

    Salute to the winner - DAP.

    It is a good lesson for Big One and the deputy.

    They should pay more attention on Chinese comunity rather than Eban and Melanau.

    I thinka the deputy should resinged as ED of BN as famouse GENERALS usual did when they lost the war.

    I am stil wating PRK in Kota Tinggi. Hopefully it will happen
    SOON enought.

    We are tired of Tak Mau Bredayamaju in aur area sho gives us UNSTABLE power and no inprovement so long.

    Same case with water supply. Especilly during dry seassons.The supply us water in a lorry slightly bigger than a van to supply few hundred thousand of pupil in the area.

    Iunderstood some body said our existing MP said wait untill SAJ buy new lorry .... don't know when ?

    We will see to this ...

  56. Salam Tuan,

    Masih mahu Barisan Nasional dibuai mimpi?

    Hakikatnya masyarakat Cina lebih cenderung kepada DAP dan sekutunya di dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Bagi mereka menyokong Barisan Nasional bererti menyokong Melayu.

    Mengapa harus terkejut dengan keputusan Sibu seolah-olah ini hanya fenomena Semenanjung. PRU12 lalu Chong Chieng Jen (DAP) menang dengan majoriti 9,952 undi ke atas Sim Yaw Yen (BN) di P195 Bandar Kuching.

    Di P172 Kota Kinabalu pula Hiew King Cheu (DAP) meraih 9,464 undi bagi menewaskan Liew Chin Jin (PKR) dengan majoriti 106 undi. Calon BN Chin Tek Meng hanya mampu meraih 8,420 undi sahaja. Ini bererti dengan 341 undi bagi calon bebas Kong Yu Kiong, BN tercicir 10,743 undi di dalam kawasan majoriti Cina di Sabah.

    Masyarakat Cina tidak akan sama sekali menyokong calun Melayu atau proksinya melainkan calon itu menentang Melayu Barisan Nasional.

    Barisan Nasional perlu pendekatan baru jika masih percaya terhadap perjuangan mereka. Adakah pemimpin Barisan Nasional hari ini mahukan perubahan? Mampukah anak kepada pengasas parti tersebut melakukannya?


  57. SF Yong11:01 am

    When your ancestors are called prostitutes, beggars and always end up being the whipping boys whenever things go wrong, any wonder why they are not voting for the BN? When you have a DPM who said your race must come 1st, why be suprised if other races chose to follow by example? Rather than looking inwards to why they are losing the support of other races, here they play the 'blame' game as usual. Sigh...

  58. tebing tinggi11:05 am

    congratulation to Najib will be much more approriate for his brillient approached .

    The famous 1 Malaysia approach, giving out to one, neglacting the rest espacially the needy of the vast majority,not to forget the majority that placed him as president of UMNO that enabled him to be PM of Malaysia.

    This so call aproched If it's goes further could result racial disstablelity wich can result into racial confrantation that should be avoide at all cost.

    UMNO should think of new President.

    1sekolah >1bahasa 1Malaysia

  59. Anonymous11:09 am

    The Chinese have survived with no hand outs for so long. Do you think they will suffer more if Najib pulls the plug?

    On the flip-side, BN will become a more mono-ethnic organisation lurching to the right wing, allowing PAS and PKR to claim the middle ground and 50% of the Malay vote. With UMNO losing support from its coalition partners, it will then be truly screwed.

    Listen to the canine more. He will lead UMNO down the path to self-destruction. His political master's father is the very reason UMNO is facing this mess in the first place.

  60. Anonymous11:15 am


    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the majority in Peninsula Malaysia which AKJ and BD is referring to the minority in Sabah and Sarawak?

    So I guess, the majority did get the handouts after all.

  61. Anonymous11:18 am

    I am surprised how people tend to miss the point and talk nonsensical cocks.

    You lose an election, you blame the chinese for taking the goodies but didn't deliver? And due to that you want to re-delineate? Is this perkasa, kadir jasin, and the rest of the so called intelectual can think off? Not about why the the chinese in sibu who has always been supportive of the BN suddenly turn their backs against them?

    No? This is not relevant? Gung Ho on re-delineation and tit for tat ala Perkasa??

    My GOD...what have we become??


  62. Anonymous11:19 am

    HAHAHHA.. SOUR GRAPE. that's the reason why certain people never progress.

    Nothing to do with any race if you are sincerely the leader for all.
    You got nothing to worry about race if you are righteous.


  63. Rocky, the winning formula for UMNO/BN would be to look at development as a whole and not in color, race and religion. It has tried this but the feedback is very clear that it would not work. Najib and gang had seen 1st hand the deplorable condition of the situation in Sibu and its outskirts. It shocked them. If UMNO/BN used the remaining time to build the nation wholy, as opposed to skewing towards selected groups, I strongly believe UMNO/BN can avoid the slide. Else its doomsday for UMNO/BN. Perhaps, this is a good thing. It will provide them an opportunity to regroup, reengineer and relaunch as a new product that is in tune with the future.

  64. Anonymous11:20 am

    I really want to know how the paid-cybertroopers unspin this. With their limited IQ, and non-existence EQ, i don't think it will be an intellectually satisfactory anticipation.

  65. Bunnies11:25 am

    Yesterday was indeed a Pendatang Day!! Reign pendatangs reign! They won the Thomas Cup and Sibu By-election.

    I hope this send a resounding gong to PERKASA.. Dont challenge us, the Pendatangs. We are the movers and shakers!

    Nope, I am not a racist but I am just fedup with UMNO and their little sandiwara with PERKASA.. I am also fedup being treated like pariah; told to be grateful for crumbs and to shut up!!

    Yuop, I am a Pendatang and proud of it!

  66. Anonymous11:25 am

    dari dulu sampai skrg, pengundi melayunya yg paling senang dipancing... bh rokok sebtg, kain pelekat selai, kenyang la perut yb tu sepenggal...ibn rush

  67. Anonymous11:25 am

    "SPR must redraw the boundary for Sibu cos if 68% are Chinese and the YB is Chinese, no one cares a damn for the rest who are all living below the hardcore poverty line. "

    then how about those Malay majority constituencies? should we redraw because no one cares a damn for the rest?

    geez get a life, when YOU are majority you cried fault for not getting bigger slice of pie, and when you are "minority" you cried fauld that others are getting bigger pie?

    -- from a_minority

  68. Anonymous11:26 am

    This the right tonic for the Justice fighter. Cant imagine if Beend had won the buy election.

    Our budaya will be history with that win. Mahakutty budaya wil take over- rotten to the core.

    Thanks for the divine intervention when we need it the most.


  69. Agree, we redraw Sibu and other constituencies that do not reflect the actual racial composition of Malaysia.

    Just give the 3 milion Indonesian-muslim migarant workers MyKad and place them out evenly.

    Singapore can do it, they imported so many Chinese from China, Hongkong and Taiwan to make Singapore a truly Chinese republic.

    Don't see why Malaysian government cannot do the same. Plus we need these migrants for the economy.

  70. Your sms-ing friend forgot that Sibu has been under BN for past 28 years... perhaps it is the rakyat irrespective of race who have woken up and syabas should be given to them

  71. Anonymous11:36 am

    Rocky's bru said "Let me tell you that I was inspired by a tweet where the tweeter was congratulating Sibu (for voting in the DAP) and the Chinese (for wining the Thomas Cup)."

    All I can say is this is a piece of filthy insinuation coming from a SORE loser. Grow up will ya!

  72. Anonymous11:44 am

    Why blame a certain Race ???
    Dont command respect but earn respect.

    Be a figther (non-violence) and prove to them that you are BOLEH.

    Please throw away the clutches cos it has been there for too long. Stand on your own and fight like a man (again-NON VIOLENCE). Work for it and dont keep on asking.

    Good luck and work hard for a change.

    Peace lovin man.

  73. Anonymous11:48 am


    Whether you like it or not, the Sibu Election is reflective of what is to come for the Next General Elections.

    Najib's Prancing around waving the Bashkeesh is just not good enough. And Mukhriz's same old same old Mahathir taglines will only get the cold shoulder from the people! They don't want the same old same old man!

    Listen to Michael Jackson's MAN IN THE MIRROR repeatedly, for you MIGHT LEARN and I mean MIGHT learn something from the SIBU elections and not just blame the Chinese.

