Thursday, April 22, 2010

A horse named Melayu

How Melayu became Morino. Did you know that Zaid Ibrahim, the PKR candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election, once had a horse that he named "Melayu"? The New Zealand breed came home second in two races just a few years ago. Zaid brought it home to Malaysia but in this Land of the Melayu, unfortunately, the Horse Racing Association would not allow "Melayu" to be used as a name for a race horse. Zaid had to rename Melayu "Morino", and this was approved by the association's Naming Committee. But Morino the former Melayu has not done as well in the races.

Apart from "Kelantan", which is probably the most successful horse in Zaid's stable, the author of the book Saya Pun Melayu had horses he named Deputy Coming Back (or Deputy Coming Home, a tribute to a sacked deputy prime minister, many believed) and Judicial Review.

Zaid owns horses and races them (and collect the prize money when his horses come in 1st to 6th), but he never did place a bet, so I was also told.


  1. Anonymous8:24 am

    Sounds very familiar hobby of one of our great PM even when he was still in office. He drank liquor, gambled and went to horse racing.....remember?

  2. Does this writer has nothing else to write.? Is the writer (whoever the person is) insinuating that Zaid is a horse gambler? And do you not know that there are also gamblers in the BN,and including criminals? Please look at yourself in the mirror and you will see how dirty you are.

  3. Anonymous8:46 am

    Ya Allah selamatkan rakyaT hULU sELANGOR DARI memilih wakil dari kaki lumba kuda dan menerima habuan daripada kuda ku lari kuat dalam perlumbaan!

  4. wow, your reporting quality has really dipped. sad

  5. Anonymous9:14 am

    At least he's not betting. Would that be ok? Would that still be guilty by association with the 'betting' community?

    Awaiting Nik Aziz 'fatwa' on this.


  6. Dear ArshadRaji,

    Beginilah -- Zaid sendiri dah kata, ya beliau simpan kuda tapi dia tak berjudi.

    Saya tak tahu hukum simpan kuda yang digunakan untuk orang lain main judi tapi di perenggan akhir saya terang2 tulis apa yang saya dengar dari kaki2 kuda yang saya kenal - iaitu Zaid ni sendiri tak pernah bertaruh/berjudi kat lumba kuda walaupun beliau mempunyai banyak kuda.

    Perenggan2 lain saya cerita pasal kuda2 beliau, dan ini cerita benar (setahu saya) dan bukan rekaan.

    Jadi yang mananya saya "insinuating that Zaid is a horse gambler?"

    I thought an ex-army officer would have been more careful ...




  8. General belot10:00 am

    General Arshad Raji

    I hope you do not denigrate yourself with the cheap argument that "orang BN pun buat" and thus "so what".

    If such a BN candidate were to run, he or she will be openly scrutinise by the opposition.

    And if because of that BN loses, BN bloggers and party workers will curse on all that made the decision to do so.

    That you do not find amongst oppositions. They would lie and spin through their teeth to win their candidate at any cost.

    I have been reading your blog and I sense that if the same happen to a BN candidate, you will be joining in the bandwagon too.

    WHy are you then protective of Zaid? DO you know Zaid well enough?

    Do you want a liar, gambler, conniver, kaki mabuk (he still drink wine), and many other kaki not made public yet as a leader?

    With regard to your blog, I am sorry to say, much of your critics on public issue shows you are ill informed. Perhaps and maybe you are better suited to talk about millitary issue only which you should know best.

    As a former military man, you should look at the mirror too!

  9. Punedeck10:02 am

    Zaid is a member of parti kelentong rakyat. what do you expect? and he himself is a lawyer. pekerjaan yang sentiasa berbohong.

  10. jackie daniels10:04 am

    Rileks lah bro, let's go have a pint. Zaid is waiting.

    Btw, ex-army eh. Just imagine what will happen to the army without KAGAT. And ever wonder who introduced it?

    And to those who compare Zaid with the TUNKU .... pleasssse lah.

  11. Anonymous10:15 am

    Jadi yang mananya saya "insinuating that Zaid is a horse gambler?"

    By jumping on the chariot to ride Zaid`s horses, you are DEFINITELY insinuating.
    Please do not think ALL malaysians are stupid. Like that Khairy fellow saying that the bottle in his hand doesn`t mean he was drinking. I suppose he was trying to do a bottle dance.

