Friday, April 30, 2010

Janji Melayu Najib

RM3 million for Chinese school. The Chinese votes did not go to Barisan Nasional in the Hulu Selangor by-election that the coalition won last Sunday, but a promise's a promise. Even Kit had to take his hats here. My friend Syed Akbar thinks here is proof of how committed the PM is to 1Malaysia.

I am a pro-Satu Sekolah guy who believes that the best way to unite the peoples of this country or to achieve 1Malaysia, in other words, is to have a 1School policy.

For now, though, janji mesti ditepati. Kalau tak bukan janji Melayu namanya.


  1. Anonymous12:57 pm

    That has got to be the most wasted rm3mil ever.
    Unless the chinese will vote for govt. If in their hearts they still think they want to vote the opposition, then honestly, if they have any pride, they should return the money. That 3mil should then be given to the org asli community who had all these while voted the govt.
    They need better facilities.
    Or, the money can then be given to national schools that need further equipment.

    But if the chinese wanna remain selfish and greedy, biting shamelessly the hands that feed them, then all Malaysia knows what kind of people are you.

    Other people can be generous and tolerant, but the chinese wouldn't care less...


  2. al-Deen-amin1:00 pm

    FELDA became a hot issue during the Hulu Selangor buy-election. On top of misappropriation of settlers' land they have to keep on beg for compensation.

    Like father like son - give-aways to the Chinese hoping for favours! To Lim the Genting gambling hub, now RM3million for a rebuff. Only they themselves know how to rule their own kind, LKY and Mao Tse Tung, with an iron hand.

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    never heard of janji melayu but i would think its opposite of what najib did

  4. Easy to honour such promises when paid with the Rakyat's money!

    And whose money went to pay all those Felda families? Again the Rakyat's although the developer who fled with the settlers' money did so earlier during UMNO/BN leadership!!

    But then KKK Ali Baba of Perksong doesn't agree the Chinese should benefit becoz the mmajority voted for the Opposition albeit a 100& (NOT a cconstitutional) Malay, Zaid Ibrahim!! What a mess and what a contradiction and confusion by Perkosong!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Podah Rocky !!
    "the best way to unite the peoples of this country or to achieve 1Malaysia, is not only to have a 1School policy" ....., but to have 'equal and non discrimination policy to all rakyat regardless of race, religion and gender !!

  6. Anonymous3:21 pm


    Inilah yang depa ghiuh2 sangat, Bumiputra pakai TONGKAT... nah, sekarang mereka pun dah berTONGKAT. hehehe

    Kat Sibu nanti jangan sekadar Tongkat Raja Kayu Sarawak, itu sedia dapat dalam hutan..bestfriend saya pun tahun 1968 dulu dah hadiahkan tongkat raja kayu kat Arwah bapa saya.

    Ini hal Sekolah pendalaman kat Sarawak, lantai bertongkat buluh saja. Nah, apa lagi... minta juga RM3juta.. Kan jadi sama rata..


  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    firstly, hats off to PM Najib for keeping his promise.

    Secondly, Rocky - are u sure that is the definition of "janji melayu" . From the common definition here in Malaysia, that is not what it means. Maybe in Singapore, the land where you come from that could mean something else.

  8. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Please lah, the RM3mil wasn't from Najib's own pocket nor was it from yours, dear Rocky. It was from the taxpayers which also consist of Malaysian Chinese too.

  9. umno/the malays still not getting this, most chinese are risk takers

    if they want change, they will willing to take the risk for a big change, meaning put the opposition on the seat

    mouth service / slogan chanting and donations from the gov can't give the change that they are looking for.

    Why do they want big change?? Well the answer have been given by some of the UNMO commenter … To get rid of the gov / public bodies that bit the hands that feed them.

  10. Anonymous6:21 pm

    I like the Janji Melayu bit.
    But I think it will be wasted on the Chinese.
    They are so Kiasu, I doubt it will go appreciated.
    Agree with the above that the Orang Asli or Indians probably deserve it more.
    Heck I will not even be surprised if it get's twisted as a bribe or some thing else as ugly.
    Cina-cina, bila lagi nak buang tongkat?


  11. Anonymous6:32 pm

    D Rasa berapa keratlah pengundi Cina,,,lagipon the other day results,,,BN = 75,,,PKR = 301.

    Di hari biasa PEKAN RASA lengang aja,,HANTU pon tak mau duduk disitu.

    Apakejadah bagi 3juta,,Sekolah pondok MELAYU murid-murid makan Nasi BER LAUK KICAP,,,tiada siapa kisah,,!!!!!!!!

