Saturday, March 06, 2010

Najib's headache, Tee Keat's heartache

Updated, Sunday 10pm
Dnightcaller has an interesting analysis on the MCA presidential turmoil, here, which pits the Lone Ranger and Brutus.

Original Article:
Circus. Chess. Curse. That the BN chairman and Prime Minister Najib Razak hasn't uttered a word in public about the latest MCA drama suggests that he's tired with or deeply hurt by the antics of the jokers in this political circus. Like many, he'd probably thought that the party's AGM would heal the scars and bring the factions together. For a while, the political headaches and heartaches belonged to the Pakatan Rakyat as Anwar Ibrahim's PKR grappled with defections in recent weeks.

Then, suddenly, just days before the AGM, Chua Soi Lek decided to quit his deputy president post to check-mate the "unity" plan that had brought him and party president Ong Tee Keat together for the last few months.

Tee Keat may have felt like Caeser, betrayed by his own subordinates, but unlike Ceaser he's alive, unfortunately, and he's still the President of the party and, therefore, he has a job to do.

AGM and then fresh elections. Firstly, he needs to fulfill the leadership's earlier commitment to hold the AGM and prepares members for fresh elections (now scheduled for March 28). There are those who do not wish Tee Keat to hold the AGM for fear that it may provide him with a platform to address the delegates but then he is the President. NOT holding the AGM would be a dereliction of duty, and there's nothing worse than that.

In any case, the women's wing of the party has convened their AGM today (against a directive of it's chief Chew Mei Fun, it seems!) and there is no reason why Tee Keat should not hold the AGM as scheduled.
Curse of the PKFZ. Secondly (and more importantly at least for people like me), as Transport Minister and the man who said he would deliver justice in the Port Klang Free Zone fiasco, Tee Keat must remain focused. The turmoil within MCA must not distract or deter him. I know he's been under great pressure since his pledge to expose those responsible for the billions lost in PKFZ.

His days at MCA's helm may be numbered but as I see it Tee Keat may be President of MCA for the another 20 years but it would do him little good if he fails to help bring to book the culprits (including some MCA politicians from what I've heard) behind the PKFZ.

So, as I see it, Tee Keat can fight to stay on as president of the MCA or Liow Teong Lay can take him or Chua Soi Lek or both on 28th March. The important thing is will MCA emerge stronger after that and will Tee Keat be able to finish what he sets out to do at PKFZ?


  1. "Beware the Ides of March!" julius caesar/ shakespeare.

    15th of March, that is.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    MCA should be disband !!

    Those MCA flyers are truly disgrace to their own community !!

    Goh Wei Liang

  3. Anti Cheats5:09 pm

    Datuk Rokk,

    This Soiled Lek will be the end of MCA.

    Hidup Liow!

  4. Anonymous5:24 pm

    It should have been Circus, CHINESE Chess, Curse. Your picture also showing a set of Chinese Chess.

    "Jibby is the Ring Leader of this circus. His members and those in cahoots are the clowns.

    PKFZ? Apa itu? Khir Toyol mansion? Apa itu?


  5. Ananda5:36 pm

    Everyone nows the MCA problem is complex, but it doesn't help if people like Soi Lek still keeping it's aspiration to lead the party and hence hoping to be part of the government. He's like Anwar Ibrahim, who's now becoming a liability to PKR and PR for his sexual practices. At least for people like me, I don't want people with such sexual background to be leading this nation. Let's kick these kind of people out.

  6. Rasputin Beliong5:39 pm

    The dark forces in the PKFZ fiasco would do everything within their equally dark resources to do OTK in. Everybody, except OTK, could now live happily ever after.

  7. Niaseng,

    I did mean Chinese Chess.

    PKFZ is that thing we bloggers were highlighting against the Pak Lah administration lah, remember or not?

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous5:49 pm

    a. I did not expect Chua Soi Lek to stab Ong on the back. But then again, why did we MCA members think we can trust Chua after the Revelation back in early 2009?

    b. MCA members forgiven Chua because his wife stood by him and it was a personal thing back then. This time who will stand by the side of Chua Soi Lek?

    c. Today he stabbed Ong on the back, tomorrow whose back?