  12. We must be proud that 'melayu' and 'kelantan ' is well known among horse racing gamblers.
    Zaid is doing a great service to the nation, all on his own expenses.
    Maybe the govt should recommend him for a Tan Sri or something. No?

    Jangan marah...!!

  13. Anonymous10:28 am


    Dato Special Bru ni dah lama tak blog tiba-tiba blog pasal Zaid Ibrahim punya kuda kenapa?

    Ni mesti sebab Zaid Irahim dah kata dia takkan sue bloggers, begitu?

    -- Kena Kuda oleh BN --

  14. Anonymous10:45 am

    Kalau jahat tu kata je lah jahat. Tak kira lah dari BN ke, PKR ke, PAS ke. Mana boleh kalau BN jahat, kalau PKR OK, kalau PAS halal. Itu namanya orang BODOH BEBAL punya pemikiran. Janganlah taksub sangat dengan hal-hal politik duniawi nih. Kita semua akan mati masuk dalam kubur. Nanti kena soal juga dgn malaikat. Tapi malaikat tak tanya sokong UMNO ke, PKR ke, PAS ke.
    Yang bathil tetap bathil. Yang haq tetap haq. Yang halal tetap halal, yang haram tetap haram.
    Kalau ada perkara makhruh atau was-was, jauhkan.
    Ada paham!!!


  15. wandererAUS10:47 am


    Did you smell the horse dung whether it smelled like "Melayu"
    UMNO hypocrite bastards are far worst, blooming "TIGER WOODS" of Malaysia. At least, Tiger Woods sinned only in one category, can you say the same for your political masters?
    Womanizing and Killing is even worst, ya?

  16. Anonymous11:07 am

    dear dato,

    pls keep posting all the nonsense, yes zaid did drink and also have horse but when got to do with you?? unless your are apno naieeeee (tamil word)

    cheeeeeeeeer , bottams up corky special bru

    sultans of swing

  17. Thanks for the confirmation Rocky. Zaib, as you said, does not gamble!!
    Tunku owned and raced his horses. A lot of royalty race own and race their horses. Some of the best riders have been Malay.

    Receiving prize money is just like the prize money that Malay Mail used to give for the winners of the MM Big Walk...remember? Or the prize money people get for catching the biggest fish in a fishing competition or should I, can I, include the prize given to the winner of the annual Quran reading competition...

  18. Dear Old Far,

    Let the Tunku rest in peace bro. He lived in a different Malaysia, before Anwar Ibrahim Abimized this country and before PAS left BN to decide who among us will go to heaven and hell.

    And likening a horse race with Quran reading competition won't do. And I don't think people wager on who will cross the MM Big Walk finishing line first.

    As for you, Anon "Kena Kuda BN" who wrote:

    " Dato Special Bru ni dah lama tak blog tiba-tiba blog pasal Zaid Ibrahim punya kuda kenapa?

    Ni mesti sebab Zaid Irahim dah kata dia takkan sue bloggers, begitu?

    -- Kena Kuda oleh BN --"

    My answer to you is, I don't know if I can trust Zaid on that one. He has not withdrawn his suit against Kadir Jasin and has threatened to sue a newspaper columnist, I hear.


  19. Anonymous11:24 am

    Betting? Don't know.

    Abetting? Definitely yes.

    Don't worry lah,tomorrow cleansing ceremony by Nik Aziz.

    Equus Albus

  20. Anonymous11:30 am

    Rocky, Tunku lived in a different era...ur right.

    we want that era back where Malays/Muslims were not hypocrites. It was not too long ago bro

  21. Anonymous11:56 am

    "Rocky, Tunku lived in a different era...ur right."

    Till Najib`s father and Mahathir began crapping all over

  22. Rocky,

    Katakan lah satu hari nanti aku kaya dan aku cadang nak beli 1 team bola kat English Premier League. Tapi sebab ramai orang betting EPL game, so kiranya aku pun salah jugak ke?

    Pandai betul kau cuba nak auta...

    Bagaimana pulak dengan sukan F1 kebanggaan BN? Bagaimana dengan Monsoon Cup? Bagaimana dengan sukan Olimpic? Patut ke kita hantar kontingen sukan lagi di masa hadapan, sebab semua sukan2 ni ada saja orang yang akan betting nanti? Nih lah yang dikata kan Baghral...