    Joe Black

  74. Anonymous12:08 pm







  75. Anonymous12:21 pm

    para pak menteri BN/UMNO buka mata besar2 pergi ke sabah dan sarawak pergi bantu masalah para penduduk disana jangan kalau ada pilihanraya baru turun tabur wang konon nak ambil hati rakyat ingat rakyat dah pandai sekarang ini bukan tahun 60-70an ini tahun 2010 kalau begini caranya rakyat dah muak dengan lakonan kamu BN/UMNO

  76. Anonymous12:24 pm

    We can't support those who STEAL in broad daylight.


  77. Anonymous12:24 pm

    UMNO cyber trooper Eddy, before you start suggesting authorities investigate DAP for possible sedition in raising Allah and Al-Kitab issues in Sibu by-election campaign,

    WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY ON PERKASA AND IBRAHIM ALI'S HIGHLY SEDITIOUS COMMENTS AGAINST CHINESE IN HULU SELANGOR? Shouldn't authorities investigate and charge the king of kataks with sedition first? Or are you practising double standards?

  78. Anonymous12:26 pm

    jangan berbuih2 pasal bangsa melayu ke, cina ke... india ke...

    tengok video ini.

    inikah pemimpin yang berkaliber?? is this the kind of leader malaysia deserves?

    rocky, is it really worth it??


  79. disappointed in your seditious commentary.

  80. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Thank You, Ibrahim Katak. Thank you, Razali Idris. Thank you, Mamakthir.

    And of course, a big Thank You to Latuk Locky.

    Keep up the good work, boys.


  81. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Only when the government stops spending tax payers' money (NOT BN'S MONEY) for by-election promises, the people will believe in the BN government. The FELDA settlers in Hulu Selangor waited 15 years for money that was rightfully theirs. But when the PM announced that they are getting millions, he made it sound like he is giving them a gift. Do you like waiting 15 years for something that belongs to you? Stop treating people like simpletons. If all MPs from the PM and down believe they are Wakil Rakyat and not tuan rakyat, then they will start winning.

    Like in Sibu, you know all the problems such as floods for the past 28 years. So why are you promising to do something about it only now? Because you want to win? And if you won, what will happen after that? Another 28 years before something is done?

    Wake up BN. Change your campaign strategy. Stop talking about alcohol and kampua mee. The mee was the most ridiculous thing we heard. Even in PAS-led Kelantan. pork is sold. So, what's the problem with kampua mee? As I said earlier, don't treat the people like fools.

    And Fairy tale dude, we actually love to see Malaysia beat China in badminton. And win major tournaments.


  82. Dato K12:46 pm

    Dato Rocky,
    If BN's web presence is anything to go by, there is an overemphasis on "spin" and "demonizing".

    Most of the BN paid bloggers are doing a disservice. They frequently use their platform to launch personal attacks against certain leaders or to expound on racist ideologies that hurt the feelings of others.

    I would disagree with commentators that you are exhibiting racist editorials. Your posting is skewed more to posing questions on the blatant hypocrisy of Opposition sympathisers but rarely do you offer any solution to perceived Government inadequacies. The few times you do take up this cudgel, it is seen as achieving a personal vendetta against certain GLC heads.

    Only bloggers like Sakmongkol and Aspan Alias actually bother to do some critical analysis but they are totally ignored. These guys are out on the front lines taking hits after hits, but their editorials are extremely balanced and can win over a lot of on the fence readers.

    I note there is some fascination with this blogger called Parpukari. I have visited his blog several times but find it repugnant and repulsive and not in keeping with the spirit of the Barisan Nasional.

    I would hope that those who are given the task to articulate BN's web strategy take note. Time is running short, and Sibu's result should not be taken in isolation.

  83. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Malas nak baca smua komenlah, so I summaries lah. Memang DAP menang dan BN kalah, tapi sekurang kurangnya, bila BN kalah, dia x salahkan SPRlah, Polislah, rasuahlah dan pelbagai lagi blah blah blah.
    Bukan mcm PKR, kalu kalah, mesti x betul. Langsung x ade klas @ gamenship.

    Its me Boss.

  84. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Wenger Khairy, hang pi makan babilah.

  85. Anonymous12:51 pm

    semenjak dia bagi lesen judi eksklusif, meluaskan serta memudahkan judi, yang bakal merosak kan kemanusiaan tak kira bangsa agama; nampak jelas, dah hilang keberkatan.

    looks like going downhill from now onwards. macam nak ok before that.

    tak dapat petunjuk lah.

    what to do. when your time is up, your time is up.

    -status quo-

  86. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Lets face reality. The Chinese may have valid reasons why the majority voted against BN. And they will continue to do so in the next general election. What does this means? First, it will signal the demise of Gerakan and MCA and other Chinese based party in the BN. Secondly, BN should discontinue pledging millions to a particular ethnic group during the bye-elections as this is against the spirit of 1Malaysia. Instead it should focus on development for all irrespective of race. The poor should be assisted more than the rich. Period.

  87. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Do you think DS Najib is stupid.....??even after this if there is another one small election he will offer the same thing to chinese...why?

    Because he want to study the trend of the chinese before GE 13..., if the things still happen(chinese votes go to opposition) then he will all out gives everything to people who vote BN ( Malay & Indian)...

    so end of the day....bye bye chinese.....!!.you think you're smart? Malays also smarts but we are low profile smart ass and we do our job silently..


  88. by-elections is not like gambling,

    even though peoples do gets their

    fingers (and deposit) burn.

    There are things that money cannot buys.

    It is about time to learn the expensive lessons, hopefully.

    p.s what is the price for `qalbin

    saleem ` and `nafs ul mutma`innah`


  89. Anonymous1:12 pm

    dato', adakah artikel anda ikhlas dari segi mengucapkan tahniah kepada rakyat Sibu, atau menyindir kaum cina malaysia? saya amat menghormati dato' Kadir kerana beliau pendapat seimbang dalam hampir kesemua artikel beliau, dari segi perkauman ataupun dari segi pentadbiran. saya lihat dato' semakin terjerumus dalam membahaskan isu isu perkauman yang agak berat sebelah. sebagai rakyat dinegara berbilang kaum. adakah benih benih perkauman perlu disemai disetiap pembaca? tepuk dada, tanya selera.

    bangsa malaysia

  90. The Chinese decide b'cos of this:

  91. Congratulations DA'Pigs!!!

    The Pigs only win where the pig is on the palate.

  92. Najib harus memberi perhatian yg serious dgn yg berikut:
    1. BN tidak lagi diterima oleh kaum Cina. Mereka telah nampak bhw MCA dan Gerakan tidak mampu utk memenuhi cita2 kaum Cina iaitu utk memerintah Malaysia spt Singapura. Kaum Cina tidak berpuas hati dgn hanya memegang 70% ekonomi Malaysia. Mereka kalau boleh mahu bolot semua.
    2. Kaum Cina sedar bhw DAP yg berkiblatkan Singapore akan menjadikan negara Malaysia sebuah republik utk mereka berkuasa politik seterusnya. Jika ini berlaku, tak usah haraplah orang Melayu boleh bangkit semula. Pembangkang Melayu akan disenyapkan dgn tindakan memufliskan mereka spt yg berlaku di Singapore.
    3. Inilah masa yg sangat sesuai utk Cina merebut Puterajaya melalui PKR dan PAS. Sebab kaum Melayu berpecah kpd UMNO dan PAS. PAS pula hanya mahu dapat peluang memerintah sahaja. PAS tak kira kalau kuasa politik yg sebenarnya akan berada di tangan DAP. Tengok sahaja di Selangor dan di Penang, bagaimana PAS bagaikan patung bisu yg tidak langsung membela kaum Melayu.
    4. Perhatikan bagaimana Anwar dari PKR digunakan oleh DAP utk menekan Nik Aziz dari kumpulan Erdogan PAS supaya jangan sekali2 berkerjasama dgn UMNO spt yg diura2kan oleh Hadi dan Nasha. DAP tahu jika UMNO dan PAS boleh berkerjasama, orang Melayu akan jadi sangat kuat dan berupaya menghalang cita2 jahat kaum Cina. Melayu boleh meminda perlembagaan dan melenyapkan terus kuasa ekonomi dan politik kaum Cina dgn cara yg dilakukan oleh Kerajaan PAP Singapore. Niat jahat mesti dihalang dgn tegas dan berani.
    5. Ini sekarang kaum Melayu sedang melihat bagaimana Najib sedang sangat berlembut dgn orang Cina dan membiarkan diri dipulas tangan (arm twisting) oleh MCA dan Gerakan. Kononnya nak ambil hati kaum Cina. Tak perlu lagi sebab kaum Cina sudah tak ada hati lagi dgn BN!
    6. Utk kembalikan kuasa politik kpd orang Melayu di PRU13 nanti, UMNO haruslah meletakkan calon Melayu tempatan di kawasan majoriti Melayu. Calon Cina atau India hanya boleh diletakkan di kawasan majoriti Cina sahaja. Jangan beri muka kpd kaum Cina ini. Ada mereka beri muka kpd kaum Melayu?
    7. Utk survival orang Melayu, PAS dan UMNO mesti berkerjasama. Tolak ke tepi segala perbezaan. Tengok bagaimana kaum Cina dari MCA, Gerakan dan DAP pun boleh bersatu utk agenda jahat mereka. Kenapa kita orang Melayu tak boleh?
    8. Tengok bagaimana PR telah mainkan isu agama dan perkauman di PRK Sibu dan Najib tidak ambil sebarang tindakan yg tegas dan berkesan. Kalau zaman Tun Mahadir sudah lama petualang2 negara ini telah diISAkan. Fikirkanlah utk keselamatan rakyat. Jangan asyik berselogan shj yg rakyat akan didahulukan! Sebenarnya kaum Melayu nampak slogannya harus ditukar kpd "Cina didahulukan!"
    9. Orang Melayu dan Raja2 Melayu mestilah bangun dari tidur sebelum terlambat. Jangan tunggu sehingga nasi menjadi bubur! Menyesal dahulu kedapatan menyesal kemudian tak berguna!
    Allah hu Akbar.