    DUIT tu duit rakyat or duit dia sendiri?????

    BTW,,,ngapa adakan ELECTION,,,,when Most of the MENTERI adalah yang kalah during the last GENERAL ELECTION??????

    INDIAN juga UNTUNG,,,

    SAMY VELLU dapat "TUN"

    MELAYU dapat apa???????
    Kampong tergadai adalah.

    OOp lupa ari tu dapat juga rasa $$$ rasuah,,!!!


  12. Anonymous7:04 pm

    RM3 million? This is peanuts!
    Imagine the thousands and thousands of Cina company paying tax to the tune of millions of riggit every year.

    Why don't we just return you this RM3 million and give it to Ibrahim Ali, he needed it more. We can than ask the Chinese community to contribute, RM30 million is sup-sup-soi.

    Who is still poor after 53 years? If you are poor blame it on yourself, you lost 53 years of opportunities and you cannot stop us being getting richer. Get a life Ibrahim Ali the child walking with a tongkat!

  13. Actually Dato', I think the seed of racial divide was planted after Merdeka when the then Perikatan Government in their wisdom at that time allowed vernacular schools to flourish instead of having a one school for all system, all in the name of give and take between the dominant Malay/Bumis and the minority Chinese and Indians which is probably a good idea at that time.

    On hind sight however,Indonesia, Thailand and even Singapore have a more or less one school system and they have now a vibrant population who speaks and write well in their respective national language and they are by and large united as one people one nation. I look in envy a Indonesian Chinese who speaks in Indonesian when they holiday in Singapore.

    Sadly after 50 years of Merdeka, We Malays, Chinese and Indians are stuck somewhere where we should not be, a nation still talking about race when we should be talking about the nation's future united as one Malaysian people. I hold the separate school system for much of the mess we are in. Ineffective communication is a great barrier for unity, we cannot communicate effectively as one people if our young are voluntarily segregated at the school level. Even the great Dr Mahathir our PM of 22 years could not change the multi school system in the face of humongous political and NGO opposition. Maybe PM Najib who have said that he is prepared to make the difficult decisions for Malaysia, could do something about the 1 school system noble idea.

    Having said that I think some of our Chinese countrymen should be looking at the larger picture, not just issues which concerns them only. In business it is good maybe to be selfish and greedy and kiasu and all that made but in dealing with other countrymen and the nation as a whole some sort of reciprocity would be a wonderful thing. It is indeed dangerous to vote according to racial line and issues only and people should not wear it like a badge of honor, as others, especially the majority, may follow suit and Malaysia will be really in trouble politically.

    If the Malay ultras have their way in the next GE, what would happen if MCA/Gerakan are pitted against the DAP in Chinese dominated constituency while UMNO/MIC are pitted against PKR/PAS in Malay majority and mixed constituency. I shudder to think of the likely consequences.

    If the HS-byelection is to go by, BN did not win convincingly and the youth are going for the Pakatan and to ensure an outright win in the next GE, PM Najib have to make the tough adjustments during candidates allocation in order to just survive and win the DAP/PAS/PKR offensive. As such BN would soon find itself in the Opposition if voting by racial lines are tolerated and not contained now.

    Giving 3 million here 1 million there to Chinese, Indian schools or Islamic religious schools would not do as people will ask and take but not necessarily give their votes to the giver.

  14. Anonymous8:38 pm

    ohh najib dolling out sweet candie$..??


    "When you sit to dine with a ruler,
    note well what is before you, and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.
    Do not crave his delicacies, for that food is deceptive." (Proverbs 23:1-3)

    Pak Najis

  15. Anonymous11:22 pm

    What is RM3 millions as compare to the more than RM500 millions paid as commission to buy submarine that cannot dive?

  16. Anonymous12:54 am

    Kit Siang blog mentioned, itu Wee(Rasa tara kasi cukup vote pun) mayak excited, SMS LKS jemput kePutrajaya bila handing over the RM3juta?

    Ewah Ewah...
    apahat ini maciam? only LKS?

    TGNA sama Azizah lu tarak SMS jugak ker? Anwar, Karpal Wee tarak SMS jugak? Apa lia olang tatak excited juga ker?


  17. Rocky, I too agree on 1School system, however does that mean the government is ready to

    1. Open up UiTM to all races?
    2. Open up MCKK to all races?
    3. Open up all MARA schools?
    4. Everyone takes the same pre-u exams?

    I hope the government is not trying to have one's cake and eat it too...