    Fikir2kan lah Rocky...


  23. wandererAUS1:01 pm


    Tengku and Zaid were practising different type of Islam?
    What has time got to do with the teachings of Islam?
    Your logic has gone hay-wired, man!

  24. Old fart you sudah lebih likening a horse race to a Quran reading competition.

    Horse racing is about betting and gambling on which horse would win the race. Yes, the owner of the winning horse would receive a prize(if he is not gambling), but the guy who bets on the winning horse wins his gamble and will get much more. Therefore owning a race horse is abetting or bersubahat in the gambling business, No? Gambling business is an immoral business, no?

    and General Arshad Raji, as a retired commander of our warriors and soldiers, I think you owe it to the men you have commanded, to not simply say "do you not know that there are also gamblers in the BN,and including criminals?". Generalising without proof is setting a bad example to the younger generation especially so if you are a retired high ranking military officer. Maybe you should look yourself in the mirror too sometimes.TQ.

  25. Anonymous1:43 pm


    Biasalah jeneral tua bcakap..semua org tak betul..dia dgn batch dia je yg hero, yg hebat...biasalah. Dah pencen mcm2 lah statement. Masa dia keje dulu, dia pun apple polisher jugak!

    Askar pencen

  26. Is it unislamic to own horses and race them for prize money and trophies?

    I don't think so.

    Some of the most famous and MEGA international race horse owners in the world are the Makhtoum brothers from UAE, the Aga Khan, Sultabn of Brunei and many Arab sheikhs.

    Then again, closer to home are our own sultans who all maintain stables and are part of the international jet set polo teams!!

    Let's not scrape the barrel for political expediency!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  27. Anonymous2:30 pm

    aiya Rocky,

    Golf dan tennis pun ada bayar wang hadiah pada pemenang-pemenangnya , jadi apakah bezanya antara lumba kuda dan pemain-pemain golf dan tennis ?? Takkan Rocky nak classify Golfer dan tennis player semua pon kaki judi !!!

  28. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Have you had a beer before and do you stil drink?

  29. skilgannon10664:03 pm

    I thot that certain Emirs and Sheikhs in the Middle East are also owners of big stables of pedigree race horses?

    In fact, a certain VVIP from one of the Gulf states is reputed to be the biggest buyer at international race horse auctions.

    How come no one utters a bleat of complaint about these people?

    And I have heard reports that certain Malaysian VVIPs have been known to "indulge" south of the Causeway, including a certain VVIP who may or may not have stayed in a VVIP suite in a very exclusive 5-star hotel in Singapore some years back, and who may or may not have indulged a desire for Singapore-style banana leaf cuisine from one of the well known restaurants in Race Course Road, accompanied by certain brews of sterling vintage.

    But all these are rumours, right?Tak syok sendiri!

  30. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I nak tuju ni kat Ulamak2 PAS khususnya..

    Anak perempuan kesayangan di pinang. Semasa meramah mesra dalam usaha merisik latar belakang, terserlah calon ini AMAT kaya.

    Hobi dia membela kuda dalam sukan perjudian antarabangsa. Diberi nama Mekah dan Muhammad.

    Dia pun terus terang memberi syarat kalau ada Amoy Cina semawa sex bebas kat dia FOC, you semua mesti rela terima kerana itu adalah hak asasi manusia.

    Setusnya, dia mengaku dulu dia amat miskin, mampu minum air paip ajer tapi sejak menjadi kaya, nak lepas gian jadi kaki Botol,tapi pasai nak kawin dengan anak you, dah bertaubat..

    Confirm you akan nikahkan dia dengan anak you?


  31. "Zaid owns horses and races them, but he never did place a bet, so I was also told. "

    And I only fucked, but never ejaculated, only drove the getaway car but never robbed a bank, only sipped but never swallowed.

    And I have never, ever, ever told a lie which was not my own.

    So there!

  32. Hi ROCKY (Oopps sorry!..I mean DATO')

    For a man like ZAID IBRAHIM, he should own a FROG instead!!!

    Let's NOT forget he is the 1st FROG who started the PARTY HOPPING CULTURE.