  93. dignity1:46 pm

    rupa-rupanya ada manusia yang begitu rendah maruah diri, hanya race saja dalam fikiran mereka, bukan human race, tetapi mereka mahu pecah belahkan manusia sejagat, dan itu bukan perkauman/rasis? adakah itu halal di sisi islam?

    rocky, I hope you can have coverage from some better blogs with better thoughts, not the low morale ones. (I know they are your friends.)

    dah cukuplah pemerintahan negara di bawah manusia-manusia yang tidak bermaruah dan moral ini, negara akan berpecah-belah dan hancur sekiranya ia diteruskan.

    untuk orang cina dan orang india, baliklah ke negara yang kau idamankan selama ini, malaysia hanya untuk orang malaysia. kesian negara ini, tak ada yang betul-betul yang mahu menjadi orang malaysia.

  94. BN Must now re-strategize der roles towards the Chinese, who despite enjoying all the wealth and economy, will act as renegades and keep pissing the govt.

    Its time for a radical paradigmatic shift towards the Chinese and put them in a position where it pinches most for them, MONEY!!!

    When you dont support the government, then be entirely dependent on your elected DAP for your well being, and not to expect a bit from the govt.

    And let it not be blanketed to Chinese, let all the help and encouragement be given to rural Chinese that are still traditionally BN supporting.

    Everything shud be conditional..
    You vote, u get.. you dont, forget it. Fend for urself.

    Also now to focus primarily on the wishes and needs of the Malays.
    Must ensure now Malays who have been with the govt, get most, Opportunity, Self Sufficiency, Education, strengthened roles of the King and Islam in the country (this shud scrape of PAS support too).

    Also some self cleansing, of Corruption, remove some tainted figures, bring in clean, young, bright individuals to lead.

  95. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Sibu had been under BN for umpteen years. What had it done for the poor in the area? Can you imagine there is no electricity in all the long houses? SUPP had taken the people for granted. Doesn't it deserve to loose?

  96. Anonymous1:58 pm


    In the racist diatribe and analysis of the Sibu loss, people seem to have forgotten that BN has been in power since 57 at both State & Federal levels.
    The conditions of the poor in Sarawak is horrendous. Whilst people in KL drive brand new BMW's X5, X6, etc and Porshe Cayenne's, the roads in Sabah & Sarawak are garbage.
    White Hair and his bomoh's have stripped Sarawak. It is almost like strip mining.

    We in BN need to wake up and say STOP perkosaing the RAKYAT. Sooner or later they will find out that their rapist is not a commie but...

    That brainless moron, Ibrahim Ali opens his mouth and says lets teach Chinese a lesson. Clearly he didnt see that the Melanau's and especially the Dayak's did not come out in their normal numbers. The Dayaks thanked Najib for the monetary gifts by not voting for DAP. If not, the majority that DAP got would have been higher.

  97. YBhg Dato'

    Sekurang-kurangnya PRK Sibu dan Hulu Selangor beri signal kat Najib that he cannot change the noodle's brain'.

    Khabarnya undi BN adalah dari orang-orang kampong dan pendalaman, manakala Cina bandar tak ambil kisah kerana mereka telah ada semuanya, air, api, dewan. Goodies dari BN hanyalah berbentuk saguhati sahajabagi mereka

    Harap Najib buka mata sikit kerana selama ini meletakkan kepentingan yang salah atas idea 1Malaysia nya.

    Ahli-ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu semakin di pinggirkan. Takut nanti ahli sendiri yang akan berhenti undi dia.

    Apa dah jadi dengan pindaan perlembagaan UMNO tentang pemilihan perwakilan tempohari?

  98. Anonymous2:06 pm

    The reality, that Chinese DAP will never be tolerated at Putrajaya, must be spelt out very clearly and let them know it.

    If ever DAP makes to PutraJaya (pipe dream) thru unholy PAS alliance and chameleon Anwar. > Quite possibly, The Country will be in a Lock-down like Thailand. Civil Service Strike, Army, Police, other institutions, Royalty all to an indefinite strike until DAP is out of the winning govt alliance.

    Lets drive this in every one, from all institutions, and let this be known to DAP that they are unacceptable to every rule this country in any form of partnership.

    With this Chinese voters, voting DAP will get a clear message.
    "You want to live on happily and make money, be merry? or You want to show your muscle and interfere with the workings of the country, which will not be acceptable and will cause a country in a lockdown, hurting economy. although such a strike of all institutions will hurt the who nation, it will pinch the chinese the most"

    BUt it will clearly make their vote conditional.. Earn Money and be happy OR a Helluva Political quagmire of a country that wont help you earn money.

  99. Anonymous2:06 pm

    1. BN should not depend on Chinese votes...

    no election those fuck-face asked the chinese balik tongsan

    2. if 68% are Chinese and the YB is Chinese, no one cares a damn for the rest...

    and like hell the cm is a deadwood ke?

    3. Big Dog's PM Najib wajar henti beri habuan kepada minoriti yang sombong...

    habuan? looks more like the fat boy keep insulting the chinese by waving money at their noses, go eat sh*t la!

    4. A. Kadir Jasin's "Mengubahsuai pantun lama; sorong papan tarik papan, buah keranji dalam perahu, beri makan mereka makan, minta mengundi mereka tak mahu."...

    mind you, thought the chinese are the one who keep feeding parasitic morons like him!

  100. Anonymous2:19 pm

    We Need more Muslim-Migrants in this country!!! Open up for them please.
    Bring in from Phillipines, Indonesia..
    A lotta rich and educated and skilled Pakistanis are now migrating out of Pakistan for their country is in a horrible political lockdown.

    Welcome these people in.

    There are Muslims from India,
    many educated, skilled professionals wanting to come. Welcome them!

    Welcome those from Iraq,
    Sudan, Maldives..

    We already have a huge numbers of their students studying here, of rich and established families of der country. Many are engineers, doctors, scientists and other professionals.

    These are the middle class of other Muslim countries who wanna migrate out. Welcome them in, give citizenships, make use of their skills and ocntributions to the country.

    Follow the example of Singapore..
    look how they imported their kind,
    Today its a strong Chinese republic despite the Malay birth rate has always been high. The Indians have been kept under check.. so there is alwz chinese dominance and of those who wud alwz favour LKY govt.

    And get a good mix of migrants in, of different races etc, not just indonesians.. We need a good middle class mix, in a way to check and ensure there is no problem from just one huge migrant population that may bring some unforseen problem..

  101. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Like all christians, those in sibu are also servants to their God.

    The joker think by giving crumbs & bits, he could turn them into AMNO servants ke?

    And still got the cheek to call himself a pm material...


  102. Anonymous2:38 pm

    hello locky,

    what la, why u, anjing gila, kedut masin always hentam the chinese here.

    you should see how your abang-adik behave when they are in mainland china... one look at the ah moi there, will turn into a pack of wild hyenas in heat!

    plez la,

    if loose, also must loose with dignity...

    learn & live to fight another battle la!

    all these things, those in barisan najis also want the pakatan riot to teach them ke?

    mana ada class to lead?

  103. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Hi Bro,

    As a journalist, u should b neutral & b seen 2b neutral...


