Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Departed

The 37 who have left, so far. Jebat Must Die's latest posting Mereka yang meninggalkan Anwar Ibrahim is a must-read. Reminds us how fickle politics can be.


  1. Anonymous10:45 am

    Reminds me how remote Anwar is.

  2. Anonymous11:17 am

    After Najib's sterling performance on the international stage, Anwar can forget about his "version" of what is happening in Malaysia.

    Pity his sponsors ...

  3. Anonymous11:32 am

    Hahahaha 37 PKR Trojan Horses in BN now.
    Jebat will die.

  4. At the rate anwar's loyalist and friends leaving him I wonder who would be left to hold the candle for PKR come the next GE.

    And anon 11.32am...the last time a trojan horse was employed in a battle the Greeks only used 1(one). 37 trojan horses? I think you are deluding yourself.

  5. Ying Wei Jin2:21 pm

    It is only fair that the limelight of assessment be shared equally between Anwar and the 37.

    If we are to question Anwar's leadership amidst this significant debacle of departures,we should rightly question the character and integrity of these political athletes(long jumpers to be exact),and each individual-specific situation and reasons for their great leaps.

    Jebat's line of argument assumes that departures(and their numbers,positions)is fool-proof,certain evidence that Anwar has lost the plot,implying that his shortcomings alone is the reason for departures,thus pointing his finger in one subject and direction,appealing to readers to think.

    But the picture he paints is one where the limelight shines solely on Anwar the devil,alone and pathetic,with the 37 saints silent in the background...

    I say---turn on the floodlights and we can all get a better picture.Jebat's argument requires more en-LIGHT-ment.I am only sorry I don't have 38(or less maybe) fingers.

    So,Rocky sir,why is his posting a must-read?

    What if I ASSUMED that those who joined BN are moral rotten demons?Can I follow by saying that we should not support Najib,because what kind of leader would accept devils?

    The answer is no.We don't assume,we investigate and analyze.

    You are a newsman,do a detailed report on each of the 38(37 plus Anwar),compile,then we can revisit this topic.

  6. "After Najib's sterling performance on the international stage!" Anon 11.17.

    What, after backstabbing Iran, paying APCO RM77 million and Nazri trying to pretend it was only $28 million, and then buying his way with our tax money to kiss Obama's ass just like Firaun did Bush's?

    To his credit, Firaun only paid US1.2 million= RM 4.56 million for his kneeling session with Bush!!

    So, did the RM77 million to APCO include backhanders and "co-ordination and support Services" payment to a famous consulting company once linked to 4th floor Putrajaya, 1 of whose partners now sits on Petronas' Board?

    Sterling performance? Our reserves gone up or the GDP or PCI or fair distribution of equity or more money in your pocket?

    Ke, Ke Ke!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  7. najib manaukau4:18 pm

    Now that shenanigan Mahathir has announced he is getting involved, what a blessing that is.
    Just look at the by election records since the last GE everyone he got involved Umno/BN lost.
    The people has enough of this racist shenanigan especially all his bloody lies !
    So please get the racist shenanigan Mahathir very involved for that is surely one way to have the BN candidate beaten.

  8. charleskiwi4:26 pm

    To the Anon of 11.32,

    The 37 PKR Trojan Horses you referred to were all disappointed that they did not get any appointment which they were all waiting for when the mother of all bluffers told them the biggest lie that he was taking over the government.
    It was better to have it happened now before the GE and have the right opposition candidates elected in the next GE. It is better now than later !

  9. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Semasa DSAI jadi DPM, Dato, tolong merisik bank akaun mereka2 yang Departed ini..

    Dah 20tahun berlalu, check semula keadaan kewangan semasa Departed2 ini.

    I kenal sangat dua sekok dari mereka, pengasas PKR dan pengikut begitu setia DSAI, tapi sekarang, mana saja Najib berada,ada saja batang hidung mereka, terhegeh2 dan begitu mengharap.


    Ada orang memang maruah mereka terletak dibawah tapak kaki pemimpin.


  10. nuar berahim5:15 pm

    anon 11.32
    Apalah bodoh sangat?

  11. Anonymous7:10 pm

    anon 11:32 AM

    sorry to disappoint you, the 37 enlightened politicians will sniff out the real trojans still in UMNO

    and get them packing off to pakatan - the party for BN rejects


    keep on dreaming, the spirit of Jebat lives on

  12. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Zul Nordin , Zahrain and coming soon Wee Choo Keong ..... nasib baik dia orang ni meninggalkan Anwar, kalau tidak, hancurlah KeAdilan !!!

  13. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Ying Wei Jin has perfected the idiot's way of saying long things without even saying anything concrete.

    Anwar is an imbecile. That is why his long time friends and loyalists deserted him because they already know Anwar has nothing substantial to offer us.

    Economy? Social enlightenment? Anti Corruption? High moral values?

    Sorry, Anwar is not good in any one of them...

  14. Anonymous12:02 pm


    Some commentators up there are still stupid.

    Why lah?

  15. Ying Wei Jin8:52 am

    Anon sir,

    You have missed my point.

    My point is that we should study each and every one of the 37 and not just focus on Anwar.

    It is easy to say what you just said(Anwar is an imbecile and whatnot) and conveniently just leave out questions on the 37.

    If you insist on taking a simplistic,subjective,lay man view approach,then I have nothing to say.

    I am not saying that Jebat's assessment is definitely wrong,I don't like it because it is narrow and that we can only comment better with more information on the 37.

  16. Anonymous1:42 am

    Ying wei jin..

    Since nobody is studying the specific reasons for these 37 people then we can safely believe that Anwar is the reason they are leaving PKR..

    You yourself did not make this study to prove Rocky is wrong or narrow..