    You said ZAID IBRAHIM owned RACING HORSES but had NEVER bet on it??? Hahahahahahahahaha!!! It's like a CLOWN who says he never cracks a JOKE before.

    You believe this SHIT???

  33. Haid Ibrahim6:27 pm


    To all HULU SELANGOR voters, please TAKE NOTE:

    If ZAID IBRAHIM wins, he will transform the entire HULU SELANGOR to RACE HORSE TURFS.

    Unless you want to HORSES to sleep next door of your dear homes & unless you want to smell the aroma of HORSES SHIT every morning you wake up...then....

    "You can vote for ZAID IBRAHIM"

  34. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Kuda Melayu
    Makan padi makan rumput
    makan beling
    Gaduh sama Kelling

    Kelling mesti MENANG kat ulu Selangor, dan Kuda Melayu pulak akan dihina, dicaci dan diludahi.

    الله يحبني حتى لو كنت لا أميل


  35. siamang8:05 pm

    ArshadRaji said...
    Does this writer has nothing else to write.? Is the writer (whoever the person is) insinuating that Zaid is a horse gambler? And do you not know that there are also gamblers in the BN,and including criminals? Please look at yourself in the mirror and you will see how dirty you are.

    8:25 AM

    why don't you us the PKR-bunch to take a look at the mirror themselves? You'll see one of them is a homosexual head opposition, one of them is a nudist exco

  36. Anonymous8:20 pm

    bertaubat la bro Rocky.... hang pon seorang 'kaki botol' jugak !!

    bottom up, bro !!!


  37. Anonymous10:02 pm


    I hope General Arshad is also is also now repented like zaid, i believe during his time there is not KAGAT,

  38. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Just ignore wandererAUS and other desperate PR supporters.

    They have just become so desperate with so false accusation to win voters in HS.

    Somehow haram has become halal

  39. Anonymous12:01 am

    Baru ada MELAYU yang bole duduk sama taraf dengan Bangsa lain,dari segi KEBENDAAN,,,di PERKECILKAN nya,,,

    No wander ramai melayu BODO,,!!!!

    Lihat betapa ramai NYA Melayu,,hari SABTU dan AHAD ini akan cuba nasib di kedai MAGNUM,,SPORTS TOTO and DA MA CAI untuk menjadi instant MILLIONAIRE,,!!!!

    Ramai juga MELAYU akan betting this Sunday BN akan kalah di ULU SELANGOR,,!!!


  40. Anonymous5:56 am

    They deliberately overlook the fact that a "Melayu" named a horse "Melayu". Well why would they care...after all if "Melayu" is whipped by its jockey down the home straight that will symbolically satiate some racist sadistic streak percolating in their veins, right?

    U know.....tak dapat lanyak Melayu betul ...lanyak kuda bernama Melayu pun jadilah. And for the owner? Well.... its taking out his angst and shame of being born a Melayu (Muslim), a release for pentup selfhatred. Poor Ibrahim and his puan must be squirming in their graves, right now!

    Last June, i wrote a comment regarding the showboating antics of this wasted sperm. Pronto, a self-anointed guardian of morals launched a campaign to ban me in keeping with his gatekeeping chakiliyan traditions. In another thread, Mr chakiliyan counsels of the need to be able to take as good as one gives and of blogs being discussion forums.

    But reality barks to us that what is preached is not what is practiced. And when someone is exposed as a closet homo scum that self same person howls "blue murder" while he revels in ridiculing others who expose his hypocrisy for what its worth. "Cant take as he gives" would be better applied with those pinklippedarse boys he enjoys in the company of his mentor...LOL

    Ulu Selangor (US)? who gives a damn!.... a couple of friends registered down there but living in KL are not even bothered to vote simply coz there is no Melayu bermaruah worth voting for.

    Sunday, 25th? probably at Zipangu with my Japanese no one would accuse me of sipping sake, would they? hahahahahaha

    P/s : How apt, the successful horse is alo named "Kelantan", an ironically sarcastic backhanded compliment to all Kelantanese and to a certain madarse turban lollipop,fresh from a 'taubat' stint in Mekah, who will be trying his darnest to save his once erstwhile nemesis' arse . What munafuckings are we blest with!! May Allah save Malaysia.

    Warrior 231

  41. skilgannon10669:13 am

    warrior xxx 5:56 AM

    I am sure you meant to write "May GOD save Malaysia", yes?