  104. LOL at the title...good one!

  105. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Once again it proves that the chinese is the main cause of all evil and all things wrong in malaysia and the world,isnt it Rocky,as you love to pen.The world is waiting for Panglima IbrahimPerkasa to finish drafting his hellcursing statement on the chinese in Sibu.Chinese shouldnt have been made in the first case,isnt it?Keep up the obscenities gentlemen.You are making the nation proud.


  106. Anonymous2:52 pm

    "Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali claimed Chinese voters in Sibu did not appreciate the promises and financial aid pledges made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak during the eight-day campaign."

    "In view of the trend, Perkasa wanted BN to review financial aid and development projects for the Chinese community"

    We love this guy, our Iron Man, our Ip Man... our man damn pawerfool la!

    If he keep up his rhetoric, come next GE, garenti BN sure have kurang-kurang pun 3/4 mp...

    Long live Ibrahim!

    Long live Umno!

    Long live BN!

  107. Awat hidung tak mancung tapi pipi tersorong2.
    Kalau kaum Cina tak nak support, so what?
    Nak merayu dan menurut kehendak mereka?
    lepaskan kerusi keramat tu, banyak lagi orang lain yang boleh jadi PM!

  108. Rocky,

    I gotta hand it to u ur bunch of buy-elected cybertroopers; if there's a KPI on consistently writing dumb, narrow-minded, racist crap, u guys would get top marks.

    Stop portraying Chinese as turncoats just because they refuse to be bought by BN's money politics. It the Sibu ppl as a whole who got fed up with BN. Where was BN these 53yrs when all complaints & problems fell on deaf ears?

    DAP may have won on just a 300+ majority, but before the postal votes (another old BN trick)came in, DAP was leading by 4000 votes! So BN, wake up & stop playing dirty tricks! Do what an elected govt is supposed to do- SERVE THE RAKYAT! IT'S OUR MONEY YOU'RE PLAYING WITH!

  109. Anonymous3:28 pm

    La,,,ni tengah xda $$$$$

    BILA lah Adun/Wakil Rakyat aku nak mati,,????

    Bole juga rasa MEE SEGRA or MEE REBUS or MEE JAWA,,nasib nasib dapat jumpa PM,,TPM and all the MINISTER,,, entah SIAPA WAKIL RAKYAT kawasan aku,,aku sendiri X tau,,!!!!!

    Nak main BURSA MALAYSIA,,da MENJUNAM dah,,!!!!!

    Nak beli EMAS da melambong tinggi,,!!

    Harap-harap PM the SANTA CLAUSE bole tolong sikit,,!!!!!


    P/S - BODO lama xabis BODO baru timbul

  110. Yeah much for this DAP win as vote for all races and for more equitable policies.Bullshit!!
    Then tell me why did DAP has to use the ALLAH issue in their campaign.
    That clearly is smack proof that our polticis is still about race and religion.
    Lets bring on PR 13 and we will see if PAS & PKR can draw the 50% Malay support.No way they can do that!!
    Then lets see the consquences of a clearly divided society.
    Over the years can it be better and more stable than the last 50 years.
    You and I will never know ,so who cares.If that is what the new and future generation wants. Let It Be.

    Apa nak jadi..jadi lah...
    Melayu PAS & PKR kalau nak sangat 'kuasa' yang tak seberapa teruskan sahaja.. biar anak cucu kau sahaja nanti yang tanggung.
    Melayu GOBLOK!!

  111. Anonymous3:31 pm

    this is wht u get for calling our grandma prostitutes and beggars.

    perkasa - you can only rape us for that long. ok we 'll keep your juice in your anus for so many years - now it;s time to let out.


  112. Anonymous3:32 pm

    gosh, you a racist f_ the election has nothing to do with races but dignity and what we malaysians believe it. it is people like you that made malaysia unlivable. yeah, pendatang you called us and when we leave malaysia for the better and you called us traitor!! so where do we stand? please do not get "erection" anytime soon, you sound much like a bitch whining around then doing "post-erection" journalism ;)

  113. "Congrats Dr. Mahathir. Congrats SPR. Congrats vote buying."

    I think Wenger KJ was spot on!!

    The "Allah" and "bible burning" issues are red herrings and poor excuses from an underperforming UMNO/BN who successfully managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!

    The majority of people are more concerned with fundamental issues like putting good nutritous food on the table daily for their famiies, their savings, childrens' education, health and employment prospects and the integrity of their MP's and Aduns.

    Najib's 1 bullet fits all strategy of blatant vote buying back-fired big time as did the EC (as in HS) again changing voting stations without adequate notice.

    Yes, Dr.M's and Perkosong's fanning the racial flames and sabotaging Najib's NEM also had a significant adverse effect on UMNO/BN debacle in Sibu!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  114. "Let me tell you that I was inspired by a tweet where the tweeter was congratulating Sibu (for voting in the DAP) and the Chinese (for wining the Thomas Cup)." - this is the fact of the matter.

    >If the leadership/BN fail to recognise this factor and change strategies/approach from TODAY, the 13th GE could be disastrous.
    Break the $-monopoly of the tycoons/taukays as they are actively into politics to topple the ruling government.
    Its a double game that these guys are playing.
    Sibu is a glaring example of this double-game.

  115. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Najib is testing and observing. He just want to check supaya his PAGAR tak pandai makan padi... itu saja!

    Itu pasai voters turnout was low... hehehehe

    Hulu Selangor, dah cornpermed.
    Sibu pun dah cornpermed.



  116. Anonymous4:20 pm

    We really have to thanks Ibrahim Ali, every time his pig face open that stinky bad breath mouth BN lost some vote, the more he open the more votes BN lost.

    Good that he is in UMNO camp and now with Wee CK joining becoming BN friendly that would do double damage each time they open their mouth.

  117. lolwat4:27 pm

    Your 'old friend' forgot:

    - don't give services (eg: tarred roads, school funds, policy changes) just when a by-election happens

    - don't talk about 1Malaysia yet organize racist Nazi rallies on the other side

    - don't give away oil to other countries just like that

    - don't try to fool the natives on the NCR land issue

    Yep, so Sarawak has been led by a Bumi longer than Madhathir, but indegenous natives still suffer. Take a look at what BN has failed to do for poor natives instead of talking about gerrymandering electoral districts.

    Hope your old friend has a nice flight back to Semenanjung, if he's not from Borneo.


    - don't come over from across the sea and act bigshot like some 'Abang Besar'

  118. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Halo latuk..

    itu malyu ha area kampung, hulu2 boleh ambik. kita tk mau. kita mau itu bukit bintang, chow kit, bangsar, penang, ipoh dan pekan2 besar. najib mnyak syok baik hati bagi duit he3.

    najib syeh2

  119. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    The way for UMNO to win elections would be for Warrior 231 to train the likes of Najib and Muhyiddin to give speeches about the Ketuanan and the Pendatangs. You can even retake Kelantan this way.

    Kakakakakakakaka, genetically defective brains....


  120. Anonymous4:40 pm

    I am Chinese first Malaysia second ma.......

  121. Thanks Rocky for highlighting this. Please help to ensure that the damn boundary at Kepala Batas parliamentary too, as it's a 75% Malay dominated area and no one gives a damn for the rest?

    The same theory goes. :)

  122. That is one biased post. Shame on you, call yourself a journalist. Arent you supposed to be neutral,since when you became so pro BN blogger?
    Media in malaysia is hopeless, i.e. malaysiainsider is so pro-opposition where as the mainstream media progovernment. Sigh,no wonder malaysia is still malaysia, third world country,thanks to you people. embarassing!

    Now brother rocky, i agreed they should be "donating" the $$ to the indigenous people of sarawak, those who need it, not based on skin colour. So why did the corrupted BN give money to the chinese schools/ communities? Do you think the business men there need your money? Do you think the churches there cant sustain themselves? They have been supporting themselves since decades ago with no government support. So BN has bribed the wrong crowd, haha, good on them. Lets see how much money can you waste and how many people can you bribe. Next GE we'll kick you out of putrajaya.

  123. Anonymous5:17 pm already got datukship. can you please be less racist? tq.

    tan sri

  124. malay muslim5:26 pm

    congrats zakwan..

    hope you'll be happy with yourself when the day comes you have to beg for your children's scholarship from the chinese..

    zakwan.. benci ke. dendam ke.. apa ke.. jangan sampai jual agama, bangsa and tanah MELAYU

  125. Anonymous5:49 pm


  126. Dear UMNO,
    Stick to the Malays.
    They will give you strength to help the non malays.
    If you forsake them, you will lose this government.
    Support Melayu ALL THE WAY..then, only then you can start helping others.