  18. Anonymous6:57 am

    Well now that Najib has seen the true colours of the chinese, maybe in the immediate future, consider this fact in his policy making.

    ... Najib must remember that more Malays stood behind him including PERKASA and Tun Dr M.

  19. Anonymous6:59 am

    this is just a sweetener, the real stuff will go to the majority race

  20. Anonymous9:37 am

    The question is to what extent he will carry out this placating, wooing the "love of no return" thing.

    Tengku A Rahman gave away Singapore to the Chinese and get cursed even long after his death. Would Najib give away so many things just to get back 2/3 majority and achieve developed status by 2020? Chinese schools are not in line with Article 152 on position of Bahasa Malaysia. He didn't have to flout support for something like that.

    Najib certainly is not the son of his father by his deeds. He did not live in a kampong and know the pulse of the Malays like his father did. His father tried to get the Malays catch up with the Chinese, now only 18% corporate wealth and a disproportionate ratio of those qualified in the various professions. Najib New Economic Model speaks about equal opportunities. I fear Malays will curse him like they did Tengku A Rahman.

  21. Anonymous5:11 pm

    for the last 50 years the chinese paid 80% of the taxes, and this is wat they got - 3 miserable millions... ptui!

  22. Janji melayu podah!!! fuck janji melayu, the most undependable fuckers around. cannot be trusted to do work. can collect salary and dissappear - thats janji melayu. howm any malay staff I have hired collect salary and fuck off go missing

  23. "Tengku A Rahman gave away Singapore to the Chinese." Anon 9.37.

    What the ??!!

    How many hundred years have you been sleeping lah brudder?

    Are you next going to tell us that Malaya once "owned" Sabah and Sarawak?

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  24. Anonymous7:16 pm


    Your views are heartening, especially those pertaining to single-stream schooling or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS).

    We would like to invite you, and others as well, to the discussions in our Kempen SSS blog at

    We are looking for a brave and strong-willed leadership to start taking action on the SSS concept. After the subject was raised and discussed in Parliament a few months back, DS Najib has said the SSS would be implemented when the rakyat wants it. He has not stated how to determine whether or not the rakyat wants it now.

    We have suggested that the safest and politically defensible method is via a referendum. We hope DS Najib will start taking action when he feels well entrenched in the country's leadership role soon.

    SSS Admin.

  25. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Oh no!!

    Then we have pimps loitering, drug lords circling the gates, gangsters threatening the students and teachers, toddy bottles all over the campus alien speaking creatures roaming around the campus!!

    Rasanya tidak kut,
    kecuali if you are prepared to nulify all those "free citizenships" and sail back home,

    that I will surely give my Vote!


  26. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Rocky, I m real disappointed with your remarks! Anyway,the RM3m belong to the rakyat, irrespective of eho they voted for. All these while, the Govt (is it equal to BN?) think rakyat money only to be given to pro-BN people....then why not tax free for non-BN people?
    And the RM3m given after some cajoling by Kit to both PM & MCA people. Actually, this one given under press ball condition.


  27. Anonymous6:59 am

    Rakyat@8:32 PM

    this is what Najib gets for pandering to the chinese - the true blue INGRATES - kiasu & kiasi

  28. Anonymous7:54 am


    You bandied the slogan "dpp
    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race" everywhere you go.

    Yet you make fun of Perkasa which is just trying to protect the rights and interests of the Malays.

    What a bloody bastard you are.

  29. Anonymous8:49 am


    Don't talk about people sleeping for hundreds of years. I've been watching you. You have once said that Malaya was colonised for hundreds of years since Malacca. You don't even know that the Portuguese ruled only Malacca, the Dutch also did not rule the hinterland and the British only ruled the "Straits Settlements", later the "Federated Malay States" after 1874 and ruled the whole of Malaya only much later.

    You talk thru your asshole, don't you. That's why often bloody smelly. Anwarul Jalan Belakang won't like it, man.

    Read up the book, "The Malay Civilisation", by Mohd Arof Ishak, published by The Historical Society of Malaysia, which gives scores of research studies by relevant experts that the Malays have been here for some 6,000 years, spreading to Madagascar, Christmas Island, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. The Champa Malays in Vietnam and Cambodia are still there as a society. They were the first to settle parts of the two countries since about 2,000 years ago. Visit the Museum or ask the Department of Museums and Antiquities for literature showing documentary proofs of that, old man.

    Studies have been made by experts in linguistics, anthropology, archaeology etc since the 19th Century and heightened in the 2nd half of the 20th Century. Ring up The Historical Society of Malaysia if you can't find copies of the book in your usual bookstore - if you do visit bookstores, that is.