    And if VVIPs can "sin" overseas, but adopt holier-than-thou attitudes back home, then that is acceptable behaviour, yes?

  42. Anonymous8:29 pm

    What is wrong of owning racehorses lah? How many muslims are in fact earning their living through horse racing? Do your homwrork & see how many Jockeys, horse trainers, Turf Club's employee & officers are muslim.

    Do you know that the newest & biggest racecourse was just opened in Dubai? & there were even Malaysian Muslim contractors involved in that prestigious project.

    One of the largest racehourse owners in the world is the Royal fimily of Al Maktoum. They are also the main contributor in the world horse racing sports today as the sole organizer of the horse racing world cup.

    So tell me, are muslims forbidden in the sport of horse racing???

  43. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Dear ArshadRaj

    I truly support you...there are even criminals and almost all of them are kaki botol and kaki betina...nak tunjuk bagus konon!


  44. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Gosh 1066, don’t do that! In our trollior mind, logic is relative, not absolute. Anything suit his argument would become his logic, the moment he can’t reply a straight forward question, he will start antagonize writing China, Chinese and Confucius, I think you better spend your time take a sip of scotch and not riling that trollior, whose reply always make us laugh, cheeeers!


  45. Anonymous1:59 pm

    "The moment the prostitute's descendant fucks his mother and get her to gag to death on his cum or cock, that will be the moment of his liberation from being a LIAR and a RHANTER".Till then the accursed Rhanter is destined to keep on humming
    "on and on...Ill keep on lying..tho' truth keeps on staring, on and on, on and on....."
    - Confucious the Confused in the "Secret Analect 3211" banned by the CCP.

    Dei pig, quit rhanting and fuck your suffering motherlah instead of being a shameless busybody/kepoh butting unwelcome into other people's comments just to seek attention cos no one wants to entertain your puny self.

    As for SG1066, if you got a sliver of maruah left, you will understand that I have categorically stated in a previous comment that I DON'T wish to engage stupid morons like you, ANYMORE. Get it? If so, learn to mind ur own business.

    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous5:39 pm

    SG 1066 and Rhan

    Appears to me that your comments are of the hilarious variety. Whether its avoidance of issues, confuting the discussion or even outright lying when trapped, both of you seem to be masters at the game.

    SG1066 accused me of not providing data about incoming immigration but why should I for the crux of the matter for me and many Singaporeans alike is why should Singapore born, raised, educated and National Serviced Singaporeans leave in droves for relative backwaters like New Zealand? And I even quoted Seah's article to underline that point.

    Rhan, seems to me you have been caught out by the Qin and currency thingies and been nursing a grudge ever since. Chill out man,and a scotch is as good as any ;)

    Warrior 231, I dont agree with you using the mother figure stuff and all that filthy language. The impact and validity of your assertions will not be compromised if you ditch the fiith. Is that too much to ask?And please dont disengage as we need the smart ones to point out the dummies as Rhan once put it but then, the choice is yours.

    Keep writing folks with an eye on the facts always.

    David Seow Kok Hoong

  47. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Thanks for commenting my comment, and appreciate your emphasize on fact and civility. Before I bottoms up my single math, could you please show me your fact on the “caught out by the Qin and currency thingies”? Due to my “unique friendship” with trollior and the “fun” we had been went through together, perhaps an outsiders objective view would help to point out my absurdity.


  48. Anonymous2:08 pm

    “instead of being a shameless busybody/kepoh butting unwelcome into other people's comments”

    Do I see the divulged of lacking confidence toward one own comments?

    Mark Twain “It is easier to stay out than get out.” Your choice!


  49. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Poor Rhan, a lot of growing up to do and yet no better for it.

    Your stubborn attitude comes to the fore yet again when you pathetically try once more to defend the indefensible.

    Why not you admit the fact that you lied regarding the Confucius thingy when the whole world knows that you were exposed as doing so? Is it too much for your inflated ego? Warrior 231 quoted from Chinese historians to debunk you comprehensively but you shift goalposts ala SG1066 by bringing the Han dynasty into the equation to confute the issue. If as you claim you asked a straight question, what is there to stop him/her or us from demanding you give a straight answer for your false assertions.