  127. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Malaysian chinese are weak after all ha ha

    Bravo the China Chinese !
    Brilliant Lin Dan


  128. Anonymous6:34 pm

    aiya.. teach your boss lah. nextime say win or lose I will keep my promise to help cos you all are my loving rakyat regardless of black or white.

    The result cud have reversed , He got the victory and not DAP-deliver as promised.

    Everyday you talk about race , race only.. like that until the cow got drunk and go home also the story also never finish lah..

    why u like that one.


  129. Mustapha Ong6:38 pm

    Congrats Rocky's Bru,

    After so many days of sleepless nights, finally we congratulate DAP for the small winding streak in the Sibu by-election.Yes,not forgetting the Chinese who won the Thomas Cup semi-final against us and finally emerged as the champ and retained the Thomas Cup. We plan and God disposes in fairness to all.

    Like in Sibu, with more than 68% Chinese voters and the rest split among the other minor local community,BN's failure to retain the seat after more than 26 years in power,is really worth an issue for our BN leaders to ponder deeply into the hearts and soul of the Chinese community in Sarawak.

    Just come out clean and admit our faults and cracks in the worsening BN political alliance, instead of demanding that prime minister Najib should stop giving financial aids and promised more urban and rural physical developments to the Chinese, which in turn will also benefit all other Malaysians.

    Just stop being sour grapes and keep on humiliating our Chinese community as they too have strong faith and alliance in the future of this nation, as much as the majority Malays and other minority community.

    In the words of well known American political analyst,William Bennett Munro,"People vote their resentment,not their appreciation.
    The average man does not vote for anything, but against something."

    What do the Sibu voters want from the government?.We need to look closely on communal lines, i.e the Foochow Chinese (like those resident in Sabah and West Malaysia)and admit that they are the most hardworking and successful Chinese who had contributed to the nation's economic development since our independence.

    However, they are also very pragmatic and critical lot towards certain government policies that are not fair to the Chinese community.We, Malays should admit our national shortcomings and attitude towards the other communities, who had strong contributions in shaping this nation to what we are today.

    We appreciate the fact that all our UMNO leaders, past and present who had been elected to the coveted position of prime minister, had all changed their personal image from being anti-Chinese (Pai-Hua)in the past era and survived the challenges of a Malaysian leader to all and adopted a fair attitude of governance, in order to accommodate the needs of all Malaysians.

    Prime Minister Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin had expressed such sentiments publicly and yet some of the opposing Chinese continue to condemn these two prominent political leaders at every opportunity.We have elected them to the highest office of authority.We should support their political,economic and social national agenda under the slogan 1Malaysia as the only way forward.

    We should forget about our individual ethnic aspirations based on racial extremism and learn from our past mistakes that had haunted us.I agree with some quarters,that we should not forget the tragic era during the May,13, 1969 incidents,as well as the aftermath of the Indonesian Confrontation in the early 60s.

    I have gone through both the ugly era of racial clashes and I do not want to forget the pains and sufferings.However, it does not make me a racist and take revenge against the Malays and others by inciting hatred with sensitive and emotional slogans that will only destroy this beautiful country.

    We should wholesomely support our prime minister's efforts to change and reunite all Malaysians into one powerful force under 1Malaysia.

    There is nothing wrong if some of us wants democratic freedom to support the opposition, but at the same time,we should refrain from supporting those people who are power hungry in their quest to destroy this nation,in order to cover their own guilt.

    There are many others like Anwar Ibrahim, who are politically centric and full of suspicion,dangerous and with immoral character in pursuing their own agenda against the leaders of this nation.

  130. Salam bro.

    Are you guys wondering why BN lose to DAP? The answer lies to the analysis by bigdog.

    Are 'punishing' people who didn't give vote for BN is common now? Grow up please. We should be matured enough, make a proper research why BN lose. Not simply punished them like that.

    Insanely, it shows the unmatured thinking of Malaysian Politics. If Tun M mentioned that the Kelantanese people have their own mindset, we, the Sarawakian have our own mindset.

    Most of the old generations, as long as the symbol is 'dacing', they will vote for it. It was back then. Now, the young voters are 'speaking' now. Most of them, think, before giving any vote to any party.

    Promising to give extra fund, build new roads, etc before election is so so so cliche. After election, where are the YBs?

    What happened in Sarawak? After years of BN ruling Sarawak, yes, no doubt, there are a lot of developments and of course stability. Thanks to our CM, that is the greatest prize he gave to Sarawak, stability.

    Development? Yes, we are developing, but with limited fund, what can we do? Federal government should negotiate to give more than 5% of oil royalty to Sarawak. These votes are the votes for that. Whether we like it or not.

    And please, this is democracy. Change la the way they approach people. Showing off faces at the markets, merely a few days before elections do not affect to much. The more important is, the sense of attachment to the government, to the PM himself. There are gaps between golongan biasa like us with the Ybs, PM. There is no sense of attachment. Unlike Tun M, we feel attached to him.

    Please have a review to yourself, to the YB, to the government itself. The campaign, etc. should be revamped somehow. There is no longer need to ceramah to much, because there is not everyone want to listen to them. What people need is the sense of belonging. Janganlah before election baru nak turap jalan. And kalau dah jadi Yb, betul, senang nak cari kekayaan. Tapi tolonglah share dan bantu orang lain jugak. Jangan bolot semua.

    I am extremely disagreed with the posting by bigdog. I am a Sarawakian, his posting is referring to my fellow Sarawakians chinese. I do feel angered about the posting. We are talking too much about politics. And in Sarawak, we are already muak of that for e.g those happen in a few states in peninsular. It reflects how BN copes with the situation.

    To BigDog, to DKJ, to please people, to ambil hati people of Sarawak, you cannot splash money, then they will love you. NO!

    Prove it and do not judge and punish people who are not giving you votes. The government of Malaysia, is the government for every people in Malaysia, regardless of their political views, religion or races. DS. Najib is the PM to these people, to every citizen of Malaysia, not only for BN voters only. Try winning their hearts are not merely easy. It is a never ending job. A slogan, 1 Malaysia is cheered out loud but in reality, is different. We are so divided, that we are so dependent on each party to take care of our rights.

    Like in peninsular, Umno jaga Melayu, MCA jaga cina, MIC jaga India. It shows in election. Very rare, the minority represent the majority of races.

    I hope one day our political in Malaysia would be better and more matured. I hope one day, there will be no problem for MP of chinese to take care of Melay and vice versa. Itu baru 1 Malaysia.

    Oh, our PM and the government should study how the so-called 1 Malaysia slogan to be implemented. Try go to Sarawak, the mixture of the races and cultures are much-much better. No matter what race you are, religions, etc, it feels like we are brothers and we could take care of each other.

    Anyway, BN, muhasabah diri, do not simply judge others.

  131. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I believe BN still don't know what Chinese really want, Chinese want a fair system in the society..and no corruption and bribery....How many poor Chinese family has to work their life to get their children into the colleges and university and yet government university has quota...I believe you know better than I do....and for you information, it doesn't matter Chinese or Malay become YB in SIBU, as long as they have the heart to help the poor. BN has been governing SIBU for how many years? and YET the poor get poorer...are you kidding me!!?

    Steven Seagal

  132. it seems most commentators has place the words into the horse's mouth. perhaps 99% did so, just to put pressure, I guess. Up the ante if you may. Sickening, as if we are not aware of their agenda.

  133. Anonymous7:11 pm

    I think people choose DAP is because this is a national party open to all races that does not only care of any individual race but all Malaysian. SUPP is a Chinese based party and this does not go down well with the youth and voters in Sibu.

    Another issue is because the majority of voters in Sibu are Christian and Najib is seen as a corrupted leader with the offer of RM5 million to Rajang Park residents, in the bible what Najib does is haram and Christian reject Najib.

  134. Tahniah Dato' Rocky utk artikel ini. YAB PM dah dapat signal. Kalau PM tak perasan lagi tak tau. Hulu Selangor pun 80% undi dapat ke PKR .. sekarang di Sibu pulak. Cukup2 lah dgn pemberian tersebut. Bagi je pemberian tersebut kepada kaum majoriti dlm Malaysia ni.

  135. Dato,

    Pada pendapat saya UMNO mesti minta refund pada APCO kerana jelas SATU MALAYSIA yang diilhami Yahudi menjadi satu pembaziran wang rakyat.