    Thank you, sir.

    (Back-stabbed once)

  9. Ini adalah usaha penyingkiran Liow Tong Lai dari MCA selama lamanya.

  10. wandererAUS6:52 pm

    MCA is more like a "MELAYU CAPTURED ASSOCIATION"....all the so called leaders or warlords, are simply ass-so wipers of Najib which waqs controlled by a remote control from an external source ...why not just turn this Beggar Political Party in a PORN Theatre, financed and managed UMNO.
    What is the difference if MCA existed or not!

  11. rocky,

    macam2 wayang di malaysia yang indah ni. oops. jangan salah ngerti. bukan wayang yang indah. malaysia yang indah.

    hebat negara kita ni dengan pergolakan politik.

    never a dull moment sehingga wartawan asing tak sabar2 nak pena cerita mengenai kisah2 kita. tapi apa yang di tulis, lain cerita-lah.
    asalkan bukan dongeng.

    and nope... saya langsung tak envy najib.

  12. Zainuddin Mydin7:49 pm

    MCA sudah tidak relevan lagi.

    Buat apa dihebohkan dan dibincangkan sangat?

    Orang Cina dah tak pandang sama MCA lagi lah.

    Ni kecoh skit nak riuh riuh sangat.

    Takde siapa kesah apa jadik dengan MCA lagi la Dato' Rocky! Jangan bazir masa, focus pada benda lain ler, macam amalan korupsi besar-besaran di kalangan pemimpin UMNO!

  13. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Semua kena tipu,,,,,,!!!!

    Tahun Baru Cina sudah habis,,,,Wayang Cina sambung balik!!!!

    Kalu UMNO - NAZAK,,,,GERAKAN - KOMA,,MIC -MABUK TODI,,,,kasi dissolved itu MCA,,,,,friendly suggestion semua masuk DAP lah,,!!!!!

    So,,,selama ini rakyat di tipu,,,INDAH KHABAR DARI RUPA,!!!!

    Ada orang kata ECONOMY MALAYSIA out of recession,,,,,apa kata call for a SNAP election,,,????

    Ayam cakap,,,,,"COCK,,COCK,,COCK,",
    ITIK cakap,,"FUCk,,,FUCK,,,FUCK"


  14. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Krisis dalaman MCA kes terpencil,,,!!!

    1400 ahli PPP keluar parti,,,,kes terpencil,,!!!!

    ZULKIFLI NORDIN dipecat PKR,,,,berita UTAMA,,,!!!!

    Apalagi UMNO kasi amek la,,MAMAT tu???

    Kalu 1988 UMNO DITALKINKAN,,,takanlah MCA ta'leh berkecai,,,walhal MCA on the way into INCENERATOR,,!!!!

    SAMPAI bila rakyat nak kena tipu?????


  15. Rocky,
    Why this guy holier than thou never been charged for the wayang? NO CASE or CASE CLOSED BACK DOOR.

    rajraman666.Because he is UMNoo cronies.If Pakatan no penetration and certified by doc still got case ....u all decide lah because i have my own headache to think.

    We can be racial but can't be racist.
    Thank u.

  16. Manjung Mari10:23 pm

    Dari segi moralnya Najib kena bertanggungjawab atas kemelot MCA ini.Kalau lah si Najib ni jenis orang yg berprinsip, dia akan bubarkan BN dan dia sendiri perlu letak jawatan kerana BN dah hancor sekarang.MCA dah tinggal satu catitan dlm sejarah,ia kini satu serpihan yg mencerminkan wajah buruk BN.Najib patut panggil PRU-13 untuk buktikan dia masih lagi PM yg mendapat sokongan rakyat.Ini lah akibatnya sebuah Kerajaan yg menolak Islam.