    And The Historical Society is not a school club, mind you. It was formed since British colonial times. Among the Executive Committee and council members are Professors of History like Prof Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim and Prof Dato Zainal Abidin Wahid and Malay Studies Professors like Prof Dato Mohd Taib Osman.

    Don't keep on jabbing at the Malays until you have read that book. You can't be disputing those linguistic, anthropology, archaeology and history experts because you only have an accounts background, don't you?

    The Malays are a large family of 350 million people known as the "Rumpun Melayu" comprising of people in the entire Malay Archipelago and beyond, including the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, the Indonesians, the Filipinos, the Polynesians, etc. Those research studies since the 19th Century were done by foreigners and had no other objective than academic, historical and sociological.

    Read up also the Early History volume of the Encyclopedia of Malaysia written in the last 2-3 decades by both Malaysian history and other experts as well as Professors and PhD holders from University Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, National University of Singapore, National University of Australia, etc.

    And you don't even know the basic history of Malaya, yet wanting to talk about history, you dumb ass.

  30. Mustapha Ong9:12 am

    salam rocky's bru.\,

    Your posting is timely as the public debate goes on based on racial lines and not political acumen reflected by Najib's 1Malaysia agenda.

    What is the big deal of RM3 million to be put into good education use for the extension of the Chinese school?we should express constructive criticisms and should not be politically emotional on the issue. also please note that there are also Malay students studying in the Chinese schools in Hulu Selangor.

    Janji Melayu mesti ditunaikan tetapi ada sebilangan besar Melayu tak bayar hutang pinjaman.just revisit the MARA outstanding loans given to Malays for education and business development that will reveal to us how much the Malays have defaulted such loans since the inception of MARA to help the privileged Malays and bumiputras.

    Please don't get me wrong as i am not a racist nor against any special financial help to Malays and bumiputras.they certainly deserved the government's financial assistance but some of them had abused their privileges on borrowed money and from public funds.

    I believe prime minister is making a serious attempt to change the mind set and attitude of the Malays to be more prudent with absolute integrity.the government will continue to provide financial assistance and other privileges to all deserving Malays, but at the same time also to correct the existing widening disparity between the Malays and non-Malays.

    Statistic shows that more than 70% of the Chinese population are registered voters compared to less than 50% of the Malays and others. i agreed with Tun Mahathir that the "malays will not win any election on their own without the support of the Chinese and others".
    the Chinese are in the same political dilemma too, as without the Malay support, they will never win an election.

    Finally, i also agreed with Tun Mahathir that there are many "extremist Chinese" in the community who will continue to support DAP and PKR at all cost.MCA and Gerakan should agree that there are more extremist Chinese than extremist Malays based on racial equilibrium.they should not only criticise the Malays but also look into their own backyard and provide long term strategies to win back the Chinese support to Barisan Nasional.

  31. Anonymous9:27 am

    Srikanth Siva,

    You need to understand and accept that you and other non-Malays got citizenship in exchange for the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak getting a Special Position under the Constitution.

    Those were agreed by the non-Malay and Malay leaders at Merdeka. The Constitution was discussed and approved by representatives of practically all the communities in Malaysia and you have to hnour that, respect it and live by it. It's the highest set of laws in the country. All other laws emanate from it. No other law can contradict the Constitution as it will be ultra vires and cannot become law.

    MCKK was there even before Merdeka. It was set up by the British upon the special request of the then Sultan of Perak for Malay boys to study in English. The British did not build English schools in the kampongs where most Malays lived but built sufficient English schools in the towns where most Chinese lived. MCKK was also meant as to prepare Malays for administrative service of the country. MCKK was not within the ambit of the NEP but was perhaps under the Malay Special Position.

    MRSMs and the others were under the NEP. That policy was derived from Article 153 on the Malay Special Position. It was started after the racial riots of 1969 at which time the Malays, the majority in this country, had hardly 2% of the welath of the country and hardly 5% in the various professions.

    As fully residential schools, MRSMs helped the Malays from the kampongs to get secondary-level educational and related facilities almost non-existent in rural areas. There is no reliable and up-to-date data showing how much of the gap between the Malays and the Chinese position has been bridged. As of now, for example, there are only 30% Bumi qualified accountants registered with the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants when
    the Malays and the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak should have 70%.