  136. TOK B7:26 pm

    BN should reevaluate all the candidate in Sabah and Sarawak not only in Peninsular. Classic example is SIBU by putting a ROBERT LAU SDN BHD is not that smart approach. Cant the BN leadership see the capabilities of the candidate and his reputation? The party have more dynamic people rather than using the RL Junior seems like another curse to the people of SIBU if he been elected. BTW not only malays are poor but also other races even chinese...Idris JALA u should do some DUE D...lets see who's family ctrl the economy of SIBU and how ARROGANT are they? be suprise if PASS....thats why it PaSS to DAP not bcoz they support DAP but they against the person not the party!

  137. Anonymous7:58 pm

    I am happy that DAP won the by election. The ruling party need strong check and balance so that we the raktyat will not be cheated.

    BN just show that you sincerely help my poor people in the kampongs and i will vote 4 you. I work shit hard to earn my living and have to beg for contracts for my company.

  138. Anonymous8:03 pm

    i think rosmah should have not gone there and join the campaign for BN. tak ada kena mengena dgn dia pun. she contributes to the losing.........

    jane doe

  139. DAPig9:21 pm


  140. mohamed9:26 pm

    Yes, the RM18 million should go to the poor people in Sibu

  141. mohamed9:37 pm

    To parmeswara

    "...Others cannot do it?...."

    That is what the sms is all about isn't? Shesh!!!

  142. mohamed10:05 pm

    Wak, Brilliant!!!

  143. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Rocky, Ibrahim, Big Dog and Kadir Jasin, is that all you can offer as an analysis of BN's losses in Sibu?

    Can't you all see things from a more healthier perspective other than the racial lenses?

    If that is the case, you guys deserves nothing but to lose. You will even lose Malay votes...


  144. Anonymous10:13 pm

    it's all part of the plan - lose a few inferior pawns and go for the king and queen

  145. Anonymous10:22 pm

    From Dr Raffick, Rights2write

    Hi Rocky, who do you make of this ?

    My research on the internet, shows the following;

    From the EC press release on voters turnout (BERNAMA)
    1. Total No. of Registered Voters : 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)
    2. Number of voters who cast ballots : 32,742
    Voter turnout : 59.86 per cent

    From the EC official results announcement (BERNAMA)
    1. Robert Lau Hui Yew (BN) – 18,447 votes
    2. Narawi Haron (INDEPENDENT) – 232 votes
    3. Wong Ho Leng (DAP) – 18,845 votes
    Votes cast : 37,919

    The difference between announce turnout and actual count is 5177 votes (ballot paper)
    (or about 2x postal ballot )

    From the above we could see that 5177 additional ballot paper has come in into the final tally. A few hundred more ballot papers, PR would have lost Sibu as how they have lost Batang Ai. These is something that EC need to explain. Can it be that they made a mistake at the original announcement? It sounds so unlikely. It is time a special select committee at Parliament look at this matter seriously. They need to scrutinize each individual ballot papers and voters listing tally in detail. Credibility of Malaysian Voting system is at stake here.

    Sibu watcher

  146. Anonymous10:22 pm


    suddenly BN govt practise democracy when pr won??

    reminds me of the chinese badminton players who uses a lot of TRICKS to win the games

    what a total lack of ethics

  147. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Maybe, or rather we all should read the above article
    Anyways those of us looking for the truth


  148. Dear UMNO,
    Stick to the Malays.
    They will give you strength to help the non malays.
    If you forsake them, you will lose this government.
    Support Melayu ALL THE WAY..then, only then you can start helping others.

  149. AminGL1:43 am

    All we want is 1Malaysia, not 1Melayu, 1Cina, 1India, 1Dayak, 1Kadazan.

    All we want is "Ketuanan Rakyat".

    All we want are equality, fairness, justice and transparency.

    Got it, Mr. Najib?

  150. KJ Banger1:53 am

    My word, KJ Wanker!

    Do you have any idea why your party lost Sibu or not?

    The answer is, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was NOT there!

    His personal involvement, like in Ulu Selangor, would have WON it for BN!

    Malaysians LOVE the Tun!

  151. Anonymous1:53 am

    najib knows only one thing...

    stay with the malay, he is gonna!

    hang around with the chinese... he is the god!

  152. Anonymous2:08 am


    Don't worry... I am sure those special handouts came from funds derived from "sumber HARAM" you know what activities la...

    Where else to dump all "these" monies? So enjoy la..

    And SJKC/T teachers will be eating grass and sand had their salaries not been catered for by the Govt..

    You don't know this arhhhh?

    One year costs to have REMOVE classes in SMK some more wan.. Teachers all pening kepala trying to tolerate having to put extra effort teaching BM/BI to alien speaking kids....

    hmmmm Monsterball lau ren... this one not your Rosie OK!!


  153. Tok Guru >> << see Jasin n Big-dog>>

    “Umno dan BN membeli rakyat seperti membeli ayam itik, binatang ternakan boleh dibeli, tapi jika manusia pun ingin dibeli, jelas sekali manusia sudah ingin disamakan dengan ayam itik,” kata beliau dalam kenyataan dikeluarkan petang ini.

    Nik Aziz mengharapkan BN sedar kekalahan itu menjadi bukti bahawa tidak semua manusia boleh dibeli walaupun ditabur dengan berlian dari langit dengan berkata “prinsip bukannya barang dagangan.”

  154. Saya Mualaf4:09 am

    Di sini Steven Seagal (6.46pm), di sini,

    ini yang orang Cina mahu.

  155. The main reason you lost was because the scale of cheating that you guys orchestrated just needed to be a notch or two higher.

    The money spent and promised on so called needs of the community was on needs that was existent long before the previous MP died. Just like the Felda settlers of HS this was nothing more than blatant corrupt intent and, :-), Rocky, I know you know it. But quite alright for you to pretend not to got to play the role don't you?

    The thing about the Chinese is, just like a good Indian might be a dead one, a good Chinese is a terrified Chinese. Like the time in 1999, with Mahathir's promise of another May 13, when the Chinese, out of fear, gave him the sacred two-third's majority!

    Talking about sacred, I wonder if the two-thirds is greater than anything else, divine or not!! Think i am going to conjure up an altar, maybe a statue, to represent the sacred two-thirds. Just imagine the loss and the chaos the loss of the two-thirds has so far caused? Somehow I don't think if there was a realisation that God might not exist after all would cause as much turbulence.

  156. Anonymous6:29 am

    If not for the vote buying by BN the majority would be more than 10,000 votes. BN is always playing dirty politics using money to buy votes in Sarawak.

    SUPP is going to sink together with MCA, Gerakan, PPP.

  157. Anonymous6:39 am

    So BN hope to win in Sibu after;

    1) Burning a few church?
    2) Calling Chinese Pendatang?
    3) Calling the Chinese prostitute?
    4) Hearing so much of racist remarks from an ex-PM who rule 22 years?
    5) Out source Malay racist to Ibrahim Ali?
    6) Offering cash to Don and MP to jump ship? Wee CK is the latest.
    7) Burning 500 Bible?
    8) Using Saifu to prompt up charges against Anwar?
    9) Create problems for the CM of Penang?

    The list goes on and on.

  158. Anonymous6:43 am

    Dear rocky,

    let the DAP gloat and be misled. If a constituency where the Chinese is 67% and a substantial portion of that is Christian, DAP can only win. By 400 votes, can you imagine when it's much less.

    Both hulu selangor and sibu again show that there is overwhelming support of non-Chinese. BN must build on these support. Those Pakatan minority Chinese think they are superior. So let them be. BN just work hard on current strategy. Focus on non-Chinese people where they deserve more attention. The Chinese pro DAP will only take the money and will never vote for BN anyway. They claim they are principled and are against corruption. But are they not also corrupt when they themselves take the money which they consider bribery. Worse they then bite those hand. Don't be fooled by their high moral ground. They are corrupt of the highest kind. They have always been that and worse than a thief. Even among thiefs they have honour.

    Ellese A

  159. Anonymous9:16 am

    n The EC announced the turnout when polls closed at 59.8%. After the votes were counted the turnout jumoed to 70%. Why such a big difference when the EC has been very accurate in past by-elections?

    The 70% exceed the 68% turnout in the 2008 G.E. which is highly unusual considering that many outstation voters did not come back. Were the ballot boxes stuffed?

    the total no. of postal votes exceeded 5000 - double the legit amount & most went to BN.


    pek Moh Gui

  160. Anonymous10:04 am

    How to win a by-election for idiots:-

    1) give money and say if you help me i will help you

    2) promise bridge and new roads (these are easier to say than done, and kalau tak menang, can say project was found to be not viable), so this is better than item one above.