  17. Anonymous10:44 pm

    ish...ish...ish... setahu aku lorr... CSL resign lepas dia bergurau senda dgn Najib... kan Najib tak suka pada OTK... ehem CSL, apa kes lagi nih.. sampai jadi lembu Najib plak.. hehehe.. sorry ... sekadar menumpang lalu.. adioss

  18. Charlie Oscar11:29 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Come 28th March 2010, it would be OTK (P) against CSL (DP), LTL (VP), WKS (YC) & CMF (WC).
    It would be Very.....Very tough for OTK.
    Hope that the Good Shall Prevail for the sake of the party!!!

  19. Anonymous11:44 pm

    wandererAUS said...
    MCA is more like a "MELAYU CAPTURED ASSOCIATION"....all the so called leaders or warlords, are simply ass-so wipers of Najib which waqs controlled by a remote control from an external source ...why not just turn this Beggar Political Party in a PORN Theatre, financed and managed UMNO.
    What is the difference if MCA existed or not!

    Hai tak habis habis salah melayu lagi!!!!

  20. Rocky

    On this I agree with you. I am not bothered with Liow at all. What I want to see is for Ong Tee Kiat to emerge winner and still MCA President on 28th March so that he can continue to pursue the PKFZ's culprit including possibly CA youth chief.

    Chua SL is no problem to me. His sexual preference is his weakness but that is not as bad as stabbing your friend like what Liow TL did to Ong TK. Chua SL wull be fine if he sticks to hi sdeputy post...

    I am for Ong TK...

  21. Anonymous12:38 am

    One thing that is clear now is that PR did very well in running Selangor and Penang, where as BN did very well as an opposition in this two state.

    So we love this and hope all the other states will soon join this new found formula.

  22. Anonymous2:46 am

    Even blind freddy knows OTKeat cannot win against CSL/LTL. Because PKFZ cannot be exposed one.

    If PKFZ exposed semua Latuk2 TanSri2 pon kena.

    So OTK misti kalah.

    As usual - blind justice.

    Brutus wins again. Semisti-nya.

  23. Tuah atau Jebat3:00 am

    Malaysia 24X365 politic

    Too bad for ordinary Malaysian. While politicians endlessly fighting; problems remain unresolved, act of fools splashed all over the world, money sucked by bandits unchecked, prices of goods spirally going upwards without anyone taking action,..........yeda,yeda,yeda. Then again the politicians and their cohorts are the one who set to gain the most.

    Should we vote for this people in the future???? Come-on Malaysian. Let wise up.

  24. Blogger raj raman said...

    Why this guy holier than thou never been charged for the wayang? NO CASE or CASE CLOSED BACK DOOR.

    rajraman666.Because he is UMNoo cronies.If Pakatan no penetration and certified by doc still got case ....u all decide lah because i have my own headache to think.

    We can be racial but can't be racist.
    Thank u.
    Ada Tong sampah for me to retract my statement Rocky? If you think i am wrong please go a head a delete it.If legally wrong please delete it.
    rajraman666.The choice in your hand Rocky.Now i really have a headache.
    Thank u.

  25. Anonymous7:51 am

    Did someone say PR did well in running Selangor and Penang?????

    Kah kah kah gangster ronnie liu kah kh kah
    hahahahahahhahahahhahahha ha ah aha
    Ho h ho ho ho ho ho
    keh keh keh keh keh keh keh
    he he he he he he

  26. Anonymous8:13 am

    Why should tee keat bring the pkfz culprits to justice rocky,haven't u heard we have the ag n macc to do that or r u going to refute that and spin more.

    tell the truth

  27. Marina Mahathiir8:35 am


    As a top Malaysian sociopolitical blogger, if you are really interested in improvements in the politics and governance of Malaysia, you should attend the Pakatan Rakyat Convention in Selangor on 7 March.

    Here is what you should do:

    "Bagi pihak bloggers, sila mendaftar diri dengan pihak urusetia selewat-lewatnya 6 Mac dengan menghantar maklumat: nama penuh, url laman blog dan nombor telefon, ke"

    So, since you claim to be a neutral blogger who acts in the interest of Malaysia, aren't you going to attend this to understand the goals and plans of this major political bloc in Malaysia?

    Or do you only like to know and talk about BN-UMNO?

    What is your response, Rocky? Let's hear it.