    Come on Rhan, the whole world knows the PRC manipulates its currency

    The issues you raised are ancillary and moot. Warrior 231 was never fishing along that line and for you to trip him up on a non-existent line of argument is ridiculous. It is immaterial as to whether that will rein the US trade deficit but that the yuan is indeed kept artificially low to the detriment of others is the crux. In this regard, Warrior 231 is vindicated given that his assertion is shared by the Third World here unless of course, you want to twist that the JG is a Western publication as you commonly do. In fact, the PRC's Central Bank Governor has obliquely admitted as much. so quit being petty.

    Finally, you seem to be obsessed with scoring points over Warrior 231. That is perfectly undertsandable given his anti-Chinese filth fueled drivel may be discomfiting to you and us.But to insist that he remains in the game when he is apparently disinterested given you and SG's constant nonsensical drones is akin to a little bully demanding his victim stay on to receive his spite.I am sure W@#! will stay on if the counter-reasoning are based on facts and remains within the initial parameters.But it is obvious that SG10066 and you are incapable of holding onto that line.

    I totally abhor Warrior 231's foul language and racist baiting but at least he/she tries to argue lucidly with facts. The same cant be said of both of you try as you may, period.

    David Seow Kok Hoong

  50. Anonymous9:40 am

    To the great David, perhaps you need to understand more including my comments and the perspective from the China side before initiate any personal attack.

    I asked trollior to went into more depth of what is mean by “manipulate”, did I ever say China didn’t keep it currency artificially low? I cite the example of Ringgit peg happened in 1998 to 2005 and my point is if China did manipulate, than Malaysia did the same in the past. No double standard!

    What is wrong if I bring in Han dynasty or shall I talk about Song and Yuan which have a bigger gap? Trollior referred to Sima were one great Han historian la, and most of the Qin history was noted down during Han. Is Singapore education only stuffs you with tiny and micro view and therefore you never comprehend history from a macro angle? I quote another straight forward scenario for your simple mind here, if Singapore were governed by the Chinese educated and not the Lee horde, what makes you think is the “fact” on closing of Nantah?

    “Finally, you seem to be obsessed with scoring points over Warrior 231. That is perfectly understandable…”

    You may just skip the “fun” part if you don’t like it, don’t you see our trollior had been telling not to engage until I lost count exactly how many time he said it. So no worry, let move on. I am glad a Singaporean can work hand in hand with our trollior. I am sure he loves Singaporean. LKY is his idol.


    PS/ seem like some "saint" can never present their view and fact without using word like stubborn, poor and pathetic toward one that have a different view, at least our trollior never claim he is one)

  51. Anonymous5:51 pm


    You sure have a warped sense of reality.

    1. Warrior 231/Trollior? loves LKY. Well, all I gather from his exchanges with SG1066 is the opposite of "love".

    2.Pretty touchy are you when I critique your false assertions. Well this is what you wrote:

    "Oh btw, QSH burned books that are mostly belong to the Confucius follower and those relate to Confucianism, he hate Confucius ideology and it clique non-stop babbling, his intention was never to seal the people mind."

    and I invite the readers to view Warrior 231's expletive ridden response here which Rhan did not respond to but did so in another forum by cleverly covering up the actual facts with his Han entry.Then form your judgements.

    3. Your contradictions are showing, Rhan:

    Here you state:"did I ever say China didn’t keep it currency artificially low?" and barely a few words later, you assert this:"is if China did manipulate"

    so which is which, make up your mind please?

    4.As for the antecedents of the currency issue, it began here with your comments:

    " hence I find it odd if my fellow countryman subscribe to the Western myth toward the appreciation of Yuan, and expect the poor country to help stimulate the superpower economy."

    note, W231's earlier comment also here spoke nothing about "poor country stimulating superpower economy"

    5. So what gives when your wisdom-filled views are critiqued? All hell breaks loose, i suppose. Simple David becomes 'Great David", adjectives to describe your trenchant views become personal attacks and I become a co-conspirator with Warrior 231! What next, me a CIA plant? Will wonders ever cease in your little world.I guess not.

    The whole point of my earlier comment was to highlight the "absurdity of my views" as you personally requested. When I do that, I am attacked with even LKY and farflung Nantah drawn into the argument. Trying to discredit me, Rhan? Good try but then again your latest response reflects on the type of person you really are.