    3) blame the economic situation to Pakatan

    4) make jokes about main belakang in ceramah

    5) stay away about religious issues unless

    i) you are in Malays heartland you talk about DAP and PAS alliance

    ii) you are in chinese hearltland you talk about DAP and PASS alliance

    6) Never invite Samy Vellu to give ceramah unless he want to make another "Kemaluan" joke.

    6) never ever put a kris wielding photo

    7) superimpose photo of pakatan leader drinking alcohol will always do the trick even though it will only be a while before the police remove it. Damage done will be half the battle won.

    8) give lands or TOLs to those who squat on lands

    9) ask Tun Mahathir to give ceramah

    10) block access to aborigine;s heartland by using suspicious personalities

    11) appoint me as advisor


  161. During Dr Mahathirs' decades there was a focus on performance and pithy responses from a God-fearing heart that undercut the opposition's rhetoric.

    We have now formal performance measurements, without the substance, and a rhetoric that is based on no better foundation than PR's godless logic.

    Whither BN?

  162. Anonymous10:52 am

    It only means "critical" Nuklear Najib sells bad mee so there is low demand. It is even written that one should go to China to learn.

    The towering ones now led by a racist and "tongkat" Ali kelantan are still crawling their way from beneath the tempurung boundary trying to make it larger.

    -The way it is

  163. I have my words regards to this issue - PRK Hulu Selangor & Sibu: Mesej Penting Untuk Orang Melayu. Check it out at

  164. Anonymous11:29 am

    Anon 8.12 AM,

    You ignorant fool.

    You don't know about the history of this country and try to write your own history.

    The Malays and the Rumpun Melayu have been here for some 6,000 years, boy. Scores of experts have done various researches and studies showing that, as explained in the book, "The Malay Civilisation", published by The Historical Society of Malaysia in 2007.

    Read the summaries in Kempen SSS blog, here -

  165. Anonymous11:42 am

    Among the few very sensible comments in here is by eddy. Well done, eddy.

    For most of the rest, read these -

    You may bask in glory of the 398 votes.

    Now we have a weak leader, the pondan type. And dikacau by the sondol bontot and the tak-masuk-syurga-undi-kafir but turned tidur-sebantal-with-kafir old man.

    Wait when we have a macho one, one who can calculate properly and shift his attention accordingly. The Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak are 70% of the population, man. We’ll find a leader who can count this. Don’t try to belittle us.

    Enjoy your glory while it lasts.

  166. Anonymous11:48 am


    My earlier comment praising eddy -

    the message to "the rest" refers to those basking and gloating in the glory of the Sibu win only.

  167. Anonymous12:05 pm

    BN kalah kat Sibu sebab serah Blok L & M kat Brunai tapi isu Limbang tak selesai. Habis cerita.

    Semua kerja bekas PM Bahalollah

  168. Anonymous12:23 pm

    from the unity party:

    Mahathir claimed that the Malays are under threat. Under threat from whom?

    Can the Malays be under threat:-

    From a minority 35% of the population over the majority 65% which are made up of Malays?

    From a less than 10% minority in the Police, Army, Judiciary, Attorney General Office and MACC which are predominantly filled by Malays?

    From a minority of the Members of Parliament where Malays make up more than 60% the majority?

    From a group who doesn't control the air, sea and land? These are
    controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as MAS, AirAsia, MISC, Toll
    NAZA, Proton and Perodua.

    From a group who doesn't control the supply of basic necessities such as food, water and utilities? These are monopolised by UMNO cronies such as Bernas (rice and flour), Water Concessionaires (SPAN, SYABAS, etc), Telekom (telephone), Tenaga (electricity) , etc

    From a group who doesn't control the main stream media. The mass media are wholly controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star, The Sun, Media Prima (TV1, TV2, TV3, TV, TV8, TV9 and all the Radio Stations), ASTRO, etc? Lately even Harakah and Suara Keadilan have been banned !

    From a group whose mother tongue and religion aren't enshrined in the Federal Constitution where Malay is the official language and Islam is the official religion? Other groups can't even hold any interfaith dialogues and use of the word of Allah without being severely intimidated by protests, storming of conferences and warnings from
    UMNO !

    From a group who can't be appointed the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Mentri Besars and a host of high positions in the Malay
    states as enshrined in the state constitution or decree by the Sultans
    where only Malays from UMNO can be appointed?

    From a group who are ever subjected to intimidation of arrest under
    the flimsiest excuse using the ISA, the Police, MACC, etc and a myriad of repressive laws such as the Sedition Act, Multimedia Act and treason against the Sultans, etc? Of course UMNO are spared from such actions and above such laws. It is a blatant lie that the non-Malays can ever threaten the Malays...

    Who is actually threatening the Malays? From the look of things, UMNO finger prints are everywhere - UMNO Malays are actually the ones
    threatening and stealing from the ordinary Malays and non-Malays.
    Someone has to be the punching bag and scapegoat for UMNO's cling to
    power and thievery - hence putting the blame on non-Malays!

    UMNO is a racist party and it is very clear that they are separating
    the Sultans from their subjects and the Malays from the non-Malays for their own selfish ends without a thought of the consequences and our economy !

    Mamak Tulin

  169. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I don't think BN should be unduly worried. If DAP's claim that they got 70% of the Chinese vote in Sibu is true, then that would mean that they would have received little more than 10% of the non Chinese votes. If this result were replicated across the state, PR would be hammered as the Chinese make up less than 30% of the folks in Sarawak.

    BN should accept that it has lost the Chinese vote and it is unlikely that they will get it back by PRU13. So a rethink of their strategy is necessary. They should concentrate their efforts on groups whose votes they can win. That means going all out to woo the Malays, Indians and East Malaysian Bumiputeras, even at the expense of losing Chinese votes. How much more can they lose anyway? It is a zero sum game after all and the less you give to one group, the more you can give to others. With 70% of everyone else's vote, BN will not need a single Chinese vote. They will not lose their majority if they lost all 15 of the MCA seats, many of which are in Malay majority constituencies anyway.

    Najib's approach of only offering the Chinese carrots doesn't work, especially when in PR they see the promise of the ultimate carrot - the dismantling of Bumiputera special rights. There has to be some stick as well. The Chinese need to be told that there is a price to pay for supporting the opposition. That price must be this: no representation in government and policies that do not take their concerns into account. BN's message to the Chinese should be: "You cannot beat us, so you might as well cut your losses and join us".


  170. Anonymous12:53 pm

    if thats the case, then the chinese no need to pay tax la. see if malaysial can survive or not without or money.

  171. Anonymous1:32 pm


    you seems to blame to chinese for being ungrateful, can you explain why bn/umno lose Kelantan and also Kedah? the malays there also ungrateful?

  172. Darryl Khoo1:57 pm

    Sometimes u wonder if BN is stupid. Money is something most Chinese have, as a result of one sided policies caused by the NEP. Giving more money won't get u anywhere as they r more interested in being recognised in their own country and equality.

    I would pledge to give my vote to BN anytime if they would do away with corruption and treat all poor people equally.

    Talk is cheap if u promise the world to everyone but continue doing the same thing like the past.

  173. Anonymous2:26 pm


    I thought you were the defender of free speech especially in the media.

    Your compatriot at RTM got fired for blowing the whistle on his employer and not as much as a squeek from you?

  174. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Two Points...

    1 "SPR must redraw the boundary for Sibu cos if 68% are Chinese and the YB is Chinese, no one cares a damn for the rest who are all living below the hardcore poverty line. "

    BN had Sibu for 28 years, hardcore poor not helped, thats why they vote DAP. Get that past U thick skulls.

    2 I went to a cyber-cafe for the first time in my life cos my laptop suddenly kaput.
    Culture shock for me as it is full of school kids in uniform. Two school girls in uniform with tudung are being fondled, breast included, by their boyfriends on my right and left...
    God help my shameless Malays...


  175. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Rather than redrawing the election boundary just send th
    e kaum pendatang back to their native assure umno will rule this land until sun rise in the west what say u mr. One malaysia? ; pekasamman

  176. skilgannon10664:03 pm


    Barack Obama doesn't talk about "punishing" American voters who opted for McCain.

    Nor does David Cameron contemplate "punishing" those Brits, Scots, Irish and Welsh who voted for Labour.

    Nor does Kevin Rudd dare think of "punishing" those Aussies who didn't vote for his Labour party in the last Aussie elections.

    It's in places like Malaysia where the sitting govt (and those who support it) dares to think about "punishment" and "retribution" for those who had the temerity to vote for the Opposition.