  28. Anonymous9:59 am

    Rocky Bru's ---Niaseng,

    "I did mean Chinese Chess.

    PKFZ is that thing we bloggers were highlighting against the Pak Lah administration lah, remember or not? "

    Thank you.

    5:41 PM

    How come the silence now, Rocky? Don't you think you and your pro Barisan bloggers should pursue and and to help expose all those involved in the alleged scandals?

    Quote Rocky----His days at MCA's helm may be numbered but as I see it Tee Keat may be President of MCA for the another 20 years but it would do him little good if he fails to help bring to book the culprits (including some MCA politicians from what I've heard) behind the PKFZ."

    Helping bring to book (including MCA politicians) is what the Malaysian public expects, but in vain. By the same token, do you Rocky, believes the alleged scandal involving billions could be carried out without the explicit encouragement or knowledge or even involvement of MCA's political masters?

    We would appreciate, that you Rocky, with your little birds could very well highlight this alleged scandal and other alleged scandals, like 24million mansion,etc. You Rocky, you too would like to see that Malaysian leaders be held accountable, don't you? Or you are more likely thrilled and write when opposition members being hauled up for allege meagre sums of a few hundred ringgits?

    Finally, an allege scandal of this magnitude needs to be highlighted and kept in the limelight, even if it takes 20 years, as you have said, not only during Pak Lah's admistration, but also the present and the future 20 years if needs be.

    Walk the talk.

  29. Mazlan10:36 am

    To be honest I am confused by the whole thing?
    Its like there are multiple camps vying for power...
    What I can't see is who has a vision for MCA?

  30. Anonymous10:42 am

    Datuk Rock,

    As you said, coming 15th March, Ong will be president, Chu - deputy, Liow VP. The rest will be sacrificed between them just like chess pawn.

    Before year end, somethin will crop up, (an x rated video or other wise) they will again at each others throat, MCA at crisis again.

    The circus continues...


  31. This phenomenal video is the real 1Malaysia:

    Click here to view.

  32. Gadis Cun!11:34 am


    Setiausaha Agung PKR Saifuddin Nasution berkata "Zul Nordin bijak mainkan persepsi yang dia pejuang Melayu Islam"

    Baca kat sini.....

  33. Thank u Rocky for updating my email.

    rajraman666.Grateful and many thanks.
    We can be racial but can't be racist.
    Thank u.

  34. Jenggg X31:36 pm

    ka ka kah... cukong sama tauke semua berkungfu... ka ka kah

    ka ka kah... meeting hanya sekerat cukong yang datang... ka ka kah

    weii, lu semua orang mesti cepat rembat woi! rembat bersama ali gerombolan..

    kayu balak, projek, konterek, semua cepat ambik woi!

    weii, lepas nak transfer duit pegi ostrolia, boleh mintak mamak foreks buat..

    nanti gerombolan tumbang takda chan lagi... ka ka kah...

  35. Kesian sungguh kepada politician dan parti politik non malay, walau sekuat mana seperti DAP yang menguasai Pakatan Pembangkang atau MCA yang memegang media utama dan ramai jutawan di dalamnya tetapi masih dicaturkan oleh pemimpin Melayu samada atas persepsi atau realiti.

  36. Anonymous2:33 pm

    We will be seeing another Porn Actor be our leaders. Worst then the Gay/Bisexsual, this moron got a video clip.
    Now it's up to the delegates whether they want those with tainted moral to lead them. If yes, then our contry will be an open society in near terms. But what the delegates decide is no bearing to the Chinese at large. Damn if you do and damn if not. Elect only those with good morals and record.