    So MRSMs should continue as they are. That was part of the deal in so far as the Special Position is concerned. The deal was the Malays get the Special Position and the non-Malays get citizenship. If the non-Malay citizenship is forever, why can't the benefits under the Special Position be forever? If you start questioning that, the Malays may start questioning the citizenship for you descendants and it's no good for anybody.


    The carrot is actually a rod in disguise
    To be used when the needs actually arise
    So do not be so happy to know this surprise
    Unless you want to cause some temperatures to rise

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 020510
    sun. 2nd May 2010.

  33. Anonymous5:01 pm

    1.lambang kebodohan berpolitik pemimpin melayu!!
    2.fakta dan jelas!kawasan melayu!yang sokong bn 75!sokongan dari 35%(2008) kepada 25%(ulu selangoq!!awat la bodo oiii!puak pemimpin melayu nii!!

  34. Anonymous12:12 am

    Anon 9.27AM,

    Why wrote so panjang lebar ah? You just need to reply YES, THIS IS WHAT OUR "GOVERNMENT" TRYING TO DO when Sri say he hope the government is not trying to have one's cake and eat it too......

    However, i don't think this is what our government trying to do.


  35. Dear SSS Admin,

    Will be interested to join the discussion, I hope others like minded will do too.

    Actually PM Najib had laid the foundation of the one school system by stating that it could be implemented if the rakyat wanted it. Like you I think the best way to find out if the rakyat wants it, is through a public referundum.


  36. Mr Ong, what a sensible post, I like the last few paragraph and I hope that the BN partners read it as well.

  37. sy teringat zaman sekolah rendah dulu kami mix dengan kaum lain dari standard one...dan hingga kini masih berkwan tak pernah ada prasangaka...memang patut kerajaan hapuskan sekolah jenis kebangsaan dan adakan sek kebangsaan sahaja

  38. Hisham3:27 pm

    RM3 juta untuk sekolah yang menjadi benih 'chauvinist' pada masa akan datang?

    pembaziran yang nyata....

  39. Anonymous6:42 pm

    "The Malay Civilisation", by Mohd Arof Ishak, published by The Historical Society of Malaysia, which gives scores of research studies by relevant experts that the Malays have been here for some 6,000 years,"

    My Foot! This can be easily disputed and proven by scientist who study and confirm that those race that still has a problem with incest are very close to animals and only has about 20 − 24 generation when they were behaving more like an animal than a human. 20 generation is about 500 hundred years only.

  40. Anonymous9:28 pm

    anon 5:11,
    chinese did not paid the highest tax in Malaysia, petronas did. One year of petronas tax contribution equal to 100 years of chinese paid for their tax.

    so, i think malay deserve more on tax income; since petronas (which majority of its employees are malay) paid more taxes than the chinese.



  41. Anonymous11:56 am

    I would like to invite Najib to stay in my humble dwelling for a week, disguised.. Macam cerita Prince Edward..then feel for himself what type of kids SJKC produces..

    Don't worry, my family members can speak fluent Mandarin and other Chinese dialects..

    so, able to translate word by word of the comments they unashamedly will pass on him whenever he approaches them..

    Dengan seikhlasnya saya persilakan, demi masa depan Negara dan Bangsa.

    Food, pakaian, accomodation on me..


  42. Anonymous3:16 pm

    apa buktinya china nih bayar cukai paling tinggi di Malaysia, kpd china china diluar sana sila tunjukkan bukti...
    setahu aku ramai china nih jadik kaya kerana menjalankan bisnis haram (bagi Muslim, bagi china sebat ajer) seperti perJUDIan, penjualan ARAK, peLACURan, kegiatan AHLONG, penternakkan BABI (dah busuk makan benda busuk, bila berak busuk macam taik babi), mana ada china china tak sedar diri ni bayar cukai, macam mana nak declare???
    sila tunjuk bukti yg kukuh bahawa kamu semua pembayar cukai tertinggi di Malaysia!!!!


  43. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Anon 6.42 PM

    You got your foot in your mouth, haven't you? Careful boy, you might get foot and mouth disease. If you haven't already got the H1N1 pig disease.

    You poor chap, you are scared of history, aren't you? You would want the history of Malaysia to start from 1957. And disregard all the history of this country before that. Or try to write your own history and re-write episodes like on Malayan Communist Party as a nationalist movement. Sorry old chap, only Lim Kit Siang, sonny Lim Guan Eng and a few of their goons would believe you.

  44. Anonymous4:42 pm

    the little red dot is sinking and will depend on recycled waste water for their "bright" future

    Malaysia is on the right track, no matter how the chinapork and the hidulen want to criticise