    One would think that these guys feel that they have a divine mandate to rule Malaysia and to disburse public funds as they see fit, without any recourse to basic accountability.

    So, what do the US, the UK and Australia have that Malaysia doesn't?

    How about basic civility in politics for starters? Coupled with a strong free press and a belief in democracy and individual rights?

  177. Anonymous4:12 pm




  178. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Pak rocky,
    I want to congtars PDRM,
    PDRM telah memberikan senjata baru kepada PAKATAN
    RAKYAT kerana menyenarai hitamkan pesalah jalanraya.
    Ada mereka yg disenarai hitamkan dengan tujuan memaksa
    melangsaikan saman trafik walaupun mereka tidak menerima
    apa-apa notis.Mereka terpaksa(baca dipaksa) membayar saman
    (dibaca samun) tiga ratus ringgit setiap kesalahan.
    Kesemua mereka yang terpaksa membayar saman mengucapkan terimakasih kepada Kerajaan. Dan akan membayarnya dengan Pangkah
    Pakatan Rakyat pada bila-bila masa yg ada kesempatan atau setidak-tidaknya pada PRU 2013.
    Kesemua mereka yang terlibat menanggap saman adalah cara kerajaan
    BN mencari sumber kewangan.
    Hal ini belum pernah terjadi sebelum najib menjadi ketua pemerintah.
    Terimakasih pada PDRM!


  179. Anonymous5:17 pm


    ....So, what do the US, the UK and Australia have that Malaysia doesn't?

    They all have orange/apple/grapes farms, Malaysia doesn't. They all have 4seasons, Malaysia doesn't.

    But they don't have SJKC/T..



  180. Anonymous5:17 pm

    " Big Dog " An Old Big Dog will always remain a Dog no matter what
    he does or say he will still remain a Stupid Dog.

    Ziggy, NZ

  181. Anonymous5:19 pm

    You sound so dumb and Racist, wake up you Dreamer.

    Ziggy, NZ

  182. skilgannon10665:22 pm

    Anon 11:42 AM

    Smart analysis.

    Only 1 minor problem with your thesis. India and China.

    If Malaysia wants to be part of the alphabet soup of regional FTAs and co-operation agreements, then it has to play by the rules. Including basic decency and observance of human rights.

    A population of 30 million+ doesn't cut much ice these days, not with bigger gorillas in the neighbourhood, if you get my drift?

    Which is why Perkasa, Gertak etc are like King Canute of old - hoping to hold back the tides. And we all know what happened to King Canute, don't we?

  183. Anonymous5:30 pm

    " BIG DOG " is and will always be
    waiting and licking UMNO's Big Guns
    Balls and feeding on their crumbs.
    He named himself very appropriately " Big Dog or in Malay
    Anjing Besar " what to do for he has a brain like a Pea.

    Ziggy NZ

  184. DAP di Selangor pun begitu tamakkan duit sampaikan wang zakat di Selangor pun ingin disapu mereka.

    Ketuanan Melayu

  185. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Anonymous 12:53 PM said...

    ...if thats the case, then the chinese no need to pay tax la. see if malaysial can survive or not without or money....

    We HAVE survived for centuries here before your ancestors even set foot on this Tanah Air..

    We don't even have to set sail AIMLESSLY anywhere else to survive..


  186. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Sibu chinese know, if they vote BN, BN give money to Vincent Tan and legalised gambling. Therefore Sibu chinese REJECT BN. Who vote for BN are the Malays who wanted gambling, not the chinese.....

  187. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Those who say this has nothing to with RACE and its now no trend for race based politics are pea brains shit to their core.

    This is all a CHINESE Racial strategy to push for their likes.
    It has taken a DAP form but its a country wide race-wide Chinese centric tactic of pushing for their demands.

    Just go and do the statistics,
    all these MCA, Gerakan fellows, look at their families you will get to see many have bipartisan families - Dad MCA dude partyman, Son a DAP party-guy..

    Both hand in glove.
    If this fails > push for that.

    How many families you get of that kind in Malays.. Dare not..
    PAS family is hardcore PAS, no UMNO tolerated.

    UMNO Family > Hardcore UMNO.. All UMNO

    Where as these Chinese play a dicy game. Vote against govt, cannot win, we are still in govt by proxy thru MCA. If win.. WE TAKE AND MAKE NOISE try to March Putrajaya, and snatch a bigger pie.

  188. Expat in China6:40 pm

    I think to equate China Chinese to Malaysian Chinese is kinda ignorant.

    China Chinese dun give an EFF about Malaysian Chinese.
    Malaysian Chinese keep parotting all sorts of dirty things about their own kind in China, and the China Chinese know this and also equally refute them back, dun even consider anything close to them.

    If anything to be in solidarity with Malaysian Chinese, China Chinese will be the last on the earth.

    Malaysian Chinese only close to SG Chinese. And somewhat distant concern by Taiwan or HK Chinese..
    but China Chinese dun giv a EFFin Damn about them.

  189. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Wenger Khairy anak khinzir.

  190. Bekas Penyokong UMNO!11:01 pm


    You must watch this phenomenal speech by our beloved PM Najib about how he tries to strike a corrupt "deal" with Sibu residents -- all captured on video for all to see!

    Everyone, go watch for yourselves here (click this link) how Najib attempts to bribe!

  191. Anonymous12:27 am

    I read somebody tell that Chinese hate BN because of the corruption and bribe....???

    So who the f**k that always have money and offer a bribe? malay? ptuihh!! ..of course chinese!!

    just an excuse to keep blaming the governemt

    Joe Jambul

  192. Anonymous12:56 am

    come lah malaysian of any race. why complain too much and harbor hatred among ourselves. most of us commentors here just average earners and try to make our living here until the time we kick the bucket.

    we live in a "system" no matter where we are in this world.

    its a "system" where there are the 'haves' and 'have nots'.

    go figure out which one you belong to.

  193. Rafa's Revolution12:59 am

    seriously la guys... when chinese throw their votes to DAP or PKR, we labelled them as racist, migrants and selfish bas3rds, ungrateful donkeys and wat not.

    but the million dollar question is this - can UMNO unite the Malays and get 100% of their votes?

    in a malay predominant area, the votes are split 50-50. in the first place how do we deal with this?

    problem is we dont.. if so happens the party in that malay predominant area were to win because of 1% or 2% of Indian or Chinese votes, then we start banging them particularly if they had voted for Opposition.

    we fail to see the bigger picture...

    let me put it this way.. in a chinese predominant area if the malays were to swing their votes for the opposition or DAP, then can we label the malays as how we are banging the Chinese in Sibu?

    this is a democratic country.. why wanna play the race cards? are we saying that malays cannot vote DAP and chinese must only vote for BN? makes no sense kan??

    come on la.. be matured la sikit..

  194. Anonymous8:47 am

    Not only should SPRM inevstigate Najib for corruption BUT ALSO declare hulu selangor results invalid !!! Clear case of corruption.

    see youtube video and judge for yourself if you are fair minded person -

    Seeking Justice

  195. Anonymous10:24 am

    Bukan orang China tak sokong BN Rocky,kalau nak bagi duit,kena bagi satu juta seorang,jangan-lah bagi kacang putih ! Malu tau.

  196. Anonymous11:15 am





  197. Is it not strange to say that the Chinese cannot be trusted and are 'sombong' because they would not be bribed? Surely you should be happy if the Indonesians, Indians, Chinese or Malays cannot be bribed? Why should we vote for BN if we suspect that poor infrastructure, schools, hospitals, poverty is due to the corruption and wastage of the government? It is a sad state if inspite of what we believe , we sell our souls for money.

  198. Anonymous4:57 am

    The Malays in Singapore voted for PAP and they end up marginalised as confirmed by the United Nations Representative.

    ... oh and also several other policies that disadvantaged the Malays such as HBD quota, GRCs, lack of high ranking Malays in the army etc etc ...

  199. rocky, search thyself deeper...and know that money cannot buy everything lah...the corrupted souls can and will sleep a lot better when they repent (donate their ill-gotten wealth away to charities ~ hahahahah~)and thread the right path Then God/Allah will forgive and accept 'em in heaven...else, they will all go rot in hell lah.

  200. Rocky congrats to DAP is insincere.
    And he is a by himself.
    When UMNO B is post-mortem this or that.
    When UMNO B needs no post- mortem.
    Why be like this Rocky?
    Deal or no deal...done him up...can't you see that...and I beg our pardon..those Sibu fellas are Malaysians...not Chinese.
    Are you a Malaysian...or a pariah?