    Damn pissed off Chinese

  37. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Salam Dato',

    Umum mengtahui bahawa MCA tidak lagi mampu memimpin dan mewakili kaum Cina dan tidak juga mendapat simpati dan sokongan kaum kaum lain,khususnya orang Melayu.Perkara ini telah diperlihatkan didalam keputusan PRU 12 yg lalu.
    Jika pada masa itu,dimana keadaan didalam parti itu ternampak masih kuat dan tidak menghadapi banyak masalah dalaman yg ketara seperti yg dialaminya sekarang,MCA sudah tidak mampu menunjukkan prestasi yg memuasakan maka, didalam keadaan sekarang, sudah tentulah pencapaiannya dalam PRU 13 nanti akan lebih teruk dan amat menghampa dan mengcewakan. Keadaan yg amat tidak menentu yg memperlihatkan mutu kepimpinan yg terlalu lemah sehingga menyebabkan perpecahan dikalangan pemimpin pemimpn dan juga dikalangan ahli ahlinya disemua peringkat,bukan sahaja merendahkan semengat ahali ahli sekalian tetapi juga akan menghakiskan penghormatan terhadap MCA yg akan menyebabkan hilangnya pengaroh MCA dikalangan penyokong penyokong dan masyarakat umum.Disamping itu,masalah dalaman yg melanda parti itu sekarang menyebabkan MCA hilang fokus dan tumpuan terhadap peranan dan tugasnya untuk menjaga kebajikan ahli ahli dan memperjuangkan kepentingan kaumnya dan juga masyarakat umum demi untuk memperkuat dan memperkasakan MCA dan BN.

    Lantaran itu,MCA kini tidak lagi menjadi releven kepada BN dan ianya lebih kepada menjadi beban yg menyusahkan BN didlam PRU akan datang ini.Pengrusi BN mesti membuat sesuatu yg drastik dan radikal untuk menyelamatkan keadaan ini.Jika tidak ianya akan menjadi semacam penyakit kanser yg akan cepat merebak dan akan membawa maut.

    Askar Tua

  38. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Talking about Circus, Chinese Checkers and Chua "Sayalah orang itu" SoyLek , here's one irrefutable
    Sweet Wives, (not!) fact coming from half a globe away ...

    Enjoy, ponder, and die.

    Putar Kiub

  39. Never thought you would be for the expose of PKFZ. YES the SH'T must be shown AND cleaned up.

  40. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Sdr Rocky,
    Jangan risau PR dah diambang perpecahan. Sing is King suruh MP letak jawatan pulak dah. Sat kena batang hidung sendiri habis satu Malaysia dituduh tak baik. Bab ini nampak sangat beliau bodoh Dan bengal(i) semua MP tersebut TINGGALKAN parti Dan bukan LOMPAT parti la.
    Dicadangkan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya mengadakan pemeriksaan kesihatan terhadap semua MP, kalau Nyayuk , pelupa, pembontot Dan pengkhianat dilucutkan jawatan.
    Ini yang suruh Tun Mahathir berundur walaupun beliau dah berundur lebih 6 tahun tapi bingai tua tak nak mampus seperti Nik Aziz; Kit Siang; Hadi Bawang masih tak nak berundur.
    Semua permasalahan BN hari ini adalah tinggalan PM tidur yang paling BODOH dalam sejarah Malaysia. Ke mana perginya Karam Singh Paria yang asyik siarkan berita negatif tentang Selangor masa bawah BN hari-hari Ada saja yang tak betul. Sekarang bawah PR langsung takde. Pergilah ke OLak Lempit pasti nampak aktiviti merompak hasil Bumi PR.

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Doremon7:44 pm

    UMNO dalam krisis!

    UMNO dalam krisis!

    Lampu merah!

    Lampu merah!

    Menteri Kewangan Kedua Dato' Husni didapati memberi ucapan yang berbentuk perkauman dan kata-katanya sudah dirakam dan boleh dijadikan bukti di mahkamah!

    Baca sini!

    Habislah UMNO...........

  43. Anonymous8:30 pm


    wah u replied to my tok kok rantings! TQ! TQ!

    PKFZ will not get to see to light of day la. And Khir Toyol? So quiet? Toyol is a saint?


  44. Anonymous8:44 pm

    MCA seems to be made up of pimps, harlots, gigolos and scums.

  45. Anonymous8:44 pm

    As long as Tiong spray his money in MCA. As long as Liow harbours traitorous thoughts. As long as See Ka Siong is a proxy for Tiong. As long as Chua Soi Lek want to control MCA. MCA will never be in peace.