    You may be right, Trollior didnt claim to be a saint and i didnt either for after all how could I dare for you are the one and only resident saint here. Growing up maybe a hard thing to do after all, even for saints.

    P/s : If you cannot debunk a foulmouth with solid and sensible arguments, it would be better to let things be rather than disgracing Chinese everywhere in their name as you claim to be doing? Dont you think so?

    David Seow Kok Hoong

  52. Anonymous9:59 pm


    “You sure have a warped sense of reality.”
    ---Hardly, but I don’t mind squabble with one like what I am doing now.

    1.“Warrior 231/Trollior? loves LKY. Well, all I gather from his exchanges with SG1066 is the opposite of "love".
    ---“love” takes time, hope you will stay long enough.

    2.“Pretty touchy are you when I critique your false assertions. Well this is what you wrote…:”
    ---If can’t read Chinese, use google translator:
    钱穆在《国史大纲》上册141页中这样写道:“秦代焚书,最主要者为六国史记(即当代官书),其次为诗、书古文(即古代官书之流传民间者)。而百家言(即 后起民间书)非其所重。汉兴,学统未尝中断。”可见,“焚书”之事并非波及全部书籍,钱穆说:“秦虽焚书,史官、博士官仍未废,著述亦未中辍。下迄汉惠。 除挟书律,前后只二十三年。汉廷群臣,亦多涉学问,名人臣德,杂出其间”

    3.“Your contradictions are showing, Rhan: Here you state:"did I ever say China didn’t keep it currency artificially low?" and barely a few words later, you assert this:"is if China did manipulate"so which is which, make up your mind please?”
    --- Don’t play with words, I am not interested, please answer a straight forward question: Is ringgit peg a manipulation?

    4.As for the antecedents of the currency issue, it began here with your comments:
    --- I don’t have time to re-read everything. A short one, Trollior claim China beggar thy neighbor, (Of course he read Krugman), and Malaysia used to peg the ringgit, hence I find it odd that one who support the peg (8 years not 8 months) now claim China is wrong!? By the way. I am not really familiar with your style of debate yet, so what, exactly, is your point?

    5. “bla bla bla….”
    --- Just my opinion, take it or leave it

    “P/s : If you cannot debunk a foulmouth with solid and sensible arguments, it would be better to let things be rather than disgracing Chinese everywhere in their name as you claim to be doing? Dont you think so?”
    --- Are you telling me your stupid allege reflect the entire Chinese mind? Wow, what a great “simple David”

    Finally, let’s try again and I repeat that straight-forward question, if Singapore were governed by the Chinese educated and not the Lee horde, what makes you think is the “fact” on closing of Nantah?


  53. Anonymous2:51 pm

    His horses used to win yes and the winning monies he would give it for ZICO's sports' club, what was he thinking, horse gambling monies in sports club...there are muslims in the sports club too.
    And on his drinking habitss its also true..drinking in front of muslim...drinking together with his western konon nya..


  54. Anonymous5:50 pm

    David Seow

    Looks like you have disturbed the 'woman' in him/her so let be. The poor guy?gal? doesnt undertstand what he/she writes (which doesnt makes sense anyway) so its no use trawling the issue. It will be never ending story...see you are already in the Nantah/Lee horde spacetime continuum now and some Mandarin characters to boot.

    Agree with you that Warrior 231 is scum but with Chinese boys/girls like these responding, no wonder he is emboldened.

    Ketchup and Chilli Sauce

  55. Anonymous10:49 am

    Seem like apart from imitation and ad hominem attack, some can’t even spurt out a single fact from her writing. Though naming herself sauce, however add no flavor at all to the main dish, what a waste of bandwidth.


  56. Anonymous11:56 am

    Ketchup and Chilli Sauce

    I am with you. Better be outta here than be dragged right through the time portals back to "the Beijing Man" before being slingshot through a hole in the space-time fabric into Singapore's Nantah under the seige of the Lee horde. As for adhominems, I think the wrter knows his/her hyocrisy better.

    David Seow Kok Hoong

  57. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Loser, get a grip if you can’t argue with fact, pull that copycat into an orgy could only lead you to a tiny orgasm.

    A tiny brain from a tiny island tries to brag her tiny fact here? Hahahaha.