  46. Profesor Yg Bijaksana12:04 pm

    Kalau nak expose PKFZ, kita tak perlukan Ong Tee Kiat.

    Kita cuma perlukan MACC yang bersungguh-sungguh.

    Kenapa MACC tak korek dan geledah fail fail Kementerian Pengangkutan dan perbincangan Kabinet Kerajaan Persekutuan?

    Rocky ni asyik nak tipu dan pesongkan Melayu.

    Kononnya kalau Ong Tee Kiat ada, PKFZ akan didedahkan.

    Yang sebenarnya, itu kerje MACC... kah, kah, kah, kah!

  47. Anonymous4:07 pm

    DAP says MCA is Mau Cari Angpow....hahahaha

  48. MCA is finished.
    Voters finished MCA off at 12th GE.
    Najib can use his "1Malaysia" to bring MCA back.
    Malaysians will finish MCA again in 13th GE.
    Peoples Power is in control...not Najib.
    Why does smart Rocky cannot understand simple things?

  49. I don't think it will do any good for BN if MCA returns to the old ways under CSL or LTL.

    Neither should the Brutus-es be voted in. The knives and daggers have been shown to all. Will they be able to win the trust of the people and the BN leadership ?

    Perhaps, it is time to ponder carefully.

    DS OTK has my support.

  50. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Kelakar betol lah anon 12.38am...hehehe

  51. Anonymous10:45 am

    For many of us the solution to the MCA crisis is as easy as ABC! Get rid of the trouble-maker! No prizes for guessing who that is. Certainly not Tee Keat - hes the one seeking to expose the PKFZ issue - the issue we all want to see exposed. After all, millions of taxpayers money went down the drain there. It does not take a genius to figure out the crap that's going on in the MCA now. Our very own, Kah Siong has been stirring the hornet's nest simply to get Tee Keat in hot soup and later snatch the Transport Minister portfolio from him. By doing this, he will have direct access to all the PKFZ files which he can then conveniently flush down the toilet! IMHO, just get rid of WKS and the problem is solved! He is after all the puppet master and the rest are mere puppets on a string! Many of us still love the MCA and want to see it regain its glory days and we believe Tee Keat is an honest and religious leader who is sincere in what he is doing!

    Concerned Citized

  52. Najib should foresee the headache long before he claims his throne...hahaha....Tee Keat-go see your might have a heart problem..u juz unaware of it...

  53. Anonymous6:27 pm

    I was just awed to read that out of the blue, Ka Ting has suddenly reappeared out of nowhere and like a knight in shining armour has offered himself to save the MCA. To many of us, this is utter nonsense. Come on... he and his goons had their time and certainly nothing came out of it! We dont need all these so-called saviours. What we need is for Tee Keat to continue cleaning the mess and hopefully rid the party of all trouble makers. When we look back, we realise that the discontentment and ruckus began when Tee Keat began championing the PKFZ issue. This raises many questions as to why there are certain quarters who began shitting in their pants when this happened? Perhaps the MACC should overturn some stones within the MCA itself and trace those who have financial links to this project. It seems to us that one particular person has masterminded all these problems and got some other members in tow. We want to know what happened in the PKFZ issue that people are willing to go to such great lenghts to cover up. As reported in the NST several days ago, I strongly believe a large number of Chinese still believe in Tee Keat would like to see him given a fair chance and also the opportunity to clean up the mess once and for all. What we want is a permanent solution and not by-gones suddenly jumping in to get a piece of the pie!


  54. Bunnies10:59 am

    MCA is a disgrace to the Chinese! Full stop! Tamat! end of story..

  55. Anonymous10:36 am

    Ka Ting and his bunch had their chance and there was nothing they did for the Chinese community. Why the heck does he think he can help restore the party? what makes him more special than the rest? In my opinion, he should just stay away and enjoy his retirement. We certainly dont see any hope in Ka Ting!! Why not just let OTK finish what he started and settle the PKFZ issue once and for all. As a Chinese, I certainly dont see the need for Ka Ting or any other retired politician to make a comeback! Just stay retired and let the present line-up have their chance.

    Tan Meng Lei